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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 27000

Chapter 27000 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mori, H., 1969:
Mucosal islands of the colon and the fulminating phase of ulcerative colitis

Milosev, B.; Daoud, E.H.; El Hadi, A.; El Hassan, A.M.; Sati, M.H., 1969:
Mucosal leishmaniasis in the Sudan

Ahrén, C.; Haglund, U., 1973:
Mucosal lesions in the small intestine of the cat during low flow

Schmidt, J., 1970:
Mucosal lipid variations after feeding doubly labeled triolein and trilinolein

Keswani, N.H., 1971:
Mucosal lymphocytes in normal and artificially immunized small intestine in mice

Eneroth, C.M.; Lundberg, C., 1975:
Mucosal malignant melanomas of the head and neck with special reference to cases having a prolonged clinical course

Shah, J.P.; Huvos, A.G.; Strong, E.W., 1977:
Mucosal melanomas of the head and neck

Choi, Y.J., 1971:
Mucosal micro circulation and submucosal mast cells in the rat stomach exposed to restraint and exertion stress

Gracey, M.; Kay, R.; Bishop, R.F.; Smith, E.D.; Anderson, C.M., 1971:
Mucosal morphology and bacterial flora of ileal conduits

Chen, W.T.; Dabney, J.M.; Chou, C.C., 1969:
Mucosal nerves as a mediator of local intestinal blood flow

Swischuk, L.E., 1971:
Mucosal patterns in diffuse disease of the small bowel

Stirrups, D.R.; Dinsdale, R.C., 1977:
Mucosal petechiometry: a reliable method for the measurement of capillary resistance

Forsberg, J.O.; Jung, B.; Larsson, B., 1978:
Mucosal protection during irradiation of exteriorized rat ileum. Effect of hypoxia induced by starch microspheres

Pope, C.E., 1976:
Mucosal response to esophageal motor disorders

Monges, H.; Laffargue, P.; Chamlian, A.; Cougard, A., 1971:
Mucosal samples of normal and pathological small intestines obtained by per oral biopsy bin ocular lens study

Ballard, J., 1973:
Mucosal secretory immuno globulin a and secretory piece in adult celiac disease

Rasche, B.; Hochstrasser, K.; Marcic, I.; Ulmer, W.T., 1975:
Mucosal specific protease inhibitors in the bronchial mucus in cases of severe chronic obstructive bronchitis and alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiency

Poulsen, S.S., 1977:
Mucosal surface morphology in ulcerative colitis

LeVeen, H.H.; Falk, G.; Douglass, H.O.; Spingola, L.J., 1970:
Mucosal susceptibility in peptic ulceration; a method for testing

Halaris, A.E., 1971:
Mucosal vasculature after truncal vagotomy

Jones, D.B., 1969:
Mucosubstances of the glomerulus

Maar, K.; Wegner, K.W.; Krüger, R., 1975:
Mucouria in urachal adenoma

Iida, F., 1976:
Mucous barrier and peptic ulcer of the stomach

Bialik, V.L.; Bialik, V.V., 1971:
Mucous carcinoma of the prostate gland

Oppermann, G., 1973:
Mucous cells in the nephron of teleosts histochemistry of enzymes and observations on the fine structure of the kidney of the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus and the nine spined stickleback pungitius pungitius during the breeding period

Patrick, W.J.; Denham, D., 1972:
Mucous change in the duodenum

Elinek, R., 1972:
Mucous cover of the larynx

Constant, E.; Royer, J.R.; Pollard, R.J.; Larsen, R.D.; Posch, J.L., 1969:
Mucous cysts of the fingers an analysis of 76 lesions

Friedrich, E.G.; Wilkinson, E.J., 1973:
Mucous cysts of the vulvar vestibule

Tos, M., 1976:
Mucous elements in the airways

Byrne, J.E., 1970:
Mucous envelope formation in 2 species of hawaiian parrotfishes genus scarus

Cordes, D.O., 1970:
Mucous gland adeno carcinoma of the small intestine of sheep

Rafla, S., 1969:
Mucous gland tumors of paranasal sinuses

Tos, M.K., 1971:
Mucous glands of the trachea in man. Quantitative studies

Cheng, P., 1978:
Mucous glyco proteins in cystic fibrosis

Bang, F.B., 1976:
Mucous hyper secretion and vital staining

Bang, B.G., 1972:
Mucous hyper secretion induced in cultures of muco ciliated epithelial cells

Zufarov, K.A.; Tashkhodzhaev, P.I.; Rasulev, K.I., 1973:
Mucous membrane of the small intestine after stomach resection

Reich, H., 1975:
Mucous membrane poikiloderma

Ozawa, M.; Kono, K.; Ouchi, S.; Nakada, K., 1976:
Mucous membrane structure of the papillary segment and bile duct end segment

Stejskalova, A., 1970:
Mucous metaplasia and adenoma of the mucous membrane of the appendix

Sela, J.; Ulmansky, M., 1969:
Mucous retention cyst of salivary glands

Adkins, K.F., 1969:
Mucous retention in minor salivary glands

Breckenridge, W.R.; Murugupillai, R., 1971:
Mucous secretions in the skin of ichthyophis glutinosus amphibia gymnophiona

Kobori, O.; Oota, K., 1974:
Mucous substance and enzyme histochemistry of non-neoplastic and neoplastic gastric epithelium in man

Harman, C.G.; Freston, J.W.; Englert, E.Jr, 1969:
Mucous substances in experimental chole lithiasis

Fonsman, J., 1970:
Mucoviscidosis and nasal polyps

Gottschalk, B., 1970:
Mucoviscidosis: diagnosis and therapy

Hagmann, R., 1973:
Mucoviscidosis example of a hereditary disease

Gottschalk, B., 1972:
Mucoviscidosis in east germany

Smirnov, N.M., 1972:
Mucoviscidosis in infants during the 1st months of life

Reznik, B.Ia.; Getmanets, V.N.; Zubova, V.A.; Kipkalo, N.T.; Mukhina, L.I., 1971:
Mucoviscidosis in pediatrics

Bochkova, D.N.; Gromoca, R.V.; Eremeeva, A.S.; Kuandyko, E.U.; Nemerskaya, L.A.; Reutova, I.V., 1974:
Mucoviscidosis incidence in children in moscow

Deschamps, J.; Didier, F.; Floquet, J., 1971:
Mucoviscidosis revealed and dominated by its cardiac manifestations

Mitre, R.J.; Joel, R.V.; Kelly, W.C., 1971:
Mucoviscidosis testing in a community hospital

Rossi, E.; Hagmann, R., 1971:
Mucoviscidosis the present situation of therapy

Oefelein, H., 1973:
Mucronella alba new record found in switzerland

Lopez Vidriero, M.T.; Bhaskar, K.R.; Reid, L., 1978:
Mucus and serum components in sol and gel phases of sputum from hyper secretory diseases

Reid, L., 1978:
Mucus as a contributing factor

Crawford, J.S.; Walpole, J.B., 1974:
Mucus catheter with a protective guard

Domres, B.; Geisbe, H.; Weber, V., 1971:
Mucus forming carcinoma of the stomach and chronic lymphatic leukemia

Last, J.A.; Jennings, M.; Cross, C.E., 1977:
Mucus glyco protein secretion by tracheal explants from rats exposed to ozone

Barton, A.D.; Weiss, S.G.; Lourenco, R.V.; Shamsuddin, M.; Dralle, W., 1976:
Mucus glyco proteins in chronic bronchitis sputum

Wright, P.; Mackie, I.A., 1977:
Mucus in the healthy and diseased eye

Zippel, R., 1971:
Mucus membrane function and aerosol

Battista, S.P.; Kensler, C.J., 1970:
Mucus production and ciliary transport activity. In vivo studies using the chicken

Sade, J.; Weinberg, J., 1969:
Mucus production in the chronically infected middle ear a histological and histochemical study human

Nicosia, S.V.; Wolf, D.P., 1976:
Mucus release in rabbit endo cervical cells

Schiavo, J.J.; Gartland, P.M.; Foote, R.H.; Scott, N.R., 1975:
Mucus resistance and milk progesterone

Gatto, L.A.; Aiello, E., 1978:
Mucus secreting structures in the deer mouse peromyscus leucopus trachea

Wright, J.D.; Font, R.L., 1978:
Mucus secreting sweat gland adeno carcinoma of eyelid a clinico pathologic study of 21 cases with histochemical and electron microscopic observations

Townsend, C.R., 1974:
Mucus trail following by the snail biomphalaria glabrata

Wanner, A.; Zarzecki, S.; Hirsch, J.; Epstein, S., 1976:
Mucus transport in asthma

Edmunds, L.H.; Stallone, R.J.; Graf, P.D.; Sagel, S.S.; Greenspan, R.H., 1969:
Mucus transport in transplanted lungs of dogs

Chen, T.M.; Dulfano, M.J., 1976:
Mucus visco elasticity and muco ciliary clearance

Borevskaya, B.D.; Kazanevskaya, V.I., 1972:
Mud applications in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the biliary tract and liver

Dorfman, D., 1977:
Mud flat formation and plant succession in deal lake

Allersma, E., 1969:
Mud on the oceanic shelf of guiana

Cieniawa, T., 1971:
Mud poultices in the treatment of chronic catarrhal conditions of the throat and larynx

D.Almeida Rodrigues, S., 1971:
Mud shrimps of the genus callianassa from the brazilian coast crustacea decapoda

Kamp Nielsen, L., 1974:
Mud water exchange of phosphate and other ions in undisturbed sediment cores and factors affecting the exchange rates

Johnson, E., 1972:
Muddy creek a pollution study

Tillman, R.W., 1974:
Muddy sandstone environments powder river basin wyoming and montana usa outcrop and core study

Bloom, B.R., 1972:
Muddying the water: a chairman's prerogative

Sugathan, P.; Balaraman Nair, M., 1972:
Mudi chood a new dermatosis

Proenza, L.M., 1972:
Mudpuppy retina proximal negative response and visual sensitivity

Riepe, R.E.; Norenburg, M.D., 1977:
Mueller cell localization of glutamine synthetase in rat retina

Rovainen, C.M., 1978:
Mueller cells mauthner cells and other identified reticulo spinal neurons in the lamprey

O'rourke M.; Merryman, C., 1978:
Mueller lyer and poggendorff illusions difference between children and adults

Girgus, J.S.; Coren, S., 1973:
Mueller lyer decrement long term effects and the structural minimum

Braun, E.V., 1978:
Muellerian adeno sarcoma of the uterine cervix

Evans, T.N., 1975:
Muellerian defects

Groenendijk Huijbers, M.M.; D.R.oy A.J.M., 1976:
Muellerian duct inhibiting capability of young rooster testis after administration of cyproterone acetate

Groenendijk Huijbers, M.M., 1974:
Muellerian duct regressing capability of the embryonic chicken testis

Sheppard, P.M., 1974:
Muellerian mimicry and amazonian forest refuges

Taylor, C.W., 1972:
Muellerian mixed tumor

Anson, R.J.; M.K.nnon P.D., 1971:
Muelsing still effective but use declining

Szatkowski, J., 1971:
Muenchhausens syndrome

Pohl, R.W., 1969:
Muhlenbergia m subgenus muhlenbergia m gramineae m in north america

Steinmetz, E.F., 1971:
Muira puama an aphrodisiac

Choudhury, B.K.; Chakraborty, D.P., 1971:
Mukoeic acid the 1st carbazolecarboxylic acid from a plant source

Plummer, G.L., 1976:
Mulberries to soybeans changes in vegetation patterns

Corazzola, S.; Zanin, E., 1971:
Mulberry heart disease microangiopathia dietetica of swine in the vicenza province

Komeyama, M., 1975 :
Mulberry leaf infection

Katsumata, F., 1973:
Mulberry species in south vietnam

Katsumata, F., 1972:
Mulberry species in western java and their peculiarities

Safonova, A.M.; Libinson, R.N., 1972:
Mulberry varieties for different periods of breeding fattening of the silkworm

Mellaart, E.A.R., 1975:
Mulch and micro climate the significance of mulch and the change in temperature behavior resulting from it

Shatwell, W.E.; Harrell, M.L., 1969:
Mulch for stabilization new uses for old materials

Kawashima, S.; Tanabe, T., 1972:
Mulching effects by a holey sheet to direct sowing culture of paddy rice on drained lowland rice field part 1 checking effects of mulching on water leakage root distribution growth and yield of paddy rice plant

Springfield, H.W., 1972:
Mulching improves survival and growth of cercocarpus montanus transplants

Peebles, R.W.; Oebker, N.F., 1971:
Mulching techniques for arid lands vegetable production

Allen, E.Anderson, Dean, E.Medin and David, C.Bowden, 1972:
Mule deer fecal group counts related to site factors on winter range

Perheentupa, J.; Aula, P.; Rapola, J., 1974:
Mulibrey nanism clinico pathological characterization of an autosomal recessive syndrome with fibroblast studies

Perheentupa, J.; Autio, S.; Leisti, S.; Raitta, C.; Tuuteri, L., 1975:
Mulibrey nanism: review of 23 cases of a new autosomal recessive syndrome

Chaitin, H.; Wienick, L.; Futernick, B., 1971:
Mullerian duct vestige tumors in males

Magre, J.; Leroux, P.; Lerat, M.; Herve, P.; Villard, L.; Gordeff, A.; Leroux, M., 1971:
Mullero blastomas 2 observations

Minh, H.; Gontier, M.; Redaud, A.; Smadja, A., 1971:
Mullero blastomas concerning 4 cases

Hoang Ngoc, M.; Gontier, M.F.; Redaud, A.; Smadja, A., 1972:
Mullero blastomas or mesodermal mixed tumors a report of 4 cases

Tseng W Y., 1975:
Mullet fisheries of taiwan catch pattern

Kurian, C.V., 1975:
Mullets and mullet fisheries of india

Bagley, G.P., 1972:
Mulligan Hood removed through the laparoscope

Metraux J P.; Richmond, P.A.; Taiz, L., 1978:
Multi axial cell wall extension and acid growth in nitella

Taylor, S.C.S.; Thiessen, R.B.; Gibson, D.; Hnizdo, E., 1974:
Multi breed comparison of growth rate and food efficiency in cattle

Khodzhaev, B.U.; Shakirov, R.; Aripov, K.N.; Shakirov, T.T.; Yunusov, S.Yu, 1975:
Multi buffer separation of the total alkaloids of buxus sempervirens

Vesselinovitch, S.D.; Simmons, E.; Mihailovich, H., 1975:
Multi carcinogenesis by urethane and x irradiation

Pick, E.; Krejci, J.; Turk, J.L., 1971:
Multi causal release of soluble mediators by lymphocytes

Salganik, R.I.; Kiseleva, E.V.; Bersimbaev, R.I.; Khristolyubova, N.B., 1975:
Multi cellular biochemical assembly providing for the secretion of hydro chloric acid in the rat stomach

Khristolyubova, N.B., 1974:
Multi cellular functional system regulating hydro chloric acid secretion in the animal stomach

Macdonald, H.R.; Sutherland, R.M.; Howell, R.L., 1976:
Multi cellular spheroids as targets in an in vitro model for immunity to solid tumor allo grafts

Fowler, P.D., 1974:
Multi center clinical trials in general practice an appraisal of the reproducibility and reliability of the findings

Simmelsgaard, H.; Frankel, I.; Gunner Svensson, F.; Poulsen, H.; Blumenthal, M.; Metsa Simola, S.; Grohn, P.; Reinertsen, T.; Schmidt, P., 1973:
Multi center double blind clinical investigations of flupenthixol fluanxol and flupenthixol plus melitracen lu 6722 in neurosis treatment

Sukhorukov, B.I., 1974:
Multi center model of the conformational conversions in bio polymers part 1 equilibrium curve of transition

Scott, J.T.; Sturge, R.A.; Hamilton, E.B.D.; Liyanage, S.P.; Dixon, A.S.J.; Engler, C., 1976:
Multi center trial of naproxen vs phenyl butazone in acute gout

Chervinsky, P.; Dwek, J.; Grieco, M.; Vogt, F., 1975:
Multi centered double blind comparison of beclomethasone di propionate aerosol to its vehicle

Jagla, K.; Georgii, A., 1975:
Multi centric carcinomas and atypical hyperplasia in the mammary gland

Krey, P.R.; Comerford, F.R.; Baker, E.E.Jr, 1974:
Multi centric reticulo histiocytosis fine structure of giant cells in the synovium and synovial fluid

Shaltiel, S.; Mozes, E.; Sela, M., 1972:
Multi chain poly proline coated with histidyl and glutamyl residues a potent synthetic immunogen

Vero, M., 1973:
Multi channel analyzer classifying circuit for the determination of action potential intervals and durations

Witcofski, R.L.; Addario, D.; Douglas Maynard, C.; Janeway, R., 1971:
Multi channel analyzers in the analysis of the radio isotope cerebral angiogram

Dymond, A.M.; Coger, R.W.; Martin, J.P.; Serafetinides, E.A., 1976:
Multi channel bio telemetry of electro physiological parameters from unrestrained psychiatric patients

White, M.W.; Merzenich, M.M.; Vivion, M.C., 1978:
Multi channel cochlear prostheses noninvasive recording methods for estimating the spatial distribution of functional auditory nerve fibers and the spatial distribution of electrically excited nerve fibers

Giannazzo, E.; Terranova, S.; Urbano, A., 1974:
Multi channel device for radio telemetric transmission of biological signals

Goryshin, N.I.; Braun, E.A.; Tyshchenko, G.F., 1973:
Multi channel device for studying some daily rhythms in insects

Dyford, G.H., 1978:
Multi channel displays for physiological data

Sandler, H., 1969:
Multi channel doppler blood flow measurement system

Woods, J.F., 1974:
Multi channel electro encephalogram telemetry computer monitoring of epileptic patients

Lehmann, D.; Jacewitz, M.M.; Koukkou, M.; Madey, J.M., 1971:
Multi channel electro encephalographic field analysis sleep and wakefulness in humans

Mikhailov, R.K.; Naruzhnyi, B.V.; Sinenko, S.F., 1970:
Multi channel electronic diagnostic apparatus

Dibdin, G.H.; Shellis, R.P., 1974:
Multi channel equipment for deposition of bacterial plaques under standardized artificial conditions

Reite, M.; Pauley, J.D., 1976:
Multi channel implantable bio telemetry problems pitfalls and rewards

Milgram, P.; Inbar, G.F., 1976:
Multi channel information transmission in the nervous system

Lyubimov, N., 1970:
Multi channel organization of afferent conduction in the visual and somato sensory systems

Mcleod, F.D., 1974:
Multi channel pulse doppler techniques

Sobakin, M.A.; Privalov, I.A., 1976:
Multi channel recording of human gastric electrical activity from the body surface

Novykov, A.A.; Hetman, F.F., 1975:
Multi channel rheograph with a linear characteristic of the transformation and demodulation of pulse blood volume at a minimum probing current

Alexander, D.C., 1970:
Multi channel simultaneous analysis of the electro cardiogram using simultaneously recorded 3 lead sets

Cacciapuoti, B., 1972:
Multi channel system for the reaction of prolonged complement fixation

Waser, P.G., 1973:
Multi channel telemetry of brain potentials and acceleration in the rat

Borbely, A.A., 1972:
Multi channel telemetry of electro encephalogram and other parameters in the rat

Duff, T.A., 1978:
Multi channel topographic analysis of human somato sensory cortical evoked potentials

Galley, N.; Servos, H.; Hopmann, G., 1978:
Multi channel topography of evoked potentials from cat auditory cortex

Lehmann, D., 1971:
Multi channel topography of human alpha electro encephalographic fields

Delgado, J.M.R., 1970:
Multi channel trans dermal stimulation of the brain

Rodda, B.E., 1975:
Multi clinic and multi investigator trials of cardio vascular agents a statistical enigma

Luukkainen, T.; Timonen, H.; Sivin, I., 1975:
Multi clinic copper t studies in finland

Stewart, W.C.; O'brien F.B.; Nissen, C.; Deysach, L., 1975:
Multi clinic evaluation of gravigard copper intra uterine contraception

Calabro, J.J.; Andelman, S.; Bower, R.; Caldwell, J.; Hamaty, D.; Kaplan, H.; Maltz, B.; Saville, P.; Umbenhauer, E., 1975:
Multi clinic trial of mk 231 cis 5 fluoro 2 methyl 1 p methylsulfanylbenzylidene indene 3 acetic acid in hip osteo arthritis

Calabro, J.J., 1977:
Multi clinic trial of sulindac in hip osteo arthritis

Schooley, G.L., 1975:
Multi clinic trials arduous analysis

Worthington, B.S., 1977:
Multi color transformation of the conventional radiograph and its applications

Koskelo, P.; Kekki, M., 1976:
Multi compartment analysis of carbon 14 labeled copro porphyrin and uro porphyrin kinetics in human beings

Mishra, N.K.; Mittman, C., 1974:
Multi compartment analysis of pulmonary diffusion and ventilation

Szilagyi, S., 1973:
Multi compartment ionophoretic apparatus equipped with multi channel peristaltic pump

Good, L.I.; Mccone, J.S.; Pring, M.; Trotman, B.W.; Soloway, R.D., 1978:
Multi compartment model best explains distribution of bile salt pool in man

Klapdor, R.; Hilweg, D., 1972:
Multi compartmental analysis and lymph circulation

Klapdor, R., 1972:
Multi compartmental analysis of cholic acid excretion a new method for the standardization of liver excretion tests in men

Cristinelli, L.; Mioni, G.; Cecchettin, M.; Migozzi, G.; Panzetta, G.O.; Cannella, G.; Mombelloni, S.; Castellani, A.; Maiorca, R., 1976:
Multi compartmental analysis of the phosphate pool in the dialyzed patient

Pellionisz, A.; Llinas, R., 1978:
Multi compartmental hodgkin huxley cable model for analysis of threshold responses of the climbing fibers of purkinje cells

Cerchio, G.M.; Shah, J.H.; Popovich, P.A., 1971:
Multi compartmental insulin release in maturity onset diabetes

Aziz, N.S.; Gambertoglio, J.G.; Lin, E.T.; Benet, L.Z., 1977:
Multi compartmental kinetics of cephalothin and its less active deacetyl metabolite using a specific chemical assay

Poledne, R.; Brodan, V.; Hajek, M., 1973:
Multi compartmental model of the plasma tri glyceride and free fatty acid metabolism

Ookhtens, M.; Kannan, R.; Baker, N., 1978:
Multi compartmental modeling of fatty acid metabolism in a mouse ascites carcinoma host system

Locker, A., 1972:
Multi compartmental models and their analysis

Horning, E.C., 1972:
Multi component analyses of human metabolites

Jellum, E., 1972:
Multi component analyses using gas liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer computer methods and application in clinical chemistry

Madsen, B.W.; Robertson, J.S., 1974:
Multi component analysis of uv spectra application to pharmaceutical dosage forms

Karoly, P., 1974:
Multi component behavioral treatment of fear of flying a case report

Abrahams, M., 1973:
Multi component materials

Chernov, I.A.; Krainova, N.N., 1971:
Multi component medium for isolation of chloroplast preparations capable of intensive fixation of carbon 14 di oxide

Chernov, I.A.; Krainova, N.N., 1971:
Multi component medium for production of chloroplast preparations capable of intensive carbon 14 di oxygen fixation

Wittenberger, C.L., 1976:
Multi component nature of the glucosyl transferase system of streptococcus mutans

Lysyj, I.; Newton, P.R., 1972:
Multi component pattern recognition and differentiation method analysis for oil in natural waters

Pettersson, L., 1972:
Multi component poly anions part 2 a potentiometric polarimetric and spectrophotometric study of mannitol di molybdates in 3 molar sodium per chlorate medium

Andersson, I., 1973:
Multi component poly anions part 3 a potentiometric study of germanate mannitol equilibria in 05 molar sodium chloride medium

Pettersson, L.; Andersson, I., 1973:
Multi component poly anions part 5 a potentiometric and polarimetric study of borate mannitol equilibria in 3.0 molar sodium per chlorate medium

Ahmad, I.; Beg, A.E.; Faridi, A., 1974:
Multi component spectrophotometric determination of pharmaceutical compounds

Smirnov, A.N.; Smirnova, O.V.; Shul'gina N.K.; Rozen, V.B., 1978:
Multi component system of estrogen binding proteins in the liver cytosol species differences in rats mice and guinea pigs

Horton, P.W.; Monk, I.B.; Mckean, W.; Aitken, J.M.; Smith, D.A., 1971:
Multi constituent analysis of bone and soft tissue by photon absorption

Heffner, R.R.; Cohen, M.E.; Duffner, P.K.; Daigler, G., 1976:
Multi core disease in identical twins

Bender, M., 1971:
Multi crystal and mosaic high speed cameras

Larroche, J.C.; Lebrun, F.; Monod, N., 1978:
Multi cystic encephalopathy and post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus in premature neo nates anatomical features and bio electrical activity correlations

Derevyanko, I.M.; Permikin, E.A.; Chumakov, P.I., 1978:
Multi cystosis of the kidney in children

Lambertsen, C.J.; Wright, W.B., 1973:
Multi day exposure of men to high nitrogen pressure and increased airway resistance at natural expired oxygen tension a 14 day continuous exposure to 5.2 percent oxygen in nitrogen at 4 atmospheres absolute pressure

Lambertsen, C.J.; Wright, W.B., 1973:
Multi day exposure of men to high nitrogen pressure and increased airway resistance at natural inspired oxygen tension a 14 day continuous exposure to 5.2 percent oxygen in nitrogen at 4.0 atmospheres absolute pressure philadelphia pennsylvania usa june july 1970

Morard J C., 1972:
Multi deficient diet magnesium pyridoxine sulfur derivatives and renal connective tissue in the rat experimental induction of an aseptic papillary necrosis

Schneider, I.R.; Hull, R.; Markham, R., 1971:
Multi dense satellite of tobacco ringspot virus a series of components with a uniform difference in density between each component

Jones, A.G.; Davis, M.A., 1975:
Multi dentate phosphonates as skeletal and myo cardial infarct imaging agents

Fazio, T.; Howard, J.W.; White, R., 1972:
Multi detection method for analysis of volatile nitrosamines in foods

Sen, N.P., 1972:
Multi detection methods for determining volatile nitrosamines in foods

Michon, J., 1975:
Multi digital amputations

Sims, D.G.; Montgomery, A.A., 1977:
Multi dimensional analysis of auditory and visual perception among the profoundly hearing impaired

Macgibbon, B.; Preus, M., 1977:
Multi dimensional analysis of face shape in the parents of children with cleft lip palate

Ohgushi, K., 1978:
Multi dimensional analysis of timbres of complex tones

Defayolle, M.; Jacq, J., 1975:
Multi dimensional approach to the therapeutic effects of neurotropic drugs

Singh, S.; Murry, T.; Sargent, M., 1976:
Multi dimensional classification of abnormal voices

Mueller, U.; Ruppen, R.; Baumann, U.; Angst, J., 1972:
Multi dimensional classification of drug abuse by boys

Colgan, P.W.; Smith, J.T., 1978:
Multi dimensional contingency table analysis

Nakache, J.P., 1976:
Multi dimensional data analysis in medical decision

Wing, A.; Allport, D.A., 1972:
Multi dimensional encoding of visual form

Grismore, R.; Barbee, A.W.Jr; Berry, M.L.; Taboas, A.L.; Emmons, D.R., 1975:
Multi dimensional gamma ray spectrometer with a liquid scintillation counter anti coincidence ring

Wagner, C.; Bourgeois, A.; Levenson, H.; Denton, J., 1974:
Multi dimensional locus of control and voluntary control of galvanic skin response

Schlegel, R.P., 1975:
Multi dimensional measurement of attitude towards smoking marihuana

Paz, A., 1976:
Multi dimensional parallel rewriting systems

Langhorne, J.E.Jr; Stone, L.R.A.; Coles, G.J., 1973:
Multi dimensional scale analysis of elementary teachers impressions of selected social reinforcers

Schneider, B., 1972:
Multi dimensional scaling of color difference in the pigeon

Yoshida, M.; Saito, S., 1969:
Multi dimensional scaling of the taste of amino acids

Free, S.M.Jr, 1974:
Multi dimensional scaling to relate animal pharmacology and clinical symptoms of psycho pharmacologic agents

Purtle, R.B.; Newman, F.L., 1969:
Multi dimensional stimulus generalization of a tactile response along the dimensions of angularity and texture

Chrzanowski, R., 1972:
Multi directional disorders of sexual drive in a case of brain tumor

Ishii, T., 1969:
Multi directional inst tomography of the temporal bone i anom congenital atresia of the external auditory meatus

Howard, J.L., 1979:
Multi disciplinary approach to the assessment of developmental toxicity associated with chronic lead exposure

Werner, I.D., 1977:
Multi disciplinary approach to the management of carcinoma of the esophagus

Mannes, P.; Derriks, R.; Moens, R.; Laurent, C.; Dalcq, J., 1976:
Multi disciplinary curative assault on disseminated carcinoma of the breast

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Multi disciplinary treatment of breast cancer

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Multi element distribution in biological material 4. the behavior of multi element distributions in onions from different localities

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Multi element mapping of fly ash particles in lung cells

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Multi enzyme complexes molecular organization and functional interaction of active sites within the fatty acid synthetase multi enzyme complex of yeast

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Multi enzyme systems of dna replication proteins required for chromosome replication are resolved with the aid of a simple viral dna template

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Multi factor epidemiologic study of acute leukosis in children

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Multi factor multi variate analyses of covariance in the study of pooled clinical trials

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Multi factorial analysis of parturition in the miniature pig

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Multi factorial in vivo control of nonsuppressible insulin like activity in the rat and in the dog

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Multi factorial inheritance of malignant hyper pyrexia susceptibility

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Multi fetation in man part 1 the rate of twin births in karaganda

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Multi focal epilepsy from the clinical point of view

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Multi focal epilepsy in children

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Multi focal epileptic effects of cobalt powder topically applied on the cortex

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Multi focal hem angio endothelioma of bone a clinico pathologic study of 10 cases

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Multi focal infarct dementia cerebral arterio sclerosis treated by cyclandelate and monitored by quantitative electro encephalography

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Multi focal sebaceous epithelioma

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Multi focal superficial infarction in the medulla in diabetic patients

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Multi focal vestibular tachy cardia

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Multi focus radiation source in contact therapy

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Multi fraction dose response of mouse bowel mucosa

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Multi function digital research scanning system

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Multi functional enzyme characteristics of eukaryotic fatty acid synthetases

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Multi functional glucose 6 phosphatase phospho transferase effect of membrane integrity on catalytic behavior

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Multi functional glucose 6 phosphatase phospho transferase extended distribution and some interrelationships between membrane morphology and catalytic behavior

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Multi functional hydrolytic catalysis part 2 hydrolysis of p nitrophenyl acetate by a polymer catalyst which contains hydroxamate and imidazole functions

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Multi genic h 2 linked control of the mouse immune response to human lysozyme

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Multi genic incompatibility systems their analysis and significance

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Multi genic self incompatibility systems in flowering plants

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Multi granular peri chromatin bodies histochemical and morphological study

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Multi hormonal control of glucose 6 phosphatase activity in rat fetal liver

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Multi hormonal endocrine tumors ultrastructural basis

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Multi hormonal regulation of thyrotroph function discordant effects on thyrotropin releasing hormone receptor number and thyrotropin production

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Multi information recording and reproduction in the ultrasono cardio tomography

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Multi input white noise spectral stimulus applied to color processing in the turtle retina

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Multi laboratory comparisons of 3 immuno diffusion methods used for the detection of precipitating antibodies in hyper sensitivity pneumonitis

Lipid Res Clin Group (Usa), 1973:
Multi laboratory standardization of the automated determination of cholesterol

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Multi lamellar body formation in mammalian lung an ultrastructural study utilizing 3 lipid retention procedures lung multi lamellar body formation

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Multi lateral differentiation as principle of classification of plant associations

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Multi level descriptions of pattern stimuli by the rat the role of the stimulus subset

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Multi level discrete time system identification in large scale systems

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Multi line strains of spring wheat m

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Multi loci testing for the genetic mechanisms of diabetes mellitus

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Multi locular cysts of the kidney in a child report of 2 cases

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Multi locular renal cyst

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Multi media production in the new medical curriculum

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Multi media system of bio engineering education

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Multi modal distributions of pigeons reaction time

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Multi modal pathways and discriminatory functions of the organism

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Multi modal therapy of childhood rhabdo myo sarcoma

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Multi molecular forms of pyruvate kinase and phospho fructo kinase in mammalian tissues

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Multi molecular forms of pyruvate kinase and phospho fructo kinase in normal and cancer tissues

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Multi national comparative clinical evaluation of 2 long acting injectable contraceptives

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Multi nodality branching and forking in lodgepole pine g pinus contorta var murrayana g

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Multi nodular swimming pool granuloma

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Multi nuclear leukocyte receptor in relation to leukoegresin

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Multi nucleate epidermal cells in measles a histologic study

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Multi nucleate plant cells part 1 aneu ploidy in a proliferating population

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Multi nucleated neurons associated with the reproductive tract of both male and female rhesus monkeys

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Multi nucleation in skeletal muscle fibers during wound healing

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Multi nucleation in sv 40 transformed mouse sv 3t3 fibroblasts

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Multi nucleus inoculation for improved mycobacterial pellicle

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Multi nutrient fertilizers and single fertilizers in 10 year field tests

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Multi operating room monitoring with 1 mass spectrometer

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Multi organ study using pluri radio pharmaceutical labels

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Multi parameter cell sorting and analysis

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Multi parameter electrodes

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Multi parameter geometric and densitometric analyses of the g 0 to g 1 transition of wi 38 cells

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Multi parity of females and population productivity in elks

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Multi patient on line computer based peri natal monitoring system for data management and improved patient care

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Multi phase analysis of the pre natal noxious action of some chemical compounds

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Multi phase catalysis part 2 hollow fiber catalysts

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Multi phasic screening for the chronic diseases abstracts of viewpoints and experiences

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Multi phasic volume effects produced by ionic detergent reaction with proteins serum albumin and myo globin

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Multi planar computed tomography applications in the spine

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Multi point attachment between drug and receptor

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Multi point kinetic analysis for first order chemistries

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Multi point mapping of the human parotid salivary protein pr pa db

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Multi polar meiosis in di ploid agropyron cristatum m

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Multi polar mitoses in abortion with tetra ploid chromosome set

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Multi polar mitoses in human tetra ploid somatic cell cultures

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Multi polar mitoses produced by mitotic arrest in hela cells

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Multi polar mitosis and somatic segregation in cell cultures of microtus agrestis

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Multi pole components of the human heart

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Multi processor system for data acquisition and data processing in the neuro physiological laboratory

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Multi purpose bi polar micro forceps

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Multi purpose electrometric instrument for biophysical biochemical and physicochemical investigations

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Multi purpose flotation electrode catheter a new catheter for arrhythmia and intra cardiac pressure monitoring

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Multi purpose gels used in preparing new citrus d products

Fedyun'kin D.V., 1975:
Multi purpose laboratory phyto chamber

Akahori, H., 1977:
Multi purpose specimen processing apparatus freeze dry freeze replica and vacuum evaporation

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Multi purpose use nature protection in production and protection forestry

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Multi purpose use of cultivated pastures in the lithuanian ssr ussr

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Multi purpose use of wetlands and the establishment of green routes of effective refuges

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Multi radio nuclide studies of filling defects in liver and spleen of patients with cancer

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Multi receptor linked human fat cell adenylate cyclase

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Multi regression analysis in the standardization of the amount of dust in the atmosphere of settlements

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Multi reservoir analysis techniques in water quantity studies

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Multi residue analysis of 14 organo phosphorus pesticides in natural waters

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Multi residue methods

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Multi resistance plasmids in pseudomonas aeruginosa highly resistant to gentamicin

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Multi scan echo cardiography

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Multi scan ultrasound in cardiology

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Multi sensory convergence on neurons in unanesthetized cat sensori motor cortex

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Multi sensory evoked responses in a monkey with an epileptic focus rolandic area

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Multi site 2 carrier transport comparison with enzyme kinetics

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Multi site conversion in yeast

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Multi species aggregations of muellerian mimics result from interspecific attraction to pheromones of male butterflies

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Multi spectral imagery for detecting southern pine beetle infestations

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Multi spectral interpretation via remote sensing of soils and crops in selected coastal plain soils of virginia

Noble, V.E., 1971:
Multi spectral remote sensing for monitoring of marine pollution

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Multi stability in metabolic systems

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Multi stage cardio vascular testing

Cunningham, E.P., 1973:
Multi stage index selection

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Multi stage rearing of the silkworm

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Multi stage studies of the control of per oxidation processes in biological membranes with anti oxidants of the 1 4 dehydro pyridine series

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Multi stage systems

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Multi stage treadmill testing in selection of patients for coronary arteriography

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Multi stagedness of mechanisms of radiation damage and repair of dna membrane complexes in eukaryotic cells

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Multi state approach to bionomics and management of soil arthropod pests soil arthropods in vegetables ohio report

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Multi step counterflow extraction from the solid phase

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Multi substrate analogs of adenylate kinase possible applications and kinetic properties

Schleicher, J.B., 1973:
Multi surface stacked plate propagators

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Multi system stem cell failure following apparent recovery from alkylating agents

Botnick, L.; Hannon, E.; Hellman, S., 1977:
Multi system stem cell following apparent recovery from alkylating agents

Csapodi, C.; Shakin, V.V.; Kobzos, L.; Balogh, B., 1978:
Multi terminal on line small computer based electro cardiogram processing system

Brownell, G.L.; Burnham, C.A.; Pizer, S.M.; Wilensky, S., 1971:
Multi terminal time shared system for clinical nuclear studies hardware design

Hamlin, G.Jr, 1971:
Multi terminal time shared system for clinical nuclear studies operating system

Clements, J.A.; Jay, R.F., 1977:
Multi test design and performance of a multi test cartridge

Hall, W.O., 1969:
Multi test multi trait analysis of maturity

Johnston, C.L.Jr, 1973:
Multi test screening in hematology

Bolgert, M., 1971:
Multi therapeutic approach to the pemphigoid durhing brocq disease

Ceccarelli, S.; Cenci, C.A.; Piano, E., 1975:
Multi trait selection in a genetic improvement program of brachypodium pinnatum

Henderson, C.R.; Quaas, R.L., 1976:
Multi trait selection using relatives records

Pedersen, J.F., 1974:
Multi transducer scanning in peri cardial effusion diagnosis and aid in puncture

Giurgea, C.; Mouravieff Lesuisse, F., 1972:
Multi trial learning facilitation in the rat by piracetam

Abeles, M.; Vaadia, E.; Gottlieb, H., 1972:
Multi unit analysis

Goldberg, S.J.; Moulton, D.G., 1969:
Multi unit and single unit activity inst telemetered from the olfactory bulb of rats involved in an odor detection task

Kulikowski, J.J., 1978:
Multi unit and single unit responses in the cat visual cortex

Manley, J.A.; Milner, P.M., 1975:
Multi unit recording from the auditory cortex of tree shrews

Beard, E.; Blaney, P.; Smith, F., 1972:
Multi unperplexed air monitoring data

Fog, J., 1976:
Multi usage of waterfowl habitat

Teer, J.G., 1969:
Multi use effort east texas usa forestlands wildlife hunting camping

Lee Peng Choong, 1973:
Multi use management of west malaysias forest resources

Moore, J.E., 1974:
Multi use of the campus environment in the teaching of botany

Marr, J.J.; Weber, M.M., 1969:
Multi valent inhibition of a soluble tpn specific enz iso citrate dehydrogenase a regulatory enzyme abstract crithidia fasciculata

Ono, Y.; Aoki, K.; Takeuchi, T.; Okada, H., 1973:
Multi variable discriminant analysis of factors contributing to congenital malformations a study of 1965 birth cohort nagoya

Chanut, J.P., 1973:
Multi variant statistical analysis of a benthic marine community inside an artificial reef

Levitt, H.; White, R.E.C.; Resnick, S.B., 1976:
Multi variate adaptive testing applied to the prescriptive fitting of hearing aids

Mitsumoto, T., 1972:
Multi variate analyses for quantitative traits in farm animals part 1 inter correlations of 23 traits of japanese black steers and japanese brown steers

Creel, N.; Ehrhardt, S., 1977:
Multi variate analyses of caucasoid dermatoglyphics

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