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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 27033

Chapter 27033 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Narchuk, E.P., 1973:
New species of chloropidae diptera of the palearctic fauna

Barr, W.F., 1969:
New species of chrysobothris from the pacific northwest coleoptera buprestidae chrysobothris horningi new species chrysobothris westcotti new species chrysobothris potentillae new species chrysobothris idahoensis new species chrysobothris breviloboides new species chrysobothris beeri new species chrysobothris columbiana new species oregon idaho washington usa british columbia canada

Medvedev, L.N.; Chernov, Y.I., 1969:
New species of chrysomela leaf beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae an important component of biocoenoses of the taimyr peninsula salix arctica d

Hoelzel, H., 1973:
New species of chrysopidae from iran planipennia

Dolin, V.G., 1971:
New species of click beetles coleoptera elateridae from the ussr

Anpilogova, N.V.; Sokov, A.I., 1973:
New species of coccidia from the pale or central asian lynx in the tadzhik ssr

Iablokov Khnzorian, S.M., 1972:
New species of coleoptera coccinellidae from the ussr coleoptera coccinellidae

Martynova, E.F., 1970:
New species of collembola from mountain regions of kirghiz

Zaytsev, V.F., 1969:
New species of conophorus diptera bombyliidae from soviet central asia and mongolia

Epitashvili, V.D., 1971:
New species of conus from the solenovski horizon of the southwestern part of the kartli depression

Shmeleva, A.A., 1975:
New species of copepoda calanoida from the indian ocean

Okuneva, G.L., 1972:
New species of copepoda harpacticoida from southern baikal part 2

Borutskii, E.V.; Okuneva, G.L., 1971:
New species of copepoda harpacticoida from the south baikal part 1

Dinet, A., 1974:
New species of copepoda harpacticoidea crustacea in deep sea sediments of walvis bay off south west africa

Gordeeva, K.T., 1975:
New species of copepods calanoida from the central american seas

Johnson, C., 1974:
New species of corticarina coleoptera lathridiidae from nepal and the ethiopian region

Chernobai, V.F., 1969:
New species of corvidae cestoda satyolepis skrjabini new species hymenolepididae

Zarenkov, N.A., 1970:
New species of crabs of the family portunidae

Alexander, C.P., 1969 :
New species of crane flies from tropical america v diptera tipulidae orimarga luteipleura new species polymera cingulata new species atarba fieldiana new species atarba panamensis new species gonomyia stenorhabda new species gonomyia stylacantha new species gonomyia uncinata new species gonomyia minutistyla new species

Berry, R.L., 1974:
New species of cryptadius from texas usa and sonora mexico coleoptera tenebrionidae

Waterfall, U.T., 1971:
New species of cuscuta d and phlox d from oklahoma

Mazepova, G.F., 1970:
New species of cyclops crustacea copepoda from the abyssal zone of lake baikal

Patel, B.H.; Patel, H.K., 1972:
New species of cyllognatha and thwaitesia theridiidae araneida from gujarat india

Caro, J.A., 1969:
New species of cynodon m gramineae m from uruguay and africa

Howden, H.F., 1973:
New species of cyrtinus from mexico and venezuela coleoptera cerambycidae

Medvedev, G.S.; Pirnazarov, B.P., 1972:
New species of darkling beetle of the genus leptodes coleoptera tenebrionidae from the aral sea coast

Bakalova, D., 1971:
New species of dasycladaceae algae in the urgonian sediments of the central pre balkan

Sara, M., 1969:
New species of demospongiae originating from the apulian coral bank

Howden, H.F., 1972 :
New species of dialithus and a new synonym of pantodinus coleoptera scarabaeidae trichiinae

Ponomarenko, N.G., 1970:
New species of dryinids hymenoptera kryinidae from the european part of the ussr

Masyuk, N.P., 1971:
New species of dunaliella with asymmetric cells

Endroedi, S., 1973:
New species of dynastinae coleoptera melolonthidae

Kvavadze, E.S., 1971:
New species of earthworm dendrobaena kurashvilii new species oligochaeta lumbricidae from eastern georgia

Hsiao T Y., 1973:
New species of ectrichodinae from china hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae

Borutskii, E.V., 1969:
New species of elaphoidella chappius copepoda harpacticoida from rodrigues island mascarene islands

Jenkins, A.E., 1969:
New species of elsinoe and sphaceloma elsinoe lugenariae new species elsinoe alyxiae new species elsinoe spondiadis new species sphaceloma bucidae new species sphaceloma choisyae new species sphaceloma enallagmatis new species sphaceloma pentstemonis new species sphaceloma stemmadeniae new species

Steyskal, G.C., 1969:
New species of empididae of the genera empis hilara and hormopeza from georgia usa with a synopsis of the north american species of hormopeza empis snoddyi new species hilara dixi new species hormopeza fumicola new species keys

Yasnosh, V.A., 1969:
New species of encyrtidae chalcidoidea in the georgian ssr ussr trichomasthus ivericus new species microterys trjapitzini new species acanthococcus aceris host

Tryapitsyn, V.A., 1974:
New species of encyrtidae hymenoptera parasites of the bamboo scale insects from kunashir island kuril islands ussr

Tryapitsyn, V.A., 1970:
New species of encyrtids homoptera psyllidae on tamarisk d and elaegnus d

D.Puytorac, P., 1969:
New species of endo parasitic astomous ciliates from oligochaeta megascolecidae

Pinhey, E., 1973:
New species of epicnapteroides lepidoptera lasiocampidae

Chazeau, J., 1975:
New species of epilachninae of madagascar malagasy republic coleoptera coccinellidae 1st report

Yasnosh, V.A., 1974:
New species of eretmocerus hymenoptera aphelinidae from the georgian ssr ussr

Gershenzon, Z.S., 1972:
New species of ermine moths of the genus yponomeuta lepidoptera yponomeutidae from central asia

Kurzenko, N.V., 1974:
New species of eumenidae hymenoptera from the southeast kazakh ssr ussr

Krikken, J., 1970:
New species of euparia from new guinea coleoptera aphodiidae

Zerova, M.D., 1970:
New species of eurytomidae from the south part of the ukrainian ssr hymenoptera eurytomidae

Ghauri, M.S.K., 1972:
New species of exitianus homoptera cicadelloidea euscelidae from africa

D.Lotto, G., 1974:
New species of filippia homoptera coccoidea coccidae from south africa

Roman, B., 1970:
New species of fishes of rio muni equatorial guinea

Tanasiichuk, V.N., 1972:
New species of flies of the genus leucopis diptera chamaemyiidae from central asia

Mata, J.U., 1973:
New species of foraminifera from the miocene of the province of valencia spain part 1 rotalia beccarii globula ammonia globula new status statistical analysis

Lewis, S.E., 1973:
New species of fossil beetle coleoptera dascillidae from the latah formation miocene of eastern washington usa

Arredondo, O., 1972:
New species of fossil bird strigiformes tytonidae of the upper pleistocene of cuba

Zherbele, I.Y., 1972:
New species of fungi imperfecti of the genus ascochyta

Akhundov, T.M., 1971:
New species of fungi in the nakhichevan assr

Patiani, G.S., 1969:
New species of fungi of the genus phomopsis

Domashova, A.A., 1974 :
New species of fungus from the volga aphanomyces volgensis new species

Sidibe, U., 1974:
New species of fungus of the genus penicillium penicillium duninii new species

Pinchuk, LM., 1972:
New species of gamasoid mites parasitiformes gamasoidea

Pinchuk, L.M., 1972:
New species of gamasoid mites parasitiformes gamasoidea from nests of mammals in moldavia

Danilevskii, A.S., 1969:
New species of glyphipterygid moths lepidoptera glyphipterygidae of the ussr fauna

Shaw, H.K.A., 1969:
New species of gonystylus d thymelaeaceae d

Gonzalez, H., 1970:
New species of grape d pest nematodes in chile

Annecke, D.P.; Mynhardt, M.J., 1970:
New species of gyranusoidea and clausenia from south africa hymenoptera encyrtidae

Parin, N.V.; Shcherbachev, Y.N., 1972:
New species of half beak rhynchorhamphus arabicus new species beloniformes hemiramphidae from the waters of southern yemen

Borutskii, E.V.; Okuneva, G.D., 1972:
New species of harpacticoida copepoda from south baikal part 3

Barbarych, A.I.; Dubovyk, O.M., 1972:
New species of helianthus in the ukraine

Razjivin, A.A.; O'relly J.P.; Perez Milian, J.R., 1973:
New species of helicotylenchus nematoda hoplolaimidae found in sugarcane

Zhantiev, R.D., 1975:
New species of hide beetles dermestidae coleoptera from the kazakh ssr ussr and central asia

Pamoukchiev, A., 1975:
New species of hippuritidae in bulgaria

Cherbonnier, G., 1970:
New species of holothurians from the coasts of south africa and of mozambique

Johnson, P.T., 1972:
New species of hoplopleura from laotian murids anoplura

Shtakel'berg A.A., 1974:
New species of hover flies diptera syrphidae from siberia and the mongolian peoples republic ussr

Shtakel'berg A.A., 1974:
New species of hover flies diptera syrphidae from siberia ussr and mongolia

Pek, L.V., 1974:
New species of hover flies diptera syrphidae from the fauna of the palearctic

Skuf'in K.V., 1976:
New species of hover flies diptera syrphidae from the north caucasus ussr

Erdos, J., 1970:
New species of hungarian merisinae hymenoptera chalcidoidea pteromalidae

Osipyan, L.L. , 1971:
New species of hyphal fungi in the armenian ssr

Brullo, S., 1972:
New species of iblean flora southeastern sicily

Kasparyan, D.R., 1975:
New species of ichneumonids of the genus atopotrophos hymenoptera ichneumonidae from the eastern palearctic

Nikritin, L.M., 1969:
New species of ink caps of the genus aphodius coleoptera scarabaeidae from mammal burrows in east siberia and far east

Slater, J.A.; Schuh, T., 1969:
New species of isometopinae from south africa hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Martynova, E.F., 1969:
New species of isotomidae collembola from the asiatic part of the ussr

Izzatullaev, Z., 1970:
New species of land snails pupilla of tadzhikistan gastropoda pulmonata pupillidae

Fal'kovich M.I., 1972:
New species of larch casebearer lepidoptera coleophoridae taken from caterpillars in the kyzyl kum desert

Khramova, A.P., 1977:
New species of late cambrian trilobites from the siberian platform russian sfsr ussr

Chekhovich, V.D., 1977:
New species of late ordovician and late silurian heliolitoidea of the tuva assr russian sfsr ussr

Kovalevskii, O.P., 1972:
New species of late ordovician tabulata and heliolitoidea from the kazakh ssr ussr

Lopatin, I.K., 1975:
New species of leaf beetles in the southern tadzhik ssr ussr coleoptera chrysomelidae

Kostyuk, Y.A., 1975:
New species of leaf rollers lepidoptera tortricidae from the highlands of the palearctic

Lohvynenko, V.M., 1974:
New species of leafhoppers cixiidae homoptera from the genus cixius

Lohvynenko, V.M., 1975:
New species of leafhoppers from the subfamily euscelinae auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae from transcaucasia ussr

Anufriev, G.A., 1970:
New species of leafhoppers of the tribe opsiini homoptera cicadellidae from east asia

Garrido, O.H., 1973:
New species of leiocephalus lacertilia iguanidae for cuba

Rivalier, E., 1972:
New species of leptognatha and of new genus orthocindela coleoptera cicindelidae from new guinea

Allen, R.K., 1973:
New species of leptohyphes ephemeroptera tricorythidae

Saiz, F., 1975:
New species of leptotyphlinae from california usa coleoptera staphylinidae

Pace, R., 1977:
New species of leptotyphlinae of liguria italy coleoptera staphylinidae part 26 contribution to the knowledge of the hypogeous fauna

Dzhuraeva, Z., 1972:
New species of lichens in turkmenia

Hopkins, C.L., 1969:
New species of limnesia and tryssaturus acari hydrachnellae from new zealand

L.Rivers, I., 1970:
New species of limnocoris from latin america hemiptera heteroptera naucoridae

Marshakov, V.G., 1973:
New species of lindenius hymenoptera sphecidae of the fauna of the ussr part 1

Fritts, T.H., 1972:
New species of lizards of the genus stenocercus from peru sauria iguanidae

Purkynova, E., 1971:
New species of lonchopteris g and neuropteris g from the westphalian a upper silesian basin czechoslovakia

Knight, H.H.; Schaffner, J.C., 1972:
New species of lopidea from mexico and the western usa hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Zicsi, A., 1969:
New species of lumbricidae from the austrian caravancas

Hollenberg, G.J., 1969:
New species of marine algae from washington usa

Robotti, C., 1971:
New species of marine tardigrade styraconyx paulae new species heterotardigrada

Bazarov, B.B.; Nurmamatov, A.M., 1975 :
New species of mealybug of the genus mirococcopsis ammophila new species coccoidea pseudococcidae from the tadzhik ssr ussr

Dantsig, Y.M., 1975:
New species of mealybugs of the genus acanthococcus homoptera coccoidea eriococcidae from the soviet far east

Nurmamatov, A.M., 1975:
New species of mealybugs of the genus heliococcus homoptera coccoidea pseudococcidae from the tadzhik ssr ussr

Annaliev, S., 1972:
New species of melanconiales found in turkmenia

Zullo, V.A.; Beach, D.B., 1973:
New species of membranobalanus and hexacreusia cirripedia balanidae from the galapagos archipelago

Parin, N.V.; Pokhil'skaya G.N., 1978:
New species of meso pelagic fishes of the family melanostomiatidae eustomias multifilis new species from southwestern australia and new discoveries of eustomias trewavasae new record eustomias lipochirus new record and eustomias bulbornatus new record near south africa

Kuznetsov, V.I., 1975:
New species of micro lepidoptera carposinidae and lithocolletidae from the tadzhik ssr ussr

Kuznetsov, V.I., 1975:
New species of micro lepidoptera lepidoptera carposinidae and lithocolletidae from tadzhikistan ussr

Chernysheva, N.E., 1977:
New species of middle cambrian trilobites from tuva assr russian sfsr ussr

Trusova, E.K., 1975:
New species of middle jurassic phyllopods from central and western mongolia

Popov, L.E., 1977:
New species of middle ordovician lingulida from the chingiz mountains of eastern kazakh ssr ussr

Mcneill, J., 1969:
New species of minuartia d caryophyllaceae d

Puchkov, V.H., 1975:
New species of miridae heteroptera in western kopet dag turkmen ssr ussr

D.L.Cruz, J., 1973:
New species of mite of the genus geckobia acarina pterygosomidae parasite of tarentola americana of cuba

Livshits, I.Z.; Kuznetsov, N.N., 1973:
New species of mites acariformes tydeidae from the nikita botanical gardens

Domocos, M., 1971:
New species of mites mesostigmata from the soil

Amanguliev, A.; Shammakov, S.; Ataev, C., 1972:
New species of mites of odontacarus acariformes leeuwenhoekiidae

Vainshtein, B.A.; Vartapetov, S.G., 1972:
New species of mites of the family phytoseiidae parasitiformes from the adzharsk assr

Sevast'yanov V.D., 1973:
New species of mites of the genus bonomoia anoetidae sarcoptiformes

Volgin, V.I., 1970:
New species of mites of the genus ctenoglyphus acariformes glycyphagidae

Mulyarskaya, L.V., 1969:
New species of miyatrombicula from azerbaidzhan

Poll, M.; Stewart, D., 1975:
New species of mochocidae and kneriidae from the luongo river zambia which flows into the congo basin pisces

Yakovlev, G.P., 1975:
New species of moldenhauera caesalpiniaceae

Put, A.L.; Polyshchuk, V.V., 1969:
New species of mollusks from the lower danube section

Evdokimova, E.B., 1969:
New species of monogeneans from bony fishes of the patagon shelf

Mikailov, T.K., 1974:
New species of monogeneans from fishes of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Kha Ki, 1971:
New species of monogeneans from fresh water fish of north vietnam part 2

Bardunov, L.V., 1970:
New species of mosses from southern siberia

Zaguajev, A.K., 1972:
New species of moths lepidoptera tineidae myrmecozelinae steppe detritophages

Fisechko, R.N., 1970:
New species of moths of the genus argyresthia lepidoptera arcyreshiidae from fruits of the savin g in talassky alatau

Chernova, T.N., 1970:
New species of mucous spores myxosporidia of fish in some reservoirs of western georgia

Gregor, F., 1971:
New species of mycetaulus piophilidae and meoneura milichiidae from hindukush diptera

Fain, A., 1974:
New species of myobiidae acari from the southern sahara in africa

Bocharova, T.A.; Donets, Z.S., 1974:
New species of myxosporidia cnidosporidia from fishes of the vasyugan waters

Gogebashvili, I.V., 1969:
New species of myxosporidiae from fishes chloromyxum donecae new species from the kura river

Bordoni, A., 1975:
New species of nazeris from the geneva museum of natural history switzerland coleoptera staphylinidae part 50 contribution to the knowledge of staphylinidae

Sadykhov, I.A., 1970:
New species of nematode trichocephalus asadovi from the intestine of a weasel mustela nivalis

Naid Onova, N.M.; Dolhikh, A.V.; Nikolayeva, V.M., 1969:
New species of nematodes ascarophis prosper new species from black sea fish gaidropsarus mediterraneus gobius batrachocephalus host

Levasseur, L., 1969:
New species of neobisnius and erichsonius philonthini from africa coleoptera staphylinidae

Kogan, S.I.; Yazkulieva, V.E., 1970:
New species of nitrogen fixing blue green algae discovered in reservoirs of the turkmenian ssr

Kadohama, N.; Turkington, R.W., 1972:
New species of nuclear proteins in breast cancer cells

Tixier Durivault, A.; D'hondt M J., 1973:
New species of octacorallidae collected in madagascar malagasy republic

Balthasar, V., 1969:
New species of onthophagus from new guinea and the neighboring islands

Chikovani, M.M., 1972:
New species of opalina opalinida from east georgia

Soares, H.E.M., 1970:
New species of opiliones from the amazon region brazil opiliones cosmetidae gonyleptidae phalangiidae stygnidae

Krivolutskii, D.A.; Ryabinin, N.A., 1974:
New species of oribatei from siberia and the far east ussr

Sitnikova, L.G., 1973:
New species of oribatid mites of the genus hermanniella oribatei hermanniellidae in the soviet fauna

Shaldybina, E.S., 1973:
New species of oribatid mites of the subfamily minunthozetinae oribatei mycobatidae in the ussr

Joy, P.J., 1972:
New species of oriental brachymeria hymenoptera chalcididae in the collections of riksmuseum van natuurlijke historie leiden

Wagner, E., 1969:
New species of orthotylus and pachylops heteroptera miridae orthotylus maurus new species orthotylus cornichus new species orthotylus arthrophyti new species pachylops major new species

Mazepova, G.F., 1970:
New species of ostracoda from lake baikal and its relations to the transcaucasian subterranean fauna

Khand, E., 1977:
New species of ostracods from boundary strata of the upper cretaceous and paleogene of the transaltai gobi in mongolia

Zenkova, G.G., 1977:
New species of ostracods from the ordovician of the western slope of the middle urals russian sfsr ussr

Neustrueva, I.Yu, 1977:
New species of ostracods from the upper jurassic and lower cretaceous of central mongolia

Abdusalyamova, L.N., 1970:
New species of oxytropis d from tadzhikistan

Mclean, J.H., 1970:
New species of panamic marine gastropods

D.Lotto, G., 1975:
New species of paracoccus homoptera coccoidea pseudococcidae from southern africa

Akhundov, T.M.; Agaeva, G.B., 1971:
New species of parasitic fungi of the genus phyllosticta in nakhichevan

Hale, M.E.Jr, 1974:
New species of parmelia lichens from tropical america part 1

Hale, M.E.Jr, 1972:
New species of parmelia section hypotrachyna lichenes

Mulkidzhanyan, Y.I., 1969:
New species of pear d from southern transcaucasia

Golovleva, L.A., 1974 :
New species of penicillium skrjabinii new species isolated from soil of the amur oblast ussr

S.John, H., 1970:
New species of peperomia d piperaceae d and dendrocnide d urticaceae d from rotuma island pacific ocean pacific plant studies 19

Prance, G.T., 1972:
New species of phanerogams from amazonia

Gardner, A.L.; Patton, J.L., 1972:
New species of philander marsupialia didelphidae and mimon chiroptera phyllostomidae from peru

Last, H.R., 1973:
New species of philonthus and hesperus coleoptera staphylinidae from new guinea with corrected synonymy

Vianna Martins, A.; Evangelista, D.S.lva J.; Lima Falcao, A., 1971:
New species of phlebotomine of the state of parana brazil brumptomyia ortizi new species diptera psychodidae phlebotominae

Nesterov, P.I., 1973:
New species of phyto nematodes from the arctic tundra of the ussr yamal peninsula

Nesterov, P.I., 1976:
New species of phyto nematodes of the order dorylaimida from the moldavian ssr and other regions of the ussr

Karg, W., 1970:
New species of phytoseiidae acarina parasitiformes

Kolakovskii, A.A., 1970:
New species of pinus g and cathaya europaea g from the tertiary flora of the georgian ssr

Gordeeva, K.T., 1974 :
New species of planktonic calanoida from the tropical atlantic and the mediterranean sea

Shmeleva, A.A., 1974:
New species of planktonic copepoda calanoida from the indian ocean

Codd, L.E., 1974:
New species of plectranthus

Kulinich, L.Y., 1970:
New species of plicastoma turbellaria prolecithophora from the sea of japan

Henning, W.H., 1977:
New species of poecilmitis lepidoptera lycaenidae from namaqualand cape south africa

Fan, T.C., 1975:
New species of powdery mildew fungus microsphaera gorlenkoi new species on daphne

Dzhibladze, K.N., 1969:
New species of predatory mite hemisarcoptidae attacking the orange scale cornuaspis beckii homoptera coccoidea in western georgian ssr

Arutyunyan, E.S.; Ogandzhanyan, A.M., 1972:
New species of predatory mites of the genus amblyseius parasitiformes phytoseiidae

Knight, H.H., 1969:
New species of pronotocrepis europiella and hesperocapsus from the western usa miridae hemiptera

Baeva, V.G., 1972:
New species of psillidae homoptera psylloidea from turkmen ssr

Guzman, G., 1970:
New species of psilocybe of the section caerulescentes from the mexican conifer g forests

Loginova, M.M., 1969:
New species of psyllids homoptera psylloidea from mongolia part 1

Filer, T.H.Jr, 1969:
New species of pteridiospora pteridiospora spinosispora new species liquidambar styraciflua d

Teterevnikova Babayan, D.N.; Martirosyan, I.A., 1972:
New species of pyrenomycetes and pycnidial fungi in armenia

Svrcek, M., 1973:
New species of resupinate basidiomycetes from bohemia

Reinhardt, D.J.; Kaplan, W., 1971:
New species of rhizopus implicated in pulmonary zygo mycosis of alloxan diabetic rabbits

Rikhter, V.A., 1970:
New species of robber flies diptera asilidae from mongolia

Steyermark, J.A., 1975:
New species of rubiaceae from venezuela

Sanadze, K., 1972:
New species of rubus from lower svanetiya

Bochantsev, V.P., 1975:
New species of salsola

Pyatkova, D.M., 1973:
New species of saracenaria foraminifera from deposits of the lower kimmeridge of the dnieper donets depression

Verves, Y.H., 1973 :
New species of sarcophagidae diptera from the ukraine ussr

Shinonaga, S.; Kurahashi, H., 1969:
New species of sarcosolomonia from new guinea and the solomons diptera sarcophagidae

Balthasar, V., 1972:
New species of scarabaeidae and aphodiidae from ceylon part 140 contribution to the knowledge of scarabaeoidea coleoptera

Stebnicka, Z., 1973:
New species of scarabaeidae coleoptera from north korea

Bright, D.Jr, 1972:
New species of scolytidae coleoptera from mexico with additional notes part 3 tribe pityopthorini except pityophthorus

Modzalevskaya, E.A., 1977:
New species of silurian bryozoa from the tuva assr russian sfsr ussr

Khodalevich, A.N.; Breivel, M.G., 1972:
New species of silurian pentameracea of the urals ussr

Adisoemarto, S., 1973:
New species of solva from indonesia diptera solvidae

Macgarvie, Q.D.; O.Rourke, C.J., 1969:
New species of spermospora and cercosporella affecting grasses m and other hosts in ireland spermospora lolii new species cercosporella junci new species spermospora poagena new combination spermospora holci new combination

Setlik, J., 1971:
New species of sphenophyllum p from the carboniferous terrain of bohemia

Mkheidze, T.S., 1972 :
New species of spider of the genus harpactea dysderidae from georgia

Mkheidze, T.S., 1971:
New species of spiders from the genus oxyptila thomisidae in georgia

Patel, B.H., 1975:
New species of spiders of genus larinia argiopidae araneae from india

Martynova, Y.F., 1974:
New species of springtails of the family isotomidae collembola from the tundra of the western taimyr ussr

Martynova, E.F., 1974:
New species of springtails of the family isotomidae collembola from the tundra of western taimyr ussr

Zaytsev, V.F., 1973:
New species of stiletto flies of the genus psilocephala diptera therevidae from the palearctic

Zapekina Dul'keit Y.I., 1975:
New species of stone flies plecoptera from southern siberia ussr

Corner, E.J.H., 1970:
New species of streblus d and ficus d moraceae d

Medvedev, L.N., 1970:
New species of strepsiptera previously not found in the ussr and new family from the southeastern kazakhstan

Condorcet, A., 1970:
New species of styracaceae d in brazil

Sakimura, K., 1969:
New species of subgenera isothrips and isochaetothrips from oceania and australia with note on changes in nomenclature thysanoptera tripidae thrips pallisetis new species thrips rhabdotus new species taeniothrips bianchii new species 1 new name

Tien, D.D., 1969:
New species of swimming crabs portunidae from the gulf of tonkin and hainan island

Monroe, E., 1970:
New species of syllepis pyralidae pyraustinae with a key to known species

Bogachev, A.V., 1972:
New species of tenebrionid beetles of the tribe opatrini coleoptera tenebrionidae

Graham, M.W.R.D.V., 1974:
New species of tetramesa and eurytoma from england hymenoptera eurytomidae

Preobrazhenskaya, T.P.; Sveshnikova, M.A., 1974:
New species of the actinomadura genus

Balthasar, V., 1971:
New species of the aphodiidae

Aleskerov, D.A., 1969:
New species of the apsheron peninsula fauna from the apsheron deposits of azerbaidzhan

Hirashima, Y., 1975:
New species of the bees of the genus palaeorhiza from new guinea mainly in the collection of the rijksmuseum van natuurlijke historie leiden netherlands hymenoptera colletidae

Burtikashvili, L.P., 1973:
New species of the blood parasite haemoproteus zasukhini new species sporozoa haemoproteidae from the house sparrow passer domesticus

Ehlers, G.M.; Wright, J.D., 1975 :
New species of the brachiopod cyrtina from the middle devonian hamilton strata of southwestern ontario canada

Logvinenko, V.N.; Neparidze, N.N., 1971:
New species of the cicada family cixiidae homoptera auchenorrhyncha from khevsureti georgian ssr

Beniaminson, T.S., 1975:
New species of the colonial ascidians of the family botryllidae from posyeta bay sea of japan

Geptner, M.V., 1972:
New species of the deep water genera disseta and heterorhabdus copepoda calanoida from the pacific ocean

Veremchuk, G.V., 1969:
New species of the entomopathogenic nematodes neoaplectana rhabditida steinernematidae neoaplectana agriotos new species agriotes lineatus host

Shcherbachev, Y.N., 1976:
New species of the family aphyonidae pisces ophidioidea from the indian ocean

Andronov, V.N., 1973:
New species of the family mesaiokeratidae copepoda from the atlantic waters of the usa and south west africa

Rybin, S.N., 1974:
New species of the family trombiculidae acariformes from the kirgiz ssr ussr

Livshits, I.Z.; Kuznetsov, N.N.; Zapletina, V.P., 1972:
New species of the family tydeidae acariformes from crimea and azerbaidzhan

Gvirtishvili, M.N., 1973:
New species of the fungus cytospora part 1

Mitrofanova, O.V., 1969 :
New species of the fungus genus gymnosporangium on species of the pear d genus pyrus d

Borza, K., 1972:
New species of the genera cadosina pithonella and palinosphaera from the upper cretaceous

Balthasar, V., 1971:
New species of the genera onthophagus and aphodius coleoptera lamellicornia

Vasil Eva, A.N., 1969:
New species of the genera parrya d ermania d and rhammatophyllum d in central asia

Van Schalkwyk, H.A.D., 1972:
New species of the genera protostrophus and proscephaladeres brachyderinae curculionidae coleoptera

Gardiner, L.F., 1973:
New species of the genera synapseudes and cyclopoapseudes with notes on morphological variation post marsupial development and phylogenetic relationships within the family metapseudidae crustacea tanaidacea

Volkovich, M.G., 1976:
New species of the genus acmaeoderella coleoptera buprestidae from central asia ussr

Lin, P., 1974:
New species of the genus adoretus from yunnan china scarabaeidae rutelinae

Chopra, N.P., 1972:
New species of the genus agaeus hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae

Tikhomirov, V.N., 1972:
New species of the genus alchemilla from central russia

Loebl, I., 1974:
New species of the genus amalocera from brazil coleoptera scaphidiidae

Dolin, V.G.; Ohira, H., 1976:
New species of the genus ampedus coleoptera elateridae from the far east

Svrcek, M., 1972:
New species of the genus ascophanus pezizales

Rohdendorf, B.B.; Verves, Y.G., 1977:
New species of the genus blaesoxipha diptera sarcophagidae from transcaucasia ussr and the kopet dag turkmen ssr ussr

Gupta, N.K.; Gupta, K., 1970:
New species of the genus centrorhynchus acanthocephala from crow corvus splendens

Gupta, N.K.; Gupta, P., 1972:
New species of the genus ceylonocotyle from cattle at ernakulam south india

Shima, H., 1973:
New species of the genus chaetexorista from japan diptera tachinidae

Tiba, R., 1969:
New species of the genus clinopegma clinopegma borealis new species buccinidae

Pushkin, A.F., 1970:
New species of the genus colossendeis pantopoda

Machado, D.A., 1970:
New species of the genus corynosoma acanthocephala echinorhynchidea

Klausnitzer, B., 1973:
New species of the genus cyphon from southeast asia coleoptera helodidae

Mikailov, T.K., 1973:
New species of the genus diplozoon from fish of azerbaidzhan

Gordeeva, K.T., 1974:
New species of the genus disco copepoda from the tropical zone of the atlantic ocean and south seas

Masyuk, N.P., 1969:
New species of the genus dunaliella dunaliella turcomanica new species

Rei, D.R.go Barros, A.; Tangerini, N., 1973:
New species of the genus eacles of the high plateau of goias fauna of cerrado lepidoptera adelocephalidae

Shchetkin, Y.L., 1971:
New species of the genus erebia from pamir lepidoptera satyridea

Volkov, A.F., 1971:
New species of the genus eucalanus crustacea copepoda from the peru current

Mukhina, T.I., 1970:
New species of the genus eudorylaimus nematoda dorylaimidae

Zuevskii, A.P., 1971:
New species of the genus euryparasitus parasitiformes rhodacaridae from western siberia

Bugbee, R.E., 1969:
New species of the genus eurytoma from california usa hymenoptera eurytomidae

Bugbee, R.E., 1973:
New species of the genus eurytoma from the usa and canada hymenoptera eurytomidae

Verves, Y.G., 1975:
New species of the genus heteronychia diptera sarcophagidae

Barsukov, V.V.; Fedorov, V.V., 1975:
New species of the genus hozukius scorpaenidae sebastinae from guyots of the hawaiian ridge

Zajcix, D., 1972:
New species of the genus isthmiade in brazil coleoptera cerambycidae rhinotragini

Tikhomirova, A.L., 1976:
New species of the genus lathrobium coleoptera staphylinidae in the ussr

Witalinski, W., 1973:
New species of the genus leptogamasus acarina parasitidae

Fernandes, B.M.M., 1970:
New species of the genus leucochloridium trematoda leucochloridiidae

Fernandez Casas, J., 1971:
New species of the genus limonium

Marshakov, V.G., 1973:
New species of the genus lindenius hymenoptera sphecidae of the fauna of the ussr part 2

Braun, P.C., 1973:
New species of the genus melanophryniscus from the rio grande do sul state brazil anura brachycephalidae

Mulyarskaya, L.V.; Verdieva, Z.F.; Chirkova, N.V., 1970:
New species of the genus microtrombicula acariformes trombiculidae from azerbaidzhan

Reznik, S.Ya, 1976:
New species of the genus multicoloria lepidoptera coleophoridae from the ussr and neighboring countries

Pidoplichko, M.M.; Kyrylenko, T.S., 1969:
New species of the genus myrothecium myrothecium commune new species myrothecium ucrainicum new species barley m oats m rhizosphere

Zaitsev, V.F., 1970:
New species of the genus neothereva diptera therevidae from the palearctic

Holubova Jechova, V., 1969:
New species of the genus oidium

Koroleva, Y.V., 1976:
New species of the genus olopachys parasitiformes pachylaelaptidae

Fragoso, S., 1971:
New species of the genus oncideres coleoptera lamiidae

Park, S.H., 1972:
New species of the genus onesia from korea diptera calliphoridae

Balthasar, V., 1974:
New species of the genus onthophagus from oriental and ethiopian region coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Arnol'di L.V., 1972:
New species of the genus otiorrhynchus coleoptera curculionidae from the caucasus

Kudryashova, N.I.; Neronov, V.M.; Mobedi, I., 1972:
New species of the genus otorhinophila acariformes trombiculidae from iran

Smyk, L.V., 1971:
New species of the genus otthia for myco flora of the ukraine

Tryapitsyn, V.A., 1972:
New species of the genus paraschedius hymenoptera encyrtidae from eastern crimea

Kulakova, A.P., 1972:
New species of the genus parasympnylodora trematoda monorchiidae and its larva

Zaitsev, V.F., 1974:
New species of the genus petrorossia diptera bombyliidae from central asia

Hackman, W., 1970:
New species of the genus phronia diptera mycetophilidae from eastern fennoscandia and notes on the synonymies in this genus

Szabo, J.B., 1974:
New species of the genus piestopleura from the mecsek mountains hungary hymenoptera proctotrupoidea

Kozlov, M.A., 1973:
New species of the genus platytelenomus hymenoptera scelionidae from the soviet far east

Maeder, A.M.; Euzet, L.; Combes, C., 1970:
New species of the genus polystoma monogenea from west africa

Dzhalilov, U.D.; Ashurova, M., 1971:
New species of the genus proteocephalus from fishes of pamir

Bykhovskiĭ, B.E.; Nagibina, L.F., 1974:
New species of the genus Protogyrodactylus (Dactylogyridae, Ancyrocephalinae)

Pena, G.L.E., 1973:
New species of the genus psammetichus coleoptera tenebrionidae for chile and peru

Baeva, V.G., 1973:
New species of the genus psylla homoptera psylloidea from the tadzhik ssr

Costa, C., 1975:
New species of the genus ptesimopsia coleoptera elateridae pyrophorinae

Villiers J F., 1972:
New species of the genus pyrenacantha icacinaceae in africa

Dos Santos, E., 1970:
New species of the genus raphidascaris nematoda ascaridoidea

Bochantsev, V.P., 1974:
New species of the genus salsola from south africa and south west africa part 3

Zeinalova, S.A., 1969:
New species of the genus satureja d from azerbaidzhan new species of saturejae d in azerbajdzhania

Kadzhaya, G.S., 1973:
New species of the genus schwiebea acariformes acaridae from georgia

Ter Minasyan, M.Y., 1970:
New species of the genus stephanocleonus coleoptera curculionidae

Zerova, M.D., 1972:
New species of the genus systole hymenoptera eurytomidae from central asia

Erdos, J., 1969:
New species of the genus tetrastichus from hungary hymenoptera chalcidoidea

Dzhanokmen, K.A., 1971 :
New species of the genus tetrastichus hymenoptera tetrastichidae from the southeast kazakhstan

Pidpolichko, M.M.; Kyrylenko, T.S.; Zakharchenko, V.O., 1973:
New species of the genus thielavia of the ukrainian flora

Demange J M., 1975:
New species of the genus tibiozus collected in uganda diplopoda spirostreptoidea spirostreptidae

Zajciw, D., 1971:
New species of the genus tomopterus of south america coleoptera cerambycidae rhinotragini

Golubkova, N.S., 1973:
New species of the genus toninia found in mongolia

Miller, F.; Polenec, A., 1975:
New species of the genus troglohyphantes from slovenia yugoslavia araneae linyphiidae

Arutyunyan, E.S., 1971:
New species of the genus typhlodromus parasitiformes phytoseiidae

Popovic, R., 1971:
New species of the genus viviparus from the pontian sediments of the metohija basin

Valencia, V.L.A., 1972:
New species of the genus winthemia from ica peru diptera tachinidae

Zagulyayev, A.K., 1969:
New species of the genus yponomeuta lepidoptera yponomeutidae from the far east

Bekker, V.E.; Borodulina, O.D., 1971:
New species of the lantern anchovy of the genus myctophum myctophidae pisces

Volgin, V.I.; Tareev, V.N., 1975:
New species of the nest mites of the family glycyphagidae acariformes from the far east

Y.O.ii; Tsoo, E.K.ng, 1972:
New species of the oxygenated compound of cytochrome oxidase

Krikken, J., 1971:
New species of the papuan genus tafaia coleoptera cetoniidae

Negru, A.G., 1973:
New species of the plants caldesia nymphaea and aldrovanda from pontic deposits in the southern ukrainian ssr

Goryanov, V.B.; Degtyarev, D.D.; Zhavoronkova, R.A.; Kaplan, A.A., 1972:
New species of the simple rugosa corals of the ussr

Gruev, B., 1971:
New species of the subfamily halticinae coleoptera chrysomelidae for the fauna of bulgaria

Emel'yanov A.F., 1972:
New species of the subfamily orgeriinae in palearctic fauna homoptera dictyopharidae

Shluger, E.G.; Amanguliev, A., 1972:
New species of the subfamily trombiculinae acariformes trombiculidae

Lazarenko, A.S., 1970:
New species of the tajikistan bryo flora

Korotaeva, V.D., 1972:
New species of the trematode hysterogonia bychowskyi new species australian boarfish

Kasparyan, D.R., 1976:
New species of the tribe cteniscini hymenoptera ichneumonidae from east asia the genera cycasis orthomiscus and kristotomus

Godeanu, S., 1972:
New species of thecamoebae protozoa rhizopodea arcellinida

Zaitsev, V.F., 1973:
New species of thyridanthrax diptera bombyliidae from central asia and mongolia

Arutyunyan, E.S., 1972:
New species of tick of the genus seiulus parasitiformes phytoseiidae

Erhan, E., 1971:
New species of tipulinae diptera tipulidae of the romanian fauna

Naidenova, N.N., 1972:
New species of trematodes of the genus lecithochirium parasites of fishes of the family gobiidae from the black sea

Gogebashvili, I.V., 1973:
New species of trichodina trichodina georgica new species of the sioni reservoir fish

Mulyarskaya, L.V.; Dubovchenko, T.A., 1970:
New species of trombiculid mites of the genera trombigastia and riedlinia from azerbaijan

Mulyarskaya, L.V., 1970:
New species of trombiculidae acariformes from bats of azerbaidzhan

Khaibulaev, K.K., 1971:
New species of trypanosomes in the blood of fish from the caspian sea

Hille Ris Lambers, D., 1973:
New species of tuberculatus homoptera aphididae with a key to species and some critical notes

Livshits, I.Z.; Kuznetsov, N.N.; Zapletina, V.P., 1973:
New species of tydeidae acariformes in the fauna of caucasia and crimea

Zbikowska, B., 1973:
New species of upper silurian ostracods from pomerania northern poland

Pathak, N.C., 1975:
New species of volvariella from central africa

Vainshtein, B.A.; Tuzovskii, P.V., 1971:
New species of water mites from the genus arrenurus acariformes arrenuridae

Vainshtein, B.A.; Tuzovskii, P.V., 1974:
New species of water mites of the superfamily hydrobatoidea acariformes

Nasreddinov, K.A., 1976:
New species of weevil coleoptera curculionidae from tadzhik ssr ussr

Baitenov, M.S., 1975:
New species of weevils coleoptera curculionidae from kazakhstan ussr

Baitenov, M.S., 1974:
New species of weevils coleoptera curculionidae from the kazakh ssr ussr

Bordoni, A., 1973:
New species of xantholininae from turkey and lebanon coleoptera staphylinidae

Bordoni, A., 1972:
New species of xantholinus from the natural history museum of geneva coleoptera staphylinidae 19th contribution to the knowledge of the staphylinidae

Nakase, T., 1971:
New species of yeasts found in japan

Nakase, T., 1971:
New species of yeasts resembling candida krusei

Masyuk, N.P., 1970:
New species pedinomonas tenuis from middle asia

Anon, 1972:
New species reported for mexico since the work of l o williams

Paiva, T.B., 1973:
New specific angiotensin antagonists 8 valine angiotensin 8 iso leucine angiotensin and chlorambucil des 1 aspartic 8 valine angiotensin i

Schoelkens, B.A., 1977:
New specific angiotensin ii antagonists and their influence on plasma renin activity

Luca, G.N., 1972:
New specific bile antigens in the human bile and blood serum

Aldaya, F.; Carls, P.; Martinez Garcia, E.; Quiroga J L., 1976:
New specific information on the san vitero series zamora northwest spain

Huszti, Z.; Borsy, J.; Kasztreiner, E.; Szilagyi, G.; Kosary, J., 1973:
New specific inhibitors of histidine decarboxylase

Bloom, S.R.; Adrian, T.E.; Barnes, A.J.; Long, R.G.; Hanley, J.; Mallinson, C.N.; Rivier, J.E.; Vale, W.; Brown, M.R., 1978:
New specific long acting somatostatin analogs in the treatment of pancreatic endocrine tumors

Likhtenshtein, G.I.; Bobodzhanov, P.K., 1969:
New specific para magnetic label based on tri chloro triazine

Khromov Borisov, N.V., 1973:
New specific substrate of acetyl cholin esterase

Hebant, C., 1972:
New specifications on the structure and significance of the conducting bundle irrigating the gametophyte of takakia lepidozioides bryophytes

Terasaki, P.I., 1970:
New specificities in the hl a locus

Hasslein, L.; Schorer, P.G., 1972:
New specimens of boettgerilla vermiformis from the siebengebirge and the rodderberg

Jeffrey, S.W.; Humphrey, G.F., 1975:
New spectrophotometric equations for determining chlorophyll a chlorophyll b chlorophyll c 1 and chlorophyll c 2 in higher plants algae and natural phyto plankton

Sheremali, J.L., 1974:
New sphaeropsidales from india

Howe, W.H., 1970:
New sphinx moth record for the usa

Buge, E.; Monniot, F., 1972:
New spicules of ascidians of the ypresian of the basin of paris and of the toarcian of deux sevres

Arihara, S.; Rueedi, P.; Eugster, C.H., 1975:
New spiro cyclo propyl cyclo hexenedione di terpenes coleon m coleon n coleon p coleon q and coleon r and barbatusin from plectranthus caninus and coleon o from coleus somaliensis

Davis, R.E.; Worley, J.F.; Clark, T.B.; Moseley, M., 1976:
New spiroplasma in diseased honey bee apis mellifera isolation pure culture and partial characterization in vitro

Davis, R.E., 1978:
New spiroplasma strains from nectar bearing flowers

S.S.M.Hassan, 1973:
New spot test for urea based on colorimetric reaction with chloranil

Martynova, E.F., 1971:
New springtail species collembola from mountain and steppe regions of the ussr

Sewer Lewandowska, B.; Maczynska, D.; Lipowski, J., 1973:
New stabilizing and gelatinizing agent and possibilities of its application in food industry

Michel, J., 1970:
New stage in the treatment of myeloma

Clayton, E.M.; Foster, E.B.; Clayton, E.P., 1970:
New stain for fetal erythrocytes in peripheral blood smears

Mizuhira, V.; Nakamura, H.; Fujioka, T., 1972:
New staining method for the elastic fibers using tannic acid glutaraldehyde mixture

Lubs, H.A.; McKenzie, W.H.; Patil, S.R.; Merrick, S., 1973:
New staining methods for chromosomes

Biagini, G.; Borsetti, P., 1974:
New staining methods for semi thin sections usable in diagnostic pathology

Kuenzi, C., 1978:
New staining technique for zoological and botanical material

Kisielewski, J.; Kolasa, J., 1973:
New stand of diurodrilus subterraneus archiannelida from polish baltic coast

Okken, A.; Jonxis, J.H.P.; Rispens, P.; Zylstra, W.G., 1977:
New standards for basal heat production and evaporative and nonevaporative heat loss in low birth weight new born infants

Lehmann, R., 1972:
New standards for hearing aids in France

Suvorov, G.A.; Denisov, E.I., 1977:
New standards for noise and vibration

Nowacki, 1970:
New standards in athletic physiology

Wilkialis, J., 1971:
New stands and more particular ecological data of trocheta bykowskii hirudinea

Jakuczun, B., 1972:
New stands of phallus hadriani in poland

Coiffait, H., 1975:
New staphylinidae from the ussr collected by s m khnzorian iablokoff

Bordoni, A., 1973:
New staphylinidae of turkey belonging to the civic museum of natural history of verona coleoptera part 22 contribution to the knowledge of the staphylinidae

Takase, N.; Tabata, K.; Irikura, Y.; Umemura, Y.; Nagata, T.; Oka, H., 1970:
New starch potato d cultivars bihoro and tarumae

Rao, P.V.S.; Goering, K.J., 1970:
New starches part 5 properties of the small starch granules from amaranthus retroflexus d

Goering, K.J.; D.H.as B., 1972:
New starches part 8 properties of the small granule starch from colocasia esculenta

Tolmasquim, E.; Correa, A.M.N.; Tolmasquim, S.T., 1971:
New starches properties of 5 varieties of cowpea d starch

Schafer, E.W.; West, R.R.; Cunningham, D.J., 1969:
New starling toxicant drc 1347 pestic

Duppstadt, W.H., 1978:
New state records for west virginia usa

Wicks, J.C., 1974:
New station for nuphar microphyllum new record in durham new hampshire usa

Kazmierski, J., 1971:
New station of the natterjack bufo calamita

Pinto, G.; Taddei, R., 1973:
New stations for cyanidium caldarium new record in italy

Resmerita, I., 1971:
New stations for rare plants in romania

D.L.ca P.; Moretti, A.; Taddei, R., 1973 :
New stations of cyanidium caldarium new record in southern italy and sicily

Zylka, A., 1973:
New stations of newts triturus in lower silesia

Ricciardi, M., 1973:
New stations of primula palinuri new record along the southern tyrrhenian coast

Popek, R., 1971:
New stations of rosa deseglisei in southern poland

Pascal, P., 1970:
New stations with rare bryophytes in the romanian flora

Knill-Jones, R., 1978:
New statistical approaches to prediction

Jesel, L.; Roos, M., 1970:
New statistical data concerning the estrous cycle in the guinea pig

Timsit Berthier, M.; Roninckx, N.; Delaunoy, J.; Rousseau, J.C., 1974:
New statistical studies of the contingent negative variation in psychiatry

Levy J F.; Chaler, G.; Camhaji, E.; Hego, C., 1975:
New statistical study of the relation between mineral composition of leaves and nutritional conditions of grapevines

Murray, J.R.; Wiley, D.E.; Wolfe, R.G., 1971:
New statistical techniques for evaluating longitudinal models

Walsh, G.P.; Storrs, E.E.; Burchfield, H.P.; Vidrine, M.F., 1974:
New statistics on the incidence of leprosy in the armadillo

Pena, D.Sousa, M., 1972:
New status of crybe in the genus bletia

Mueller, E.; Merker, G.; Vogel, J., 1977:
New status of pulmonary distribution analysis with automated determination of measuring values

Puthz, V., 1971:
New stenus species of the erichsoni ludyi coarcticollis group coleoptera staphylinidae part 90 contribution to the knowledge of the steninae

Trujillo, M.H.; Pazos, J.; Cavallin, E.; Sheinfeld, T.; Mamán, J., 1972:
New step in the performance of tracheostomy

Ouannes, C.; Langlois, Y., 1975:
New stereoselective synthesis of a tetra homo terpene extracted from laspeyresia pomonella and of its 3 geometric isomers

Hanai, T., 1974:
New stereotaxic coordinates for the rhesus monkey thalamus referencing visual afferents with cyto architecture

Banerji, J.; Chatterjee, A.; Itoh, Y.; Kikuchi, T., 1973:
New steroid alkaloids from chonemorpha macrophylla chonemorpha fragrans

Mittelman, A.; Catane, R.; Murphy, G.P., 1977:
New steroidal alkylating agents in advanced stage D carcinoma of the prostate

Yosioka, I.; Imai, K.; Kitagawa, I., 1971:
New steroidal pro sapogenins possessing fully acetylated arabinoside linkage at 11 carbon

Keller, P.J., 1971:
New steroids in the treatment of secondary amenorrhea

Regerat, F.; Pourrat, H., 1976:
New sterol isolation portensterol from fruitbodies of tricholoma portentosum rhodopaxillus nudus and clitocybe nebularis

Homberg, E.E.; Schiller, H.P.K., 1973:
New sterols from helianthus annuus

Hsiao T Y., 1974:
New stilt bugs from china hemiptera heteroptera berytidae

Adachi, E.; Adachi, T.; Kanaizuka, D.; Chiba, Y., 1975:
New stimulating devices for the checkerboard pattern reversal cortical evoked potentials

Koroza, G.S., 1972:
New stimulator of uterine contractile activity

Sen, D.N., 1970:
New stimulus for inflorescence initiation in euphorbia caducifolia d

Walsby, J.R., 1973:
New stirring method for micro titration

Braasch, D.; Joost, W., 1972:
New stone flies plecoptera from bulgaria

Zapekina Dul'keit Y.I., 1975:
New stone fly species plecoptera from siberia ussr

Joost, W., 1970:
New stoneflies from middle asia insecta plecoptera

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New strain of thielaviopsis basicola

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New strains of escherichia coli in france

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New strains of rats with alcohol preference and nonpreference

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New strains of viruses isolated from mold fungi belonging to the penicillium genus

Gauze, G.F.; Maksimova, T.S.; Dudnik, Y.V.; Ol'khovatova O.L.; Velikodvorskaya, G.A.; Klimenko, S.M.; Tikhonenko, T.I., 1971:
New strains of viruses isolated from mold fungi of the genus penicillium

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New strategies for treating watery diarrhea

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New strategies of rural health development in Tanzania

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New strategy in hemo dialysis influence on acid base balance oxygen partial pressure and carbon di oxide partial pressure

Peybernes, B.; Bilotte, M., 1971:
New stratigraphic and tectonic data on the massif of montgri province of gerona spain

Ferriere, J., 1974:
New stratigraphic data on the massif of koziaskas greece

Brambilla, G., 1976:
New stratigraphic distribution of genus palaeothamnium

Maubeuge, P.L., 1972:
New stratigraphic observations on the jura of argovie switzerland the frickthal bathonian at brugg

Fabre, J., 1973:
New stratigraphic sedimentologic and paleo ecologic data on the dogger of the massif of gresigne tarn and tarn et garonne

Dillon, H.C.; Dillon, M.S.A., 1974:
New streptococcal serotypes causing pyoderma and acute glomerulo nephritis type 59 type 60 and type 61

Bogoyavlenskaya, O.V., 1977:
New stromatoporata from the early and middle devonian of the eastern slope of the urals russian sfsr ussr

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New structural aspects of proteins atpase calsequestrin of the sarcoplasmic reticulum

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New structural components detected in bordetella pertussis of various sero types

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New structure assignments for hormone related indoles in woad d

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New structures in viral rna noncovalent circles and covalently linked proteins

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New structures on fly antennae species distribution and possible function

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New structures or food vacuoles

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New studies of cranial growth

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New studies of phrenic afferences

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New studies of the caribbean sea the gulf of mexico and their fauna

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New studies of the peripheral actions of dopamine

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New studies on alkaline dehydrogenase polymorphism in mexico

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New studies on cerebro tendinous xanthomatosis

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New studies on hexo kinase mitochondrial binding mechanism of insulin action

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New studies on hybrid grain sorghum m grown in dobrudja

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New studies on insulin with special consideration of spanish work from 1951 to 1969

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New studies on labyrinthula

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New studies on lycosa arenicolas growth and food biology

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New studies on lygodactylus sauria gekkonidae part 1 further data on subgenus domerguella and on its relations with madagascar phyto geography

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New studies on placental transfer of fosfomycin

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New studies on pregnancy anabolism part 2 incorporation and localization of sulfur 35 in some organs of pregnant and control rats comparison between sulfur 35 sulfite and sulfur 35 methionine

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New studies on the circulatory effects of ergot compounds with implications to migraine

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New studies on the determination of dissolved and undissolved heavy metals in waters by means of x ray fluorescence

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New studies on the families of the schizophora diptera cyclorrhapha

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New studies on the follicle stimulating effect of a highly purified preparation of luteinizing hormone

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New studies on the heritability of anthropometric characteristics as ascertained from twins

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New studies on the imbalance of nervous control over heat regulation

Grote, J.; Kreuscher, H.; Schubert, R.; Russ, H.J., 1971:
New studies on the influence of oxygen pressure and carbon di oxide pressure on regional cerebral blood flow and total cerebral blood flow

Chaouat, L., 1973:
New studies on the inhibitory action of 3 methyl 6 hydroxy quinazoline 2 4 dione on cyto dieresis of plant cells duration of cellular cycle and mitosis

Guegueniat, P., 1972:
New studies on the insoluble forms and the polymerization phenomena of the nitrosyl ruthenium nitrate complexes in sea water

Vallois H V., 1974:
New studies on the mesolithics of brittany the human remains of hoedic morbihan

Schultze, O., 1970:
New studies on the necessity of the directing influence of the force of gravity for development

Morard J C.; Poirier M F.; Abadie, A., 1970:
New studies on the quantitative variations of tissue poly anions of the renal papilla osmotic diuresis acquired diuresis with and without injection of pitressin

Saint Girons, H., 1973:
New studies on the viper of the high atlas vipera latastei monticola

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New studies on the water mite genera neomamersa and kawamuracarus acarina limnesiidae from north america description

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New study of the maturation of the renal cortex of human fetuses

Savchenko, Y.M., 1969 :
New subartic species of the limoniid fly from austrolimnophila diptera limoniidae

Shileyko, A.A., 1972:
New subfamily metafruticicolinae as a phyletic line pulmonata hygromiidae

Wendelbo, P., 1969:
New subgenera sections and species of allium m

Savchenko, Y.M., 1970:
New subgenus and species of mosquito limoniidae from the genus dicranoptycha diptera limoniidae

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New subgenus of ostracods of the genus candona from crimean underground waters cadona trapezicandona taurica new subgenus new species

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New subspecies eremias scripta pherganensis new subspecies reptilia sauria from uzbekistan

Miksic, R., 1974:
New subspecies of cetoniinae coleoptera scarabaeidae 86th contribution to the knowledge of the scarabaeidae

Silva Taboada, G., 1974:
New subspecies of eptesicus fuscus petersoni new subspecies chiroptera vespertilionidae for the isle of pines

Shcherbak, N.N., 1973:
New subspecies of eremias multiocellata eremias multiocellata bannikowi new subspecies reptilia sauria from tuva assr and northwestern mongolia

Popescu Gorj, A.; Constantinescu, A., 1973:
New subspecies of euclasta lepidoptera pyraustinae from madagascar malagasy republic and china

Dadikyan, M.G., 1972 :
New subspecies of european riffle minnow alburnoides bipunctatus armeniensis new subspecies

Agenjo, R., 1970:
New subspecies of iberian rhopalocera

Lindt, I.I., 1974:
New subspecies of mantis religiosa mantoidea from central asia ussr

Petrov, B.M., 1972:
New subspecies of mole rat spalax leucodon rodentia mammalia from yugoslavia

Kersmaekers, M., 1973:
New subspecies of oniscoid for the belgian fauna trichoniscus pusillus provisorius new record

Ponert, J., 1972:
New subspecies of sparganium erectum ssp mazandernicum from iran

Kunde, R., 1973:
New substances from the volatile oil of cannabis sativa

Zdrodovskaya, E.P.; Lotosh, E.A.; Neifakh, S.A., 1972:
New substrain of mice with muscular dystrophy mutant gene

DeBenneville, P.L.; Godfrey, W.J.; Sims, H.J., 1972:
New substrates for a pancreatic exocrine function test

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New substrates for the assay of alpha l iduronidase

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New substrates for the determination of gamma glutamyl transferase

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New substrates for the specific cytochemical demonstration of prostatic acid phosphatase

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New subterranean colydiidae coleopterans of the tribe anopidiini

Losick, R., 1973:
New subunits of rna polymerase from sporulating bacillus subtilis

Backinowsky, L.V., 1976:
New sugars from antigenic lipo poly saccharides of bacteria identification and synthesis of 3 o r 1 carboxyethyl l rhamnose an acidic component of shigella dysenteriae type 5 lipo poly saccharide

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New sugars from the antigenic lipo poly saccharides of bacteria of the shigella genus

Anon, 1971:
New suggestions for the treatment of obesity

Hirosawa, M., 1969:
New sulfur containing amino acids in the urine of cystathioninuric patients

Kodama, H.; Ohmori, S.; Suzuki, M.; Mizuhara, S., 1970:
New sulfur containing amino acids in the urine of cystathioninuric patients supplementary data

Lusk, J.W.; Hurt, V.G., 1971:
New summative equation to use with cell wall analysis for estimating dry matter digestion of silages

Rutter, G.; Gschwender, H.H.; Mannsweiler, K.; Lehmann Grube, F., 1974:
New surface antigens on cells infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

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New surface for artificial hearts with survival of up to 1 week in calves

Zeppa, R., 1972:
New surgical approaches to portal hypertension

Mounier Kuhn, P.; Haguenauer, J.P.; Bernard, P., 1972:
New surgical technique for the treatment of wounds of the upper trachea

Dureau, G.M.; Rea, B.; Kepenekian, G.; Descotes, J., 1973:
New surgical treatment for transposition of the great arteries by cardiac inversion experimental studies

Chanturaya, O.A., 1970:
New surgical variants of heart re vascularization in experimental ischemia of the myo cardium

Merxmueller, H., 1974:
New survey of ferns and flowering plants endemic to officially rhenish bavaria

Rosenkranz, E., 1974:
New suscepts of maize dwarf mosaic virus and sugarcane mosaic virus

Park, K.Y.; Ban, C.D.; Jong, S.K., 1971:
New sweet potato variety hwang mi

Guhl, W., 1972:
New symphoriant peritricha from dragonfly larvae

Kopecky, K.; Hejny, S., 1973:
New syn taxonomic conception of the associations of annual and biennial plants of the galio urticetea in bohemia

Cabrera, A.L., 1970:
New synanterological data from entre rios

Williams, J.J.; Sandlin, C.S.; Dumars, K.W., 1978:
New syndrome microcephaly associated with achalasia

Castells, S.; Sher, J.; Rose, J.; Anderson, C.; Shafig, S.; Hashemi, S.E.; Reddy, C.M., 1975:
New syndrome of grotesque skeletal deformities selective muscle fiber hypoplasia and generalized osteo porosis with osteolysis

Jones, K.L.; Smith, D.W., 1973:
New syndrome of mental deficiency cubitus valgus and unusual facies

Sensenbrenner, J.A.; Dorst, J.P.; Owens, R.P., 1975:
New syndrome of skeletal, dental and hair anomalies

Thurmon, T.F.; Santos, C.L., 1975:
New syndromes of mental retardation

Bolton, B., 1973:
New synonym and a new name in the ant genus polyrhachis hymenoptera formicidae

Condamin, M., 1973:
New synonymies in bicyclus lepidoptera satyridae part 16 contribution to the taxonomy of bicyclus

Puthz, V., 1971:
New synonyms and new taxonomic positions in the genus stenus coleoptera staphylinidae 79th contribution to the knowledge of steninae

Gordon, R.D., 1974:
New synonymy and lectotype designations in north american coccinellidae coleoptera

Wise, K.A.J., 1974:
New synonymy in cryptopygus collembola isotomidae

Todd, E.L., 1978:
New synonymy in nerthra hemiptera heteroptera gelastocoridae

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New syntheses of 4 5 di hydro 3h 1 3 4 benzotrizepin 5 one

Ramirez, F.; Bhatia, S.B.; Telefus, C.D.; Smith, C.P., 1969:
New syntheses of 5 acyl hydantoins and of 5 acyl 4 hydroxy oxazoles precursors of beta keto alpha amino acids and of beta keto alpha hydroxy acid amides

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New syntheses of a and b chains of insulin without using s benzyl protection

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New syntheses of demethylsuberosin xanthyletin plus minus decursinol plus marmsein minus nodakenetin plus minus decursin and plus minus prantschimgin

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New syntheses of flavines

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New syntheses of halkendin and iso halkendin

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New syntheses of linear and angular coumarin di hydro pyrans

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New syntheses of the delta 5 cis and trans 26 carbon and 27 carbon sterols di methyl 24 chola 5 22 dien 3 beta ol and cholesta 5 22 dien 3 beta ol

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New syntheses of the furoquinoline alkaloids and some oxygen hetero cyclic compounds

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New synthesis and carbon 14 labeling of bilirubin 9 alpha

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New synthesis of 1 6 2 3 4 tri o methyl alpha d glucan

James, K.; Angyal, S.J., 1972:
New synthesis of 1 deoxy hexuloses

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New synthesis of 3 amino chroman synthesis and absolute configuration of its enantiomers

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New synthesis of 3 thio 4 arylalkyl 5 arylimino 1 2 4 di thiazolidines and their degradation into 1 3 5 tri substituted 2 4 di thio biurets

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New synthesis of 6 6 di quinoline derivatives on a base of 4 4 di amino di phenyl 3 3 dicarboxylic acid

Ogura, K.; Tsuchihashi G I., 1974:
New synthesis of alpha amino acids from nitriles

Nakatani, Y.; Kubota, K.; Tahara, R.; Shigematsu, Y., 1974:
New synthesis of alpha damascone

Hildesheim, J.; Hildesheim, R.; Lederer, E., 1972:
New synthesis of analogues of s adenosyl homo cysteine potential inhibitors of methyl transferases

Steck, W., 1971:
New synthesis of columbianetin and related coumarins

Glushkov, R.G.; Dronova, L.N.; Nikolaeva, L.A.; Kostikova, Y.I., 1978:
New synthesis of klofelin

Grynkiewicz, G.; Jurczak, J.; Zamojski, A., 1974:
New synthesis of mono saccharide carbonates

Patnaik, B.K.; Mahapatra, G.N., 1975:
New synthesis of oxazoles oxazolines and oxazolidines and their possible use as fungicides

Queval, P.; Bisagni, E., 1974:
New synthesis of psoralen and related compounds

Boots, M.R., 1975:
New synthesis of racemic carnitine chloride

Kolenbrander, H.M., 1969:
New synthesis of s alkyl dl homo cysteines

Crabbe, P.; Carpio, H.; Velarde, E., 1971:
New synthesis of steroidal tri halogenomethyl allenes allenic acids and beta keto esters

Monteiro, H.J., 1973:
New synthesis of the amino acid racemic cucurbitine

Sato, K.; Inoue, S.; Saito, K., 1972:
New synthesis of vitamin k

Klopper, A.; Hall, M., 1971:
New synthetic agent for the induction of ovulation: preliminary trials in women

Machova, A.; Kupkova, B., 1971:
New synthetic analogue of vasopressin with enhanced anti diuretic activity

Pappo, R.; Collins, P.; Jung, C., 1971:
New synthetic approach in the prostaglandin field

Elliott, I.W., 1970:
New synthetic approaches to iso quinoline alkaloids racemic laudanosine

Scarpa, A., 1978:
New synthetic calcium selective ionophores

Anon, 1969:
New synthetic fluid for maintenance of normal activity of isolated tissues

Norstog, K., 1973:
New synthetic medium for the culture of premature barley embryos

Stanton, J.L., 1975:
New synthetic methods 1 3 alkylative carbonyl transposition

Trost, B.M.; Miller, C.H., 1975:
New synthetic methods a ring expansion approach to methylene delta lactones

Trost, B.M.; Keeley, D.E., 1976:
New synthetic methods a stereo controlled approach to cyclo pentane annelation

Tamura, S.; Nagao, M., 1969:
New synthetic plant growth regulators structurally related to abscisic acid

Sota, K.; Amano, T.; Aida, M.; Noda, K.; Hayashi, A.; Tanaka, I., 1971:
New synthetic pyrethroids 4 phenyl 2 buten 1 yl chrysanthemates and 4 aryl 2 butyn 1 yl chrysanthemates

Trost, B.M.; Verhoeven, T.R., 1976:
New synthetic reactions catalytic vs stoichiometric allylic alkylation stereo controlled approach to steroid side chain

Trost, B.M., 1973:
New synthetic reactions lactone annelation

Yamazaki, T.; Shiraishi, H.; Matsuda, K.; Sugiyama, H.; Seto, S.; Yamaoka, N., 1975:
New synthetic route to 2 3 unsaturated pyranosyl thymine from the corresponding o 2 2 cyclo nucleoside

Takahashi, S., 1976:
New synthetic route to 3 substituted furans synthesis of perillene and dendrolasin

Lundquist, K.; Remmerth, S., 1975:
New synthetic routes to lignin model compounds of the aryl glycerol b aryl ether type

Goldman, A.S.; Gustafsson, J.A.; Gustafsson, S.A., 1973:
New synthetic steroids which inhibit rat gonadal steroidogenic enzymes both in vitro and in vivo

Hauser, F.M.; Rhee, R., 1977:
New synthetic strategy for the preparation of linear phenolic natural products

Fernandez, H.; Mclean, W.; Pardue, G.; Barnes, R.; Spruill, J., 1975:
New system for a 2 speed electro encephalograph with an auditory device for diminishing the length of seizures

Baumrind, S.; Peltzman, P.; Moffitt, F.H., 1971:
New system for integrated 3 dimensional cranio facial mapping

Athanassiadis, A., 1974:
New system for semi continuous de odorizing

Munier, R.L.; Gervais, C.; Drapier, A.M., 1975:
New system of 2 dimensional thin layer partition chromatography with high separating power for amino acids roles of ionic equilibria nature and auto chromatography of solvent components

Baccetti, B.; Capra, F., 1969:
New systematic observations on some italian dolichopoda examined by scanning electron microscope orthoptera rhaphidophorinae

Coulet, M.; Labro, A.M.; Guillot, J.; Laget, R., 1970:
New systematic research of hem agglutinins among the mycetes

Scholz, H., 1969:
New systematics in the species agrostis coarctata m

Hanka, L.J.; Bradner, W.T.; D.M.rco A.; Gause, G.F.; Marks, P.A., 1978:
New systems for detection of anti tumor drugs

Lucas, J.J.; Zorn, G.; Szekely, E.; Kates, J.R., 1976:
New systems for the genetic analysis of mammalian cells mass nuclear transplantation and karyoplast regeneration