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Variation in wood and fiber characteristics and pulp-sheet properties of slash pine

Wangaard, F.F.; Kellogg, R.M.; Brinkley, A.W.

Tappi 49(6): 263-277


ISSN/ISBN: 0734-1415
Accession: 026071943

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The results of this 3-year study of slash pine provide the broadest base so far available for relating variation in pulp properties to variation in wood and fiber characteristics such as specific gravity, percent latewood, fibril angle, fiber width, lumen width, cell-wall thickness, and fiber length. Multiple-regression analysis accounted for more than 80% of the total variation in pulp-sheet properties at constant freeness in terms of selected wood and fiber characteristics. From the quantitative relationships developed in this study, it should be possible to predict sheet properties of slash pine pulps from other wood sources if pulping and handsheet procedures comparable to those used in this study are employed. The multiple-regression equations resulting from this study afford a technique for the evaluation of wood quality in terms of papermaking potential that should be useful in programs for the tree improvement as well as to the technologist concerned with the improvement of paper properties.

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