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Investigations into rhizosphere myco flora part 12 seasonal variation in the myco flora of certain gymnosperms

Mishra, R.R.; Kanaujia, R.S.

Sydowia 27(1-6): 302-311, 1973


ISSN/ISBN: 0082-0598
Accession: 026851505

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Rhizosphere mycoflora of the 7 gymnosperms, i.e., Ginkgo biloba, Cycas revoluta, C. rumphii, Zamia spp., Araucaria spp., Pinus longifolia, Cupressus sempervirens and nonrhizosphere regions in relation to seasonal changes was investigated. Seventy-one fungal species were isolated, the majority of them were deuteromycetes. Aspergillus was dominant. The fungal population varied in different gymnospermous plants. A large number of amino acids were detected in Araucaria roots, and the maximum fungi were also obtained from them. The spores of different fungi, i.e., Cunninghamella bertholletiae, Mucor hiemalis, Aspergillus flavus, A. sydowi, A. ustus, Penicillium chrysogenum, P. notatum, Curvularia lunata, C. tetramera, Alternaria tenuis and Fusarium nivale exhibited different percentage germination in the aqueous root-extract of the different gymnosperms studied.

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