Section 27
Chapter 26,089

Vitamin D2, vitamin-D3 excretion in milk V Effect of subcutaneous and intravenous introduction of vitamin D2

Gunther, K.

Zeitschr Tierphysiologie Tierernahr Futtermittelkunde: 156-170


Accession: 026088852

In dairy cows kept only in the stable the parenteral delivery of increasing amounts of D2 showed the following results: Subcutaneous supplies up to a level of 480,000 IU vitamin D2 per week resulted in no provable change of the vitamin D3 excretion in the milk. Intravenous application increased the vitamin D excretion by 66.5%, beginning from a dose of 34,286 IU/day. With further increase of the dose there is no linearity between the amount of vitamin D applicated and excreted.

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