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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 27649

Chapter 27649 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Landry, P.E.; Arnold, R.; Siebeling, R.J., 1974:
The immune response of bone marrow reconstituted rabbits after lethal x irradiation

Ihle, J.N.; Lee, J.C., 1977:
The immune response of c 57bl 6 x c 3h f 1 mice to the endogenous akr murine leukemia virus

Tlaskalova, H.; Kamarytova, V.; Mandel, L.; Prokesova, L.; Kruml, J.; Lanc, A.; Miler, I., 1970:
The immune response of germ free piglets after per oral mono contamination with living escherichia coli strain 086 part 1 the fate of antigen dynamics and site of antibody formation nature of antibodies and formation of hetero hem agglutinins

Johnson, D.A.; Socransky, S.; Nowotny, A., 1976:
The immune response of germ free rats inoculated with a gram negative anaerobe causing periodontosis lesions

Reeder, D.J., 1970:
The immune response of guinea pigs as influenced by hypobaric pressure and normoxic environment

Ben Efraim, S., 1972:
The immune response of guinea pigs to a multi chain co polymer poly dl alanine poly lysine and its relation to the poly l lysine gene

Benacerraf, B.; Green, I., 1970:
The immune response of guinea pigs to hapten poly l lysine conjugates

Oldstone, M.B.A.; Tishon, A., 1970:
The immune response of mice persistently infected with lymphocyte choriomeningitis virus to non viral antigens

Sonis, S.T.; Stelos, P.; Bear, S.E.; Fitzgerald, M.A.; Wilson, R.E., 1975:
The immune response of mice repeatedly injected with allogeneic tumor cells

Tao T W., 1975:
The immune response of mice to bacterio phage phi x 174 the potentiation of bone marrow derived cell immunity and the suppression of thymus derived cell help by bordetella pertussis vaccine

Warner, C.M.; Fitzmaurice, M.; Maurer, P.H.; Merryman, C.F.; Schmerr, M.J.F., 1973:
The immune response of tetra parental mice to 2 synthetic amino acid polymers high conjugation 2 4 di nitro phenyl 57 percent glutamic acid 38 percent lysine 5 percent alanine and 60 percent glutamic acid 30 percent alanine 10 percent tyrosine

Roales, R.R.; Perlmutter, A., 1975:
The immune response of the blue gourami trichogaster trichopterus to proteus vulgaris

Neter, E., 1971:
The immune response of the host: an aid to etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and epidemiology of bacterial infections

Sharpe, M.E.; Latham, M.J.; Reiter, B., 1975:
The immune response of the host animal to bacteria in the rumen and cecum

Fink, J.N., 1970:
The immune response of the pigeon columba livia

Gridley, D.S.; Nutter, R.L., 1978:
The immune response of tumor bearing mice fed various diets and purina laboratory chow as determined by the lymphocyte transformation test

Johnston, R.B.Jr, 1975:
The immune response to acute otitis media in children part 2 serum and middle ear fluid antibody in otitis media due to haemophilus influenzae

Leon, M.A., 1976:
The immune response to dextran in balb c mice part 1 modification of thymus independent response by the thymus derived cell mitogen concanavalin a

Ben Efraim, S.; Liacopoulos, P.; Harel, S.; Gille, F., 1970:
The immune response to di nitro phenyl poly l lysine in randomly bred guinea pigs and its relation to antigenic competition

McMichael, A.J.; Sasazuki, T.; McDevitt, H.O., 1977:
The immune response to diphtheria toxoid in humans

Mammerickx, M.; Antoine, O., 1970:
The immune response to foot and mouth disease vaccine of cattle infected with enzootic bovine leukosis

Kostiala, A.A.I.; Logie, P.; Mcgregor, D.D., 1974:
The immune response to francisella tularensis in rats

Hutt, L.M., 1975:
The immune response to infection with vaccinia virus in mice part 2 appearance of hyper sensitivity production of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and transformation of spleen cells in response to virus antigens

Schild, G.C.; Oxford, J.S.; Virelizier, J.L., 1976:
The immune response to influenza methods of analysis for antibodies and antigens

Ben Efraim, S.; Raveh, L.; Spirer, Z.; Liacopoulos, P., 1972:
The immune response to multi chain poly dl alanine poly l lysine in guinea pigs and its relation to the poly l lysine gene

Sloyer, J.L.Jr; Howie, V.M.; Ploussard, J.H., 1974:
The immune response to otitis media in infants and children

Hamblin, T.J.; Jones, J.V.; Peacock, D.B., 1975:
The immune response to phage phi x 174 in man part 4 primary and secondary antibody production in patients with chronic lymphatic leukemia

Peacock, D.B.; Jones, J.V.; Gough, M., 1973:
The immune response to phi x 174 in man part 1 primary and secondary antibody production in normal adults

Scarnell, J., 1975:
The immune response to salmonellae experiences with vaccination of cattle in britain

Kanakambika, P.; Muthukkaruppan, V., 1972:
The immune response to sheep erythrocytes in the lizard Calotes versicolor

Lamon, E.W., 1974:
The immune response to virally determined tumor associated antigens

Schneider, M.; Schwarzenberg, L.; Amiel J L.; Hayat, M.; Mascaro, G.; Otmezguine, Y.; Mathe, G., 1970:
The immune responses in hodgkins disease

Mishell, R.I.; Dutton, R.W.; Raidt, D.J., 1969:
The immune responses of spleen cells in vitro

Donovan, G.; Bologa, L.; Dumitrescu, R.; Popp, I., 1974:
The immune status of rats in the course of anti tumor inhibition induced by repeated antigen inoculations isologous membrane extracts in cancerous cells

Ben Yaakov, M.; Haran Ghera, N., 1971:
The immune status of sjl j mice in relation to age

Ben Yaakov, M.; Haran Ghera, N., 1972:
The immune status of sjl j mice in relation to spontaneous tumor development

Goldstein, L.T.; Palmer, J.C.; Manson, L.A., 1977:
The immune status of the dba 2 mouse bearing the l 5178y lymphoma

Manson, L.A., 1976:
The immune status of the murine host bearing transplantable syngeneic growing tumors

Tengerdy, R.P., 1970:
The immune suppressive effect of hypoxia on chicken embryos

Beden, B.; Hahn, H.; Lemmel E M., 1975:
The immune suppressive effect of o 36 5122 asta on the cellular anti bacterial immunity of the mouse

Hood, L.; Prahl, J., 1971:
The immune system: a model for differentiation in higher organisms

Jerne, N.K., 1976:
The immune system a network of lymphocyte interactions

Jerne, N.K., 1976:
The immune system a web of antibody variable domains

Edelman, G.M.; Moller, G., 1973:
The immune system as a model for cellular maturation and differentiation a report based on a neurosciences research program work session september 12 14 1971

Warner, N., 1975:
The immune system in man thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocyte characterization

Chino, F.; Makinodan, T.; Lever, W.E.; Peterson, W.J., 1971:
The immune systems of mice reared in clean and in dirty conventional laboratory farms part 1 life expectancy and pathology of mice with long life spans

Makinodan, T.; Chino, F.; Lever, W.E.; Brewen, B.S., 1971:
The immune systems of mice reared in clean and in dirty conventional laboratory farms part 2 primary antibody forming activity of young and old mice with long life spans

Makinodan, T.; Chino, F.; Lever, W.E.; Brewen, B.S., 1971:
The immune systems of mice reared in clean and in dirty conventional laboratory farms part 3 ability of old mice to be sensitized to undergo a secondary antibody response

Gotschlich, E.C.; Goldschneider, I.; Artenstein, M.S.; Liu, T.Y., 1969:
The immunity produced in human volunteers by the administration of meningococcal poly saccharides

Scarnell, J., 1971:
The immunization of calves and pigs against salmonellosis field experience with live salmonella dublin and salmonella cholerae suis vaccines in the united kingdom

W.J.H.rbert; R.F.M.cadam, 1971:
The immunization of mice with trypanosome plasmanemes filopodia

Vivell, O., 1972:
The immunization plan and its problems

Schulkind, M.L., 1978:
The immunization status of rural children in north central florida

Yutani, E.; Minota, I.; Ueda, T.; Okashimo, M.; Kashiba, S., 1976:
The immunizing capacity of the crude ribosomal fraction from salmonella typhimurium

Mathe, G.; Hayat, M.; Sakouhi, M.; Choay, M.J., 1971:
The immuno adjuvant effect of poly inosinic acid poly cytidylic acid in mice and its application to the treatment of leukemia l 1210

Paunescu Podeanu, A.; Dinu, I.; Radu, R.; Moise, O., 1972:
The immuno allergic component in chronic bronchitis its importance in therapy

Sapozhkov, R.V., 1970:
The immuno biological reactiveness of workers producing the hydro per oxide of iso propyl benzene at the saratov chemical combine

Willis, J.I.; Schwarz, M.R., 1975:
The immuno competence and tritiated uridine incorporation of lymph node and splenic small lymphocytes of thymus grafted neo natally thymectomized rats

Talmage, D.W.; Radovich, J.; Hemmingsen, H., 1971:
The immuno competence of the radiated spleen re populated with bone marrow

Levey, R.H.; Burleson, R., 1975:
The immuno conversion of precursor cells by the perfused thymic gland

Magliulo, E.; Bolis, P.; Concia, E.; Airoldi, G.; Saladino, I., 1973:
The immuno cyto adherence in test materno fetal rh iso immunization

Barrett, A.J., 1972:
The immuno cytochemical demonstration of cathepsin d

Roth, S.I.; S.S.P.; Segre, G.V.; Habener, J.F.; Potts, J.T.Jr, 1974:
The immuno cytochemical localization of parathyroid hormone in the bovine

Billard, R.; Breton, B.; Dubois, M.P., 1971:
The immuno cytology and histochemistry of the hypophyseal gonadotropic and thyrotropic cells in the carp cyprinus carpio

Malaguzzi Valere, C.; Pipitone, V., 1972:
The immuno depressant activity of indomethacin

Kontrohr, T., 1977:
The immuno determinant of shigella sonnei phase i

Aalund, O., 1969:
The immuno diagnosis of mycobacterium paratuberculosis

London, W.T., 1973:
The immuno diffusion method for the detection of australia antigen

Bull, R.W.; Swisher, S.N., 1973:
The immuno electrophoretic patterns of canine immuno globulins

Bogautdinov, Z.F., 1977:
The immuno enzymology of avian influenza virus neuraminidase in complexes with substrates and antibodies

Mackay, I.R.; Whittingham, S.F.; Mathews, J.D., 1977:
The immuno epidemiology of aging

Rombert, P.C., 1971:
The immuno fluorescence reaction i f r on frozen sections in the diagnosis of ancylostomiasis

Bednova, V.N.; Orlina, E.A., 1975:
The immuno fluorescence reaction with absorption using fresh blood from a finger during syphilis

Moroni, M.; Privitera, G.; Lazzarin, A.; Celano, V.; Cavalli, G., 1976:
The immuno fluorescence technique detecting antibody coated bacteria for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection

Rufli, T., 1973:
The immuno fluorescence test in the diagnosis of gonorrhea

Snellman, O., 1974:
The immuno fluorescent demonstration of cathepsin b 1 in tissue sections

Neurath, H., 1978:
The immuno fluorescent localization of a serine protease in rat small intestine

Thivolet, J.; Salussola, D.; Sepetjian, M.; Monier Jc, 1969:
The immuno flurescence fluorescent treponemal antibody test in primary syphilis before and after treatment the comparative evolution in 197 patients cardio lipidic serolog fluorescent treponemal antibody nelson test

Briles, W.E.; Crittenden, L.B., 1971:
The immuno genetic identification of an iso antigen associated with susceptibility to an avian leukosis sarcoma virus

Krieg, H., 1971:
The immuno genetics of the human placenta

Hildemann, W.H., 1971:
The immuno genetics triangle revisited

Mestecky, J.; Lawton, A.R., 1974:
The immuno globulin a system

Molina, V., 1978:
The immuno globulin a transferrin ratio in the alcoholic liver disease

Beck, M.L., 1978:
The immuno globulin class of antibodies with blood group m specificity

Blandford, G.; Charlton, D., 1976:
The immuno globulin class specific antibody responses in primary and secondary sendai virus infections in mice

Kilby, A.; Walker Smith, J.A.; Wood, C.B.S., 1976:
The immuno globulin containing cells and intra epithelial lymphocytes in the small intestinal mucosa in the post enteritis syndrome

Metzger, H., 1978:
The immuno globulin e mast cell system as a paradigm for the study of antibody mechanisms

Parrot J L.; Ruff, F.; Santais M C.; Boutaric, P.; Vernejoul, P.; D.B.ouet G., 1973:
The immuno globulin e the importance of radio immunoassay in the diagnosis of allergic states

Breborowicz, H.; Breborowicz, D., 1974:
The immuno globulin g immuno globulin m levels in vaginal secretions of pregnant women

Fudenberg, H.H., 1969:
The immuno globulin g receptor an immunological marker for the characterization of mononuclear cells

Peschle, C.; Marmont, A.M.; Marone, G.; Genovese, A.; Sacchetti, L.; Condorelli, M., 1975:
The immuno globulin g serum inhibitor in adult pure red cell aplasia assay techniques and mechanism of action

Skvaril, F.; Juricic, D.; Spengler, G.A.; Morell, A., 1973:
The immuno globulin g subclass distribution in double m component sera

Schanfield, M.S., 1977:
The immuno globulin heavy chain linkage sequence is probably g 3 g 1 g 2 g 4 a 2

Shterengarts, B.P.; Stefani, D.V.; Lazarev, V.N.; Makarova, Z.S.; Tarasova, G.D., 1977:
The immuno globulin level in nasal secretion of healthy children aged 1 month to 17 years

Mauch, P.; Bridges, S.H.; Little, K.D.; Little, J.R., 1974 :
The immuno globulin m and immuno globulin a immune response to the tri nitro phenyl determinant group in balb c mice

Garner, M.F., 1972:
The immuno globulin m fluorescent treponemal antibody test for syphilis in the new born

Neuhaus, F.; Tympner K D., 1973:
The immuno globulin m latex test a simple method for rapid detection of infections in the neo natal period

Scott, D.M.; Amos, N.; Sissons, J.G.P.; Peters, D.K., 1978:
The immuno globulin nature of nephritic factor nephritic factor activity is found in fab and fab 2 as well as in intact immuno globulin g

Glenner, G.G.; Terry, W.D., 1973:
The immuno globulin origin of amyloid fibril proteins

Baum, G.L., 1969:
The immuno globulin response to tuberculosis ii molecular characterization of hem agglutinating antibody to tuberculo protein in serum from patients with tuberculosis tuberculo poly saccharide

Osebold, J.W., 1970:
The immuno globulins

Lodinova, R.; Wagner, V.; Jouja, V., 1972:
The immuno globulins and copro antibody formation in infants after artificial colonization of the intestine with escherichia coli o 83 and lysozyme administration

Lodinova, R.; Jouja, V., 1974:
The immuno globulins and copro antibody formation in infants after artificial intestinal colonization with escherichia coli o 83 protective effect of orally administered antibody

Hobbs, J.R., 1974:
The immuno globulins and their abnormalities

Castellani, B., 1972:
The immuno globulins in diabetes mellitus preliminary study

Cicchini, T.; Messeri, E.; Pulvirenti, G.; Ludovici, G., 1969:
The immuno globulins in liver diseases

Heremans, J.F., 1969:
The immuno globulins of the dog part 2 the immuno globulins of canine secretions

Ferrarini, M., 1975:
The immuno globulins of the membrane in immuno proliferative diseases

Dayhoff, M.O.; Sochard, M.R.; Mclaughlin, P.J., 1969:
The immuno globulins relationships and evolution

Malkin, A.; Kellen, J.A.; Kolin, A.; Cameron, R.; Farber, E., 1979:
The immuno histochemical detection of chorionic gonadotropin in experimental rat hepatomas

Afroudakis, A.P.; Ashcavai, M.; Peters, R.L.; Tong, M.J., 1976:
The immuno histochemical detection of hepatitis b surface antigen in liver tissue of serologically hepatitis b surface antigen negative patients

Kameya, T.; Watanabe, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Mukojima, T.; Nakai, M., 1971:
The immuno histochemical localization of human chorionic gonadotropin human chorionic somatomammotropin and placental alkaline phosphatase by peroxidase labeled antibody method

Deboo, M.M., 1972:
The immuno histochemical localization of injected antigen in the mouse yolk sac placenta

Gaertner, H.V.; Wehner, H.; Bohle, A., 1978:
The immuno histological findings in various forms of glomerulo nephritis a comparative investigation based on 335 renal biopsies 2. minimal proliferating inter capillary glomerulo nephritis with nephrotic syndrome focal sclerosing epi peri membranous extraperimembranous membrano proliferative and extracapillary rapidly progressive glomerulo nephritis

Dingle, J.T., 1971:
The immuno inhibition of cathepsin d mediated cartilage degradation

Ikeda, A., 1974:
The immuno micro fluorometric methods and its practical applications on the immuno fluorescence study of the mouse lens crystallins

Serov, V.V.; Rabina, E.V.; Mitin, K.S.; Kopytovskaya, L.P.; Bogdanova, M.A.; Zubzhitskii, Y.N., 1970:
The immuno morphology of ovaris reaction

Serov, V.V.; Rabina, E.V.; Mitin, K.S.; Kopytovskaya, L.P.; Bogdanova, M.A.; Zubzhitskii, Y.N., 1970:
The immuno morphology of ovarys reaction

Ionescu, J.; Eskenasy, A., 1972:
The immuno morphology of pulmonary alterations in the course of intra dermal bcg vaccination

Warren, K.S., 1975:
The immuno pathogenesis and immuno suppression of granulomatous hyper sensitivity

Frick, E., 1974:
The immuno pathological model of de myelination

Glassock, R.J.; Barker, L., 1972:
The immuno pathology of adult idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

Bornstein, M.B., 1973:
The immuno pathology of de myelinative disorders examined in organotypic cultures of mammalian central nerve tissues

Grundmann, E., 1971:
The immuno pathology of the experimental allo transplantation and xeno transplantation

Walls, R.S.; Carter, R.L.; Leuchars, E.; Davies, A.J.S., 1973:
The immuno pathology of trichinosis in thymus derived cell deficient mice

Cram, D.L.; Fukuyama, K., 1972:
The immuno pathology of uv induced pemphigus and pemphigoid lesions

Mair, N.S., 1977:
The immuno pathology of yersinia infection

Scolari, L.; Masala, C., 1974:
The immuno peroxidase method applications to the study of cells that produce immuno globulins in the bone marrow of patients with mono clonal gammopathies

Kurstak, E., 1971:
The immuno peroxidase technique localization of viral antigens in cells

Bobrzecka, K.; Konieczny, L.; Pryjma, J.; Ptak, W.; Rybarska, J., 1977:
The immuno potentiating effect of thio sulfate in vivo

Stangalini, A., 1970:
The immuno precipitation reaction part 1 practical consideration of principal methods

Marmont, A., 1972:
The immuno proliferative diseases

Piaserico, P.L.; Salmeri, G.; Dalla Pria, A.F.; Sandri, R.; Pivetta, G., 1974:
The immuno proliferative diseases immunochemical classification and presentation of a case of micro molecular myeloma

Roessner, P.; Kaufmann H M.; Moeller H G.; Krueger, D., 1975:
The immuno prophylactic therapy of mis transfusion due to rh incompatibility

Kuzin, M.I.; Shkrob, O.S.; Osokina, L.I.; Kharikov, A.A., 1971:
The immuno reactivity of oncological patients

Moticka, E.J., 1976:
The immuno regulatory role of avian thymus derived lymphocytes

Kokubu, T., 1969:
The immuno serological study upon the substance of the so called hiesho no 9

Chen, T.H., 1972:
The immuno serology of plague

Butler, R.C.; Papermaster, B.; Friedman, H., 1978:
The immuno stimulatory effects of lymphokine preparations on the antibody response of normal and immuno suppressed spleen cells

Subba Rao, D.S.V.; Glick, B., 1974:
The immuno suppressive action of cortisone during the early phase of antibody formation

Kostakis, A.; Calne, R.Y., 1977:
The immuno suppressive action of metronidazole

Gray, G.D.; Perper, R.J.; Mickelson, M.M.; Crim, J.A.; Zukowski, C.F., 1969:
The immuno suppressive activity of ara cytidine immunol cytarabine immunol iii effects on canine renal allo graft rejection and hem agglutinin formation cytosine arabinoside immunol dog sheep erythrocytes mercapto ethanol immunol

Plow, E.F., 1977:
The immuno suppressive activity of plasmic degradation products of human fibrinogen

Kasik, J.E.; Monick, M.; Thompson, J.S., 1975:
The immuno suppressive activity of the ansamycins

Watnick, A.S.; Kearney, S.; Herer, S.; Smith, S.R.; Perlman, P.L., 1974:
The immuno suppressive effect of aspirin

Zukoski, C.F., 1970:
The immuno suppressive effect of chorionic gonadotropin on canine renal allo grafts

Gillissen, G., 1970:
The immuno suppressive effect of histone in transplantation immunity comparative studies with cyclo phosphamide

Beling, C.G.; Weksler, M.E., 1975:
The immuno suppressive effect of human chorionic gonadotropin in mixed lymphocyte culture

Fuchs, T.; Brundin, J.; Hammarstrom, L.; Smith, C.I.E., 1978:
The immuno suppressive effect of human glyco protein hormones and their possible role in the nonrejection process during pregnancy

Leikin, S., 1972:
The immuno suppressive effect of maternal plasma

Gericke, D., 1977:
The immuno suppressive effect of n methyl n beta chloroethyl hydrazones

Huldt, G.; Gard, S., 1973:
The immuno suppressive effect of toxoplasma gondii

Jennings, B.R., 1969:
The immuno suppressive effects of actinomycin d immunol and radiation mouse tetanus toxoid

Rembiesa, R.; Ptak, W.; Bubak, M., 1974:
The immuno suppressive effects of mouse placental steroids

Davis, R.C.; Cooperband, S.R.; Mannick, J.A., 1970:
The immuno suppressive effects of rnase complexes in vivo and in vitro

Brown, T.E.; Ahmed, A.; Filo, R.S.; Knudsen, R.C.; Sell, K.W., 1976:
The immuno suppressive mechanism of azathioprine part 1 in vitro effect on lymphocyte function in the baboon

Groenewald, J.H.; Brede, H.D.; Weber, H.W., 1973:
The immuno suppressive potential of b e antigen

Niblack, G.D.; Misefari, A.; L.V.a M.F., 1972:
The immuno suppressive properties in vitro of beta 3 thienyl alanine an analogue of phenyl alanine

Visser, L.; Fletcher, I.P.; Conradie, J.D.; Burgess, B.J.; Van Wyk, J.; Griessel, P., 1975:
The immuno suppressive properties of a sulfonamide analog of l asparagine

Brydon, J., 1971:
The immuno suppressive properties of sub fractions of anti lymphocytic immuno globulin g of equine origin

Perings, E., 1969:
The immuno suppressive therapy in chronic liver diseases

Duck H J.; Rosenkranz, M.; Rogos, R., 1971:
The immuno suppressive therapy of wegeners granulomatosis

Medoff, G.; Valeriote, F.; Lynch, R.; Kobayashi, G.S., 1975:
The immuno therapeutic and anti tumor properties of amphotericin b

Kollmorgen, G.M.; Cox, D.E.; Killion, J.J.; Cantrell, J.L.; Sansing, W.A., 1975:
The immuno therapeutic potential of reovirus

Whitehouse, J.M.A., 1976:
The immuno therapy of acute myelo blastic leukemia

Farmer, R.W.; Roup, W.G.Jr; Farrell, G.; Fabre, L.F.Jr, 1970:
The immunoassay of aldosterone

Marks, V., 1969:
The immunoassay of insulin and glucagon

Sokol, B.G., 1971:
The immunobiological reactivity in patients with peptic ulcer after auto hemo transfusion

Klepikov, N.N.; Khagundokava, L.B., 1976:
The immunobiological role of the h 2 system antigens in the structure of rauscher leukemia virus

Graepel, P.; Sordat, B.; Cottier, H., 1972:
The immunobiologically active tissue

Smith, R.T., 1976:
The immunobiology of abortion

Jerath, R.S.; Faulk, W.P.; Boackle, R.J.; Galbraith, R.M.; Galbraith, G.M.P., 1978:
The immunobiology of placental complement in normal pregnancy

Weinreb, M.M.; Sharav, Y., 1971:
The immunobiology of tooth transplantations

Galbraith, G.M.P.; Temple, A.; Galbraith, R.M.; Faulk, W.P.; Wang, A.C., 1978:
The immunobiology of transferrin receptors on tropho blasts

Rapaport, F.T., 1978:
The immunobiology of transplantation. Investigative trends and clinical implications

Ehrlich, I.; Hrzenjak, T., 1978:
The immunochemical basis of the antigenic properties of helmintho parasites the antigenicity of the hydatidic fluid of echinococcus granulosus

Peret, M.; Rowley, L.D.; Kohler, H., 1975:
The immunochemical binding of carbon 14 histamine

Shuratov, I.Kh; Kosyakov, P.N., 1975:
The immunochemical characteristics of human serum proteins showing anti influenza gamma inhibitor activity

Alpert, E., 1978:
The immunochemical complexity of carcino embryonic antigen a golden dream or molecular nightmare

Murray, T.M.; Keutmann, H.T.; Habener, J.; Powell, D.; Segre, G.; Potts, J.T.Jr, 1971:
The immunochemical specificity of anti sera to bovine parathyroid hormone

Lachmann, P.J., 1975:
The immunochemistry of complement

Byfield, P.G.; Turner, K.; Clark, M.B.; Nathanson, B.M.; Foster, G.V.; MacIntyre, I., 1970:
The immunochemistry of human calcitonin

Zeiger, A.R.; Maurer, P.H., 1975:
The immunochemistry of l alanine d glutamine l lysine d alanine glycine part 2 rabbit antibodies of restricted heterogeneity

Schleifer, K.H., 1973:
The immunochemistry of staphylococcus aureus muco peptide part 1 antigenic specificity of the peptide subunits

Bigelis, R.; Fink, G.R., 1978:
The immunochemistry of the yeast his 4 multi functional protein

Lumsden, C.E., 1971:
The immunogenesis of the multiple sclerosis plaque

Mitchison, N.A., 1969:
The immunogenic capacity of antigen taken up by peritoneal exudate cells mouse macrophage bovine serum albumin human serum albumin or albumin enz lysozyme immune paralysis

Tikhomirova, M.M., 1970:
The immunogenic properties of agglutinating aquatic vibrions

Andersen, O.O.; Deckert, T.; Poulsen, J.E., 1974:
The immunogenic properties of highly purified insulin preparations the clinical significance of insulin binding antibodies

Dranovskaya, E.A.; Vershilova, P.A., 1976:
The immunogenic properties of the brucella protective antigen in re vaccination

Hopkins, C.A., 1974:
The immunogenic threshold in mice rejecting Hymenolepis citelli

Smit, J.A.; Myburgh, J.A., 1973:
The immunogenic tolerogenic properties of a soluble baboon spleen antigen isolated with 3m potassium chloride

Yuan, L.; Campbell, D.H., 1971:
The immunogenicity and antigenicity of lymphoid antigen fragment oligo rna peptides in vivo and in vitro

Brunner, H.; Dichtl, M.; Steffen, C., 1971:
The immunogenicity and specificity of chromium stabilized calf collagen

Goulmy, E.; Bradley, B.A.; Van Leeuwen, A.; Lansbergen, Q.; Munro, A.; Termijtelen, A.; Van Rood, J.J., 1977:
The immunogenicity in women of male cells bearing h y and hl a a 2 part 1 cellology

Van Leeuwen, A.; Goulmy, E.; Bradley, B.A.; Van Rood, J.J., 1977:
The immunogenicity in women of male cells bearing h y and hl a a 2 part 2 serology

Haase, A.T.; Mautner, V.; Pereira, H.G., 1972:
The immunogenicity of adenovirus type 5 structural proteins

Mckenzie, I.F.C.; Henning, M., 1976:
The immunogenicity of allo antigens of the various regions of the h 2 complex

Heslop, B.F.; Wilson, S.E., 1975:
The immunogenicity of aortic valve leaflets in rats

Karczag, E., 1972:
The immunogenicity of cock muscle phosphorylase b

Tilz, G.P.; Albegger, K.W.; Schaffer, D., 1972:
The immunogenicity of human lymphocytes in the upper respiratory tract of the mouse

Chance, R.E.; Root, M.A.; Galloway, J.A., 1976:
The immunogenicity of insulin preparations

Collins, F.M., 1971:
The immunogenicity of living atypical mycobacteria and bcg for mice challenged with mycobacterium tuberculosis

Pardoe, G.I.; Drew, R.L.; Thompson, G.; Uhlenbruck, G., 1971:
The immunogenicity of proteus vulgaris ox 19

Drew, R.L.; Thompson, S.; Pardoe, G.I., 1972:
The immunogenicity of Proteus vulgaris OX 19 in the rabbit

Diena, B.B.; Johnson, W.; Ryan, A.; Brodeur, B.; Johnson, K., 1977:
The immunogenicity of the outer membrane complex of neisseria gonorrhoeae t 1

Bagshawe, K.; Lawler, S., 1975:
The immunogenicity of the placenta and tropho blast

Dockhorn, R.J., 1971:
The immunologic and adrenergic aspects of asthma

Henderson, W.; Kaliner, M., 1977:
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The immunological basis of allergic illnesses

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The immunological determinants in the system of avian oncogenic viruses purification and immunochemical identification of the group antigen complex in chick cells transformed by the rous sarcoma virus schmidt ruppin strain

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The immunological diagnosis of human malignant disease

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The immunological diagnosis with regard to the microbiological control of insect pests

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The immunological responses of mice to infection with Trypanosoma musculi

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The impact and limitations of the giant of developmental psychology

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The impact of 2 recent hurricanes on the vegetation of ship island mississippi

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The impact of a major source of iodine pollution on the thyroid

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The impact of activity group therapy upon a highly constricted child

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The impact of aging upon the adult cranio facial skeleton

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The impact of an abnormal child upon the parents

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The impact of animal production on developing countries sociological impact including nutrition

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The impact of biochemistry on the problem of schizophrenia

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The impact of biological psychiatry

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The impact of cancer staging on cancer management in the community hospital

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The impact of clinical trials of drugs on the investigator, the industry and the country

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The impact of commercial forestry on the hill forests of the malay peninsula

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The impact of computer analysis on the design of dietary surveys

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The impact of computers in nursing

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The impact of dieldrin granules on the arthropod biota of an alfalfa field

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The impact of diuretics on chronic liver disease

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The impact of diurnal rhythm on drug dosing and drug evaluation

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The impact of domestic animals on the function and structure of grassland ecosystems

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The impact of drug treatments on during treatment criteria 1971 1972 drug abuse reporting program admissions

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The impact of dursban on pond ecosystems

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The impact of ecological factors on somatic and motor development of preschool children

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The impact of electron spectroscopy and cognate techniques on the study of solid surfaces

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The impact of employee sex and performance on the allocation of organizational rewards

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The impact of environmental variables on psychiatric emergencies

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The impact of experimental human leprosy in the mouse on leprosy research

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The impact of exposure to hydrogen fluoride and other pulmonary irritants on the lungs of aluminum smelter workers

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The impact of federal regulations governing experimentation on medical malpractice law

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The impact of fetal monitoring on neo natal death

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The impact of flooding on the water quality of a trout stream

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The impact of food and drug administration publicity releases on industry consumers and taxpayers

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The impact of health and disease on society

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The impact of hemo dialysis on disordered glucose and alanine kinetics in renal failure

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The impact of herpes zoster upon macrophage function

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The impact of high altitude on infant mortality and morbidity

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The impact of high altitudes on human populations

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The impact of highway expansion on community noise levels

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The impact of histological technique on the absolute volume of an organ specimen

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The impact of ill health and disease on society with special reference to brazil

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The impact of ill health and disease on the social structure and economy of a community or a nation

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The impact of illness in adolescence and coping behavior

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The impact of impact studies

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The impact of induced mutations on human populations

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The impact of infectious disease on trace element metabolism of the host

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The impact of information science on biology a possible society role

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The impact of insects as herbivores in grassland ecosystems

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The impact of intermittent flooding on forest vegetation

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The impact of isotopic tracers on physiological concepts

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The impact of laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, fetoscopy and culdoscopy on gynecologic practice

Phillips, J.W., 1972:
The impact of laparoscopy in gynecological practice

Israel, R., 1973:
The impact of laparoscopy on gynecology

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The impact of laterality and cultural background on the development of writing skills

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The impact of lead zinc mining on the quality and ecology of surface waters in southeast missouri

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The impact of liberalized abortion laws on family planning

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The impact of litter size on later development of spontaneous physical activity caloric intake and growth of rats

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The impact of low level cadmium feeding on blood chemicals in male sprague dawley rats

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The impact of low sulfur fuel on air quality in new york city

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The impact of macrophytic control by the white amur ctenopharyngodon idella

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The impact of major malformations on society environmental vs genetic factors

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The impact of malaria on economic development. A case study

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The impact of man on some english uk lakes rates of change

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The impact of mass media on cancer control programs

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The impact of mean arterial pressure in the middle trimester upon the outcome of pregnancy

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The impact of mechanical harvesting on the thames estuary cockle fishery

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The impact of mental and physical illness on family life

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The impact of methods on the analysis of illness concepts in a Guatemalan community

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The impact of milk holding on midwestern usa markets

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The impact of miscellaneous arthropods on mosquito abatement

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The impact of modern agriculture on rural space and the countryside

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The impact of modern cytology upon cancer detection and prevention in industry

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The impact of molecular biology on study of cell differentiation

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The impact of mollusks feeding on some west indian gorgonians

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The impact of mother fetus immunological relationships on fundamental immunological concepts

Andrews, B.F., 1974:
The impact of neo natal intensive care

Dowling, H.F., 1971:
The impact of new discoveries on medical practice advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the infectious diseases

Bronowski, J., 1969:
The impact of new science

Hartwig, E.O., 1976:
The impact of nitrogen and phosphorus release from a siliceous sediment on the overlying water

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The impact of nosocomial bacteremias on hospitalized patients

Latarjet, R., 1978:
The impact of nuclear technology on the natural environment and human life

DeCourcy, P.; Duerfeldt, P.H., 1973:
The impact of number and type of models on claimed success rate and mood of adult alcoholics

Grant, B.F.; Schoettger, R.A., 1972:
The impact of organo chlorine contaminants on physiologic functions in fish

Shute, R.E., 1975:
The impact of peer pressure on the verbally expressed drug attitudes of male college students

Carlsson, A., 1976:
The impact of pharmacology on the problem of schizophrenia

Schlesinger, E.R.; Mazundar, S.M.; Logrillo, V.M., 1973:
The impact of placenta previa on survivorship of offspring to 4 years of age

Downs, H., 1973:
The impact of population growth on resources and the environment

Johnson, D.R., 1976:
The impact of prairie dogs on a black hills breeding bird community

Kumar, A.; Srivastava, P., 1973:
The impact of pre natally administered radio phosphorus on the post natal development of spleen and thymus in swiss albino mice

Kumar, A.; Srivastava, P.N., 1973:
The impact of pre natally administered radio phosphorus phosphorus 32 on the post natal development of spleen and thymus in swiss albino mice

Donald, R.G.enn; John, G.F.derico, 1971:
The impact of pressure sewers on the nations water resources

Lazarus, N.R., 1976:
The impact of pro insulin on insulin research

Steiner, R.E., 1973:
The impact of radiology on cardiology

Hilberman, E., 1978:
The impact of rape

Warren, A., 1970 :
The impact of recreation on the ecology and amenity of semi natural areas methods of investigation used in the isles of scilly

Inglis, J.T., 1975:
The impact of rein deer grazing on selected areas of winter range in successive years mackenzie delta area northwest territories canada

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The impairment of transport of ascorbic acid by mono saccharides

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The implantation chamber, blastocyst and blastocyst imprint of the rat; a scanning electron microscope study

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The implantation of a labeled graft allows observation of the regeneration of normal or totally irradiated planarians

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The implantation of a labelled graft permits the monitoring of regeneration in normal and totally irradiated planarians

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The implantation of human dentin and cementum with autogenous bone and red marrow in the rat

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The implantation of mobin uddin vena cava filter in the prevention of pulmonary embolism post operative observations

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The implantation of multiple transducers in the thorax

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The implementation of family planning programs

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The implementation of the national irrigation program as a basic requirement of modern agriculture

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The implication and significance of electro encephalogram and sleep awake activity in the study of experimental drug dependence on morphine

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The implication of increasing numbers of women dental students

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The implication of neuro endocrine mechanisms in the regulation of population character or on a more christian view of the black box

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The implication of repair processes in the mechanism of DNA integration by lymphoma cells

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The implication of repair processes in the mechanism of dna integration in lymphoma cells

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The implication of the transfer of trace metals from sewage sludge to man

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The implications of body build posture and body image for physical and mental health

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The implications of irreversible binding of activated foreign compounds to macro molecules the covalent binding of 4 di methylamino phenol to hemo globin

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The implications of prevention and treatment of inherited disease for the genetic future of mankind

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The implications of psychedelic drug research for integration and sealing over as recovery styles from acute psychosis

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The implications of signal detection theory applied to computed tomography reconstructions

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The implications of type specific cross reactions among group a streptococci

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The importance and accuracy of the water drinking test and tonography

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The importance and indicative nature of the color precipitation reaction of the urine according to kimbarovskii in different diseases and functional conditions of the body in aviation medicine

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The importance and methodology of scientific dispensary treatment of progressive chronic poly arthritis

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The importance and obligations of the practitioner in obstetrics

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The importance and role of amphibians and reptiles in grassland ecosystems

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The importance and role of volunteers for development

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The importance in zootechny of maize in france

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The importance, indication and operative technique of dorsal synovectomy of the knee joint in rheumatic diseases