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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 26705

Chapter 26705 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Val'kovich E.I.; Verevitina, T.P.; Tikhomirova, V.D., 1974:
Hamartoma in a childs lung

Rider, J.A.; Puletti, E.J.; Rider, R.D.; Harnchonboth, K., 1975:
Hamartoma of brunners gland endoscopic diagnosis

Madani, M.A.; Dafoe, C.S.; Ross, C.A., 1970:
Hamartoma of lung

Schonberg, D., 1971:
Hamartoma of median eminence in precocious puberty a new neuro radiological technique to in vivo diagnosis

Ross, C.F.; Schiller, K.F., 1971:
Hamartoma of spleen associated with thrombocytopenia

Borski, A.A., 1970:
Hamartoma of the bladder

Munsakul, N.; Areechon, W.; Hongthiamtong, P.; Porapukkham, A.; Prapaiwongs, T.; Konsuwan, N., 1970:
Hamartoma of the lung. A report of 4 cases

Alekseev, B.A., 1970:
Hamartoma of the lung literature survey

Strubiński, A.; Wenska-Zlotowska, H., 1970:
Hamartoma of the neck and face

McLean, E.B., 1976:
Hamartoma of the retinal pigment epithelium

Gursu, K.G.; Erol, O.O., 1974:
Hamartoma of the soft palate case presentation

Lichtenstein, B.W., 1971:
Hamartomas and phacomatoses

Kacker, S.K.; Dasgupta, G., 1973:
Hamartomas of ear and nose

Domres, B., 1972:
Hamartomas of the lung a differential diagnostic problem

Robertson, D.M., 1972:
Hamartomas of the optic disk with retinitis pigmentosa

Aguero Bello, N., 1976:
Hamartomatous variety of poly cyst kidneys

Karyakarte, P.P.; Rekha Das, S., 1972:
Hamatopeduncularia theraponi new species trematoda monogenea from the fish therapon theraps in india

Barus, V., 1971:
Hamatospiculum rysavyi new species nematoda diplotriaenidae from afghanistan

Said, H.M., 1973:
Hamdard vol 16 nos 7 12 al birunis book on pharmacy and materia medica part 1

Hamarneh, S.K., 1973:
Hamdard vol 17 nos 1 6 al birunis book on pharmacy and materia medica part 2 introduction commentary and evaluation

Allen, J.S., 1969:
Hamilton county surface water resources

Kitahara, K., 1975:
Hamilton jacobi approach to fluctuation phenomena

Zidek, J., 1976:
Hamilton quarry kansas usa acanthodes acanthodii pisces

Montarroso, J.L., 1971:
Hamman rich interstitial pulmonary fibrosis case in a student

Selivonenko, V.G.; German, A.K., 1971:
Hamman rich syndrome

Anon, 1971:
Hammering with the hands

Dubey, J.P., 1975:
Hammondia hammondi new genus new species from domestic cats a new coccidian related to toxoplasma and sarcocystis

Frenkel, J.K.; Dubey, J.P., 1975:
Hammondia hammondi new species a new coccidium of cats producing cysts in muscle of other mammals

Istvan, H.; Karoly, D., 1970:
Hamolsky test in the case of brain injury

Johnson, P.T., 1969:
Hamophthirius galeopitheci rediscovered with the description of a new family of sucking lice anoplura hamophthiriidae

Nutting, W.L., 1973 :
Hamotus cavus new species from galleries of microcerotermes septentrionalis in western mexico coleoptera pselaphidae isoptera termitidae

Maxwell, F.G.; Hardee, D.D.; Parrott, W.L.; Jenkins, J.N.; Lukefahr, M.J., 1969:
Hampea d sp host of the boll weevil i laboratory preference studies delta pine smooth leaf cotton d anthonomus grandis

Jenkins, J.N., 1969:
Hampea d sp host of the boll weevil part 2 laboratory antibiosis studies

Dickson, R., 1977:
Hampshire england jottings 1976

Pickering, V.T., 1973:
Hampshire notes

Boyd, A.L., 1975:
Hamster and mouse cells transformed with uv inactivated herpes simplex virus type 2 display common herpes simplex virus type 2 antigens

Burger, P.C.; Bigner, D.D.; Self, D.J., 1973:
Hamster brain tumors induced by 4 strains of avian sarcoma virus asv

Ceri, H., 1976:
Hamster cell variants selected for resistance to hydroxy urea fluoro citrate or concanavalin a evidence for altered proteins

Greenblatt, M., 1972:
Hamster cheek pouch chamber homo graft studies of normal tissue and neoplastic tissues

Sewell, I.A., 1969:
Hamster cheek pouch wall chamber technique for micro circulatory studies

Nastac, E.; Ionescu, T.; Athanasiu, P.; Demetrescu, R.; Velciu, V.; Ursea, N., 1973 :
Hamster lympho sarcomatosis and sarcomas induced by human leukemic material part 1 the action of leukemic human spleen and lymph nodes suspension on syrian hamster

Banfield, W.G., 1969:
Hamster lymphoma, TM

Tanigaki, T.; Fukuyama, K.; Epstein, W.L., 1971:
Hamster melanoma cells associated with virus like particles in culture

Buckles, R.G.; Hardenbergh, E., 1970:
Hamster mortality from rapid decompression

Verrier, C., 1972:
Hamster skin graft technique

Franklin, L.E., 1974:
Hamster sperm hyaluronidase part 2 its release from sperm in vitro in relation to the degenerative and normal acrosome reaction

Miller, L.T.; Jasty, V.; Macini, L.O.; Yates, V.J., 1970:
Hamster tumors induced by type i avian adenovirus celo part 1 histo pathology and neo antigen of virus induced and transplanted tumors

Howk, D.J.; Swartz, G.E., 1970:
Hamster ultimobranchial bodies: histochemical study during development

Burke, D.; Gillies, J.D.; Lance, J.W., 1971:
Hamstrings stretch reflex in human spasticity

Thirumalachar, M.J., 1972:
Hamycin in the treatment of madura foot and opportunistic fungi

Gallucci, V.; Cevese, P.G.; Morea, M.; Volta, F.D.; Casarotto, D., 1976:
Hancock bio prosthesis analysis of long term results 6 years

Dunn, B., 1971:
Hancock county surface water resources

Baum, D., 1978:
Hancock mitral valve replacement in children a new complication

Prowse, W.A.; Williams, D.A., 1971:
Hand and arm protection

Oddy, H.C.; Lobstein, T.J., 1972:
Hand and eye dominance in schizophrenia

Kruper, D.C.; Patton, R.A.; Koskoff, Y.D., 1971:
Hand and eye preference in unilaterally brain ablated monkeys

Branson, B.M.; Sodd, V.J.; Nishiyama, H.; Williams, C., 1976:
Hand and finger exposure reductions from the use of syringe shields in clinical practice

Miura, T.; Maeda, K., 1978:
Hand anomalies associated with pectoral muscle anomalies

Flament, J., 1969:
Hand aplanotometry in the prone subject

Ansell, B.M., 1969:
Hand assessment in rheumatoid arthritis

Tönnesen, K.H.; Uhrenholdt, A.; Pedersen-Bjergaard, O., 1974:
Hand blood flow and cardiac functional response to severe exercise in normal subjects and patients with valvular heart disease

Kaufman, W.C.; Buckmaster, M.K., 1974:
Hand blood flow and extremity temperatures during cold exposure exercise and varied hand temperatures

Kaufman, W.C.; Fox, R.H., 1970:
Hand blood flow as a measure of thermoregulatory function

Tonnesen, K.H.; Lindskov, J.; Amtorp, O., 1974:
Hand blood flow norepinephrine and central hemodynamics in myo cardial infarction

Brown, J.K.; Snell, J.A.K.; Bunnell, D.L., 1977:
Hand book for predicting slash weight of western usa conifers

Vinken, P.J.; Bruyn, G.W., 1971:
Hand book of clinical neurology vol 7 diseases of nerves part 1

Vinken, P.J.; Bruyn, G.W., 1970:
Hand book of clinical neurology vol 7 diseases of nerves part i

Kruessmann, G., 1970:
Hand book of conifers g issue 1 parts 1 3

Krussmann, G., 1970:
Hand book of conifers g part 2 sheets 4 6

Krussmann, G., 1970:
Hand book of conifers g part 3 sheets 7 9

Kruessmann, G., 1970:
Hand book of conifers g part 4 sheets 10 12

Kruessman, G., 1971:
Hand book of conifers g part 5 sheets 13 15

Kruessmann, G., 1971:
Hand book of conifers g part 6 sheets 16 18

Hasselblatt, A.; Von, B.uchhausen F., 1975:
Hand book of experimental pharmacology no.32 2. insulin part 2

Blaschko, H.; Muscholl, E., 1972:
Hand book of experimental pharmacology vol 23 catecholamines

Erdos, E.G., 1970:
Hand book of experimental pharmacology vol 25 brady kinin kallidin and kallikrein

Markwardt, F., 1971:
Hand book of experimental pharmacology vol 27 anti coagulants

Brodie, B.B.; Gillette, J.R., 1971:
Hand book of experimental pharmacology vol 28 part 2 concepts in biochemical pharmacology

Chenoweth, M.B., 1972:
Hand book of experimental pharmacology vol 30 modern inhalation anesthetics

Smith, F.A., 1970:
Hand book of experimental pharmacology vol xx pharmacology of fluorides part 2

Eichler, O.; Farah, A.; Herken, H.; Welch, A.D.; Brodie, B.B.; Gillette, J.R., 1971:
Hand book of experimental pharmacology vol xxviii concepts in biochemical pharmacology part 1

Morris, A.C., 1970:
Hand book of garment selection criteria for a space station

Studer, A.; Cottier, H., 1970:
Hand book of general pathology 7th vol reactions 3rd part immune reactions

Altmann, H.W., 1971:
Hand book of general pathology vol 2 the cell part 2 the cell nucleus i

Meesen, H., 1977:
Hand book of general pathology vol 3 part 7 micro circulation

Buchner, F., 1969:
Hand book of general pathology vol 6 development growth tumors part 2 regeneration hyperplasia cancerization

Lajtha, A., 1971:
Hand book of neurochemistry vol 5 parts a and b metabolic turnover in the nervous system

Lajtha, A., 1970:
Hand book of neurochemistry vol 6

Lajtha, A., 1971:
Hand book of neurochemistry vol 6 alterations of chemical equilibrium in the nervous system

Lajtha, A., 1972:
Hand book of neurochemistry vol 7 pathological chemistry of the nervous system

Lajtha, A., 1971:
Hand book of neurochemistry vol vi alterations of chemical equilibrium in the nervous system

Stein, J.R., 1973:
Hand book of phycological methods culture methods and growth measurements

Greep, R.O., 1973 :
Hand book of physiology a critical comprehensive presentation of physiological knowledge and concepts section 7 endocrinology vol 2 female reproductive system part 1

Greep, R.O., 1973:
Hand book of physiology a critical comprehensive presentation of physiological knowledge and concepts section 7 endocrinology vol 2 female reproductive system part 2

Greer, M.A.; Solomon, D.H., 1974:
Hand book of physiology a critical comprehensive presentation of physiological knowledge and concepts section 7 endocrinology vol 3 thyroid

Loewenstein, W.R., 1971:
Hand book of sensory physiology vol 1 principles of receptor physiology

Fuortes, M.G.F., 1972:
Hand book of sensory physiology vol 7 2 physiology of photo receptor organs

Dartnall, H.J.A., 1972:
Hand book of sensory physiology vol 7 part 1 photochemistry of vision

Jung, R., 1973:
Hand book of sensory physiology vol 7 part 3 central processing of visual information part a integrative functions and comparative data

Jacobson, M., 1978:
Hand book of sensory physiology vol 9 development of sensory systems

Iggo, A., 1973:
Hand book of sensory physiology vol ii somato sensory system

Ali, S.; Dillon Ripley, S., 1971:
Hand book of the birds of india and pakistan together with those of nepal sikkim bhutan and ceylon vol 6 cuckoo shrikes to babaxes

Knapp, R., 1974:
Hand book of vegetation science part 8 vegetation dynamics

Janetschek, H., 1970:
Hand book of zoology the natural history of the phyla of the animal kingdom volume 4 arthropoda 2nd half insecta part 2 3 specifics protura

Teuscher, H., 1969:
Hand book on conifers g

Mclachlan, K.D., 1974:
Hand book on sulfur in australian agriculture

Coetsee, A.M.; Taylor, R.D., 1978:
Hand capture of buffalo syncerus caffer calves for research purposes

Fisher, R.C.; Horner, R.L.; Wood, V.E., 1973:
Hand changes in muco poly saccharide disorders

Srivastava, A.C., 1973:
Hand clasping among the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh (India)

Singh, N.R.; Malhotra, K.C., 1971:
Hand clasping and arm folding among the Manipuris (India)

Chaurasia, B.D., 1974:
Hand clasping and arm folding patterns in central india

Dorwart, B.B.; Schumacher, H.R., 1974:
Hand deformities resembling rheumatoid arthritis

Smith, R.J., 1973:
Hand deformities with arthro gryposis multiplex congenita

Calnan, C.D.; Bandmann, H.J.; Cronin, E.; Fregert, S.; Hjorth, N.; Magnusson, B.; Malten, K.; Meneghini, C.L.; Pirilä, V.; Wilkinson, D.S., 1970:
Hand dermatitis in housewives

Shteingardt, Y.N.; Shubovich, S.I.; Volkova, L.I., 1974:
Hand ergometer for bedridden patients

Angel, R.W.; Hollander, M.; Wesley, M., 1973:
Hand eye coordination the role of motor memory

Mink, J.R., 1970:
Hand foot and mouth disease

Ellis, A.W.; Kennett, M.L.; Lewis, F.A.; Gust, I.D., 1973:
Hand, foot and mouth disease: an outbreak with interesting virological features

Lindenbaum, J.E.; Van Dyck, P.C.; Allen, R.G., 1975:
Hand, foot and mouth disease associated with coxsackievirus group B

Shingu, M.; Tsutsumi, K.; Ozawa, T.; Goshi, M.; Nakagawa, Y.; Shingu, K., 1970:
Hand foot and mouth disease caused by coxsackie a 16 virus in northern part of kyushu 1968

Higgins, P.G., 1969:
Hand foot and mouth disease due to coxsackie a viruses

Coucke, C.; Kint, A.; Gabriel, P., 1976:
Hand foot and mouth disease in the adult subject

Parra, C.A., 1972:
Hand foot and mouth disease light microscopic and electron microscopic observations

Korting, G.W., 1972:
Hand foot mouth disease and gluteal granuloma of infants 2 demonstrations from pediatric dermatology

Gillen, H.W., 1973:
Hand function and deformity in parkinsons disease

Brown, J.R.; Martz, F.A., 1969:
Hand in hand to high yields

Horner, R.L.; Wiedel, J.; Bralliar, F., 1972:
Hand involvement in epidermolysis bullosa

Breit, R., 1972:
Hand line pattern ichthyosis vulgaris and dermatitis atopica

Tondeur, G.; Verschraegen, J.; Depauw, A.; Leempoel, A., 1969:
Hand metastasis tumor concerning 1 case

Schmidt, H., 1971:
Hand morphological characters of the population in the moeciu de sus village

Rhine, S., 1970:
Hand morphology and prehensive ability

Hay, L., 1978:
Hand movement towards a target in children

Kuindzhi, N.N., 1969:
Hand muscles fatigue in pupils with different kinds of writing

Bierman, C.W.; Pierson, W.E., 1974:
Hand nebulizers and asthma therapy in children and adolescents

Robbins, J.J., 1970:
Hand nebulizers in asthma

Robertshaw, S., 1975:
Hand of response and differential hemispheric specialization for word and tone perception

Rigout, J., 1974:
Hand pairing in charaxes jasius lepidoptera nymphalidae

Brittain, D.; Hanson, K.; Rossiter, V.; Bickford, R.G., 1977:
Hand portable averager for clinical brain stem auditory evoked responses

Lehman, R.A., 1970:
Hand preference and cerebral predominance in 24 rhesus monkeys

Lehman, R.A.; Spencer, D.D., 1972:
Hand preference and hemispheric learning in the monkey

Annett, M., 1975:
Hand preference and the laterality of cerebral speech

Nachshon, I.; Carmon, A., 1975:
Hand preference in sequential and spatial discrimination tasks

G.E.tlinger; R.F.D.wson, 1969:
Hand preferences in the monkey the effect of unilateral cortical removals

Bakhtiarova, R.M., 1969:
Hand press for grinding small quantities of animal tissues

Halal, F.; Preus, M., 1978 :
Hand profile analysis of de lange syndrome diagnostic criteria

Monticelli, G.; Monteleone, M., 1969:
Hand prostheses with myo electric control

Cool, J.C.; van Hooreweder, G.J., 1971:
Hand prosthesis with adaptive internally powered fingers

Arman, E.; Reizenstein, P., 1971:
Hand radioactivity after intra venous injection of calcium 47 effect of age and femoral neck fracture

Hernandez, R.; Poznanski, A.K.; Kelch, R.P.; Kuhns, L.R., 1977:
Hand radiographic measurements in growth hormone deficiency before and after treatment

Otten, T.; Andrews, B.; Edwards, D.D., 1977:
Hand rearing a california sea lion zalophus californianus

Dobroruka, L.J., 1978:
Hand rearing a common palm civet paradoxurus hermaphroditus at dvur kralove zoo czechoslovakia

Banks, D.R., 1978:
Hand rearing a musk ox ovibos moschatus at calgary zoo alberta canada

Hick, U., 1976:
Hand rearing a ring tailed lemur lemur catta and a crowned lemur lemur mongoz coronatus at cologne zoo

Cansdale, G., 1970:
Hand rearing common seals phoca vitulina at skegness natureland

Scribano, E.; Banks, C., 1978:
Hand rearing fairy penguins eudyptula minor at melbourne zoo australia

Manton, V.J.A., 1978:
Hand rearing humboldts penguin spheniscus humboldti at whipsnade park great britain uk

Yoshida, T., 1972:
Hand rearing of the germ free rabbit

Johnstone, P., 1977:
Hand rearing serval felis serval at mole hall wildlife park

Block, J.A., 1974:
Hand rearing seven banded armadillos dasypus septemcinctus at the national zoological park washington dc

Velte, F.F., 1978:
Hand rearing springhaas pedetes capensis at rochester zoo new york usa

Tubiana, R., 1975:
Hand reconstruction

Froimson, A.I., 1971:
Hand reconstruction in arthritis mutilans. A case report

Mehrotra, O.N., 1977:
Hand reconstruction using a damaged index finger

Ishpekova, B., 1978:
Hand reflex in patients with post insult hemipareses

Philipova, D., 1978:
Hand reflex pairs of stimuli in healthy subjects and parkinsonian patients

Kurenkova, N.E.; Usova, Y.I.; Ten, S.I., 1976:
Hand schuller christian disease in combination with false hermaphroditism

Salwakubasik, W.; Gabryel, P.; Radwanska, U., 1971:
Hand schuller christian disease light and electron microscopic observations

Davis, H.K.; Lowrance, B.R., 1971:
Hand signs in schizophrenia

Harris, L.J.; Wagner, N.M.; Wilkinson, J.; Feinberg, R., 1976:
Hand specialization for braille discrimination evidence from blind and sighted subjects

Kawanishi, K.; Okada, S.; Ishida, T.; Nishina, Y.; Yagyu, F.; Machida, S.; Ofuji, T.; Himei, H., 1977:
Hand stiffness in diabetes mellitus

Kellor, M.; Frost, J.; Silberberg, N.; Iversen, I.; Cummings, R., 1971:
Hand strength and dexterity

Klimt, F., 1969:
Hand strength in children

Moberg, E., 1975:
Hand surgery and the development of hand prostheses

Nalebuff, E.A., 1969:
Hand surgery and the rheumatoid patient

Brown, P.W., 1976:
Hand surgery in rheumatoid arthritis

Kadyrov, M., 1975:
Hand traumas according to data of the traumatological station

Woods, J.E.; Murray, J.E.; Vawter, G.F., 1970:
Hand tumors in children

Bhatia, S.K.; Hadden, D.R.; Montgomery, D.A., 1969:
Hand volume and skin thickness in a normal population and in acromegaly

Akhtar, S.N., 1972:
Hand writing habits and mueller leyer illusion

Burdet, H.M., 1972:
Hand writing index of botanists

Diethelm, L.; Olsson, O.; Strnad, F.; Vieten, H.; Zuppinger, A., 1969:
Handbuch der medizinischen radiologie encyclopedia of medical radiology volume 10 part 1 roentgendiagnostik des herzenseend der gefaesse roentgen diagnosis of the heart and blood vessels

Cabral, R.; Scott, D.F., 1974:
Handedness and alpha asymmetry in the electro encephalogram a pilot study

Nath, S., 1972:
Handedness and arm folding

Bakan, P.; Dibb, G.; Reed, P., 1973:
Handedness and birth stress

Mascie Taylor, C.G.N., 1978:
Handedness and components of iq

Flowers, K., 1975:
Handedness and controlled movement

Pfefferbaum, A.; Buchsbaum, M., 1971:
Handedness and cortical hemisphere effects in sine wave stimulated evoked responses

Oldfield, R.C., 1969:
Handedness and hemisphere

Beaumont, J.G., 1974:
Handedness and hemisphere function

Bakan, P., 1970:
Handedness and hypnotizability

Quinten, M., 1976:
Handedness and maze orientation of white mice

Eaves, L., 1971:
Handedness and motor skills in humans possibilities for the study of genotype environmental interactions

Herron, J.; Galin, D.; Ornstein, R., 1977:
Handedness and sex differences in electro encephalographic asymmetry and dich otic measures

Haryck, C.; Goldman, R.; Petrinovich, L., 1975:
Handedness and sex, race, and age

Annett, M., 1977:
Handedness and the cerebral representation of speech

Miller, E., 1971:
Handedness and the pattern of human ability

Nebes, R.D.; Briggs, G.G., 1974:
Handedness and the retention of visual material

Sand, P.L.; Taylor, N., 1973 :
Handedness: evaluation of binomial distribution hypothesis in children and adults

Mcburney, A.K.; Dunn, H.G., 1976:
Handedness footedness eyedness a prospective study with special reference to the development of speech and language skills

Kobyliansky, E.; Micle, S.; Arensburg, B., 1978:
Handedness hand clasping and arm folding in israeli men

Smith, C.G., 1976:
Handedness hemisphere specialization and balanced polymorphism

Annett, M., 1973:
Handedness in families

Kasinov, V.B., 1973:
Handedness in lemnaceae on the determination of left and right types of development in lemna clones and on its alteration by means of external influences

Fleminger, J.J.; Dalton, R.; Standage, K.F., 1977:
Handedness in psychiatric patients

Megirian, D.; Weller, W.L., 1974:
Handedness in the brush tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula

Siegfried, W.R., 1972:
Handedness in the cape river crab potamon perlatus

Ferner, U., 1970:
Handedness independence of age investigations on 574 3 6 year old boys with special consideration of sexual specificity

Zangwill, O.L., 1969:
Handedness praxis and cerebral dominance

Barnsley, R.H.; Rabinovitch, M.S., 1970:
Handedness proficiency vs stated preference

Newcombe, F.; Ratcliff, G., 1973:
Handedness, speech lateralization and ability

Commey, J.O.O.; Ashby, S.A.; Fitzhardinge, P.M., 1978:
Handicap in the preterm small for gestation infant

Gess, F.W., 1973:
Handirschia tricolor new species hymenoptera sphecidae a very poorly known genus from south africa

Freire Maia, A., 1973:
Handless and footless families of brazil a genetic analysis

Flores, E.E.C., 1972:
Handline fishing for squid in the japan sea

Mattus, G.E., 1978:
Handling and condition of apples in distribution centers

Albin, R.C., 1971:
Handling and disposal of cattle feedlot waste

Eckert, J.S., 1972:
Handling and disposal of dangerous and toxic substances using packed wet scrubbers

Stocks, C.J., 1973:
Handling and disposal of mercury

Strongman, K.T.; Wookey, J.A.; Wookey, P.E., 1972:
Handling and food intake in hooded rats

Healy, M.J.R., 1973:
Handling and interpreting multiple results

Hansen, P., 1969:
Handling and processing of prawns storage cooking pasteurization sterilization freezing

Roberts, I.M.; Hutcheson, A.M., 1975:
Handling and staining epoxy resin sections for light microscopy

Wilkinson, B.G., 1975:
Handling and storage of apples and pears

Silver, M.L., 1972:
Handling and storage of chemically and biologically active ocean sediments

Black, H.C.; Hooven, E.F., 1973:
Handling cages for mountain beaver aplodontia rufa and other small mammals

Calot, J.P.; Ducos, J.; Montalegre, J., 1977:
Handling cases of malaise related to blood transfusion

Schultz, J.L., 1974:
Handling chemical information in the dupont central report index

Nelson, G.J., 1972:
Handling extraction and storage of blood samples

Mccornack, A.A., 1973:
Handling florida seedless grapefruit to reduce decay

Denenberg, V.H., 1972 :
Handling in infancy increased levels of the hypothalamic corticotropin releasing factor following exposure to a novel situation

Leberman, R.C.; Stern, M.A., 1977:
Handling induced shock in migrant song birds

Abrams, M.E., 1975:
Handling medical records by computer

Tegelberg, H.C.; Magoon, D., 1971:
Handling mortality on soft shell dungeness crabs

Haller, E.; Wittmers, L.E.Jr; Cizadlo, G.; Bown, G., 1978:
Handling of an intra venous blood glucose load by the obese mouse

Fishman, A.P.; Pietra, G.G., 1974:
Handling of bioactive materials by the lung part 1

Silbernagl, S., 1974:
Handling of cyclo leucine 1 amino cyclo pentane carboxylic acid in the proximal tubule of rat kidney

Mahony, J.F.; Alfrey, A.C.; Holmes, J.H., 1972:
Handling of intra venous calcium by patients on regular hemo dialysis therapy

Sodoyez, J.C.; Sodoyez Goffaux, F.; Halleux, J.; Reznik, M., 1978:
Handling of iodine 125 mono iodo insulin by the rat kidney

Kau, S.T.; Maack, T., 1976:
Handling of iodine 125 parathyroid hormone by the rat kidney

Ottosen, P.D.; Bode, F.; Madsen, K.M.; Maunsbach, A.B., 1976:
Handling of low molecular weight protein by the kidney proximal tubule

Busuoli, G.; Cavallini, A., 1971:
Handling of personnel dose data by means of an ibm 7094 computer

Perkins, F.T.; Hartley, E.G., 1970:
Handling of primates

Volkl, H.; Silbernagl, S., 1976:
Handling of proline in the rat kidney inhibitory effect of other imino acids of l phenyl alanine and of glycine

Mangos, J.A.; McSherry, N.R.; Irwin, K.; Hong, R., 1973:
Handling of water and electrolytes by rabbit parotid and submaxillary glands

Woodruff, A.W., 1975:
Handling patients with suspected Lassa fever entering Great Britain

Ostrander, C.E.; Loehr, R.C., 1971:
Handling poultry wastes with an oxidation ditch

Kikuchi, H.; Tadokoro, M., 1977:
Handling procedures of nanoliter samples of biological fluid for analyses

Dodson, E.J., 1976:
Handling protein native and derivative data

Wyly, M.V.; Denenberg, V.H.; D.S.ntis, D.; Burns, J.K.; Zarrow, M.X., 1975:
Handling rabbits in infancy: in search of a critical period

Williams, D.I.; Bailey, G.B.; Lee, M.H., 1975:
Handling rat pups after early weaning

Jones, R.C., 1979:
Handling spermatozoa from the african elephant loxodonta africana

Nystroem, B., 1973:
Handling sterile products in the hospital

Murphy, H.B.M., 1969:
Handling the cultural dimension in psychiatric research human

Newman, J.F., 1975:
Handling toxic chemicals environmental considerations part 1 introducing a new agricultural chemical

Loken, M.K.; Kush, G.S., 1970:
Handling uses and radiation dosimetry of xenon 133

Starling, C.C., 1972:
Handpicking macro invertebrates 3 methods compared

Jorgenson, R.J., 1974:
Hands in heritable syndromes: a photographic review

Morse, L.J.; Anderson, J.C.; Schonbeck, L.E., 1973:
Hands soaps and lotions and hospital related infections

Yasuhara, M., 1969:
Handwriting analyzer and analyses of human handwriting movements

Gwee Ah Leng, 1970:
Handwriting as an objective test of performance ability

Battelle Mem Inst, 1969:
Hanford atomic products operation calendar year 1967

U.Aec, 1971:
Hanford atomic products operation january december 1969

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Hanford experience with composite environmental dose estimates

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Hanford waste encapsulation strontium and cesium

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Hang gliding injuries

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Hanging drop culture of Xenopus laevis neural crest

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Hanging forms of pseudoleskeella laxiramea and leucodon immersus musci in the southern carpathian forest region iran a contribution to the morphology and the living conditions

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Hanging mercury drop electro deposition technique for carbon filament flameless atomic absorption analysis application to the determination of copper in sea water

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Hanging pines g indicators of coast washout rate

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Hangover effect a new photo receptor after de polarization induced by light in the presence of alcohols

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Hangover effects of hypnotics in man

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Hangovers and attitudes toward drinking

Larsen, K., 1972:

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Hannemania acarina trombiculidae and their anuran hosts at fortynine palms oasis joshua tree national monument california usa

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Hans bergers concept of psychic energy comments on the 1st publication concerning the electro encephalogram of man 40 years ago

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Hans Driesch and the theory and practice of embryonic transplantation

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Hansa test by gel diffusion technique

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Hansch analysis on phenothiazines

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Hansch and free wilson analysis of mito depressive activity of several penta atomic hetero cyclic derivatives

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Hanseniasis the new official name for leprosy in sao paulo brazil

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Hansens disease in a dermatological practice

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Hansens disease reactive exacerbation associated with black bullous patches resembling those of lucios leprosy and anasarca

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Hapalotis venustula lepidoptera noctuidae in kent

West, B.K., 1971:
Hapalotis venustula lepidoptera noctuidae in northwest kent

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Haplocarpon nadvornikianum new species

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Haplochromis multicolor

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Haplocnemus nigricornis new record coleoptera dasytidae in east suffolk england

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Haplodiplosis equestris is common in skane and halland

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Haplodiscus bocki new species a new pelagic turbellaria of the order acoela from the molucca sea with a discussion of the genus

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Haploid barley m from crosses of hordeum bulbosum m 2x x hordeum vulgare m 2x

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Haploid plants

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Haploid plants from pollen a big hope for plant breeding

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Haploid plants from pollen grains nicotiana d spp morphogenesis ploidy

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Haplomitrium hookeri in japan

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Haploniscidae crustacea isopoda asellota from the atlantic description of 8 new species

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Haplophydine a new alkaloid from haplophyllum perforatum

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Haplophytine a novel type of indole alkaloid

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Haplosporella sp from soil

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Haplostomella australiensis new species an ascidicolous copepod from new south wales

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Haplostomella halocynthiae an ascidicolid copepod associated with a simple ascidian halocynthia roretzi from japan

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Haplothrips bagrolis new species thysanoptera phlaeothripidae from wheat in india

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Haplotype associated immune responses in the family of a patient with muco cutaneous candidiasis

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Haplotype preference in murine lymphocytes differentiating in bone marrow chimeras

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Hapten binding by reconstituted neopl myeloma proteins

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Hapten binding receptor molecules isolate from nylon wool enriched thymus derived lymphocytes

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Hapten carrier relationships in immunological unresponsiveness part 2 decrease of antibody affinity and specificity in bone marrow derived cell tolerance

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Hapten carrier relationships of iso antigens determined by different histo compatibility loci

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Hapten conjugation of lymphocyte surfaces as a probe of membrane organization

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Hapten determinants and purity the key to immunologic specificity

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Hapten inhibition of dextran induced anaphylactoid reaction

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Hapten inhibition of reactions of antibody with conjugated haptens

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Hapten inhibition of the immune response in vitro

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Hapten modification of a transplantable murine tumor by the m p virus

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Hapten photochemistry characterization of 3 3 4 5 tetra chloro salicylanilide photo product with protein

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Hapten reactive thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes

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Hapten specific antigen binding by immune macrophages in cell culture

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Hapten specific bone marrow derived lymphocytes enrichment cloning receptor analysis and tolerance induction

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Hapten specific cutaneous basophil hyper sensitivity transferred with small amounts of 7s immuno globulin g 1 antibody

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Hapten specific delayed reactions produced by transfer of immune serum and sensitized cells abstract guinea pig picryl albumin skin reaction

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Hapten specific helper effects

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Hapten specific immuno globulin a antibody responses in mice

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Hapten specific immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g antibody responses in mice against a thymus independent antigen di nitro phenylate salmonella choleraesuis

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Hapten specific thymus derived killer cells

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Hapten specific tolerance unresponsiveness in the thymus derived cell depleted population

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Hapten specificities of penicillin in delayed hyper sensitivity

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Hapten specificity and carrier specificity in delayed hyper sensitivity

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Hapten stabilization of antibody conformation

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Haptenic competition in immunologically tolerant guinea pigs

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Haptenic relationship between bovine j human a and porcine a blood group systems tested with lipids and nonlipids of blood

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Haptic and visual perception of shapes that vary in 3 dimensions

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Haptic judgments of curvature by blind and sighted humans

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Hapto globin abo association

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Hapto globin after liver transplantation in dogs

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Hapto globin and group specific component grouping of liquid blood by vertical electrophoresis in a single block of poly acrylamide gel

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Hapto globin and hemo pexin in liver diseases

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Hapto globin and hemolysis

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Hapto globin and hemopexin in liver patients

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Hapto globin and intra vascular hemolysis

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Hapto globin as an index of rheumatic fever activity

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Hapto globin distribution in eastern austria vienna lower austria and burgenland

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Hapto globin fractionation after the effect of high temperature on blood

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Hapto globin group segregation in a population with a high consanguinity index

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Hapto globin groups groups gm and gc hemo globin s and glucose 6 phosphate

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Hapto globin in himalaya

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Hapto globin in muscular diseases

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Hapto globin in new borns

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Hapto globin in some renal pathologies in children

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Hapto globin in synovial effusions

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Hapto globin is a tumor necrosis factor

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Hapto globin level of blood serum in leukemic patients

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Hapto globin levels and groups in cases of death of mechanical asphyxia hanging

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Hapto globin levels in mesocricetus auratus mammalia rodentia cricetidae during infection with dipetalonema viteae nematoda spirurata dipetalonematidae

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Hapto globin o phenotype in some populations of africa and central america

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Hapto globin participation of res in the metabolism of hapto globin

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Hapto globin phenotypes in sera with tumor diseases

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Hapto globin transferrin and abnormal hemo globins in indian muslims

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Hapto globin type dependency in the interaction of rat hemo globin human hapto globin complexes with rat hepatocytes

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Hapto globin types and fluctuations of its quantity in the blood serum of cholecystitis patients

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Hapto globin types in liver cirrhosis

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Hapto globin typing and abnormal hemo globin

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Hapto globin typing by vertical disc acryl amide gel electrophoresis application to blood stain diagnosis

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Hapto globinemia in viral hepatitis

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Hapto globins and transferrins

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Hapto globins as genetic markers in the study of human variation an assessment

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Hapto globins group specific component and an unknown polymorphic protein in mental disease

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Hapto globins in hemolytic anemias

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Hapto globins in the new born part 1 full term infants

Philip, A.G.S., 1971:
Hapto globins in the new born part 2 low birth weight babies

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Haptoncus takhtajani new species coleoptera nitidulidae from the fiji islands

Muto, N.; Okada, J.; Natsubori, M.; Arai, K., 1969:
Haradas disease associated with toxoplasmosis

Shimizu, K., 1973:
Haradas syndrome behcets syndrome vogt koyanagi syndrome are they clinical entities

Gouzoules, H., 1974:
Harassment of sexual behavior in the stumptail macaque, Macaca arctoides

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Harbelle peach d description fruit quality

Bjarghov, R., 1973:
Harbor seal in svalbard

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Harboring behavior of 3 species of cockroaches periplaneta americana periplaneta japonica and blattella germanica

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Hard and soft behavior of manganese ions copper ions and zinc ions with respect to carboxylic acids and alpha oxy or alpha thio substituted carboxylic acids of biochemical significance

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Hard and soft contact lenses studied with scanning electron microscopy

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Hard and soft hallucinogenic drug users: their drug taking patterns and objectives

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Hard and soft ticks ixodoidea of the porcupine hystrix leucura in tadzhik ssr ussr

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Hard clam cleansing in new york

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Hard cooking and pickling eggs as teaching aids

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Hard core anxiety in dental patients implications for drug screening

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Hard corneal lenses vs semi rigid lenses in the fitting of keratoconus patients

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Hard liquor for preservative of sputum

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Hard palate relief as a test for forensic stomatological identification of a person

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Hard palate ultrastructure

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Hard ray therapy with special regard to the post operative irradiation of mammary carcinoma

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Hard red spring and durum wheat polar lipids part 2 effect on quality of bread and pasta products

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Hard seededness as a special type of organic dormancy

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Hard seeds within the individual in wild legumes

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Hard tissue as a composite material part 1 bounds on the elastic behavior

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Hard tissue formation of the pulp in relation to treatment of traumatic injuries

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Hard wheat technical and economic references for the mediterranean zone

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Hard wood tree evaluation

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Hard yellow liver disease in ruminants

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Hardcore personality and industrial illnesses and accidents

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Hardening and darkening of the cockroach cuticle mediation by cyclic amp

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Hardening effect of cyclo heximide on germination of seeds of impatiens balsamina

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Harderian gland ultrastructure of mouse followed porphyrin administration

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Hardiman i arm test hardiman i prototype project

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Hardin county surface water resources

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Hardiness in roses d

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Hardiness yield and test of bi parental descendence in the black walnut d juglans nigra d

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Harding grass m and annual legume d production in the sierra usa foothills trifolium hirtum subterraneum d phalaris tuberosa var stenoptera m

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Hardness and strength properties of a new high impact denture base resin

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Hardness measurement study on acrylic plastic removed from human hips

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Hardness of dental amalgams according to particle type and condensation method

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Hardness of sclerotic dentin

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Hardness of sida hermaphrodita seeds

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Hardness of the seed in white clover d

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Hardness of the volumetric vessels of rat extremities and its dependence on the deformation rate

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Hardware and software evolution of an adaptive ability measurement system

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Hardware problems in ergonomics measurements

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Hardwired sleep analyzer for rat and mouse

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Hardwood bark in soil mixtures physical function

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Hardwood distribution maps for the south

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Hardwood forests of virginias central coastal plain usa

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Hardwood planting in southern ontario canada

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Hardwood softwood forest

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Hardy bulbs for 3 seasons of color

Anon, 1969:
Hardy vines for shade

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Hardy weinberg disequilibrium of the fy system in 4 american negro populations

Warnes, K., 1972:
Hardy wild flowers

Rajki, S., 1972:
Hardy winter wheat from the nonhardy mexican spring wheat penjamo 62

Schuele, 1969:
Hare lips cleft palates and cleft of the hard palate

D.F.nseca V.O.; Megale, F.; D.V.le Filho, V.R.; Garcia, O.D.S.; D.A.reu J.J.; Pimentel, C.A.; D.A.drade V.J., 1973:
Hare lips occurrence in an inbreeding gyr herd

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Hares as asymptomatic carriers of yersinia enterocolitica

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Hares in romania

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Harikrishnaella arachidis new genus new species from india

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Harlan i smith boas and the salish unweaving archaeological hypotheses

Worthen, G.L., 1973:
Harlans hawk from utah 1st record for the great basin

Pendle, R.; Master, H., 1972:
Harlequin duck at silver lake

Hanson, H.R., 1972:
Harlequin ducks in cass county

Tabolin, V.A.; Deshchekina, M.F.; Lukina, L.I., 1971:
Harlequin syndrome in the new born with asphyxia and intra cranial birth trauma

Bauer, T., 1970:
Harley photolysis of ozone as a source of singlet oxygen in polluted atmospheres

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Harmaline induced olivo cerebellar activity revealed by the radioactive 2 deoxy d glucose method

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Harmaline induced rhythmic activity of alpha moto neurons and gamma moto neurons in the cat

Politoff, A.L.; Ryser, H.J P.; Pelikan, E.W., 1977:
Harmaline inhibits tritiated thymidine incorporation into dna of concanavalin a stimulated lymphocytes and el 4 leukemia cells

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Harmful action dependence of total body and local beta irradiation on dosage

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Harmful activity of the common vole microtus arvalis on small grains in autumn and winter period

Anon, 1970:
Harmful and useful invertebrate fauna of moldavia issue 4 5 kishinev ussr 1969

Rannamyae, R.R., 1975:
Harmful effect of bird feather dust

Nagornyi, P.A., 1978:
Harmful effect of formaldehyde in low concentrations

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Harmful effect of the herbicide 2 4 d upon embryonic development and fertility in feathered game

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Harmful effects of a high inspired pressure oxygen upon mice with influenza pneumonia

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Harmful effects of an irradiated cell culture medium

Duport, J.; Andlauer, P.; Gattelet, M.; Chalabreysse, J.; Moncelon, 1975:
Harmful effects of manufacture of plastic bottles of poly vinyl chloride

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Harmful effects of marihuana use: experiences and opinions of current and past marihuana users

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Harmful effects of pest infestations of foodstuffs

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Harmful entomo fauna introduced into the culture of the prostrate summer cypress d

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Harmful genes in natural populations of drosophila hydei

Hazemann, R.H., 1973:
Harmful influence of human concentration on peoples sensitivity

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Harmful insects found in international airplanes

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Harmful insects in 1970

Rossem, G.V.; Burger, H.C.; Van, D.B.nd C.F., 1972:
Harmful insects in 1971

Van Rossem, G.; Burger, H.C.; Van, D.B.nd C.F., 1974:
Harmful insects in 1973

Van Rossem, G.; Burger, H.C.; Van, D.B.nd C.F., 1975:
Harmful insects in 1974

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Harmful insects in islands

Kolbein Dahle, H., 1972:
Harmful insects on stored food products

Tonomura, M.; Obata, T.; Nemoto, H.; Kano, S., 1973:
Harmful metals in a cosmetic product containing inorganic pigments

Korchagin, V.N., 1971:
Harmful rodents

Smolyar, V.I.; Lavrushenko, L.F., 1974:
Harmful substances in natural food products and their hygienic significance review of literature

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Harmfulness of melanconiales on cultivated plants of moldavia

Chekmenev, S.Yu, 1975:
Harmfulness of noctuidae and measures of their control

Levchenko, N.G.; Dzerzhinskii, V.A., 1976:
Harmfulness of the aquatic fungus coelomycidium simulii new record parasitizing black fly larvae

Sigareva, D.D., 1969:
Harmfulness of the nematodes pratylenchus pratensis on flax d

Gorceix, A.; Zimbacca, N.; Dussaucy, E., 1971 :
Harmfulness of the surrounding medium in the determinism of suicidal behavior

D.T.ujillo G.; Scotti, D.C.rolis A.; Longo, V.G., 1977:
Harmine effects on cerebellar electro encephalography

Novoderzhkina, Y.G.; Kigel, T.V.; Makarenko, E.V., 1974:
Harmlessness of grain grown on sewage farms

Bugyaki, L., 1969:
Harmlessness of irradiated food their control identification and the legislation relative to their utilization

Billon, J., 1971:
Harmlessness of radio pasteurization of eggs frozen in containers

Schmitt, G.J., 1970:
Harmlessness of the enzymes in washing agents

Santesmases, J.G.; Rubio, F.; Ares, L.; Mira, J.; Verduzco, R.H., 1970:
Harmonic analysis in the visual pathway of the higher mammals

Crowther, R.A.; Amos, L.A., 1971:
Harmonic analysis of electron microscope images with rotational symmetry

Mayer, M.J.; Switkes, E., 1977:
Harmonic analysis of the visual environment visual anisotropy and carpentered environments

Tainsh, M.A., 1974:
Harmonic characteristics of autonomic activity and behavior

Donker, D.N.J., 1975:
Harmonic composition and topographic distribution of responses to sine wave modulated light their reproducibility and their inter hemispheric relationship

Seckel, G.R.; Yong, M.Y.Y., 1971:
Harmonic functions for sea surface temperatures and salinities koko head oahu 1956 1969 and sea surface temperatures christmas island 1954 1969

D.P.ins J.; Cornelissen, G.; Halberg, F., 1977:
Harmonic interpolation on equi spaced series covering integral periods of anticipated circadian rhythm in adriamycin tolerance

Cobb, W.A.; Morton, H.B., 1969:
Harmonics in visual evoked responses

Gerlach, H.G., 1969:
Harmonious adjustment of gaps between front teeth as esthetic morphological problems a contribution to the prognosis of the frontal closure of gaps

Oehmisch, W., 1970:
Harmonious analysis and the problem of its application in medicine

Tsukkerman, I.I., 1978:
Harmonization of the space frequency filters of the visual analyzer with the statistics of images

Schwetlick, W., 1971:
Harmonized arthrography and kinematographic investigations of the hip joint on the diagnosis and indication of hip luxation