Effects of electrical stimulation of the lateral habenular nucleus and lateral hypothalamus on unit activity in the upper brain stem

Mok, A.C.; Mogenson, G.J.

Brain Research 78(3): 425-435


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-8993
PMID: 4418682
DOI: 10.1016/0006-8993(74)90925-1
Accession: 026516884

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In 25 male albino rats under urethane anesthesia, two series of unit recording experiments were performed.(1)Recordings were made from 432 neurons in the upper brain stem and the effects of electrical stimulation of the lateral habenular nucleus and the lateral hypothalamus were observed. Lateral habenular stimulation influenced 64 (15%) of the 432 units whereas lateral hypothalamic stimulation influenced 176 (41%) of the 432 units. The predominant effect of stimulation of either site was facilitatory.(2)Of 64 units influenced by habenular stimulation, 41 (63%) also received converging inputs from the lateral hypothalamus. The areas of convergence include the superior colliculus, pretectum, red nucleus, ventral tegmental area of Tsai, interpeduncular nucleus, central gray, reticular formation, ventral and dorsal tegmental nuclei of Gudden.(3)Recordings were made from 116 neurons in the lateral hypothalamus and the effect of lateral habenular stimulation was studied. Lateral habenular stimulation influenced 58 (50%) of the 116 units in which activation was observed in 20 units, activation-inhibition sequence in 22, inhibition in 12 and an inhibition-activation sequence in 4.(4)It is suggested that the habenular nucleus can modify activity of the brain stem both directly and indirectly through the hypothalamus.