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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 26383

Chapter 26383 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Delic, V.; Pigac, J.; Sermonti, G., 1969:
Detection and study of cosynthesis of tetracycline antibiotics by an agar method streptomyces rimosus streptomyces aureofaciens bacillus subtilis

Spivak, M.Ya; Kishko, Y.H.; Samoilenko, V.I.; Hvozdyak, R.I., 1973:
Detection and study of morphology in bacterio phages of the pseudomonas pisi poly lysogenic culture

Moskovets, S.M.; Sivers, N.O.; Shelud, K.Y.M., 1970:
Detection and study of potato x virus strains in the ukraine

Fabiani, G., 1976:
Detection and surveillance of hospital infections use of indicators of infectious hospitalism

Smith, E.M.; Gerba, C.P.; Melnick, J.L., 1977:
Detection and survival of enteroviruses in marine sediments

Von Jeney, D.B.resjeno N.L.T.R.M.; Potgieter, D.J.J.; Vermeulen, N.M.J., 1974:
Detection and thin layer chromatography of sesqui terpene lactones from geigeria spp

Genetet, B., 1969:
Detection and titration of irregular antibodies by the inst auto analyzer

Koziel, M.; Hari, V.; Siegel, A., 1977:
Detection and translation of tobacco etch virus specific rna in infected tissue

Benzing, G.; Spitzer, R.E.; Bove, K.E.; Schreiber, J.T.; Helmsworth, J.A., 1972:
Detection and treatment of canine cardiac rejection

Alderman, M.H.; Schoenbaum, E.E., 1975:
Detection and treatment of hypertension at the work site

Tibblin, G.; Bengtsson, C., 1969:
Detection and treatment of hypertension in a community

Beghin, D., 1971:
Detection and treatment of trachoma in an algerian primary school population

Kates, J., 1973:
Detection and utilization of poly adenylic acid sequences in messenger rna

Dubnk, B.; Towne, C.A.; Bush, M.T., 1969:
Detection, assay and rate of excretion of mecloqualone in animals and man

Dausset, J., 1976:
Detection by 3 cellular immunology techniques of the antigenic determinants of the antigenic b cell system ly li expressed on human b lymphocytes

L.M.ster; H.E.K.adem; G.V.ss, 1969:
Detection by circular dichroism of inversions in sugar osazone derivatives

Stelos, P.; Finn, D.; Steele, G.Jr; Sonis, S.; Wilson, R.E., 1978:
Detection by differential refractometry of a low molecular weight protein associated with 19s immuno globulin

Perrin Fayolle, M.; Kofman, J.; Cassan, G.; Brun, J., 1971:
Detection by exertion tests of the initial stages of pulmonary arterial hypertension in chronic bronchitics functional and hemodynamic study

Fair, B.D.; Saito, H.; Ratnoff, O.D.; Rippon, W.B., 1977:
Detection by fluorescence of structural changes accompanying the activation of Hageman factor (factor XII)

Collombel, C.; Kissin, C.; Cotte, J., 1970:
Detection by fluorometric techniques of phenyl ketonuria and galactosemia

Harvey, D.J.; Johnson, D.B.; Horning, M.G., 1972:
Detection by gas phase analytical methods of derivatives of barbiturate epoxides

Blair, P.B., 1969:
Detection by immuno diffusion of mouse mammary tumor virus carcino in milk samples and correlation with neopl tumor development

Smart, C., 1969:
Detection by immuno fluorescence of antibodies specific for human neopl malignant melanoma cells guinea pig kidney

Herlant, M.; Dessy, C., 1974:
Detection by immuno fluorescence of lipotropin producing cells in hypophysis in pigs

Wirahadiredja, R.M.S.; Anakotta, J.; Osterhaus, A.D.M.E., 1978:
Detection by immuno fluorescence of transmissible gastroenteritis viral antigen in pigs using cat anti feline infectious peritonitis virus conjugate

Mougeot, G.; Golvan Y J.; Delattre, P., 1978:
Detection by micro blood samplings and immuno fluorescence test of schistosomiasis in rats for epidemiological investigations

Adam, M.M.; Lanyi, B.; Petras, G., 1975:
Detection by passive hem agglutination of pseudomonas aeruginosa antibodies in patients sera

Shen W C.; Van Vunakis, H., 1976:
Detection by radio immunoassay of nucleotide analogs in tissues of rabbits injected with nicotine and cotinine

Adamcová, B., 1970:
Detection by the fluorescent antibody technique of Uukuniemi virus in cell cultures and mouse brain sections

Mester, L., 1974:
Detection by the formazyl reaction and effect on hemostasis of free aldehyde functions of fibrinogen oxidized by per iodic acid

Sukhorukov, B.I.; Kozlova, L.A., 1970:
Detection by the method of para magnetic probe of new spectral transformations in the system dna water with change in temperature

Nuhn, P.; Schilling, E., 1973:
Detection by thin layer chromatography of fluorine in some fluorine containing carbohydrates

Molot, P.M.; Nourrisseau, J.G., 1973:
Detection by trapping of phytophthora in the soil

Ovtracht, L.; Thiery J P., 1972:
Detection by ultrastructural cytochemistry of physiologically different compartments in a single golgi apparatus

Ramboiu, S., 1969:
Detection by urinary tests of radioactive contamination with iodine 131 in professionally exposed subjects

Harris, J.U.; Klingman, J.D., 1972:
Detection, determination, and metabolism in vitro of gangliosides in mammalian sympathetic ganglia

Coriell, L.L., 1973:
Detection elimination and prevention of bacteria and fungi in tissue cultures

Revesz, G.; Kundel, H.L.; Graber, M., 1974:
Detection errors and structured noise in radiology

Lee, Y.T., 1970:
Detection for lung cancer: present methods and their worths

Ibe, S.; Silverman, G.J., 1969:
Detection growth potential and survival of mycoplasma in foods abstract mycoplasma pneumonii mycoplasma preston mycoplasma strain jm skim milk egg melange supplemented pplo broth beef cubes temperature

Badger, M.R.; Andrews, T.J.; Osmond, C.B., 1975:
Detection in c 3 c 4 and crassulacean acid metabolizing plant leaves of a low michaelis constant carbon di oxide form of ribulose di phosphate carboxylase having high ribulose di phosphate oxygenase activity at physiological ph

Frank, A.S.; Gilkey, R.H.; Robinson, D.E., 1978:
Detection in di otic and dich otic conditions using repeatable samples of noise

Kazakova, V.N.; Sukhin, G.M.; Vyadro, M.M., 1976:
Detection in human blood serum of 2 types of antibodies lysing sheep erythrocytes

Shanmugam, D.; Smirnova, S.E.; Chumakov, M.P., 1973:
Detection in india of antibodies to the crimean hemorrhagic fever congo virus in human and domestic animal blood serum

Boonpucknavig, S.; Benchachai, P.; Boonpucknavig, V.; Bhamarapravati, N., 1973:
Detection in organs of infected mice by means of immuno fluorescence

Tisserand Jochem E M.; Eyquem, A.; Peignoux, J.; Calmettes, C., 1976:
Detection in the serum of patients treated by salmon calcitonin of anti calcitonin antibodies by indirect immuno fluorescence on sections of eel ultimobranchial membrane

Bulatova, T.I.; Chulkova, I.F.; Anisimova, L.I.; Kazdobina, I.S., 1973:
Detection in the ussr of clostridium botulinum type f and its differential diagnosis with type e

Gautier, A.; Fakan, J., 1974:
Detection in thin layers of dna and poly saccharides using an osmium amine complex

Dechavanne, M.; Lagarde, M.; Arnaud Ph; Thouverez J P.; Creyssel, R.; Viala J J., 1974:
Detection in vitro of anti platelet antibodies during idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura by measurement of platelet carbon 14 serotonin release

Rocklin, R.E.; Zuckerman, J.; Alpert, E.; David, J.R., 1972:
Detection in vitro of maternal hyper sensitivity to the conceptus

Boerner, U.; Roe, R.L.; Becker, C.E., 1974:
Detection, isolation and characterization of normorphine and norcodeine as morphine metabolites in man

Nomoto, S.; Hasegawa, N., 1978:
Detection limits and reproducibilities of electro thermal atomic absorption spectrometry of nickel with various instruments and various pre treatments of biological samples

Holman, B.L.; Lesch, M.; Zweiman, F.; Temte, J.; Dewanjee, M.K.; Lown, B.; Gorlin, R., 1974:
Detection localization and sizing of acute myo cardial infarcts with technetium 99m tetracycline

Morre, J.; Janin Caufment, F., 1972:
Detection method of pasteurization of frozen eggs by irradiation

Furuhata, H., 1975:
Detection method of vessel motion by continuous ultrasound

Favero, M.S.; Bond, W.W.; Petersen, N.J.; Berquist, K.R.; Maynard, J.E., 1974:
Detection methods for study of the stability of hepatitis B antigen on surfaces

Beck, G., 1974:
Detection methods for the picosecond range

Horst, R.K., 1978:
Detection methods for viruses and related pathogens

Roberts, B.A.; Patterson, D.S.P., 1975:
Detection of 12 myco toxins in mixed animal feedstuffs using a novel membrane cleanup procedure

Traub, A.; Geiger, H., 1975:
Detection of 2 5 7 3 4 penta hydroxy flavanone 5 glucoside in the seeds of galega officinalis fabaceae

Solomonova, V.G.; Turpaev, T.N., 1978:
Detection of 2 fractions of the choline receptor in extracts from the gray matter of the rat brain

Lockwood, S.H.; Uzgiris, E.E.; Kaplan, J.H., 1978:
Detection of 2 human thymus derived cell sub populations based on differences in electrophoretic mobility and rosette forming affinity

Shinohara, N.; Sachs, D.H., 1978:
Detection of 2 independent ia like antigens determined by genes linked to rat major histo compatibility complex

Celma, M.L.; Ehrenfeld, E., 1975:
Detection of 2 initiation sites utilized during translation of poliovirus rna in vitro

Handin, R.I.; Mcdonough, M., 1977:
Detection of 2 molecular forms of platelet factor 4 in human plasma

Simon, M.M.; Rolink, T.; Eichmann, K., 1978:
Detection of 2 new allotype ig 1 linked minor histo compatibility loci by the use of h 2 restricted cyto toxic lymphocytes in congenic mice

Warner, C.; Schumaker, V., 1970:
Detection of 2 species of antibody molecules with the same specificity

Delpech, B.; Saillant, C., 1971:
Detection of 2 specific antigens in human brain

Killian, G.J.; Amann, R.P., 1974:
Detection of 3 alpha hydroxy 5 beta steroid dehydrogenase 3 beta hydroxy 5 beta steroid dehydrogenase and 17 beta hydroxy 5 beta steroid dehydrogenase in epididymal spermatozoa of holstein bulls

Jaffe, W.G.; Bruecher, O.; Palozzo, A., 1972:
Detection of 4 types of specific phyto hem agglutinins in different lines of beans d phaseolus vulgaris d

Hsu, L.Y.F.; Kerr, J.; Hirschhorn, K., 1972:
Detection of 45 x mosaicism

Anisimova, N.I.; Gabrilovich, I.M.; Soshina, N.V.; Cherenkevich, S.N., 1969:
Detection of 5 hydroxy methyl cytosine in the dna of the phage of klebsiella k 1 2

Bur'yanov Y.I.; Eroshina, N.V.; Vagabova, L.M.; Il'in A.V., 1972:
Detection of 6 methylamino purine in dna of pollen of higher plants

Mendzhul, M.I.; Lysenko, T.H.; Bobrovnyk, S.P.; Spivak, M.Ya, 1973:
Detection of a 1 virus of the blue green alga anabaena variabilis in the kremenchug artificial reservoir

Natvig, J.B.; Froland, S.S., 1976 :
Detection of a 3rd lymphocyte like cell type by rosette formation with erythrocytes sensitized by various anti rh antibodies

Kay, E.; Weber, J., 1975:
Detection of a 4 observation i channel task

Ungar, G.; Burzynski, S.R., 1972:
Detection of a behavior inducing peptide scotophobin in brain by ultra micro analytical method

Debell, R.M.; Joseph, S.W., 1976:
Detection of a beta lactamase activity in vibrio parahaemolyticus

Cornefert-Jensen, F.; Stock, N.D.; Marshak, R.R., 1970:
Detection of a bovine virus associated with syncytial formation in mixed cell cultures

Foerster, E.; Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde K H.; Holldorf, A.W., 1973:
Detection of a characteristic protein fraction in the serum of patients with crohns disease by poly acrylamide electrophoresis

Bach J F.; Dardenne, M.; Bach M A., 1973:
Detection of a circulating thymic hormone using thymus derived rosette forming cells

Szturm Rubinsten, S.; Piechaud, M., 1969:
Detection of a colicin common to 3 sero types of shigella boydii 1 3 and 8

Irlin, I.S.; Il'in K.V.; Bykovskii, A.F.; Miller, G.G.; Volkova, M.Ya; Lozinskii, T.F.; Bektemirov, T.A.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1974:
Detection of a common antigen in oncornavirus type b isolated from spontaneous tumor of monkey mammary gland mason pfizer monkey virus and continuous cultures of human normal and tumor tissues

Kronman, B.S.; Localio, S.A., 1970:
Detection of a common antigen in primary and metastatic adeno carcinomas of the adult human colon

Lesogor, L.V.; Chistovich, L.A., 1978:
Detection of a consonant in a combination of 2 samples and interpretation of the stimulus as a sequence of elements

Avrutina, A.Ya; Kislyuk, S.M., 1978:
Detection of a critical period in the development of the pituitary adrenal system in post embryonic ontogenesis of chickens

Kingdon, H.S.; Rausch, P.G., 1978:
Detection of a factor ix activator in polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Failly, C.; Uriel, J., 1972:
Detection of a feto specific aryl esterase in the mouse encephalon

Fieldsteel, A.H., 1974:
Detection of a few viable mycobacterium leprae in an inoculum of 10 million dead mycobacterium leprae by inoculation into foot pads of neo natally thymectomized rats

Herbich, J., 1969:
Detection of a gene p o in the system of the erythrocyte acid phosphate

Glynn, A.A.; Ison, C., 1978:
Detection of a gonococcal antibody by the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay method

Salaman, M.H.; Wedderburn, N.; Festenstein, H.; Huber, B., 1973:
Detection of a graft vs host reaction between mice compatible at the h 2 locus

Solomon, A.; M.L.ughlin C.L., 1973:
Detection of a hidden antigenic site localized to the constant region of kappa light chains

Berg, K.; Stavem, P.; Molne, K., 1972:
Detection of a human leukemia associated antigen in normal amniotic fluid

Bartholomew, E.M.; Bartholomew, W.R.; Knowles, B., 1970:
Detection of a human species specific esterase iso enzyme in hybrid cells

R.C.A.S.ngers; P.L.L.em; C.J.rusalem, 1970:
Detection of a hypothetical plasmodial toxin with antigenic properties

Loverre, A.; Cicchetti, R., 1977:
Detection of a lethal autosomic recessive gene causing the death of males in drosophila melanogaster

Koettgen, E.; Prellwitz, W.; Gerok, W., 1978:
Detection of a more sialylated fetal enzyme variant of gamma glutamyl transferase in the serum of patients with liver diseases and during azathioprine therapy a new diagnostic parameter

Romanova, L.K.; Boikov, A.K., 1974:
Detection of a muco poly saccharide component of supra plasmalemma covering of cells of the alveolar lining of rat lungs

Kadin, M.E.; Garratty, E.; Scalapino, J., 1977:
Detection of a new bone marrow derived cell membrane antigen in hodgkins disease and non hodgkins lymphomas

Kulaev, I.S.; Bobyk, M.A., 1971:
Detection of a new enzyme in neurospora crassa 1 3 di phospho glycerate poly phosphate phospho transferase

Koeves, E.; Sirokman, F., 1973:
Detection of a new metabolite of iaa from the roots of bean seedling

Probst, H., 1971:
Detection of a new methylated albumin kieselguhr fraction of newly synthesized dna from mammalian cells

Reed, R.E., 1978:
Detection of a new protein component in canine plasma after transfer factor administration correlation with delayed type skin reactivity

Farrell, T.J.; Frankfater, A., 1975:
Detection of a new sulfhydryl dependent protease in bovine spleen and rat tissues

Viemeister, N.F., 1974:
Detection of a noise signal the effects of duration and masker level

Rapport, M.M., 1974:
Detection of a novel lipid hapten cyto lipin s in rat spleen

Cross, R.L.; Cross, B.A.; Wang, J.H., 1970:
Detection of a phosphorylated intermediate in mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation

Kipyatkov, V.E., 1972:
Detection of a photoperiodic reaction in ants of the genus myrmica hymenoptera formicidae

Renson, F., 1970:
Detection of a porphyrin in a culture of the ra type strain of serratia marcescens in a synthetic medium

Marchal, J.G., 1970:
Detection of a porphyrin in the culture of bacillus mesentericus niger in the presence of edta

Stevens, P.; Van Dyke, K., 1971:
Detection of a possible major source of cyclic 3 5 amp the adrenal medulla

Trowers, N.; Camino, T.; Beatty, B.; Dorvill, E.; Jackson, F.; Torres, E.; Brimmage, M., 1975:
Detection of a salmonella outbreak through the use of analytab products incorporated numerical biotypes

Holtz, R.B.; Swenson, P.; Abel, M.; Walter, T.A., 1971:
Detection of a sebacate contaminant from chloroform

Brade, V.; Hall, R.E.; Colten, H.R., 1977:
Detection of a single chain precursor molecule of complement c 3

Teuber, M.; Cerny, G., 1973:
Detection of a single metal independent amino peptidase activity ec 3.4.1 in polymyxin extracts from escherichia coli strain b

Stanton, G.J.; D.S.J.or S.C.; Charsha, D.E., 1971:
Detection of a small to large plaque mutation of western encephalitis virus

Smith, J.W.; Pinkel, D.; Dabrowski, S., 1969:
Detection of a small virus in a cultivated human Wilms' tumor

V.S.Rukosuev, 1973:
Detection of a specific antigen of amyloid fibrils in mice

Voigtmann, R.; Hirschmann, W.D.; Gerecke, D.; Kaulen, H.D.; Gross, R., 1978:
Detection of a specific immune response against leukemia associated antigens in patients with acute myeloid leukemia in complete remission by means of the leukocyte adherence inhibition test

Leibowitz, A.I.; Vladutiu, A.O.; Nolan, J.P., 1978:
Detection of a specific marker endo toxin in the blood of rats by a solid phase radio immunoassay

Karcher Djuricic, V., 1971:
Detection of a specific role of the adamantal epithelium in odonto blast differentiation and maintenance

Bermann K C.; Jaster, D., 1970:
Detection of a synovia typical protein in cases of rheumatoid arthritis

Martin, B.; Lacombe, G.; Nguyen Van Thiem; Ozon, R., 1972:
Detection of a testosterone binding protein in the serum of an amphibian separation of the testosterone binding protein and the sex steroid binding protein by affinity chromatography

Bhuvaneswaran, C.; Wadkins, C.L., 1977:
Detection of a tightly bound arsenic containing component in rat liver mitochondria conditions for its formation and dissociation

Patterson, R.D., 1976:
Detection of a tone in an asymmetric notched noise

Webster, W.P.; Reisner, H.M.; Mcclanahan, S.B.; Griggs, T.R., 1977:
Detection of a unique plasma protein in von willebrand disease swine a precursor protein

McLean, G.K.; Friedman, A.K., 1978:
Detection of a venous collateral pathway by mammography: superior vena caval syndrome

Diuĭsalieva, R.G.; Zubanova, N.A.; Amchenkova, A.M.; Marchenko, V.I., 1974:
Detection of a viral interferon inducer in animal cells

Olson, R.E., 1974:
Detection of a warfarin binding protein in ribosomes from sprague dawley and warfarin resistant rats

Banwell, J.H., 1971:
Detection of abnormal de conjugation of bile salts in mal absorption syndrome

Gerlings, E.D.; Bowers, D.L.; Rol, G.A., 1972:
Detection of abnormal ventricular activation in a coronary care unit

Teichholz, L.E.; Cohen, M.V.; Sonnenblick, E.H.; Gorlin, R., 1973:
Detection of abnormalities of left ventricular wall motion by b scan ultrasonography

Harvey, W.C.; Silva, J., 1974:
Detection of abscesses with chromium 51 labeled leukocytes

Muantongchin, M.; Becker, S.R.; Taylor, W.J.R., 1970:
Detection of abuse potential drugs in urine

Koehler, K.M.; Haskell, B.E., 1975:
Detection of acetohydroxy acid synthetase and isomero reductase activities in rat tissue extracts

Kamalyan, G.V.; Gasparyan, M.G.; Vartanyan, G.G.; Babina, E.Y., 1971:
Detection of acetyl derivative of ethanolamine in an organism

Kayne, M.S.; Kallenbach, N.R., 1976:
Detection of acid induced conformational change in transfer rna by nmr

Hourdry, J., 1974:
Detection of acid phosphatase activity in animal cells and problems in the localization of such activity

Hofstetter, H., 1971:
Detection of acid poly saccharides with acriflavine and phosphorus wolframic acid

Eggermont, J.J., 1977:
Detection of acoustic neurinoma on basis of brain stem electrical responses

Orstavik, K.H.; Nilsson, I.M., 1977:
Detection of acquired inhibitors of factor ix with precipitating rabbit anti sera against factor ix

Tateyama, S.; Nosaka, D.; Ashizawa, H., 1977:
Detection of actin filament like and myosin filament like filaments in the myo epithelial cell of the mouse lactating mammary gland

Andreeva, O.S.; Kiselev, V.I.; Korzhov, L.N., 1970:
Detection of actinium aerosols in air in the presence of other radioactive substances

Kano, S.; Bloom, B.R., 1973:
Detection of activated nondividing thymus derived cells by the virus plaque assay

Muacevic, G.; Tilov, T., 1977:
Detection of active substances from aerosols in the animal respiration tract

Yuzaki, T., 1975:
Detection of active tobacco mosaic virus in insects

Amemiya, R.; Sasadaira, S.; Koide, T.; Baba, K.; Shimosato, Y., 1974:
Detection of acto myosin in normal and neoplastic cells of salivary gland and respiratory tract by immuno fluorescence technique

Nordlander, R.; Lindberg, K.; Lundin, A.; Nyquist, O.; Styrelius, I., 1978:
Detection of acute myo cardial infarction by a new sensitive and rapid method for determination of creatine kinase a subunit activity

Morch, J.; Mclaughlin, P.; Coates, G.; Wood, D., 1974:
Detection of acute myo cardial infarction by technetium 99m poly phosphate myo cardial imaging

Parkey, R.W.; Bonte, F.J.; Meyer, S.L.; Willerson, J.T.; Atkins, J.M.; Curry, G.C., 1974:
Detection of acute myo cardial infarction in humans using technetium 99m stannous pyro phosphate

Jacobstein, J.G.; Combes, J.R.; Post, M.R.; Neistadt, L.D.; Alonso, D.R.; Kline, S.A.; Horner, W.H.; Mannion, J.D., 1977:
Detection of acute myo cardial infarction with technetium 99m gluco heptonate within 5 hours after admission to the coronary care unit

Curry, R.C.Jr; Tonkin, A.K.; Freeman, M.H.; Moulder, P.V.; Pepine, C.J.; Conti, C.R., 1975:
Detection of acute peri operative myo cardial damage by technetium 99m pyro phosphate scanning

Quinlan, J.; Loberg, M.; Ollodart, R.; Cooper, M., 1975:
Detection of acute rejection in kidney transplants using radio iodinated autologous fibrinogen

Sumaya, C.V.; Williams, T.E., 1977:
Detection of acute serum antibodies to a new jersey 76 influenza virus after removal of immuno globulin g with cowan i staphylococcus aureus

Herd, J.K.; Tschida, J., 1975:
Detection of acyl esterase activity on electrophoresis membranes and separation from hyaluronidase

Bancroft, W.H.; Mundon, F.K.; Russell, P.K., 1972:
Detection of additional antigenic determinants of hepatitis B antigen

Gleizer, Y.Y.; Yanenko, E.K.; Kalinin, A.P., 1977:
Detection of adenoma of the parathyroid glands in recurring coralloid renal calculi by scintigraphy

Murata, Y.; Aikawa, H.; Aikawa, T., 1972:
Detection of adenosine di aminase in sea shells by electrophoresis

Harmon, M.W.; Drake, S.; Kasel, J.A., 1978:
Detection of adenovirus by enzyme immunoassay

Rodionova, M.A.; Kholodenko, N.Ya; Makarov, A.D., 1976:
Detection of adenylate kinases ec differing in sensitivity to ph in pea leaves

Potievskii, E.G., 1973 :
Detection of adiaspiro mycosis in cricetid rodents in the central amur river basin

Ramade, F.; L.Hermite, P., 1971:
Detection of adrenergic neurons in the central nervous system of calliphora erythrocephala and musca domestica using fluorescent microscopy

Lifshitz, A.; Stepak, Y., 1971:
Detection of adulteration of fruit juice part 1 characterization of israel lemon d juice

Alberola, J.; Primo, E., 1969:
Detection of adulterations in citrus d juices 13 identification of amino acids in orange d juices and in commercial citric acids and sucroses sugarcane m beet d inst gas liquid chromatography

Yufera, E.P.; Iranzo, J.R., 1969:
Detection of adulterations in citrus juices part 14 mineral composition of the serum from lemon d juices of spanish varieties

Sheremet, V.P., 1975:
Detection of aedes vexans nipponi new record diptera culicidae in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Previte, J.J., 1972:
Detection of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria with carbon 14 glucose

Kloeckl, T.J.; Rouf, M.A., 1977:
Detection of aeromonas in fecal smears by the direct fluorescent antibody technique

Muacevic, G.; Tilov, T., 1975:
Detection of aerosols in the respiratory tract

Zung, W.W.K.; Green, R.L.Jr, 1973:
Detection of affective disorders in the aged

L.F J., 1975:
Detection of afla toxin b 1 and its metabolites from the urine of hepatoma cases

Johnson, G.T.; White, J.P., 1974:
Detection of afla toxin producing aspergilli in contaminated cottonseed

Gabuda, S.P.; Rzhavin, A.F., 1976:
Detection of age changes in the molecular structure of collagen

Stogova, A.G.; Semiotrochev, V.L.; Zheglova, D.V., 1970:
Detection of agglutinins and bacterio lysins in the blood serum of patients with el tor vibrio cholera and vibrio carriers

Konietzko, N.; Schlehe, K.H.; Gerke, E.; Adam, W.; Matthys, H., 1973:
Detection of airway closure with the aid of a modified xenon 133 bolus technique

Holmgren, J., 1973:
Detection of albumin immuno globulin g complexes in gamma globulin preparations

Alha, A.R.; Tamminen, V., 1971:
Detection of alcohol in aviation and other fatalities in Finland

Musil, M.; Gallo, J.; Blaskovicova, H., 1972:
Detection of alfalfa mosaic virus and elimination of inhibitors in alfalfa sap when transferred to french bean

Thiery, G., 1974:
Detection of alkaline phosphatases in animal cells by the barium technique

Walkowiak, R., 1972:
Detection of alkaloids and quantitative determination of codeine phosphate in pine syrup

Oosterlee, C.C.; Bouw, J., 1970 :
Detection of alleles in chicken strains and hybrids

Stolp, W.; Weitzel, H.; Kessler, M.; Reichstein, H.; Schneider, J., 1973:
Detection of alpha 1 feto proteins and placental proteins in gynecological patients with tumors

Von Figura, K.; Mersmann, G.; Kresse, H., 1973:
Detection of alpha d glucuronidase in human urine

Engel Gardt, N.V.; Shipova, L.Y.; Gusev, A.I.; Yazova, A.K.; Ter Grigorova, E.N., 1969:
Detection of alpha f globulin in liver sections from human embryos and new born mice by means of fluorescent antibodies

Kithier, K.; Cejka, J.; A.S.rraf M.; Vaitkevicius, V.K., 1972:
Detection of alpha feto protein by radioactive single radial immuno diffusion method

Peyrol, S.; Grimaud, J.A.; Chayvialle, J.A.; Pierson, Y., 1976:
Detection of alpha feto protein in human fetal liver using the immuno enzymatic technique in electron microscopy

Mizejewski, G.J., 1973:
Detection of alpha feto protein in transplantable mouse hepatomas of spontaneous origin

Orlans, E.; Feinstein, A., 1971:
Detection of alpha kappa and lambda chains in mammalian immuno globulins using fowl anti sera to human immuno globulin

Mori, A.; Katayama, Y.; Matsumoto, M.; Takeuchi, H., 1975:
Detection of alpha pyrrolidone in bovine brain

Gilles, R.; Dubois, D.; Lemarchal, A.; Vacheron, A., 1972:
Detection of alterations of the starr edwards valve by phono mechanograms part 2

Hasegawa, K., 1970:
Detection of aluminum corroding bacteria

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Detection of amino acid anomalies by simple thin layer chromatography screening test

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Detection of amino acid n formylase activity in human blood cells

Jerome, H., 1972:
Detection of amino acidopathies column chromatography of the amino acids using a specimen on paper

Mukhin, L.M.; Kalinichenko, V.I., 1974:
Detection of amino acids in regions of active volcanism

Mitchell, S.C.; Waring, R.H., 1978:
Detection of amino phenols aromatic amines and related compounds on thin layer plates

Itihara, Y., 1970:
Detection of amino sugars from cenozoic sediments of japan

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Detection of amoebae in the cerebro spinal fluid from a patient with an acute meningo encephalitis

Felgenhauer, K.; Pak, S.J., 1973:
Detection of Ampholine patterns

Bracey, A., 1973:
Detection of ampicillin contamination in nitrofurantoin preparations by high pressure liquid chromatography

Gaginskaya, E.R.; Gruzova, M.N., 1975:
Detection of amplified ribosomal dna in ovarian cells of some insects and birds by nucleic acid hybridization in situ

Van, D.Vyver, G., 1971:
Detection of an aggregation factor in the fresh water sponge ephydatia fluviatilis

Klapp, F.; Poeplau, P.; Hertel, P.; Baldauf, G.; Braun, J.S., 1974:
Detection of an antibiotic substance in chronic osteo myelitis by gas chromatography

Mann, D.L.; Rogentine, G.N.; Halterman, R.; Leventhal, B., 1971:
Detection of an antigen associated with acute leukemia

Golosova, T.V.; From, A.A.; Margolina, A.N.; Burlev, V.A.; Nikitenko, A.A., 1972:
Detection of an australia antigen and of antibodies against it in blood donors and hematological patients as a means of early diagnosis of hepatitis virus infection and prophylaxis of its transmission passage

Cox, F.R.; Dimopoullos, G.T., 1971:
Detection of an auto antibody erythrocyte complex during anaplasmosis

Friedmann, G.B.; Beer, G.A.; Anderson, R.C., 1975:
Detection of an in vivo total hip joint failure by routine radiography

Eisenberg, R.C.; Phibbs, P.V.Jr, 1978:
Detection of an inducible mannitol binding protein in pseudomonas aeruginosa

Chambaz, E.; Defaye, G.; Hadjian, A.; Martin, P.; Ramasseul, R.; Rassat, A., 1971:
Detection of an interaction between a steroid nitroxide and a protein by epr

Odom, R.D.; Coon, R.C.; Guzman, R.D., 1970 :
Detection of an invariant among irrelevant dimensions of different salience value

Oberle, L.K.; Fukuyama, K.; Greenspan, J.S., 1977:
Detection of an oral epithelial antigenic protein

Vercruysse, A.; Lambrecht, M.; Timperman, J., 1975:
Detection of an over dose of pyrithyldione and its distribution in a pregnant woman

Scholtissek, C., 1971:
Detection of an unstable RNA in chick fibroblasts after reduction of the UTP pool by glucosamine

McGarrity, G.J.; Coriell, L.L., 1973:
Detection of anaerobic mycoplasmas in cell cultures

Thorpe, C.W., 1971:
Detection of animal fats in vegetable fats and oils by gas liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography

Gukasyan, L.A.; Kadyrova, K.V.; Kostyukova, N.N., 1975:
Detection of anti bacterial type specific antibodies during diphtherial infection in the passive hem agglutination reaction

Kohler, R.B.; Wheat, L.J.; White, A., 1977:
Detection of anti candida albicans immuno globulin g antibodies in human sera by solid phase radio immunoassay and comparison with agar gel diffusion

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Detection of anti dna antibodies by electro syneresis

Biundo, J.; Salvaggio, J.; Lopez, M.; Kohler, P.F., 1973:
Detection of anti dna antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus by counter immuno electrophoresis

Somerfield, S.D., 1978:
Detection of anti dna antibody using human metaphase chromosome preparations

Mahieu, P.; Lambert, P.H.; Maghuin Rogister, G., 1973:
Detection of anti glomerular basement membrane antibodies by radio immunoassay primary structure of glyco peptide antigenic site isolated from kidney basement membranes

Kawai, T.; Arquembourg, P.; Salvaggio, J.; Marsh, D., 1972:
Detection of anti house dust precipitins in man

Niedieck, B., 1978:
Detection of anti lecithin antibodies by means of precipitation with micelles containing phosphoryl choline lipids

Kaplan, M.M., 1973:
Detection of anti mitochondrial antibody by micro titer complement fixation

Gangoo, A.R.; Kaplan, M.H.; Chase, M.W., 1978:
Detection of anti mycobacterial antibodies in patients with tuberculosis using whole unheated culture filtrates

Boxer, L.A.; Chang, B.W.; Stossel, T.P., 1975:
Detection of anti neutrophil antibodies in drug induced neutropenias and other disorders by the metabolic response of human leukocytes to sensitized polymorphonuclear neutrophils

Morton, J.I., 1972:
Detection of anti nuclear antibodies in new zealand black and other mouse strains

Gelfand, M.C.; Friedman, E.A.; Knepshield, J.H.; Karpatkin, S., 1974:
Detection of anti platelet antibody in patients with renal cortical necrosis

Herzog, F., 1977:
Detection of anti rubella anti herpes zoster and anti chickenpox antibodies and the preparation of special and specific antibodies

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Detection of anti spermatozoal antibodies in plasma using a coombs anti globulin test

Peto, I., 1977:
Detection of anti thrombin iii complexes in hyper coagulable and hyper fibrinolytic states

Eto, T.; Suzuki, H., 1971:
Detection of anti thyroid antibody by fluoro electrosyneresis

Avrameas, S., 1976:
Detection of anti tri nitro phenol antibody forming cells with tri nitro phenol enzyme and tri nitro phenol fab anti enzyme conjugates

Stage, D.E.; Avrameas, S., 1975:
Detection of anti tri nitro phenol antibody forming cells with tri nitro phenol enzyme and tri nitro phenol fab anti enzyme conjugates comparison of antibody forming cells with plaque forming cells

Graindorge, P.; Mahieu, P., 1976:
Detection of anti tubular basement membrane antibodies by a radio immunological technique

Kitamura, H., 1972:
Detection of anti tumor substance in human urine

Kitamura, H., 1971:
Detection of anti tumor substances in human urine

Allen, L.B.; Sidwell, R.W., 1972:
Detection of anti viral materials by target organ treatment of neurotropic virus diseases

Frenzel, B.; Kaaden, O.R.; Mussgay, M., 1978 :
Detection of antibodies against bovine leukemia virus and its structural proteins p 15 p 24 and glyco protein gp 69

Decary, F.; Butel, D.L.R.vere A.; Oostenhof, F.; Borne, A.E.G.K.V.D.; Engelfriet, C.P., 1976:
Detection of antibodies against platelets using fast flow through scatter fluorescent cyto photometry

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Detection of antibodies against proteins and of protein antigens by the use of protein bacterio phage conjugates

Yunasova, T.N.; Kulish, E.A.; Kaptsova, T.I.; Nikonova, V.A., 1974:
Detection of antibodies for mumps virus by the hem agglutination inhibition test by macro method and micro method

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Detection of antibodies in brucellosis in reactions with erythrocytic diagnostic preparations

Khundanova, L.L., 1969:
Detection of antibodies in chemical carcinogenesis

Khundanova, L.L., 1969:
Detection of antibodies in chemical carcinogenesis rat di methyl amino azo benzol carcino

Uchino, H.; Fujimura, K., 1973:
Detection of antibodies in malignant anemia

Samuel, T.; Kolk, A.H.J.; Rumke, P., 1977:
Detection of antibodies reacting with human and salmon protamines in sera of infertile men by means of the micro complement fixation test

Gillis, T.P.; Thompson, J.J., 1978:
Detection of antibodies to actinomyces viscosus by a quantitative fluoro immunoassay

Drăgănescu, N.; Iftimovici, R.; Muţiu, A.; Gîrjabu, E.; Iacobescu, V.; Lăpuşneanu, C.; Ignătescu, B.; Manolescu, G., 1978:
Detection of antibodies to alphaviruses and flaviviruses in some migratory birds of the Danube Delta

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Detection of antibodies to double stranded dna in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Detection of antibodies to epstein barr virus d early antigen by passive hem agglutination

Nishimura, T., 1977:
Detection of antibodies to native dna by radio immunoassay part 1 comparison of methods

Rothfield, N.F., 1976:
Detection of antibodies to nuclear antigens by immuno fluorescence

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Detection of antibodies to rabies virus by immuno electron microscopy

Lobanov, A.V.; Barban, P.S.; Misenzhnikov, A.V., 1978:
Detection of antibodies to rickettsia prowazekii by means of the antigen neutralization test

Prozorovskaya, K.N.; Basova, N.N., 1970:
Detection of antibodies to staphylococcus toxin with the aid of passive hem agglutinaion reaction with a stable erythrocytic diagnostic agent

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Detection of antibodies to t antigens of various origin in the sera of monkeys with rous sarcoma and monkeys infected with type 12 adenovirus

Vladimirova, L.B.; Zatsepin, N.I.; Lysenko, N.I., 1975:
Detection of antibodies to the tumor antigen in individuals with acute respiratory diseases

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Detection of antibodies to tissue antigens of different origin in sera of rhesus monkeys with rous sarcoma and monkeys infected with adenovirus type 12

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Detection of antibodies to transplantation antigens by platelet aggregometry

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Detection of antibodies to tumor associated antigens in patients with hyper nephroma

Mccammon, J.R.; Yohn, D.S., 1971:
Detection of antibodies to virus induced tumor antigens by an indirect paired radio iodine labeled antibody technique

Fakhri, O.; Hobbs, J.R., 1972:
Detection of antibodies which can cooperate with lymphocytes

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Detection of antibody and antigen in aleutian disease virus infected mink with the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Reda, I.; Wittmann, G.; Skoda, R., 1974:
Detection of antibody forming cells by means of local hemolysis in gel in mice and pigs after immunization with infectious or inactivated foot and mouth disease virus

Kassin, L.F.; Pevnitskii, L.A., 1969:
Detection of antibody forming cells in turtle spleen with a modified method of local hemolysis in gel testudo horsfieldii sheep erythrocyte

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Detection of antibody in lymphocytic chorio meningitis virus persistent tolerant infected mice abstract inst immuno fluorescent antibody maternal transfer

Flemmings, B.; Snodgrass, R.; Diggs, C.; Baron, L., 1974:
Detection of antibody mediated cyto toxicity to trypanosoma rhodesiense through inhibition of protein synthesis in vitro

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Detection of antibody monomers, dimers and polymers upon interaction of a homologous series of divalent haptens with its specific antibody

Tallberg, T., 1969:
Detection of antibody or antigen by slide agglutination tests using immunologically coated antibody active protein polymer particles

Evans, D.G.; Weiss, F., 1969:
Detection of antibody producing cells of mice injected with antigens of neisseria meningitidis abstract

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Detection of antibody to arbovirus antigens in avian sera by the complement fixation inhibition test

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Detection of antibody to coronavirus 229 e by indirect hem agglutination

Dhoot, G.K.; Skinner, G.R.B., 1976:
Detection of antibody to herpes simplex virus by potassium leakage

Zaia, J.A.; Oxman, M.N., 1977:
Detection of antibody to varicella zoster virus by immuno fluorescence using mono disperse glutaraldehyde fixed cells

Reyes, F.; Gourdin, M.F.; Lejonc, J.L.; Ton That, H., 1973:
Detection of antigen a on cells of the human erythrocyte line in electron microscopy

Archer, G.T., 1971:
Detection of antigen antibody reaction using eosinophils

Rippon, J.W.; Anderson, D.N., 1978:
Detection of antigen by passive hem agglutination in experimental chronic candidiasis of rabbits treated with phosphamide

Vul'fovich Y.V.; Raskova, T.M.; Kagan, G.Y., 1972:
Detection of antigen of l forms of hemolytic streptococci in tissues of experimentally infected mice by the immuno fluorescence test

Vul'fovich Y.V.; Raskova, T.M.; Kagan, G.Y., 1972:
Detection of antigen of the l form hemolytic streptococcus in tissues of experimentally infected mice with immuno fluorescence

Rosenberg, S.A., 1971:
Detection of antigen receptors on lymphocytes by absorption of specific antigen

Novikov, D.K., 1972:
Detection of antigen sensitized cells in the thymus in vitro

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Detection of antigenic determinants of heavy chain variable region subgroups of human immuno globulins

Thibault, P.M.; Main, R.K.; Kountz, S.L., 1973:
Detection of antigenic differences with the mixed leukocyte reaction and mixed skin cell leukocyte reaction between skin leukocytes and kidney in rats

Werner, J.; Thraenhart, O.; Kuwert, E., 1978:
Detection of antigenic variation in influenza virus neuraminidase by the new rapid modified micro neuraminidase inhibition test and the who standard procedure

Vitkhot, M.Y.; Povolots Kyi, Y.L., 1970:
Detection of antigens of the latent adenoviruses in cultivation of tonsil and adenoid cells

Dmochowski, L., 1971:
Detection of antigens of the mouse mammary tumor and murine leukemia virus in cells of cultures derived from mammary tumors of mice of several strains

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Detection of antigens on the surface of chick fibroblasts

Murphy, G.W.; Kramer, D.H.; DeWeese, J.A., 1970:
Detection of aortic ball variance by a simple radiographic technique. Report of a case

Johnson, S.L.; Baker, D.W.; Lute, R.A., 1973:
Detection of aortic insufficiency by doppler echo cardiography

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Detection of apo atropine in atropine sulfate by thin layer chromatography

Rao, G.H.R.; Gerrard, J.M.; Eaton, J.; White, J.G., 1976:
Detection of arachidonic acid free radical formation an essential step in platelet prostaglandin biosynthesis

Gull, K.; Trinci, A.P.J., 1973:
Detection of areas of wall differentiation in fungi using fluorescent staining

Bhatnagar, J.K.; Puri, R.K., 1970:
Detection of argemone d seeds in mustard d seeds

Barbuti, S., 1969:
Detection of arginine deaminase activity in mycoplasma bacteria and l forms

Fujimoto, Y.; Moriya, H.; Yamaguchi, K.; Moriwaki, C., 1972:
Detection of arginine esterase of various kallikrein ec preparations of gellified electrophoretic media

Bock, R.; Schlueter, G., 1971:
Detection of arginine in the neuro secretory material of the pig by means of the phenanthrenequinone fluorescence method

Williams, C.M., 1969:
Detection of arginino succinic aciduria by inst gas chromatography human urine

Sekawa, I.; Matsunaka, K., 1973:
Detection of aronia wilt virus

Rosenthal, A., 1977:
Detection of arrhythmias in childhood use of treadmill and dynamic electro cardiography

Ramakrishna, N.; O'rourke R.; Ross, J.Jr, 1973:
Detection of arrhythmias in patients with previous myo cardial infarction

Kreisman, K.; Kleiger, R.; Parker, B., 1975:
Detection of arrhythmias in prolapsing mitral valve syndrome

Pourcelot, L.; Planiol, T., 1973:
Detection of arterial circulatory defects by the doppler effect

Maxfield, W.S.; Weiss, T.E.; Tutton, R.H.; Hidalgo, J.U., 1969:
Detection of arthritis by joint scanning

Coulomb, P., 1969:
Detection of aryl sulfatase in lysosome analogous particles of root meristem cells of young gourd d cucurbita pepo d cucurbitaceae d

Molozhanova, L.G., 1970:
Detection of arylam in water and plants

Lutsik, B.D.; Malinovskii, Y.I., 1975:
Detection of aspartate amino transferase isozymes by chromatography and electrophoresis

Hochberg, F.H.; Freedman, A.; Schur, P.H.S.; Kornblith, P., 1976:
Detection of astro cytoma associated antigens

Koenigsberg, M.; Novich, I.; Lory, M.; Freeman, L.M.; Blaufox, M.D., 1974:
Detection of asymmetrical renal perfusion by radio per technetate angiography

Holland, N.H.; Jurichs, R.; Clemons, G., 1969:
Detection of asymptomatic urinary tract infection in girls

Clement, D.L.; Claeys, R.; Pannier, R., 1978:
Detection of athero sclerosis obliterans in the lower limbs

Katocs, A.S.Jr; Schaffer, S.A., 1978:
Detection of athero sclerotic lesions in rabbit aortae by real time ultrasonography

Mettinger, K.L.; Ericson, K.; Larsson, S., 1978:
Detection of athero sclerotic lesions in the carotid arteries using iodine 123 fibrinogen

Perova, E.V.; Golikov, V.I.; Bulatova, T.I.; Il'yashenko B.N., 1975:
Detection of atoxigenic variants in clostridium botulinum cultures types a and b under the effect of various actions

Basurmanova, O.K.; Bocharova Messner, O.M., 1976:
Detection of atpase activity and its changes in ultrastructure of insect muscle

Ellison, R.C., 1973:
Detection of atrial overload in congenital heart disease by the frank scalar atrial vector cardiogram

Mostow, S.R.; Tyrrell, D.A., 1972:
Detection of attenuation of recombinant influenza viruses in vitro

Greenwood, S.M.; Wright, D.J., 1978:
Detection of atypical hyperplasia and endometrial carcinoma by out patient endometrial biopsy

Kojima, M.; Yamada, M.; Usui, H.; Miyagawa, T.; Takahashi, Y., 1972:
Detection of au antigen and antibody by immuno electro syneresis

Melartin, L.; Myllyla, G.; Penttinen, K., 1970:
Detection of australia 1 antigen by immuno diffusion and platelet aggregation tests

Shozo Nakamura, 1972:
Detection of australia antigen and antibody by complement fixation test

Sawae, Y.; Kashimoto, T.; Hisatomi, T.; Takeda, S.; Nishioka, F.; Yamada, I., 1973:
Detection of australia antigen and antibody in patients

Kattamis, C.; Davri Karamouzi, Y.; Syriopoulou, B.; Demetriou, D.; Metaxotou Mavromati, A.; Matsaniotis, N., 1973:
Detection of australia antigen and antibody in transfused patients with thalassemia

Cruceanu, A.; Branescu, L., 1972:
Detection of australia antigen and australia antibodies in human sera by electro immune diffusion

Soulier, J., 1971:
Detection of australia antigen and of the corresponding antibody in blood donors

Arnaud, R.; Maupas, P.; Audurier, A.; Avril, J., 1970:
Detection of australia antigen and the corresponding antibody in a hospital center

Torisu, M.; Yokoyama, T.; Durst, A.L.; Schroter, G.; Putnam, C.W.; Halgrimson, C.G.; Starzl, T.E., 1972:
Detection of australia antigen by biological assay in australia antigen negative kidney homo graft recipients with hepatic dys function

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Detection of australia antigen by immuno radiometric assay and other methods a comparative study

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Detection of australia antigen by radio immunoassay in various liver diseases

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Detection of australia antigen by reaction electrophoresis using various commercial antibodies

Gallart, M.T.; Marti, M.I., 1973:
Detection of australia antigen by the latex hepatitis associated antigen test comparative study with crossed electro immuno diffusion

Sussman, L.N.; Winter, J., 1972:
Detection of Australia antigen (hepatitis associated antigen) in blood serum and plasma

Sussman, L., 1971:
Detection of australia antigen in blood banking a rapid and simple technique

Coyne, V.E.; Blumberg, B.S.; Millman, I., 1971:
Detection of Australia antigen in human tissue culture preparations

Hillis, W.D.; Pattanayak, S.; Arora, D.D., 1970:
Detection of Australia antigen in human viral hepatitis

Nielsen, J.O.; Elling, P., 1970:
Detection of australia antigen in liver biopsies by the use of immuno fluorescent technique

Kane, K.; Asai, K.; Kuroki, A.; Monna, S.; Yamashita, T.; Nakagami, T.; Chusaku, O.; Ekawa, T.; Kinoshita, H., 1972:
Detection of australia antigen in liver diseases

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Detection of australia antigen in patients under hemo dialysis

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Detection of australia antigen in the liver by immuno fluorescence and orcein staining

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Detection of Australia antigen in urine and saliva

Werch, J.; Gray, R.E.; Hersh, T.; Melnick, J.L., 1971:
Detection of Australia antigen in various fractions of frozen blood

Tripatzis, I.; Horst, H.G., 1971:
Detection of australia antigen serum hepatitis antigen in urine

Rosanda, C.; Giuliani, G.; Franchini, M.I.; Tonda, G.P.; Novara, O., 1971:
Detection of australia antigen serum hepatitis carriers in a blood donor population results by immuno diffusion electro syneresis and complement fixation test

Solaas, M.H., 1974:
Detection of australia serum hepatitis antigen in serum a comparison of the electron microscopical agar gel double diffusion and complement fixation tests

Caglar, K., 1971:
Detection of australia serum hepatitis antigen in the patients of viral hepatitis hospitalized in our clinic

Coller, J.A.; Millman, I., 1970:
Detection of australian antigen 1 and anti australia antigen 1 in human serum by radio immuno precipitation with iodide 125 labeled australia antigen 1

Intorp, H.W.; Krupke, H.J.; Losse, H., 1973:
Detection of auto antibodies after organ transplantation

Yul'met'eva D.G., 1972:
Detection of auto antibodies in gastric and duodenal ulcers

Komov, O.P., 1970:
Detection of auto antibodies in the blood serum of patients with psoriasis

Okimoto, H.; Nakagawa, J.; Fukase, M., 1973:
Detection of auto antigens by macrophage migration inhibition factor in systemic lupus erythematosus

Malikoyan, S.A., 1971:
Detection of auto hemo lysin producing cells in the blood of irradiated and immunized animals using a modified version of ernes method

Paltyshev, I.P., 1975:
Detection of auto immune shifts in albino mice as a method of studying the biological properties of shigella sonnei

Ostromow, H., 1972:
Detection of auxiliary traces in migrates from finished high polymer products by determining the functional groups of such auxiliaries

Katz, D.; Kohn, A., 1971:
Detection of avian leukosis viruses in sera of chickens by an in vivo rous sarcoma virus genome rescue test

Trowbridge, C.L.; Nordskog, A.W., 1977:
Detection of b blood group alleles common to different inbred lines

Lin, P.S.D.; Becker, R.P., 1975:
Detection of backscattered electrons with high resolution

Felix, J.E.; Rosen, S.; App, G.R., 1971:
Detection of bacteremia after the use of an oral irrigation device in subjects with periodontitis

Mitruka, B.M.; Jonas, A.M.; Alexander, M., 1969:
Detection of bacteremia in experimental animals by inst gas chromatography abstract mouse blood bacterial metabolites

Hall, M.; Warren, E.; Washington, J.A.II, 1976:
Detection of bacteremia in vented and unvented blood culture bottles

Gutekunst, R.R.; Jaffee, B.; Chappelle, E., 1976:
Detection of bacteria in urine by the firefly luciferase atp assay

Pappas, A.; Obfanos, C.; Scheurlen, P.G.; Bertram, R.; Lennartz, K.J., 1970:
Detection of bacterial allergies in vitro with the lymphocyte transformation test

Thirumoorthi, M.C.; Dajani, A.S., 1977:
Detection of bacterial antigens by staphylococcal co agglutination test

Thirumoorthi, M.C.; Dajani, A.S., 1978:
Detection of bacterial antigens comparison of 3 methods

Someya, K.; Sasaki, Y.; Maeda, T.; O.H.ra H., 1977 :
Detection of bacterial deconjugation of bile salts using a stable isotope carbon 13 labeled compounds fundamental study

Sasaki, Y.; O.H.ra H.; Takahashi, S.; Maeda, T.; Someya, K., 1977:
Detection of bacterial deconjugation of bile salts using carbon 13 breath test

Ashton, F.E.; Wallace, R.; Diena, B.B., 1973:
Detection of bactericidal antibody to neisseria gonorrhoeae by a tissue culture technique

Pierson, B.K.; Howard, H.M., 1972:
Detection of bacterio chlorophyll containing microorganisms by ir fluorescence photo micrography

Bickel, H., 1970:
Detection of bacteriuria

Mohankumar, T.; Chitkara, Y.K.; Joseph, P.S., 1970:
Detection of bacteriuria a comparison of 2 methods

Ellner, P.D.; Podborny, C.M., 1975:
Detection of bacteriuria by bio luminescence

Ryabinskii, V.S., 1970:
Detection of bacteriuria by determining catalase in urine

Shekhtman, M.M.; Ivanov, I.P.; Fuks, M.A.; Kazakova, E.V., 1975:
Detection of bacteriuria during pregnancy

Dodge, W.F.; West, E.F.; Fras, P.A.; Travis, L.B., 1969:
Detection of bacteriuria in children

Lejeune, G.; Camille, C.; Mongeau J G., 1969:
Detection of bacteriuria in children fast and practical method

Rissing, J.P.; Crowder, J.G.; Smith, J.W.; White, A., 1974:
Detection of Bacteroides fragilis infection by precipitin antibody

Ridolfi, R.L.; Hutchins, G.M., 1974:
Detection of ball variance in prosthetic heart valves by liver biopsy

Mizugaki, M.; Suzuki, Y.; Uchiyama, M.; Abe, H., 1971:
Detection of barbiturates and their metabolites by mass spectrometry

Nishimura, B.I.; Tempel, T.R.; Warnick, G.R.; Lilly, G.E., 1973:
Detection of barbiturates in rabbit and human saliva

Lojda, Z.; Fric, P., 1970:
Detection of basic forms of lactate dehydrogenase in situ

Grigor'eva L.V.; Korchak, G.I.; Ponomareva, L.V., 1976:
Detection of bdellovibrios and bacterio phages in coastal sea water

Alha, A.; Lukkari, I., 1969:
Detection of benzodiazepine derivatives in forensic cases

Koontz, S.; Besemer, D.; Mackey, N.; Phillips, R., 1973:
Detection of benzoyl ecgonine (cocaine metabolite) in urine by gas chromatography

Brown, H.H., 1975:
Detection of benzoyl ecgonine metabolite of cocaine in urine drug abuse screening by thin layer chromatography

Matsunami, T.; Mizohata, A.; Mamuro, T., 1974:
Detection of beryllium 7 produced in a nuclear explosion

Nowell, G.H.; Cruse, J.M.; Lewis, R.E.Jr, 1977:
Detection of beta adrenergic receptors on mouse peritoneal macrophages by binding to insolubilized hormone preparation

Zhdanov, Y.A.; Kessler, R.M.; Yakubova, N.R., 1978:
Detection of beta glycosidases in poly acrylamide gel using synthetic naphthol substrates and various diazonium salts

Sangar, V.K.; Strenkoski, L.F.; Baum, J.M., 1978:
Detection of beta hemolytic streptococci utilizing a new selective medium

Pellerin, F.; Letavernier, J.F., 1971:
Detection of beta propriolactone by polarography

Lopes, M.C.; Ramoni, C., 1975:
Detection of Bhanja virus in cell cultures by fluorescent antibody technique

Beschi, B.; Goel, Y.S.; Hirschowitz, B.I., 1972:
Detection of bile salts deconjugation by breath analysis technique

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Detection of binding of complexed immuno globulin by normal murine thymocytes

Narayanan, K.R., 1977:
Detection of biochemical mutants in mice

Maciasr, F.M.; Beattie, J.M., 1970:
Detection of biologic changes in animals exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation

Reagan, C.R.; Harper, J.S.; Kostyo, J.L., 1974:
Detection of biological activity of growth hormone in plasma of rats bearing mttw 15 tumors

Brede, H.D.; Willey, K.D.; Kindermann, R.A.; Finlayson, M.H., 1974:
Detection of biological false positive syphilis serum reactions

Mendzhul, M.I.; Lysenko, T.H.; Bobrovnyk, S.P.; Sahun, T.S.; Nesterova, N.V., 1975:
Detection of blue green algae virus with octahedral type of symmetry

Mateo, A.; Teijeiro, J.; Carreras, J.L.; Garcia, F.; Banzo, J.; Abos, M.D.; Banzo, I., 1978:
Detection of bone metastases with technetium 99m phosphate complexes semiology

Gomez Embuena, A.; Teijeiro Vidal, J.; Chamorro Romero, J.L.; Arnaiz Bueno, F.; Sarabia Garcia, F.; Manrique Legaz, A.J.; Barbadillo, R.; Velasco, G.; Mosquero Gonzalez, J.M.; Ortiz Berrocal, J., 1972:
Detection of bone metastasis of a thyroid carcinoma with technetium 99m using angers camera

Lombard, G.L., 1974:
Detection of botulinal toxin in the feces of patients with botulism

Hartley, R.D., 1976:
Detection of bound ferulic acid in cell walls of the gramineae by uv fluorescence microscopy

Tsai, K.S.; Seefried, A.V., 1978:
Detection of bovine viral diarrhea virus and viral antigens by immunological methods

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Detection of breast cancer by liquid crystal thermography. A preliminary report

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Detection of breast cancer by periodic utilization of methods of physical diagnosis

Hamilton, T.; Loudon, N.B.; Prescott, R.J.; Rankin, M.E., 1976:
Detection of breast disease in a family planning association clinic

Beck, T.W.; Daniels, S.; Paton, W.D.M.; Smith, E.B., 1978:
Detection of bubbles in de compression sickness

Kukain, R.A.; Nagaeva, L.I.; Chapenko, S.V.; Bratsslavskaya, O.I.; Aleksandrova, M.A.; Ustinkova, E.M.; Runtsis, A.Ya; Kudeleva, G.V.; Shitova, T.F.; E.A., 1973:
Detection of c type oncornaviruses in cattle with spontaneous or experimentally induced lympho leukosis

Ueberschaer, S.; Weiland, F.; Dietzschold, B.; Straub, O.C.; Kaaden O R., 1974:
Detection of c type virus particles in cattle with lymphatic leukosis

Dublin, W.B.; Fraser, G.F., 1971:
Detection of calcification in specimens

Makita, T., 1973:
Detection of calcium at the luminal surface of the rat duodenum by dispersive and nondispersive micro x ray analyzers

Mori, M.; Inoue, M.; Seno, S., 1972:
Detection of cancer cells by macrophages

Kanter, S.L.; Hollister, L.E.; Moore, F.; Green, D., 1971:
Detection of cannabinols in the urine of man after oral ingestion of marihuana

Yoshida, K.; Nakamura, A.; Otomo, T.; Iwami, S., 1974:
Detection of capsular antigen production in unencapsulated strains of Staphylococcus aureus

Chatterjee, B.D.; Neogy, K.N., 1972:
Detection of capsule in Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Mekhanik, M.L.; Torchinskii, Y.M., 1972:
Detection of carbanion during decarboxylation of quasi substrates by glutamate decarboxylase

Yamada, H.; Hirobe, M.; Higashiyama, K.; Takahashi, H.; Suzuki, K.T., 1978:
Detection of carbon 13 nitrogen 15 coupled units in adenine derived from doubly labeled hydrogen cyanide or formamide

Tanabe, M.; Suzuki, K.T., 1974:
Detection of carbon carbon bond fission during the biosynthesis of the fungal tri prenyl phenol ascochlorin using 1 2 carbon 13 acetate

Gladon, R.J.; Staby, G.L., 1976:
Detection of carbon mon oxide emanated from plants

Baer, E., 1970:
Detection of carbon phosphorus bonds by proton nmr spectroscopy

Coligan, J.E.; Egan, M.L.; Todd, C.W., 1972:
Detection of carcino embryonic antigen by radio immunoassay

Masuzawa, M.; Kamada, T.; Abe, H.; Sakoyama, Y.; Okubo, S., 1979:
Detection of carcino placental alkaline phosphatase ec by poly acrylamide gradient gel electrophoresis

Korosteleva, T.A.; Skachkov, A.P.; Shvaidetskii, I.I., 1974:
Detection of carcinogen protein antigens in serum of workers in contact with aniline dyes

Snyder, W.; Mitchell, O.G.; Guttenplan, J.B., 1978:
Detection of carcinogens and mutagens in oral fluid

Spodick, D.H.; Dorr, C.A.; Calabrese, B.F., 1969:
Detection of cardiac abnormality by clinical measurement of left ventricular ejection time. A prospective study of 200 unselected patients

Uhrenholdt, A., 1971:
Detection of cardiac right to left shunts by external counting of xenon 133

Laffont, H.; Richard, J.L.; Elgrishi, I., 1975:
Detection of cardio vascular diseases in occupational medicine by a standardized method estimation and comparison of the prevalence of cardio vascular diseases in 2 populations

Hollon, C.F.; Maginn, R.R., 1969:
Detection of carotid air emboli

Rand, E., 1969:
Detection of carotid occlusive disease using radio isotopes ir thermography and doppler ultrasound

Miller, C.H.; Barrow, E.M.; Elston, R.C.; Reisner, H.M.; Graham, J.B., 1975:
Detection of carriers for hemophilia by mail order

Zimmerman, T.S.; Ratnoff, O.D., 1970:
Detection of carriers of classic hemophilia using an immunoassay for anti hemophilic factor factor viii

Sugita, H.; Ebashi, S., 1969:
Detection of carriers of duchenne type progressive muscular dystrophy by rubidium 86

Jesdinsky Buscher, C.; Sutor, A.H.; Niederhoff, H., 1975:
Detection of carriers of hemophilia by hemorrhagometry

Davidson, R.G., 1976:
Detection of carriers of inherited disorders

Bonfante, A.; Danieli, G.A., 1974 :
Detection of carriers of the gene for progressive muscular distrophy of the duchenne type in the vicenza province

Rogolsky, M., 1972:
Detection of caseinolytic and fibrinolytic activities of strains of bhk 21 cells

Olsen, R.G.; Yohn, D.S., 1972:
Detection of cat antibodies toward the mammalian oncornavirus interspecies antigen

Kasaki, M.; Osumi, M., 1977:
Detection of catalase by ultra thin frozen sectioning

Negassi, K.; Closs, O.; Harboe, M., 1977:
Detection of cathodically moving armadillo liver antigens in crossed immuno electrophoresis

Baryshnikov, A.Yu; Radzikhovskaya, R.M.; Morozova, L.F.; Slavina, E.G.; Belyanchikova, N.I.; Vinogradova, Y.E.; Mkheidze, D.M.; Polotskaya, T.M.; Volkova, M.A.; Svet Moldavskii, G.Ya; E.A., 1977:
Detection of cell associated antigen in a blast crisis of chronic myeloid leukemia by the cyto toxic test with xenogeneic antibodies

Mccoy, J.L.; Dean, J.H.; Cannon, G.B.; Maurer, B.A.; Oldham, R.K.; Herberman, R.B., 1976:
Detection of cell mediated immunity against tumor associated antigens of human breast carcinoma by migration inhibition and lymphocyte stimulation assays

Ferebee, R.N.; Olson, G.B.; Griffith, M.M., 1977:
Detection of cell mediated immunity and immuno regulatory substance in the sera of guinea pigs post sensitization with bovine serum albumin

Goldberg, E.H., 1977:
Detection of cell mediated immunity in vitro in female mice that are unable to reject a primary male graft

Chiba, Y.; Morag, A.; Dzierba, J.; Ogra, P.L., 1975:
Detection of cell mediated immunity to mumps virus by an in vitro lymphocyto toxicity assay

Woods, R.D., 1977:
Detection of cell mediated immunity to transmissible gastroenteritis viral antigens by an in vitro leukocyte migration inhibition procedure

Bach, F.H.; Bach, M.L.; Alter, B.J.; Lindahl, K.F.; Schendel, D.J.; Sondel, P.M., 1975:
Detection of cell surface allo antigens

Aden, D.P.; Knowles, B.B., 1975:
Detection of cell surface antigens coded for by the human c 7 chromosome in human mouse somatic cell hybrids

Krauss, S., 1972:
Detection of cell surface changes in human leukemic leukocytes using plant lectins

Czaninski, Y., 1972:
Detection of cells associated with the vessels in the sycamore xylem

Johnson, R.A.; Hoofnagle, J.H.; Gerety, R.J.; Barker, L.F.; Merchant, B., 1974:
Detection of cells producing antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen by an indirect hemolytic plaque assay

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Detection of cells reacting specifically with antigenic determinants by means of chemically modified bacterio phages

Rouquès, R.; Inman, J.K.; Merchant, B., 1972:
Detection of cells secreting antibodies more reactive with an alternate structure than with the immunizing hapten

Chase, E.S.; Shafer, R.H., 1978:
Detection of cellular dna damage and repair using visco elastometry and s 1 nuclease

Striker, G.; Storb, R.; Ouadracci, L.; Kolb, H.; Thomas, E.; Marchioro, T., 1972:
Detection of cellular immunity and serum blocking activity in histo compatible canine marrow chimeras

Churchill, W.H.; Zbar, B.; Belli, J.A.; David, J.R., 1972:
Detection of cellular immunity to tumor antigens of a guinea pig hepatoma by inhibition of macrophage migration

Fritze, D.; Ellinger, K.; Mayer, D.; Kaufmann, M.; Drings, P.; Doehnert, G., 1978:
Detection of cellular immunity with leukocyte adherence inhibition tests in mammary carcinoma of women

Micheletti, G.; Isch Treussard, C.; Micheletti, M.; Buchheit, F.; Kurtz, D.; Weber, M.; Colombier, N.; Mur J M., 1977:
Detection of cerebral tumors value of the electro encephalogram

Bose, A.K.; Patel, B.; Spraggins, R.L., 1974:
Detection of certain seafoods spoilage products

Audet-Lapointe, P., 1971:
Detection of cervical cancer in a women's prison

Audet Lapointe, P., 1969:
Detection of cervical carcinoma in a department store

Miettinen, T.A., 1970:
Detection of changes in human cholesterol metabolism

Calixto Cruz, N.; Molina Galan, J.D.; Hernandez Sierra, A., 1976:
Detection of characters determining grain yield in wheat using selection indices path coefficients and multiple linear regression

Epstein, S.S.; Arnold, E.; Andrea, J.; Bass, W.; Bishop, Y., 1972:
Detection of chemical mutagens by the dominant lethal assay in the mouse

Thompson, C.Z., 1978:
Detection of chemical mutagens using concentration gradient plates observations on results with 414 compounds

Katoh, M.; Shibuya, T.; Tanaka, N.; Murota, T.; Iwahara, S., 1978:
Detection of chemically damaged dna in the germ cells of male mice exposed in vivo to methyl methanesulfonate and mitomycin c

B.J.D.an; K.R.S.nner, 1978:
Detection of chemically induced somatic mutation in tissues of chinese hamsters

Solomon, A., 1978:
Detection of chemo therapeutic associated alterations of mono clonal immuno globulins and poly clonal immuno globulins in multiple myeloma

Bock, C., 1975:
Detection of chicken adulterant in beef sausage

Jenkin, H.M.; Fan, V.S.C., 1977:
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis infections by a radio isotopic enzyme test

Barron, A.L., 1969:
Detection of chlamydial antibody by psittacosis hem agglutinin in gel diffusion abstract human sera

Gupta, J.S.; Neergaard, P., 1970:
Detection of chlamydo spores of protomyces macrosporus in indian seed lots of coriander d

Hurley, N.E., 1975:
Detection of chlorinated dioxins induction of aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase activity in rat hepatoma cell culture

Zingales, I.A., 1969:
Detection of chlorpromazine and thioridazine metabolites in human erythrocytes

Sunderman, F.W., 1970:
Detection of cholin esterase inhibition electrometric measurement of cholin esterase in serum michel method

D.Bois, K.P., 1970:
Detection of cholin esterase inhibition manometric method for measurement of cholin esterase

Mukhamedzhanov, E.K., 1971:
Detection of cholin esterase iso enzymes in blood serum by the poly acrylamide gel disk electrophoresis method

Solomonova, V.G.; Turpaev, T.M.; Nistratova, S.M., 1974:
Detection of cholino receptive protein in the fraction of synaptic membranes of rat brain cortex

Civantos, F., 1971:
Detection of chorionic gonadotrophin in urine of patients with carcinoma

Kamada, N.; Kuramoto, A.; Pant, G.S.; Katsuki, T.; Hinuma, Y.; Morita, M., 1978:
Detection of chromosome aberrations of bone marrow derived lymphocytes from atomic bomb survivors

Stroud, A.N.; Harami, S., 1974:
Detection of chromosome abnormalities by computer analysis of banding patterns

Gladstone, W., 1971:
Detection of chromosome mutations and the use of therapeutic abortions

Jedrychowski, W.; Pach, J.; Zietek, Z., 1970:
Detection of chronic bronchitis by the questionnaire method in mass radio photographic surveys

Hepper, N.G.; Hyatt, R.E.; Fowler, W.S., 1969 :
Detection of chronic obstructive lung disease. An evaluation of the medical history and physical examination

Williams, L.E.; Loken, M.K.; Ponto, R.A.; Kronenberg, R.S., 1978:
Detection of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with functional ventilation images

Kark, R.M., 1969:
Detection of chronic renal disease past present and future

Mitinskaya, L.A.; Parfenova, I.P.; Timoshenko, A.S., 1971:
Detection of chronic tuberculous intoxication in children

Khromov, V.E., 1974:
Detection of circulating and fixed antibodies in the diagnosis of chemical allergy

Markowitz, A.S.; Rapaport, F.T., 1970:
Detection of circulating anti glomerular basement membrane antibodies in humans

Gervazieva, V.B.; Sveranovskaya, V.V., 1973:
Detection of circulating anti myelin antibodies and fixed gamma globulin in pertussis experimental allergic encephalo myelitis

Englund, C.W.; Stevens, R.H.; Cheng, H.F.; Osborne, J.W., 1975:
Detection of circulating antigen in rats with small bowel adeno carcinoma

Aronova, E.R., 1969:
Detection of circulating auto antibodies to formed blood elements in cases of werlhofs disease

Evans, A.; Walder, D.N., 1970:
Detection of circulating bubbles in the intact mammal

Mayumi, T., 1976 :
Detection of circulating carcino embryonic antigen by counter immuno electrophoresis

Davis, G.L.Jr; Davis, J.S.Iv, 1973:
Detection of circulating dna by counter immuno electrophoresis

Gelber, R.H.; Epstein, W.V.; Fasal, P.; Drutz, D.J., 1972:
Detection of circulating immune complex like activity in the sera of patients with erythema nodosum leprosum

Kano, K.; Nishimaki, T.; Loza, U.; Kasukawa, R.; Milgrom, F., 1977:
Detection of circulating immune complexes by inhibition of anti antibody

Border, W.; Abrass, C.; Hall, C.; Brown, C.; Glassock, R.; Coggins, C., 1977:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in adult idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

Burger, D.; Mcdonald, T.L., 1977:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in cats with picornavirus infections

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Detection of circulating immune complexes in glomerulo nephritis

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Detection of circulating immune complexes in pathological human sera

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Detection of circulating immune complexes in patients with graves disease

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Detection of circulating immune complexes in patients with rheumatic diseases and vasculitis

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Detection of circulating immune complexes in patients with various auto immune diseases

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Detection of circulating immune complexes in sera of patients with acute and chronic virus hepatitis using the complement c 1q deviation method

Svehag S E.; Bach, A.; Nielsen, H.; Olholm, P., 1974:
Detection of circulating immune complexes in various patient groups by a complement consumption test

Stühlinger, W.D.; Verroust, P.J.; Morel-Maroger, L., 1976:
Detection of circulating soluble immune complexes in patients with various renal diseases

Egan, M.L.; Engvall, E.; Ruoslahti, E.I.; Todd, C.W., 1977:
Detection of circulating tumor antigens

Isenberg, J.N.; L'heureux P.; Warwick, W.J.; Sharp, H.L., 1974:
Detection of cirrhosis in cystic fibrosis lack of correlation with gamma glutamyl trans peptidase and biliary tract roentgenograms

Grill, L.K.; Semancik, J.S., 1978:
Detection of citrus exocortis viroid complementary rna in infected host tissue

Robinson, C.E., 1973:
Detection of click in noise peak picking or energy detection

Stevens, J.O.; Schanfield, M.S.; Braley, J.F., 1976:
Detection of clinically significant immuno globulin g antibodies by an in vitro human peritoneal macrophage phagocytosis assay

Kautter, D.A.; Lilly, T.Jr, 1970 :
Detection of clostridium botulinum and its toxin in food part 1 detection of clostridium botulinum type e in smoked fish

Avakyan, A.O., 1973:
Detection of clostridium botulinum in the soil by a luminescent serological method

Kautter, D.A.; Lilly, T., 1971:
Detection of Clostridium botulinum type E in smoked fish

Hayes, S.; Craig, J.M.; Pilcher, K.S., 1969:
Detection of clostridium botulinum type e in smoked fish products in the pacific northwest usa abstract salmon sturgeon black cod mouse human health hazard anti toxin assay

Ur, A., 1971:
Detection of clot retraction through changes of the electrical impedance of blood during coagulation

Weiss, A.E., 1972:
Detection of coagulopathies comparison of standard manual and coaglab methods

Kozub, W.R.; Leas, N.; Otto, R.J.; Dutt, C.K., 1975:
Detection of coccidioides immitis antibodies by counter electrophoresis

Menzel, J.; Kojer, M.; Smolen, J.; Steffen, C., 1977:
Detection of collagen anti collagen immune complexes

Kuboki, Y.; Shimokawa, H.; Ono, T.; Sasaki, S., 1973:
Detection of collagen degradation products in bone

Ichiki, A.T.; Quirin, Y.P.; Collmann, I.R., 1977:
Detection of colo rectal tumor associated antigens by leukocyte adherence inhibition

Miller, R.E., 1974 :
Detection of colon carcinoma and barium enema

Greegor, D.H., 1972:
Detection of color rectal cancer using guaiac slides

Avdeeva, T.A.; Rybchinskaya, L.M., 1974:
Detection of common antigenic properties of the pollen of various ambrosia sp by passive sensitization of the monkey ileum bands

T.A.A.deeva; L.M.R.bchinskaya, 1974:
Detection of common antigenic properties of the pollen of various species of ragweed by passive sensitization of strips of monkey ileum

Leong, S.P.L.; Cooperband, S.R.; Deckers, P.J.; Sutherland, C.M.; Fried, R.M.; Krementz, E.T., 1977:
Detection of common human melanoma membrane antigens

Sobel, A.T.; Dechatrette, D.; Lagrue, G., 1976:
Detection of complement c 1q binding substances in sera of patients with glomerulo nephritis

Urvoelgyi, J.; Sadecky, E., 1976:
Detection of complement fixing antibodies against coxiella burnetti in sera of experimentally infected hens

Page, L.A.; Lattimer, G.L., 1978:
Detection of complement fixing antibodies to legionnaires disease agent and chlamydia in animal and human sera

Prior, R.B.; Fass, R.J., 1975:
Detection of complement fixing antibodies using intact cells and sonicated lysates of bacteroides fragilis as antigens

Sontheimer, R.D.; Gilliam, J.N., 1977:
Detection of complement fixing dna antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus by immuno fluorescence

Sasaki, M.; Ima, M.; Suzuki, Y.; Okuro, H.; Ochiai, H.; Takano, K.; Kumaya, K., 1973:
Detection of complement receptor of cultured human blood cells

Yaniv, A.; Gulati, S.C.; Burny, A.; Spiegelman, S., 1973:
Detection of complexes containing 70S RNA and reverse transcriptase in human leukemic plasma

Phillips, R.L., 1971:
Detection of compounds for reducing vegetative growth of citrus d

Bretton, R., 1972:
Detection of concanavalin a by the scanning electron microscope

Weidemann, M.J.; Peskar, B.A.; Staudinger, H.; Fischer, H., 1977:
Detection of concanavalin a induced lymphocyte stimulation by luminol amplified chemi luminescence

Braten, T., 1976:
Detection of concanavalin a sites on the surface of algal gametes and zygotes with the scanning electron microscope

Belyaev, V.I., 1977:
Detection of conduction along efferent spinal tracts by local electro myography after spinal cord injuries in man

Cohn, J.D.; Engler, P.E.; Fries, P.A.; Levy, A.; Davachi, F.; Del Guercio, L.R.M., 1978:
Detection of congenital heart disease by roentgen densitometry

Ajuria, M.L., 1972:
Detection of congenital metabolic disorders

Kimura, S.; Eda, T.; Ikeda, T.; Suzuki, M., 1975:
Detection of conjugative R plasmids in genus Yersinia

Furukawa, T., 1978:
Detection of contractile area within acute ischemic myo cardium experimental study by cine left ventriculography

Hamilton, G.W.; Trobaugh, G.B.; Ritchie, J.L.; Weaver, W.D., 1976:
Detection of coronary artery disease by rest and exercise thallium 201 myo cardial imaging

Richard J L.; Ducimetiere, P.; Elgrishi, I.; Gelin, J., 1972:
Detection of coronary heart disease and of intermittent claudication using a questionnaire results obtained from 7996 men from 22 to 59 year old

Schoenberger, J.A.; Stamler, J.; Lindberg, H.A.; Shekelle, R.; Stoker, J.M., 1969:
Detection of coronary prone persons

Fleischman, A.I.; Raichelson, R.L.; Hayton, T.; Bierenbaum, M.L., 1972:
Detection of coronary risk factors in an asymptomatic population

Moschos, C.B.; Oldewurtel, H.A.; Haider, B.; Regan, T.J., 1974:
Detection of coronary thrombus by technetium 99m gluco heptonate

Kapikian, A.Z.; James, H.D.; Kelly, S.J.; Vaughn, A.L., 1973:
Detection of coronavirus strain 692 by immune electron microscopy

Pollack, I., 1974:
Detection of correlations between pulsed visual vibro tactile and auditory signals

Doerr-Schott, J.; Dubois, M.P., 1973:
Detection of corticotropic and melanotropic cells in the hypophysis of the frog, Rana temporaria in the course of the development

Tarasov, V.V., 1970:
Detection of cotton d seed oil aerosol in the air of industrial premises

Kaiser, E.T., 1976:
Detection of covalent intermediates by nucleophile trapping in the hydrolysis of phenyl tetra hydro furfuryl sulfite catalyzed by pepsin

Dahlbeck, D.; Pring, D.R.; Stall, R.E., 1977:
Detection of covalently closed circular dna from xanthomonas vesicatoria

Painter, A., 1977:
Detection of creatine kinase iso enzyme protein by a radio immunoassay

Levites, R.; Anderson, G.J., 1976:
Detection of critical coronary artery lesions by treadmill exercise testing

Parisella, R.; Parkes, J.G., 1978:
Detection of cross linked proteins in animal cells

Reisner, H.M.; Strand, E.A.; Roberts, H.R., 1977:
Detection of cross reacting material in hemophilia b plasma using coagulation assays in agarose gels

Kon'kov A.N., 1973:
Detection of cross striation of chromosomes in human bone marrow cells

Schaeffer, L.D.; Sproles, A.; Krakowski, A., 1973:
Detection of cyclic AMP in parotid saliva of normal individuals

Lieberman, J.; Kaneshiro, W., 1976:
Detection of cystic fibrosis hetero zygotes by an abnormal response of lymphocytes to phyto hem agglutinin

Yuhara, I., 1973:
Detection of cysts of potato cyst nematodes from soil

Legator, M.S.; Jacobson, C.B., 1970:
Detection of cyto genetic effects of toxic agents in mammalian systems

Abou Mandour, A.A.; Volk, O.H., 1971:
Detection of cyto kinin activity in rust infected leaves of pelargonium zonale d

Kukain, R.A.; Klintsare, A.Ya; Mutsenietse, D.Kh; Oshkaya, V.P., 1974:
Detection of cyto kinins in extracellular fractions of purine compounds of rhizobium meliloti

Zubkova, L.A., 1974:
Detection of cyto pathogenic agent from catfish with cutaneous neoplasia by action on single cell gonadal cultures

Mahieu, P.; Dechenne, C.; Graindorge, P.; Degiovanni, G., 1976:
Detection of cyto toxic antibodies against fetal kidney cells in human glomerulo nephritis

Mahieu, P.; Degiovanni, G., 1976:
Detection of cyto toxic antibodies against kidney cells in human glomerulo nephritis

Graf, L.; Rapport, M.M., 1969:
Detection of cytolipin r in rat erythrocytes abstract lipid hapten from rat neopl lympho sarcoma

Dawson, M.E., 1977:
Detection of deception an analysis of psycho physiological component processes

Moroney, W.F.; Zenhausern, R.J., 1972:
Detection of deception as a function of galvanic skin response recording methodology

Charkes, N.D.; Maier, W.; Dugan, M.A.; Soulen, R.; Escovitz, E.; Dubin, R., 1973:
Detection of deep vein thrombosis by photo scanning with iodine 131 fibrinogen

Kakkar, V.V.; Corrigan, T.P., 1974:
Detection of deep vein thrombosis: survey and current status

Weston, W.L.; Mass, M.F.; Dean, P.B.; Humbert, J.R., 1975:
Detection of defective cutaneous leukocyte migration in vivo

Koprowski, H., 1978:
Detection of defective or uninducible herpes simplex virus genomes latent in human trigeminal ganglion explants

Bigley, N.J., 1972:
Detection of delayed hyper sensitivity in mice injected with rna protein fractions of salmonella typhimurium

Battisto, J.R., 1969:
Detection of delayed hyper sensitivity to transplantation antigens by adoptive cutaneous anaphylaxis

Sawa, A.; Maruyama, Y.; Hosoya, E., 1972:
Detection of delta 1 tetra hydro cannabinol and its metabolites in the urine

Mathew, G., 1970:
Detection of demand pacemaker malfunction using simultaneous endo cardial and surface electro cardiograms

Hunter, R.; Mellows, G., 1978:
Detection of deuteride shifts in the biosynthesis of the fungal tri prenyl phenol ascochlorin by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy following incorporation of 3 carbon 13 4 deuterated mevalonic acid

Ettinger, K.V.; Malik, S.R.; Thomas, B.J., 1974:
Detection of deuterium in water by means of pulsed photo disintegration

Murar, B., 1973 :
Detection of development stages of echinoparyphium recurvatum trematoda echinostomatidae in planorbis planorbis

Munro Faure, A.D.; Peck, A.W.; Pullin, C.; Young, P.A., 1971:
Detection of dexamphetamine like activity in man a comparison of several tests

Gomes, E.D., 1974:
Detection of di methyltetrachloro terephthalate residues in environmental samples

Truhaut, R.; Advenier, C.; Fabiani, P.; Quattrocchi Sosson, F., 1972:
Detection of dia morphine heroin and its metabolites in the urine of drug addicts

Maatela, J.; Takkunen, H.; Heinonen, O.P., 1970:
Detection of diabetes in connection with the mass chest x ray examination

Bertrand, J., 1972:
Detection of diabetes in current practice

Roux, P.; Valette, A.; Tutin, M., 1972:
Detection of diabetes in personnel of the northern branch of the french national railroad survey of 35000 wage earners

Chiao, J.W.; L'esperance P.; Good, R.A., 1974:
Detection of dialyzable human urinary stimulating and inhibiting factors for the colony formation with mouse bone marrow cells

Stevens, J.O.; Schanfield, M.S., 1976:
Detection of differences between clinically significant immuno globulin g allo antibodies by an in vitro human peritoneal macrophage assay

Akov, Y., 1976:
Detection of differences between israel turkey virus substrains with the aid of column chromatography

Newman, C.V., 1974:
Detection of differences between visual textures with varying number of dots

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