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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 26254

Chapter 26254 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

N.P.B.shun; J.M.lls, 1976:
Chromosome studies in women who had used oral contraceptives and in their progeny

Fori, A.; Pacifico, E.; Limonta, A., 1971:
Chromosome studies in workers exposed to benzene or toluene or both

Hansteen I.L.; Hillestad L.; Thiis Evensen E., 1976:
Chromosome studies in workers exposed to vinyl chloride

Saksena J.N., 1970:
Chromosome studies of 15 species of indian digenetic trematodes

Inoue S., 1974:
Chromosome studies of 2 species of haplomitrium hepaticae

Ueno K.; Ojima Y., 1977:
Chromosome studies of 2 species of the genus coreoperca pisces perciformes with reference to the karyotypic differentiation and evolution

Kudoh K.; Kondoh I.; Saitoh K., 1972:
Chromosome studies of beetles part 4 a further chromosome survey of 5 species of the subfamily lamiinae cerambycidae

Saitoh K., 1972:
Chromosome studies of beetles part 5 male germ cell chromosomes of 2 species of the genus cerambycidae

Eldridge F.E.; Larson L.L.; James R.C.; Cowan C.M., 1978:
Chromosome studies of bovine blastocysts

Kawasaki M., 1969:
Chromosome studies of chorionic disorders in human

Huang C.C.; Imamura T.; Moore G.E., 1969:
Chromosome studies of human lympho cytoid cell lines abstract neopl myeloma neopl leukemia neopl lymphoma

Hirai M., 1972:
Chromosome studies of japanese monkey

Snider J.A., 1978:
Chromosome studies of mosses of the interior of north america

Frykman, I., 1972:
Chromosome studies of Mustela putorius in tissue culture

Chowdaiah B.N.; Avirachan T.T.; Seetharam P.L., 1970:
Chromosome studies of oriental anophelines part 1 the salivary gland chromosomes of anopheles barbirostris

Seetharam P.L.; Chowdaiah B.N., 1974:
Chromosome studies of oriental anophelines part 3 the salivary gland chromosomes of anopheles subpictus

Chowdaiah B.N.; Seetharam P.L., 1975:
Chromosome studies of oriental anophelines part 7 polytene chromosomes of anopheles fluviatilis

Gebhart E., 1971:
Chromosome studies of patients undergoing periactin nuran therapy

Dieterle A., 1969:
Chromosome studies of plants from afghanistan

Patton J.L.; Dingman R.E., 1970:
Chromosome studies of pocket gophers genus thomomys part 2 variation in thomomys bottae in the american southwest

D.B.rardino M.A.; Hoffner N., 1969:
Chromosome studies of primary renal carcinoma from vermont rana pipiens

Snider J.A., 1977:
Chromosome studies of some mosses of the douglas lake region michigan usa part 4

Snider J.A., 1973:
Chromosome studies of some mosses of the douglas lake region part 3

Mukherjee I., 1970:
Chromosome studies of some species of hedychium m

Bhattacharjee A., 1977:
Chromosome studies of the family ranunculaceae

Stone B.C., 1973:
Chromosome studies of the genus pandanus pandanaceae

Kobayasi H.; Ochi H., 1972:
Chromosome studies of the hybrids ginbuna carassius auratus langsdorfii x kinbuna carassius auratus and ginbuna x loach misgurnus anguillicaudatus

Reynhout J.K.; Kimmel D.L.Jr, 1969:
Chromosome studies of the lethal hybrid rana pipiens females crossed with rana catesbeiana males

Lund D., 1976:
Chromosome studies of the short tailed shrew blarina carolinensis

Mukherjee P., 1975:
Chromosome studies of the tribe arabideae and suggestion of its basic set

Hamerton J.L.; Ray M.; Canning N., 1973:
Chromosome studies on 11357 new born infants

Misra K.K.; Parida B.B., 1975:
Chromosome studies on 2 species of indian aphids

Sharma G.P.; Parshad R.; Sodhi A., 1970:
Chromosome studies on 3 species of lice anoplura insecta

Takemoto T., 1970:
Chromosome studies on 3 tetra ploid races of taraxacum d

Inoue S., 1976:
Chromosome studies on 5 species of antarctic mosses

Higurashi M.; IIjima K.; Kitamura K.; Karasawa S.; Hoshina H.; Watanabe N.; Ohkawa Y., 1976:
Chromosome studies on 7158 new born infants in japan

O'Riordan, M.L.; Berry, E.W.; Tough, I.M., 1970:
Chromosome studies on bone marrow from a male control population

Emerit I.; Housset E., 1973:
Chromosome studies on bone marrow from patients with systemic sclerosis evidence for chromosomal breakage in vivo

Leonard A.; Leonard E.D.; Botis S., 1975:
Chromosome studies on different sublines of l and l 929 mouse cell strains

Von der Borch, S.; Stanley, M.A.; Kirkland, J.A., 1969:
Chromosome studies on direct and cultured preparations from malignant tissues

Zankl H., 1975:
Chromosome studies on human fibroblast cultures after exposure to cyproheptadine

Pearson P.L.; Geraedts J.P.M.; Van Der Ploeg M.; Pawlowitzki I.H., 1975:
Chromosome studies on human male gametes

Yadav J.S., 1972:
Chromosome studies on indian curculionidae coleoptera

Mitui K., 1970:
Chromosome studies on japanese ferns p part 4

Aitken, J.; Brunton, M.; Jacobs, P.A.; Price, W.H.; MacColl, K., 1971:
Chromosome studies on male patients at a mental subnormality hospital

Witkowski R.; Zabel R., 1972:
Chromosome studies on metastases of a human malignant melanoma

Olivieri G.; Rocchi A.; Matarese G.; Palitti F., 1971:
Chromosome studies on poly ploid cell strains of chinese hamster part 1 4 x cell strains

Rocchi A.; Palitti F.; Olivieri G., 1971:
Chromosome studies on poly ploid cell strains of chinese hamster part 2 6x 7x cell strains

Rocchi A.; Palitti F.; Olivieri G., 1972:
Chromosome studies on poly ploid cell strains of chinese hamster part 3 dna replication sequence

Olivieri G., 1972:
Chromosome studies on poly ploid cell strains of chinese hamster part 4 duration of the mitotic cell cycle

Nakayama T., 1969:
Chromosome studies on primary sterility

Kondo H.; Suzumori K.; Noguchi M.; Koike K.; Yagami Y., 1970:
Chromosome studies on primary sterility part 1

Mori, M.; Sasaki, M., 1974:
Chromosome studies on rat leukemias and lymphomas, with special attention to fluorescent karyotype analysis

Scherwenke I., 1969:
Chromosome studies on small mammals

Banerjee A.K.; Sharma A., 1974:
Chromosome studies on some indian members of compositae part 1 tribe inuloideae

Bulatova N., 1972:
Chromosome studies on sparrows

Inoue S., 1973:
Chromosome studies on takakia ceratophylla preliminary report

Chandley A.C., 1970:
Chromosome studies on testicular cells of subfertile men

Resnitschek K P., 1972:
Chromosome studies on the ciliate stylonychia preparation of a culture preparation technique evaluation of preparation

Kang Y.S.; Kim S.W.; Lee C.K., 1970 :
Chromosome studies on the cultured uterine carcinoma cells

Mittal O.P.; Dhall U., 1970:
Chromosome studies on the fresh water crab paratalphusa masoniana

Gonzalez Bernaldez F., 1970:
Chromosome studies on the genus trifolium d part 3 trifolium leucanthum d trifolium smyrnaeum d trifolium lappaceum d trifolium bocconei d and trifolium scabrum d

Reznicek T.; Britton D.M., 1971:
Chromosome studies on the spring beauties claytonia d in ontario

Kulatunga S.; Dassanayake M.D.; Theivendirarajah K., 1972:
Chromosome studies on the sri lanka liliaceae amaryllidaceae and hypoxidaceae

Sharma A.K., 1975:
Chromosome study as an aid in tracing the evolution and affinities of indian species of aconitum

Bhunya S.P., 1975:
Chromosome study from the bone marrow cells of 2 indian birds francolinus pondicerianus and lonchura striata

Esponda P.; Lafuente N., 1971:
Chromosome study in 2 species of the tristirae group orthoptera acrididae

Kuroki Y., 1970:
Chromosome study in 4 species of berberidaceae d

Anami A., 1973:
Chromosome study in atomic bomb survivors

Chatterjee A.; Sharma K., 1970:
Chromosome study in geraniales d

Buentello L.; Armendares S., 1970:
Chromosome study in male inmates of a mexican prison

Marquez Monter H.; Ruiz Fragoso E.; Hernandez P.; Jauregui A.; Gonzalez Angulo A., 1970:
Chromosome study of 3 canine venereal lymphomas

Sadasivan G., 1970:
Chromosome study of an isolated population

Papp, Z.; Gardó, S.; Dolhay, B., 1974:
Chromosome study of couples with repeated spontaneous abortions

Berger R.; Lacour J., 1973:
Chromosome study of malignant melanomas

Mattei J F.; Mattei M G.; Ayme S.; Giraud F., 1974:
Chromosome study of parents of children with trisomy 21 acrocentric associations

Shimada K.; Okamoto N.; Ikeda T.; Satow Y., 1969:
Chromosome study of rat embryos following neutron irradiation by direct method

Javurkova Kratochvilova V.; Tomsovic P., 1972:
Chromosome study of the genus rorippa in czechoslovakia

Giraud F., 1975:
Chromosome study of the parents of children with trisomy 21

Koike K.; Kondo H.; Noguchi M.; Suzumori K.; Yagami Y., 1970:
Chromosome study on couples with habitual abortion

A.C.eizel; I.S.entesi; G.M.lnar, 1978:
Chromosome study on patients attempting suicide with chemicals

Sastrosumarjo S.; Zeller F.J., 1970:
Chromosome substitution in the wheat d cultivar zorba w 565

Fraser I.A., 1972:
Chromosome survey of a hospital for the mentally subnormal part 2 autosome abnormalities

Chatterjee U., 1972:
Chromosome survey of certain angiosperms part 1

Lazzio C.B., 1973:
Chromosome survey of families from east tennessee with cases of mental deficiency and congenital defects

Borgaonkar D.S., 1972:
Chromosome survey of maryland boys

Carrel, R.E.; Sparkes, R.S.; Wright, S.W., 1973:
Chromosome survey of moderately to profoundly retarded patients

Ferreira A., 1969:
Chromosome survey of some australian tettigoniids orthoptera tettigonioidea 2 species with new xy sex determining mechanism

Jacobs, P.A.; Price, W.H.; Richmond, S.; Ratcliff, R.A., 1971:
Chromosome surveys in penal institutions and approved schools

Carson H.L., 1970:
Chromosome tracers of the origin of species some hawaiian usa drosophila species have arisen from single founder individuals in less than a million years

Stallions D.R.; Curtiss R.IIi, 1970:
Chromosome transfer and recombinant formation with dna ts recipient strains of escherichia coli

Matney T.S.; Suit J.C., 1969:
Chromosome transfer in bacterial mating

Stanisich, V.A.; Holloway, B.W., 1971:
Chromosome transfer in Pseudomonas aeruginosa mediated by R factors

Hodge L.D., 1977:
Chromosome transfer into wi l2 human lympho blast cells uptake and early fate of ingested metaphase chromosomes

Stallions D.R.; Curtiss R.IIi, 1972:
Chromosome transfer under anaerobic conditions in escherichia coli

Azumi J I.; Sasaki M.; Yuki K.; Komatsu Y.; Kita S I.; Makino S., 1975:
Chromosome translocation 1p minus 17q plus in a boy with gingival fibromatosis

Sasaki M.S.; Aoki H.; Tonomura A.; Isurugi K.; Takayasu H., 1976:
Chromosome translocation and spermatogenic failure in man

Sarkisyan S.M.; Azizyan A.A., 1977:
Chromosome translocation in natural populations of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella

Thien L.B., 1969:
Chromosome translocations in gayophytum d onagraceae d

Potter A.M.; Potter C.W.; Oxford J.S., 1971:
Chromosome transplantation and tumor antigen studies of 3 virus induced tumor cell lines

Mouriquand C.; Gilly C.; Wolff C., 1972:
Chromosome ultrastructure a study of whole chromosomes

Fisher K.M.; Foin A., 1970:
Chromosome ultrastructure in the marsupial marmosa mitis

Del Amo A.; Gullon A.; Cardigos M.M., 1969:
Chromosome variability in a hela cell line

Craddock E.M.; Carson H.L., 1975:
Chromosome variability in an endemic hawaiian drosophila spp

Polukarova L.G.; Kakpakov V.T.; Gvozdev V.A., 1975:
Chromosome variability in established embryonic cell lines of drosophila melanogaster

Sanudo A., 1974:
Chromosome variability in genisteae of spain in relation to its ecology part 1 number and behavior of chromosomes during meiosis f genera chamaespartium and echinospartum

Sanudo A., 1973:
Chromosome variability of the genisteae from spanish flora regarding their ecology part 1 number and behavior of the chromosomes during meiosis section e cytisus

Say, B.; Carpenter, N.J.; Lanier, P.R.; Banez, C.; Jones, K.; Coldwell, J.G., 1977:
Chromosome variants in children with psychiatric disorders

Krone, W.; Wolf, U., 1977:
Chromosome variation and gene action

Dutt K., 1970:
Chromosome variation in 2 populations of xenochrophis piscator from north and south india serpentes colubridae

Parker J., 1972:
Chromosome variation in allium schoenoprasum

Marchant C.J., 1970:
Chromosome variation in araceae m part 1 pothoeae m to stylochitoneae m

Marchant C.J., 1971:
Chromosome variation in araceae m part 2 richardieae m to colocasieae m

Marchant C.J., 1971:
Chromosome variation in araceae m part 3 philodendreae m to pythonieae m

Marchant C.J., 1972:
Chromosome variation in araceae part 4 areae

Marchant C.J., 1973:
Chromosome variation in araceae part 5 acoreae to lasieae

Peccinini D., 1971:
Chromosome variation in populations of cnemidophorus lemniscatus in the amazon valley sauria teiidae

Samanta P.; Datta P.C., 1975:
Chromosome variation in relation to leaf structure of psoralea corylifolia

John B.; Hewitt G.M., 1969:
Chromosome variation in short horned grasshoppers

Thomas C.; Prasad R.S., 1978:
Chromosome variations in xenopsylla astia siphonaptera a preliminary report

Pegington C.; Rees H., 1970:
Chromosome weights and measures in the triticinae m

Muchnik S.R.; Shcherbina A.F.; Starodubtseva E.I., 1972:
Chromosomes aberration in laurence moon bardet biedle syndrome

Brogger A.; Waksvik H.; Thune P., 1978:
Chromosomes after psoralen longwave uv treatment in vitro and in vivo psoriasis patients

Larson, S.L.; Titus, J.L., 1970:
Chromosomes and abortions

Timson, J., 1969:
Chromosomes and an oral contraceptive (Lyndiol 2.5)

Haufler C.H.; Gastony G.J., 1975:
Chromosomes and apomixis in the fern genus bommeria

Joishy S.K., 1978:
Chromosomes and bone marrow derived cells and thymus derived cells in mycosis fungoides

Bishun N.P.; Raven R.W.; Williams D.C., 1974:
Chromosomes and breast cancer

Kakati S.; Hayata I.; Oshimura M.; Sandberg A.A., 1975:
Chromosomes and causation of human cancer and leukemia part 10 banding patterns in cancerous effusions

Sakurai M.; Sandberg A.A., 1976:
Chromosomes and causation of human cancer and leukemia part 11 correlation of karyotypes with clinical features of acute myelo blastic leukemia

Shiraishi Y.; Hayata I.; Sakurai M.; Sandberg A.A., 1975:
Chromosomes and causation of human cancer and leukemia part 12 banding analysis of abnormal chromosomes in polycythemia vera

Sandberg A.A., 1975:
Chromosomes and causation of human cancer and leukemia part 16 banding studies of chronic myelocytic leukemia including 5 unusual philadelphia chromosome translocations

Sandberg A.A.; Hossfeld D.K.; Ezdinli Z.; Crosswhite L.H., 1971:
Chromosomes and causation of human cancer and leukemia part 6 blastic phase cellular origin and the philadelphia chromosome in chronic myelocytic leukemia

Hossfeld D.K.; Han T.; Holdsworth R.N.; Sandberg A.A., 1971:
Chromosomes and causation of human cancer and leukemia part 7 the significance of the philadelphia chromosome in conditions other than chronic myelocytic leukemia

Sandberg A.A.; Sakurai M.; Holdsworth R.N., 1972:
Chromosomes and causation of human cancer and leukemia part 8 double minute chromosomes in a neuro blastoma

Sakurai M.; Sandberg A.A., 1974:
Chromosomes and causation of human cancer and leukemia part 9 prognostic and therapeutic value of chromosomal findings in acute myelo blastic leukemia

Nauman A.F., 1975:
Chromosomes and cellular radio sensitivity part 4 a new radio taxon represented by the ferns

Castoldi, G.L.; Pareschi, P.L.; Scapoli, G.L.; Spanedda, R., 1969:
Chromosomes and chloramphenicol

Berger, R.; Parmentier, C., 1971:
Chromosomes and chronic lymphatic leukemia

Huang, C.C.; Imamura, T.; Moore, G.E., 1969:
Chromosomes and cloning efficiencies of hematopoietic cell lines derived from patients with leukemia, melanoma, myeloma, and Burkitt lymphoma

Markvong A.; Marshall J.T.Jr; Pathak S.; Hsu T.C., 1975:
Chromosomes and dna of mus the karyotypes of mus fulvidiventris and mus dunni

Painter T.S., 1971:
Chromosomes and genes viewed from a perspective of 50 years of research

Deutsch L., 1973:
Chromosomes and giemsa bands of the idaho spotted ground squirrel spermophilus brunneus

Cooper J.E.K.; Wang H.S., 1977:
Chromosomes and hetero chromatin of microtinae

Wright E.V., 1975:
Chromosomes and human fetal development

Koulischer L.; Schoysman R., 1974:
Chromosomes and human infertility part 1 mitotic and meiotic chromosome studies in 202 consecutive male patients

Berger, R., 1969:
Chromosomes and human tumors

Berger R., 1969:
Chromosomes and human tumors part 2 methods of analysis of chromosome anomalies in the tumors

Kuttner R.E., 1971:
Chromosomes and intelligence

Ortiz E., 1969:
Chromosomes and meiosis in dermaptera

Jarvik, L.F.; Kato, T., 1969:
Chromosomes and mental changes in octogenarians. Preliminary findings

Escobar J.I., 1974:
Chromosomes and mental illness g banding analysis of children with psychiatric problems and perspectives for future research

Jarvik, L.F.; Yen, F.S.; Goldstein, F., 1974:
Chromosomes and mental status. A study of women residing in institutions for the elderly

Wiener F.; Cochran A., 1971:
Chromosomes and morphology in hybrid tumors

Katayama K.P.; Preston E., 1969:
Chromosomes and pelvic cancer

Turner B.L.; Bacon J.; Wendt T., 1975:
Chromosomes and phyletic position of aster sonorae asteraceae section oxytripolium

Shah V.C.; Rao S.R.V.; Sharma V.K., 1973:
Chromosomes and replication pattern in bone marrow and cultured leukocytes of the indian frog

Satya Prakash K.L.; Aswathanarayana N.V., 1973:
Chromosomes and sex chromatin in the spiny mouse mus platythrix platythrix rodentia muridae

Koulischer L., 1974:
Chromosomes and speciation among bovines

Koulischer L.; Tijskens J.; Mortelmans J., 1972:
Chromosomes and speciation in the superfamily bovoidea

Robinson M.D., 1973:
Chromosomes and systematics of the baja california whiptail lizards cnemidophorus hyperythrus and cnemidophorus ceralbensis reptilia teiidae

Morescalchi A.; Olmo E.; Erra V., 1972:
Chromosomes and systematics of the pelobatidae amphibia anura

Fredga K., 1976:
Chromosomes and taxonomy

van Niekerk, W.A., 1978:
Chromosomes and the gynecologist

Bishun N.; Mills J.; Williams D., 1973:
Chromosomes and the pill

Barber H.N.; Driscoll C.J.; Vickery R.S., 1972:
Chromosomes and the production of iso enzymes

Wright J.W.; Broadley D.G., 1973:
Chromosomes and the status of rhampholeon marshalli sauria chamaeleonidae

Berger R., 1969:
Chromosomes and tumors part 1 preparation technique

Mcgaughey R.W.; Chang M.C., 1971:
Chromosomes at pro metaphase and metaphase of the 1st cleavage in mouse and hamster eggs

Sorsa V., 1970:
Chromosomes duplication and crossing over as illustrated by some recent chromosome models

Soyer M.O.; Haapala O.K., 1973:
Chromosomes extrachromosomal fibers and nuclear envelope during division in dinoflagellates

Pearson P., 1972 :
Chromosomes have stripes

Mittal O.P.; Kaul B., 1976:
Chromosomes in 2 species of flying squirrels with comments on their phylogenetic relationship

Manna G.K.; Prasad R., 1973:
Chromosomes in 3 species of fish channa

Vormittag, W., 1972:
Chromosomes in acute viral hepatitis

Jones J.K.; Omidiji M.O., 1972:
Chromosomes in antipodal cells of aegilops spp and of hordeum vulgare

Soldatovic B.; Savic I.; Dulic B., 1970:
Chromosomes in arvicola terrestris from yugoslavia

Mikhailova G.R.; Gorshunova L.P., 1975:
Chromosomes in bone marrow cells of mice successively given different vaccines

Falor, W.H., 1971:
Chromosomes in bronchial adenomas and in bronchogenic carcinomas

Falor W.H.; Gordon M.; Kaczala O.A., 1969:
Chromosomes in bronchoscopic biopsies from patients with neopl bronchial adenoma neopl bronchogenic carcinoma and from heavy smokers

Gripenberg U.; Levan A.; Clifford P., 1969:
Chromosomes in burkitt lymphomas part 1 serial studies in a case with tumors showing different chromosomal stemlines

Sandberg, A.A., 1976:
Chromosomes in cancer and leukemia

Rozynkowa D.; Marczak T., 1970:
Chromosomes in chronic lymphatic leukemia a survey of 7 cases

Bhattacharya G.N., 1972:
Chromosomes in colletogyne perrieri araceae

Sarma Y.S.R.K., 1977:
Chromosomes in evolution of algae

Markaryan D.S.; Lapin B.A.; Yakovleva L.A., 1971:
Chromosomes in hamadryas baboon papio hamadryas with chronic reticulosis

Chrz R.; Michalova K.; Benesova E.; Ceska J., 1976:
Chromosomes in hematologic diseases

Rowley, J.D., 1976:
Chromosomes in human cancer

Atkin N.B., 1974:
Chromosomes in human malignant tumors a review and assessment

Geraedts J.P.M.; Pearson P.L., 1976:
Chromosomes in human spermatozoa

Gupta P.; Singh L.; Ray Chaudhuri S.P., 1974:
Chromosomes in india breeds of cattle

Bhattacharya G.N., 1975:
Chromosomes in lagenandra ovata araceae

Rowley, J.D., 1978:
Chromosomes in leukemia and lymphoma

Takenouchi Y., 1971:
Chromosomes in males of 5 strains of callosobruchus maculatus coleoptera bruchidae

Hernandez Corzo A.; Pelaez Fernandez D., 1972:
Chromosomes in membracids

Falor, W.H., 1971:
Chromosomes in noninvasive papillary carcinoma of the bladder

Sinoto Y., 1969:
Chromosomes in oncidium and allied genera part 1 genus oncidium

Sinoto Y., 1971:
Chromosomes in oncidium m and allied genera part 3 genera trichocentrum m compariettia m ionopsis m rodriguezia m notylia m macradenia m aspasia m and trichopilia m

Sinoto Y., 1971:
Chromosomes in oncidium m and allied genera part 4 hybrids

Harada I., 1970:
Chromosomes in ottelia m

Ganner, E.; Osment, J.; Dittrich, P.; Huber, H., 1973:
Chromosomes in patients treated with azathioprine

Wakonig Vaartaj, 1969:
Chromosomes in pre cancerous lesions and in neopl carcinoma of the uterine cervix human cyto genetics

Jorapur S.M., 1977:
Chromosomes in relation to phylogeny and evolution in some members of orchidaceae

Jacobsen P.; Dupont A., 1971 :
Chromosomes in severely mentally retarded patients with congenital malformations

Kakati, S.; Sandberg, A.A., 1978:
Chromosomes in solid tumors

Vysots'ka O.I.; Danylkiv I.S., 1973:
Chromosomes in some species of leafy mosses of lithuania

Sandberg A.A., 1978:
Chromosomes in the chronic phase of chronic myelocytic leukemia

Srb V., 1970:
Chromosomes in tissue cells preserved by freezing

Kuroki Y.; Kurita M., 1970:
Chromosomes in tri ploid rumex acetosa d

Lejeune J., 1970:
Chromosomes in trisomy 21

Darlington C.D., 1976:
Chromosomes meiosis and man

Kaplan A.R., 1969:
Chromosomes mosaicism and schizophrenia

Schuyler A.E., 1972:
Chromosomes numbers of scirpus purshianus and scirpus smithii

Huang, C.C.; Moore, G.E., 1969:
Chromosomes of 14 hematopoietic cell lines derived from peripheral blood of persons with and without chromosome anomalies

Peterson R.L.; Nagorsen D.W., 1975:
Chromosomes of 15 species of bats chiroptera from kenya and rhodesia

King M., 1973:
Chromosomes of 2 australian lizards of the families scincidae and gekkonidae

Post A., 1973:
Chromosomes of 2 fish species of the genus diretmus osteichthyes beryciformes diretmidae

Tsuchiya K., 1971:
Chromosomes of 2 insectivorous bat species from japan

Misra M.; Srivastava M.D.L., 1975:
Chromosomes of 2 species of coraciiformes

Chatterjee K.; Das D., 1977:
Chromosomes of 2 species of himalayan spittlebugs homoptera cercopidae

Soldatovic B.; Djulic B.; Savic I.; Rimsa D., 1971:
Chromosomes of 2 species of the genus apodemus apodemus agrarius and apodemus mystacinus mammalia rodentia from yugoslavia

Sakaguchi Y.; Tada I.; Nabeoka A., 1977:
Chromosomes of 2 species of the lung flukes paragonimus iloktsuenensis and paragonimus sadoensis

Ahmed M., 1974:
Chromosomes of 2 species of the marine mussel perna mytilidae pelecypoda

Nelson Rees W.A.; Weaver J.; Riggs J.L., 1972:
Chromosomes of 2 strains of a feline cell line f 1 b permanently shedding a c type virus

Nelson Rees W.A.; Weaver J.F.; Riggs J.L., 1971:
Chromosomes of 2 strains of a feline cell line fib permanently shedding a c type virus

Nadler C.F.; Hoffmann R.S.; Hight M.E., 1975:
Chromosomes of 3 species of asian tree squirrels callosciurus rodentia sciuridae

Chatterjee K.; Ghosh M., 1978:
Chromosomes of 4 species of himalayan cicadas

Mittal O.P.; Dipta S., 1977:
Chromosomes of 5 species of centipedes myriapoda chilopoda

Pathak S.; Sharma T., 1969:
Chromosomes of 5 species of indian vespertilionid bats

Mitelman F.; Mark J.; Levan G., 1972:
Chromosomes of 6 primary sarcomas induced in the chinese hamster by 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene

Ray Chaudhuri S.P.; Singh L., 1973:
Chromosomes of 6 species of indian snakes

Arai R.; Shiotsuki K., 1974:
Chromosomes of 6 species of japanese blennioid fishes

Wurster Hill D.H., 1973:
Chromosomes of 8 species from 5 families of carnivora

Soma H.; Miyashita T.; Nakamura A., 1978:
Chromosomes of a human chorio carcinoma cell line in vitro

Inoue S., 1974:
Chromosomes of a moss ball from the inawashiro lake japan

Savic I.; Soldatovic B.; Zivkovic S., 1970:
Chromosomes of a population of the genus dolomys microtinae rodentia from macedonia

Howell,; Denton, T.E., 1969:
Chromosomes of ammocoetes of the ohio brook lamprey lampetra aepyptera

Caro L.G., 1969:
Chromosomes of bacteria

Ivanov V.N., 1975:
Chromosomes of black sea gobiidae gobius melanostomus and gobius batrachocephalus

Kobayashi H.; Koshichi N., 1972:
Chromosomes of carassius auratus gibelio

Popescu N.C.; Cioloca L., 1971:
Chromosomes of chemically induced tumors after tumor poly passage

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Chronic appendicitis manifested by symptoms of infectious diseases

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Chronic arsenical poisoning due to environmental pollution 7 cases among inhabitants near an abandoned mine

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Chronic arsenism due to water contamination

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Chronic arterial occlusion

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Chronic arthritis and prostatitis clinical pattern and therapy

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Chronic arthritis resembling rheumatoid arthritis induced experimentally by enteric bacteria

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Chronic atlanto axial dislocations a method of reduction and fixation

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Chronic atrophic poly chondritis ultrastructure of the cartilaginous lesions at the level of the auricle of the ear

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Chronic atrophying poly chondritis ocular manifestations in 2 personal observations

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Chronic bacteriuria

Ormonde N.W.H.; Gray J.A.; Murdoch J.M.; Wallace E.; Brumfitt W.; Pursell R.; Regan J.W., 1969:
Chronic bacteriuria due to escherichia coli assessment of the value of combined short term and long term treatment with cyclo serine anti infect nitrofurantoin anti infect and sulfadimidine anti infect

Brumfitt W.; Pursell R.; Ormonde N.W.H.; Murdoch J.M.; Wallace E., 1969:
Chronic bacteriuria due to escherichia coli correlation of microbiological radiological and biochemical findings with the clinical results

Leppard, B.; Delaney, T.J.; Sanderson, K.V., 1973:
Chronic benign familial pemphigus. Induction of lesions by Herpesvirus hominis

Hadchouel P., 1973:
Chronic benign hyper bilirubinemia due to hepatic storage impairment s disease report of 2 cases

Hopkins, A.P.; Harvey, P.K., 1973:
Chronic benign lymphocytic meningitis

Fernandez Ranada J.M.; Larregla S.; Lahuerta J.; Vazquez L.; Montero J., 1977:
Chronic benign neutropenia report of 3 cases and functional assessment of the granulocytic population

Hasan, F.M.; Kazemi, H., 1974:
Chronic beryllium disease: a continuing epidemiologic hazard

Henderson, A.H., 1970:
Chronic beryllium disease: a new case following exposure in 1961

Stoeckle J.D.; Hardy H.L.; Weber A.L., 1969:
Chronic beryllium disease long term follow up of 60 cases and selective review of the literature

Sannerstedt, R.; Stenberg, J.; Vedin, A.; Wilhelmsson, C.; Werkö, L., 1972:
Chronic beta adrenergic blockade in arterial hypertension. Hemodynamic influences of dihydralazine and dynamic exercise and clinical effects of combined treatment

Manning A.S.; Hearse D.J.; Coltart D.J., 1978:
Chronic beta blockade and the response to acute myo cardial ischemia a comparative study with 4 drugs

Reczyk, J., 1969:
Chronic bilateral recurrent parotitis

Bullock W.E.; Evans P.D., 1969:
Chronic blockade of adjuvant arthritis by infection with mycobacterium lepraemurium abstract rat cross allergy to purified protein derivative of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Vollmar J., 1969:
Chronic blockage syndrome of celiac artery

Hungate F.P.; Riemath W.F.; Bunnell L.R.; Gillis M.F., 1976:
Chronic blood irradiation a new approach

Nelson, L.; Chapman, W.H., 1973:
Chronic blood pressure measurement in the rat with a silastic aortic cannula

Cremin B.J., 1971:
Chronic bone infection in the young

Eaton H.D., 1969:
Chronic bovine hypo vitaminosis a and hyper vitaminosis a and cerebrospinal fluid pressure

Wells, C.E., 1978:
Chronic brain disease: an overview

Hosobuchi, Y., 1978:
Chronic brain stimulation for the treatment of intractable pain

Bogolepov N.K.; Aristova R.A.; Malina O.N., 1976:
Chronic brain vascular insufficiency in patients with arterio venous fistulas of the brachiocephalic vessels clinical and electro encephalographic study in the pre operative period

Gandevia B., 1969:
Chronic bronchiolitis a clinical entity

Doesel H., 1970:
Chronic bronchitic and sino bronchitic syndrome in childhood

Ellorhaoui M., 1972:
Chronic bronchitic syndrome new pathogenetic and therapeutic aspects

Field G.B., 1975:
Chronic bronchitis airways obstruction and smoking

Charpin J., 1971:
Chronic bronchitis and allergic phenomena

Nissler, K.; Thal, W., 1970:
Chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Definition and differential diagnosis

Rayl J.E.; Morada A.O., 1969:
Chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis

Lindenbraten, L.D.; Shekhter, A.I., 1970:
Chronic bronchitis and chronic pneumonia

Batime J.; Souquet R.; Pernod J., 1971:
Chronic bronchitis and climate

Cohen J.; Bruderman I.; Rosenberg M.; Silberstein J.; Hadani S.E.; Haber M., 1970:
Chronic bronchitis and emphysema a survey of patients referred to a center for prevention of lung diseases jerusalem 1966 1967

Ferris, B., 1973:
Chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Classification and epidemiology

Marks, A., 1973:
Chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Clinical diagnosis and evaluation

Saier F.L.; Rosan R.C., 1973:
Chronic bronchitis and hyaline membrane disease

Klink K.; Julich H.; Buerkmann I., 1970 :
Chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema pathology patho physiology clinical aspects and therapy part 3 therapy

Sadoul P., 1973:
Chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema poorly understood diseases

Cullen, K.J., 1972:
Chronic bronchitis and the Australian environment

Radha T.G.; Viswanathan R., 1977:
Chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis

Kalacic I., 1970:
Chronic bronchitis and ventilatory lung function in smokers and non smokers

Kourilsky R., 1971:
Chronic bronchitis chronic respiratory insufficiency definition anatomo pathological and functional concepts

Lifshits, N.A., 1977:
Chronic bronchitis: clinical picture and treatment

Emmanuelli J., 1971:
Chronic bronchitis detection project in a health examination center

Skep'yan N.A.; Gurin L.N., 1970:
Chronic bronchitis from the action of flax d dust

Bartschi R.; Regli J., 1969:
Chronic bronchitis in a rural area and its prognosis

Ulmer W.T., 1969:
Chronic bronchitis in a slag mill in a steel manufactory in the ruhr area germany

Ulrich, L.; Malik, E., 1970:
Chronic bronchitis in agricultural and chemical workers

Mizutani Y.; Ito K.; Iwakura E., 1973:
Chronic bronchitis in air polluted areas

Mikov, M.I., 1974:
Chronic bronchitis in foundry workers in Vojvodina: ventilatory capacity in foundry workers

Balmes A.; Dauverchain J.; Balmes P., 1971:
Chronic bronchitis in subjects exposed to dusts and without radiological aspects of silicosis

Kleinerman J.; Sorensen J.; Rynbrandt D., 1976:
Chronic bronchitis in the cat produced by chronic methacholine administration

Acketa M.; Tabori D.; Camprag D.; Basicevic V.; Todic V.; Djuric B., 1971:
Chronic bronchitis in workers which are industrially exposed to air pollution

Virgilio M.; Nitti G.; L.S.orto A.; D.S.lvia F., 1969:
Chronic bronchitis of marble cutters

Wada N.; Katsuda S.; Shigenobu T.; Sasaki M.; Kawaomo H.; Gyobu M.; Kawauchi T., 1969:
Chronic bronchitis of poisonous gas patients

Oudet P., 1970:
Chronic bronchitis simple bronchitis with respiratory insufficiency

Rimington J., 1969:
Chronic bronchitis smoking and social class a study among working people in the towns of mid cheshire and east cheshire

Zivkovic M.; Djordjevic S.; Krejovic B.; Djordjevic S.; Tesic S., 1969:
Chronic bronchitis vaso motor rhinitis and allergic manifestations on respiratory organs and other tissues in the kriva feja population

Laval P.; Nicolai P.; Moreno R.; Kleisbauer A.; Liberge F., 1971:
Chronic bronchitis with chronic respiratory insufficiency and chronic cor pulmonale

Vidal J.; Havez R.; Poncet G.; Robinet Levy M.; Michel F., 1969:
Chronic broncho pneumopathies and alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiencies

Saito H.; Shioji R.; Hurukawa Y.; Arikawa T.; Saito T.; Nagai K I.; Furuyama T.; Yoshinaga K., 1977:
Chronic cadmium poisoning induced by environmental cadmium pollution renal lesions multiple proximal tubular dys functions identified in residents of cadmium polluted hosogoe kosaka town akita prefecture japan

Kopp S.J.; Hawley P.L., 1977:
Chronic cadmium treatment of rats effects on electro cardiogram hematocrit blood pressure and growth

Ishii, K.; Nakamura, K.; Takeuchi, T.; Hirayama, T., 1973:
Chronic calcifying pancreatitis and pancreatic carcinoma in Japan

O.T.m L.; Segal I.; Lawson H.H., 1977:
Chronic calcifying pancreatitis at baragwanath hospital johannesburg south africa

Herfort K.; Bartos V., 1976:
Chronic calcifying pancreatitis in bohemia

Voisin R.; Massabie B.; Darnaud J., 1970:
Chronic calcifying pancreatitis revealed by pleural effusion

Makoff D.L.; Gordon A.; Franklin S.S.; Gerstein A.R.; Maxwell M.H., 1969:
Chronic calcium carbonate renal acting therapy in uremia human

Khanna, M.N.; Singh, S., 1972:
Chronic calculous cholecystitis in an atypical bilobed gallbladder

True, W.R.; True, J.H., 1978:
Chronic cannabis use among working class men in costa rica

Lozoya X.; Velazquez X., 1975:
Chronic cannulation and perfusion of cerebral ventricles in cats for the study of cerebro spinal fluid during sleep and wakefulness

Schaefer K.E.; Niemoeller H.; Messier A.; Heyder E.; Spencer J., 1971:
Chronic carbon di oxide toxicity species difference in physiological and histo pathological effects

Lancranjan I.; Florea O., 1969:
Chronic carbon di sulfide poisoning inducing cortico adrenal insufficiency

Claude J R., 1978:
Chronic carbon mon oxide impregnation analytical and physio pathological problems

Lightfoot N.F., 1972:
Chronic carbon mono oxide exposure

Linzbach J., 1969:
Chronic cardiac dilatation and insufficiency

Favrot B., 1972:
Chronic cardio myopathy induced by imipramine

Jandhyala B.S.; Malloy K.P.; Buckley J.P., 1976:
Chronic cardio vascular effects of delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol in the mongrel dogs

Villeneuve J.P.; Richer G.; Cote J.; Guevin R.; Marleau D.; Joly J.G.; Viallet A., 1976:
Chronic carriers of hepatitis b antigen histological biochemical and immunological findings in 31 voluntary blood donors

Richer G.; Desrochers M.; Guevin R.; Turgeon F.; Viallet A., 1974:
Chronic carriers of hepatitis b antigen in montreal voluntary blood donors institutionalization in early childhood as a major epidemiological factor

Stasilewitch Z.; Dshikidze E.K., 1974:
Chronic carriers of salmonella in monkeys

Zatzman, M.L.; South, F.E., 1971:
Chronic catheterization and handling procedures for marmots

Forlini, F.J.; Jones, E.F., 1974:
Chronic catheterization of the canine great cardiac vein

Stevens, J.; Robinson, K., 1977:
Chronic cavernous sinus thrombosis: discussion and report of case

Lotte V.D.; Bogomolova N.N.; Andzhaparidze O.G., 1969:
Chronic cell infection with tick borne encephalitis virus part 3 electron microscope study

Albert, R.E., 1970:
Chronic central nervous system damage by environmental agents

Lipton H.L., 1978:
Chronic central nervous system infection produced by theilers mouse encephalomyelitis viruses

Freund, G., 1973:
Chronic central nervous system toxicity of alcohol

Mcfarland L.Z.; Keil L.C.; Oyama J., 1971:
Chronic centrifugation inhibits spermatogenesis in the rat

Sorenson P.D.; Cooper I.S., 1978:
Chronic cerebellar stimulation by a modified extracorporeal power unit

Cooper, I.S.; Riklan, M.; Amin, I.; Waltz, J.M.; Cullinan, T., 1976:
Chronic cerebellar stimulation in cerebral palsy

Cooper, I.S.; Amin, I.; Riklan, M.; Waltz, J.M.; Poon, T.P., 1976:
Chronic cerebellar stimulation in epilepsy. Clinical and anatomical studies

Tennyson, V.M.; Kremzner, L.T.; Dauth, G.W.; Gilman, S., 1975:
Chronic cerebellar stimulation in the monkey. Electron microscopic and biochemical observations

Fenton G.W.; Fenwick P.B.C.; Brindley G.S.; Falconer M.A.; Polkey C.H.; Rushton D.N., 1977:
Chronic cerebellar stimulation in the treatment of epilepsy a preliminary report

Brindley G.S.; Falconer M.A.; Fenton G.W.; Fenwick P.B.C.; Polkey C.E.; Rushton D., 1976:
Chronic cerebellar stimulation in the treatment of generalized epilepsy a case report

Geraud J., 1974:
Chronic cerebral circulatory insufficiency

Grant, I.; Mohns, L., 1975:
Chronic cerebral effects of alcohol and drug abuse

Munari C.; Andreoli A.; Bollini C.; Calbucci F.; Frattarelli M.; Grossi C., 1977 :
Chronic cerebral laceration anatomical clinical considerations in 15 cases

Shendrovich L.M., 1969:
Chronic cerebral vascular insufficiency and ability to work

Medvedeva Z.I., 1969:
Chronic cerebral vascular insufficiency and the climatological factor

Franca L.C.M.; Fleury R.N.; Arantes Ramos H.Jr; D.L.mos S.; Melaragno R.; Pasternak J., 1969:
Chronic chagas disease associated with neopl lymphatic leukemia occurrence of acute encephalitis as a possible alteration of the immune state human

Schenone H.; Concha L.; Aranda R.; Rojas A.; Alfaro E.; Knierim F., 1970:
Chronic chagas infection treated with bay 2502 and its evaluation by means of xeno diagnosis

Lifschitz M.D.; Patak R.V.; Fadem S.Z.; Stein J.H., 1978:
Chronic changes in renal sodium excretion and renal prostaglandin e production in the rabbit

Mullins C.B.; Harper J.; Burleson D.; Jones J.; Miller W.W.; Nixon J.V., 1978:
Chronic changes in right ventricular function following surgically created atrial septal defect

Krug M.; Schmidt J., 1975:
Chronic changes of irritability in the rabbit sensory motor cortex following tetanic stimulation of the tooth pulp

Burns, B.H., 1969:
Chronic chest disease, personality, and success in stopping cigarette smoking

Karel A.K.; Saxena S.C., 1976:
Chronic chlordane toxicity effect on blood biochemistry of meriones hurrianae the indian desert gerbil

Kubo M.; Tokugawa H.; Onishi H.; Nakajima H., 1971:
Chronic cholesterol pneumonitis

Lucas, H.K.; Speller, D.C.; Stephens, M., 1976:
Chronic Clostridium septicum infection of a tibial fracture: a case report

Klimek A., 1978:
Chronic cluster head ache and alcohol

Roelcke D.; Jungfer H.; Ebert W.; Metz J.; Weicker H., 1972:
Chronic cold agglutinin disease significance in the form of mono clonal gammopathy

D.F.eitas A.S.W.; Hart J.S.; Morley H.V., 1969:
Chronic cold exposure and ddt toxicity

Zagia M.; Cassinelli D., 1972:
Chronic colitis ulcerosa suppurating peri carditis peri cardiostomy with abdominal approach

Conrad, M.C.; Anderson, J.L.; Garrett, J.B., 1971:
Chronic collateral growth after femoral artery occlusion in the dog

Druzhinina T.A.; Medvedev A.V., 1977:
Chronic conditions in attack like schizophrenia in old age

Nakagawa Y.; Takeda K.; Katano Y.; Matsubara I.; Nabata H.; Inoue A.; Otorii T.; Imai S., 1975:
Chronic constriction of the coronary artery in miniature pigs

Soyer R.; D'allaines C.; Blondeau P.; Piwnica A.; Cachera J P.; Guilmet D.; Carpentier A.; Dubost C., 1972:
Chronic constrictive peri carditis about 194 case reports

Siebert, W.T.; Natelson, E.A., 1976:
Chronic consumption coagulopathy accompanying abdominal aortic aneurysm

Pellegrini G., 1970:
Chronic copper intoxication in the rat biochemical and histochemical alterations in the brain and liver

Thompson R.H.; Todd J.R., 1970:
Chronic copper poisoning in sheep biochemical studies of the hemolytic process

Salmon, M.A.; Wright, T., 1971:
Chronic copper poisoning presenting as pink disease

Sepaha G.C.; Jain S.R.; Dixit V.P.; Chhabra M.L., 1969:
Chronic cor pulmonale a study of 1000 cases

Ranson Bitker B.; L.R.y Ladurie M., 1976:
Chronic cor pulmonale after pneumonectomy

Kawecka-Jaszcz, K., 1975:
Chronic cor pulmonale. Analysis of 1,058 deaths

Zeilhofer R., 1971:
Chronic cor pulmonale causes pathogenesis therapy

Felix R., 1976:
Chronic cor pulmonale diagnosis by simple method radiology and scintigraphy

Peñaloza, D.; Sime, F., 1971:
Chronic cor pulmonale due to loss of altitude acclimatization (chronic mountain sickness)

Lindner O., 1970 :
Chronic cor pulmonale in geriatry

Jovicic B., 1971:
Chronic cor pulmonale in pneumo coniosis patients

Kovalenko A.M., 1974:
Chronic cor pulmonale in post tuberculous pneumo sclerosis patients

Brocard H.; Akoun G.; Berkman M.; Gallouedec C.; Basset F., 1972:
Chronic cor pulmonale in schistosomiasis

Meister R.; Klempt H.W., 1976:
Chronic cor pulmonale in thoracic deformations

Kulachkovskii Y.V., 1972:
Chronic cor pulmonale in tuberculous patients revealed during autopsy

Jahrmarker H., 1969:
Chronic cor pulmonale in young people

Naeye, R.L.; Laqueur, W.A., 1970:
Chronic cor pulmonale. Its pathogenesis in Appalachian bituminous coal workers

Weitzenblum E.; Rasaholinjanahary J.; Parini J.R.; Meyer P.D.; Oudet P., 1976:
Chronic cor pulmonale of chronic obstructive broncho pneumopathies developmental clinical and hemodynamic facts

D.V.lasco Rami, J.A.; Tormo Alfonso, V.; Pérez Fernández, E.; Navarro Bort, P., 1970:
Chronic cor pulmonale of vascular origin

Dreyer M.S., 1972:
Chronic cor pulmonale reviewed with clinical case histories

Aquavella, J.V., 1973:
Chronic corneal edema

Cooper G.P., 1977:
Chronic cortical excitability alterations produced by neo natal lead exposure

Mellis C.M.; Levison H., 1977:
Chronic cough and bronchial reactivity in children

Frana L.; Sekanina M., 1973:
Chronic course of infantile cortical hyper ostosis with a review of cases of atypical manifestations

Yakovleva L.S.; Zharova E.I., 1971:
Chronic course of transplanted leukemia

Gilliam J.N., 1976:
Chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosus a clinical and laboratory investigation of 80 patients

Duperrat B.; Pringuet R., 1969:
Chronic cutaneous malignant histio mono cytosis with spontaneous regressive crises 2nd presentation

Lemp, M.A.; Chambers, R.W.; Tio, F., 1972:
Chronic cyclic conjunctivitis associated with enterovirus infection

Mazow M.L., 1969:
Chronic cyclitis

Richman B.W., 1976:
Chronic deanol administration in tardive dys kinesia

Dobrotina N.A.; Remizova O.I.; Postnikova G.A., 1973:
Chronic deep ulcerative vegetative pyoderma in combination with para proteinemic syndrome 2 cases

Schultz W.; Ungerstedt U., 1976:
Chronic degeneration of the nigro striatal dopamine system comparison between the effect of apo morphine on cellular activity in the striatum and rotational behavior

Griffiths R.; Duncan I.D., 1975:
Chronic degenerative radiculo myelopathy

Kazakovtsev B.A., 1977:
Chronic delusional disorders in epileptic dementia from the viewpoint of the social occupational adaptation of the invalids

Stoertebecker P., 1978:
Chronic dental infections in the etiology of glio blastomas

Olivier A.; Gloor P.; Ives J.; Thompson C.; Andermann F.; Woods J.; Bertrand G., 1975:
Chronic depth electrode recording in patients with bi temporal epilepsy

Laksmipathi T.; Herd J.; Rogers J.; Frain Bell W., 1973:
Chronic dermatitis with photo sensitivity and its relationship to actinic reticuloid

Kheĭfets, S.L., 1976:
Chronic desquamative interstitial pneumonia

Wexler B.C., 1975:
Chronic diabetes followed by chronic cerebral ischemia induced by bilateral carotid artery ligation in arterio sclerotic vs nonarteriosclerotic rats

Thatcher G.N., 1977:
Chronic dialysis associated encephalopathy

Iturbe B.R.; Ramirez R.G.; Inciarte L.R., 1969 :
Chronic dialysis experience in the university hospital of maracaibo

Counts S.; Hickman R.; Garbaccio A.; Tenckhoff H., 1973:
Chronic dialysis in children 8 years experience

Anderson, W.W., 1969:
Chronic dialysis in the home and the family physician

Blumberg A., 1971:
Chronic dialysis treatment and iron metabolism

Matseshe J.W.; Phillips S.F., 1977:
Chronic diarrhea a practical approach

Navarro J.; Polonovski C.; Salet J.; Fage J.; Van Kote C.; Mougenot J.F., 1975:
Chronic diarrhea by vagal excitation after fundo plication without pyloro plasty

Blum H.; Reville P.; Witz J P., 1970:
Chronic diarrhea caused by medullary tumor of the thyroid cured by exeresis of the tumor

Blum H.; Reville P.; Witz J., 1969:
Chronic diarrhea due to a medullar tumor of the thyroid gland recovery following tumor exeresis

Larbre F.; Hartemann E.; Cotton J.B.; Mathieu M.; Charrat A.; Moreau P., 1969:
Chronic diarrhea due to the absence of pancreatic lipase

Gall, D.G.; Hamilton, J.R., 1974:
Chronic diarrhea in childhood: a new look at an old problem

Bhatia M.; Poley J.R.; Walker A., 1973:
Chronic diarrhea in infants and children small intestinal morphology and di saccharidase activities

Stauffer, J.Q.; Levine, W.L., 1974:
Chronic diarrhea related to Endolimax nana: response to treatment with metronidazole

Dubois J., 1970:
Chronic diarrheas in the 1st years of childhood

Delaire J., 1970:
Chronic diffuse desquamative gingivitis of menopause several observations

Susser M.W.; Stein Z.; Mountney G.H.; Freeman H.L., 1970:
Chronic disability following mental illness in an english city part 1 total prevalence in and out of mental hospital

Susser M.W.; Stein Z.; Mountney G.H.; Freeman H.L., 1970:
Chronic disability following mental illness in an english city part 2 the location of patients in hospital and community

Findlay, I.I.; Smith, P.; Graves, P.J.; Linton, M.L., 1969:
Chronic disease in childhood: a study of family reactions

Paffenbarger R.S.Jr; Wing A.L., 1969:
Chronic disease in former college students part 10 the effects of single and multiple characteristics on risk of fatal coronary heart disease

Paffenbarger R.S.Jr; Wing A.L., 1971:
Chronic disease in former college students part 11 early precursors of nonfatal stroke

Hyde R.T., 1974:
Chronic disease in former college students part 13 early precursors of peptic ulcer

Paffenbarger R.S.Jr; King S.H.; Wing A.L., 1969 :
Chronic disease in former college students part 9 characteristics in youth that predispose to suicide and accidental death in later life

Pell, S.; D'Alonzo, C.A., 1970:
Chronic disease morbidity and income level in an employed population

Mcgough J., 1975:
Chronic disease mortality trends in the seattle japanese as related to demographic and socio cultural change

Kane, R.L.; Walker, J.M., 1969:
Chronic disease screening in a general practice

Sedov K.R., 1975:
Chronic diseases and their epidemiology in the eastern part of the ussr

Pequignot G.; Cyrulnik F., 1970:
Chronic diseases due to over consumption of alcoholic drinks excepting neuro psychiatric pathology

Tyroler, H.A.; Andjelkovic, D.; Harris, R.; Lednar, W.; McMichael, A.; Symons, M., 1976:
Chronic diseases in the rubber industry

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