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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 27732

Chapter 27732 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The somatotropic function of the hypophysis in tall adolescents during the performance of diverse physical exercises
, Latvijas Psr Zinatnu Akademijas Vestis (5): 82-86 (1975)

The somatotropic hormone during mal nutrition caused by a cerebral disorder
, Scharf, J -H And H Hanson (Ed ) Nova Acta Leopoldina, Band 40 Nummer 214 Das Somatotrope Hormon (Nova Acta Leopoldina, Vol 40 No 214 The Somatotrophic Hormone ) Symposium Halle, East Germany, March 24-25, 1972 (In Ger ) 335p Illus Deutsche Akademie Der Naturforscher Leopoldina: Halle, East Germany 169-172 (1974)

The somersault technique in encephalography and ventriculography
, Acta Radiologica: Diagnosis 9: 160-166 (1969)

The somesthetic route in the new born and the adult speed of corticopetal conduction from the fingers
, Revue Neurologique (Paris) 123(5): 350 (1970)

The sonar doppler apparatus in obstetrics
, Go Revista de Atualizacao em Ginecologia e Obstetricia 5(12): 10-16 (1971)

The song an interspecific signal in hippolais icterina and hippolais polyglotta
, Alauda 42(3): 289-312 (1974)

The song of the cicada
, Sciences (Paris) (68): 24-28 (1970)

The song of the marsh warbler acrocephalus palustris extension of imitative repertory rhythmic construction and musical qualities
, Gerfaut 64(1-4): 3-28 (1974)

The song sparrow as a nebraska usa breeding bird
, Nebraska Bird Review 43(1): 3-8 (1975)

The sonoclot a new thrombo kinetic coagulation instrument
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis: 282 (1977)

The sonographic depiction of the growth and development of the human fetus
, Pan American Health Organization Scientific Publication 185: 70-80 (1969)

The sonolucent light bulb sign of fluid collections
, Journal of Clinical Ultrasound 4(6): 409-415 (1976)

The sonoran desert national park
, National Parks Magazine 43(256): 4-8 (1969)

The soothing effect of rocking as determined by the direction and frequency of movement
, Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science 7(3): 237-243 (1975)

The sophorosides of flavonols from some pollens
, Phytochemistry (oxford): 1809-1813 (1972)

The soporific activity of 2 methyl 3 o chlorophenyl quinazolone 4 in experimental hyper thyroidism
, Anon 2-I Vseros S'ezd Farmatsevtov, 1969 Tezixy Dokl (The Second All-Russian Session Of Pharmacists, 1969 Summaries Of Reports ) Moscow, Ussr From Ref Zh No 2 54 73-74 From Ref Zh No 2 (1970)

The soralia found in the lichen stereocaulon incrustatum
, Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 19(4): 467-468 (1973)

The sorberacea a new class of tunicates
, Archives de Zoologie Experimentale et Generale 116(1): (1975) 77-122 (1974)

The sorbitol pathway and the complications of diabetes
, New England Journal of Medicine 288(16): 831-836 (1973)

The sorbitol pathway in the nervous system
, Sipple, Horace L And Kristen W Mcnutt (Ed ) Nutrition Foundation Monograph Series Sugar in Nutrition International Conference Nashville, Tenn , U S A , Nov 8-11, 1972 Xxi+768p Illus Academic Press: New York, N Y , U S A ; London, England ISBN 0-12-6467590-1: 469-482 (1974)

The sorbitol pathway of the human erythrocyte
, Pediatric Research: 466 (1970)

The sores of pott fistules
, Medecine Tropicale 29(2): 248 (1969)

The sorro
, Bois et Forets des Tropiques 152: 51-54 (1973)

The sorting out of epi blast and hypo blast cells in the early chick embryo
, Israel Journal of Zoology 23(3/4): 205-206 (1974)

The sorting out of thymidine labeled chick hypo blast cells in mixed epi blast hypo blast aggregates
, Differentiation 4(2): 57-60 (1975)

The sorvall christensen frozen thin sectioner
, Journal de Microscopie 13(2): 147-148 (1972)

The sound environment and the functional organization of the auditory system
, Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology 9(4): (1974) (1973)

The sound level in respirator treatment
, Opuscula Medica: 247-253 (1970)

The sound localizing behavior of normal and brain damaged monkeys
, Journal of Auditory Research 13(3): 191-219 (1973)

The sound memory of the bottle nosed dolphin
, Univ Calif Santa Cruz Conference on The Biology And Conservation Of Marine Mammals Abstracts Santa Cruz, Calif , Usa-7, Vi+62p Marine Mammal Conference, University Of California: Santa Cruz, Calif (1975)

The sound of glucose simple harmonic waveform analysis of oral glucose tolerance
, European Journal of Clinical Investigation 6(4): 319 (1976)

The sound of silence a new pitch segregation phenomenon
, Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 8(4): 256 (1976)

The sound producing organ of the growling gourami
, Naturwissenschaften 64(11): 592-593 (1977)

The sound repertoire of the great gray owl strix nebulosa
, Var Fagelvarld 36(3/4): 243-249 (1977)

The sound spectrum from the hive as an indication of the biological condition of the bees
, Anon Xxii Mezhdunar Kongress Po Pchenovodstvu Dokl Sov Uchenykh I Spetsialistov, 1969 (The 22nd International Congress Of Apiculture Reports Of Soviet Scientists And Specialists, 1969 ) Kolos: Moscow, Ussr, 1969 From Ref Zh Biol No 1 52-57 (1970)

The sounds emitted by the anchovy engraulis encrasicholus in a light field
, Journal of Ichthyology 12(2): 357-361 (1972)

The sounds of infancy
, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 14(3): 350-361 (1972)

The source and clinical significance of alkaline phosphatases ec in liver diseases
, Acta Universitatis Carolinae Medica Monographia (78): 55-58 (1977 )

The source and clinical significance of serum alkaline phosphatases ec in patients treated by chronic dialysis
, Acta Universitatis Carolinae Medica Monographia (78): 75-79 (1977)

The source and clinical significance of serum alkaline phosphatases in neoplastic blood diseases
, Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Medica. Monographia 1977(78 Pt 2): 29-35 (1977)

The source distribution and possible role of hyaluronate in the migration of chick cranial neural crest cells
, Journal of General Physiology 68(5): 15A-16A (1976)

The source identification of marine hydro carbons by gas chromatography
, Environmental Pollution 3(3): 179-194 (1972)

The source of albumin in the thoracic duct lymph in patients with portal hypertension and ascites
, American Journal of the Medical Sciences 257(1): 32-43 (1969)

The source of alpha and beta fibers in regenerating skeletal muscle in chicks
, Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 25(3): 238 (1977)

The source of ascitic fluid in experimental cirrhosis in the rat
, Pathologia et Microbiologia 42(1): 66-69 (1975)

The source of biliary lecithin
, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 52(2): 122A (1975)

The source of blood group antigens on spermatozoa and their significance
, International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology 37(1): 49-53 (1970)

The source of cells within different areas of lymph nodes draining the site of primary stimulation with a contact sensitizing agent
, Fiore-Donati, L And M G Hanna (Edited By) Advances in Experimental Medicine And Biology Vol 5 Lymphatic Tissue And Germinal Centers in Immune Response Proceedings Of The Second International Conference on Germinal Centers Of Lymphatic Tissue Held in Padua, Italy, June 26-28, 1968 Xxiii + 529p Illus Plenum Press, Inc : New York, N Y , U S A 293-307 (1969)

The source of chert for aboriginal artifacts in southwestern australia
, Nature (London) 275(5680): 539-541 (1978)

The source of choline for acetyl choline synthesis in a sympathetic ganglion hemicholinium autonomic hexamethonium autonomic eserine autonomic physostigmine autonomic cat
, Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 47(2): 127-135 (1969)

The source of circulating progesterone and 17 alpha hydroxy progesterone in hydatidiform mole
, Acta Endocrinologica: 773-780 (1972)

The source of cyclic amp in gastric juice
, Gastroenterology 74(5 Part 2): 1144 (1978)

The source of errors on the spectrophotometric determination
, Eisei Shikenjo Hokoku. Bulletin of National Institute of Hygienic Sciences 87: 39-43 (1969)

The source of fecal gallium 67 in rats
, Journal of Nuclear Medicine 18(6): 621 (1977)

The source of hemorrhage in acute major upper gastro intestinal bleeding
, Gastroenterology 68(4 Part 2): 903 (1975)

The source of hydrogen per oxide and of chemi luminescence observed in activated human platelet preparations
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 38(1): 210 (1977)

The source of immune rna capable of transferring tumor specific immunity
, Federation Proceedings 37(3): 412 (1978)

The source of immuno globulins on the surface of lymphocytes
, Federation Proceedings 30(2): 588 (1971)

The source of key pecking in autoshaping
, Animal Learning and Behavior 3(1): 37-42 (1975)

The source of metabolic activity in human saliva
, Archives of Oral Biology 14(9): 1121-1123 (1969)

The source of myogenic cells for culture
, Mauro, Alexander, Saiyid Aq And Ade T. Milhorat (edited By). International Congress Series, No. 218. Regeneration Of Striated Muscle, And Myogenesis. Symposium. X: Amsterdam, Netherlands. 232-236 (1970)

The source of pathogenic staphylococcal infection of new borns and mothers
, Kazanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal 56(5): 24-25 (1975)

The source of perceptual distortion which attends optical magnification
, Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 8(4): 253 (1976)

The source of pyrogen in viral fever
, Schoenbaum, E. Lomax (ed.). The Pharmacology Of Thermoregulation. Symposium. San Francisco, Calif., U.s.a. July 23-28, . Xiv 583p. Illus. Map. S. Karger: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N.y., U.s.a. 472-473 (1973)

The source of serum acid phosphatase in the dog following experimental hepatic ischemia
, Clinical Research 18(4): 724 (1970)

The source of sodium influx into the ventricles of kaolin hydrocephalic cats
, Neurology 26(4): 390 (1976)

The source of the contraceptive poly peptide influencing ovarian function
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 22(3): 397 (1974)

The source of the fibroblast in healing wounds
, Journal of Cell Biology 43(2 Part 2): 119A (1969)

The source of the increased enzymes in serum in the case of myo cardial infarction
, Japanese Circulation Journal 34(9): 807-808 (1970)

The source of the lymph
, Gruwez, J A (Ed ) Abstracts Third International Congress Of Lymphology, August 27-September 1, , Brussels, Belgium Iv + 189 P Illus 153 (1970)

The source of the odonto last cells after injury auto radiographic study
, Journal of Dental Research 53(5 PT 1): 1063 (1974)

The source of unusually low surface salinities in the gulf stream off georgia usa
, Deep-Sea Research and Oceanographic Abstracts 22(12): 913-916 (1975)

The sources and spread of the alpha rhythm of the cortex of dog
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 43(4): 568 (1977)

The sources of atypical mycobacteria
, Weiszfeiler, J G (Ed ) Atypical Mycobacteria Proceedings Of The Symposium Of The Hungarian Academy Of Sciences Tihany, Hungary, Sept 21-23, 1971 261p Illus Akademiai Kiado: Budapest, Hungary 253-260 (1973)

The sources of hospital infection
, Medicine 52(4): 271-277 (1973)

The sources of phenol found in the reservoirs of the dnieper reservoir series
, Hydrobiological Journal 7(4): 45-49 (1971)

The sources of plasma cyclic AMP: studies in the rat using isoprenaline, nicotinic acid and glucagon
, European Journal of Clinical Investigation 5(2): 147-152 (1975)

The sources of the blood supply and the vascular connections of the thymus gland in the human fetus
, Trudy Saratovskogo Meditsinskogo Instituta 71(88): 133-134 (1970)

The sources of the innervation of the esophagus in the new born
, Trudy Leningradskogo Pediatricheskogo Meditsinskogo Instituta 54: 149-155 (1970)

The sources of the innervation of the periosteum of the bones of the human fore arm
, Trudy Khar'kovskogo Meditsinskogo Instituta (94): 47-48 (1970)

The sources of threlkelds synopsis stirpium hibernicarum
, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section B: Biological, Geological, and Chemical Science 74: 1-6 (1974)

The sources of trabecular nerve terminals
, Experimental Eye Research 20(2): 181-182 (1975)

The sources of tritium and its radiation hygienic problems
, Pracovni Lekarstvi 23(4): 120-125 (1971)

The sous le vent coral reefs of mauritius island mascarene archipelago indian ocean morphology and bionomy of the external slope
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 273(21): 1914-1916 (1971)

The south african avi fauna
, Bokmakierie 21(Suppl. 3): IV-VI (1969)

The south african graywing francolins
, U S Fish and Wildlife Service Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife FGL 4: 1-4 (1970)

The south african tortricid moth epichoristodes acerbella a new enemy for the producers of carnations of the azure coast mediterranean
, Phytoma 261: 21-23 (1974)

The south alpine clausiliid itala stenzii cincta new record on the obernberger tribulaun northern tirol austria
, Archiv fuer Molluskenkunde 106(1-3): 115-118 (1975)

The south american canidae with special consideration of the maned wolf chrysocyon brachyurus morphological systematic and phylogenetic examinations
, Zeitschrift fuer Wissenschaftliche Zoologie 179(1-2): 3-188 (1969)

The south american castianeirinae part 1 the genus psellocoptus araneae clubionidae
, Psyche 78(3): 193-202 (1971)

The south american catfish genus brochis pisces siluriformes callichthyidae
, Beaufortia 18(236): 151-168 (1970)

The south american cyttariales fungi ascomycetes
, Darwiniana (San Isidro) 16(3-4): 461-510 (1971)

The south american distribution of the memecyleae melastomataceae in relation to the guiana area and to the question of forest refuges in amazonia
, Phytologia 31(3): 279-296 (1975)

The south american genus chloraea m orchidaceae m
, Darwiniana (San Isidro) 15(3-4): 374-500 (1969)

The south american genus gigantochernes pseudoscorpionida chernetidae with description of 2 new species
, Physis (Buenos Aires) 31(82): 23-38 (1972)

The south american sawfly genus acidiophora hymenoptera tenthredinidae
, Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 74(4): 417-426 (1972)

The south american species of corvomeyenia porifera spongillidae
, Physis Seccion B las Aguas Continentales y sus Organismos 33(87): 233-240 (1974)

The south asiatic polyorthini with notes on species of polyortha lepidoptera tortricidae
, Zoologische Verhandelingen (Leiden) (131): 1-86 (1974)

The south australian branch continuous inter laboratory quality control program
, Pathology 4(2): 155 (1972)

The south australian incidence of those surgical congenital abnormalities commonly presenting in the neo natal period
, Australian Paediatric Journal 12(3): 196-197 (1976)

The south carolina rabbit extension program
, Poultry Science 54(5): 1775 (1975)

The south caspian sturgeon an independent species of the genus acipenser
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR Seriya Biologicheskaya (5): 736-739 (1974)

The south dobrudja fossil seals within the context of paratethyan seal faunas
, American Zoologist 15(3): 827 (1975)

The south georgian species of acaena d and their probable hybrid
, British Antarctic Survey Bulletin (25): 29-44 (1971)

The south korean ring necked pheasant
, U S Fish and Wildlife Service Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife FGL 15: 1-4 (1970)

The south pacific gallinules of the genus pareudiastes
, Wilson Bulletin: 1-5 (1975)

The south wind mystery
, Dickey, Lawrence D (Ed ) Clinical Ecology Xvi+807p Illus Charles C Thomas Publisher: Springfield, Ill , Usa ISBN 0-398-03409-5: 280-284 (1976)

The southeastern adders tongue p ophioglossum vulgatum var pycnostichum p found for the 1st time in michigan
, Michigan Botanist 10(2): 67-74 (1971)

The southeastern area of the gallician heath
, Anales del Instituto Botanico A J Cavinilles 30: 197-213 (1973)

The southeastern brown backed subspecies of the forest weaver ploceus bicolor
, Durban Museum Novitates 11(10): 201-208 (1976)

The southeastern featured species plan
, Missouri Academy of Science Occasional Paper 3: 58-62 (1974)

The southeastern most part of the flysch zone in vienna austria starting from the excavation floetzersteig 1
, Verhandlungen der Geologischen Bundesanstalt (1): 67-94 (1973)

The southeastern part of the province of utrecht
, Natura (hoogwoud): 101-104 (1971)

The southeastern usa
, Prance, Ghillean T And Thomas S Elias (Ed ) Extinction Is Forever Threatened And Endangered Species Of Plants in The Americas And Their Significance in Ecosystems Today And in The Future Proceedings Of A Symposium Bronx, N Y , Usa, May 11-13, 1976 Vi+437p Illus Maps New York Botanical Garden: Bronx, New York, Usa ISBN 0-89327-196-9: 36-40 (1977)

The southern african races of the white browed scrub robin erythropygia leucophrys some further considerations
, Bonner Zoologische Beitraege 26(1-3): 175-182 (1975)

The southern african subspecies of nudaurelia cytherea lepidoptera saturniidae
, Annals of the Transvaal Museum 27(8): 171-182 (1971)

The southern arch of the vosges in haut saone
, Annales Scientifiques De L'Universite De Besancon Geologie: 23 ( 1970)

The southern birch mouse sicista subtilis in czechoslovakia and their contact with the northern birch mouse sicista betulina
, Saeugetierkundliche Mitteilungen 19(3): 223-231 (1971)

The southern distribution of the many lined salamander stereochilus marginatus new record
, Florida Scientist 38(3): 140-141 (1975)

The southern element in the moss flora of utsjoki inari lapland north finland
, Annales Universitatis Turkuensis Series A II Biologica-Geographica-Geologica (55): 112-125 (1974)

The southern european species of the genus arachnospila subgenus melanospila hymenoptera pompilidae
, Bulletin and Annales de la Societe Royale Belge d'Entomologie 110(7-12): 233-257 (1974)

The southern limit of the distribution of the northern vole microtus oeconomus in the area of east germany and remarks on its boundary populations
, Hercynia: 286-306 (1971)

The southern limits of distribution of commercially important penaeid prawns in south africa
, Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums Natural History 8(9): 79-83 (1970)

The southern pines g of the usa
, Economic Botany 24(2): 142-150 (1970)

The southern populations of amadina fasciata aves ploceidae systematics
, Zoologische Abhandlungen (dresden): 1-54 (1970)

The southernmost bog with sphagnum moss in the ukrainian ssr ussr
, Ukrayins'Kyi Botanichnyi Zhurnal: 236-237 (1974)

The souths 3rd forest
, Journal of Forestry 68(3): 142-146 (1970)

The southwestern anthropological association meeting on primate sex roles the traditional view san francisco california usa march 23 1978
, California Anthropologist 8(1): 1-16 (1978)

The southwestern usa
, Prance, Ghillean T And Thomas S Elias (Ed ) Extinction Is Forever Threatened And Endangered Species Of Plants in The Americas And Their Significance in Ecosystems Today And in The Future Proceedings Of A Symposium Bronx, N Y , Usa, May 11-13, 1976 Vi+437p Illus Maps New York Botanical Garden: Bronx, New York, Usa ISBN 0-89327-196-9: 60-61 (1977)

The southwestern usa pinyon juniper ecosystem
, U S Forest Service General Technical Report RM 39: 1-6 (1977)

The soviet beta blocking agent anapriline in the treatment of ischemic heart disease patients
, Meditsinskii Zhurnal Uzbekistana 11: 8-10 (1975)

The soviet fishery for saithe in the north sea 1973
, Annales Biologiques (Copenhagen) 30(1973): 117-120 (1975)

The soviet population growth rate declines
, Review of Soviet Medical Sciences 6(1): 44-49 (1969)

The sowell mound population bay county florida
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 41(3): 474 (1974)

The sowing quality of the seeds of barley and oats in relation to their harvesting characteristics
, Nauchnye Trudy Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Instituta Sel'skogo Khozyaistva Tsentral'nykh Raionov Nechernozemnoi Zony 32 (1974)

The soybean trypsin ec inhibitor kunitz is a double headed inhibitor
, Hoppe-Seyler's Zeitschrift fuer Physiologische Chemie 356(5): 617-620 (1975)

The spa effect and the results of re socialization of myo cardial infarct patients in phase 2 and 3
, Zeitschrift fuer Physiotherapie 29(3): 173-181 (1977)

The space radiation environment
, Aerospace Medicine 40(12): 1441-1455 (1969)

The space shuttle new thresholds of safety in space
, Bolger, Philip H (Ed ) Aas (American Astronautical Society) Science And Technology Series, Vol 41 Space Rescue And Safety 1975 Symposium Lisbon, Portugal, Sept 21-27, 1975, Oct 24-26, 1975 Xi+217p Illus Maps American Astronautical Society: San Diego, Calif , Usa (Dist By Univelt, Inc , San Diego, Calif , Usa ) ISBN 0-87703-077-4: 209-217 (1976)

The space time properties of excitation inhibition and wave processes in receptive fields of the cat lateral geniculate body
, Biofizika: 341-346 (1974)

The spacing in cacao d plantations in bahia
, Cruz, Luis Carlos Symposium on Cocoa Research Abstracts 105p Brazilian Society For The Progress Of Science Salvador, Brazil 33-34 (1970)

The spacing of black eagles in the matopos rhodesia
, Ostrich 46(1): 1-44 (1975)

The spacing of blastocysts
, Carnegie Institution Of Washingtonbook 68. - . Xi: Baltimore, Md., U.s.a. 546-547 (1969)

The spadix of arum maculatum m a contribution to its histology
, Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft 82(10-11): 643-650 (1969)

The spalacopsis of the west indies and america north of mexico coleoptera cerambycidae
, Coleopterists Bulletin 27(3): 117-138 (1973)

The span of the arms of the growing youth in the machine building industry in the area of olomouc
, Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultas Rerum Naturalium Biologica 13: 171-179 (1972)

The spangberg and thoren procedure for bennetts fractures
, Injury 3(2): 135 (1971)

The spanish brush goat an anephric hemo dialysis study
, Kidney International 10(6): 514 (1976)

The spanish brush goat as a dialysis model
, Federation Proceedings 35(3): 316 (1976)

The spanish census of aquatic birds for january 1973
, Boletin de la Estacion Central de Ecologia 2(4): 11-39 (1973)

The spanish field mouse microtus arvalis asturianus
, Bonner Zoologische Beitraege 4: 220-235 (1971)

The spanish fly or blister beetle lytta vesicatoria coleoptera meloidae
, Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation 89(7): 198 (1977)

The spanish orchids
, Boletin de la Estacion Central de Ecologia 2(3): 29-39 (1973)

The spanish sea weed industry
, Commercial Fisheries Review 31(8-9): 60-61 (1969)

The spanish species of the genus eophila part 1 eophila pyrenaica and its subspecies in the ebro valley oligochaeta lumbricidae
, Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural Seccion Biologica 69(3): 177-183 (1971)

The sparing effect of cobalt or nickel on zinc in chicks
, Federation Proceedings 37(3): 668 (1978)

The sparing effect of dietary xylitol on thiamine vitamin b 1 riboflavine vitamin b 2 and pyridoxine vitamin b 6
, Federation Proceedings 37(3): 448 (1978)

The sparing effect of uv and x ray dose fractionation in starved di ploid yeast
, Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung Teil B Anorganische Chemie Organische Chemie Biochemie Biophysik Biologie 26B(2): 129-133 (1971)

The sparing method in electro convulsive therapy
, Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 74(7): 1046-1052 (1974)

The spark chamber and the pathological thyroid
, Virginia Journal of Science 20(3): 131 (1969)

The spark chamber technique for radio chromatograms

The sparrow hawk accipiter nisus
, Revue Vervietoise d'Histoire Naturelle 29(13): 10-13 (1972)

The sparrow hawk accipiter nisus as a breeding bird in the berlin friedrichsfelde park
, Milu 2(6): 645-646 (1969)

The sparse birch d forests of the forest tundra as combined societies
, Anon Problemy Botaniki, T 11 (Problems Of Botany Vol 11 ) Nauka: Leningrad, Ussr, From Ref Zh Biol No 12 91-107 (1969)

The sparse natural grasslands of the mountains surrounding the mediterranean sea a bio climatic and syngenetic review relationships to forests of higher altitudes
, Phytocoenologia 1(4): 427-459 (1975)

The spartina m tidal marshes of the st lawrence estuary and their importance to aquatic birds
, Naturaliste Canadien (quebec): 905-922 (1971)

The spasmolytic effect of pterixine and di hydrosamidine on rabbits with experimental athero sclerosis
, Herba Polonica Suppl.: 153-158 (1972)

The spatial and seasonal distribution of microscopic fungi in arable soils gaeumannomyces graminis wheat m fusarium spp mucor hiemalis verticillium nigrescens
, Transactions of the British Mycological Society 52(2): 301-307 (1969)

The spatial arrangement of catalytically significant sulfhydryl groups of the fat cell adenylate cyclase system
, Zeitschrift fuer Klinische Chemie und Klinische Biochemie 13(6): 243 (1975)

The spatial arrangement of esterases in the microsomal membrane
, Cytobiologie 11(1): 123-132 (1975)

The spatial coincidence of summation and adaptation pools in the cats retina
, Proceedings of the Australian Physiological and Pharmacological Society 9(1): 51P (1978)

The spatial control of cell differentiation by auto catalysis and lateral inhibition
, Haken, Hermann (Ed ) Synergetics Proceedings Of The International Workshop Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, West Germany, May 2-7, X+274p Illus Springer-Verlag: New York, N Y , Usa; Berlin, West Germany ISBN 0-387-08483-5; ISBN 3-540-08483-5: 214-223 (1977)

The spatial differences of catecholamine depletion in rat adrenal medulla as a function of stimulus strength
, Bulletin de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences. Serie des Sciences Biologiques 22(12): 855-857 (1974)

The spatial distribution of a population of 2 ant species living in limestone grassland
, Pedobiologia 14(6): 412-418 (1974)

The spatial distribution of blood group markers in the new world with emphasis on the diego antigen
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 40(1): 144 (1974)

The spatial distribution of correlational contacts of electric activity in schizophrenia patients
, Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 78(5): 700-706 (1978)

The spatial distribution of desmids in certain northern minnesota lakes
, Journal Of Phycologypl: 16 (1971)

The spatial distribution of human chromosomes during prometaphase and metaphase
, Pathologie et Biologie 19(15-18): 705-711 (1971)

The spatial distribution of lobular in situ mammary carcinoma. Implications for size and site of breast biopsy
, JAMA 210(4): 689-693 (1969)

The spatial distribution of opuntia biglovii in south mountain park phoenix arizona usa
, Journal of the Arizona Academy of Science 8(Suppl.): 30-31 (1973)

The spatial distribution of sensory antennal fibers in the central nervous system of worker bees
, Zeitschrift fuer Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 131(1): 109-140 (1972)

The spatial distribution of the wheat bulb fly leptohylemyia coarctata diptera anthomyiidae
, Researches on Population Ecology 16(1): 127-131 (1974)

The spatial distribution of treated mental disorders in chicago
, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 5(1): 1-11 (1970)

The spatial distribution pattern of the winter cherry bug acanthocoris sordidus in relation to its aggregation behavior
, Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology 17(1): 31-38 (1973)

The spatial diversity of the day butterfly fauna lepidoptera rhopalocera in the coastal region of voorne holland
, Entomologische Berichten (Amsterdam) 30(12): 236-240 (1970)

The spatial diversity of the moth fauna lepidoptera heterocera of the coastal area of voorne
, Entomologische Berichten 33(1): 4-20 (1973)

The spatial frequency effect on perceived velocity
, Vision Research 16(2): 169-176 (1976)

The spatial location and state of adult bone mineral
, Journal Of Dental Researchec Issue: 239 (1973)

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