Properties of the liver microsomal mon oxygenase system and epoxide hydrase factors influencing the metabolism and mutagenicity of benzo a pyrene

Levin, W.; L.A.Y.H.; Ryan, D.; Wood, A.W.; Kapitulnik, J.; West, S.; Huang M T.; Conney, A.H.; Thakker, D.R.; E.A.

Hiatt, H H , J D Watson And J A Winsten (Ed ) Cold Spring Harbor Conferences on Cell Proliferation, Vol 4 Origins Of Human Cancer Book A Incidence Of Cancer in Humans Cold Spring Harbor, N Y , Usa, Sept , 1976 Xxvi+602p (Book A); Xiv+699p (Book B); Xiv+583p (Book C) Illus Maps Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cold Spring Harbor, N Y , ISBN 0-87969-119-0: 659-682


Accession: 027224071

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