Section 27
Chapter 26,080

Ver-suche mit der intrakutanen Milzbrand-Schutzimpfung nach Besredka

Bartels, E.; Schulze Gahmen

Deutsche Tierärztliche Wochenschrift 39(27): 417-418


ISSN/ISBN: 0341-6593
Accession: 026079898

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Results of protective inoculation (Bes-redka's method) against anthrax in 1930 showed a significant decrease of infections in 3 districts previously heavily infected, where 41 horses and 552 cows received either 1 intradermal injection or 2 injections 12-14 days apart. Double injection appeared to have no advantage. No post-vaccinal untoward effects were noted, and no infections occurred in animals protected by inoculation. However, in the same districts fewer cases of anthrax occurred among unprotected animals, since a tannery, previously the seat of dissemination, had ceased operating.

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