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Chapter 26,073

Variations in fecundity in relation to fat content in Baltic herring Clupea harengus membras L. spawning in the Gulf in Riga

Anokhina, L.E.

Tr Nauchn Issled Inst Rybn Khoz Latviisk Ssr 3: 139-162


Accession: 026072911

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On the basis of analyses of 257 fish, a positive correlation was established between the individual fat content of a Baltic herring female and its individual absolute fecundity. With increasing length of Baltic herring, the correlation coefficient between fat content and fecundity decreases in the spring-spawning form and increases in the autumn-spawning one. A study of the relation between fecundity and feeding conditions of the Baltic herring, the stock of which consists of 3 groups (one small and one large spring -spawning group, and one autumn-spawning group) showed that the fecundity of each group is determined by various elements of the external environment. Moreover, both the fat content and fecundity vary widely (1.1-15.9% of the raw material) prior to spawning time. Fecundity and fat content of fish of the same size increase, as a rule, toward the end of the spawning period. Peculiarities in variation of fat content during the maturation period were noted. Bibliography includes 56 titles.

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