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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 26395

Chapter 26395 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Development of liver damage induced by d galactosamine studied in the isolated perfused rat liver
, Hoppe-Seyler's Zeitschrift fuer Physiologische Chemie 358(10): 1262 (1977)

Development of liver tumors in rats treated with the peroxisomal enzyme inducer nafenopin
, American Journal of Pathology 86(2): 25A (1977)

Development of local circuit neurons in the hippocampus and in peri natal trauma
, Neurosciences Research Program Bulletin 13(3): 411-414 (1975)

Development of local immunity
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 30(11): 1843-1850 (1977)

Development of long lasting immediate hyper sensitivity in nonatopic volunteers parenterally immunized with a purified grass pollen extract
, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 61(3): 171 (1978)

Development of long term suspension cultures of human thymus derived lymphocytes from single colonies
, Journal of Supramolecular Structure 7(Suppl. 2): 180 (1978)

Development of low birth weight infants
, Pediatric Research 12(4 Part 2): 533 (1978)

Development of low chill early ripening peaches and nectarines for north florida usa
, Hortscience 13(3 SECT 2): 372 (1978)

Development of low weight new borns
, Folia Endocrinologica Japonica 50(2): 627 (1974)

Development of lowry protein color by small peptides with and without tyrosine
, Federation Proceedings 35(7): 532 (1976)

Development of luminance and pattern evoked potentials in infants
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 43(4): 576 (1977)

Development of lunar receiving laboratory biological protocol final report july 1 1968 august 31 1970
, Government Reports Announcements 71(6): 32 (1971)

Development of lung and stomach epithelial rudiments in contact with surfaces conditioned by mesenchymal cultures

Development of lung lesions in endo toxin shock
, American Journal of Pathology 66(3): 53A (1972)

Development of lung neoplasms in rats treated with 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene
, Proceedings Of The American Association For Cancer Research: 5 (1973)

Development of lymph hypertension during lymphatic occlusion
, Lymphology 8(3): 105-109 (1975)

Development of lymphatic tissue of the posterior epiglottic surface
, Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultatis Medicae 63: 223-229 (1972)

Development of lymphoid organs in amphibians
, Kosmos Seria A Biologia (Warsaw) 20(2): 107-113 (1971)

Development of lymphoma in anemic homo parabiotic murine partners after separation
, Tumori 61(1): 109 (1975)

Development of lymphomas in anemic homo parabionts after separation
, Bollettino Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale 50(17): (1975) 1366-1370 (1974)

Development of lytic processes in the intestinal epithelium of discoglossus pictus anuran amphibian during its metamorphosis
, Journal de Microscopie (Paris) 10(1): 41-58 (1971)

Development of macaque lung macaca nemestrina
, Anatomical Record 175(2): 276 (1973)

Development of macrophage function and the expression of immuno competence
, Cooper, Max D And Delbert H Dayton (Ed ) Monograph Of The National Institute Of Child Health And Human Development Development Of Host Defenses Conference, May 1976 Xiv+306p Illus Raven Press: New York, N Y , Usa ISBN 0-89004-117-2: 201-211 (1977)

Development of maize dwarf mosaic symptoms in 8 phytotron environments
, Phytopathology 60(12): 1761-1764 (1970)

Development of malacosoma disstria cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus in bombyx mori ovarian and tracheal tissue cultures
, International Colloquium on Insect Pathology Proceedings 4: 340-351 (1970)

Development of male and female inflorescence and gametophytes in inbred and hybrid corn
, Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta Seriya VI Biologiya Pochvovedenie 29(2): 63-69 (1974)

Development of male mammary gland tissue in female mice
, Anatomical Record: 183-184 (1969)

Development of male reproductive glands in rana nigromaculata germ cell differentiation
, Zoological Magazine 82(4): 369 (1973)

Development of male reproductive organs of trabala vishnu lasiocampidae lepidoptera
, Kontyu 41(4): 426-433 (1973)

Development of malignancy in 9 of 96 patients with adult celiac disease
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 8(6): 669 (1978)

Development of malignant double gammopathies from benign mono clonal gammopathies
, Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 6(6/7): 734 (1977)

Development of malignant lymphoma
, Acta Haematologica Japonica 36(3): 326-327 (1973)

Development of malignant tumors in osseous dysplasias
, Polish Review of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (English Translation of Polski Przeglad Radiologii i Medycyny Nuklearnej) TT(69-50002-5): 474-485 (1969)

Development of mammalian sulfur metabolism: absence of cystathionase in human fetal tissues
, Pediatric Research 6(6): 538-547 (1972)

Development of mammary tissue in the guinea pig under estrogen progesterone influence and the effect of adrenalectomy on survival and mammary growth in treated animals
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 43(7): (1974) 655-657 (1973)

Development of mandibular spacing crowding from 9 to 16 years of age
, Journal Of The Canadian Dental Association: 178-185 (1972)

Development of marked behavioral tolerance to 1 delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol and cross tolerance to 1 delta 8 tetra hydro cannabinol in the pigeon
, Pharmacologist 12(2): 258 (1970)

Development of materials for heart assist devices
, Government Reports Announcements 71(7): 52 (1971)

Development of mathematical models for hybrid computation
, U S Government Research and Development Reports: 96 (1970)

Development of maximum oxygen intake with respect to body composition
, Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan 35(8-9): 451 (1973)

Development of means of controlling the main bee diseases
, Int Fed Beekeep Assocrd International Apicultural Congress. Moscow, Ussr. Aug 27-Sept. 2,: Bucharest, Romania. 506 (1971)

Development of measles
, Japanese Journal of Allergology 21(2): 175 (1972)

Development of measles virus in vitro
, Virology 38(1): 50-67 (1969)

Development of measures for preventing atmospheric contamination of hermetically closed places
, Kosmicheskaya Biologiya i Aviakosmicheskaya Meditsina 9(4): 27-30 (1975)

Development of mechanical harvesting and grading equipment for strawberries d
, Transactions Of The Asae (american Society Of Agricultural Engineers): 743-745 (1971)

Development of mechanisms for drug excretion
, American Journal of Medicine 62(4): 497-506 (1977)

Development of mechanisms underlying spatial perspectives
, Child Development 45(2): 496-498 (1974)

Development of meckel cartilage methylene blue total staining of human embryos
, Acta Anatomica Nipponica 48(6): 393-394 (1973)

Development of medical education
, WHO Public Health Papers (70): 133-151 (1978)

Development of medical genetic services outside the medical university
, American Journal of Human Genetics 29(6): 104A (1977)

Development of medicine and clinical sciences in puerto rico
, Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science 6(4): 350 (1976)

Development of medicine within the range of bulgarian literary society and the bulgarian acadmey of sciences
, Spisanie na B"lgarskata Akademiya na Naukite 14(3-4): 36-44 (1969)

Development of membrane potentials of cortical cell elements in guinea pig fetus
, Developmental Psychobiology 2(1): 2-6 (1969)

Development of meningitis during cephalothin therapy
, Annals of Internal Medicine 78(3): 347-351 (1973)

Development of meningococcal vaccines
, Voller, A And Herman Friedman (Ed ) New Trends And Developments in Vaccines X+323p Illus University Park Press: Baltimore, Md , Usa ISBN 0-8391-1154-1: 255-273 (1978)

Development of menochilus sexmaculata as influenced by feeding on different species of aphid hosts
, JNKVV (Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya) Research Journal 8(3/4): 275 (1974)

Development of mental operations in preschool age children
, Voprosy Psikhologii 17(5): 100-109 (1971)

Development of mesencephalic nuclei in the chick embryo (Gallus domesticus)
, Zeitschrift für Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte 135(3): 317-336 (1972)

Development of mesencephalon tectum in chicken embryos neurological and biochemical study
, Archivos de Biologia y Medicina Experimentales 7(1-2-3): R29-R30 (1970)

Development of meso nephron function in the chick embryo
, Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 26(3): 264 (1977)

Development of mesostephanus yedeae trematoda cyathocotylidae
, Journal of Parasitology 56(4 SEC II PT 1): 74 (1970)

Development of metabolic disorders after rapid insulin inactivation
, Byulleten' Eksperimental'Noi Biologii I Meditsiny: 61-62 (1969)

Development of metabolic disturbances after rapid inactivation of insulin
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 68(2): 887-888 (1969)

Development of metal fractures in osteo syntheses
, Fortschritte der Medizin 90(6): 227-230 (1972)

Development of methionine activating enzyme in fetal and neo natal lung of human monkey and rabbit
, Pediatric Research 7(4): 316-88 (1973)

Development of methods and results of studying the contacts of microtus oeconomus with contaminated places in the natural focus of leptospiroses
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 50(4): 572-581 (1971)

Development of methods for ascertaining the possibility of conditioning sewage sludges
, Husmann, Wilhelm (Ed ) Vom Wasser, Band 47 (On Water, Vol 47 ) Symposium Kiel, West Germany, May 24-26, Viii+484p Illus Verlag Chemie: Weinheim, West Germany 187-207 (1976)

Development of methods for detecting and measuring volatile human effluents
, U S Government Research and Development Reports 71(2): 144-145 (1971)

Development of methods for detecting viruses in solid waste landfill leachates
, Applied Microbiology 28(2): 232-238 (1974)

Development of methods for obtaining certain intermediates of the synthesis of chloramphenicol
, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal 7(3): 173-175 (1973)

Development of methods for organic analyses for routine application in environmental monitoring laboratories
, Keith, Lawrence Hification And Analysis Of Organic Pollutants In Water. Congress. Mexico City, Mexico, Dec., . X 718p. Illus. Ann Arbor Science Publishers Inc: Ann Arbor, Mich., U.s.a. ISBN 0-250-40131-2: 155-176 (1976)

Development of methods for predicting and calculating loss of yield
, Zashchita Rastenii (Moscow) (1): 17-18 (1978)

Development of methods of forecasting properties of polymer packaging materials which do not cause any changes in medicinal preparations during sterilization
, Krippner, Monica (Ed ) Radiosterilization Of Medical Products 1974 Proceedings Of The Symposium on Ionizing Radiation For Sterilization Of Medical Products And Biological Tissues Bombay, India, December 9-13, 1974 539p Illus International Atomic Energy Agency: Vienna, Austria (Dist in U S A By Unipub: New York, N Y , U S A ) ISBN 92-0-010475-4: 191-199 (1975)

Development of methods to detect incipient failure in artificial heart devices
, U S Government Research and Development Reports 71(1): 56 (1971)

Development of micro flora in the guinea pig gastro intestinal tract
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 50(8): 141 (1973)

Development of micro glia part 1 development of micro glia in the optic tectum of chick embryos
, Acta Anatomica Nipponica 48(6): 406-407 (1973)

Development of micro peroxisomes during the differentiation of some mammalian tissues
, Acta Anatomica 99(1): 110 (1977 )

Development of micro tubules during anaphase and telophase in mother cells of the lily m in meiosis
, Bulletin des Academie and Societe Lorraines des Sciences 9(1): 91-92 (1970)

Development of micro vascular disease in children with diabetes
, Pediatric Research 11(4): 519 (1977)

Development of microassay for amylase activity in rat submaxillary saliva and relationship between secretory stimulation and amylase activity cation concentration and salivary flow rate
, Journal Of The Physiological Society Of Japan: 518 (1971)

Development of microbial activity in the alimentary tract of young rams
, Journal of Animal Science 31(1): 250 (1970)

Development of microbial insecticides in japan
, Botyu-Kagaku 38(2): 114-124 (1973)

Development of microbiology in Estonia
, Mikrobiologiia 42(2): 370-372 (1973)

Development of microcephaly in the rat brain induced by ethylnitroso urea post natal histo pathological observations
, Teratology 18(1): 151 (1978)

Development of microcephaly in the rat brain induced by ethylnitroso urea pre natal histo pathological observations
, Teratology 18(1): 151 (1978)

Development of micromedic systems concept 4 automatic radioassay system
, Clinical Chemistry 22(7): 1164 (1976)

Development of micromycetes in fatigued soil of apple orchards
, Folia Microbiologica 22(6): 458 (1977)

Development of microorganisms in connection with the nitrogen cycle in soil
, Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised Bioloogia 21(1): 7-15 (1972)

Development of microorganisms in thin capillaries and films
, Mikrobiologiya 39(1): 161-165 (1970)

Development of microsecond pulse stroboscopic transmission electron microscopy mark i
, Journal of Electron Microscopy 27(4): 311-312 (1978)

Development of microsomal changes in liver and brain of differentially housed mice
, Federation Proceedings 31(2): 232 (1972)

Development of mineral deficient rations experimental magnesium deficiency in the rat
, Zeitschrift Fuer Versuchstierkunde: 172-173 (1976)

Development of mineral elements organic material and free water in growing oranges
, Kozma, P , D Polyak And E Hervay (Ed ) Le Controle De L'alimentation Des Plantes Cultivees (Nutritional Regulation Of Cultivated Plants ) 3rd European And Mediterranean Colloquium Budapest, Hungary, Sept 4-7, 1972 613p (Vol 1); 399p (Vol 2 ) Illus Akademiai Kiado: Budapest, Hungary ISBN 963-05-0562-2: 555-566 (1975)

Development of mitochondrial calcium transport activity in rat liver
, Febs Letters 80(2): 271-274 (1977)

Development of mitochondrial pyruvate metabolism in rat brain
, Journal of Neurochemistry 22(5): 709-715 (1974)

Development of mitotic activity and dna synthesis in the vegetative point of anagallis arvensis d during the inductive eu period and the 1st 2 dys periods which follow it
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 272(2): 219-222 (1971)

Development of mitotic indexes and nuclear dna levels in the axillary meristem of the leaf of row 6 at the time of cessation of apical dominance as a result of ablation of the principal axis in pisum sativum
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L'Academie Des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles: 973-976 (1975)

Development of models for specific crop calendar events
, International Journal of Biometeorology 20(3): 261-266 (1976)

Development of modern components of the mechanism of cardiac hypertrophy
, Circulation Research 35(2): Suppl Ii:58-63 (1974)

Development of modern theories on pathogenesis
, American Journal of Pathology 62(2): 99A (1971)

Development of molecular anthropology
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 48(3): 399 (1978)

Development of molecular biology and some prospects in the search for anti viral compounds
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 11: 5-8 (1974)

Development of mono aminergic transmissions in the rat brain
, Paoletti, Rodolfo And Alan N Davison (Edited By) Advances in Experimental Medicine And Biology, Vol 13 Chemistry And Brain Development Symposium X+457p Illus Plenum Press: New York, N Y U S A ; London, England 175-184 (1971)

Development of mono specific antibodies to human factor ix
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 38(1): 217 (1977)

Development of mopc 460 in mice of different ages
, Giornale di Batteriologia Virologia ed Immunologia Annali dell'Ospedale Maria Vittoria di Torino Parte I Sezione Microbiologia 64(1-4): 14-15 (1971)

Development of morlam sheep for year around lambing
, Journal of Animal Science 41(1): 259 (1975)

Development of morphine dependence in rats: lack of effect of previous ingestion of other drugs
, Psychopharmacologia 20(4): 321-336 (1971)

Development of morphine tolerance and physical dependence in dopamine or catecholamine depleted rats
, Pharmacologist 16(2): 270 (1974)

Development of morphological changes in unclamped kidney following experimental unilateral constriction of renal artery
, Zentralblatt fuer Allgemeine Pathologie und Pathologische Anatomie 114(5): 575 (1971)

Development of mortality from malignant melanoma in Slovakia compared with Bohemia and some selected countries
, Neoplasma 18(6): 649-656 (1971)

Development of mosaic virus disease in tobacco
, Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 41(1): 91 (1975)

Development of mother infant relationships in ungulates
, British Veterinary Journal 133(2): 190 (1977)

Development of motor co-ordination in normal children
, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 16(6): 729-741 (1974)

Development of motor coordination in the presence of cerebral lesions
, Neurosciences Research Program Bulletin 12(4): 565-569 (1974)

Development of motor functions in the cerebellar mutant mouse nervous nr
, Behavior Genetics 5(1): 104-105 (1975)

Development of motor impulse control and reflectivity
, Perceptual and Motor Skills 34(3): 813-814 (1972)

Development of motor units in a fast twitch muscle of the cat hind limb
, Journal of Physiology 224(1): 35p (1972)

Development of mouse embryos after in vitro culture and fusion
, Heredity 24(3): 518 (1969)

Development of mouse leprous bacillus in culture medium
, Japanese Journal of Bacteriology 26(3): 109 (1971)

Development of mucous glands in the human Eustachian tube
, Acta Oto-Laryngologica 70(5): 340-350 (1970)

Development of mucoviscidosis experience of the giens center
, Annales de Pediatrie 45(5): 1492-1503 (1969)

Development of muellerius tenuispiculatus under experimental conditions in the intermediate hosts part 1 morphology of the larval stages
, Biologia 28(5): 379-388 (1973)

Development of multi layer hybrid computed tomographic system using bismuth germanate scintillation crystals
, Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography 2(5): 651 (1978)

Development of multiple antibiotic resistance in staphylococcus aureus in burn patients
, Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 78 : 10 (1978)

Development of multiple dimension use in form classification
, Child Development 46(1): 123-132 (1975)

Development of multiple nuclei during normal growth in canine neo natal myo cardial cells
, Circulation Supplement: Iv-36 (1973)

Development of muscle
, Goldspink, G (Ed ) Differentiation And Growth Of Cells in Vertebrate Tissue Xi+323p Illus Chapman And Hall Ltd: London, England; Halsted Press A Division Of John Wiley And Sons: New York, N Y , U S A ISBN 0-470-31200-9: (1975) (1974)

Development of muscle physiological and biochemical properties correlated
, Neurology 22(4): 423 (1972)

Development of muscular strength and endurance
, Knuttgen, Howard G. Neuro Muscular Mechanisms For Therapeutic And Conditioning Exercise. Xii 141p. Illus. University Park Press: Baltimore, Md., Usa; London, England. ISBN 0-8391-0954-7: 97-118 (1976)

Development of musculus omohyoideus
, Acta Anatomica Nipponica 46(1): 21 (1971)

Development of mutant characters in various genotypical media of winter wheat
, Tsitologiya I Genetika: 541-544 (1974)

Development of mycobacterium lacticola and its synthesis of exo poly saccharide under conditions of various acidities of the medium
, Microbiology (New York) 44(5): (1976) (1975)

Development of mycological studies in central asia
, Uzbekskii Biologicheskii Zhurnal 1: 44-47 (1976)

Development of myelination in optic tract of the cat
, Journal of Comparative Neurology 165(2): 125-136 (1976)

Development of myo cardial lesions after administration of single necrogenic doses of isoproterenol
, Physioloslov.. : 342 (1970)

Development of myosin in chick embryo
, Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 23(Suppl.): 26 (1973)

Development of myosin types in tissue culture
, Journal of Cell Biology 70(2 PT 2): 217A (1976)

Development of narcissus poeticus
, Acta Agrobotanica: 269-280 (1971)

Development of narrow row peanut d production systems
, Journal American Peanut Research and Education Association Incorporated 1(1): 29-36 (1969)

Development of nematode damage functions and economic thresholds using meloidogyne incognita on tomatoes and sweet potatoes
, Journal of Nematology 10(4): 286-287 (1978)

Development of neo natal and metastatic murine neuro blastoma models
, Federation Proceedings 37(6): 1627 (1978)

Development of neopl leukemia in rats by oral administration of n nitrosobutyl urea carcino in the drinking water odashima s of n nitrosobutyl urea carcino in the drinking water/
, Gann 60(2): 237 (1969)

Development of neoplastic changes in the knee joints in rabbits and rats treated with methyl cholanthrene
, Patologia Polska: 269-279 (1973)

Development of nerve and glial cells in vitro
, Physiol Bohemoslov 21(1): 96 (1972)

Development of nerve behavior study from comparative behavior study to neurobiology
, Shinkei Kenkyu No Shinpo: 693-694 (1978)

Development of nerve connections in female pelvic organs
, Akusherstvo i Ginekologiya 45(5): 48-55 (1969)

Development of nerves of the vagal group in the mole
, Vyestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR Syeryya Biyalahichnykh Navuk (4): 104-107 (1978)

Development of nervous system function in mice: normative data and gene effects
, Behavioral Biology 11(1): 83-88 (1974)

Development of neural connections in culture
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 228(0): 6-34 (1974)

Development of neural material after denaturation of the inductor with alcohol in amphibians
, Alexandria Medical Journal 4: 208-219 (1969)

Development of neural regulation of follicle stimulating hormone secretion
, Neuroendocrinology: 30-40 (1972)

Development of neural structures in small organisms
, Neurosciences Research Program Bulletin: 507-508 (1973)

Development of neuro endocrine regulation in man and rat morphological and biochemical studies on hypothalamic mono aminergic systems
, Knowles, Francis And Lutz Vollrath (Ed ) Neurosecretion The Final Neuroendocrine Pathway Vi International Symposium London, England 1973 Ix+345p Illus Springer-Verlag: New York, N Y , U S A ; Berlin, West Germany ISBN 0-387-06821-X; ISBN 3-540-06821-X: 309-310 (1974)

Development of neuro secretory protocerebral cells and functional stimulation of the weismann ring in the brain of calliphora erythrocephala diptera cyclorrhapha
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L'Academie Des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 4: 2922-2925 (1969)

Development of neuro transmitters and their function in brain
, Ehrenpreis, Seymour And Irwin J (ed.). Reviews Of Neuroscience, Vol. 2. Ix 270p. Illus. Raven Press: New York, N.y., U.s.a. ISBN 0-89004-105-9: 256 (1976)

Development of neuronal circuitry in the insect optic lobe
, Cowan, W Maxwell And James A Ferrendelli (Ed ) Society For Neuroscience Symposia, Vol Ii Approaches to The Cell Biology Of Neurons Sixth Annual Meeting Toronto, Ont , Canada, Nov 1976 Xiv+461p Illus Society For Neuroscience: Bethesda, Md , Usa ISBN 0-916110-04-4: 92-119 (1977)

Development of neuronal locus specificity in xenopus retinal ganglion cells after surgical eye transection or after fusion of whole eyes
, Developmental Biology 40(1): 1-15 (1974)

Development of neurons from ventricular cells of mouse neural tube
, Canadian Federation of Biological Societies Proceedings (21): 143 (1978)

Development of neurons of the ventral cochlear nucleus following mon aural sound deprivation
, Anatomical Record 190(2): 366-367 (1978)

Development of neuropathy in streptozotocin diabetic rats
, Diabetes 20(Suppl. 1): 331 (1971)

Development of new and improved isotopes for nuclear medicine with the brookhaven cyclotron dysprosium 157 and bismuth 204
, Journal Of Nuclear Medicine: 376-377 (1971)

Development of new complex coumarins for coronary thrombosis related thrombo embolic episodes and spasmodic conditions of blood vessels
, Hamdard Medical Digest 12(1-4): 444-445 (1969)

Development of new dairy products
, Vyziva Lidu 24(3): 38-40 (1969)

Development of new enzymes with improved properties for use in detergents
, Fette Seifen Anstrichm 74(11): 626 (1972)

Development of new genetic sources of high content of protein and lysine in soft wheat grain
, Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 9(5): 661-666 (1974)

Development of new methods of investigating the vestibular function the accelerations decelerations inclinations test and its significance for functional investigation and conditioning of the vestibular analyzer
, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Technical Translation TT-F(616): 189-194 (1970)

Development of new neutron detectors for accident dosimetry
, International Atomic Energy Agency International Atomic Energy Agency Proceeding Series Advances in Physical And Biological Radiation Detectors 742p Illus Unipub, Inc: New York, N Y , U S A 399-424 (1971)

Development of new pear forms from embryos grown in vitro
, Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 10(4): 518-521 (1975)

Development of new plants from leaves and roots of atropa belladonna d in the in vitro culture
, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 40(2): 305-313 (1971)

Development of new poultry products using poultry dark meat and raw mechanically deboned poultry meat
, Poultry Science 48(5): 1856-1857 (1969)

Development of new products in the chemical industry with special reference to toxicological and ecological aspects
, Bayerischen Landesanstalt Fuer Wasserforschung Muenchener Beitraege Zur Abwasser-, Fischerei- Und Flussbiologie, Band 30 Schadstoffe Im Oberflaechenwasser Und Im Abwasser (Munich Reports on Biology Of Wastewater, Fishery And Streams, Vol 30 Harmful Substances in Surface Water And Waste Water) 334p R Oldenbourg Verlag: Munich, West Germany Illus P19-28 (1978)

Development of new stamenless tomato varieties which can be used for hybridization
, Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 8(6): 903-907 (1973)

Development of new transmission color scales for dark colored beverages
, Journal of Food Science 38(6): 1056-1059 (1973)

Development of newer compounds from indigenous sources for the therapy of cardiac arrhythmias
, Hamdard Medical Digest 12(1-4): 439-443 (1969)

Development of nmr and fluorescence methods for determining peptide conformations in solution
, Goodman, Murray And Johannes Meienhofer (Ed ) Peptides: Proceedings Of The Fifth American Peptide Symposium San Diego, Calif , Usa, June 20-24, Xii+612p Illus John Wiley And Sons: New York, N Y , Usa; Chichester, England ISBN 0-470-99384-7: 325-328 (1977)

Development of nociceptors in regenerating cutaneous nerves of the cat
, Experimental Brain Researchppl: 57 (1975)

Development of nocturnal behavior in albino rats
, Behavioral Biology 15(3): 317-331 (1975)

Development of nodulation and symbiotic nitrogen fixation of soybean varieties at different phases of plant development
, Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira Serie Agronomia 8(8): 251-256 (1973)

Development of nodule bacteria in the soil
, Microbiology (New York) 47(2): 290-292 (1978)

Development of nodules in the soils of ituzaingo province of corrientes previously fertilized with 350 grams per hectare of thomas ash
, Idia: 6-57 (1970)

Development of nonarticulated laticifers in embryos of carissa grandiflora
, Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science (86): 113 (1976)

Development of noncream style soups final report
, U S Government Research and Development Reports 71(2): 42 (1971)

Development of nondisulfide covalent cross links in nuclear cataractogenesis
, Hockwin, O. Interdisciplinary Topics In Gerontology, Vol. 13. Gerontological Aspects Of Eye Research. 18th Meeting Of The Association For Eye Research. Bonn, West Germany, July 14-16, . Xi 259p. Illus. S. Karger: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N.y., Usa. ISBN 3-8055-2877-9: 212-224 (1978)

Development of nonimmunologic, nonspecific mechanisms and specific immunologic mechanisms in resistance to airways and pulmonary infections in infants and children
, Pediatric Research 11(3 Pt 2): 224-227 (1977)

Development of nonimpregnated roe of herbivorous fish
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi Ssr Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk: 88 (1972)

Development of nonmalignant antigen and its use in the management of leukemia by inducing specific built in immune response
, Cancer Cytology 13(1): NO (1973)

Development of nonspecific factors of anti infectional resistance in monkeys
, Ontogenez 3(2): 154-158 (1972)

Development of nonthrombogenic surfaces prepared by glow discharge polymerization
, U S Government Research and Development Reports 70(15): 42 (1970)

Development of normal and abnormal stomata in some araliaceae d polyscias d spp
, Annals of Botany 33(129): 67-73 (1969)

Development of normal glucose utilization in the piglet
, Federation Proceedings 36(3): 1079 (1977)

Development of numerical models of lake ontario part 2
, Proceedings Conference on Great Lakes Research 15: 655-672 (1972)

Development of nutrient control policies in canada

Development of nutrient deficiencies in growing finishing pigs
, Journal of Animal Science 42(1): 256 (1976)

Development of nutrition in czech lands and in slovakia
, Vyziva Lidu 24(3): 46-47 (1969)

Development of nuttallia danii within salivary glands of the tick hyalomma excavatum cultured in vitro
, Western Journal of Medicine 123(3): 71A (1975)

Development of obesity and hyper insulinemia in the zucker obese rat fa fa
, Federation Proceedings 35(3): 657 (1976)

Development of obesity in the mdb mdb mice
, European Journal of Clinical Investigation 7(3): 219 (1977)

Development of obesity in the pima indians
, American Journal of Epidemiology 100(6): 519 (1974)

Development of object permanence in the infant squirrel monkey
, Developmental Psychology: 34-38 (1972)

Development of objective clinical study methods on new anti rheumatic drugs
, Voprosy Revmatizma 3: 18-23 (1976)

Development of oblique ocular movements in children during the school year
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Development of oceanographic instrumentation at the institute of oceanography academy of sciences ussr
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