Section 27
Chapter 26,090

Vitamin studies XX. The effect of various methods of pasteurization on the vitamin B and vitamin G content of cow's milk

Dutcher, R.A.; Guerrant, N.B.; Mckelvey, J.G.

Jour Dairy Sci 17(6): 455-466


Accession: 026089446

Raw certified milk and milks pasteurized by 4 different methods were fed to groups of rats with and without further supplementation by potent preparations of B and G. 3 mls. per day of raw milk furnished at least one Sherman unit each of B and G, slightly less of B than of G, and with remark-able constancy throughout the year. Some loss of B and G occurred in all methods of pasteurization, most under partial vacuum, and least by boiling for 10 min. under a reflux condenser. The relative requirements for B and G by the rat seem to vary with age.

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