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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 26895

Chapter 26895 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nett, T.M.; Holtan, D.W.; Estergreen, V.L., 1975:
Levels of luteinizing hormone prolactin and estrogens in the serum of post partum mares

Gabridge, M.G.; Yip, D.M.; Hedges, K., 1975:
Levels of lysosomal enzymes in tissues of mice infected with Mycoplasma fermentans

Polna, I., 1971:
Levels of measles antibodies in selected provinces of poland

Barr, R.D.; Woodger, B.A.; Rees, P.H., 1973:
Levels of mercury in urine correlated with the use of skin lightening creams

Power, J.; Irr, J., 1972:
Levels of messenger rna in regulatory gene mutants of the l arabinose operon

Rovainen, C.M.; Lowry, O.H.; Passonneau, J.V., 1969:
Levels of metabolites and production of glucose in the lamprey brain

Heinz, F.; Junghanel, J., 1969:
Levels of metabolites in rat liver following the application of fructose

Fisher, L.J.; Erfle, J.D.; Sauer, F.D., 1972:
Levels of metabolites in the blood as criteria of the energy status of cows in early lactation

Mcgrath, C.M.; Marineau, E.J.; Voyles, B.A., 1977 :
Levels of murine mammary tumor virus sequences in dna of virus and hormone induced malignant mammary epithelial cells of the balb c mouse

Alvarez Ramis, C.; Montesinos Del Valle, M., 1973:
Levels of natural contamination of organisms of the marine biota of northern spain

Rocha, R.A.; Oliveira, E.N.S.; Oliveira, E.B., 1970:
Levels of nicotinic acid trigonelline and pyridoxine in the fruit of araucaria brasiliensis g

Mclaughlin, A.J., 1977:
Levels of noise from respiratory therapy equipment

Elecko, J., 1969:
Levels of nonesterified fatty acids glucose and acetone substances in the blood of calves during the 1st hours of life

Krenitsky, T.A.; Miller, R.L.; Fyfe, J.A., 1974:
Levels of nucleoside and nucleotide kinases in rhesus monkey tissues

Tasaka, Y.; Sekine, M.; Wakatsuki, M.; Ohgawara, H.; Shizume, K., 1975:
Levels of pancreatic glucagon insulin and glucose during 24 hours of the day in normal subjects

Girgus, J.S.; Coren, S.; Fraenkel, R., 1975:
Levels of perceptual processing in the development of visual illusions

Sheppard, C.; O'Neill, C.; Fracchia, J.; Merlis, S., 1970:
Levels of personal conflict derived from response to the emotion profile index

Jowett, G.K.; Beddows, C.G., 1973:
Levels of phenolic and alkaloid glycosides in damaged and diseased potatoes

Fanelli, R.; Frigerio, A.; Garattini, S., 1975:
Levels of piribedil and its active metabolite s 584 1 3 4 di hydroxybenzyl 4 2 pyrimidinyl piperazine in the rat striatum

O'dell G.D., 1977:
Levels of plasma energy compounds insulin and gluco corticoids during high grain feeding and fasting

Singh, S.P., 1976:
Levels of plasma glycosamino glycans in humans with diabetes mellitus

Fahrer, M.; Gruñeiro, L.; Rivarola, M.; Bergadá, C., 1974:
Levels of plasma growth hormone in children with congenital heart disease

Ogawa, K., 1978:
Levels of plasma norepinephrine and cyclic nucleotides in bronchial asthmatic patients

Kluft, C., 1978:
Levels of plasminogen activators in human plasma new methods to study the intrinsic activators and extrinsic activators

Johnson, D.E.; Tillery, J.B.; Prevost, R.J., 1975:
Levels of platinum, palladium, and lead in populations of Southern California

Nishimura, H.; Shiota, K.; Tanimura, T.; Mizutani, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Ueda, M., 1977:
Levels of poly chlorinated bi phenyls and organo chlorine insecticides in human embryos and fetuses

Baker, F.D.; Tumasonis, C.F.; Stone, W.B.; Bush, B., 1976:
Levels of poly chlorinated bi phenyls and trace metals in waterfowl in new york state

Takabatake, E., 1977:
Levels of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in tissues of the general population in japan

Day, R.S., 1973:
Levels of processing in language perception and production

Hasan, S.H.; Neumann, F.; Friedreich, E.; Elger, W., 1971:
Levels of progesterone during pregnancy in rabbits as measured by radio immunoassay

Cunningham, N.F.; Symons, A.M.; Saba, N., 1975:
Levels of progesterone luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone in the plasma of sheep during the estrous cycle

Singh, E.J.; Baccarini, I.; Zuspan, F.P., 1975:
Levels of prostaglandin f 2 alpha and prostaglandin e 2 in human endometrium during the menstrual cycle

Perry, T.W.; Beeson, W.M.; Tallent, W.H.; Mohler, M.T., 1974:
Levels of protein and crambe for steers

Chahal, D.S.; Munshi, G.D.; Chopra, A.K., 1975:
Levels of protein and essential amino acids in rhizoctonia solani grown on wood pulp

Thomas, V.M.; Perry, T.W.; Mohler, M.T.; Beeson, W.M., 1976:
Levels of protein and hormones for steer calves

Nadi, N.S.; Mcbride, W.J.; Kusano, K., 1977:
Levels of putative amino acid neuro transmitters in the spinal cord of the nervous weaver and staggerer neurologically mutant mice

Cameron, I.R.; Jacob, B.; Tracy, B.L., 1977:
Levels of radioactivity in bay of fundy coastal waters and organisms

Woodhead, D.S., 1973:
Levels of radioactivity in the marine environment and the dose commitment to marine organisms

Wernli, K.C.; Hebel, G.P.; Romero, T.J.J., 1973:
Levels of rapeseed meal in steers consumption and deleterious properties

Moutquin, J.M.; Liggins, G.C., 1976:
Levels of renin and prostaglandin e after bilateral fetal nephrectomy in sheep

Cutter, H.S.G.; Green, L.R.; Harford, T.C., 1973:
Levels of risk taken by extraverted and introverted alcoholics as a function of drinking whiskey

Welch, M.J.; Clarkson, P.M.; Pearce, T.N.; Edington, D.W., 1975:
Levels of rna in response to exercise

Walter, T.J.; Mans, R.J., 1976:
Levels of rna polymerase ii and atp poly nucleotide adenylyl transferase in maturing maize kernels

Zondag, R.J.; Tukey, H.B.Jr, 1970:
Levels of rooting co factors in chrysanthemum morifolium d during mist propagation

Duerre, J.A.; Quick, D.P.; Wallwork, J.C., 1978:
Levels of s adenosyl methionine s adenosyl homo cysteine and macro molecular methylases in developing rat brain and liver

Somerville, B.; Hinterberger, H., 1975:
Levels of serotonin bound to platelets and free in plasma in jugular and fore arm venous blood as determined by a fluorescent ortho phthalaldehyde assay

Healy, M.D.; Perez, J.A.; Rivera, A.; Limon, D., 1978:
Levels of serotonin in the brains of intact and pinealectomized rats given magnesium deficient or magnesium supplemented diets

Vercellotti, J.R.; Barnett, L.B.; Cragle, R.G., 1973:
Levels of serum alpha 2 macro globulin and calcium in the parturient cow

Deutscher, S., 1971:
Levels of serum cholesterol among offspring of parents who died of cancer: a comparison with coronary heart disease

Myers, B.D.; Klajman, A., 1975:
Levels of serum complement components in patients undergoing renal dialysis

Rakhimova, K.V., 1976:
Levels of serum magnesium and atp in children with a hematuric form of diffuse glomerulo nephritis

Perez-Polo, J.R.; Dy, P.; Westlund, K.; Hall, K.; Livingston, K., 1978:
Levels of serum nerve growth factor in schizophrenia

Pelkonen, K.; Harri, M.; Hanninen, O., 1977:
Levels of some enzymes of energy metabolism in rat heart during digoxin treatment

Merrick, W.; Dure, L.S., 1970:
Levels of specific chloroplast transfer rna species during cotton d seed ontogeny and germination

Akaike, T.; Westerman, R.A., 1973:
Levels of spinal projection of vestibulo spinal tract neurons in rabbit

Murali Mohan, P.; Murali Krishna Dass, P., 1969:
Levels of spontaneous electrical and acetyl cholin esterase activities during estivation of the indian apple snail pila globosa

Wolfe, D.A., 1970:
Levels of stable zinc and zinc 65 in crassostrea virginica from north carolina

Swanson, L.V.; Hafs, H.D., 1971:
Levels of steroids during the estrus cycle

Nevo, Z.; Lewin, L.M., 1977:
Levels of sulfur 35 in serum of rats injected with sulfur 35 sulfate a possible parameter for measuring growth processes

Terrier, A.; Boidron J N.; Ribereau Gayon, P., 1972:
Levels of terpene compounds in vitis vinifera grapes

Haven, D.S., 1969:
Levels of the herbicide diquat in 2 estuarine molluscs and in the water and mud mya arenaria crassostrea virginica

Rezvan, S.P.; Chaikovskaya, S.M., 1975:
Levels of the inherent resistance of escherichia coli to benzyl penicillin

Rogatykh, N.P.; Yasinovskii, V.G.; Zubarev, T.N., 1976:
Levels of the membrane potential in the cell of acetabularia mediterranea

O'donoghue Ryan, S.E.F., 1975:
Levels of the metabolite norepethidine in maternal and fetal plasma and amniotic fluid following intra muscular administration of pethidine during labor

Takano, I.; Sebastian, J., 1973:
Levels of the nuclear rna polymerase i and rna polymerase ii during the yeast cell cycle

Ilyukhina, V.A., 1975:
Levels of the slow bio electric organization of the human brain

Warner, A.C.; Hildebrand, J.R., 1976:
Levels of total free and protein bound calcium in the hemolymph of the crayfish orconectes immunis at various stages during the molt cycle

Lojda, L., 1970:
Levels of total neutral 17 keto steroids and estrogens in the urine in some inter sexual conditions in pigs

Nikishkin, I.A., 1972:
Levels of total riboflavine and fad in some tissues of white rats after introduction of thiamine and hydroxy thiamine

Fowler, B.A.; Fay, R.C.; Walter, R.L.; Willis, R.D.; Gutknecht, W.F., 1975:
Levels of toxic metals in marine organisms collected from southern california usa coastal waters

Nishimura, H., 1977:
Levels of trace elements in human embryos and fetuses

Beolousova, N.V., 1974:
Levels of trace elements in the green mass of fodders in various areas of the republic

Glassman, A.B.; Rydzewski, R.S.; Bennett, C.E., 1978:
Levels of trace metals in commercially prepared tissue culture media

Gippenreiter, Y.B.; Smirnov, S.D., 1971:
Levels of tracking eye movements and their connection with visual attention

Sonneborn, D.W.; Miller, J.A.; Hansen, H.J., 1970:
Levels of trans cobalamin ii following partial hepatectomy

Hughes, D.T.D.; Bye, A.; Hodder, P., 1972:
Levels of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole in blood and sputum in relation to treatment of chest infections

Osumi, Y.; Tanaka, C.; Takori, S., 1974:
Levels of tyrosine and tryptophan in the plasma and brain of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Bernstein, L.H.; Horenstein, J.M.; Russell, P.J., 1973:
Levels of urinary adenylate kinase activity in renal allo graph crisis and urinary infection

Zoz, N.I.; Baram, M.G.; Zav'yalova I.V.; Taubkina, A.A., 1978:
Levels of uv irradiation and visibility of defects in luminescent methods of control in industry

Mamaev, S.A., 1970:
Levels of variability of anatomical morphological characters of pine

Hannah, L.C.; Cantliffe, D.J., 1976:
Levels of various carbohydrate constituents and percentage germination of 4 everlasting heritage sweet corns

Abe, L.O.; Imbamba, S.K., 1977:
Levels of vitamin a and vitamin c in some kenyan vegetable plants

Minoccheri, F.; Cantoni, C., 1971:
Levels of vitamin b 1 vitamin b 2 and vitamin b 12 in dry sausages

Palmer, A.Z., 1973:
Levels of wheat bran for growing finishing swine

Pereira, J.; Vieira, I.F.; Moraes, E.A.; Rego, A.S., 1973:
Levels of zinc sulfate in field corn zea mays grown in campo cerrados

Herrick, R.M., 1969:
Lever displacement and response duration under a fixed interval reinforcement schedule and subsequent extinction

Grigg, P., 1970:
Lever holding and avoidance in the rat with constant current and constant voltage unconditional stimulus

Davis, H.; Hirschorn, P.; Hurwitz, H.M.B., 1973:
Lever holding behavior during a lever lift shock escape procedure

Davis, H.; Porter, J., 1976:
Lever holding behavior during transition from escape to avoidance

Myerson, J., 1974:
Lever pecking elicited by signaled presentation of grain

Morrison, R., 1974:
Lever pressing and discrete trials learning in the albino rat and the mongolian gerbil

Trowill, J.A., 1970:
Lever pressing performance for brain stimulation on fixed interval and variable interval schedules in a single lever situation

Shiroiwa, Y., 1975:
Lever pulling response speed in children as a function of delay of reinforcement and incentive value

Ranoarivony, E., 1971:
Levers facial eosinophilic granuloma concerning 1 case

Dupre, A.; Ferrere, J.; Bonafe J L.; Auvergnat, A., 1975:
Levers facial granuloma

Young, V.M.; Kenton, D.M.; Hobbs, B.J.; Morris, M.R., 1971:
Levinea a new genus of the family enterobacteriaceae

Markel, D.E.; Fowler, M.J.; Eklund, C., 1974:
Levinea or citrobacter

Schulzer, G., 1971:
Levitation and burns

Misra, A.L.; Bloch, R.; Vadlamani, N.L.; Mule, S.J., 1975:
Levo 1 tritiated methadone disposition in tolerant dogs

Nagasawa, T.; Umemoto, K.; Tsuneya, T.; Shiga, M., 1975:
Levo 1r 8 hydroxy 4 p menthen 3 one isolated from essential oil of mentha gentilis

Whiting, G.C.; Coggins, R.A., 1973:
Levo 3t 4t di hydroxy cyclo hexane 1c carboxylate a new quinate metabolite of lactobacillus plantarum

Razdan, R.K.; Howes, J.F.; Uliss, D.B.; Dalzell, H.C.; Handrick, G.R.; Dewey, W.L., 1976:
Levo 8 beta hydroxymethyl delta 1 tetra hydro cannabinol a novel physiologically active analog of delta 1 tetra hydro cannabinol

Castaner, J.; Sungurby, K., 1977:
Levo acetyl methadol

Blake, D.A., 1976:
Levo acetyl methadol treatment of opiate dependence plasma and urine levels of 2 pharmacologically active metabolites 1974

Fujii, T.; Kogen, H.; Ohba, M., 1978:
Levo alangimarckine synthesis and absolute configuration of an alangium lamarckii alkaloid

Goldstein, A., 1976:
Levo alpha acetyl methadol and levo alpha acetyl methadol metabolites plasma levels in patients summary progress report 1975

Taintor, Z.; Hough, G.; Plumb, M.; Murphy, B.F., 1975:
Levo alpha acetyl methadol and methadone in buffalo new york usa safety and efficacy

Blaine, J.D.; Renault, P.F., 1976:
Levo alpha acetyl methadol bibliography preclinical and clinical

Blachly, P.H.; David, N.A.; Irwin, S., 1976:
Levo alpha acetyl methadol comparison of laboratory findings electro encephalograms and cornell medical index of patients stabilized on levo alpha acetyl methadol with those on methadone 1972

Blachly, P.H., 1976:
Levo alpha acetyl methadol in the treatment of opiate addiction progress report 1971

Misra, A.L.; Mule, S.J., 1975:
Levo alpha acetyl methadol pharmaco kinetics and metabolism current status

Parwatikar, S.; Crawford, J.; Unverdi, C., 1975:
Levo alpha acetyl methadol study in st louis missouri usa

Parkes, J.D.; Fenton, G.W., 1973:
Levo(-) amphetamine and dextro(+) amphetamine in the treatment of narcolepsy

Childers, L.S.; Folting, K.; Merritt, L.L.Jr; Streib, W.E., 1975:
Levo beta iso sparteine copper ii chloride

Nakajima, K.; Kudo, T.; Yokoyama, M.; Nogi, M.; Konno, S.; Takao, A., 1970:
Levo cardia with situs inversus an anatomical and clinical study with special reference to a new classification

Thelen, M., 1975:
Levo cardiography for estimating the function of the left ventricle part 2 mitral insufficiency

Miyakado, M.; Ohno, N.; Hirai, H.; Yoshioka, H.; Mabry, T.J., 1974:
Levo cis chrysanthenol o beta d gluco pyranoside a new mono terpene glucoside from dicora canescens

Maynard, D.E.; Gurny, O.; Pitcher, R.G.; Kierstead, R.W., 1971:
Levo delta 8 tetra hydro cannabinol 2 novel in vitro metabolites

Matsuo, A.; Nozaki, H.; Shigemori, M.; Nakayama, M.; Hayashi, S., 1977:
Levo di hydro mylione a a novel tetra cyclic sesqui terpene ketone containing 2 conjugated cyclo propane rings from mylia taylorii liverwort

Riklan, M., 1972:
Levo dopa and behavior

Van Woert, M.H.; Ambani, L.; Bowers, M.B.Jr, 1972:
Levo dopa and cholinergic hyper sensitivity in parkinsons disease

Ngai, S.H.; Wiklund, R.A., 1972:
Levo dopa and surgical anesthesia

Labram, C., 1972:
Levo dopa and vitamin b 6

Chase, T.N., 1971:
Levo dopa in parkinsonism

Osborne, M.W.; Moe, R.A., 1970:
Levo dopa inhibition of centrally mediated veno constriction

D.Angelis, L., 1978:
Levo eburnamonine

Chovet, M.; Fauxpoint, B., 1978:
Levo eburnamonine in vascular lesions of the fundus of the eye

Jondorf, W.R., 1972:
Levo emetine and macro molecular biosynthesis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Moniaeva, I.I.; Mikaberidze, K.G., 1973:
Levo epi gallo catechin from the flowers of onobrychis iberica

Avdyukova, N.V.; Shmidt, E.N.; Pentegova, V.A., 1971:
Levo geranyl linalool from the oleo resin of picea obovata

Avdyukova, N.V.; Shmidt, E.N.; Pentegova, V.A., 1971:
Levo geranyl linalool from the sap of picea obovata

Sullivan, A.C.; Triscari, J.; Miller, O.N., 1976:
Levo hydroxy citrate interrelationships among lipogenesis glycogenesis and appetite

Montilla, J.J., 1972:
Levo lysine and racemic methionine supplementation of broilers rations of yellow corn and sesame

Maksimets, V.A.; Boldina, I.G., 1972:
Levo mepromazine prophylaxis of traumatic shocks

Srivastava, A.K.; Habib, F.K.; Stitch, S.R., 1978:
Levo norgestrel and progesterone binding in human uterine cytosol and plasma

Green, A.R.; Grahame Smith, D.G., 1976:
Levo propranolol inhibits the behavioral responses of rats to increased 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the central nervous system

Amico, V.; Oriente, G.; Piattelli, M.; Tringali, C.; Fattorusso, E.; Magno, S.; Mayol, L., 1977:
Levo r 1 o geranylgeranyl glycerol from the brown alga dilophus fasciola

Vanhamme, F., 1971:
Levo rotatory and dextro rotatory amino acids

Spencer, G.F.; Plattner, R.D.; Miller, R.W., 1977:
Levo s s 12 hydroxy 13 octa dec cis 9 enolide a 14 membered lactone from crepis conyzaefolia seed oil

Suprunov, N.I.; Dzizenko, S.N., 1971:
Levo sesamin from eleutherococcus senticosus

Suprunov, N.I.; Dzizenko, S.N., 1971:
Levo sesamin from eleutherococcus senticosus d

Matsuo, A.; Uto, S.; Nakayama, M.; Hayashi, S.; Yamasaki, K.; Kasai, R.; Tanaka, O., 1976:
Levo thermarol a new ent pimarane class di terpene diol from jungermannia thermarum liverwort

Murakoshi, I.; Sugimoto, K.; Haginiwa, J.; Ohmiya, S.; Otomasu, H., 1975:
Levo trans 4 hydroxycinnamoyl lupinine a new alkaloid in lupinus luteus seedlings

Krohn, K.A.; Stadalnik, R.C.; Matolo, N.M.; Hein, L.J., 1978:
Levo tryptophan or dl tryptophan for pancreas scintigraphy

Kangasniemi, P.; Falck, B.; Langvik V A.; Hyyppa, M.T., 1978:
Levo tryptophan treatment and visual evoked potentials in migraine

Kupchan, S.M.; Kopperman, H.L., 1975:
Levo usnic acid tumor inhibitor isolated from lichens

Levine, R.; Zaks, A.; Fink, M.; Freedman, A.M., 1973:
Levomethadyl acetate. Prolonged duration of opioid effects, including cross tolerance to heroin, in man

Panarin, E.F.; Shumikhina, K.I., 1974:
Levomycetin poly esters

Korobeinik, N.V.; Lebedeva, S.A.; Domaradskii, I.V., 1976:
Levomycetin resistance and the activity of some enzymes in the causative agent of the plague and in escherichia coli

Mustaev, R.K.; Kislitsin, V.N., 1974:
Levomycetin treatment of gonorrhea patients

Tereshin, I.M., 1969:
Levorin formation in actinomyces levoris during cultivation in native solutions of various fermentation times

Nekachalov, V.Y.; Yarobkova, N.D., 1970:
Levorin in the treatment of candidiasis of different parts of the body

Tsyganov, V.A.; Yakovleva, E.P.; Morozov, V.M.; Sokolova, E.N.; Kuznetsova, O.S.; Ratsun, G.M., 1973:
Levorin production in mixed culture with various microorganisms

Mikhailets, G.A.; Volynskaya, S.L.; Ivanov, N.I.; Slonitskaya, N.N., 1969:
Levorin toxicity for laboratory animals in chronic experiments

Patchornik, A., 1975:
Levulinic esters an alcohol protecting group applicable to some nucleosides

Von Mering, O., 1977:
Levy county tahrg community resource initiative in preventive health care

Tsoitis, G.; Destombes, P.; Ravisse, P.; Ancelle, G., 1973:
Lewandowsky lutz wart like epidermo dysplasia in a cameroonese

Wagner, H.N.Jr, 1978:
Lewis a conner memorial lecture nuclear cardiology 1978

H.-D.J.kubke; Ch. Kleßen; E.B.rger; K.N.ubert, 1978:
Lewis acids especially zinc chloride a new type of carbodiimide additive in peptide synthesis

Walburg, C.H.; Kaiser, G.L.; Hudson, P.L., 1971:
Lewis and clark lake tail water biota and some relations of the tail water and reservoir fish populations

Booth, P.B.; Saave, J.J.; Hornabrook, R.W., 1973:
Lewis and secretor genes in New Guinea

Hendriksen, R., 1970:
Lewis ginter botanical garden

Laster, W.R.Jr; Mayo, J.G.; Andrews, C.M.; Schabel, F.M.Jr, 1971:
Lewis lung carcinoma as an experimental model for studies with anti cancer drugs as surgical adjuvants

Potapov, M.I., 1974:
Lewis phenotypes of saliva semen and urine possibility of their use in forensic medicine

Balwit, M., 1969:
Lewis woodpecker on the peshtigo christmas count

Chuang C C., 1974:
Lewisia tweedyi new record for canada

Arcilla, M.B.; Sturgeon, P., 1974:
Le-x, the spurned antigen of the Lewis blood group system

Belogurov, A.A.; Zavil'gel'skii G.B., 1978:
Lexa dependent repair of inter strand cross links in bacterial and phage dna

Potter, M.C.; Kroll, J.F., 1978:
Lexical and object decisions accessing memory for words and things

Richards, L.G.; Doggett, D.E., 1976:
Lexical decisions and word length

Gardner, E.B.; Kondziela, J.M.; Cardosi, K.M., 1978:
Lexical decisions for left and right visual fields where is the familiar concrete left visual field effect

Hass, W., 1972:
Lexical usage of mentally retarded children and nonretarded children

Debray, P.; Herait, N., 1971:
Lexico intellectual displacement

Jacobson, R.J.; Sag, J.; Distiller, L.A.; Morley, J.E., 1978:
Leydig cell dys function in male patients with hodgkins disease receiving chemo therapy

W.R.H., 1977:
Leydig cell failure and hypo gonadism in a 21 year old male

Vermeulen, A.; Rubens, B.; Verdonck, L., 1971:
Leydig cell function aimed by testosterone metabolism in old age

Sherins, R.J., 1972:
Leydig cell function in infertile men

Stewart-Bentley, M.; Horton, R., 1973:
Leydig cell function in Klinefelter's syndrome

Ruder, H.J.; Loriaux, D.L.; Sherins, R.J.; Lipsett, M.B., 1974:
Leydig cell function in men with disorders of spermatogenesis

Mies, R.; Heesen, D.; Heinecke, H.; Winkelmann, W., 1974:
Leydig cell functional diagnosis with the determination of plasma testosterone in kidney transplant patients

Baumgarten, H.G.; Holstein, A.F., 1974:
Leydig cell innervation and seasonal variations in the testicular catecholamine content of birds

Rubin, P.; Mattei, A., 1971:
Leydig cell lesions in klinefelters disease electronic microscope contribution

Oshima, H.; Nankin, H.R.; Troen, P.; Yoshida K I.; Ochi, A.K.I., 1977:
Leydig cell number and function in infertile men

Vermeulen, A., 1974:
Leydig cell secretion in pre pubertal boys and in delayed puberty

Chung, K.W.; Blackburn, W.R.; Bullock, L.P.; Santen, R.J.; Bardin, C.W., 1977:
Leydig cell structure function relationships in the mouse with xx sex reversal

Magre, J.; Leroux, P.; Lerat, M.; Herve, P.; Dixneuf, S.; Gordeeff, A.; Leroux, M., 1971:
Leydig cell tumor and pregnancy

Jonas, U.; A.R.; Tscholl, R., 1972:
Leydig cell tumors comparative symptomatology of manifestations in children and adults

Neaves, W.B., 1975:
Leydig cells a report prepared for the ford foundation review of research and support in reproductive biology and contraceptive development

Lalli, M.F.; Clermont, Y., 1975:
Leydig cells and their role in the synthesis and secretion of glyco proteins

Rubin, P.; Mattei, A.; Cesarini, J., 1971:
Leydig cells in klinefelters syndrome in pre operatory per operatory and post operatory periods electron microscope study reference to normal subjects

Frazer, B.; Lent, C., 1977:
Leydig cells inter neurons in leech central nervous system

Horne, B., 1973:
Leys and soil fertility part 1 crop production 1st 12 years

Garwood, E.A.; Clement, C.R.; Williams, T.E., 1972:
Leys and soil organic matter part 3 the accumulation of macro organic matter in the soil under different swards

Bohlmann, F.; Zdero, C., 1972:
Leysseral angelicate a new type of benzofuran derivative

Vatankhah, M., 1977:
Lezius herzer nailing technique

Beery, A.M.; Kristoffersen, T.; Nath, K.R., 1972:
LFE Bioenhancer for Cheddar cheese manufacturing

Weygoldt, P., 1972:
Lharinus koepckei new species from peru amblypygi charontidae

Ambler, M.; Pogacar, S.; Sidman, R., 1969:
Lhermitte duclos disease granule cell hypertrophy of the cerebellum pathological analysis of the 1st familial cases

Leaver, R.C.; Loeser, J.D., 1971:
Lhermitte's phenomenon after high velocity missile injuries of the brain

Mullen, S.A., 1970:
Liability for transfusion hepatitis

Kimball, C.P., 1973:
Liaison psychiatry in the university medical center

Rahe, R.H., 1975:
Liaison psychiatry on a coronary care unit

Stone, I., 1969:
Liaison report on malt beverages and brewing materials

Cincurova, E., 1971:
Lias stratigraphy of the western carpathians on the basis of belemnites

Foekema, G., 1970:
Liasis amethistinus

Lehmann, U., 1970:
Liassic anaptychs as jaw elements ammonoidea

Ban Kovskii, A.I.; Ermatov, N.E.; Perel Son, M.E., 1969:
Libanoridine a new coumarin from libanotis schrenkiana d

Kozloff, E.N., 1970:
Libbie h hyman memorial symposium of the society of systematic zoology and the american microscopical society on biology of the turbellaria part 4 chicago illinois usa december 29 1970

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