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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 26425

Chapter 26425 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Distribution of a d ridge count in palms and soles of the tibetans
, Hanzaigaku Zasshi: 68-71 (1969)

Distribution of a enz di peptide naphthyl amidase in rat tissues and its localization by using di azo coupling and labeled antibody techniques rabbit goat
, Histochemie: 30-38 (1969)

Distribution of a hypo glycemic agent iodine 131 di phenylene iodonium
, Federation Proceedings 35(3): 685 (1976)

Distribution of a mitochondrial peroxidase activity in a protozoon tetrahymena pyriformis
, Acta Histochemica Et Cytochemica: 63 (1974)

Distribution of a telenomus verticillatus egg parasite released in 1 area of a planting
, Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii Lesnoi Zhurnal 20(5): 154-156 (1977)

Distribution of a teratogen
, Anatomical Record 172(2): 343 (1972)

Distribution of a v h region gene controlled response to h sheep red blood cells in bxd mice
, Federation Proceedings 35(3): 549 (1976)

Distribution of aberrations in somatic cells of the ganglia of drosophila melanogaster irradiated in interphase g 2 and in mitosis
, Atti Associazione Genetica Italiana 22: 133-134 (1977)

Distribution of abnormal hemo globins in mexico
, Arends, T , G Bemski And R L Nagel (Ed ) Genetical, Functional, And Physical Studies Of Hemoglobins Symposium Viii+293p Illus Map S Karger: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N Y , U S A 8-14 (1971)

Distribution of abo and rh antigens in families with downs syndrome
, Genetics 74(2 PT 2): 192-193 (1973)

Distribution of ABO and Rh blood groups among Cree Indians at Fort George, Quebec
, Journal of Heredity 60(5): 271-272 (1969)

Distribution of ABO and Rh blood groups among the tibetans
, Human Heredity 24(4): 387-388 (1974)

Distribution of ABO and rhesus blood groups in patients with gastric carcinoma, with reference to its site of origin
, Gastroenterology 65(6): 877-883 (1973)

Distribution of abo blood group antigens in sub cellular fractions of human tissues and cells in culture
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 67(5): 502-505 (1969)

Distribution of abo blood groups in boecks disease sarcoidosis
, Zeitschrift fuer Erkrankungen der Atmungsorgane 134(1): 111-117 (1971)

Distribution of abo gene frequency in southern maharashtra india
, Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 22(2): 193-194 (1978)

Distribution of abo groups and rh factor in tenerife
, Sangre 18(3): 399-400 (1973)

Distribution of absence of catalase in cheju and kangwon provinces
, Korean Journal of Zoology 19(4): 197 (1976)

Distribution of absorbed dose from alpha active aerosol particles by tissue depth
, Meditsinskaya Radiologiya 17(7): 69-72 (1972)

Distribution of absorbed dose of alpha radiation by tissue depth
, Meditsinskaya Radiologiya: 36-40 (1973)

Distribution of absorbed doses in the organs of patients in x ray diagnosis
, Meditsinskaya Radiologiya 18(10): 36-44 (1973)

Distribution of absorbed energy from beta radiation sources in tissue equivalent media
, Meditsinskaya Radiologiya 19(12): 56-61 (1974)

Distribution of acanthobdella peledina hirudinea a parasite of fresh water fishes in waters of the ussr
, Parazitologiya (St Petersburg) 5(1): 92-97 (1971)

Distribution of acanthocyclops americanus new record copepoda in the ussr
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 53(12): 1873-1875 (1974)

Distribution of acatalasia in southern korea
, Korean Journal of Zoology 18(4): 231 (1975)

Distribution of acetyl cholin esterase in solar plexus ganglia before and after degeneration of the pre ganglionic fibers
, Vyestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR Syeryya Biyalahichnykh Navuk (6): 114-117 (1972)

Distribution of acetyl cholin esterase in the dentate area of rats exposed to x rays at birth and changes in the enzyme pattern produced by ablation of the ento rhinal cortex
, Experimental Brain Research 32(3): R24 (1978)

Distribution of acetyl cholin esterase in the hippocampal region of the guinea pig part 1 entorhinal area parasubiculum and presubiculum
, Zeitschrift fuer Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 114(4): 460-481 (1971)

Distribution of acetyl cholin esterase in the hippocampal region of the guinea pig part 2 subiculum and hippocampus
, Zeitschrift fuer Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 124(4): 546-560 (1972)

Distribution of acetyl cholin esterase in the hippocampal region of the guinea pig part 3 the dentate area
, Zeitschrift Fuer Zellforschung Und Mikroskopische Anatomie: 481-495 (1972)

Distribution of acetyl cholin esterase in the nuclei of the septum in the cats brain
, Folia Morphologica (wroclaw): 157-166 (1972)

Distribution of acetyl cholin esterase within the mid brain pons medulla and spinal cord of dfp treated monkeys
, Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 4(3): 235-236 (1977)

Distribution of acetyl choline receptors in the end plate region of normal frog muscle fibers
, Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 335(Suppl.): R54 (1972)

Distribution of acetyl choline receptors on muscle cells cultured with and without nerve
, Canadian Federation of Biological Societies Proceedings 19: 91 (1976)

Distribution of acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in the gastro intestinal tract of common fresh water carp barbus stigma
, Broteria Serie Trimestral Ciencias Naturais 43(1-2): 45-48 (1974)

Distribution of acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in the gastro intestinal tract of the fresh water catfish clarias batrachus
, Broteria Serie Trimestral Ciencias Naturais 43(1-2): 39-44 (1974)

Distribution of acid and alkaline rnases and inhibitor of alkaline rnase in various portions of the rat brain
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR Seriya Biologiya 197(4): 977-979 (1971)

Distribution of acid beta glycero phosphatase in aortic cellular organelles from swine fed cholesterol
, Journal of Cell Biology 55(2 PT 2): 145A (1972 )

Distribution of acid hydrolases in guinea pig skeletal muscle
, Biochemical Medicine 6(3): 257-261 (1972)

Distribution of acid hydrolases in unfertilized sea urchin eggs
, Journal of Cell Biology 55(2 PT 2): 232A (1972)

Distribution of acid invertase ec in the tomato plant
, Phytochemistry 14(9): 1965-1969 (1975)

Distribution of acid phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase activity in the normal organs of fresh water teleost part 1 ophicephalus punctatus
, Broteria Serie Trimestral Ciencias Naturais 44(1-2): 93-100 (1975)

Distribution of acid phosphatase and atpase activities in toxic damage of rat liver and kidney by means of ethylenediamine derivative rom 203
, Folia Histochemica et Cytochemica 10(2): 196-197 (1973)

Distribution of acid phosphatase in crayfish kidney
, Zoological Magazine 79(9): 271-275 (1970)

Distribution of acid rnase and alkaline rnase and alkaline rnase inhibitor in different regions of the rat brain
, Doklady Biological Sciences 197(1-6): (1972) (1971)

Distribution of acid rnase and other enzymes in stratified acetabularia mediterranea
, Planta (Heidelberg) 118(4): 323-332 (1974)

Distribution of acidic and neutral enz peptidases in germinating barley m enz hydrolase a enz hydrolase b
, Physiologia Plantarum 22(1): 157-160 (1969)

Distribution of actin in the rat lens
, Canadian Federation of Biological Societies Proceedings (21): 93 (1978)

Distribution of actinomycetes in soil a culture method effect for both preferential isolation and enumeration of microbispora and streptosporangium strains in soil part 2 classification of the isolates
, Journal of Fermentation Technology 47(11): 701-709 (1969)

Distribution of actinomycetes with caseinolytic activity in soils of the southern european region of the ussr
, Mikrobiologiya 41(3): 535-541 (1972)

Distribution of active bone marrow in hemolytic anemia
, Acta Haematologica Japonica 35(3): 262-263 (1972)

Distribution of active hematopoietic bone marrow (bone marrow scintigram)
, Nihon Ketsueki Gakkai Zasshi 36(5): 661-680 (1973)

Distribution of activities of tyrosine hydroxylase mono amino oxidase and catecholamine o transferase in the rat brain
, Kiessling-Laessig, Annelies And R Winter (Ed ) Ergebnisse Der Experimentellen Medizin Band 8 Praesidium Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fuer Experimentelle Medizin Regulation Von Organen Und Organsystemen (Results Of Experimental Medicine, Vol 8 Proceedings Of The German Society For Experimental Medicine Regulation Of Organs And Organ Systems ) Leipzig, East Germany 1970 414p Illus Veb Verlag Volk Und Gesundheit: Berlin, West Germany 296-299 (1972)

Distribution of activity of enzymes synthesizing and hydrolyzing cholesterol esters in the human aorta
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 86(12): 1602-1604, 1978 (1979)

Distribution of added iron (ferripolyphosphate) in cows milk
, Journal of Dairy Science 55(5): 678 (1972)

Distribution of adenine nucleotides between the inner and outer spaces of the mitochondrion as a determinant of phosphorylation pattern
, Journal of Biochemistry 74(3): 561-572 (1973)

Distribution of adenine plus thymine and guanosine plus cytosine base pairs of dna over the length of chromosomes 1 and 2 in 2 types of human cells
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR Seriya Biologiya 217(2): 462-464 (1974)

Distribution of adenosine 5 phospho sulfate cyclase an enzyme forming cyclic amp
, Plant Physiology 61(4 Suppl.): 101 (1978)

Distribution of adenosine deaminase in functionally and morphologically different areas and intra cellular structures of kidneys in animals with a different type of metabolism
, Ukrayins'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 44(2): 240-246 (1972)

Distribution of adenovirus antibody containing cells in human thymus
, Japanese Journal of Allergology 23(3): 144 (1974)

Distribution of administered manganese into brain and hair of swiss webster albino and c 57bl 6 black mice
, Federation Proceedings 36(3): 969 (1977)

Distribution of adrenergic and cholinergic nerve cells and fibers in the bursa of Fabricius of chicken
, Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica 50(5): 317-325 (1973)

Distribution of adrenergic nerve fibers in the lungs of the rabbit guinea pig and man as demonstrated by falck hillarps fluorescence method
, Bulletin of the Chest Disease Research Institute Kyoto University 2(2): 175 (1969)

Distribution of adrenergic receptors in relation to adrenergic nerves in canine sub cutaneous adipose tissue
, Acta Pharmacologica et Toxicologica Suppl 35(1): 21 (1974)

Distribution of adrenergic receptors in sub cutaneous adipose tissue
, Acta Physiologica Scandinavica Supplementum 440: 50 (1976)

Distribution of adriamycin in man
, Tumori 57(3): 219-220 (1971)

Distribution of adsorbed and constituent intestinal enzymes between cells of the small intestinal mucosa and the isolated apical glycocalyx
, Doklady Biological Sciences 241(1-6): 370-373 (1978)

Distribution of aedes hendersoni in colorado
, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Utah Mosquito Abatement Association 25: 17-19 (1973)

Distribution of aedes stimulans in east central usa
, Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 82: 227 (1973)

Distribution of aeromonas hydrophila in a south carolina cooling reservoir
, Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 77: 238 (1977)

Distribution of afferents from thalamic association nuclei in the occipital and parietal cortex in cats
, Bulletin Of Experimental Biology and Medicine: 1978 (1977)

Distribution of airway resistance with developing pulmonary edema in dogs
, Journal of Applied Physiology 32(1): 20-24 (1972)

Distribution of albumin and a macro protein gamma m immuno globulin in rat kidney
, INSERM (Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale) Colloque 30: 188 (1974)

Distribution of algae in briny formations of lorraine
, Bulletin des Academie and Societe Lorraines des Sciences 9(1): 168-173 (1970)

Distribution of alkali earth carbonates in the soils of the mugan salyany region in the azerbaidzhan ssr
, Soviet Soil Science 2(6): 755 (1970)

Distribution of alkaline phosphatase activity in healthy and diseased human liver tissue
, Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica. Section A Pathology 83(5): 519-526 (1975)

Distribution of alkaline phosphatase along the small intestine
, Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de ses Filiales 164(7): 1589-1591, 1970 (1971)

Distribution of alkaline phosphatase and atpase in the mucosa of the small intestine
, Voprosy Pitaniya 31(4): 24-26 (1972)

Distribution of alkaline phosphatase and calcium atpase in intestinal epithelial cell plasma membranes differential response to 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3
, Norman, A W Et Al (Ed ) Vitamin D: Biochemical, Chemical And Clinical Aspects Related to Calcium Metabolism Proceedings Of The Third Workshop Pacific Grove, Calif , Usa, Jan 9-13, Xl+973p Illus Walter De Gruyter: Berlin, West Germany; New York, N Y , Usa ISBN 3-11-006918-0: 281-283 (1977)

Distribution of alkaline phosphatase in lymphatic tissues of different species a chemical and histochemical study
, Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation Suppl 25(113): 68 (1970)

Distribution of alkaline phosphatase in the gastro intestinal tract with reference to absorption of fat in tilapia mossambica
, Journal of Animal Morphology and Physiology 17(1-2): 131-136 (1970)

Distribution of alkaline phosphatase per iodic acid shiff positive materials and phospho lipid in the kidney of the developing chick
, Korean Journal of Zoology 12(3): 77-84 (1969)

Distribution of alkaloid bearing plants of azerbaidzhan according to ecological groups and life forms
, Rastitel'nye Resursy 8(2): 176-180 (1972)

Distribution of alkaloids in anthocercis littorea and anthocercis viscosa
, Phytochemistry 12(10): 2505-2507 (1973)

Distribution of alkaloids vincamine and echinopsine in animal organs
, Farmatsevtychnyi Zhurnal (kiev): 82-83 (1973 )

Distribution of allele tf e in cattle
, Animal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics 3(SUPP 1): 44-45 (1972)

Distribution of alleles of diverse mutagenic origins in the allele map of the ftr cistron
, Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis 28(3): 455-458 (1975)

Distribution of alligators in response to thermal gradients in a reactor cooling reservoir
, Gibbons, J Witfield And Rebecca R Sharitz (Ed ) Thermal Ecology Proceedings Of A Symposium Held at Augusta, Ga , U S A May 3-5, 1973 Xvi+670p Illus Maps United States Atomic Energy Commission Technical Information Center: Oak Ridge, Tenn (Dist By National Technical Information Service U S Department Of Commerce Springfield, Va ISBN 0-87079-014-X: 313-321 (1974)

Distribution of alpha amylase and gamma amylases in the small intestine of chicks
, Latvijas Psr Zinatnu Akademijas Vestis (1): 131-132 (1975)

Distribution of alpha feto protein and albumin in paraffin sections of zajdelas ascites hepatoma cells
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 80(9): (1976) (1975)

Distribution of alpha lindane carbon 14 beta lindane carbon 14 and gamma lindane carbon 14 in whole body auto radiography in mice
, Radioisotopes: 532-538 (1970)

Distribution of alpine shrew sorex alpinus in bohemia
, Lynx (Prague) 13: 57-65 (1972)

Distribution of altered membrane function during early myo cardial ischemic injury
, Circulation Suppl 56(4): III-227 (1977)

Distribution of amaranthus albus amaranthaceae in the ussr
, Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 59(6): 864-866 (1974)

Distribution of americium 241 in the rat as influenced by dose and the ph of the injection solution
, International Journal Of Applied Radiation and Isotopes: 362-363 (1973)

Distribution of amino acid residues among helical and nonhelical regions in globular proteins
, Molekulyarnaya Biologiya (moscow): 627-634 (1969)

Distribution of amino acids in blocks of molecular weights after pepsin in vitro digestion of soybean protein
, Zeitschrift fuer Tierphysiologie Tierernaehrung und Futtermittelkunde 32(5): 240-248 (1974)

Distribution of amino acids in cucumis callosus and cucumis melo in relation to their resistance and susceptibility to dacus cucurbitae diptera tephritidae
, Labdev Journal of Science and Technology Part B Life Sciences 11(3-4): (1974) 41-43 (1973)

Distribution of amitriptyline and nortriptyline in fatal amitriptyline intoxications with different survival times
, Forensic Science 4(2): 187-190 (1974)

Distribution of ammonia and methylamine between mitochondria and suspension medium
, Febs Letters 19(3): 214-216 (1971)

Distribution of ammonia between cerebro spinal fluid and blood in pulmonary emphysema
, Clinical Research 20(5): 887 (1972)

Distribution of ammonium in the renal tissues
, Indian Journal of Physiology and Allied Sciences 27(4): 137-141 (1973)

Distribution of amphibia in the southern taiga and the subtaiga forests of the ob river region ussr
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 51(6): 929-932 (1972)

Distribution of ampicillin in human whole blood
, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 30(11): 730-731 (1978)

Distribution of an endemic population of the gipsy moth trees
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 48(6): 850-859 (1969)

Distribution of an inhibitor of proteolytic enzymes contrical in intact and burned rats
, Patologicheskaya Fiziologiya i Eksperimental'naya Terapiya (3): 21-27 (1974)

Distribution of anaerobic bacteria isolated from the area around syowa station in the antarctic
, Antarctic Record 59: 125-137 (1977)

Distribution of anaerogeny and immobility in escherichia coli
, Zentralblatt fuer Bakteriologie Parasitenkunde Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene Erste Abteilung Originale Reihe A Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Parasitologie 226(3): 336-342 (1974)

Distribution of anaplasma ovis
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Kazakhskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskaya (2): 56-63 (1973)

Distribution of anchoveta engraulis ringens in relation to the environment
, Investigacion Pesquera 35(1): 113-126 (1971)

Distribution of anencephalic incidence in japan
, Japanese Journal of Human Genetics 20(4): 279 (1976)

Distribution of anionic sites in normal and nephrotic glomerular basement membranes
, Journal of Cell Biology 70(2 PT 2): 92A (1976)

Distribution of anisakinae larvae in marine fishes caught from east and south china sea
, Japanese Journal of Parasitology 19(4): 339 (1970)

Distribution of anopheles sinensis in tohoku and hokkaido japan
, Medical Entomology and Zoology 24(4): 306 ( 1974)

Distribution of anotopterus pharao in the north atlantic and comparison of specimens of anotopterus pharao from the western atlantic with those from other areas
, Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 27(3): 499-512 (1970)

Distribution of anti diuretic hormone isoproterenol and parathyroid hormone sensitive adenylate cyclases in proximal and distal segments of the rat kidney cortex
, Federation Proceedings 36(3): 592 (1977)

Distribution of anti immuno globulin g determines whether or not bone marrow derived lymphocytes are ingested by macrophages
, Journal of Cell Biology 67(2 Part 2): 145A (1975)

Distribution of anti lymphocyte globulin iodine 125 in the organism with special respect to the lymphatic system
, Gruwez, J A (Ed ) Abstracts Third International Congress Of Lymphology, August 27-September 1, , Brussels, Belgium Iv + 189 P Illus 97 (1970)

Distribution of anti lymphocytic globulin and anti lymphocytic serum with different methods of administration
, Eksperimental'Naya Khirurgiya I Anesteziologiya: 12-18 (1973)

Distribution of anti streptococcal and anti cardial antibodies in various classes of immuno globulins during rheumatism
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii I Immunobiologii: 5-136 (1974)

Distribution of anti viral and cell growth inhibitory effect of highly purified interferon obtained by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis
, Foldes, I And M Talas (Ed ) Interferon And Interferon Inducers Conference Tihany, Hungary, Sept 12-14, 1974 236p Illus Hungarian Academy Of Sciences: Budapest, Hungary 126-135 (1976)

Distribution of anti viral preparation carbon 14 oxoline in the animal organism
, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal (English Translation of Khimiko-Farmatsevticheskii Zhurnal) 11(9 Part 1): (1978) (1977)

Distribution of antibiotic resistant intestinal bacteria in pigs
, Bundesgesundheitsblatt 15(23-24): 349-350 (1972)

Distribution of antibiotic resistant shigella in tadzhikistan
, Publikatsiya Dushanbinskogo Instituta Epidemiologii i Gigieny (44): 187-189 (1971)

Distribution of antibiotics in the body
, Hinyokika Kiyo. Acta Urologica Japonica 16(6): 249-250 (1970)

Distribution of antibiotics in the tissues
, Concours Medical 91(21): 4442-4446 (1969)

Distribution of antibodies against double helical rna and ribosomal rna in patients with allergies rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritis
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 79(4): 440-442 (1975)

Distribution of antibodies in dogs against adeno associated satellite virus associated with infectious canine hepatitis virus and serological typing of the satellite virus
, Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research 2: 40-41 (1971)

Distribution of antibodies to common tumor associated antigens in cancer and noncancer sera
, Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research 18: 184 (1977)

Distribution of antibodies to epstein barr virus in children
, Journal Of The Wakayama Medical Society: 334-335 (1972)

Distribution of antibodies to epstein barr virus in various american population groups
, Presbyterian-St Luke's Hospital Medical Bulletin 8(3): 86-90 (1969)

Distribution of antibodies to epstein barr virus in various american population groups abstract infectious mononucleosis
, Bacteriological Proceedings 69: 178-179 (1969)

Distribution of antibodies to native dna single stranded dna and double stranded rna in mouse and human serums measured by hem agglutination
, Federation Proceedings 29(2): 492 (1970)

Distribution of antibodies to native dna single stranded dna and double stranded rna in mouse sera
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 136(3): 711-714 (1971)

Distribution of antibody forming cells and antigen in the canine lung after intra venous or intra pulmonary immunization
, American Review of Respiratory Disease 109(6): 723 (1974)

Distribution of antigen fragments of immuno globulin g among the nucleotides of rna
, Experientia 29(2): 209 (1973)

Distribution of antigen on sensitized rat mast cells under conditions of active and inhibited histamine release
, Federation Proceedingspart 1: 752 (1974)

Distribution of antigen used to induce active enhancement of allo grafts
, Federation Proceedings: 1290 (1977)

Distribution of antigenic determinants in collagen molecules of rat and man
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 49(6): 59A (1970)

Distribution of antigenic markers of ligandine and alpha feto protein differentiation at early stages of chemical carcinogenesis in rat liver
, Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk SSSR 3: 39-41 (1977)

Distribution of antigenicity of sea urchin eggs and tissue
, Zoological Magazine 81(4): 280 (1972)

Distribution of antigens of the lewis and p blood group systems among the armenian population of yerevan
, Problemy Gematologii i Perelivaniya Krovi 19(4): 48 (1974 )

Distribution of antigens reactive with rabbit anti rat thymic cell anti serum
, Federation Proceedings 30(2): 690 (1971)

Distribution of antigens required for production of heterologous anti lymphocyte serum and plasma having immuno suppressive properties
, Regamey, R H (Ed ) Symposia Series in Immunobiological Standardization, Vol 16 International Symposium on Antilymphocyte Serum X+404p Illus S Karger: Basel, Switzerland (Dist in U S A By Albert J Phiebig, White Plains, N Y ) 87-92 (1970)

Distribution of appendicularia in central indian ocean indian ocean international expedition cruise no 5 of anton bruun february march april 1964
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 274(17): 2537-2540 (1972)

Distribution of apple leaf miner pupae in the soil
, Trudy Instituta Zashchity Rastenii Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi SSR 23: 47-49 (1972)

Distribution of aquatic macrophytes related to paper mill effluents in a southern michigan stream
, American Midland Naturalist 91(2): 271-281 (1974)

Distribution of aquatic phycomycetes in antarctica
, Virginia Journal of Science 23(3): 123 (1972)

Distribution of arbovirus antigens in density gradients
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 136(4): 1340-1346 (1971)

Distribution of arctic alpine lycaena phlaeas lycaenidae in north america with designation of a new subspecies
, Bulletin of the Allyn Museum (18): 1-13 (1974)

Distribution of arginase in bacteria
, Laboratornoe Delo 1: 50-53 (1971)

Distribution of argyrophil and argentaffin cells in the large intestine of the rabbit
, Journal of the Anatomical Society of India 27(1): 30 (1978)

Distribution of argyrophil cells in adult human lungs
, Archives of Pathology 96(3): 198-202 (1973)

Distribution of arsenic cadmium lead zinc copper and manganese contained in the bottom sediment of lake biwa japan
, Japanese Journal of Limnology 36(1): 6-15 (1975)

Distribution of articulated coralline algae on african coasts
, Journal Of Phycologypl: 10 (1973)

Distribution of aryl sulfatase c in sub cellular membranes of rat liver
, Biochemical Journal 118(2): 22P (1970)

Distribution of ascaris lumbricoides necator americanus and trichuris trichiura in 6 villages of the ivory coast
, Rapport Final de la Conference Technique de l'OCEAC (Organisation de Coordination pour la Lutte Contre les Endemies en Afrique Centrale) (1): 130-141 (1978)

Distribution of ascorbic acid in chick embryo during development
, Zoological Magazine 81(4): 262 (1972)

Distribution of ascorbic acid in the sex organs of boars of the white breed
, Ceskoslovenska Fysiologie 19(3): 152 (1970)

Distribution of ascorbic acid metabolites and analogs in man and animals
, Transactions of the New York Academy of Science 36(8): 813 (1974)

Distribution of aspartate amino transferase in the hippocampal region of the guinea pig part 1 entorhinal area parasubiculum presubiculum and subiculum
, Zeitschrift Fuer Zellforschung Und Mikroskopische Anatomie: 209-219 (1972)

Distribution of aspartate amino transferase within nephrons of young rats and adult rats
, Federation Proceedings 31(2): 487 (1972)

Distribution of aspartate carbamoyl transferase ec in the accessory sexual male organs and its regulation by androgens
, Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 79(5): 1045-1046 (1971)

Distribution of aspergillus niger in the soil of the krasnodar krai and some properties of the isolated strains
, Trudy Kubanskogo Sel'skokhozyaistvennogo Instituta 51(79): 23-29 (1972)

Distribution of assimilated copper and iron
, Journal of Animal Science 39(1): 191 (1974)

Distribution of assimilates in allium proliferum
, Fiziologiya i Biokhimiya Kul'turnykh Rastenii 3(6): 628-631 (1971)

Distribution of astragalus dasyanthus in the ukraine and moldavia protection and enrichment of its reserves
, Ukrayins'kyi Botanichnyi Zhurnal 28(6): 718-720 (1971)

Distribution of asynaptic regions of homologues in salivary gland x chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR Seriya Biologiya 221(2): 463-466 (1975)

Distribution of atlantic mackerel in international commission for northwest atlantic fisheries subarea 5 and statistical area 6 based on research vessel spring bottom trawl surveys 1968 76
, International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Selected Papers (2): 33-44 (1977)

Distribution of atmospheric mercury species near ground
, Environmental Science and Technology 8(12): 1003-1009 (1974)

Distribution of atp in the muscle cell
, Kalikasan 1(1): 54-60 (1972)

Distribution of atp inhibited rnase in bacteria
, Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 37(11): 2595-2601 (1973)

Distribution of atpase activities in bovine ocular tissues
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science (Suppl.): 211 (1978)

Distribution of atpases activated by calcium and magnesium ions in the morphological structures of the cilia of the infusorium tetrahymena pyriformis
, Doklady Biochemistry 209(1-6): 122-125 (1973)

Distribution of autonomic fibers to pelvic perineal viscera of the human male
, Anatomical Record 190(2): 475 (1978)

Distribution of autonomic nerves to the canine heart
, American Journal of Physiology 218(4): 1025-1029 (1970)

Distribution of autotrophic nitrifying bacteria in a polluted river passaic
, Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 73: 60 (1973)

Distribution of axonal and glial elements in the rhesus optic nerve head studied by electron microscopy
, American Journal of Ophthalmology 82(2): 179-187 (1976)

Distribution of azo carcinogen binding protein in the organs of rats and mice
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 73(6): 687-690 (1972)

Distribution of b chromosomes and development of inflorescences in crepis capillaris d
, Bulletin de la Societe Botanique Suisse 80: 194-224 (1971)

Distribution of bacterio phage causal agents of legume bacterioses from the genus pseudomonas in the rhizosphere of agricultural plants
, Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 34(4): 518-520 (1972)

Distribution of bacteriocin production among group a hemolytic streptococci
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 71(6): 661-663 (1971)

Distribution of balantidiasis review of national and foreign literature for 110 years 1857 1966
, Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni 38(5): 598-606 (1969)

Distribution of balanus improvisus along the norwegian coast
, Rhizocrinus 1(7): 1-6 (1972)

Distribution of balanus nauplii larva in the western part of the central caspian sea
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Azerbaidzhanskoi Ssr Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk: 101 (1972)

Distribution of baleen whales in the southern hemisphere
, U S Government Research and Development Reports 70(12): 48 (1970)

Distribution of barley black smut in the ussr
, Mikologiya I Fitopatologiya: 216-218 (1973)

Distribution of barley proteases and barley malt in anatomical parts
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