Complement activation in sero positive and sero negative rheumatoid arthritis iodine 125 labeled complement c 1q binding capacity and complement breakdown products in serum and synovial fluid

Lambert, P.H.; Nydegger, U.E.; Perrin, L.H.; Mccormick, J.; Fehr, K.; Miescher, P.A.

Clot, J And J Sany (Ed ) Rheumatology An Annual Review, Vol 6 Immunological Aspects Of Rheumatoid Arthritis International Symposium Montpellier, France, March 28-30, 1974 Vii+369p Illus S Karger Basel, Switzerland; New York, N Y , U S A ISBN 3-8055-2116-2: 52-59


Accession: 026301439

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