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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 26472

Chapter 26472 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hurevych, M.I.; Mansurov, T., 1972:
Effect of exercise on hemodynamics in dogs with acute arterial hypertension

Buuck, R.J., 1978:
Effect of exercise on hypertension

Koivisto, V.A.; Soman, V.; Grantham, P.; Felig, P., 1978:
Effect of exercise on insulin binding to monocytes in nonobese and obese subjects

Murata, H.; II.M.; Asano, K.; Toyama, H.; Kawagichi, S.; Chiba, K.; Yamada, H.; Matsui, K., 1978:
Effect of exercise on left ventricular performance comparison between athletes and nonathletes

McKeown, B.A.; John, T.M.; George, J.C., 1974:
Effect of exercise on levels of plasma growth hormone, free fatty acids, and glucose in the pigeon

Gupta, H.C.; Khan, I.A., 1972:
Effect of exercise on maximum voluntary ventilation in male athletes and nonathletes

Meszaros, J.; Frenkl, R.; Than, T.H.; Gyore, A.; Pavlik, G., 1978:
Effect of exercise on performance and oxygen consumption in the albino rat

Garratt, C.J.; Butterfield, W.J.H.; Abrams, M.E.; Sterky, G.; Whichelow, M.J., 1971:
Effect of exercise on peripheral uptake of iodine 131 iodo insulin and glucose in nondiabetics

Warlow, C.P.; Ogston, D., 1974:
Effect of exercise on platelet count, adhesion, and aggregation

Salehbhai, M.; Lee, M.; Strong, W.B., 1975:
Effect of exercise on premature ventricular beats in children

Zivný, J.; Trávnícek, T.; Neuwirt, J., 1971:
Effect of exercise on production of erythropoietin in normal and hypoxic rats

Austin, P., 1973:
Effect of exercise on red cell 2 3 di phospho glycerate

Leon, A.S.; Thomas, P.E.; Sernatinger, E.; Kwok, P.W.; Taylor, H.L., 1974:
Effect of exercise on serum dopamine beta hydroxylase activity

Ylitalo, P.; Hinkka, H.; Neuvonen, P.J., 1976:
Effect of exercise on serum drug levels in volunteers

Roundy, E.S.; Fisher, G.A.; Anderson, S., 1978:
Effect of exercise on serum lipids and lipo proteins

Tandon, G.K.; Negi, V.K.; Pant, M.C.; Sriwastawa, S.S.L.; Arora, S.R.; Mehrotra, H.N., 1976:
Effect of exercise on serum proteins and nonprotein nitrogenous compounds

Syrový, I.; Gutmann, E.; Melichna, J., 1972:
Effect of exercise on skeletal muscle myosin ATP-ase activity

Radhakrishnamurthy, K.; Saxena, I., 1978:
Effect of exercise on the activities of sarcolemmal atpase cardiac muscle in rats

Selidzhanova, V.M., 1971:
Effect of exercise on the blood clotting system in various function states of the sympathetic nervous system in an experiment

Pesic, V.; Ojkic, B.; Savic, N., 1971:
Effect of exercise on the forced expiratory volume in 1 second in asthmatic and nonasthmatic children

Avramov, R.; Brdaric, R.; Geremic, D.; Chen, S.C.; Patrick, J.R., 1972:
Effect of exercise on the metabolism of cortico steroids

Jezek, V.; Schrijen, F., 1971:
Effect of exercise on the pulmonary vascular bed

Poortmans, J.R., 1972:
Effect of exercise on the renal clearance of amylase and lysozyme in humans

Few, J.D., 1974:
Effect of exercise on the secretion and metabolism of cortisol in man

Bainton, C.R., 1972:
Effect of exercise on the ventilatory response to infused lactic acid and bi carbonate in 3 dogs

Story, J.A.; Griffith, D.R., 1974:
Effect of exercise on thyroid hormone secretion rate in aging rats

Winder, W.W.; Heninger, R.W., 1971:
Effect of exercise on tissue levels of thyroid hormones in the rat

Pande, J.N.; Bhasin, V.; Gupta, S.P.; Guleria, J.S., 1974:
Effect of exercise on ventilation and gas exchange in normal subjects and in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease

Pfeffer, M.A.; Ferrell, B.A.; Pfeffer, J.M.; Weiss, A.K.; Fishbein, M.C.; Frohlich, E.D., 1978:
Effect of exercise on ventricular morphology and pumping ability on normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Rosenfeld, R.; Rosenfeldová, A.; Steiglová, J.; Kvapilová, I., 1973:
Effect of exercise or acceleration on calcium metabolism in rats

Tandon, H.C.; Kapoor, S.R.; Bhatnagar, V.M., 1976:
Effect of exercise stress on plasma cortisol in untrained young human males and females

Kapeliovich, R.L.; Povorinskaya, K.V., 1971:
Effect of exercise therapy on indices of the external respiration and acid base balance in patients with myasthenia

Zubenko, A.P., 1972:
Effect of exercise therapy on rheographic indices in patients with burns

Sopina, N.V., 1970:
Effect of exercise therapy on the blood coagulation properties in a combined treatment of patients with coronary athero sclerosis

Huston, R.L.; Dohm, G.L.; Boyd, J.B.; Askew, E.W., 1972:
Effect of exercise training and exhaustion upon mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle

Melish, J.; Bronstein, D.; Gross, R.; Dann, D.; White, J.; Hunt, H.; Brown, W.V., 1978:
Effect of exercise training in type ii hyper lipo proteinemia

Edmiston, K., 1978:
Effect of exercise training on myo cardial function and hypertrophy

Smith, D.C.; El-Hage, A., 1978:
Effect of exercise training on the chronotropic response of isolated rat atria to atropine

Sly, R.M.; Joseph, F.; Johnson, C.M., 1973:
Effect of exercise upon plasma cortisol and airway obstruction in asthmatic children

Henriksen, O.; Sejrsen, P., 1976:
Effect of exercise upon sub cutaneous blood flow

Simonelli, C.; Eaton, R.P., 1977:
Effect of exercise vs drugs on hepatic tri glyceride production in the hyper lipemic rat

Kawamura, H., 1974:
Effect of exercising on achilles tendon reflex

Terjung, R.L.; Klinkerfuss, G.H.; Baldwin, K.M.; Winder, W.W.; Holloszy, J.O., 1973:
Effect of exhausting exercise on rat heart mitochondria

Novikova, S.I.; Bondarchuk, A.A.; Koval, E.Z.; Vasilenko, G.D., 1969:
Effect of exo enzymes and endo enzymes of fusarium moniliforme on solid paraffin inst thin layer chromatography inst gas liquid chromatography

Pavlov, A.D.; Morshchakova, E.F., 1972:
Effect of exogenic erythropoietin on synthesis of rna in rabbit bone marrow

Parteshko, V.G.; Pavlovskaya, M.S.; Lesyuis, A.A., 1973:
Effect of exogenic lipid per oxides on the content of vitamin b in the liver of animals

Dorofeev, V.M.; Khnychev, S.S., 1970:
Effect of exogenic serotonin on the aggregation of blood platelets and some blood coagulation indices in experimental acute radiation sickness

Pyrozhenko, S.U. , 1972:
Effect of exogenic sugars on growth and content of poly saccharide fractions in cultures of microcystis aeruginosa

Rowan, D.; Meacham, T.N., 1970:
Effect of exogenous acth on ceruloplasmin level in rabbit serum

Segura, E.; Roussel, J.D.; Satterlee, D., 1975:
Effect of exogenous acth under 3 environments on thyroid activity in dairy heifers

Prozorovskaya, M.P.; Pertseva, M.N., 1971:
Effect of exogenous adrenaline on catecholamine content of skeletal muscles of chick embryos and chicks

Kuz'menko M.I.; Saenko, N.A., 1975:
Effect of exogenous amino acids and organic acids on synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates in nostoc muscorum

Smirnova, N.N., 1975:
Effect of exogenous amino acids on productivity of certain higher hydrophytes

Dabrowski, R., 1969:
Effect of exogenous and endogenous histamine on the formation and polymerization of collagen in healing wounds of guinea pig

Villanueva, M.L.; Hedo, J.A.; Castillo Olivares, J.; Marco, J., 1978:
Effect of exogenous and endogenous hyper glycemia on human pancreatic poly peptide secretion

Konturek, S.J.; Gabrys, B.; Dubiel, J., 1969:
Effect of exogenous and endogenous secretin on gastric and pancreatic secretion in cats

Konturek, S.; Dubiel, J.; Gabrys, B., 1969:
Effect of exogenous and endogenous secretin on gastric secretion and development of experimental peptic ulcers induced with penta gastrin

V.P.B.luda; V.M.D.rofeev; S.S.K.nychev, 1969:
Effect of exogenous and endogenous serotonin on hemostasis

Johnson, D.C.; Naqvi, R.H., 1969:
Effect of exogenous androgen on the steelman pohley assay for follicle stimulating hormone rat ovine testosterone proprionate hormone

Majumder, P.K.; Sinha, G.C.; Singh, R.N., 1970:
Effect of exogenous application of alpha naphthyl acetic acid on mango d mangifera indica d malformation

Mohan, S., 1973:
Effect of exogenous ascorbic acid on growth and in vitro production of ascorbic acid in sesamum indicum

Minami, M.; Saito, H.; Nakamura, K.; Ishizaki, T.; Monma, Y.; Tanabe, T., 1969:
Effect of exogenous atp on the cardio vascular action of cardiac glycosides in guinea pigs

Hempling, H.G., 1969:
Effect of exogenous atp on the volume of neopl ta 3 ascites tumor cells

Pereznegovskaya, L.N.; Smorodin, V.V.; Smorodin, A.V.; Gusev, I.F., 1976:
Effect of exogenous atropine on growth processes and biosynthetic aptitude of datura inoxia indian thorn apple tissue culture

Ohgawara, H.; Tasaka, Y.; Kosaka, K.; Shizume, K., 1974:
Effect of exogenous bonito insulin on endogenous insulin secretion in dogs

Mueller, G.L., 1969:
Effect of exogenous calcium upon ultimobranchial and parathyroid activity in the chick

Mark, V.H.; Takada, I.; Tsutsumi, H.; Takamatsu, H.; Toth, E.; Mark, D.B., 1975 :
Effect of exogenous catecholamines in the amygdala of a 'rage' cat

Mizejewski, G.J., 1972:
Effect of exogenous cholesterol on the uptake of human chorionic gonadotropin in the mouse ovary

Abraham, G.E.; Chakmakjian, Z.H.; Buster, J.E.; Marshall, J.R., 1974:
Effect of exogenous conjugated estrogen on plasma gonadotropins and ovarian steroids during the menstrual cycle

Bradley, A.J.; McDonald, I.R.; Lee, A.K., 1975:
Effect of exogenous cortisol on mortality of a dasyurid marsupial

Hermanyuk, Y.L.; Minchenko, O.H., 1971:
Effect of exogenous cortisol on rna content in mitochondria and their rnase activity in intact albino rat organs

Buster, J.E.; Abraham, G.E.; Killam, A.P.; Marshall, J.R., 1975:
Effect of exogenous cortisol succinate on maternal plasma levels of estriol and 16 alpha hydroxy progesterone during premature labor

Koumas, P.C.; Jay, A.E., 1977:
Effect of exogenous cyclic amp on body and organ weights of the rat

Maxa, E.L.; Jay, A.E., 1977:
Effect of exogenous cyclic gmp on body and organ weights of the rat

Mishke, I.V.; Pevznere, D.I.; Alehina, N.A., 1977:
Effect of exogenous cyto kinins upon epiphytic and rhizospheric micro flora and possible pathways of their microbiological transformation

Holubtseva, M.V., 1971:
Effect of exogenous cytochrome c on oxidation of pyridine nucleotides by liver mitochondria in albino rats of different ages

Slepneva, L.V.; Krivoruchko, B.I., 1974:
Effect of exogenous cytochrome C on oxidative phosphorylation in the liver of rats with acute toxic hepatitis

Gahan, P.B.; Perry, I.J.; Stroun, M.; Anker, P., 1974:
Effect of exogenous dna on acid dnase activity in intact roots of vicia faba

V.B.Shorokhova, 1976:
Effect of exogenous dna on content and biosynthesis of endogenous dna in rat bone marrow

Golyshev, E.P.; Rubachev, P.G.; Uspenskaya, M.S., 1974:
Effect of exogenous dna on dna synthesis activity in radio sensitive tissues of irradiated rats

Berdyshev, G.D.; Masyuk, A.I., 1974:
Effect of exogenous dna on the body and eukaryotic cells

Babushkina, A.G., 1971:
Effect of exogenous DNA on thrombopoiesis in irradiated animals

French, C.J.; Pecket, R.C.; Smith, H., 1974:
Effect of exogenous dopa and tyrosine on amaranthin synthesis and pigment type in amaranthus caudatus

Zanjani, E.D.; Gordon, A.S., 1969:
Effect of exogenous erythropoietin hormone metab on the endogenous production of the erythrocyte stimulating factor and the renal erythropoietic factor abstract rat hypoxia

Fisher, E.R.; Balcerzak, S.P., 1969:
Effect of exogenous erythropoietin on juxtaglomerular cells

Becker, K.L.; Martin, B.; Boukhris, R., 1973:
Effect of exogenous estrogen and progesterone upon sex chromatin frequency

Abraham, G.E.; Maroulis, G.B., 1974:
Effect of exogenous estrogen on plasma dehydroepi androsterone sulfate in post menopausal women

Tsai, P.Y.; Geyer, R.P., 1977:
Effect of exogenous fatty acids on phospho lipid acyl stability in mouse l fibroblasts

Arima, K.; Okazaki, H.; Ono, H.; Yamada, K.; Beppu, T., 1973:
Effect of exogenous fatty acids on the cellular fatty acid composition and neomycin formation in a mutant strain of streptomyces fradiae

Estroumza, J.; Ailhaud, G., 1971:
Effect of exogenous fatty acids on the speed of synthesis of fatty acids in escherichia coli

Vorob'ev V.I.; Ovsyanko, E.P., 1972:
Effect of exogenous forces on contractibility and enzymatic splitting of atp by glycerinated muscle fibers

Odor, D.L., 1971:
Effect of exogenous gonadotropin on the structure of the interstitial cells of the pre pubertal hamster ovary

Garwacki, S.; Kulasek, G.; Barej, W., 1970:
Effect of exogenous growth hormone in heifers given feed with the addition of urea part 1 glucose and free fatty acids in the blood

Barej, W.; Garwacki, S.; Kulasek, G., 1970:
Effect of exogenous growth hormone in heifers given feed with the addition of urea part 2 urea nitrogen and amino acids in plasma and blood cells

Borzenkova, R.A., 1972:
Effect of exogenous growth regulators on translocation of photosynthetic products in potatoes

Chernukh, A.M.; Vyshepan, E.D.; Shukalova, T.F., 1972:
Effect of exogenous hepatic rna on the collagen synthesis in liver on chronic poisoning with carbon tetra chloride

Belous, A.M., 1969:
Effect of exogenous homologous rna and hydrocortisone on the content of collagen and glucosamino glycans in regenerating rat bone

Loreti, L.; Chen, S.; Dunbar, J.C.; Foa, P.P., 1972:
Effect of exogenous insulin on insulin secretion by isolated pancreatic islets of normal and obese hyper glycemic ob ob mice

Kaufman, H.E.; Sugar, J.; Varnell, E.D., 1973:
Effect of exogenous interferon on herpetic keratitis in rabbits and monkeys

Hallum, J.V.; Thacore, H.R.; Youngner, J.S., 1971:
Effect of exogenous interferon on mouse l cells persistently infected with newcastle disease virus

Mifune, K.; Desmyter, J.; Rawls, W.E., 1970:
Effect of exogenous interferon on rubella virus production in carrier cultures of cells defective in interferon production

Came, P.E.; Moore, D.H., 1972:
Effect of exogenous interferon treatment on mouse mammary tumors

Nagano, M.; Kawamura, M., 1977:
Effect of exogenous lactate on the myo cardial function during nonnutrient circulation

Parteshko, V.G., 1969:
Effect of exogenous lipid hydroxy polymers on the tissue phospho lipid and cholesterol level in viscera of experimental animals

Schuster, G.S.; Dirksen, T.R.; Harms, W.S., 1975 :
Effect of exogenous lipid on lipid synthesis by bone and bone cell cultures

Costantino, C.ccarini E.; Suzuki, K., 1975:
Effect of exogenous lipids on membrane bound ceramide glycosyl transferases ec of rat brain

Igarashi, M.; Suzuki, K., 1974:
Effect of exogenous lipids on rat brain cholesterol ester hydrolases

Parteshko, V.G.; Pavlovskaya, M.S.; Lesyuis, A.A., 1973:
Effect of exogenous lipo per oxides on the content of vitamins of the b group in the animal liver

Sergeev, P.V.; Kovalev, I.E.; Ionov, I.D.; Burkin, A.A.; Imambaev, S.E., 1971:
Effect of exogenous lysozyme on the skin homo transplant rejection response and production of circulating antibodies in mice

Rodgers, R.L.; Hisaw, F.L.Jr, 1973:
Effect of exogenous mammalian prolactin on urea and ammonium excretion of 2 species of newt

Bodnaryk, R.P., 1971:
Effect of exogenous molting hormone ecdysterone on beta alanyl l tyrosine metabolism in the larva of the fly sarcophaga bullata

Khavkin, E.E.; Peshkova, A.A.; Reimers, F.E., 1973:
Effect of exogenous nitrogen on activity of nitrate reductase and glutamate dehydrogenase in corn seedling roots

Vikhot, N.E., 1973:
Effect of exogenous nucleases on latent adenovirus infection in human tonsil cells

Chebotarev, E.E.; Pushkar, N.S.; Tsutsaeva, A.A.; Ryabova, E.Z.; Mikulinskii, Y.E.; Gol'tsev A.N.; Drozdova, O.A., 1975:
Effect of exogenous nucleic acids on the re population activity of restored bone marrow

Parteshko, V.G.; Lesyuis, A.A., 1972:
Effect of exogenous phospho lipids on the relation of poly unsaturated fatty acids in blood serum and liver and heart tissues of animals

Doman, D.C.; Geiger, D.R., 1978:
Effect of exogenous potassium on phloem loading and carbohydrate metabolism in leaves of beta vulgaris

Johnsson, I.D.; Hecker, J.F.; Wodzicka-Tomaszewska, M., 1974:
Effect of exogenous progesterone injected within the first 5 days after mating on conception in ewes

Hecker, J.F.; Bray, A.R.; Wodzicka-Tomaszewska, M., 1974:
Effect of exogenous progesterone on the ovarian cycle of ewes

Caton, D.; Abrams, R.M.; Lackore, L.K.; James, G.; Barron, D.H., 1974:
Effect of exogenous progesterone on the rates of uterine blood flow and oxygen consumption of sheep in early pregnancy

Bartha, J., 1976:
Effect of exogenous prostaglandin e 2 on renal function

Farahat, A.A.; Abdo, M.S.; Elshafey, S.; Elmougy, S.A., 1976:
Effect of exogenous prostaglandin f 2 alpha on the male reproductive system of mature rats

Hudz, S.P., 1971:
Effect of exogenous purines on biosynthesis of the inosinic acid precursors by yeast mutants

Smolina, V.S., 1972:
Effect of exogenous purines on the biosynthesis and inter conversion of purine nucleotides in yeast cells

Bekker, M.L.; Luchkina, L.A.; Smolina, V.S., 1971:
Effect of exogenous purines on the biosynthesis and transformations of purine nucleotides in yeast cells

Belous, A.M.; Pankov, E.Y.; Gusakova, V.A.; Savenko, N.F.; Timoshenko, O.P., 1969:
Effect of exogenous rna and inst ultrasound on the healing of bone fractures in rats

A.M.B.lous; E.Y. Pankov; V.A.G.sakova; N.F.S.venko; O.P.T.moshenko, 1969:
Effect of exogenous rna and ultrasound on fracture healing in rats

E.Y. Pankov; N.V.D.dukh, 1970:
Effect of exogenous rna isolated from bones and embryonic tissues on growth of sarcoma m1

Calascibetta, F.M.; Fass, B.; Ochoa, M.Jr, 1972:
Effect of exogenous rnas on the incorporations of phenyl alanine and uridine by intact l 1210 mouse ascites leukemia cells in vitro

Johnson, R.B.; Sabol, J.; McCance, D.M.; Sode, J.; Lukash, W.M., 1971:
Effect of exogenous secretin on serum insulin levels in patients with pancreatic disease

V.M.D.rofeev; S.S.K.nychev, 1970:
Effect of exogenous serotonin on aggregation of blood platelets and some blood clotting indices in acute experimental radiation sickness

Rhodes, M.L.; Patterson, C.E., 1978:
Effect of exogenous super oxide dis mutase on paraquat toxicity

Kumar, P.; Randhawa, D.S.; Dani, H.M., 1978:
Effect of exogenous testosterone on certain hydrolytic enzymes in the male reproductive organs of intact rat

Smith, C.G.; Protch, I., 1972:
Effect of exogenous uracil on soluble rna synthesis in yeast

Bocheva, S.S.; Rudenko, L.P.; Cherevkova, L.V., 1973:
Effect of exogenous urea on amylolytic and proteolytic activities of the fungus aspergillus oryzae

Hibasami, H.; Tanaka, M.; Nagai, J.; Ikeda, T., 1977:
Effect of exogenously added poly amines on growth of bhk cell cultures

Doman, D.C.; Geiger, D.R., 1977:
Effect of exogenously administered potassium on rate of export from leaves of beta vulgaris

Mathur, K.; Poe, C.D., 1978:
Effect of expanded food and nutrition education program on cholesterol levels of hampton county south carolina usa residents

Hebert, L.A.; Riley, A.L.; Itskovitz, H.D., 1975:
Effect of expansion of renal parenchymal volume on renal function studies in the collagenase treated kidney

Warden, J.A.; Rhodes, M.L.; Patterson, C.E., 1978:
Effect of expectorants on paraquat poisoning in rats

Goldstein, S.G.; Kleinknecht, R.A.; Deysach, R.E., 1973:
Effect of experience and amount of information on identification of cerebral impairment

Bagrationi, E.D., 1969:
Effect of experimental acholia on the activity of some blood serum enzymes

Bagrationi, E.D., 1969:
Effect of experimental acholia on the total protein and protein fractions in the blood serum

D.Bois, A.B., 1970:
Effect of experimental airway obstruction on mechanical properties of the lung and chest wall

Artyukhina, N.I.; Khachaturyah, A.A., 1970:
Effect of experimental alcohol poisoning on cortical ultrastructure

Berner, J.; Dziewaltowska, D.; Hans, D., 1970:
Effect of experimental alkalosis on the circulatory system function

Gannushkina, I.V.; Tsaregorodtseva, T.M., 1970:
Effect of experimental allergic encephalo myelitis on the course of head injuries

Popov, A.F., 1974:
Effect of experimental anaerobic intoxication on bio electric processes in the heart based on electro cardiographic data

Nandedkar, A.K., 1974:
Effect of experimental anaphylaxis on tissue lipids in rabbits

Harley, J.D., 1975:
Effect of experimental anemia on the glycolytic enzymes of the erythrocytes of normal and glutathione deficient sheep

Zhukova, S.V.; Voloshyn, P.V.; Starchenko, H.D., 1974:
Effect of experimental burns on the state of the hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal system in rabbits

Ussia, G.; Sama, C.; Festi, D.; Massella, G.; Roda, A.; Morselli, A.; Roda, E.; Cavallari, A., 1978:
Effect of experimental cholestasis on hepatic uptake and metabolism of cholic acid in baboons

da Costa e Silva, A.; Albuquerque, Z.P., 1978:
Effect of experimental chronic renal failure upon the production of urea, as measured by the liver arginase activity in rats

R.B.A.ora; M.T.riq; H.H.S.ddiqui, 1971 :
Effect of experimental cold injury on the levels of blood lipids cortisol and glucose in monkeys

Moschos, C.B.; Lahiri, K.; Manskopf, G.; Oldewurtel, H.A.; Regan, T.J., 1973:
Effect of experimental coronary thrombosis upon platelet kinetics

Suvanto, O.; Kormano, M., 1970:
Effect of experimental cryptorchidism and cadmium injury on the spontaneous contractions of the seminiferous tubules of the rat testis

Ewing, L.L.; Irby, D.C.; Johnson, B.H.; Chubb, C., 1973:
Effect of experimental cryptorchidism for 18 days on androgen secretion by perfused rabbit testes

Ishibe, T., 1971:
Effect of experimental cryptorchidism on the enzyme levels of testis prostate and serum

Waldman, J.D.; Norwood, C.R.; Norwood, W.I.; Castaneda, A.R., 1977:
Effect of experimental cyanosis on platelet survival

Bibel, D.J.; Lebrun, J.R., 1974:
Effect of experimental dermatophyte infection on cutaneous flora

Wool, I.G., 1975:
Effect of experimental diabetes and insulin on phosphorylation of rat liver ribosomal protein s 6

Sulimovici, S.; Pfeifer, R.F.; Roginsky, M.S., 1978:
Effect of experimental diabetes in rats on liver 25 hydroxylation of vitamin d 3

Peterson, D.T.; Greene, W.C.; Reaven, G.M., 1971:
Effect of experimental diabetes mellitus on kidney ribosomal protein synthesis

Tragl, K.H.; Reaven, G.M., 1971:
Effect of experimental diabetes mellitus on protein synthesis by liver ribosomes

Ackerman, D.M.; Leibman, K.C., 1975:
Effect of experimental diabetes on drug metabolism

Arvanitakis, C.; Folscroft, J.; Stitt, G., 1978:
Effect of experimental diabetes on intestinal peptidases in the rat

Rishi, S.; Golob, E.; Becker, K.L., 1969:
Effect of experimental diabetes on pancreatic insulin content of the fetal rat

Peterson, D.T., 1971:
Effect of experimental diabetes on protein synthesis in rat kidneys

Arnqvist, H.J.; Dahlkvist, H.H., 1978:
Effect of experimental diabetes on substrate oxidation in rat aorta

Harada, K.; Nagano, T.; Mutsuda, T.; Saitoh, K.; Miki, H.; Saoyama, N.; Hamaguchi, N.; Inoue, K., 1977:
Effect of experimental endo toxin shock on the systemic circulation

Misra, N.K.; Prasad, H.N., 1977:
Effect of experimental hemorrhage in the hypothalamus upon electro cardiogram respiration and blood pressure of dog

Willson, R.A.; Hart, F.E., 1975:
Effect of experimental hepatic injury on microsomal drug metabolizing activity

Brandt, G.; Baessler, R., 1972:
Effect of experimental hyper calcemia induced by di hydro tachy sterol on the secretory activity and the pattern of calcification in the mammary gland light microscopic electron microscopic and chemical analytical investigations

Costrini, N.V.; Whalen, G.E.; Ganeshappa, K.P.; Soergel, K.H., 1971:
Effect of experimental hyper insulinemia on human intestinal glucose sodium and water absorption

Kobayashi, M.; Olefsky, J.M., 1977:
Effect of experimental hyper insulinemia on insulin binding and glucose transport in isolated adipocytes

Blanco, I.; Rodergas, E.; Picatoste, F.; Sabria, J.; Garcia, A., 1978:
Effect of experimental hyper thyroidism and hypo thyroidism on neo natal rat brain histamine levels

Kuz'mak N.I., 1974:
Effect of experimental hyper thyroidism and hypo thyroidism on the ceruloplasmin content in rat blood serum

Blazsovszky, M.; Papp, G.; Szekeres, L., 1978:
Effect of experimental hyper thyroidism on heterotopic pacemaker activity and other electro physiological features of the heart

Shafrir, E.; Biale, Y., 1970:
Effect of experimental hyper tri glyceridemia on tissue and serum lipo protein lipase activity

Kazymirko, E.I., 1972:
Effect of experimental hypo thermia on trace element content in rabbit brain tissue

Tolloczko, A.; Niewiarowski, S.; Myśliwiec, M., 1969:
Effect of experimental ileus on blood coagulability of peripheral venous and portal blood in dogs

Sonea, S., 1971:
Effect of experimental infection with plasmodium berghei or plasmodium vinckei on gastro intestinal motility of mice

Reaven, G.M.; Greene, W.; Peterson, D.T., 1971:
Effect of experimental insulin deficiency on protein synthesis by kidney ribosomes

Mel Man, E.P.; Mints, S.M.; Gritsulyak, B.V.; Zbirak, N.P.; Shubinets, M.V., 1969:
Effect of experimental ischemia of the thymus and testicles on the dynamics of histochemical shifts in the hypophysis

Egelberg, J., 1971:
Effect of experimental leukopenia on chronic gingival inflammation in dogs part 2 induction of leukopenia by heterologous anti neutrophil serum

Wigle, R.D.; Fritts, H.W.Jr, 1971:
Effect of experimental lung disease on pulmonary gas exchange in dogs

Nagy, Z.; Jellinek, H.; Veress, B.; Kóczé, A.; Bálint, A.; Solti, F., 1969:
Effect of experimental lymph congestion on coronary artery permeability in the dog

Attström, R.; Egelberg, J., 1969:
Effect of experimental neutropenia on gingival inflammation in dogs

Andersen, L.; Attström, R.; Fejerskov, O., 1978:
Effect of experimental neutropenia on oral wound healing in guinea pigs

Orlov, L.L.; Tamarkina, A.D.; Shifrin, E.G.; Levchuk, V.P.; Zheltikov, N.V., 1969:
Effect of experimental over exertion on the right cardiac regions on enz creatinine phospho kinase and enz lactate dehydrogenase activity in the myo cardium dog

Tsakiris, A.G.; Rastelli, G.C.; Amorim, D.de.S.; Titus, J.L.; Wood, E.H., 1970:
Effect of experimental papillary muscle damage on mitral valve closure in intact anesthetized dogs

Seaman, G.R., 1972:
Effect of experimental parasitism of tetrahymena on pathways of serine biosynthesis

Pereira, W.; Carr, F.; Benesova, H.; Huber, G., 1975:
Effect of experimental prophylactic and therapeutic steroid administration on the course of oxygen toxicity

Gyimesi, J.; Zelles, T.; Keszler, P., 1974:
Effect of experimental removal of molars on gastric and submaxillary salivary secretion in the rat

Rudnev, M.I.; Zadorozhnaya, T.D., 1971:
Effect of experimental renal hypertension on the course of pregnancy and on morphological changes in organs of gravid animals and their fetuses

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Effect of experimental saline lavage on pulmonary mechanics and morphology

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Effect of experimental sensory deprivation on going to sleep

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Effect of experimental surgery on mandibular growth in Syrian hamsters

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Effect of experimental thyro toxicosis on the development of compensatory hypertrophy of the adrenals

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Effect of experimental trauma on dog spinal cord energy state

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Effect of experimental uterine ischemia during the development of utero placental circulation on embryonic growth

Staszyc, J., 1971:
Effect of experimental vagotomy on the cyto physiology of the entero chromaffin cells

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Effect of experimentally induced anemia on the testicular activity of toad bufo melanostictus

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Effect of experimentally induced iron deposits on nervous tissue in vitro

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Effect of experimentally induced seizures on some amino acids and ammonia in rat brain

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Effect of experimentally induced thyroiditis on biosynthesis of thyroxine in rats

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Effect of expiratory flow rate on emptying of lung regions

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Effect of expiratory resistance on renal circulation in dogs

Mochalova, I.N.; Mikhaleva, N.P.; Ivanov, I.I., 1969:
Effect of exposing an area of the heart to hard braking radiation having a limited energy of 4.3 mev on the enzyme activity of the myo cardium and blood serum of the rabbit

Partskhaladze, N.N., 1971:
Effect of exposing the head to x rays on the delayed reactions of puppies

Martin, P.G., 1971:
Effect of exposure and exposure rate gamma radiation on body organ and cellular growth in pre natally irradiated rats

Martin, P.G., 1971:
Effect of exposure and exposure rate gamma radiation on the brain of the pre natal rat

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Effect of exposure of fresh beef to irradiation on subsequent quality

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Effect of exposure to a single stimulus on transfer of perceptual learning

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Effect of exposure to aerial vibrations of low frequency on nocturnal activity of the rat

Jobin, M.; Ferland, L.; Cote, J.; Labrie, F., 1975:
Effect of exposure to cold on hypothalamic thyrotropin releasing hormone activity and plasma levels of thyrotropin and prolactin in the rat

Krulich, L.; Hefco, E.; Illner, P., 1976:
Effect of exposure to cold or heat on the activity of the pituitary thyroid system

Matsuura, D.T., 1972:
Effect of exposure to heat on the oxygen uptake of the california sea lion

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Effect of exposure to ozone sulfur di oxide and nitrogen di oxide upon the lung histamine content of guinea pigs

Prinsloo, H., 1973:
Effect of exposure to quartz dust in vivo on pentose cycle activity in guinea pig lung

Srisuparbh, K.; Sawyer, W.D., 1972 :
Effect of exposure to the atmosphere on the infectivity of group A streptococci

Singh, J.S., 1969:
Effect of exposures to sub freezing temperature on the survival and subsequent growth of eleusine indica m

Fenner, H.; Damon, R.A.Jr, 1978:
Effect of extended aerobic exposure of chopped forage corn on fermentation pattern of silage

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Effect of extended stay of man in the soyuz 9 simulator on the functional state of the cardio vascular system

Pursel, V.G.; Johnson, L.A., 1975:
Effect of extender components on fertilizing capacity of frozen boar spermatozoa

Valle, R.; Gonzalez Serratos, H.; Cillero, A., 1970:
Effect of extension on the tension developed in the mechanical threshold during contractions produced with potassium

Roslyakov, A.G., 1972:
Effect of extensive gastric resection on the absorption of cobalt 58 labeled vitamin b 12

Dairov, A.B., 1969:
Effect of extensive resection of the small intestine on sucrose activity of the digestive tract of dogs

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Effect of exterior conditions on the stability of chosen plant oils used in the pharmaceutical technology part 2 chromatographic studies of the qualitative and quantitative changes of chosen plant oils during storage

Nowacka Waliszka, A., 1973:
Effect of exterior conditions on the stability of chosen plant oils used in the pharmaceutical technology part 3 influence of the quality of rape oil on the hydrocortisone stability in a made up liniment and on the solubility of salicylic acid in salicylated oil

Adamski, R.; Nowacka Waliszka, A., 1972:
Effect of exterior conditions on the stability of chosen vegetable oils used in pharmaceutical technology part 1 investigations of vegetable oils stored at different conditions by standard methods

Pashchenko, V.P., 1970:
Effect of extermal factors on growth of kidney tissue in culture

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Effect of external ammonia on membrane electrogenesis in nitella

Somers, J.; Moran, E.T.Jr; Reinhart, B.S., 1974:
Effect of external application of pesticides to the fertile egg on hatching success and early chick performance part 2 commercial herbicide mixtures of 2 4 d with picloram or 2 4 5 t using the pheasant

Somers, J.D.; Moran, E.T.Jr; Reinhart, B.S., 1974:
Effect of external application of pesticides to the fertile egg on hatching success and early chick performance part 3 consequences of combining 2 4 d with picloram and extremes in contamination

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Effect of external beta irradiation and x irradiation on transketolase activity of rat skin

Samsonova, T.V., 1975:
Effect of external beta irradiation on morphological structures of the skin

Matyushichev, V.B.; Taratukhin, V.R.; Ashmarin, I.P.; Kuleva, N.V., 1974:
Effect of external beta roentgen irradiation on atpase activity of rat tissues

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Effect of external calcium concentration on potassium induced contracture in single muscle fibers of crayfish with special reference to mechanical activation and inactivation

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Effect of external compression on reactive hyperemia in the isolated fibrillating dog heart

Karpusenka, L.I.; Palilaw, A.I., 1978:
Effect of external conditions on the manifestation of semi auto sterility in wheat cultivars

N.A.K.khanova; P.N.Z.ilin, 1970:
Effect of external environmental temperature on the temperature sensation function

Atamanyuk, D.I.; Dukhovnaya, A.M., 1974:
Effect of external factors on pigment production of actinomyces subflavus strain 434

Frenkel, M.A., 1969:
Effect of external factors on the dna content in macro nuclei of the reproductive cysts of tillina magna ciliata colpodidae

Leinerte, M.P., 1969:
Effect of external gamma irradiation of higher aquatic plants on their accumulation of strontium 90 cesium 137 and cerium 144

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Effect of external lymph drainage and of coumarin treatment on dextran edema

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Effect of external ph and calcium on the electrical activity of an isolated muscle spindle

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Effect of external ph upon the voltage dependent currents of the squid giant axon

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Effect of external potassium and ouabain metab on sodium efflux from frog sartorius muscle

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Effect of external potassium concentration on caffeine contractures in frog toe muscle

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Effect of external potassium ion on the chemo taxis of neutrophils

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Effect of external potassium ions on sodium sodium and sodium potassium exchanges in striated muscle

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Effect of external potassium on potassium 42 efflux from fat cells

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Effect of external resistance on the distribution of ventilation

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Effect of external support on regional alveolar expansion in excised dog lungs

Melamed, L.E.; Halay, M.; Gildow, J.W., 1973:
Effect of external target presence on visual adaptation with active and passive movement

Laufens, G., 1973:
Effect of external temperatures on the activity periodicity of myotis nattereri and myotis bechsteini

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Effect of external whole body beta irradiation on the composition of the peripheral blood of rats

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Effect of externally added ATP on glucose uptake by isolated rat soleus muscle

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Effect of externally added histone on protein synthesis in bacillus cereus

Spiro, M.; Roberts, V.C.; Richards, J.B., 1970:
Effect of externally applied pressure on femoral vein blood flow

Dobrynin, V.P., 1978:
Effect of extirpation of area si on cortical interaction and intra hemispheric relations

Shakuntala, K.; Vijayakumar, S., 1977:
Effect of extirpation of pars distalis on the maintenance of full grown oocytes in rana cyanophlyctis and bufo bufo

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Effect of extirpation of seminal vesicles on the reproductive performance of the male catfish heteropneustes fossilis

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Effect of extirpation of some regions of neocortex on motor alimentary conditioned reflexes and the functional and morphological state of cortical units in rats

Bulbuk, G.A., 1973:
Effect of extirpation of the adrenal glands on changes in parietal hydrolysis of carbohydrates in animals with sarcoma 45 and in case of the action of thio phosphamide and 5 fluoro uracil

Bulbuk, G.A., 1969:
Effect of extirpation of the adrenals and administration of hormonal preparations in intact and adrenalectomized animals on radiation induced changes in the area of the intestinal walls rat deoxy cortico sterone acetate radio protect

Lepekhina, L.M., 1972:
Effect of extirpation of the cervical sympathetic ganglia on formation of the scratch reflex during post natal development in rats

Lepekhina, L.M., 1978:
Effect of extirpation of the cervical sympathetic ganglia on post natal development of the paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus in rats

Lepekhina, L.M., 1975:
Effect of extirpation of the cervical sympathetic ganglia on post natal growth of rats

Lepekhina, L.M., 1978:
Effect of extirpation of the cervical sympathetic ganglia on the development of the hypothalamic supraoptic nucleus of rats during post natal ontogenesis

Nuritdinov, E.N.; Ryabinskaya, E.A., 1973:
Effect of extirpation of the parietal cortex of rats on an analysis of visual and auditory stimuli

Lepekhina, L.M., 1972:
Effect of extirpation of the sympathetic ganglia on establishment of a scratch reflex in rat ontogenesis

Ristum, M., 1970:
Effect of extra discriminative training on the speed of the subsequent reversion in melipona rufiventris

I.P.G.relyuk; S.M.M.nts, 1975:
Effect of extracardiac nerves on the intensity of glycogen metabolism in heart muscle

Scheiwe, M.W.; Nick, H.E., 1977:
Effect of extracellular and intra cellular water distribution on optimal hydroxyethyl starch concentrations for red blood cells at different cooling and thawing rates

Sandrak, N.A., 1972:
Effect of extracellular azotobacter secretions on other microorganisms

Ozawa, Y., 1973:
Effect of extracellular calcium ion on myo cardial contractility especially on the interaction of calcium ion and propranolol

Huang, D., 1974:
Effect of extracellular chondroitin sulfate on cultured chondrocytes

Miller, D.J., 1976:
Effect of extracellular divalent cations and ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethyl ether tetra acetic acid on action potential duration in heart

Tseng, T.C.; Mount, M.S., 1973:
Effect of extracellular enzymes from erwinia carotovora on cucumber protoplasts

Gaar, K.A.Jr; Davis, D.E.; Taylor, A.E., 1976:
Effect of extracellular fluid volume expansion on lung water

Zarkeshev, E.G., 1972:
Effect of extracellular polarization on the neuronal activity of lateral geniculate bodies

Silakov, V.L.; Zarkeshev, E.G., 1973:
Effect of extracellular polarization on unit activity in the lateral geniculate bodies

Cardinal, J., 1977:
Effect of extracellular potassium concentration on the proximal renal tubule perfused in vitro

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Effect of extracellular potassium on the value of the miniature end plate potentials

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Effect of extracellular proteins on the biosynthetic activity of human lymphocytes in vitro

Sandrak, N.A., 1971:
Effect of extracellular secretions of Azotobacter on other microorganisms

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Effect of extracellular volume expansion on phosphate re absorption along the nephron in acutely thyro parathyroidectomized rats

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Effect of extracellular volume expansion on proximal tubular sodium re absorption and distribution of renal blood flow and glomerular filtrate in the dog

Adamenko, M.P., 1974:
Effect of extracorporeal blood flow bulk rate on the results of resuscitation in dogs by donor method

Heilmann, E.; Nordiek, R.; Vogel, M.; Wannenmacher, M., 1977:
Effect of extracorporeal blood irradiation and cytostatics on b bone marrow derived and t thymus derived lymphocytes in patients with chronic lymph adenosis

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Effect of extracorporeal circulation on the organism and principles of adequate perfusion

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Effect of extracorporeal circulation on total body potassium

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Effect of extracorporeal hemo perfusion on carbromal elimination during carbromal intoxication

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Effect of extracorporeal irradiation on blood of normal and leukemic rats

Olsson, Y., 1971:
Effect of extracranial intra cranial vascular bypass graft on experimental acute stroke in the dog

A.N.; Hiramura, K., 1975:
Effect of extract from hepato pancreas on cardiac muscle action potential in crustacea

Jusko Grundboeck, J.; Szewczyk, M., 1969:
Effect of extract from the bursa of fabricius on the sero mucoid blood serum protein and their fractions in the sera of normal and bursectomized chickens

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Effect of extract of different culture filtrates of phialophora cinerescens on the peroxidase activity of lentil root

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Effect of extractable nuclear antigen and anti extractable nuclear antigen on the anti dna reaction in vitro

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Effect of extraction methods on 2 pregnancy related antigenic components of human chorionic gonadotropin preparations

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Effect of extraction methods on completeness of extraction of psoralen from the seeds of coronilla scorpioides

Mousain, D., 1974:
Effect of extracts from ascocarps of tuber melanosporum on mycelial growth of this species in vitro

Kochergina, I.I., 1973:
Effect of extracts from cultivated cells on growth of transplantable human cells of line tg 33

Roshchina, V.D., 1970:
Effect of extracts from dry leaves of trees on the water absorbing capacity and fractional composition of the water of plant tissues

Aizina, A.F., 1973:
Effect of extracts from mycelium of actinomyces griseus 15 on yeast growth

Denisov, A.B., 1973:
Effect of extracts from normal and burned skin on cell division in the corneal epithelium

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Effect of extracts from rabbit leukocytes on levels of acute phase globulins in rat serum

Mironov, V.V.; Shil'nikov N.G., 1972:
Effect of extracts from the hay and roots of bush grass calamagrostis epigeios on pine and spruce under field conditions

Kochergina, I.I., 1972:
Effect of extracts obtained from cultivated cells on the growth of continuous line of human cells tg 33

A.B.Denisov, 1973:
Effect of extracts of normal and burned skin on cell division in the corneal epithelium

S.K.G.vorkyan; V.I.D.rgachev; A.A.Y.rilin; P.P.F.latov, 1976:
Effect of extracts of the spleen on the primary immune response in mice

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Effect of extragastric and truncal vagotomy on pancreatic secretion in the dog

Farthing, G.W., 1976:
Effect of extraneous light on pigeon short term memory

Shreve, W.B.; Wachtel, L.W., 1970:
Effect of extraneous particulate matter on airborne bacteria

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Effect of extraplanar ligands on the redox properties and the site of oxidation in iron, ruthenium, and osmium porphyrin complexes

Vrany, J., 1976:
Effect of extraroot application of nutrient protective agent combinations on saprophytic and phyto pathogenic root micro flora a biological protection against plant root diseases

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Effect of extrastrong pulsed noises on central and peripheral nervous systems

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Effect of extremal factors on the structure of the organs and tissues

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Effect of extremal factors resistance of colpoda maupasi infusoria to low pressure anoxia and intense cooling

É. A.Migas, 1976:
Effect of extremal stimulation on brain level of cyclic amp

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Effect of extreme temperature on the respiratory process of thermophilic plants

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Effect of extreme temperatures on growth of the blue green alga spirulina platensis

Artamonova, G.M., 1975:
Effect of extreme temperatures on tumor cells of phaseolus plants treated with 2 4 d

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Effect of extremely high doses of isoprenaline on bronchial musculature in vitro

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Effect of extrinsic de nervation of the lower end of the esophagus on resting and cholinergic stimulated gastro esophageal sphincter pressure

Verrillo, R.T.; Capraro, A.J., 1975:
Effect of extrinsic noise on vibro tactile information processing channels

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Effect of eye blink on the visual evoked response in children

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Effect of eye movements on backward masking and perceived location

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Effect of eyestalk ablation in long and short photophase on gonad development of palaemon serratus

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Effect of eyestalk extracts on trehalose fructose and glucose in the hemolymph of orconectes limosus

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Effect of eyestalk removal on the rate of oxygen consumption in the crab scylla serrata

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Effect of f 6066 on urine hormone excretion

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Effect of fab fragments of sheep anti digoxin antibody on serum concentrations and urinary excretion of digoxin

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Effect of facial hair on respirator performance

Halliday, G.W., 1976:
Effect of fact valence on drug attitude

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Effect of factor b on the atpase and inorganic phosphate atp exchange activities of membrane protein fractions from atpase complex

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Effect of factor beta trisporic acids on carotenoid formation by the minus strains of blakeslea trispora

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Effect of factorial combinations of nitrogen and potash on wheat

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Effect of factors accompanying canine resuscitation after lethal electro trauma on conditioned reflex activity and some vegetative responses in the post resuscitation period

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Effect of factors causing excitation and inhibition on poly phospho inositide metabolism of the rat liver

Monnier, G.; Jacotot, B.; Beaumont, J.L., 1971:
Effect of factors influencing the res on the turnover of the rat serum cholesterol

Gyulai, E., 1974:
Effect of factors of shape and kinetics on expressivity of figures in motion

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Effect of factors on the biosynthesis of proteolytic enzymes by the fungus ctenomyces sp

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Effect of factors present in pregnancy serum on the electrophoretic mobility and sheep erythrocyte rosettes of peripheral blood lymphocytes

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Effect of fad on the activity of glutathione reductase in human erythrocytes leukocytes and thrombocytes

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Effect of Fagara fagara extract on cell cultures

Miller, H.F., 1969:
Effect of fall vs spring applications of nitrogen on corn m

Paperiello, C.J.; Matuszek, J.M., 1976:
Effect of fallout on measurement of iodine 131 around nuclear reactors

Holmes, D.S.; Frost, R.O., 1976:
Effect of false autonomic feedback on self reported anxiety pain perception and pulse rate

Gefferth, G.; Tarjan, R., 1972:
Effect of faltan on hexo barbital metabolism

Budohoska, W.; Celinski, M.; Grabowska, A.; Jablonowska, K., 1976:
Effect of familiarity of composed patterns on their perceptual difficulty

Kravchenko, L.F.; Shelepova, A.N., 1972:
Effect of fango therapy on the state of the blood parenchyma barrier in patients with infectious nonspecific rheumatoid poly arthritis

Vanek, G., 1972:
Effect of fanleaf virus on the quantity and quality of grape yield and the quality of wine

Deitzer, G.F.; Hayes, R.; Jabben, M., 1977:
Effect of far red light on the photoperiodic induction of flowering in winter barley

Khodzhagel'dyev T., 1971:
Effect of farab mineral waters on the secretory evacuatory function of the stomach of chronic gastritis patients following ingestion

Lazauskas, Y.V.; Nedzinskas, A.P., 1973:
Effect of farming practices on the total plant weight of yellow fodder lupine

Markovskii, A.G.; Sizov, Y.M., 1970:
Effect of farmyard manure and complete mineral fertilizer on the yields of peas d and winter rye m in a 5 crop rotation

Virkkula, L.; Ervasti, O.; Sittnikow, K.; Perttala, Y., 1970:
Effect of fasciectomy and tenotomy on the collateral circulation. Negative result with an experimental decompression trial on the collateral arteries

Zerov, Y.P.; Zelenkova, N.K.; Akimov, A.A.; Seits, I.F., 1975:
Effect of fast electrons on nucleic acid content and rna biosynthesis in cells from ascites tumor nk ly and the spleen of tumor bearing mice

Chaussain, J.L.; Georges, P.; Olive, G.; Job, J.C., 1976:
Effect of fast in normal children influence of age

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Effect of fast neutrons and gamma rays on soy bean d seedling growth and malate dehydrogenase isozyme pattern following seed irradiation

Voitenko, L.M., 1972:
Effect of fast neutrons on clover and pea nodule bacteria

Kem, D.C., 1978:
Effect of fastigial nucleus stimulation of plasma renin activity

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Effect of fastigial nucleus stimulation on conditioned reflexes and delayed responses

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Effect of fastigial stimulation on neuronal activity in the red nucleus

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Effect of fasting and anti lipolytic therapy on plasma cyclic amp concentrations in man

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Effect of fasting and diurnal rhythm on serum lipids in the rat

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Effect of fasting and methyl prednisolone on carbohydrate metabolism in the normal dog

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Effect of fasting and of a low calorie diet on glucagon secretion

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Effect of fasting and of insulin on the activities of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase and fatty acid synthetase of liver and adipose tissue

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Effect of fasting and re feeding high carbohydrate high fat and high protein diets on the activities of some enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in rat kidney

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Effect of fasting and re feeding on lysine levels in blood serum of chicks

Lebas, F., 1969:
Effect of fasting and transport on performances in the slaughter of rabbits 12 weeks old

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Effect of fasting and triamcinolone on the activity of glucogenic and amino acid metabolizing enzymes in spiny mice acomys cahirinus

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Effect of fasting low phosphate and low phosphate and ammonium chloride diets on urinary phosphate and hydrogen ion excretions in hamsters

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Effect of fasting multi parous sows the day of weaning on their reproductive performances

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Effect of fasting on amino acid transport in isolated rat hepatocytes

Reddi, A.S., 1973:
Effect of fasting on amino transferases in frog

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Effect of fasting on aminoacyl transfer rna content in rabbit liver

Gronwall, R.; Cornelius, C.E., 1970:
Effect of fasting on bilirubin metabolism

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Effect of fasting on biological activity of total transfer rna in rat and guinea pig livers

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Effect of fasting on energy reserves of baby pigs

Yang M W.W.; Bensadoun, A., 1975:
Effect of fasting on heart and adipose tissue lipo protein lipase

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Effect of fasting on hepatic ligandin z protein and organic anion uptake in the rat

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Effect of fasting on insulin binding and glucose transport by fat cells

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Effect of fasting on insulin binding to rat hepatocytes

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Effect of fasting on insulin biosynthesis and release

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Effect of fasting on insulin secretion and action

Feldman, J.M.; Lebovitz, H.E., 1970:
Effect of fasting on insulin secretion and action in mice

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Effect of fasting on insulin secretion and glucose metabolism in mouse islets

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Effect of fasting on intestinal drug absorption in the beagle

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Effect of fasting on plasma hormones and metabolites in lean and obese pigs

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Effect of fasting on protein synthesis and transport in frog exocrine pancreatic cells

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Effect of fasting on renal function in rats under unanesthetized conditions

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Effect of fasting on skeletal muscle lack of insulin resistance in vitro

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Effect of fasting on somatostatin and insulin release by isolated rat pancreatic islets

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Effect of fasting on sugar uptake

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Effect of fasting on the content of dna like rna in rat liver cytoplasm

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Effect of fasting on the free organic radical content present in rat liver

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Effect of fasting on the rates of lactate turnover and oxidation in rats

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Effect of fasting re feeding and dietary protein level on uric acid and ammonia content of blood liver and kidney in chickens protein nitrogen metabolism

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Effect of fasting time on respiratory quotient and metabolic rate in geese of different ages

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Effect of fat and protein levels on baby lambs

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Effect of fat cell size on its sensitivity to insulin measured by a new method

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Effect of fat feeding on cholesterol synthesis in man

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Effect of fat or carbohydrate on liver membrane binding of rna

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Effect of fat soluble vitamin a vitamin d and vitamin e on the full physiological value of erythrocytes

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Effect of fat supplements on the metabolism in lactating cows part 2 carbohydrate lipid metabolism in the liver of lactating cows after single administrations of saturated fatty acids

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Effect of fatigue and alcohol on observer perception

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Effect of fatigue on hearing of filtered speech

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Effect of fatigue on the time course of relaxation from isometric contractions of skeletal muscle in man

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Effect of fatness and fresh pork quality on yield and quality of bacon and yield of ham

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Effect of fats and urea on in vitro cellulose digestion

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Effect of fats in the food on the absorption of amino acids in the rat small intestine

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Effect of fattening of female balkhash marinka schizothorax argentatus on viability of progeny

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Effect of fatty acid on the development of mycoplasma

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Effect of fatty acid oxidation on sugar transport in muscle

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Effect of fatty acid replacement

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Effect of fatty acids in the maternal diet on body fat and blood pressure responses in rats fed chronic low levels of ddt

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Effect of fatty acids on carbon source utilization

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Effect of fatty acids on cell growth and foot and mouth disease virus replication

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Effect of fatty acids on growth of pseudomonas aeruginosa in vitro

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Effect of fatty acids on insulin secretion from pieces of pancreas incubated in vitro

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Effect of fatty acids on some properties of fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum

Effect of fatty acids on the activity of bacteriolytic enzymes

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Effect of fatty acids on the adaptation of yeasts to the hydro carbon type of nutrition candida tropicalis inst auto radiography

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Effect of fatty acids on the binding of bilirubin to albumin

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Effect of fatty acids on the mobility and staining characteristics of membrane proteins on poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Effect of fatty acyl chain length on some structural and functional parameters of Acholeplasma membranes

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Effect of fatty supplements on the metabolism in the body of lactating cows part 3 carbohydrate lipid metabolism in the wall of alimentary canal in cows receiving a single dose of unsaturated acids in food

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Effect of fba 260 on the pregnant rat

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Effect of feed concentrate supplementation on the gain of weight in hybrid cattle during drought and subsequent development in the rainy season

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Effect of feed density and calcium particle size on the egg characteristics of leghorn hens during short term heat stress

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Effect of feed intake in early lactation on sow and pig performance

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Effect of feed pelleting on performance of broilers

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Effect of feed ration structure and mineral supplements on quality of wool in sheep

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Effect of feed restriction and ici 33828 methallibure on delaying the sexual maturity and laying performance of meat type pullets

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Effect of feed restriction on ester bound and glyco lipid fatty acids of rat brain

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Effect of feed restriction on growth and semen production in the turkey male

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Effect of feed restriction on pig performances and variations according to sex

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Effect of feed restriction on the performance of barley fed pigs

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Effect of feed withdrawal on serum tri iodo thyronine concentration

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Effect of feeder height and feeding regimens in comparing layer diets

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Effect of feeding 2 levels of concentrate on the rate of gain of zebu heifers during the dry season and on rate of gain during the rainy season

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Effect of feeding a combination of antibiotics at 1 day 2 day or 3 day intervals on incidence of legume d bloat in cattle

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Effect of feeding a mono cereal ration with supplements of dried skim milk or l lysine mono hydro chloride on the performance of sows in the 1st and 3rd pregnancy

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Effect of feeding acetamide on the nitrogen metabolism in sheep

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Effect of feeding acid preserved grains on performance of pigs

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Effect of feeding alfalfa d meals with different saponin levels on performance of laying hens

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Effect of feeding ammoniated sugar beet d pulp and urea on the level of the rumen volatile fatty acids of sheep the digestibility of crude fiber and digestibility of the components of the lignin carbohydrate complex

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Effect of feeding an all meat diet and a high carbohydrate diet on joint disease in the dog

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Effect of feeding and implanting di ethyl stilbestrol to early weaned lambs housed on slotted floors

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Effect of feeding and of ddt on the activity of hepatic glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase in 2 salmonids

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Effect of feeding and of gastrin on the inter digestive myo electrical complex in man

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Effect of feeding area on the green mass yield of yellow fodder lupine

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Effect of feeding arsenic on swine waste composition

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Effect of feeding cadmium and lead on the metal content of liver and kidney of the male rat

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Effect of feeding calf milk replacer added animal fat for holstein bull calves in veal production

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Effect of feeding calves by artificial teats at 2 drinking rates or by bucket

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Effect of feeding carcinogens on the glutathione s transferase and important carcinogen and drug de toxifying enzyme system

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Effect of feeding cholesterol and saturated fat on hepatic lipogenesis in nonobese koletsky rats

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Effect of feeding cholesterol on its distribution in sub cellular structures of the liver in rats of different ages

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Effect of feeding conditions on fecundity and life activity in beetles hylobius abietis

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Effect of feeding conditions on the rate of food consumption and the time of generation in ciliates

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Effect of feeding defatted millet sorghum vulgare flour at different protein levels on phospho lipids of rat liver

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Effect of feeding di ethyl stilbestrol and implanting with di ethyl stilbestrol or zearalanol on lamb performance

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Effect of feeding diets containing bronowski rapeseed meal and faba beans vicia faba on broiler chick performance

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Effect of feeding different levels of broiler litter on performance and health of ewes and their lambs

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Effect of feeding different levels of corn oil on the composition of submandibular salivary gland fatty acids in rats

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Effect of feeding different levels of digestible crude protein on growth of heifers

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Effect of feeding different levels of digestible protein and energy on the growth of calves

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Effect of feeding ethionine on the distribution and metabolism of 1 carbon 14 linoleic acid in the rat liver carcass

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Effect of feeding fasting and re feeding on lipogenesis in ruminants

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Effect of feeding fermented dehydrated poultry waste on body weight gain feed efficiency and meat quality of broiler chick

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Effect of feeding frequencies on plasma tri glycerides and nonesterified fatty acid levels

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Effect of feeding fusarium tricinctum and fusarium roseum isolate oxyrose invaded corn and the purified t 2 myco toxin on single comb white leghorn hens

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Effect of feeding glucose and fructose on the pulmonary fatty acid biosynthesis of diabetic animals

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Effect of feeding high levels of dried whey to growing swine

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Effect of feeding insecticide to cattle on growing and finishing rations

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Effect of feeding interval and diurnal rhythm on bovine serum glucose cholesterol phosphorus and calcium

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Effect of feeding iodide on abomasal secretion of iodide

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Effect of feeding Lactobacillus concentrates on coliform excretion and scouring in swine

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Effect of feeding level on blood circulation respiratory metabolism and lactation in cows

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Effect of feeding linseed oil on the digestibility volatile fatty acid concentration and growth rate of hariana and buffalo calves

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Effect of feeding methionine hydroxy analogue on oxidized flavor development in milk

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Effect of feeding methionine hydroxy analogue to beef and dairy steers

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Effect of feeding mixtures containing tilan pre mix to early weaned pigs

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Effect of feeding of growing sows on sexual maturity and reproductive performances preliminary results

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Effect of feeding of insect growth regulator altosid 5e on tobacco caterpillar spodoptera litura lepidoptera noctuidae

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Effect of feeding on electrical activity of the duodenal smooth muscles in dogs

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Effect of feeding on intra venous glucose tolerance and insulin response in piglets during the 1st day of life

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Effect of feeding on peripheral blood flow in hyaline membrane disease

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Effect of feeding on the content of free amino acids in ruminants blood

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Effect of feeding program during a forced molt on subsequent production

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Effect of feeding protein hydrolysates and amino acids on alpha amino iso butyric acid transport in rat liver slices

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Effect of feeding raw and cooked soybeans and kidney beans and dried poultry waste in corn and rice based diets to laying chickens

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Effect of feeding raw egg white on pyruvate and propionyl coenzyme a carboxylase activities of tissues of the dog

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Effect of feeding regime on growth blood indices and body chemical composition of the young pond carp

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Effect of feeding regimen and egg formation on plasma amino acids in laying hens

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Effect of feeding regimen and environmental temperature on liver fat accumulation and incidence of fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome

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Effect of feeding restricted amounts of a medium protein and high protein diet on growth and body composition of ducklings

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Effect of feeding retinoic acid on liver and plasma lipids of rats

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Effect of feeding sheep a copper salt mixture on some clinical biochemical indices in sheep with fascioliasis

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Effect of feeding swine ir roasted soy beans d on some physical and chemical characteristics of muscle and fat tissue

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Effect of feeding systems for broiler breeders on feed consumption egg production weight gains and hatchability

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Effect of feeding triundecanoin on lipid metabolism in cows

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Effect of feeding urea on the levels of true protein and nonprotein nitrogen in the blood of cow and buffalo calves

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Effect of feeding various forms of urea on some values of blood serum of cigaja lambs

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Effect of feeding various grains upon pork quality

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Effect of feeding various levels of crotalaria spectabilis seed to broiler chicks

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Effect of feeding water soaked and dry wheat straw on feed intake digestibility of nutrients and volatile fatty acid production in growing zebu and buffalo calves

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Effect of feeding whole wheat vs white flour for 5 and 18 weeks on lipid metabolism in rats

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Effect of feeding with hydrogenated coconut oil on platelet function in rats

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Effect of feeding with sucrose and other carbohydrates on platelet function in rats

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Effect of feeding with sucrose and phosphorus in alternation or together on the carbohydrate and phosphorus metabolism of phosphorus starved mycelial felts of cunninghamella elegans

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Effect of female hormone on platelet aggregation

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Effect of female hormone on quail embryonal reproductive organ differentiation

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Effect of female hormone on tritiated leucine uptake in rat hypothalamus part 2

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Effect of female hormones on lysosomes in prostate cancer

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Effect of female parent pollen development and pollen germinability on absence of seed set in avena sativa m female x 6x amphi ploid male pollinations

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Effect of female reproductive tract secretions on adenylate cyclase and phospho di esterase of porcine sperm

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Effect of female sex hormones on the pineal gland

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Effect of female sex hormones on the thyroid gland of albino rats a histological study

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Effect of female sterility genes on heterosis in corn

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Effect of fenfluramine on phospho gluco mutase in vitro

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Effect of fenfluramine on the single neuron activities of the hypothalamic feeding centers

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Effect of fenfluramine on the single neuron activity of hypothalamic feeding centers

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Effect of fenoterol (Partusisten) on the oxygen dissociation curve in pregnant women

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Effect of fentanyl and droperidol on isolated heart

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Effect of fentanyl on apomophine vomiting in the dog

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Effect of fentanyl on jaw opening reflex

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Effect of fentanyl on single unit activity in the bulbar respiratory center

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Effect of fentanyl on the sensory evoked responses in the subnucleus caudalis of the spinal trigeminal nucleus

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Effect of fenthion and dimethoate on reproduction in the mouse

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Effect of fermentation byproducts and levels of dietary fat on liver lipid deposition in caged hens

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Effect of fermentation parameters on laboratory scale production of rhizobium japonicum inoculum

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Effect of fermentation temperature on aldehyde formation by brewers yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis strain 11

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Effect of fermentation temperature on the nature and production of trace volatile constituents in wine

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Effect of fermentation temperature on the production of higher alcohols by the yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis

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Effect of fermented ammoniated condensed whey on dry matter consumption

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Effect of fermented ammoniated condensed whey on secondary fermentation of silage

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Effect of fermented (butter milk) food on fibrinolytic activity

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Effect of fermi resonance on the position and intensity of the amide a and amide b bands in the ir spectra of the poly peptides and proteins

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Effect of ferrant and nk 5 preparations on the biological activity of sarcolysine and on the growth of sarcoma 45

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Effect of ferredoxin on incorporation and distribution of carbon 14 carbon di oxide upon carboxylation of phosphoenol pyruvic acid in maize

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Effect of ferredoxin on the activity of ribulose di phosphate and phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylases in scenedesmus obliquus maize and pea seedlings

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Effect of ferri cyanide on carbon di oxide fixation by isolated spinach chloroplasts spinacia oleracea

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Effect of ferric ion and oxidiation of iron and copper sulfide ores by thiobacillus ferrooxidans abstract iron pyrite oxidation cha co pyrite oxidation inst spectrophotometry

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Effect of ferritin and ferric chloride on the in vivo uptake of iodine 125 human serum albumin by mouse peritoneal cells

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Effect of ferritin and other visual markers on hybrid antibody induced topographical displacement of cell surface components

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Effect of ferrous sulfate on the availability of manganese

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Effect of fertility and plant density on okra yield response

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Effect of fertility control methods on menstruation

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Effect of fertilization and food on the pond production of tilapia in zambia

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Effect of fertilization and irrigation upon nitrogen phosphorus potassium composition of corn m leaves on corn m yields and available potassium in soil

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Effect of fertilization by straw and pig manure on biochemical processes in soil

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