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Radio cyto genetical studies on some cucurbits part 3 meiotic abnormalities induced by post gamma irradiation storage and their consequences

Katiyar, R.B.; Roy, S.K.

Revista de Biologia (Lisbon) 10(1-4): 93-100, 1974


Accession: 027258123

Resting seeds of Luffa acutangula were exposed to gamma rays at 20, 30 and 40 kR. Half of the quantity were sown for germination after 1 day and the other half stored for 1 year. Radiobiological effects were observed by considering the induced chromosomal aberrations and fertility of the pollen grain, plant and seed in M1 and M2 generations in both the treatments. A consistent increase in the frequency of every type of abnormality was recorded with the increase of dose. The expected differences in different types of induced abnormalities between the irradiated and post-irradiated stored seeds are significant. With the differences in the induced chromosomal aberrations between irradiated stored and non-irradiated stored seeds being absent, irradiation seems to modify the intracellular environment of the seeds during storage; the modifications causing a relative fall in the frequency of the induced abnormalities.

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