Section 27
Chapter 26,619

Factors affecting immuno globulin g concentration in day old lambs

Reneau, J.; Hunter, A.G.; Williams, J.B.

Journal of Dairy Science 56(5): 670


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0302
Accession: 026618660

Blood serum was collected from 28 ewes at parturition and from their 49 lambs at times 0, 8, and 24 h postpartum. Colostrum was collected from the ewes at time 0. Immunoglobulin G was isolated and purified from ewe colostrum. The amount in serum and colostrum was determined by radial immunodiffusion. Ewes at parturition averaged 21.3±1 .5 mg/ml in serum and 1 15.1±10.1 mg/ml in colostrum. This was a 5.5-fold concentration in the udder. Before nursing, the lambs had .07 mg/ml of serum immunoglobulin G. After nursing there were no significant differences in immunoglobulin G at 24 h postpartum between singleton lambs and twins (47.5 mg/ml versus 34.2 mg/ml), between male lambs and female lambs (35.7 mg/ml versus 32.6 mg/ml), and between first born lambs and second born lambs (30.5 mg/ml versus 32.8 mg/ml). Despite 2 of 49 lambs being agammaglobulinemic and 9 of 49 being hypogammaglobulinemic (<15 mg/ml), only one lamb died during the 1st mo of life.

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