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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 26670

Chapter 26670 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hamilton, G.A.; D.J.rsey J.; Adolf, P.K., 1973:
Galactose oxidase the complexities of a simple enzyme

Colclasure, G.C.; Yopp, J.H., 1975:
Galactose promoted ethylene evolution in the light in mung beans interaction with kinetin iaa and brassins

Clarke, C.H.; Shankel, D.M., 1978:
Galactose resistant forward mutation induction in escherichia coli k 12 and salmonella typhimurium gal e or gal u strains by environmental mutagens

Baxter, D.W., 1970:
Galactose sodium fluid and solute absorption as correlated with blood flow in dog jejunum

Gosden, J.R., 1975:
Galactose specific messenger rna contents in escherichia coli effect of inducer gene dosage and galactose genotype

Mellman, W.J.; Rawnsley, B.E.; Nichols, C.W.; Needelman, B.; Mennuti, M.T.; Malone, J.; Tedesco, T.A., 1975:
Galactose tolerance studies of individuals with reduced galactose pathway activity

Wells, H.J.; Gordon, M.; Segal, S., 1970:
Galactose toxicity in the chick: oxidation of radioactive galactose

Wells, H.J..; Segal, S., 1969:
Galactose toxicity in the chick: Tissue accumulation of galactose and galactitol

Fuhrmann, G.F., 1976:
Galactose transport in plasma membrane vesicles derived from galactose induced yeast cells

Petricciani, J.C.; Binder, M.K.; Merril, C.R.; Geier, M.R., 1972:
Galactose utilization in galactosemia

Friedman, T.B.; Yarkin, R.J.; Merril, C.R., 1974:
Galactosemia and galactono lactone further biochemical observations

Kalckar, H.M.; Kinoshita, J.H.; Donnell, G.N., 1973:
Galactosemia biochemistry genetics patho physiology and developmental aspects

Tedesco, T.A.; Mellman, W.J., 1971:
Galactosemia: evidence for a structural gene mutation

Verger, P.; Guillard J M.; Cixous, P.; Laigle J L.; Prevost, Y., 1970:
Galactosemia in infants atypical initial manifestations clinical biological and therapeutic study

Gabbay, K.H.; Snider, J.J., 1970:
Galactosemic neuropathy a model for diabetic neuropathy

Jones, T.M.; Bateman, D.F., 1972:
Galactosidase production by sclerotium rolfsii

West, I.C.; Wilson, T.H., 1973:
Galactoside transport dissociated from proton movement in mutants of Escherichia coli

Ebner, K.E.; Schanbacher, F.L., 1970:
Galactosyl acceptor specificity of the a protein of lactose synthetase

Radin, N.S., 1972:
Galactosyl ceramide galacto cerebroside beta galactosidase from brain

Radin, N.S., 1972:
Galactosyl ceramide synthetase from brain

Carlson, D.M.; David, J.; Rutter, W.J., 1973:
Galactosyl transferase activities in pancreas liver and intestine of the developing rat

Fitzgerald, D.K.; McKenzie, L.; Ebner, K.E., 1971:
Galactosyl transferase activity in a variety of sources

Porzig, E.F., 1978:
Galactosyl transferase activity in the developing chicken neural retina

Geren, C.R.; Geren, L.M.; Ebner, K.E., 1975:
Galactosyl transferase ec confirmation of equilibrium ordered mechanism

Podolsky, D.K.; Weiser, M.M., 1978:
Galactosyl transferase iso enzyme ii correlation with extent of gastro intestinal malignancy and prediction of recurrence

Douglas, A.P.; Chandler, C., 1978:
Galactosyl transferase iso enzymes in serum of patients with cancer and gluten sensitive enteropathy

Forsthoefel, A.; Mishra, N.C., 1977:
Galactosyl transferase of neurospora crassa

Cleland, J.B., 1969:
Galahs eating the corms of romulea m

Hassan, H.A.; Griolet, C.P.; Ayob, M.S.; Abbass, A.L.; Aziz, K.A., 1977:
Galal badra project area part 2 hydrochemical and hydro geochemical evaluations

Gadalov, V.P.; Khmelevskii, Y.M., 1974:
Galanthamine as an antagonist of succinyl choline and tubocurarine in oncological patients

G.M.G.rbunova; A.V.P.tudin; V.D.G.rbunov, 1978:
Galanthamine from some species of the family amaryllidaceae

Vasil'ev, G.A.; Romacheva, I.F.; Kats, A.G.; Frolova, A.T., 1972:
Galanthamine treatment of xerostomia

Artjushenko, Z.T., 1974:
Galanthus amaryllidaceae in greece

Mueller Doblies, D., 1971:
Galanthus does have a sympodial structure

Linsley, E.G., 1976:
Galapagos ecuador moths

Boss, K.J., 1976:
Galapagos finches caspian cockles

Herre, W., 1972:
Galapagos islands laboratory of nature

Scheygrond, A., 1969:
Galapagos theater of evolution

Karas'ova T.A.; Kuts, V.S.; Shamrai, Y.F., 1975:
Galascorbin structure studies by nmr

Baba, K., 1972:
Galathea maculiabdominalis new species a new galatheid from the ryukyu islands crustacea anomura galatheidae

Haig, J., 1973:
Galatheidea crustacea decapoda anomura collected by the fisheries investigation ship endeavour

Mcdowall, R.M., 1973:
Galaxias indicus a nomen dubium

Forman, L.L., 1974:
Galearia pandaceae also in thailand and indochina

Aprikyan, S.V.; Saakyan, S.G., 1972:
Galega officinalis a new species for the armenian flora

Tempere, G., 1973:
Galega officinalis host plant of coleoptera

Lieber, E.; Galen, 1970:
Galen on contaminated cereals as a cause of epidemics

Theoharides, T.C.; Galen, 1971:
Galen on marasmus

Siegel, R.E., 1970:
Galen on sense perception

Bylebyl, J.J.; Galen, 1971:
Galen on the non-natural causes of variation in the pulse

Munzel, K., 1970:
Galenic forming and drug effect new recognized facts and determinations

Preus, A.; Francis, T.; Francis, T., 1977:
Galen's criticism of Aristotle's conception theory

Smejkal, M., 1975:
Galeobdolon argentatum new species a new representative of the collective species galeobdolon luteum lamiaceae

Rao, A.S.; Deori, N.C., 1973:
Galeola altissima new record 1st report of its occurrence in india from north cachar hills assam

Bobkova, V.I.; Solomonova, L.N., 1970:
Galidor in treating patients with bronchial asthma

Saratikov, A.S.; Usov, L.A.; Filimonova, L.T.; Gorshkova, V.K.; Dmitrienko, V.F., 1971:
Galidore action on the hemodynamics and oxidative metabolism of the brain

Lowry, R., 1969:
Galilean and newtonian influences on psychological thought

Babu, C.R., 1969:
Galinsoga ciliata d asteraceae d a species new to india

Rao, R.R.; Rao, M.K.V., 1976:
Galinsoga ciliata new record in shillong india a new record

Trinajstic, I., 1974:
Galinsoga ciliata new record in the ruderal flora of croatia yugoslavia

Sticher, O., 1970:
Galiridoside an iridoid glucoside from galeopsis tetrahit d labiatae d

Vicherek, J., 1973:
Galium exoletum new species a new plant of the flora of czechoslovakia

Verdcourt, B., 1973:
Galium glaciale rubiaceae and its allies in eastern africa

Dempster, L.T., 1975:
Galium lacriforme new species rubiaceae from the sierra madre oriental mexico

Oberdorfer, E., 1974:
Galium lucidum in black forest periphery of southern upper rhine region

Chater, A.O., 1977:
Galium mollugo hedge bedstraw in ceredigion wales

Kah, A.M.; Jaueid, G.N., 1977:
Galium palustre new record and eleocharis acicularis new record 2 new plant records for india

Lawson, C.A., 1972:
Galium pedemontanum d rubiaceae d reported from oklahoma

Flyagina, I.A., 1972:
Gall aphids mass pests of korean pine re growth

Hansen, E.W.; Martiarena, C.A.; Cabezas, V.; Cordoba, C.A., 1969:
Gall bladder and intestinal sabulosis in sheep and their relation with regional conditions

Todorovic, M., 1970:
Gall bladder diseases in diabetics

Seifter, E.; Rettura, G.; Jose, J.M.; Levenson, S.M., 1970 :
Gall bladder dys function due to choline deficiency

Ishibashi, N.; Shimizu, K., 1970:
Gall formation by root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita in the grafted tomato d plants and accumulation of phosphates on the gall tissues nematoda tylenchida

Van Frankenhuyzen, A., 1970:
Gall formers

Van Frankenhuyzen, A., 1971:
Gall formers part 3

Mound, L.A., 1971:
Gall forming thrips and allied species thysanoptera phlaeothripinae from acacia d trees in australia

Skuhrava, M., 1972:
Gall gnats of czechoslovakia cecidomyiidae diptera part 1 the gall gnats of central czechoslovakia

Ordzhonikidze, Z.V.; Kurashvili, V.E.; Salakaya, R.G., 1974:
Gall micro flora in chronic diseases of the gallbladder and gall ducts

Skuhrava, M., 1973:
Gall midges cecidomyiidae diptera of the common reed phragmites communis in czechoslovakia

Antonova, E.B., 1973:
Gall midges damaging plant reproductive structures in the turkmen ssr ussr diptera cecidomyiidae

Skuhravy, V., 1972:
Gall midges diptera cecidomyiidae on the oak quercus cerris in czechoslovakia

Skuhravy, V.; Skuhrava, M., 1971:
Gall midges diptera cecidomyiidae on the turkey oak d quercus cerris d

Dieleman, F.L., 1970:
Gall midges feeding behavior and host plant relationship

Nijveldt, W., 1973:
Gall midges new for the fauna of the netherlands part 6

Ambrus, B., 1973:
Gall midges of the blackberry and raspberry diptera cecidomyidae

Proeseler, G., 1970:
Gall mites eriophyoidea as virus carriers with special consideration of their morphology ecology and control

Katsuki, T.; Nakashima, Y., 1969:
Gall stone and exocrine pancreatic functions

Williamson, C.E., 1977:
Gall stone composition center vs periphery of cholesterol or pigment gall stones

Holzbach, R.T.; Marsh, M.; Olszewski, M., 1972:
Gall stone formation in man a reappraisal of the importance of cholesterol super saturation in bile

Nakayama, F.; Van Der Linden, W., 1973:
Gall stone formation in sweden vs japan

Andersson, A.; Zederfeldt, B., 1969:
Gall stone ileus

Rose, T.F., 1970:
Gall stone obstruction of the 2nd part of the duodenum

Miyazaki, I., 1972 :
Gall stone pancreatitis

Webb, E., 1973:
Gall stone production and alterations in biliary lipids in the mouse due to cholic acid and chenodeoxy cholic acid

Mcsherry, C.K.; Morrissey, K.P.; Javitt, N.B.; May, P.; Glenn, F., 1972:
Gall stone research in baboons

Cowie, A.G.A.; Sutor, D.J.; Clark, C.G., 1973:
Gall stones and bile composition

Sugai, Y.; Kabe, Y.; Shimizu, I.; Hayakawa, H., 1972:
Gall stones and their complications in operative cases

Lee, H.J., 1976:
Gall stones in busan area

Wood, J.R., 1973:
Gall stones in fetal sheep

Heaton, K.W.; Read, A.E., 1969:
Gall stones in patients with disorders of the terminal ileum and disturbed bile salt metabolism

Granados, H., 1971:
Gall stones in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus feeding with a maintenance diet

Pearlman, B.J.; Schoenfield, L.J., 1977:
Gall stones the present and future of medical dissolution

Stock, S., 1972:
Gall stones under attack

Zotov, V.V.; Gadiev, R.Sh, 1975:
Gall tissue growth stimulators in phylloxera infected grape plants

Struble, G.R., 1969:
Gall wasp infestations in forest trees chiefly pines g of california hymenoptera eurytomidae

Kierych, E., 1971:
Gall wasps hymenoptera cynipidae of bieszczady mountains with description of a new subspecies

White, R.D.; DeWeerd, J.H.; Dawson, B., 1971:
Gallamine in anesthesia for patients with chronic renal failure undergoing bilateral nephrectomy

D.Toledo Piza, S., 1971:
Gallao galloi new genus and new species of phaneropteridae in brazil orthoptera

Allen, J.S., 1971:
Gallatin county surface water resources

Schmitt Koeppler, A.; Bruenner, H., 1971:
Gallbladder agenesia coincident with another malformation of the intestinal tract

Krain, L.S., 1972:
Gallbladder and extrahepatic bile duct carcinoma. Analysis of 1,808 cases

Havrilla, T.R.; Reich, N.E.; Seidelmann, F.E.; Haaga, J.R., 1978:
Gallbladder and intra hepatic biliary computed tomography accuracy and limitations

Lindenbraten, L.D., 1973:
Gallbladder anomalies and their roentgeno diagnosis

Abrams, R.H.; Trotman, B.W.; Soloway, R.D., 1978:
Gallbladder bile from patients with pigment stones is under saturated with cholesterol despite decreased gallbladder function

Bornstein, F.P., 1970:
Gallbladder carcinoma in the mexican population of the southwestern usa

Rubin, B.; Engel, S.L.; Grigas, E.O.; Yiacas, E.; Gold, B.I., 1969:
Gallbladder contracting activities of octa peptide analogs of the carbon terminal sequence of cholecysto kinin

Hisayone, T.; Kato, T.; Aoyama, F.; Watanabe, S.; Kobayashi, N.; Takenaka, S.; Nomoto, H.; Terai, I.; Igarashi, Y., 1973:
Gallbladder diagnosis

Wise, R.E., 1969:
Gallbladder disease an interdisciplinary problem

Briele, H.A.; Long, W.B.; Parks, L.C., 1969:
Gallbladder disease and cholecystectomy: experience with 1500 patients managed in a community hospital

Brooks, P.M.; Cutforth, R., 1973:
Gallbladder disease and the heart

Karayalcin, G.; Khanijou, A.; Aballi, A.J.; Lanzkowsky, P., 1977:
Gallbladder disease in children with sickle cell disease

Dutta, T.; Sharma, G.D., 1975:
Gallbladder disease in infancy and childhood

Sampliner, R.E.; Bennett, P.H.; Comess, L.J.; Rose, F.A.; Burch, T.A., 1970:
Gallbladder disease in pima indians. Demonstration of high prevalence and early onset by cholecystography

Laws, H.L., 1969:
Gallbladder disease in young people

Low Beer, T.; Harvey, R.; Nolan, D.; Davies, R.; Read, A., 1974:
Gallbladder emptying and its relation to endogenous cholecystokinin levels in celiac disease

Weeks, L.; Mccune, B., 1977:
Gallbladder evaluation by diagnostic ultrasound a review of cases done in the gastro enterology section with emphasis on the development of criteria for diagnosis and criteria for an adequate examination

Köhler, R.; Edgren, J., 1972:
Gallbladder filling by urographic sodium metrizoate

Carter, J.W.; Sawyers, J.L., 1969:
Gallbladder function after truncal and selective gastric vagotomy with pyloroplasty or antrectomy

Inberg, M.V.; Ahonen, P.J.; Scheinin, T.M., 1970:
Gallbladder function and bile composition after selective gastric and truncal vagotomy in the dog

Harrell, L.W., 1977:
Gallbladder lesions in cultured pacific salmon

Nutsubidze, T.L., 1969:
Gallbladder motor activity in patients with chronic cholecystitis

Sugiyama, M.; Abe, M.; Takeuchi, T.; Ono, K., 1972:
Gallbladder movement in humans

Rey J F.; Howard, J.M.; Harvey, R.F.; Delmont, J., 1977:
Gallbladder muscle response to cholecystokinin gastrin secretin glucagon and serum constituents use as a bioassay for serum cholecystokinin

Corbett, D.B.; Loeb, P.M.; Peterson, W.L., 1978:
Gallbladder opacification in acute pancreatitis

Schafer, D.E.; Nicoloff, D.M.; Gleason, D.F.; Carlson, T.J., 1969:
Gallbladder secretion induced by an enterotoxin like fraction of crude vibrio cholerae supernatant

Mok, H.Y.I.; Grundy, S.M., 1978:
Gallbladder storage function in subjects with gall stones

Palmer, E.D., 1974:
Gallbladder symptoms and the roentgenographically normal gallbladder

Schoetz, D.J.; L.M.rte W.W.; Birkett, D.H.; Williams, L.F., 1978:
Gallbladder tone in the primate dynamic description by a new method

Shpizel, R.S., 1975:
Gallbladder torsion

Segall, H.D., 1969:
Gallbladder visualization following the injection of diatrizoate

Harbert, J.C.; Canary, J.J.; Sandock, K.L., 1976:
Gallbladder visualization in adrenal scanning: case report

Schinke, W., 1973:
Galleria mellonella and achroea grisella and bee larvae as feed for finches and soft eaters

Campadelli, G., 1975:
Galleria mellonella as substitute host for diptera tachinidae

Anon, 1969:
Gallery of fresh water fishes

Anon, 1969:
Gallery of marine fishes game species

Anon, 1969:
Gallery of marine fishes nongame species

Anon, 1969:
Gallery of sharks and hawaiian fishes

Archer, D.L.; Smith, B.G.; Bukovic Wess, J.A., 1976:
Gallic acid a potential chemical tool for studying cellular interactions involved in the in vitro immune response

Pryce, R.J., 1972:
Gallic acid as a natural inhibitor of flowering kalanchoe blossfeldiana d

Bennett, G.F., 1970:
Gallinaceous species of plasmodium

Crosby, G.T., 1969:
Gallinules feeding on water hyacinth m blossoms

Fogh, J., 1971:
Gallium 67 accumulation in malignant tumors and in the pre lactating or lactating breast

Fletcher, J.W.; Herbig, F.K.; Klos, D.J.; Donati, R.M., 1976:
Gallium 67 binding assay a possible index of biologic response to ionizing radiation

Fletcher, J.W.; Herbig, F.K.; Donati, R.M., 1975:
Gallium 67 citrate distribution following whole body irradiation or chemo therapy

Sims, J.C.; Tauxe, W.N.; Goel, Y.S.; Davis, M.A., 1973:
Gallium 67 citrate imaging

Caldarola, L.; D.F.lippi P.G.; Polloni, R.; Badellino, F., 1974:
Gallium 67 citrate in cancer diagnosis

George, E.A.; Codd, J.E.; Newton, W.T.; Donati, R.M., 1975:
Gallium 67 citrate in renal allo graft rejection

Shumrick, D., 1972:
Gallium 67 citrate in the detection of tumors of the head and neck and staging of lymphoma

Andrews, J.T.; Sullivan, J.R.; Mckay, W.J., 1975:
Gallium 67 citrate in the diagnosis of upper abdominal lymphomas

Sorek, M.; Rom, W.N.; Goldsmith, S.J., 1978:
Gallium 67 citrate in the staging of diffuse pleural mesothelioma

Johnson, M.C., 1973:
Gallium 67 citrate in the staging of testicular malignancies

Hoffer, P.B.; Schor, R.A.; Ashby, D.A.; Hattner, R.S.; Price, D.C.; Shames, D.M.; Lilien, D.L.; Handmaker, H.; Metz, C., 1976:
Gallium 67 citrate scanning a clinical comparison between a dual 5 inch scanner and a large field gamma camera with moving table

Sarkar, S.D.; Ravikrishnan, K.P., 1978:
Gallium 67 citrate scanning in extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Lavender, J.P.; Lowe, J.; Barker, J.R.; Burn, J.I.; Chaudhri, M.A., 1971:
Gallium 67 citrate scanning in neoplastic and inflammatory lesions

Sarkar, S.; Nacianceno, S.; Joseph, R.; Woodbury, D., 1978:
Gallium 67 citrate scanning in the detection of inflammatory disease of the colon

Adornato, B.T.; Blei, C.L.; Engel, W.K.; Kirkpatrick, C.H., 1978:
Gallium 67 citrate scanning of the thymus in myasthenia gravis

Akisada, M.; Miyamae, T., 1973:
Gallium 67 citrate scintigraphy in brain tumors

Hurwitz, S.R.; Alazraki, N.P.; Kessler, W.O., 1974:
Gallium 67 citrate to diagnose pyelo nephritis

Chang, L.S., 1978:
Gallium 67 citrate uptake in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Ueki, M.; Doi, S.; Okamura, S.; Kanki, S.; Shih C C.; Hirai, H.; Sugimoto, O.; Akagi, H., 1978:
Gallium 67 computer scintigraphy to diagnosis of extension of cervical carcinoma

Edwards, C.L.; Hayes, R.L., 1971:
Gallium 67 for scanning and staging tumors

Richman, S.D.; Ingle, J.N.; Levenson, S.M.; Tormey, D.C.; Jones, A.E.; Johnston, G.S., 1975:
Gallium 67 in the detection of metastatic breast carcinoma

Habibian, M.R.; Staab, E.V.; Matthews, A., 1975:
Gallium 67 labeled gallium citrate scans in febrile patients

Gelrud, L.G.; Arseneau, J.C.; Johnston, G.S., 1972:
Gallium 67 localization in experimental and clinical abscesses

Swartzendruber, D.C.; Wolfe, G.; Huebner, K.F., 1973:
Gallium 67 localization in mouse peritoneal cells

Fratkin, M.J.; Hirsch, J.I.; Sharpe, A.R., 1974:
Gallium 67 localization of post operative abdominal abscesses

Gelrud, L.G.; Arseneau, J.C.; Johnston, G.S., 1973:
Gallium 67 localization within experimental abscesses

Niden, A.H.; Mishkin, F.S.; Khurana, M.M.L.; Pick, R., 1976:
Gallium 67 lung scan as an aid in differential diagnosis of pulmonary embolus and pneumonitis

Coury, C.; Bilski Pasquier, G.; Delepierre, F.; Fretault, J.; Bickert, P., 1973:
Gallium 67 lung scan preliminary results in 56 cases

Richman, S.D.; Appelbaum, F.; Levenson, S.M.; Johnston, G.S.; Ziegler, J.L., 1975:
Gallium 67 radio nuclide imaging in burkitts lymphoma

Sims, J.; Goel, Y.S.; Davis, M.L., 1972:
Gallium 67 scanning

Cox, F.; Coburn, T.; Hughes, W.T., 1978:
Gallium 67 scanning for infections in children

Crystal, R.G., 1976:
Gallium 67 scanning in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis correlation with histo pathology and broncho alveolar lavage

Milder, M.S.; Frankel, R.S.; Bulkley, G.B.; Ketcham, A.S.; Johnston, G.S., 1973:
Gallium 67 scanning in malignant melanoma

Palumbo, R.; Tonato, M.; Martelli, M.F.; Corso, S.; Allegra, A.; Crino, L.; Grignani, F., 1974:
Gallium 67 scanning in the staging of hodgkins disease

Kurita, Y.; Hara, Y.; Chihara, S., 1971:
Gallium 67 scintigram in carcinoma of the lung

Fujino, H.; Kurota, Y.; Kobayashi, S.; Tanaka, K.; Matsuhara, T.; Sasanuma, T.; Inoue, N.; Iwata, T.; Ichiya, H.; Hisano, K.; Todoroki, F., 1973:
Gallium 67 scintigraphy

Wentz, D.; Grebe, S.F.; Platt, H., 1973:
Gallium 67 scintigraphy in the differential diagnosis of lung diseases

Kurino, T.; Ito, Y.; Okuyama, S.; Sato, T., 1973:
Gallium 67 scintigraphy of benign tumors of the lungs

Manfredi, O.L.; Ramadan, F., 1975:
Gallium 67 scintigraphy revisited 4 years and 2000 cases later

Berelowitz, M., 1972:
Gallium 67 studies for tumor localization

Krolikiewicz, H.; Maruyama, Y.; Deland, F.H.; Beihn, R.M.; Hafner, T.; Kim, E.E., 1978:
Gallium 67 subtraction scanning in hodgkins disease and lymphomas

Kanno, I., 1971:
Gallium 67 tumor scanning and its mechanisms studied in rabbits

Bradley, W.P.; Alderson, P.O.; Eckelman, W.C.; Weiss, J.F., 1977:
Gallium 67 tumor uptake in animals after whole body irradiation

Desser, R.K.; Hoffer, P.B.; Platz, C.E.; Ferguson, D.J.; Ultmann, J.E.; Moran, E.M., 1973:
Gallium 67 uptake by lymph nodes of patients with malignant lymphomas

Harris, A.W., 1978:
Gallium 67 uptakes by cultured tumor cells

Wagner, S.J.; Knight, L.C.; Krejcarek, G.; Welch, M.J., 1977:
Gallium 68 labeling of proteins

Yeh, S.D.; Whitmore, W.F.; Grabstald, H., 1978:
Gallium and bleomycin scans in the clinical staging of testis tumor

Delbarre, F.; Rabaud, M., 1976:
Gallium as a preventive agent against adjuvant poly arthritis in the rat

Waxman, A.D.; Lee, G.; Siemsen, J.K., 1973:
Gallium brain scanning and the differential diagnosis of brain tumors

Tedesco, F.J.; Coleman, R.E., 1976:
Gallium citrate gallium 67 accumulation in pseudomembranous colitis

Munsch, R.C.; Fayet, J.; Rougier, J., 1977:
Gallium citrate scanning in orbital pathology

Silberstein, E.B.; Alazraki, N.; Halpern, S.E.; Ashburn, W.L.; Gelrud, L.G.; Milder, M.S.; Canellos, G., 1974:
Gallium detection of inflammation

Waxman, A.D.; Siemsen, J.K., 1975:
Gallium gallbladder scanning in cholecystitis

Mishkin, F.S.; Niden, A.H.; Pick, R.A.; Khurana, M., 1975:
Gallium lung imaging as an aid in the differential diagnosis between pulmonary infarction and pneumonitis

Niden, A.H.; Khurana, M.; Mishkin, F.S.; Pick, R., 1975:
Gallium lung scan as an aid in the differential diagnosis of pulmonary infarction and pneumonitis

Ramsdell, J.W.; Peters, R.M.; Taylor, A.T.Jr; Hurwitz, S.R.; Tisi, G.M., 1976:
Gallium radio nuclide imaging as a staging procedure in lung cancer

Moore, T.S.; Teates, C.D., 1978:
Gallium scanning

Teates, C.D.; Hunter, J.G.Jr, 1975:
Gallium scanning as a scanning as a screening test for inflammatory lesions

Bidani, N.; Moohr, J.W.; Kirchner, P.; Peng, E.; Bekerman, C.; Cooper, M., 1978:
Gallium scanning as prognostic indicator in neuro blastoma

Waxman, A.D.; Siemsen, J.K., 1976:
Gallium scanning in cerebral and cranial infections

Waxman, A.D.; Siemsen, J.K.; Singer, F., 1977:
Gallium scanning in pagets disease of bone a superior parameter in following the response to calcitonin therapy

Israel, H.L.; Park, C.H.; Mansfield, C.M., 1976:
Gallium scanning in sarcoidosis

Siemsen, J.K., 1975:
Gallium scanning of cranial and intra cranial infections

Waxman, A.D.; Siemsen, J.K., 1974:
Gallium scanning of the gallbladder

Belanger, M.A.; Beauchamp, J.M.; Neitzschman, H.R., 1975:
Gallium uptake in benign tumor of liver: case report

O'Rourke, R.A., 1972:
Gallop rhythm

Storch, V.; Alberti, G., 1976:
Galls biology and morphology part 2 galls induced by hymenoptera

Storch, V.; Alberti, G., 1976:
Galls biology and morphology part 3 galls produced by aphids and bugs

Storch, V.; Alberti, G., 1976:
Galls biology and morphology part 4 galls induced by gnats and flies

Gerdemann, J.W.; Chamberlain, D.W., 1969:
Galls containing oo spores of an unidentified fungus found as a contaminant of soy bean d seed

Agrawal, B.D., 1972:
Galls of eriophyes cheriani acarina on the leaflets of pongamia glabra d

Watsham, A., 1972:
Galls on msasa d leaves an interesting field of study

Flintsch, K.; Bauer, M., 1970:
Gallstone ileus. Diagnosis and treatment

Milstoc, M.; Berger, A.R.; Finkel, J., 1969:
Gallstone obstruction of the 2nd portion of the duodenum human

Williams, L.E.; Fisher, J.H.; Courtney, R.A.; Darling, D.B., 1970:
Gallstones: a new liver disease?

Bazhanov, N.N.; Bogoroditskaya, T.A., 1970:
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Gamma amino butyric acid mediator of inhibition in the nervous system

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Gamma amino butyric acid synthesis in the purkinje cell deficient mouse

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Gamma aminobutyryl choline and gamma amino butyric acid receptors on primary afferents in the frog spinal cord

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Gamma and neutron radiation induced damage and chlorophyll deficiency mutations in hordeum vulgare m

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Gamma angio encephalography rapid sequential views and curves of transit

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Gamma bhc toxicity

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Gamma butyro lactone sleep a 24 hour rhythm paralleling normal sleep in the rat and central nervous system amine changes

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Gamma butyrobetaine aldehyde a precursor of carnitine in neurospora crassa

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Gamma camera collimation

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Gamma camera field flood uniformity correction is it worthwhile

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Gamma camera imaging of technetium 99m labeled splenocytes at tumor site

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Gamma cisternography determination of adequacy of intra thecal therapy in leukemic diseases

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Gamma crystallin in aging bovine and human lenses

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Gamma cystathionase neurospora

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Gamma deca lactone a characteristic odor of the genus pityrosporum

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