Weed control in the fields of some pharmacological plants with the use of herbicides

Turowski, W.

Inst Ochr Roslin Biul 31: 109-123


Accession: 026095671

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Pometryn at the rate of 2,5 kg/ha, applied to the soil, was most effective for weed control in fields of Coriandrum sativum, Mentha piperita, and Carum carvi. Good effects were obtained when the Propazin was applied at the rate of 4 kg/ha in the C. carvi culture, after Alipur at the rate of 4 1/ha in the M. piperita culture, Nexoval at the rate of 8 1/ha and the Afalon at the rate of 1 kg/ha in the C. sativum culture. The chemicals applied to the leaves of C. carvi lowered the oil content. No such effect was found in C. sativum and M. piperita cultures.