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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 26347

Chapter 26347 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jansen E.F.; Tomimatsu Y.; Olson A.C., 1971:
Cross linking of alpha chymotrypsin and other proteins by reaction with glutaraldehyde

Dewar M.K.; Johns R.B.; Kelly D.P.; Yates J.F., 1975:
Cross linking of amino acids by formaldehyde carbon 13 nmr spectra of model compounds

Kelly D.P.; Dewar M.K.; Johns R.B.; Wei Let S.; Yates J.F., 1977:
Cross linking of amino acids by formaldehyde preparation and carbon 13 nmr spectra of model compounds

Konishi T.; Packer L., 1977:
Cross linking of bacterio rhod opsin provides evidence of different protein conformations in the dark adapted and light adapted state

Khodorova, E.L.; Svechnikova, T.V.; Smekhova, K.O., 1972:
Cross linking of coarse and fine fibrin gels

Priest R.E., 1975:
Cross linking of collagen from cultured cells

Kruggel W.G.; Field R.A., 1974:
Cross linking of collagen in active and quiescent muscle

Cetta, G.; Castellani, A.A., 1973:
Cross linking of collagen in lathyrism: influence of a flavonoid

Ruiz Torres A., 1976:
Cross linking of collagen in vivo effects of amino acetonitrile prednisolone and d penicillamine on basic binding sites in rat collagen

Glaubiger D., 1978:
Cross linking of dna in mouse leukemia l 1210 cells by 4 5 8 tri methyl psoralen plus light

Hilton J.; Sessions R.H.; Walker M.D., 1977:
Cross linking of dna in rat brain tumor and bone marrow by spiro hydantoin mustard

Y.S.Y., 1971:
Cross linking of elastin in human athero sclerotic aortas part 1 a preliminary study

Friedman M.E.; Teggins J.E., 1976:
Cross linking of enzymes and nucleic acids by platinum ii chloramine complexes as a possible mechanism for anti tumor behavior

Kenyon G.L.; Hegeman G.D.; Bonamy C., 1976:
Cross linking of enzymes by di methyl suberimidate in intact cells of pseudomonas putida

Sheetz M.P.; Koppel D.E., 1978:
Cross linking of erythrocyte membrane proteins occurs during photo bleaching of bound fluorescein labeled concanavalin a

Krinsky N.I., 1974:
Cross linking of erythrocyte membranes under oxidative stress

Cockburn C.G., 1977:
Cross linking of factor viii by di methyl suberimidate structural implications

Finlayson J.S., 1974:
Cross linking of fibrin

Shainoff J.R.; Kanaide H., 1974:
Cross linking of fibrinogen

Stone P.R.; Lorimer W.S.IIi; Kidwell W.R., 1976:
Cross linking of histone h 1 by poly adp ribose

Wermuth B.; Munch J.D.B.; Hajdu J.; Von Wartburg J P., 1977:
Cross linking of human liver nadph dependent aldehyde reductase

Schick P.K.; Arosteguy P., 1977:
Cross linking of human platelet membrane amino phospho lipids changes induced by thrombin

Hackney D.D.; Stayboldt C.; Stevens M.; Boyer P.D., 1977:
Cross linking of inner mitochondrial membrane components

Wingfield P.T.; Boxer D.H., 1975:
Cross linking of isolated oligomycin insensitive adenosine atpase from ox heart mitochondria

Sutoh K.; Harrington W.F., 1976:
Cross linking of myosin filaments with bi functional reagents

Anonymous, 1977:
Cross linking of pig heart lactate dehydrogenase ec 11127 by a new asymmetric bi functional reagent

Kazim A.L.; Atassi M.Z., 1978:
Cross linking of proteins by guanidine tetra nitro methane

Baca O.G.; Bodley J.W., 1976:
Cross linking of ribosomal protein and rna induced by uv irradiation

Grebanier A.; Champagne D.; Roy H., 1978:
Cross linking of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase from pisum sativum with tetra nitro methane

Mayo M.A.; Harrison B.D.; Murant A.F.; Barker H., 1973:
Cross linking of rna induced by uv irradiation of particles of raspberry ringspot virus

Kohlhaw G.; Boatman G., 1971:
Cross linking of salmonella typhimurium iso propyl malate synthase with di methyl suberimidate evidence for antagonistic effects of leucine and acetyl coenzyme a on the quaternary structure

Manning J.S.; Durbin R.K., 1978:
Cross linking of sindbis virus poly peptides

Teherani J.; Nishimura J.S., 1973:
Cross linking of succinic thiokinase by di methyl suberimidate

Hamilton S.; Mclaughlin M.; Karlin A., 1978:
Cross linking of the acetyl choline receptor from torpedo californica electric tissue

Kaplan S., 1976:
Cross linking of the chromatophore proteins from rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Budzik G.P.; Schoemaker H.J.P.; Schimmel P.R., 1974:
Cross linking of transfer rna with their cognate aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases

Luduena R.; Wilson L.; Shooter E.M., 1975:
Cross linking of tubulin with di methyl 3 3 tetramethylenedioxy di propionimidate as an assay for tubulin stabilization

Baskin R.J.; Hanna S.D., 1977:
Cross linking studies of the calcium ion magnesium ion atpase protein

Nicholson B.H., 1978:
Cross linking studies on escherichia coli rna polymerase ec 2776

Kenny J.W.; Traut R.R., 1978:
Cross linking studies on the 50s ribosomal subunit of escherichia coli with 2 iminothiolane

Bragg P.D., 1975:
Cross linking studies on the calcium ion magnesium ion activated atpase of escherichia coli

Steck T.L., 1972:
Cross linking studies on the major proteins of the isolated erythrocyte membrane

Labella F.S., 1971:
Cross links in elastin and collagen

Yeh Y.S., 1970:
Cross links in elastins of human arterio sclerotic aortas

Seif M.; Dabbous M., 1975:
Cross links in insoluble calf skin collagen

Pierce J.C.; Hume D.M., 1971:
Cross matching for organ transplantation part 1 the use of kidney cells and immune adherence

Pierce J.C., 1972:
Cross matching for organ transplantation part 2 the leukocyte and kidney cell cross matches and hl a typing in re transplantation methods for the avoidance of acute humoral rejection

Ali S.R.; Rozeboom L.E., 1971:
Cross mating between aedes s polynesiensis and aedes s albopictus in a large cage

Graham O.H.; Price M.A.; Trevino J.L., 1972:
Cross mating experiments with boophilus annulatus and boophilus microplus acarina ixodidae

Manglitz G.R.; Russell L.M., 1974:
Cross matings between therioaphis maculata and therioaphis trifolii hemiptera homoptera aphididae and their implications in regard to the taxonomic status of the insects

Howarth E., 1973:
Cross media independence of questionnaire and objective test personality factors

Thrun A., 1978:
Cross meshing of actin with tartryl azides and the utilization of actin dimers

Furedy J.J., 1971:
Cross modal differentiation under identical reinforcement schedules and unconditional stimulus intensity effects in human classical eyelid conditioning

Davenport, R.K.; Rogers, C.M.; Russell, I.S., 1973:
Cross modal perception in apes

Steele Russell I., 1975:
Cross modal perception in chimpanzees

Ward J.P.; Yehle A.L., 1970:
Cross modal reversal in the rabbit

Squires N.K.; Duncan Johnson C.C.; Squires K.C.; Donchin E., 1977:
Cross modal sequential effects on the p 300 component of the event related potential

Ward J.P.; Yehle A.L.; Doerflein R.S., 1970:
Cross modal transfer of a specific discrimination in the bushbaby galago senegalensis

Tyrrell D.J., 1974:
Cross modal transfer of conceptual responding in children

Ettlinger G.; Blakemore C.B., 1969:
Cross modal transfer set in the monkey

Goff W.R.; Matsumiya Y.; Allison T.; Goff G.D., 1969:
Cross modality comparisons of averaged evoked potentials

Sinex D.G., 1978:
Cross modality temporal resolution for auditory vibro tactile and visual stimuli

Gurland B.J.; Fleiss J.L.; Cooper J.E.; Kendell R.E.; Simon R., 1969:
Cross national study of diagnosis of the mental disorders some comparisons of diagnostic criteria from the 1st investigation

Cooper J.E.; Kendell R.E.; Gurland B.J.; Sartorius N.; Farkas T., 1969:
Cross national study of diagnosis of the mental disorders some results from the 1st comparative investigation

Lundgren, D.L.; Meade, G.H.; Clapper, W.E., 1970:
Cross neutralization and gel double diffusion studies of enteroviruses isolated from beagle dogs

Baxter E.H.; Gallichio H.A., 1974:
Cross neutralization by tiger snake notechis scutatus anti venin and sea snake enhydrina schistosa anti venin against several sea snake venoms

Carsiotis M.; Jones R.F.; Wesseling A.C., 1974:
Cross pathway regulation histidine mediated control of histidine tryptophan and arginine biosynthesis enzymes in neurospora crassa

Nester, E.W.; Dale, B.; Montoya, A.; Vold, B., 1974:
Cross pathway regulation of tyrosine and histidine synthesis in Bacillus subtilis. Biochemical, genetic, and transfer RNA studies

Abrol I.P., 1969:
Cross phenomenological coefficients in clay water systems studies on thermo osmosis

Einck Rosskamp P.; Rajewsky B.; Stahlhofen W., 1969:
Cross placental passage of radium 228 and its daughters after intra venous injection of colloidal throium di oxide thorotrast into rabbits

Mcdowell W.J., 1978:
Cross placental transfer of americium and plutonium in mice

Weiss J.F.; Walburg H.E., 1977:
Cross placental transfer of plutonium in mice

Buckley S.M., 1973:
Cross plaque neutralization tests with cloned congo and hazara viruses

Buckley S.M., 1974:
Cross plaque neutralization tests with cloned crimean hemorrhagic fever virus gongo virus and hazara virus

Voskresenskaya G.S.; Lygina L.M., 1973:
Cross pollination of leaf mustard

D.L.nge J.H.; Vincent A.P., 1970:
Cross pollination studies on the washington navel orange d part 1 influence on set and growth of fruit

D.L.nge J.H.; Vincent A.P., 1971:
Cross pollination studies on the washington navel orange d part 2 influence on fruit quality

Matzinger P.; Bevan M.J., 1977:
Cross priming and cross boosting in vivo for a cyto toxic response to minor histo compatibility antigens

Godsey J.H.; Hsu E.J., 1976:
Cross profiling pseudomonas spp with amino peptidase assays and gas liquid chromatography

Peck R.D.; Brown A.; Wust C.J., 1976:
Cross protection among togaviruses effect of syngeneic and allogeneic adoptive cell transfers

Latif Z.; Wust C.J.; Brown A., 1977:
Cross protection among togaviruses in nude mice

Lima J.A.A.; Nelson M.R., 1974:
Cross protection between strains of squash mosaic virus

Marrou J.; Migliori A., 1971:
Cross protection between tobacco mosaic virus strains to protect greenhouse tomato d crops relative specificity of the protection for related strains

Melouk H.A.; Horner C.E.; Perkins V.Q., 1974:
Cross protection by verticillium nigrescens against verticillium dahliae in mints

Tigchelaar E.C., 1973:
Cross protection from double inoculation with fusarium oxysporum and verticillium alboatrum in tomato

Pier G.B.; Sidberry H.F.; Sadoff J.C., 1978:
Cross protection in mice elicited by high molecular weight poly saccharides from pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotypes 1 and 2

Anderson M.M.; Van Patten L.K.; Bairey M.H., 1973:
Cross protection in mice vaccinated with salmonella paratyphi b and challenged with salmonella typhimurium

Tokeshi H., 1971 :
Cross protection in tomato d with fusarium and verticillium wilt pathogens

Thind I.S.; Price W.H., 1969:
Cross protection with group b arboviruses in mice treated with cyclo phosphamide immunol role of serum antibody viremia and virus multiplication in the brain cytoxan immunol

Jennings H.J.; Martin A.; Kenny C.P., 1974:
Cross protective protein antigens derived from neisseria meningitidis of slaterus serogroup y

Morris M.D.; Lehner T., 1976:
Cross reacting antibodies between streptococcus mutans and heart tissue

Ayoub E.M., 1972:
Cross reacting antibodies in the pathogenesis of rheumatic myo cardial and valvular disease

Boehme D.H., 1970:
Cross reacting antibody between stromal erythrocytic antigens and salmonella typhimurium in mouse strains bsvs and brvr

Fujii G.; Goto S.; Nishihira T.; Ishibashi Y., 1971:
Cross reacting antibody in cellular immunity

Boehme D.H., 1971:
Cross reacting antigens in mouse strains bsvs and brvr

Moulton R.G.; Marcus S., 1974:
Cross reacting antigens in the migration inhibition test

Chitaeva V.G., 1978:
Cross reacting antigens of bacteria of the human broncho pulmonary system

Belokrylov G.A.; Zhitnukhin Y.L.; Sofronov B.N., 1976 :
Cross reacting thymus and brain antigens in the cerebral cortex

Ankerst J.; Sjogren H.O., 1969:
Cross reacting tumor specific transplantation antigens in adeno 7 and 12 tumors demonstrated by chromium 51 cyto toxicity and iso graft rejection tests

Cazenave P A., 1974:
Cross reaction between allotypic motif ag 1 of rabbit immuno globulins and the antibodies directed against the allotypic motif aa 3

Koo G.C.; Wachtel S.S.; Zuckerman E.; Boyse E.A., 1973:
Cross reaction between h y antigens of mice and men

Sjogren H.O., 1969:
Cross reaction between neopl tumor antigens of neopl adeno 7 and 12 sarcomas

Scanes C.G.; Follett B.K.; Goos H.J.T., 1972:
Cross reaction in a chicken luteinizing hormone radio immunoassay with plasma and pituitary extracts from various species

Ohishi I., 1974:
Cross reaction in reversed passive hem agglutination between clostridium botulinum type a toxin and b toxin and its avoidance by the use of anti toxic component immuno globulin isolated by affinity chromatography

Balthazart J.; Hendrick J.C., 1978:
Cross reaction of an anti ovine follicle stimulating hormone serum with pituitary extracts of various species

Angles D.Auriac G.; Meyer P.; Milliez P., 1969:
Cross reaction of angiotensin ii antibodies with other analogues of angiotensin

D.I.onicoff L.K.; Hubert C., 1971:
Cross reaction of anti human chorionic somatomammotropic hormone antibodies with the placenta of macaca irus using the peroxidase immuno histochemical technique

Conway Jacobs A.; Schechter B.; Sela M., 1970:
Cross reaction of antibodies against random and ordered copolymers of the same amino acid composition

Robbins J.B., 1973:
Cross reaction of bacilli with group a meningococcus type iii pneumococcus and haemophilus influenzae type b

Podoplelov I.I.; Bochko G.M.; Shchipkov V.P., 1972:
Cross reaction of heterogeneic antigens of escherichia coli with human a antigen b antigen and o antigen

Brown M.L.; Hannah T.; Stephens G., 1974:
Cross reaction of schwarz mann digoxin antibody with a normal control serum

Bruno P.N., 1969:
Cross reactions among group a streptococci part 1 further analysis of antigens related to type specificity and protection

Wiley G.G.; Bruno P.N., 1970:
Cross reactions among group a streptococci part 3 the m and r antigens of type 43 and serologically related streptococci

Myoda T.T.; Wiley G.G.; Bruno P.N., 1973:
Cross reactions among group a streptococci part 4 extraction separation and purification of 2 protective antigens of type g 1 cocci

Bauer K., 1970:
Cross reactions and antigenic structures of human alpha 1 b glyco protein alpha 1 t glyco protein and zinc alpha 2 glyco proteins

Geczy A.F.; Steiner L.A., 1972:
Cross reactions and serological specificity

Subbotina Y.L.; Gizatulina D.K., 1972:
Cross reactions and their association with the type of antibodies in salmonelloses

Husby G.; Abdin Z.H.; Zabriskie J.; Van D.R.jn I.; Williams R.C.Jr, 1976:
Cross reactions between caudate and subthalamic neuronal cytoplasm and group a streptococci a possible cause of sydenhams chorea

Playfair J.H.L.; Marshall Clarke S., 1973:
Cross reactions between erythrocytes at the thymus derived cell level

Tokuda S.; Goldberg E.H., 1977:
Cross reactions between fetal sperm and tumor antigens

Bauer K., 1970:
Cross reactions between human and animal plasma proteins part 1 the immunological evolution groups i and ii

Bauer K., 1970:
Cross reactions between human and animal plasma proteins part 2 the influence of structural and functional factors

Bauer K., 1970:
Cross reactions between human and animal plasma proteins part 3 the relations between ontogenetic and phylogenetic development

Bauer K., 1971:
Cross reactions between human and animal plasma proteins part 4 noneutherian mammalia

Bauer K., 1974:
Cross reactions between human and animal plasma proteins part 5 the role of the anti serum and immunological specificity in relation to the phenomenon of cross reaction

Bauer K., 1974:
Cross reactions between human and animal plasma proteins part 6 an assay method for ape and monkey plasma proteins using anti human anti sera

Micouin C.; Seigneurin D., 1973:
Cross reactions between human i and p erythrocyte antigens and interstitial antigens in mice

Yang L.C.; Soprey P.R.; Fox E.N., 1975:
Cross reactions between mammalian myo cardium and group a streptococci observed by cell mediated cyto toxicity

Reed W.P.; Drach G.W.; Williams R.C.Jr, 1973:
Cross reactions between pneumococci and human blood group cell surface antigens

Chechik, B.E., 1973:
Cross reactions between the antigen of human lymphatic tissues and antigens of monkey, cow, mouse and hamster tissues

P.J.Wormald, 1971:
Cross reactions in skin tests between house dust mite extract and feather extract

Dhorranintra, B.; Bunnag, C., 1977:
Cross reactions in skin tests between kapok and house dust allergenic extracts

Olson G.A.; Bleiweis A.S.; Mahan P.E.; Small P.A.Jr, 1973:
Cross reactions of anti sera to streptococcus mutans strains in the adherence inhibition assay

Yunis E.J.; Amos D.B.; Eguro S.Y.; Dorf M.E., 1972:
Cross reactions of hl a antibodies part 1 characterization by absorption and elution

Dorf M.E.; Eguro S.Y.; Dawson J.R.; Rauckman E.J.; Amos D.B., 1972:
Cross reactions of hl a antibodies part 2 continuous ph gradient elution

Dorf M.E.; Eguro S.Y.; Amos D.B., 1972:
Cross reactions of hl a antibodies part 4 absorptions and elutions with primate platelets

Setsuko Y.E.; Dorf M.E.; Amos D.B., 1973:
Cross reactions of hl a antibodies part 6 dissection of a complex serum

Haire M.; Underwood B.O.; Brown F., 1974:
Cross reactions of multiple sclerosis immuno globulin m with measles rinderpest and canine distemper

Wolff R.; Tamisier C.; Nicolas J.P., 1970:
Cross reactions of pig intrinsic factor with anti intrinsic factor blocking antibodies present in the serum of some patients with pernicious anemia

Heidelberger M.; Slodki M.E., 1972:
Cross reactions of poly saccharides of lipomyces in anti pneumococcal and other anti sera

Ivaskova E.; Ivanyi P.; Bavorova H.; Egorov I.K., 1976:
Cross reactions of some anti h 2p sera with hl a 9

Kaise W., 1970:
Cross reactions with pig intrinsic factor of anti human intrinsic factor antibodies type ii present in the sera of some pernicious anemia patients

Mittal K.K.; Mickey M.R.; Terasaki P.I., 1973:
Cross reactive antibodies in duo specific anti hl a anti sera

Mueller Eckhardt C.; Heinrich D.; Rothenberg V.; Mersch Baumert K.; Lange B., 1972:
Cross reactive antibodies of the hl a system

Bruins S.C.; White A.C., 1978:
Cross reactive antibody detection by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Charudattan R.; D.V.y J.E., 1976:
Cross reactive antigen between cotton roots and fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum purification and cellular location

Winterhoff D.; Thamer U., 1971:
Cross reactive antigens between hemolytic streptococci and cardiac muscle part 1 experimental results on animals

Baldo B.A.; Uhlenbruck G., 1973:
Cross reactive human blood group h active poly saccharide from helix pomatia part 1 detection with catfish anti h and eel sera

Schwartz M., 1978:
Cross reactive idiotypic determinants on synthetic poly peptide containing tyrosine glutamic acid alanine lysine specific antibodies of high and low responder mice

Atkin B.; Buist N.; Leiter A.; Utter M., 1975:
Cross reactive material positive hepatic pyruvate carboxylase deficiency associated with renal tubular acidosis

Padarathsingh M.L.; Dean J.H.; Mccoy J.L.; Northing J.W.; Lewis D.D.; Natori T., 1978:
Cross reactive tumor associated antigens on mineral oil induced plasma cytomas as detected by cell mediated immunity assays

Nishi S.; Hirai H., 1974:
Cross reactivities of alpha feto protein from different species

Rosan B.; Knox K.W., 1976:
Cross reactivity among teichoic acid dependent streptococcal serological groups

Weber R.W.; Mansfield L.E.; Nelson H.S., 1978:
Cross reactivity among weeds of the amaranth and chenopod families

Horvat J.; Mostarica M.; Jankovic B.D., 1976:
Cross reactivity between anti rat nervous tissue antibodies and heterologous thymocytes

Morcenstern M.A.; Corzynski E.A., 1975:
Cross reactivity between enterobacterial common antigen and human tissue

Mueller R.A.; Ewing J.A.; Rouse B.A.; Mills K.C., 1977:
Cross reactivity between goat anti human ceruloplasmin serum and human plasma dopamine beta hydroxylase

Murphy D.B.; Shreffler D.C., 1975:
Cross reactivity between h 2k and h 2d products part 2 identification of the cross reacting specificities

Shreffler D.C., 1975:
Cross reactivity between h 2k and h 2d products part 3 effect of h 2k h 2d cross sensitization on skin graft survival

Frick O.L.; Shimbor C., 1970:
Cross reactivity between hemo cyanins and erythrocytes

Goetze B.D.; Lee S.; Ferrone S.; Pellegrino M.A.; Reisfeld R.A., 1973:
Cross reactivity between hl a and h 2 antigens part 2 allogeneic sensitization by xenogeneic soluble lymphocyte antigens

Hanna M.G.Jr; Tennant R.W.; Coggin J.H., 1971:
Cross reactivity between mouse fetal antigens and murine leukemia virus infected cells

Goihman Yahr M.; Convit J., 1971:
Cross reactivity between mycobacterium leprae and bcg

Mostarica M.; Horvat J.; Mitrovic K.; Jankovic B.D., 1977:
Cross reactivity between rat brain sub cellular fractions and rat thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes

Koprowski H., 1972:
Cross reactivity between sv 40 transformed cell surface antigen and early embryo antigen

Ebringer A.; Davies D.A.L., 1973:
Cross reactivity between synthetic poly peptide t g a l and transplantation antigens in cba mice

Hanna M.G.Jr, 1973:
Cross reactivity between tumor and fetal cells as determined by in vivo assay

Andrews B.A.; Welsh C.J.; Abuknesha R.; Ebringer A.; Ebringer R., 1978:
Cross reactivity between vitreous humor klebsiella enterobacter microorganisms and human lymphocytes a possible mechanism for uveitis and ankylosing spondylitis

Camargo M.E.; Rebonato C., 1969:
Cross reactivity in fluorescence tests for trypanosoma and leishmania antibodies a simple inhibition procedure to ensure specific results human leishmania braziliensis trypanosoma cruzi

Guettler F.; Jorgensen P.N., 1973:
Cross reactivity in the cell mediated allo graft response studied in vitro by chromium 51 labeled fibroblasts as 3rd party target cells

Kasel J.A., 1975:
Cross reactivity of adenovirus type 5 fiber with anti sera to other human adenoviruses

Wrathmell A.B.; Gauci C.L.; Alexander P., 1976:
Cross reactivity of an allo antigen present on normal cells with the tumor specific transplantation type antigen of the acute myeloid leukemia of rats

Antonelli P.; Kamoun M.; Hansen J.A.; Dupont B., 1978:
Cross reactivity of anti hla drw sera evaluated by serologic studies on established bone marrow derived lymphoid cell lines

Oliver R.T.D., 1977:
Cross reactivity of anti sera to oncogenic rna virus proteins with human leukemia cells

M.B.ide R.A.; Schierman L.W., 1973:
Cross reactivity of b allo antigens in fowl

Sabbadini E.; Chen C.H.; Sehon A.H., 1972:
Cross reactivity of cell surface antigens of different species

Baldet L.; Limerat F., 1978:
Cross reactivity of different tri iodo thyronine antibodies for thyroxine comparison of 5 different kits

Faber O.K.; Binder C.; Markussen J.; Naithani V.K.; Heding L.G.; Kuzuya H.; Blix P.; Horwitz D.; Rubenstein A.H., 1977:
Cross reactivity of human pro insulin with human c peptide anti sera

Wyrick R.; Campbell B.; Stier R.A.; Gleich G.J.; Keck S.; Foubert E.L., 1976:
Cross reactivity of immuno globulin e antibodies with unrelated pollen allergens

Rechler M.M.; Zapf J.; Nissley S.P.; Froesch E.R.; Moses A.C.; Podskalny J.M.; Schilling E.; Fryklund L., 1977:
Cross reactivity of multiplication stimulating activity and nonsuppressible insulin like activity i and ii in competitive binding assays

Yip A.T.; Larner J., 1969:
Cross reactivity of muscle and liver kinases for their respective udp glucose glycogen transferases i

Nisengard R.; Stinson M.; Drinnan A., 1977:
Cross reactivity of nonstreptococcal oral microorganisms with mammalian tissue

Birnbaum G.; Weksler M.E.; Siskind G.W., 1974:
Cross reactivity of thymus derived cell helper function

Salinas F.A.; Hanna M.G.Jr, 1973 :
Cross reactivity of tumor associated fetal antigens

D.Pauli R., 1975:
Cross reactivity patterns of immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g anti lipo poly saccharide antibodies in individual mice

Blomgren H.; Andersson B., 1974:
Cross reactivity patterns of mouse lymphocytes sensitized against the major histo compatibility complex using a graft vs host assay

Kronfeld P.C., 1969:
Cross relations between the effects of ocular hypotensive drugs

Dubey D.K.; Kumar S., 1973:
Cross relationship between 2 linum spp bearing different basic chromosome numbers

Stoesz J.D.; Redfield A.G.; Malinowski D., 1978:
Cross relaxation and spin diffusion effects on the proton nmr of bio polymers in water

Hutchison D.J.; Schmid F.A., 1973:
Cross resistance and collateral sensitivity

Bech Hansen N.T.; Ling V.; Till J.E., 1975:
Cross resistance and collateral sensitivity of colchicine resistant mutants of chinese hamster ovary cells

Sprunt, K.; Leidy, G.; Redman, W., 1970:
Cross resistance between lincomycin and erythromycin in viridans streptococci

Dano, K., 1972:
Cross resistance between vinca alkaloids and anthracyclines in Ehrlich ascites tumor in vivo

Yasutomi K.; Masano T., 1974 :
Cross resistance in house flies

Mizuguchi Y.; Yamada T., 1978:
Cross resistance in mycobacteria

Matlova S., 1975:
Cross resistance of escherichia coli strain b r to cis platinum ii di ammino chloride uv light and alkylating agents

Fountain R.H.; Russell A.D., 1970:
Cross resistance of escherichia coli to benzyl penicillin and some cephalosporins

Saito K.; Fukuhara T., 1973:
Cross resistance of human mycobacterium tuberculosis to kanamycin viomycin capreomycin lividomycin and tuberactinomycin

Saito T.; Fukuhara T., 1973:
Cross resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis to kanamycin viomycin capreomycin lividomycin tuberactinomycin

Makarevich, N.M.; Mkrtchian, S.V.; Afanas'eva, I.P., 1970:
Cross resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to streptomycin, kanamycin and viomycin

Siforova T.A.; Popov P.V., 1973:
Cross resistance of the spider mite using dicofol

Sheek M.R.; Akers J.A.; Mclinden J.H., 1975:
Cross resistance of vaccinia immune rabbit peritoneal macrophages to other poxviruses

Katz F.F.; Tsao C L., 1970:
Cross resistance studies on strongyloides ratti and strongyloides venezuelensis in rats

Alava D.; Lagunes Tejeda A., 1976:
Cross resistance to different types of insecticides after production of resistance to parathion methyl in spodoptera exigua

Saito T.; Fukuhara T.; Kitamoto H., 1972:
Cross resistance to kanamycin viomycin capreomycin and lividomycin and tuber actinomycin n

Borkowska Opacka B.; Truszczynski M., 1972:
Cross resistance to nitro furan compounds in escherichia coli strains isolated from pigs

Chitnis M.P.; Johnson R.K., 1977:
Cross resistance to protein synthesis inhibitors of an adriamycin resistant subline of p 388 leukemia

Bazex A.; Dupre A.; Christol B.; Carrere S., 1970:
Cross ruled pityriasis versicolor presentation of astonishing data

D.P.ce D.M.; Aycock N.R., 1976:
Cross sectional anatomy as applied to teaching radiologic technology

Mccullough J.M.; Biachi R.G.; Arrigunaga E.L., 1977:
Cross sectional anthropometric study of upper class school children in a subtropical city merida yucatan mexico

Windhorst C., 1974:
Cross sectional area determination of human achilles tendons

Bonus L., 1972:
Cross sectional assessment of laboratory variables in a healthy male population part 1 decade age group differences

Bonus L., 1972:
Cross sectional assessment of laboratory variables in a healthy male population part 2 cigarette smoking and laboratory values

D.W.ard F.; Baanders Van Halewijn E.A. , 1969:
Cross sectional data on estrogenic smears on post menopausal population

Jansen J.C., 1978:
Cross sectional diameters of knee ligaments

Kastl D.; Henry W.L.; Mcintosh C.; Redwood D.R.; Griffith J.M.; Itscoitz S.B.; Morrow A.G., 1976:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic assessment of mitral commissurotomy comparison of hemodynamic and echo cardiographic data

Feigenbaum H.; Weyman A.E.; Dillon J.C.; Johnston K.W.; Eggleton R.C., 1976:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic detection of aortic obstruction

Lange L.; Sahn D.J.; Allen H.; Goldberg S., 1978:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic diagnosis of hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Caldwell R.L.; Weyman A.E.; Girod D.A.; Hurwitz R.A.; Feigenbaum H., 1978:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic differentiation of anomalous left coronary artery from primary myo cardiopathy

Friedman W.F., 1974:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic features of ebsteins malformation

Sahn D.J.; Shackelton S.; Leopold G.; Friedman W.F., 1974:
Cross sectional echo cardiographic localization of the sites of left ventricular outflow tract obstruction

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Cross sectional echo cardiographic quantitation of regurgitant valve area in patients with rheumatic mitral valve disease

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Cross sectional echo cardiographic study of the mitral valve ring in the normal vs the dilated left ventricle

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Cross sectional echo cardiography in common ventricle utilizing 80 degree phased array sector scanner

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Cross sectional echo cardiography in congenital heart disease with a phased array 80 degree sector scanner

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Cross sectional echo cardiography in mitral prolapse

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Cross sectional echo cardiography of atrial septum in dextra transposition of great vessels

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Cross sectional echo cardiography of the cardiac apex

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Cross sectional growth development and nutritional status study in 12138 children in bogota colombia

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Cross sectional real time echo cardiography in congenital heart disease using a new phased array 80 degree sector scanner

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Cross sectional studies of corneal and astigmatic characteristics of children between the 24th and 72nd month of life

Woodruff M.E., 1971:
Cross sectional studies of corneal and astigmatic characteristics of children between the 24th and 72nd months of life

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Cross sectional study of arterial pressure and serum lipids in coronary smokers and nonsmokers

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Cross sectional study of hyper lipo proteinemia in patients with chronic renal failure

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Cross sectional visualization of the normal heart by the ultrasonics institute octoson

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Cross sections for the inactivation of rnase by slow heavy ions

Beer J.Z.; Szumiel I.; Walicka M., 1973:
Cross sensitivities of x ray and uv light of 2 strains of murine lymphoma l 5178 cells in vitro

Walicka M., 1973:
Cross sensitivities to uv light and x rays of 2 strains of murine lymphoma l 5178 y cells in vitro

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Cross sensitivity pattern of 2 mercapto benzothiazole human

Laskowski W.; Lehmann Brauns E., 1973:
Cross sensitivity to mono functional and bi functional alkylating agents of 3 radiation sensitive saccharomyces sp mutants

Arlett C.F., 1976:
Cross sensitivity to mutagens in a variety of fibroblast cell strains from human syndromes

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Cross sensitization between frullania and laurus nobilis the allergen laurel

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Cross skin reactions in patients with an elevated sensitivity to fungi and antibiotics

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Cross species reactivity of rabbit anti mouse brain associated theta sera

Dmochowski L.; Lewis M.L.; Shigematsu T.; Bowen J.M., 1971:
Cross species retrieval of tumorigenicity of rat bone tumor virus in mice rats and hamsters by tissue culture

Suhara K.; Suzuki H.; Katada A.; Furuta N., 1973:
Cross spectral analysis of phase relations of different frequency components in the human electro encephalogram

Gordon, I.B.; Nikitina, T.N., 1975:
Cross syndrome of rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus

Wolter H., 1978:
Cross talk between nerve conduits

Rasminsky M., 1977:
Cross talk between single fibers in spinal roots of dystrophic mice

McIntyre, P., 1975:
Cross talk in absorbing optical fibers

Strehler B.L., 1973:
Cross tissue translational capacities part 1 the adequacy of transfer rna from heterologous tissues in the translation of hemo globin message

Hirsch G.P.; Strehler B.L., 1973:
Cross tissue translational capacities part 2 relative effectiveness of heterologous synthetases and other supernatant factors in the translation of hemo globin message

Teychenne P.F.; Plotkin C.N.; Rosin A.J.; Calne D.B., 1977:
Cross tolerance between bromocriptine and lergotrile

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Cross tolerance between ethanol and delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol the contribution of changes in drug disposition

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Cross tolerance between hexo barbital and ethanol in rats induced by forced drinking of intoxicating amounts of ethanol

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Cross tolerance between morphine and cholinergic blocking drugs micro injected into the anterior amygdala

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Cross tolerance between morphine and other analgesics

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Cross tolerance between p methoxyphenylethylamine 3 4 di methoxyphenylethylamine and p bromometh amphetamine

Knoll J.; Vizi E.S., 1970:
Cross tolerance between para bromo methamphetamine v 111 and lysergic acid di ethylamide

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Cross tolerance in the histamine release in the dog by morphine 48 80 and tween 20 p methoxy phenethyl methylamine condensation product with formaldehyde

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Cross tolerance to histamine by the chronic administration of histamine analogues

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Cross tolerance to the anorexigenic effect of d amphetamine 1 amphetamine fenfluramine and desmethylimipramine in rats

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Cross tolerance to tryptamine in the LSD tolerant dog

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Cross transfusion of effluent blood from ischemic liver and intestines

Chatterjee D.K., 1972:
Cross transmission experiments with trypanosoma avium bakeri

Bosova, N.N., 1971:
Cross transplantation of muscles in rats from 1 litter

Logashev A.N., 1973:
Cross urethrography in post traumatic obliteration of the urethra

Vega A., 1971:
Cross validation of 4 minnesota multiphasic personality inventory scales for alcoholism

Watson C.G., 1972:
Cross validation of a wechsler adult intelligence scale sign developed to separate brain damaged from schizophrenic patients

Neuringer C.; Dombrowski P.S.; Goldstein G., 1975:
Cross validation of an minnesota multiphasic personality inventory scale of differential diagnosis of brain damage from schizophrenia

Walsh M.A., 1974:
Cross veins in the leaf of zea mays

Sybeva Z., 1973:
Crossability and some peculiar features of the seeds obtained in crosses of triticum aestivum with triticale 2n equals 42 and secalotricum 2n equals 42

Mikkola L., 1972:
Crossability between picea omorika and picea glauca

Everhart E.R.; Rowe P.R., 1971:
Crossability between solanum stoloniferum d and solanum tuberosum d

Nath P., 1970:
Crossability in melons d

Panayotov I., 1974:
Crossability of common and durum wheat varieties with agropyron glaucum

Kulemina D.V., 1974:
Crossability of ecological geographic groups of alfalfa

Burch J.; Jelenkovic G., 1978:
Crossability of fragaria x ananassa x fragaria moschata and the breeding value of their hybrid derivatives

Herrmann H.; Guenther E., 1972:
Crossability of self compatible lycopersicon peruvianum mutants with lycopersicon esculentum and lycopersicon peruvianum x lycopersicon esculentum hybrids

Belea A., 1970:
Crossability of triticum ispahanicum m and analysis of f 1 hybrids

Radhakrishnan K.P.; Mercy S.T.; George M.K., 1977:
Crossability studies and analysis of incompatibility in 3 species of capsicum

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Crossability test of the genus brassica d spontaneous species in the island of kabushima hachinohe city and some cultivated species

Murphy R.A., 1978:
Crossbridges and contraction in smooth muscle

Taran G.A., 1973:
Crossed and uncrossed afferent inputs of meso cerebral neurons of the mollusk planorbis corneus

Taghavy A., 1974:
Crossed and uncrossed reaction times to simple visual stimuli

Galvez G.S., 1974:
Crossed aphasia conduction aphasia in a right handed patient with a right cerebral infarction

Hecaen H.; Mazars G.; Ramier A.M.; Goldblum M.C.; Merienne L., 1971:
Crossed aphasia in a bilingual right handed person vietnamese french

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Crossed aphasia in a dextral. A case report

Frederiks J.A.M., 1969:
Crossed aphasia in dextral and sinistral patients

Janiak T.; Osinski B., 1971:
Crossed arterial blood circulation in treating acute liver failure

Blakley C.R.; Mcadams M.J.; Vestal M.L., 1978:
Crossed beam liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer combination

Alexander A.G.; Kenny G.E., 1978:
Crossed charge shift immuno electrophoresis for antigenic analysis of mycoplasmic membranes

Grunert V.; Sunder Plassmann M., 1973:
Crossed cranial nerve anastomosis for re innervation of muscles supplied by the facial nerve

Lavergne E.D., 1975:
Crossed delayed hyper sensitivity reactions between tubercle bacilli and atypical mycobacteria immunologic problems

Geha A.S., 1976:
Crossed double internal mammary to coronary artery grafts indications techniques and results

Dworin, J.W., 1969:
Crossed ectopia of a solitary kidney

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Crossed fused ectopia of the kidneys in twins

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Crossed fused renal ectopia presenting with blunt trauma

Malek, R.S.; Utz, D.C., 1970:
Crossed, fused, renal ectopia with an ectopic ureterocele

Wadstrom T., 1977:
Crossed immuno electro focusing for standardization and characterization of fungal antigens

Hertz J.B.; Hoiby N.; Andersen V., 1977:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis analysis of bordetella pertussis antigens and of corresponding antibodies in human sera

Grubb A.O., 1974:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis and electro immunoassay of immuno globulin g

Grubb A.O., 1974:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis and electro immunoassay of immuno globulin m

Hoff G.E., 1977:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis in the study of meningococcal antigens and their role in protective immunity

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Crossed immuno electrophoresis of alpha 1 anti trypsin using thin layer iso electro focusing in poly acrylamide as the 1st dimension

Bernstein C.W.; Cullen R.F., 1973:
Crossed immuno electrophoresis on unconcentrated cerebro spinal fluid

Vestergaard B.F.; Norrild B., 1979:
Crossed immuno electrophoretic analysis and viral neutralizing activity of 5 mono specific anti sera against 5 different herpes simplex virus glyco proteins

Holmberg K.; Nord C E.; Wadstroem T., 1975:
Crossed immuno electrophoretic analysis of precipitins to actinomyces israelii in actinomycosis

Lowenstein H.; Marsh D.G., 1978:
Crossed immuno electrophoretic analysis of ragweed pollen allergens

Vestergaard B.F., 1973:
Crossed immuno electrophoretic characterization of herpesvirus hominis type 1 and type 2 antigens

Arnon R., 1976:
Crossed immuno electrophoretic studies on immuno globulins and antibodies in blood and secretions of chicken immunized parenterally and locally with newcastle disease virus and bovine serum albumin

Hanfstaengl E., 1969:
Crossed kirschners wires for fractures of the lower leg

Takeuchi Y., 1975:
Crossed lateral and uncrossed anterior cortico spinal tracts in the albino rat

Hjorth Simonsen A.; Zimmer J., 1975:
Crossed pathways from the entorhinal area to the fascia dentata part 1 normal in rabbits

Zimmer J.; Hjorth Simonsen A., 1975:
Crossed pathways from the entorhinal area to the fascia dentata part 2 provokable in rats

Drucker-Colin, R.R., 1973:
Crossed perfusion of a sleep inducing brain tissue substance in conscious cats

Fabio U.; Provvisionato C.A.; Olivo R., 1971:
Crossed protection tests with the rh strain of toxoplasma gondii and the filterable virus associated with it

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Crossed reflex actions of group I muscle afferents

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Crossed renal ectopia

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Crossed renal ectopia and abdominal aortic aneurysm

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Crossed renal ectopia angiographic findings in 6 cases

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Crossed renal ectopia associated with chromosomal abnormality

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Crossed renal ectopia: clinical and radiological findings in 22 cases

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Crossed renal ectopia reports of 2 cases 1 with abnormal renal pelvic peristalsis

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Crossed renal ectopia with colic. A clinical clue to embryogenesis

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Crossed renal ectopia with familial occurrence

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Crossed renal ectopia without fusion. A rare congenital renal anomaly

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Crossed renal ectopia without fusion associated with carcinoma of the renal pelvis a case report

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Crossed renal transposition

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Crossed responses of lateral vestibular neurons to macular labyrinthine stimulation

Williams, W.J.; Rutledge, L.T., 1969:
Crossed segmental inhibition in muscles

Valette G.; Jacquot C.; Heimburger M., 1971:
Crossed tachyphylaxis ephedrine amphetamine and their own metabolites

N.N.Bosova, 1971:
Crossed transplantation of whole muscles in rats of the same litter

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Crossed uncrossed representation of the visual field by sluggish concentric and nonconcentrically organized cat retinal ganglion cells

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Crossed vibration responses in man

Laufe L.E., 1969:
Crossed vs divergent obstetric forceps a comparative study of the forces of compression and traction

Scarsi J.C.; Geymonat D.; Granizo T.; J., 1969:
Crosses between british and limousin cattle for meat production

Ortegon A.S.; Robles S.R., 1975:
Crosses of the wild and cultivated sunflower for transfer of pest resistant genes

Penrose R.L., 1974:
Crossidius humeralis quadrivittatus new subspecies from texas usa with a re description of the species coleoptera cerambycidae

Buschinger A., 1972:
Crossing 2 social parasitic ant species doronomyrmex pacis and leptothorax kutteri hymenoptera formicidae

Nasca S., 1971:
Crossing a continent

Taran G.A., 1973:
Crossing and noncrossing afferent inputs to the meso cerebral neurons of the mollusk planorbis corneus

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Crossing atrio ventricular valves clinical study of 8 cases

Bienfang D.C., 1975:
Crossing axons in the 3rd nerve nucleus

Dumas R.; Lhoste P., 1969:
Crossing between local zebu breed and american brahman breed in adamawa cameroon

Kaschiri M., 1974:
Crossing experiments between wheats of the emmer series and aegilops forms of the sitopsis group together with a cyto genetic analysis of tri ploid a em b em b sit hybrids part 1 a contribution towards the phylogeny of wheat

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Crossing experiments in laminaria saccharina from helgoland west germany and from the isle of man

Luening K.; Chapman A.R.O.; Mann K.H., 1977:
Crossing experiments in the nondigitate complex of laminaria from both sides of the atlantic

Naito T.; Koura M.; Iwanaga S., 1978:
Crossing experiments with shigella sonnei showing same colicin types and colicin type sensitivity tests

Lobchenko V.V., 1969:
Crossing mongrel carp of moldavia with ukrainian and kursk carp and with amur wild carp

Georgiev I.; Walkanov G.; Zanov T., 1972:
Crossing of bulgarian white pig with pietrain boars

Juchault P.; Legrand J J., 1972:
Crossing of experimental neo males in armadillium vulgare crustacea isopoda oniscoidea evidence of a heterogametic female

Mueller H., 1970:
Crossing of hyphessobrycon callistus serpae and hyphessobrycon callistus minor

Anon, 1970:
Crossing of mortality curves

Ladygina N.M., 1975:
Crossing of potato stem nematode ditylenchus destructor with nematodes ditylenchus dipsaci from parsley and parsnip

Gregg T.G., 1978:
Crossing over and nondisjunction in interspecific hybrids between drosophila hydei and drosophila neohydei

Ritossa F.; Scalenghe F.; D.T.ri N.; D.T.ri V., 1975:
Crossing over between x and y during ribosomal dna magnification in drosophila mitotic or meiotic events

Somaroo B.H.; Grant W.F., 1972:
Crossing relationships between synthetic lotus d amphi di ploids and lotus corniculatus d

Alam M.T.; Vickery R.K.Jr, 1973:
Crossing relationships in the mimulus glabratus hetero ploid complex

Boonpragob K., 1972:
Crossing within the genus celtis ulmaceae

Leclercq J., 1971:
Crossocerus toledensis new species and other crabronians from the iberian peninsula hymenoptera sphecidae

Lamid, S.; Jenkins, R.B., 1975:
Crossover clinical trial of benapryzine and trihexyphenidyl in Parkinsonian patients

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Crossover designs involving 2 treatments

Vergani, C., 1971:
Crossover electrophoresis for the rapid detection of serum hepatitis (Australia) antigen and antibody

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Crossover experiments between the species schistosoma bovis and schistosoma mansoni

Brief D.K.; Brener B.J.; Alpert J.; Parsonnet V., 1975:
Crossover femoro femoral grafts followed up 5 years or more an analysis

Ichihara K.; Abiko Y., 1977:
Crossover plot analysis of glycolytic intermediates in canine ischemic myo cardium after coronary artery ligation

Kidder G.W.IIi, 1978:
Crossover points in gastric hydrogen ion secretion an osmotic artifact

Maguire M.P., 1973:
Crossover site establishment at synaptic initiation or after synaptic completion

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Crossover studies of levels of bacampicillin vs ampicillin and cephalothin vs cephapirin in human blood and interstitial fluid

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Crossover study of ethrane and halothane in volunteers

Cloarec M., 1978:
Crossover study of the efficacy of clofibrate and benfluorex in diet unresponsive types iv and iib hyper lipidemia

Perkins J.R.; Judd S.L.; Lowy C.; Quine K.H.; West T.E.T., 1976:
Crossover study of the metabolic effects of chlorpropamide and glibenclamide therapy in diabetes mellitus not controlled by diet

Walter U.; Cordes U.; Philipp T.; Distler A., 1977:
Crossover study on indications for therapy and hypotensive activity of beta receptor blocking agent atenolol and diuretic combination triamterene hydro chlorothiazide

Gabriel K.L., 1971:
Crossover theorem applied to a toxicologic study of tri fluoromonobromo methane epinephrine interaction

West T.E.T.; Gray S.; Iles C.; Judd S.L.; Quine K.H.; Lowy C., 1976:
Crossover trial of low carbohydrate diet and high carbohydrate diet in diabetes effects on glucose tolerance and insulin secretion

Glooschenko V., 1969:
Crossroads for everglades national park

Marx J.H.; Seldin J.P., 1973:
Crossroads of crisis part 1 therapeutic sources and quasi therapeutic function of post industrial communes

Davis H., 1975:
Crossroads on the pathways to discovery

Singh J.; Dhar K.L.; Atal C.K., 1969:
Crot epoxide an anti tumor principle from piper hookeri d stems

Lyford C.L.; Moeller D.D., 1974:
Crotalaria induced hepatic veno occlusive disease diagnosed in the usa

Polhill R.M., 1974:
Crotalaria laburnifolia ssp australis fabaceae

Kay J.M., 1970:
Crotalaria spectabilis d pulmonary hypertension

Thomazini L.I.; Arens K., 1971:
Crotalaria vespertilio d mycorrhizas and bacteroid nodules

Anonymous, 1975:
Crotalus adamanteus phospho lipase a 2 alpha ec 3114 subunit structure amine terminal sequence and homology with other phospho lipases

Smith L.W., 1972:
Crotanecine ester alkaloids of crotalaria agatiflora

Czugler M.; Kalman A., 1975:
Crotocol a sesqui terpenoid alcohol

Leandri J., 1973:
Croton bemarivensis new species from eastern madagascar malagasy republic

Shukla G.S.; Upadhyaya V.K., 1972:
Croton bonplandianum a new host record for the red cotton bug dysdercus koenigii in india

Verma A.K.; Froscio M.; Murray A.W., 1976:
Croton oil induced and benzo a pyrene induced changes in cyclic amp and cyclic gmp phospho di esterase activities in mouse epidermis

Leandri J., 1972:
Croton species new to western madagascar euphorbiaceae

Williams J.C.; Haymond M.W.; Hillman R.E., 1977:
Crotonase deficiency demonstration of a defect in beta oxidation in man

Maitra S.K.; Kumar S., 1973:
Crotonyl coenzyme a reductase activity of fatty acid synthetase and its significance

Sutherland D.H.; Cooper L., 1977:
Crouch gait in spastic diplegia

Cramblett H.G., 1971:
Croup acute laryngo tracheo bronchitis epiglottitis laryngitis

Holdaway, M.D., 1977:
Croup and epiglottitis: diagnosis and action

Cramblett H.G., 1977:
Croup epiglottitis laryngitis laryngo tracheo bronchitis

Schneider D.G., 1974:
Crow harasses kestrel

Johnsingh A.J.T., 1975:
Crow pheasant and finch larks

Follen D.G.Sr, 1971:
Crow robs sparrow hawk

Guyetant R., 1973:
Crowd effect in the tadpoles of alytes obstetricans variations in weight and structure of the liver

Avitabile A., 1969:
Crowded bee tree

Cox C.R., 1975:
Crowding and aggression in the elephant seal mirounga angustirostris

Braioni G.M.; Parise A., 1972:
Crowding and dynamics of tisbe populations copepoda harpacticoida

Halvorsen O.; Andersen K., 1973:
Crowding and increased survival in diphyllobothrium dendriticum cestoda pseudophyllidea

Lavelle, C.L., 1970:
Crowding and spacing within the human dental arch of different racial groups

Craig J.V.; Polley C.R., 1976:
Crowding cockerels in cages effects on weight gain mortality and subsequent fertility

Tsaltas, G.K., 1970:
Crowding. Etiology and treatment

Smith D.S., 1970:
Crowding in grasshoppers part 1 effect of crowding within 1 generation on melanoplus sanguinipes

Smith D.S., 1972:
Crowding in grasshoppers part 2 continuing effects of crowding on subsequent generations of melanoplus sanguinipes orthoptera acrididae

D'Atri, D.A.; Ostfeld, A.M., 1975:
Crowding: its effects on the elevation of blood pressure in a prison setting

Popovic M., 1973:
Crown and crown parts of forest trees

Berkenkamp B.; Folkins L.; Meeres J., 1972:
Crown and root rot of birdsfoot trefoil d in alberta

Ashton P.S., 1978:
Crown characteristics of tropical trees

Alexander R.R., 1971:
Crown competition factor for engelmann spruce g in the central rocky mountains

Kail R.M.; Kolp B.J., 1971:
Crown depth development of winter barley m cultivars grown at 4 temperatures

Voegtle F.; Jansen B., 1976:
Crown ethers of epinephrine dopamine and apo morphine

Vishnyakov Y.E., 1976:
Crown formation in siberian fir in artificial plantings

Krupka L., 1978:
Crown gall and arabidopsis thaliana a preliminary result

Maier J.T.Jr, 1971:
Crown gall and growth substances in datura meteloides d and datura stramonium d

Moore L.W.; Tingey D., 1975:
Crown gall disease severity relative to infection site plant age and growth temperature

Lippincott B.B., 1978:
Crown gall initiation by mixtures of 2 avirulent bacteria

Kerr A., 1969:
Crown gall of stone fruit i isolation of agrobacterium tumefaciens and related species peach d almond d plum d agrobacterium radiobacter

Keane P.J.; Kerr A.; New P.B., 1970 :
Crown gall of stone fruit part 2 identification and nomenclature of agrobacterium isolates

E.K.alifa M.D.; E.N.r E.E.; Lippincott B.B.; Lippincott J.A., 1973:
Crown gall on castor bean leaves part 2 formation of secondary tumors

E.K.alifa M.D.; Yousif A.M., 1974:
Crown gall on castor bean leaves part 3 some quantitative aspects of secondary tumor initiation

E.K.alifa M.D.; Siddig M.A.M., 1974:
Crown gall on castor bean leaves part 4 induction of tyrosinase activity

E.N.r E.E.; E.K.alifa M.D., 1975:
Crown gall on castor bean leaves part 5 effect of light and chlorophyll content on tumor initiation

Krsnik Rasol M., 1974:
Crown gall tumors on bean leaves induced by agrobacterium tumefaciens l 1 4 and b 6

Nester E., 1977:
Crown gall tumors stable incorporation of plasmid dna into a eukaryotic genome

Engelhard A.W., 1974:
Crown rot and wilt of babys breath incited by phytophthora parasitica

Subirats F.J.; Self R.L., 1974:
Crown rot of azaleas caused by pestalotia spp

Severn C.B., 1978:
Crown rump length the forgotten measurement

Fleischmann G., 1971:
Crown rust of oats m in canada in 1970

Honer T.G., 1971:
Crown shape in open grown and forest grown balsam fir g and black spruce g

Brown R.H., 1974:
Crown shape of permanent lower central and lateral incisors in mongolism

Robinson R.G., 1969:
Crownvetch d coronilla varia d seed production

Cope W.A., 1969:
Crownvetch d new forage crop

Schramm A., 1971:
Crows and jackdaws as winter guests in the hannover area and their sleeping quarters in the eilenriede forest

Powell R.W., 1974:
Crows and pigeons learn not to peck under negative auto maintenance

Lee L., 1969:
Crows in new mexico usa raven crop pest control

Kuroda N., 1972:
Crows in tokyo a continuous observation

Kumerloeve H., 1969:
Crows starlings stilts and grazing cattle

Blanchard R.O., 1972:
Crozier formation in sporormia australis

Martz E.; Benacerraf B., 1974:
Crucial events in target cell lysis by sensitized mouse thymus derived lymphocytes a killer cell independent temperature sensitive step

Grood, E.S.; Noyes, F.R., 1976:
Cruciate ligament prosthesis: strength, creep, and fatigue properties

Hamilton G.F.; Nelson A.W., 1971:
Cruciate ligament replacement in cattle

Brodie H.J., 1971:
Crucibulum cyathiforme a new species of birds nest fungus from colombia

Brodie H.J., 1970:
Crucibulum parvulum new species a very small new birds nest fungus from northwestern north america

Fursa N.S.; Litvinenko V.I.; Meshcheryakov A.A., 1971:
Cruciferae biologically active substances

Marais W., 1969:
Cruciferae d a new combination in silicularia d

Fromentin H., 1974:
Crude antigen of trypanosoma brucei gambiense its protective power against 2 heterologous strains

Mazur, D.P., 1972:
Crude death rates in the U.S.S.R.: Comment on Grandstaff's remarks

Mccullough M.E.; Sisk L.R.; Smart W.W.G., 1969:
Crude fiber content of cows ration important to milk production butter fat content wheat m corn m silage

Trowell H., 1972:
Crude fiber dietary fiber and athero sclerosis

Antongiovanni M.; Nucci G., 1970:
Crude fiber in feedstuffs uncertainty of determination by means of the eender method and new analytical techniques suggested

Stadnicki S.W.; Schaeppi U.; Rosenkrantz H.; Braude M.C., 1974:
Crude marihuana extract electro encephalographic and behavioral effects of chronic oral administration in rhesus monkeys

Bergstein P.; Garg N.; Geisbuhler T.; Vestal J.R., 1978:
Crude oil bio degradation in arctic tundra ponds

Cerniglia C.E.; Perry J.J., 1972:
Crude oil degradation by microbes isolated from marine environments

Atlas R.M., 1978:
Crude oil degradation in the arctic changes in bacterial populations and oil composition during 1 year exposure in a model system

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Crude oil ingestion impairs osmo regulatory and nutrient transport in herring gulls

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Crude plasma concentrate and its application in cirrhosis of the liver

Johnson J.R.; Nichols J.T., 1969:
Crude protein content of 11 grasses m as affected by yearly variation legume d association and fertilization medicago sativa d

Orwig T.L.; Clark J.L., 1974:
Crude protein levels in cattle finishing rations

Manriquez M.; Mourino C.; Fraga F., 1978 :
Cruise galicia iv basic data 1

Fraga F.; Estrauda M.; Mourino C., 1978:
Cruise galicia iv basic data 2

Renaud Mornant J., 1970:
Cruise of the oceanographic vessel jean charcot december 3 8 1968 part 8 meio benthos part 2 tardigrada

Pilpel N., 1971:
Crumb formation

Manap Bin Ahmad A.; Hayes A.J., 1971:
Crumenula sororia associated with cankering and dieback of corsican pine g

Groves J.W., 1969:
Crumenulopsis a new name to replace crumenula crumenulopsis pinicola new combination crumenulopsis sororia new combination

Veron J P., 1971:
Cruoric cerebral embolisms

Stickney P.F., 1972:
Crupina vulgaris d compositae d cynareae d new to idaho and north america

Greiff J.; Hansen B.A.; Bergman F., 1974:
Crural fractures in children

Kliszowski H., 1969:
Crural hernias in the child

Annamalai, A.; Shreekumar, S., 1969:
Crural hypertension in abdominal aortic coarctation

Lee K.W.; Kim C.W., 1978:
Crural ulcer after accidental application of 5 fluoro uracil cream

Hopf B.; Krebs A., 1974:
Crural ulcer as a rare manifestation of sarcoidosis

Heredia Tovias J.; D.D.lmases Gose R.; Cots Parcerisa R., 1972:
Cruralgia by narrowing of the spinal canal

Johnson J.G.; Reso A.; Stephens M., 1970:
Crurithyris subfissa new name for crurithyris fissa

Edge J., 1971:
Crush fractures of the spine

Ray N., 1971:
Crush injury of the chest

Ruban G.E., 1973:
Crush syndrome in cranial cerebral trauma

Kjelgaard W.L.; Washko J.B.; Ashcroft D.A., 1969:
Crushers and crimpers give fastest hay drying for sorghum m sudan grass m

Takesita I., 1969:
Crushing attached barnacles by the shock wave produced by an under water electric spark

Carlisle D.B.; Connick R.O., 1973:
Crust ecdysone 20 hydroxy ecdysone site of storage in the crayfish orconectes propinquus

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Crust puffed solonchaks in the floodplain of the vakhsh river and their water salt regime

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Crustacea amphipoda

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Crustacea amphipoda from graham land and the scotia arc collected by operation tabarin and the falkland islands dependencies survey 1944 1959

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Crustacea and other arthropods

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Crustacea associated with shallow water diadematid echinoids in the western pacific

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Crustacea decapoda brachyura and macroura collected by the undaunted in the south of angola description of scyllarus subarctus new species

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Crustacea decapoda larvae part 6 caridea families palaemonidae and processidae

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Crustacea of the laptev sea

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Crustacea pelagic adults order decapoda families penaeidae and sergestidae

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Crustacea plankton studies in the soroksar tributary of the danube hungary danubialia hungarica 65

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Crustacean abdominal and thoracic muscle receptor organs

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Crustacean aquaculture

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Crustacean axon electric and metabolic characteristics compared

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Crustacean axon recent studies

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Crustacean central nervous system factors influencing water movement through gills and intestine

Rao K.R., 1974:
Crustacean color changes induced by drug hormone interactions

Gore R.H.; Scotto L.E.; Becker L.J., 1976:
Crustacean community stability on sabellariid worm reefs in florida

Clarac F., 1976:
Crustacean cuticular stress detectors

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Crustacean decapods from upper cretaceous of lebanon in the collection of natural history museum of milan

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Crustacean fauna of the municipal park pond ambala city india

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Crustacean larval behavior as an indicator of sublethal effects of an insect juvenile hormone mimic

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Crustacean plankton communities in 45 lakes in the experimental lakes area northwestern ontario

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Crustacean plankton communities of the matamek river system ontario canada and their variation with predation

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Crustacean plankton of gatineau park quebec canada

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Crustacean populations and sampling techniques in 4 mountain lakes of idaho

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Crustacean remains from the lower pliocene fresh water deposits of the eichkogel near moedling lower austria

Hamilton R.J.; Raie M.Y.; Weatherston I.; Brooks C.J.; Borthwick J.H., 1975:
Crustacean surface waxes part 1 the hydro carbons from the surface of ligia oceanica

Czaika S.C., 1974:
Crustacean zoo plankton of southwestern lake ontario in 1972 during the international field year for the great lakes

Czaika S.C., 1978:
Crustacean zoo plankton of southwestern lake ontario usa in spring 1973 and at the niagara river and genesee river mouth areas in 1972 and spring 1973

Mohr J.L.; Leung Y M., 1975:
Crustaceans and their ciliates dwelling on cetaceans

Gramann F.; Mutterlose J., 1975:
Crustaceans found in the paleogene at the sarstedt lehrte salt dome decapoda eocene oligocene lower saxony the northwest german tertiary basin part 17

Massuti M., 1970:
Crustaceans of commercial interest from the gulf of cadiz to the gulf of guinea

Sukhenko G.Y.; Polishchuk V.V., 1969:
Crustaceans parasitic to fish in the plankton of estuaries in the danube region

Hertel H., 1974:
Crustaceous lichens from venezuela

Steneck R.S., 1977:
Crustose coralline limpet interaction in the gulf of maine usa

Akioka H.; Masaki T., 1977:
Crustose corallines in northern hokkaido japan

Barkhalov S.O., 1970:
Crustose lichens from talysh azerbaidzhan new to the ussr

Koelbel R.; Bergmann G.; Rauschenbach N.; Rohlmann A., 1978:
Crutch walking with hip mechanics

Kocak N., 1972:
Cruveilhier baumgarten disease

Warton A., 1971:
Cruzine the cancer antibiotic produced by trypanosoma cruzi protozoan

Latheef M.A.; Seshadri A.R., 1972:
Cruznema brevicaudatum new species nematoda rhabditidae and indiana coimbatoriensis new species nematoda pulchrocephalidae from the mole cricket gryllotalpa africana from india

Vuorenkoski L.; Vuorenkoski V.; Anttolainen I., 1973 :
Cry analysis in congenital hypo thyroidism an aid to diagnosis and clinical evaluation

Massengill R.Jr, 1969:
Cry characteristics in anom cleft palate neonates human

Greiff D.; Strong D.M.; Seifert P., 1971:
Cry tolerance of selected sites on the surfaces of membranes of cells part 2 a b and h combining sites of human erythrocytes

Norris, D., 1971:
Crying and laughing in imbeciles

Bernal J., 1972:
Crying during the 1st 10 days of life and maternal responses

Davis, D.; Lamberti, J.; Ajans, Z.A., 1969:
Crying in depression

Andreou A.; Keh E.; Vidyasagar D., 1976:
Crying vital capacity in infants on assisted ventilation a prognostic indicator

Chiswick M.L.; Westcott S.; Milner R.D.G., 1974:
Crying vital capacity in the new born

Preobrazhenskii N.A.; Grig M.G.; Bakanova D.Ya; Bezchinskaya M.Ya, 1977:
Cryo action in hypertrophic pharyngitis and its effect on micro flora of the pharyngeal mucosa

Siegel S.R.; Hadeed A., 1978:
Cryo activation and acid activation of an inactive renin in the new born infant

Siegel S.R.; Hadeed A.; Macphee R., 1978:
Cryo activation of an inactive renin in the new born infant

Lijnen P.J.; Amery A.K., 1978:
Cryo activation of renin in human plasma

Monakhova V.V., 1970:
Cryo application as a method of forestalling relapses of pterygium

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