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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 27038

Chapter 27038 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Perlin, A.S., 1977:
NMR spectroscopy of heparin

Wilson, M.A.; Jones, A.J.; Williamson, B., 1978:
Nmr spectroscopy of humic materials

Scheer, H.; Katz, J.J., 1975:
Nmr spectroscopy of porphyrins and metallo porphyrins

Shriver, J.W.; Mateescu, G.D.; Abrahamson, E.W., 1978:
Nmr spectroscopy of the 11 cis retinylidene chromophore of rhod opsin

Phillips, W.D.; Poe, M., 1973:
Nmr spectroscopy of the iron sulfur proteins

Korytnyk, W.; Ahrens, H., 1970:
Nmr spectroscopy of vitamin b 6

Cadet, J.; Ducolomb, R.; Taieb, C., 1975:
Nmr spectrum analysis at 250 megahertz of 6 methyl 2 deoxy uridine preferential syn conformation in aqueous solution

Aksenov, S.I.; Goryachev, S.N.; Fateeva, M.V.; Nikitina, T.N., 1973:
Nmr spin echo study of various yeast strains of saccharomycodes ludwigii differently resistant to lyophilization

Neville, M.C.; Paterson, C.A.; Rae, J.L.; Woessner, D.E., 1974:
Nmr studies and water ordering in the crystalline lens

Beveridge, S.J.; Walker, W.R., 1974:
Nmr studies in the interaction of divalent metal ions zinc cadmium mercury and lead with adenine

Griffin, J.H.; Schechter, A.N.; Cohen, J.S., 1973:
Nmr studies of a rnase di nucleoside phosphonate complex and their implications for the mechanism of the enzyme

Wiechelman, K.J.; H.C., 1975:
Nmr studies of abnormal human hemo globins

Taylor, R.P., 1976:
Nmr studies of amphiphile hydration

Finer, E.G.; Franks, F.; Tait, M.J., 1972:
Nmr studies of aqueous urea solutions

Cohen, J.S., 1978:
Nmr studies of biologically relevant isotopes other than hydrogen

Lanir, A.; Navon, G., 1971:
Nmr studies of bovine carbonic anhydrase binding of sulfonamides to the zinc enzyme

Saryan, L.A.; Hollis, D.P.; Eggleston, J.C.; Economou, J.S.; Morris, H.P., 1974:
Nmr studies of cancer time course of serum and tissue t 1 elevation in tumor bearing rats

Granot, J., 1976:
NMR studies of catecholamines, Acid dissociation equilibria in aqueous solutions

Emptage, M.H.; Xavier, A.V.; Wood, J.M., 1978:
Nmr studies of cytochrome c prime

Metcalfe, J.C.; Birdsall, N.J.M.; Lee, A.G., 1972:
Nmr studies of dynamic features of membrane structure

Waelder, S.; Lee, L.; Redfield, A.G., 1975:
Nmr studies of exchangeable protons part 1 fourier transform saturation recovery and transfer of saturation of the tryptophan indole nitrogen proton

Walker, F.A.; L.M.r G.N., 1973:
Nmr studies of ferric porphyrins

Kreishman, G.P.; Robertson, D.E.; H.C., 1974:
Nmr studies of glutamine binding protein from escherichia coli

Morrow, J.S.; Gurd, F.R.N., 1975:
Nmr studies of hemo globin functional state correlations and isotopic enrichment strategies

Pisciotta, A.V., 1972:
Nmr studies of hemo globin m milwaukee

H.C.; Davis, D.G.; Mock, N.H.; Lindstrom, T.R.; Charache, S., 1970:
Nmr studies of hemo globin part 4 the structure function relationship of human adult hemo globin a and hemo globin chesapeake and its implication to the nature of oxygenation of hemo globin

H.C.; Davis, D.G.; Mock, N.H.; Charache, S., 1971:
Nmr studies of hemo globins

Davis, D.G.; Mock, N.H.; Lindstrom, T.R.; Charache, S.; H.C., 1970:
Nmr studies of hemo globins part 5 the heme proton spectra of human deoxy hemo globins a f zurich and chesapeake

H.C., 1971:
Nmr studies of hemo globins part 6 heme proton spectra of human deoxy hemo globins and their relevance to the nature of cooperative oxygenation of hemo globin

H.C., 1972:
Nmr studies of hemo globins part 7 tertiary structure around ligand binding site in carbon mon oxy hemo globin

Lindstrom, T.R.; Olson, J.S.; Mock, N.H.; Gibson, Q.H.; H.C., 1971:
Nmr studies of hemo globins part 8 evidence for preferential ligand binding to beta chains within deoxy hemo globins

Morishima, I.; IIzuka, T., 1974:
Nmr studies of hemo proteins restricted rotation of a heme side chain methyl group in some ferric myo globin complexes and its implication in van der waals contact in the heme side chain environments

Morishima, I.; Ogawa, S.; Inubushi, T.; IIzuka, T., 1978:
Nmr studies of high spin ferric hemo proteins

Robertson, D.E.; H.C., 1975:
Nmr studies of histidine j binding protein from salmonella typhimurium

Marcus, A.J.; Lasker, S.E., 1974:
Nmr studies of human platelet lipids

Krugh, T.R.; Young, M.A., 1975:
Nmr studies of hydrogen bonded complexes of oligo nucleotides in aqueous solution part 1 deoxy di nucleotides deoxy guanylate deoxy cytidylate and deoxy guanylate deoxy thymidylate

Fridkin, M.; Wilchek, M.; Sheinblatt, M., 1970:
Nmr studies of hydrogen deuterium exchange of alpha methylene group of amino acid residues in peptides

Parsons, S.M., 1971:
Nmr studies of inhibitor and substrate association with lysozyme

Finer, E.G.; Hauser, H.; Chapman, D., 1969:
Nmr studies of interactions of phospho lipids with cyclic antibiotics

Cooke, R.; Wien, R., 1973:
Nmr studies of intra cellular water protons

Boone, D.J.; Kowalsky, A., 1972:
Nmr studies of ion pairing between antibiotic metal complexes and counter ions

Finer, E.G., 1972:
Nmr studies of lipid water systems

Salsbury, N.J., 1970:
Nmr studies of lipids lipo proteins and cell membranes

Dwek, R.A., 1972:
Nmr studies of macro molecules with fluorine nuclei as probes

Block, R.E.; Maxwell, G.P.; Irvin, G.L.; Hudson, J.L.; Prudhomme, D.L., 1974:
Nmr studies of membranes of normal and cancer cells

Pope, J.M.; Cornell, B.A., 1978:
Nmr studies of model biological membrane systems unsonicated surfactant water dispersions

Bundi, A.; Andreatta, R.; Rittel, W.; Wuethrich, K., 1976:
Nmr studies of molecular conformations of the synthetic partial sequence 1 34 of human parathyroid hormone

Wuethrich, K.; Wagner, G.; D.M.rco A., 1976:
Nmr studies of molecular dynamics in globular proteins in solution basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor

Moura, J.J.G.; Xavier, A.V., 1978:
Nmr studies of multi heme cytochromes

Lundt, S.L.; Breslow, E., 1977:
Nmr studies of neurophysin spin label interaction evidence for secondary peptide binding sites

Schweizer, M.P., 1971:
Nmr studies of organic solvent denatured yeast phenyl alanyl transfer rna at 220 mega hertz

Prestegard, J.H.; Cramer, J.A., 1978:
Nmr studies of ph induced transport across phospho lipid vesicle model membranes

Finer, E.G.; Henry, R.; Leslie, R.B.; Robertson, R.N., 1975:
Nmr studies of pig low density and high density serum lipo proteins molecular motions and morphology

Woessner, D.E., 1974:
Nmr studies of preferentially oriented water at interfaces

Jardetzky, O., 1970:
Nmr studies of protein binding sites the complex of staphylococcal nuclease with 3 5 tdp

Fidge, N.H.; Calder, I.C., 1972:
Nmr studies of rat serum lipo proteins

Magnuson, J.A.; Magnuson, N.S., 1973:
NMR studies of sodium and potassium in various biological tissues

Stokes, R.M., 1969:
Nmr studies of sodium ions in isolated frog muscle and liver

Cooke, R.; Wien, R., 1971:
Nmr studies of solvent protons in muscle fibers and in muscle protein solutions

Sloan, D.L.; Maitland Young, J.; Mildvan, A.S., 1975:
Nmr studies of substrate interaction with cobalt substituted alcohol dehydrogenase from liver

Cohen, S.M.; Glynn, P.; Ogawa, S.; Rottenberg, H.; Shulman, R.G., 1978:
Nmr studies of suspensions of rat liver cells

Rabenstein, D.L., 1973:
Nmr studies of the acid base chemistry of amino acids and peptides part 1 microscopic ionization constants of glutathione and methyl mercury complexed glutathione

Pesando, J., 1972:
Nmr studies of the active site and inhibitors of human carbonic anhydrase b

Daniels, A.; Williams, R.J.P.; Wright, P.E., 1976:
Nmr studies of the adrenal gland and some other organs

Novak, R.F.; Mieyal, J.J., 1976:
Nmr studies of the aniline ferri hemo globin interaction

Tinsley, I.J., 1974:
Nmr studies of the behavior of ddt in model membranes

Griffin, J.H.; Cohen, J.S.; Schechter, A.N., 1973:
Nmr studies of the bovine pancreatic rnase di nucleotide phosphonate compex

Mildvan, A.S.; Bean, B.L.; Koren, R., 1977:
Nmr studies of the conformation of an initiator and substrate on rna polymerase from escherichia coli

Pastore, E.J.; Plante, L.T.; Kisliuk, R.L.; Kaplan, N.O.; Friedkin, M., 1973:
Nmr studies of the di hydro folate reductase system

Sykes, B.D.; Scott, M.D., 1972:
Nmr studies of the dynamic aspects of molecular structure and interaction in biological systems

Wilczok, T.; Lubas, B., 1972:
Nmr studies of the helix coil transition in nucleic acids

Gustavsson, H.; Lindman, R., 1975:
Nmr studies of the interaction between alkali ions and micellar aggregates

Nicholson, B.C.; Spotswood, T.M., 1973:
Nmr studies of the interaction of inhibitors with chymotrypsin n tri fluoroacetyl derivatives of phenyl alanine

Anthonsen, T.; Larsen, B.; Smidsrod, O., 1972:
Nmr studies of the interaction of metal ions with poly 1 4 hex uronates part 1 chelation of europium ions by d galacturonic acid

Grasdalen, H.; Anthonsen, T.; Larsen, B.; Smidsrod, O., 1975:
Nmr studies of the interaction of metal ions with poly 1 4 hexuronates part 3 pmr study of the binding of lanthanides to methyl alpha d gulo pyranoside in aqueous solution

Grasdalen, H.; Anthonsen, T.; Larsen, B.; Smidsrod, O., 1975:
Nmr studies of the interaction of metal ions with poly 1 4 hexuronates part 4 pmr study of lanthanide binding to sodium methyl alpha d galacto pyranosiduronate in aqueous solutions

Jendrasiak, G.L., 1970:
Nmr studies of the interaction of phosphatidyl choline with small molecules

Walter, W.V.; Hayes, R.G., 1971 :
Nmr studies of the interaction of water with the polar region of phosphatidyl choline micelles in benzene

Campagnoni, A.T.; Whitehead, D.L.; Rowan, R.IIi, 1978:
Nmr studies of the myelin basic proteins

Baldo, J.H.; Shriver, J.W.; Hansen, P.E.; Sykes, B.D., 1978:
Nmr studies of the myosin subfragment 1 atpase

Lauterbur, P.C.; Kaufman, B.V.; Crawford, M.K., 1978:
Nmr studies of the protein solvent interface

Ogawa, S.; Shulman, R.G.; Wuethrich, K.; Yamane, T., 1971:
Nmr studies of the role of the heme group during the cooperative oxygenation of hemo globin

Fairhurst, M.T., 1975:
Nmr studies of the solution chemistry of metal complexes part 11 the binding of methyl mercury by sulfhydryl containing amino acids and by glutathione

Rabenstein, D.L., 1972:
Nmr studies of the solution chemistry of metal complexes part 3 acetyl glycine complexes of cadmium zinc and lead

Rabenstein, D.L., 1973:
Nmr studies of the solution chemistry of metal complexes part 9 the binding of cadmium zinc lead and mercury by glutathione

Wuethrich, K.; Bundi, A.; Boesch, C.; Oppliger, M.; Andreatta, R., 1978:
Nmr studies of the solution conformation of glucagon

Wright, P.E., 1978:
Nmr studies of the structure and conformational mobility of soybean leg hemo globin

Chan, S.I.; Sheetz, M.P.; Seiter, C.H.A.; Feigenson, G.W.; Hsu M C.; Lau, A.; Yau, A., 1973:
Nmr studies of the structure of model membrane systems the effect of surface curvature

Gallo, A.A., 1975:
Nmr studies of thiamine and related compounds comparison of the crystal and solution conformation of thiamine and hydroxyethyl thiamine

Cleveland, G.G.; Chang, D.C.; Rorschach, H.E.; Woessner, D.E.; Hazlewood, C.F., 1973:
Nmr studies of tissue water anisotropy of the diffusion coefficient of water in skeletal muscle

Mazzocchi, P.H.; Ammon, H.L.; Colicelli, E.; Hohokabe, Y.; Cody, V., 1976:
Nmr studies of tri iodo thyro propionic acid in ethanol hydro chloride

Finer, E.G.; Hauser, H.; Chapman, D., 1969:
Nmr studies of valinomycin alamethicin and gramicidin s and their interaction with phospho lipids

Hazlewood, C.F.; Chang, D.C.; Medina, D.; Cleveland, G.; Nichols, B.L., 1972:
Nmr studies of water in pre neoplastic and neoplastic mouse mammary tissue

Beckett, A.H.; Reid, R.E., 1972:
Nmr studies on 2 3 di substituted bi cyclo 2 2 2 octanes

Wydrzynski, T.; Govindjee; Marks, S.B.; Schmidt, P.G.; Gutowsky, H.S., 1977:
Nmr studies on chloroplast membranes frequency and temperature dependence of water proton relaxation rates

Leutzinger, E.; Alderfer, J.; Kan, L.; Ts'o P., 1978:
Nmr studies on deoxy ribo oligo nucleotide helices

Yokono, T.; Shimokawa, S.; Sohma, J., 1975 :
Nmr studies on effects of ions anions and cations to nucleosides cytidine and guanosine

Tsukanaka, T.; Rokushika, S.; Imoto, T.; Akasaka, K.; Hatano, H., 1976:
Nmr studies on gamma irradiated lysozyme in aqueous solution

Kuchel, P.W.; Brown, F.F.; Campbell, I.D.; Rabenstein, D.L., 1978:
Nmr studies on human erythrocyte metabolism

Hatakeyama, H.; Nakano, J., 1970:
Nmr studies on lignin in solid state

Reitz, R.C.; Penkett, S.A., 1972:
Nmr studies on long chain thiol esters of coenzyme a

Mester, L.; Vass, G., 1969:
Nmr studies on nitrogen containing sugar derivatives substituted by nitrogen 15 part 3 the nature of the chelations in sugar osazone formazans

Williams, T.J.; Zens, A.P.; Wisowaty, J.C.; Fisher, R.R.; Dunlap, R.B.; Bryson, T.A.; Ellis, P.D., 1976:
Nmr studies on pyridine di nucleotides the ph dependence of the carbon 13 nmr of nad analogs

Ratkovic, S.; Sinadinovic, J.; Kraincanic, M., 1977:
Nmr studies on rat thyroid gland

Markley, J.L., 1971:
Nmr studies on selectively deuterated staphylococcal nuclease

Hershberg, R., 1975:
Nmr studies on short chain lecithins

Seydel, J.K.; Wassermann, O., 1971:
Nmr studies on the binding of some bis quaternary ammonium compounds to acetyl cholin esterase

Schweizer, M.P.; Robins, R.K., 1973:
Nmr studies on the conformation of nucleosides and 3 5 cyclic nucleotides

Haylock, J.C.; Rydon, H.N., 1969:
Nmr studies on the conformations of poly peptides

Roberts, M.F.; Dennis, E.A., 1978:
Nmr studies on the organization and conformation of phospho lipids in mixed micelles as model membranes

Cerbon, J., 1976:
Nmr studies on the precise localization of drugs in the membrane characterization of the reaction site

Viti, V.; Wuthrich, K.; Lorkin, P.A.; Winterhalter, K.H., 1977:
Nmr studies on the root effect of goldfish hemo globin

Ts'o P.O.P.; Alderfer, J.L.; Borer, P.N.; Kan L S., 1975:
Nmr studies on the short helices of nucleic acids

Witzel, H., 1969:
Nmr studies on the structure of the active site of pancreatic rnase a

Malinin, T.I.; Nunnally, R.L., 1974:
Nmr studies on water distribution of hearts perfused with cryo protective agents

Liu, K., 1973:
Nmr studies part 2 the absence of a significant influence of tris di pivalomethanato europium on coupling constants of norbornanols and 7 7 di methyl norbornanols

Joffe, S.; Block, R.E., 1972:
Nmr studies suggestive of a lipid population tightly bound to myelin structural proteins

Clin, B.; Lemanceau, B., 1970:
Nmr study of carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic isomers di benz acridines and di benz anthracenes

Fung, C.H.; Chang, C.C.; Gupta, R.K., 1978:
Nmr study of cobro toxin

Torreilles, J.; Crastes, D.P.ulet A., 1973:
Nmr study of complexes formed between the divalent metal cobalt cation and some adenine nucleotides

Del'shtedt R.; Shprints Kh, 1974:
Nmr study of dna gel structure

L.Mar, G.N., 1974:
Nmr study of dynamic properties of high spin ferric porphyrins

Stellwagen, E.; Shulman, R.G., 1973:
Nmr study of exchangeable protons in ferro cytochrome c

Jendrasiak, G.L., 1971:
Nmr study of molecular interactions with phosphatidyl choline

Silvidi, A.A.; Todoroff, D.; Narra, S.N., 1978:
Nmr study of phosphorus 31 in bone

Silverman, D.N.; Kotelchuck, D.; Taylor, G.T.; Scheraga, H.A., 1972:
Nmr study of the amino terminal fragment of bovine pancreatic rnase

Yamane, T., 1970:
Nmr study of the binding of fluoride ions to carboxy peptidase a

Villafranca, J.J.; Wedler, F.C., 1974:
Nmr study of the complexes of manganese and fully adenylylated glutamine synthetase

Anisimov, A.V.; Miftakhutdinova, F.G., 1978:
Nmr study of the diffusion of water absorbed on proteins using a new program of the pulse gradient of the magnetic field

Sherry, A.D.; Yoshida, C.; Birnbaum, E.R.; Darnall, D.W., 1973:
Nmr study of the interaction of neodymium iii with amino acids and carboxylic acids an aqueous shift reagent

Koehler, K.M.; Schmidt, P.G., 1973:
Nmr study of the modified base resonances of transfer rna tyrosine from escherichia coli

Silverman, D.N.; Taylor, G.T.; Scheraga, H.A., 1971:
Nmr study of the side chain conformation of alpha helical poly beta benzyl l aspartate

Zupancic, I., 1974:
Nmr study of water adsorbed on proteins

Ratkovic, S.; Bozovic, B., 1976:
Nmr study of water and ion transport in plant systems water and potassium ion exchange in primary roots of zea mays

Wang, J.T.; Yeh, H.J.C.; Johnson, D.F., 1975:
Nmr study on ligand metallo porphyrin complexation a study of equilibria and para magnetism in a ferri proto porphyrin cyanide system

Lubas, B.; Wilczok, T., 1971:
NMR study on molecular mobility of DNA molecules in solution

Kan, L.S.; Ts'o P.O.P.; Haar, F.V.D.; Sprinzl, M.; Cramer, F., 1974:
Nmr study on the methyl and methylene proton resonances of yeast phenyl alanine transfer rna

Chapman, P.R., 1974:
No 12 gymnocalycium asterium var paucispinum

Hampson, G.R.; Moul, E.T., 1978:
No 2 fuel oil spill in bourne massachusetts usa immediate assessment of the effects on marine invertebrates and a 3 year study of growth and recovery of a salt marsh

Wyman, M.G.; Goldreyer, B.N., 1976:
No arrhythmia deaths in 1000 acute myo cardial infarctions

Colmey, J.C.; Zenner, S.F.; Henselman, M.R.; Henika, R.G., 1969:
No brew continuous mix breadmaking process using whey cysteine

Robinowitz, B.; Roenigk, H.H.Jr, 1975:
No cell mediated auto hyper sensitivity in psoriasis

Linder, L.H., 1971:
No change in emotionality of rats following bulbectomy

Hossfeld, D.K., 1974:
No chromosome 9q plus in philadelphia chromosome negative chronic myelocytic leukemia

Arzneimittelkomm Dtsch Aerztesch, 1973:
No cortico steroids in the treatment of a histiocytosis after bcg inoculation

Pani, P.K., 1974:
No crossing over between closely linked tumor virus loci in the hetero gametic sex of fowl

Mcmurry, L.; Hastings, J.W., 1972:
No de synchronization among 4 circadian rhythms in the uni cellular alga gonyaulax polyedra

Wick, G.; Schwarz, S., 1977:
No development of experimental auto immune thyroiditis in nude thymus deficient mice

Rennert, O.M.; Seale, T.W.; Chan W Y.; Flux, M., 1978:
No differences detected spectrophotometrically between blood peptides of cystic fibrosis and normal individuals fractionated by column chromatography

Priebe H J.; Heimann, J.C.; Hedley Whyte, J., 1978:
No effect of hepatic congestion on renal function with cardiac output normal

Hoff, K.M.; Baker, P.C.; Clise, R.L., 1972:
No effect of lsd upon 5 hydroxy tryptamine level in mouse eye

Gash, A.; Karliner, J.S., 1978:
No effect of transcendental meditation on left ventricular function

Makatsch, W., 1969:
No egg is like the others interesting and scientific facts about birds and their eggs

Schwartz, B., 1970:
No electro encephalographic activity or activity which cannot be detected

Novick, S., 1976:
No energy storage in chemical bonds

Mogensen, K.E.; Pyhälä, L.; Törmä, E.; Cantell, K., 1974:
No evidence for a carbohydrate moiety affecting the clearance of circulating human leukocyte interferon in rabbits

Holmquist, R.; Jukes, T.H.; Mullins, D.W.Jr; Lacey, J.C.Jr; Hearn, R.A., 1973:
No evidence for a common evolutionary origin of 5s ribosomal rna and transfer rna

Martin, N.G., 1975:
No evidence for a genetic basis of tongue rolling or hand clasping

Pearson, T.A.; Dillman, J.; Solez, K.; Heptinstall, R.H., 1978:
No evidence for clonal selection in layers of fibrous plaques

Bird, A.G.; Britton, S., 1974:
No evidence for decreased lymphocyte reactivity in Crohn's disease

Flaherty, L.; Rinchik, E., 1978:
No evidence for foreign h 2 histo compatibility antigen specificities on the el 4 mouse lymphoma

Maxmen, J.S.; Tucker, G.J., 1973:
No exit: the persistently suicidal patient

Ewald, W., 1972:
No expected surprises with mimagoniates barberi

Kaestle, W., 1972:
No fear of flying dragons

Katz, M.A., 1970:
No feedback control for creatinine

Heron, I., 1969:
No fluorescence studies of renal lesions

Snyder, C.R., 1970:
No free will

Bandlow, G.; Ritter, K., 1978:
No genetic restriction for antibody mediated complement dependent lysis of virus infected cells

Romeo, C.A., 1971:
No home within a home

Van Loon, L.C.; Haverkort, A.J., 1977:
No increase in protease activity during senescence of oat leaves

Galaske, R.; Galaske, W.; Steinhausen, M., 1970:
No increase of renal sodium excretion by measurement of passage time

Volm, M.; Wayss, K., 1971:
No influence of partial hepatectomy on the survival rate of rats bearing walker carcino sarcoma

Holmberg, M., 1974:
No interaction between uv and x irradiation on chromosome aberrations in cells with trisomy 21

Radichevich, I.; Werner, S.C., 1971:
No interference from thyroxine methyl ester with tri iodo thyronine determination by nauman nauman and werner method

N.K.H.llenberg; M.E.stein; R.I.B.sch; J.P.M.rrill, 1969:
No mans land of the renal vasculature an arteriographic and hemodynamic assessment of the interlobar and arcuate arteries in essential and accelerated hypertension

Burch, P., 1969:
No miracles just yet

Berland, O., 1975:
No mold fitting of hearing aids

Ravits, J.M.; Aronson, A.E.; Desanto, L.W.; Dyck, P.J., 1978:
No morphometric abnormality of the recurrent laryngeal nerve in spastic dysphonia

Brown, P.; Gajdusek, D.C., 1974:
No mouse polymorphonuclear leukocyte depression after inoculation with brain tissue from multiple sclerosis or spongiform encephalopathies

Aksenenko, G.R., 1970:
No natural focus of tularemia in murmansk oblast

Steinwandter, H.; Bruene, H., 1977:
No natural occurrence of hexa chloro benzene in the ecosphere

Kelly, D.H., 1975:
No oblique effect in chromatic pathways

Scott, J.D., 1971:
No one really knows the chamois

Wiedenmann, G., 1977:
No point of singularity in the circadian activity rhythm of the cockroach leucophaea maderae

Jackson, D.E.; Holmes, P.A., 1975:
No primacy recency effect following truly random procedures in the rat

Patterson, W.B., 1973:
No radical surgery

Tillmanns, H.; Leinberger, H.; Thederan, H.; Steinhausen, M., 1978:
No recruitment of epi myo cardial capillaries during hypoxia

Summers, W.K.; Jamison, R.L., 1970:
No reflow phenomenon in renal ischemia

Carrageta, M.; Ribeiro, A.; Soares, R.; Macieira Coelho, E., 1977:
No rehabilitation after myo cardial infarction social costs

Izard, J.Y.; Barrellier, M.T.; Quillec, M.A., 1974:
No relationship between foas and kurloffs body and erythro phagocytosis

Uvnäs, B.; Aborg, C.H.; Bergqvist, U., 1975:
No role for zinc in the storage of histamine in rat peritoneal mast cells

J.Raekallio, 1976:
No room for love and other applications of biochemical vital reactions to forensic practice

Winikoff, D., 1972:
No shortcut to thyroid profile

Forrai, G.; Vágújfalvi, D.; Lutter, J.; Benedek, E.; Soós, E., 1971:
No simple association between betanin excretion and iron deficiency

Haasmann, S.; Thieme, D., 1974:
No streptococcal mastitis herds

Johansson, M.P., 1971:
No sweat queen rearing

Morris, H.D., 1972:
No till corn m in fescue grass m

Moschler, W.W.; Shear, G.M., 1969:
No tillage corn m

Alexander, M.W., 1973:
No tillage soybean production in a double cropping system

Renkawitz Pohl, R., 1977:
No under replication of the repetitive eu chromatic 5s rna genes during endo mitosis in drosophila hydei

Desbruyeres, D.; Laubier, L., 1977:
Noanelia hartmanae new genus new species ampharetidae sedentary polychaete annelids from the abyssal of gulf of gascony france

Sakamura, S.; Nabeta, K.; Yamada, S.; Ichihara, A., 1971:
Nobel compounds from the culture broth of phyllosticta sp

Chedd, G., 1972:
Nobel prizes for antibody structure rodney porter in britain and gerald edelman in the usa have together in their very different ways laid the foundations for an understanding of immunity at the molecular level

Kushch, N.L.; Timchenko, A.D.; Sopov, G.A., 1971:
Noble's operation in children

Fokstuen, T., 1969:
Nobrium another benzodiazepine derivative 29 months of experience

Lechevalier, M.P.; Lechevalier, H.A., 1974:
Nocardia amarae new species an actinomycete common in foaming activated sludge

Berd, D.; Ajello, L., 1972:
Nocardia asteroides a taxonomic study with clinical correlations

Tjaberg, T.B., 1969:
Nocardia asteroides isolated from liver of cattle

Becton, J.L.; Niebauer, J.J., 1970:
Nocardia brasiliensis infection of the hand

Causey, W.A., 1974:
Nocardia caviae a report of 13 new isolations

Gordon, R.E.; Barnett, D.A.; Handerhan, J.E.; Pang, C.H.-N., 1974:
Nocardia coeliaca nocardia autotrophica and the nocardin strain

Ortiz Ortiz, L.; Contreras, M.F.; Bojalil, L.F., 1972:
Nocardia cytoplasmic antigens eliciting delayed hyper sensitivity in experimentally sensitized animals and naturally sensitized individuals

Pietkiewicz, D.; Andrzejewski, J.; Manowska, W.; Bogunowicz, A., 1975:
Nocardia pellegrino part 3 an attempt of phage typing

Georg, L.K., 1974:
Nocardia spp as opportunists and current methods for their identification

Bona, C.; Chedid, L.; Damais, C.; Ciorbaru, R.; Shek, P.N.; Dubiski, S.; Cinader, B., 1974:
Nocardia water soluble mitogen a mitogen from nocardia opaca specific for rabbit bursa equivalent cells part 1

Brochier, J.; L.T.i B T.; Bona, C.; Revillard J P.; Chedid, L., 1977:
Nocardia water soluble mitogen a thymus derived cell independent human bone marrow derived lymphocyte mitogen

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Noeggerathia dickeri new species from the carboniferous of sinai

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Noelaerhabdus bekei a new species of coccolithophoridae from the pannonian of belgrade yugoslavia

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