Section 28
Chapter 27,149

Physical mapping of herpes simplex virus coded functions and poly peptides by marker rescue and analysis of herpes simplex virus type 1 herpes simplex virus type 2 inter typic recombinants

Wilkie, N.M.; Stow, N.D.; Marsden, H.S.; Preston, V.; Cortini, R.; Timbury, M.C.; Subak Sharpe, J.H.

De-The, G , W Henle And F Rapp (Ed ) IARC (International Agency For Research on Cancer) Science Publications, No 24 Oncogenesis And Herpesviruses, Iii Part 1 Dna Of Herpesviruses, Viral Antigens, Cell-Virus Interaction; Proceedings Of The 3rd International Symposium, Cambridge, Mass , Usa, July 25-29, 1977 Lv+580p International Agency For Research on Cancer: Lyon, France Illus P11-32, 1978


Accession: 027148019

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