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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 27963

Chapter 27963 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

D.P.oli F.; Cuccia Belvedere, M.; Martinetti, M.; Monafo, V.; Livieri, C., 1987:
Common mhc extended haplotype in iga deficiency and in late onset 21 hydroxylase deficiency

Jensen, K.; Olesen, J., 1984:
Common migraine and temporal muscle blood flow

Isler, H., 1987:
Common misunderstandings about drug abuse headache

Harel, L.; Blat, C.; Lacour, F.; Friend, C.; Huyn, T., 1982:
Common mode of action of different inducers of friend erythro leukemic cell differentiation

Mandel, P.; Mack, G.; Haug, M.; Kempf, E.; Puglisi, S., 1980:
Common molecular mechanisms in 3 models of aggressive behavior

Yonas, A., 1985:
Common motion kinetic information for depth at an edge

Wheeler, L.P., 1987:
Common musculoskeletal dance injuries

Cooke, J.C., 1984:
Common mushrooms of new england usa

Ziffer, M.D.; Lynne, C.M.; Pallares, V., 1986:
Common neuralgias encountered in urologic practice

Liao, S.K.; Clarke, B.J.; Gallie, B.L.; Dent, P.B., 1981:
Common neuro ectodermal antigens on human melanoma neuro blastoma retino blastoma glio blastoma and fetal brain melanoma cells

Hamon, M., 1984:
Common neurochemical correlates to the action of hallucinogens

Rosman, N.P., 1984:
Common neurologic problems in childhood

Joab, I.; Radanyi, C.; Renoir, M.; Buchou, T.; Catelli M G.; Binart, N.; Mester, J.; Baulieu E E., 1984:
Common nonhormone binding component in nontransformed chick oviduct receptors of 4 steroid hormones

Goh, C.L., 1987:
Common occupational irritants and allergens in singapore

Crawford, F.G.; Vermund, S.H.; M.J.; Deckelbaum, R.J., 1988:
Common occurrence of asymptomatic cryptosporidium in a new york city day care center

Blais, B.R., 1988:
Common ophthalmological evaluations in the workplace

Abrams, R.G.; Josell, S.D., 1982:
Common oral and dental emergencies and problems

Dilley, D.H.; Blozis, G.G., 1982:
Common oral lesions and oral manifestations of systemic illnesses and therapies

Bouquot, J.E., 1986:
Common oral lesions found during a mass screening examination

Miyoshi, T.J., 1987:
Common oral symptoms age and sex distributions

Bückmann, D., 1987:
Common origin and phylogenetic diversification of animal hormonal systems

Garti, I.; Nissenkorn, I.; Lerner, M., 1986:
Common origin of inferior mesenteric and main renal artery

Muus, C.J.; McManus, B.M., 1984:
Common origin of right and left coronary arteries from the region of left sinus of Valsalva: association with unexpected intrauterine fetal death

Brinton, R.E., 1987:
Common origins of cellular communication in the immune endocrine and nervous systems

Lowry, W.E.Jr, 1987:
Common orthopedic problems in internal medicine

Hybels, R.L.; Forgacs, P., 1987:
Common otolaryngologic problems

Hoglund, J.; Thulin, J., 1987:
Common parasites of cod gadus morhua l. along the coast of sweden

Goldberg, J.; Aisenbrey, G.; Levi, M.; Berl, T.; Schrier, R., 1981:
Common pathway for vaso constrictor properties of angiotensin norepinephrine and vasopressin

Reuser, A.J.J., 1987:
Common pathways for cellular transport of steroid sulfatase lysosomal enzymes and the mannose 6 phosphate receptor an immunocytochemical appraisal

Scott, B.; Terrill, L.S., 1986:
Common pauraque nyctidromus albicollis new record record from sonora mexico

Ehrlich, F.E., 1983:
Common pediatric emergencies

Coldiron, B.M.; Jacobson, C., 1988:
Common penile lesions

Katirji, M.B.; Wilbourn, A., 1984:
Common peroneal mono neuropathy a clinical electro physiological study of 100 cases

Smith, T., 1988:
Common peroneal palsy. A clinical and electrophysiological review

Goodman, J.M.; Hwang, H., 1988:
Common peroxisomal membrane proteins from organelles induced by different carbon sources in the yeast candida boidinii

Bland, R.D.; Shoemaker, W.C., 1985:
Common physiologic patterns in general surgical patients: hemodynamic and oxygen transport changes during and after operation in patients with and without associated medical problems

Dalinka, M.K., 1988:
Common pitfalls in accident and emergency radiology

Shaw, P.G., 1982:
Common pitfalls in geriatric drug prescribing

Saltzberg, D.M.; Levine, G.M.; Lubar, C., 1985:
Common pitfalls in interpreting hydrogen breath tests

Frankenburg, W.K.; Chen, J.H.; Thornton, S.M., 1988:
Common pitfalls in the evaluation of developmental screening tests

Ogzewalla, C.D.; Bonfiglio, J.F.; Sigell, L.T., 1987:
Common plants and their toxicity

Paul, L.; Brantly, M.; Straus, S.; Dalgleish, R.; Courtney, M.; Tolstoshev, P.; Lecocq J P.; Crystal, R., 1984:
Common polymorphisms of the alpha 1 anti trypsin gene not associated with alterations of protein iso electric focusing patterns

Schiff, T.; D'Ambrosio, J.; Glass, B.J.; Langlais, R.P.; McDavid, W.D., 1986:
Common positioning and technical errors in panoramic radiography

Banville, G.J., 1982:
Common potato scab and rhizoctonia disease of potatoes rational compromise in plants production

Naidich, T.P., 1984:
Common problems in pediatric neuroradiology insights from surgery and necropsy

Ginsberg, S.A., 1982:
Common problems in the aged

Ozawa, Y., 1979:
Common problems in tissue culture work in developing countries

Smith, A.G., 1982:
Common problems of lower extremity amputees

Sieber Blum, M., 1988:
Common progenitor cell for sensory and autonomic neurons in the quail neural crest

Johnson, K.A., 1988:
Common properties of force producing atpases

Noden, D.M., 1981:
Common properties of mesenchymal cells having disparate embryonic origins

Deaton, M.A.; Freeman, J.A.; Zwick, H., 1987:
Common properties shared by three growth associated proteins of the goldfish optic nerve

Berger, D.M., 1980:
Common psychiatric disorders introduction

Kostnapfel, J., 1987:
Common psychiatric disorders of the elderly

Louden, D.M.; Wray, S.R.; Melville, G.N.; Matthies, B.K.; Anderson, P., 1985:
Common psychological illnesses in the elderly

Shimazaki, Y.; Yagihara, T.; Nakada, T.; Sawa, Y.; Hirose, O.; Sugimoto, H., 1987:
Common pulmonary vein atresia: a successfully corrected case

Noe, A., 1983:
Common redpoll acanthis flammea with young birds in munich bavaria west germany

Raymund, R.G., 1985:
Common redpoll in dunwoody georgia usa area

Smith, K.G., 1979:
Common redpolls carduelis flammea using spruce seeds in northern utah usa

Schmidtová, K.; Gregor, A.; Munka, V.; Durovicová, J., 1982 :
Common regional lymph nodes for the human lungs and heart

Breznen, W.J., 1982:
Common respiratory emergencies of obstruction

Thorn, N.A., 1985:
Common role of calcium in release of peptides and neuropeptides

Goldfarb, N.M., 1984:
Common sense questions for jobhunters in biotechnology corporate research

Tiedeman, A.A.; Shiau, A.; Wolfe, S.A.; Gaines, C.G.; Smith, J.M., 1987:
Common sequences present in the control regions of escherichia coli k 12 pur loci

Farrar, W.L.; Pierce, J.H.; Ferris, D.K., 1988:
Common signal transduction pathways shared by il 3 and tyrosine kinase oncogenes

Harvey, A.L., 1982:
Common site of action of dendro toxin like facilitatory neuro toxins and beta bungaro toxin

Hahn, B.; Manzari, V.; Colombini, S.; Franchini, G.; Gallo, R.C.; Wong Staal, F., 1983:
Common site of integration of human t cell leukemia lymphoma virus in cells of 3 patients with mature t cell leukemia lymphoma a retraction

Sullivan, B.J.; Melski, J.W., 1987:
Common skin and soft tissue infections

Beynon, J.; Shukla, H., 1987:
Common skin cancers under cutaneous horns

Portnoy, M., 1980:
Common skin problems in an aged population

Huq, M.I.; A.S.dio A.; Rahman, A.S.M.M.; Munshi, M.M.H., 1985:
Common source attack of schistosoma mansoni in a saudi family

Braunsberg, H.; Hammond, K.D., 1979:
Common sources of error in receptor analysis

Müller, W., 1979:
Common sporting injuries of the muscles and tendons of the lower extremities

Roberts, J.E.Sr; Saluta, M., 1983:
Common stalk borer papaipema nebris lepidoptera noctuidae control in field corn zea mays with various insecticides and a cultural method

James, N.T., 1989:
Common statistical errors in morphometry

Lar'kina T.P.; Kovyazin, N.Ya; Zhebeleva, T.I., 1982:
Common strawberry fragaria vesca in the central cis ural area ussr

Struck, J.C.R.; Toschka, H.Y.; Specht, T.; Erdmann, V.A., 1988:
Common structural features between eukaryotic 7sl rna eubacterial 4.5s rna and single copy rna and archaebacterial 7s rna

Kessler, H.; Haupt, A.; Klein, M.; Wagner, K., 1987:
Common structural features for cytoprotection activity of cyclic retro analogues of somatostatin

Andrews, P.R.; Lloyd, E.J., 1986:
Common structural features of drugs, transmitters and peptides in the central nervous system

Kroenke, K.; Mangelsdorff, A.D., 1988:
Common symptoms in ambulatory care

Wyler, A.R., 1984:
Common synaptic connections to epileptic and normal neurons

Rumsey, K.E., 1988:
Common systemic diseases in geriatric patients

Farraway, A.; Thomas, K.; Blokpoel, H., 1986:
Common tern sterna hirundo egg predation by ruddy turnstones arenaria interpres

Goddard, D.; Moore, M.E., 1987:
Common tests for rheumatoid factors unsatisfactory but ubiquitous

Arnbjerg, J., 1987:
Common tooth ailments an overview of diagnosis and treatment

Hyman, S.E.; Comb, M.; Goodman, H.M., 1988:
Common trans acting factors are involved in regulation of neurotransmitter gene expression by cyclic amp

Anderson, A.B.; Goltz, J.P., 1982:
Common twayblade listera ovata orchidaceae in wellington county ontario canada a 2nd north american record

Rodgers, A.L., 1981:
Common ultrastructural features in human calculi

Fuselier, H.A.Jr, 1987:
Common urologic problems in internal medicine

Fendel, H.; Schneider, K.; Bakowski, C.; Glas, J.; Kohn, M.; Drews, K., 1987:
Common use of diagnostic imaging for childhood wetting enuresis a survey of practicing pediatricians in the west germany and west berlin

Bonagura, V.R.; Cunningham Rundles, S.; Edwards, B.; Valacer, D.J., 1988:
Common variable hypoimmunoglobulinemia cvh recurrent pneumocystis carinii pneumonia pcp on iv gamma globulin ivgg and natural killer nk deficiency

Valacer, D.J.; Cummingham Rundles, S.; Edward, B.L.; Bonagura, V.R., 1988:
Common variable hypoimmunoglobulinemia cvh recurrent pneumocystis carinii pneumonia pcp on iv globulin ivgg and natural killer nk deficiency

Jagielski, P.; Sulek, K.; Weiss, I.; Michalkiewicz, J.; Madalinski, K., 1986:
Common variable immune deficiency in an adult

Etzioni, A.; Long, S.S.; Lischner, H.W., 1982:
Common variable immuno deficiency arising in a teenager with hyper gamma globulinemia and auto immune manifestations

Conley, M.E.; Campbell, D.E., 1984:
Common variable immuno deficiency of childhood with auto immune disease

Sicklick, M.; Reinherz, E.L.; Schlossman, S.F.; Rosen, F.S., 1979:
Common variable immuno deficiency with anti helper thymus derived cell auto antibody

Durham, J.C.; Stephens, D.S.; Nassar, V.H.; Rimland, D., 1984:
Common variable immunodeficiency complicated by t suppressor cytotoxic cell lymphoma evidence of increased t suppressor cell activity

Eross, B.; Powner, D.; Grenvik, A., 1980:
Common ventilatory modes: terminology

Nesburn, A.B., 1980:
Common viral eye diseases and latent infections

Smith, E.B.; Raimer, S.S., 1982 :
Common viral infections of the skin and their treatment

Cohen, M.I.; See, W.R.; Sica, A.L.; Christakos, C.N., 1987:
Common vs. specific high frequency components in different inspiratory i nerve discharges effects of chemical and pulmonary inputs

Belknap, J.K.; Laursen, S.E., 1988:
Commonalities between the analgesic effects of levorphanol and baclofen on the hot plate assay

Culver, S.J., 1982:
Commonalities patterns of species abundance and species area for benthic foraminifera and other organisms

Spigiel, R.W., 1982:
Commonly ingested nontoxic substances

Shimanoff, S.B., 1984:
Commonly named emotions in everyday conversations

Lebowitz, H.; Brusick, D.; Matheson, D.; Jagannath, D.R.; Reed, M.; Goode, S.; Roy, G., 1979:
Commonly used fuels and solvents evaluated in a battery of short term bioassays

Mordue, J.E.M., 1979:
Commonwealth mycological institute descriptions of pathogenic fungi and bacteria

Paskhina, N.M.; Lapin, V.A., 1983:
Communal association in persian jirds

Sussman, R.W.; Garber, P.A., 1985:
Communal breeding among the callitrichidae and its adaptive significance

Plant, C.W., 1985:
Communal conjugation in tipula paludosa diptera tipulidae

Sellin, D., 1980:
Communal defense against predators of the shelduck tadorna tadorna

Cairella, M.; Pretaroli, A.R., 1986:
Communal diet appropriate diet in the elderly the role of fiber and vegetable proteins

Lahl, U.; Meier, M.; Duemmer, M., 1988:
Communal experiences with the survey of hazardous landfills

Parmigiani, S., 1984:
Communal nursing and maternal aggression in female mice mus musculus domesticus

Delcroix, I.; Signoret, J.P.; Mauget, R., 1985:
Communal rearing of the young within the social group of european wild boars

Mcnicholl, M.K., 1979:
Communal roosting of song sparrows melospiza melodia under snowbank

Berman, E., 1988:
Communal upbringing in the Kibbutz. The allure and risks of psychoanalytic utopianism

Singh, L.A.K., 1983:
Communal use of village ponds by the mugger crocodile crocodylus palustris cattle and man

King, D.; Hastings, D.; Hastings, M., 1988:
Communal winter roosts of ferruginous hawks in san diego county california usa

Speert, D.P.; Lawton, D.; Damm, S., 1982:
Communicability of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a cystic fibrosis summer camp

Grad, F.P., 1986:
Communicable disease and mental health: restrictions of the person

Fortuine, R., 1985:
Communicable disease control in the early history of alaska usa i. smallpox

Fortuine, R., 1985:
Communicable disease control in the early history of alaska usa ii. syphilis

Salmi, H.A., 1984:
Communicable diseases in the battle field

Fuhrer, M.J., 1983:
Communicating and utilizing research in medical rehabilitation

Campbell, S.A.; Vanderstoep, J., 1982:
Communicating as a food scientist open the doors

Christiansen, F., 1981:
Communicating behavior in the domestic dog canis familiaris

Probstfield, J.L.; Russel, M.L.; Insull, W.Jr, 1983:
Communicating clinical trial methods to influence clinical medicine

Rich, M.E., 1982:
Communicating effectively with the family and friends of cytapheresis recipients

Frick, Robert, W., 1985:
Communicating emotion the role of prosodic features

Kogutt, M.S., 1982:
Communicating esophageal duplication cyst

Aoki, N., 1987:
Communicating fourth ventricular hydrocephalus: case report

Halperin, J.J.; Landis, D.M.; Weinstein, L.A.; Lott, I.T.; Kolodny, E.H., 1984:
Communicating hydrocephalus and lysosomal inclusions in mannosidosis

Waseem, N.; Ibrahim, M.D., 1986:
Communicating hydrocephalus as a complication of isolated central nervous system angiitis

Newman, L.J.; Heitlinger, L.; Hiesiger, E.; Kotsilimbas, D.; Puljic, S., 1980:
Communicating hydrocephalus following total parenteral nutrition

Page, E.; Munjunath, C.K., 1986:
Communicating junctions between cardiac cells

Jensen, K.M., 1985:
Communicating the diagnosis to the deaf family

Debodinance, P.; Ellart, D.; Querleu, D.; Corette, L.; Houze, D.L.aulnoit D.; Crepin, G., 1987:
Communicating uteri 11 cases

Toaff, M.E.; Lev Toaff, A.S.; Toaff, R., 1984:
Communicating uteri review and classification with introduction of 2 previously unreported types

Skoda, R.; Pakos, V.; Hörmann, A.; Späth, O.; Johansson, A., 1979:
Communicating vessel systems for mass cell culture of anchorage dependent cells

Thrush, J., 1981:
Communicating with patients with a language problem

Thrush, J., 1981:
Communicating with patients with speech problems

Hattersley, A.T.; Samuel, S., 1985:
Communicating with photographs in a leprosy hospital in Nepal

Conn, W.D.; Feimer, N.R., 1985:
Communicating with the public on environmental risk integrating research and policy

David, J.Mulhall, 1981:
Communicating with the relatives of handicapped patients

Mcreynolds, J., 1986:
Communicating with the terminally ill

Gyarfas, F.; Tekusova, M., 1985:
Communication a key problem of medical expert system acceptance

Dudley, H.A.F., 1985:
Communication a neglected art in clinical medicine

Hazlett, B.A., 1985:
Communication about shell condition during hermit crab clibanarius antillensis shell exchanges

Richardson, J.L.; Bourque, L.B., 1985:
Communication after laryngectomy

Easton, J., 1988:
Communication aids

Fallside, F., 1979:
Communication aids for the deaf

Rowley, C.; Chamberlain, M.A.; Stowe, J.; Bryant, J.; Kettle, M., 1987:
Communication aids policies of provision

Christensen, B.; Krausz, H.; Perez Polo, R.; Willis, W.D.Jr, 1980:
Communication among neurons and neuro scientists

Crown, S., 1980:
Communication and abnormal behavior

Eskelinen de Folch, T., 1988:
Communication and containing in child analysis: towards terminability

Rapp, P.E., 1985:
Communication and control in reproduction: the ubiquity of periodic phenomena

Tarjan, I.; Ronto, G., 1987:
Communication and control the elements of biocybernetics

Carter, I.D., 1982:
Communication and disease

Gilula, N.B.; Hertzberg, E.L., 1982:
Communication and gap junctions

Ratzan, R.M., 1986:
Communication and informed consent in clinical geriatrics

Raphel, C.; Fourcade, J., 1983:
Communication and inter human relations in a nuclear biological chemical warfare situation

Vitolo, M., 1985:
Communication and interaction in social psychology

Grabovskii, V.I., 1983:
Communication and mechanism of the dynamics of the spatial structure in corncrake populations

Viel, E., 1987:
Communication and signposting in a home that accommodates the elderly

Berger, B.A.; Mccrosky, J.C.; Richmond, V.P., 1984:
Communication apprehension and shyness

Oliver, C.H.; Schneider, E., 1986:
Communication awareness prescription for angry patients

Wilson, T.; Raval, D.; Goldbarg, H.; Henek, T.; Becker, N.; Roninson, O.; Pildes, R.S., 1988:
Communication behavior at preschool age of vlbw infants less than or equal to 1250 gms

Orts Llorca, F.; Lopez Rodriguez, A.; Puerta Fonolla, J.; Diaz Gonzalez, J.L., 1986:
Communication between atrium dextrum and ventriculus sinister embryological explanation

Yamaguchi, S.; Anzai, T.; Inada, F.; Kobayashi, T.; Furuta, K.; Ishida, H., 1988:
Communication between cyst cavity and renal pelvis after treatment of renal cyst with 95 percent ethanol instillation a case report

Ludders, B.B., 1987:
Communication between health care professionals and deaf patients

D.H.ro A.; Cerda, X., 1984:
Communication between nests by the transport of workers in cataglyphis iberica hymenoptera formicidae

Krebes, E.G., 1988 :
Communication between protein tyrosine and protein serine phosphorylation

Barcia, D., 1985:
Communication between psychiatrists and general practitioners

Gellert, M.; Nash, H., 1987:
Communication between segments of dna during site specific recombination

Clement, B.S.edge; James, J.S.einberg; Soichiro Tsukamoto, 1981:
Communication between synoviocytes and chondrocytes effect of hydrocortisone and other agents

Corone, P.; Talon, P.; Lasry, N., 1979:
Communication between systemic arteries and pulmonary veins

Becker, G., 1979:
Communication between termites by means of bio fields and the influence of magnetic and electric fields on termites

Miller, M.; Richardson, T.M., 1982:
Communication between the anterior chamber and the trabecular meshwork in the developing cat eye

Guaraldi, G.P., 1984:
Communication between the pediatrician the child and the family

Thielcke, G., 1984:
Communication by song and geographical variations a review

Konijn, T.M., 1987:
Communication cell aggregation and pattern formation in dictyostelium

L.C.W., 1985:
Communication compartmentation and pattern formation in development

Pitts, J.D., 1980:
Communication compartments in animal tissues

Benowitz, L.I., 1984:
Communication deficits and rehabilitation in the right hemisphere damaged patient

Kobayashi, S.; Yajima, T.; Arai, Y.; Aikawa, S., 1984:
Communication device for aphonic patient

Ellis, J.H.; Dallas, C.S.; Russell, R.J., 1983:
Communication device for patients undergoing nmr imaging

Slauson, T.J.; Bayles, K.A.; Tomoeda, C.K., 1987:
Communication disorders in late stage alzheimer's disease

Sarno, M.T., 1984:
Communication disorders in the elderly

Solot, C.B.; Levy, S.E.; Obringer, A.; Zackai, E.; Meadows, A., 1987:
Communication disorders of children with neurofibromatosis preliminary findings

Moushegian, G.; Morgan Fisher, A., 1985:
Communication disorders with age

Beukelman, D.R.; Vanderheiden, G.; Foulds, R.; Gordon, R., 1987:
Communication for persons who cannot speak an integration of science and technology

Khan, M.A., 1982:
Communication from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 206 repellency of chemical compounds to stored product insect pests a review of literature

Heun, M.; Mielke, H., 1982:
Communication from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 207. breeding for resistance of wheat to pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides and gaeumannomyces graminis

Laux, W., 1981:
Communication from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem parey berlin west germany

Feer, H., 1981:
Communication from the viewpoint of the European Regional Reference Center

Teyssedre, C.; Serrier, J., 1984:
Communication in electric fish support parameters of discharge rhythms of information in gnathonemus petersii mormyridae

Helman, C.G., 1985:
Communication in primary care: the role of patient and practitioner explanatory models

Woodford, F.P., 1986:
Communication in the clinical sciences

Silberglied, R.E., 1979:
Communication in the uv

Van Meter, A.; Ledwon Robinson, E.; Comstock Ried, A.; Driver, L.; Nelson, V., 1987:
Communication intervention efficacy children with acquired ventilator dependent quadriplegia

Tyler, J.P.P., 1987:
Communication lh dipstick quantitation by reflectance meter

Weintraub, M.I.; Boldridge, A.G., 1979:
Communication methods in locked in syndrome augmented telencenthesis

Saito, T., 1982:
Communication networks for health care in japan

Petershagen, K.J., 1982:
Communication of blood center services to hospital staff

Broda, H.; Hastings, J.W., 1984:
Communication of circadian time information in cultures of gonyaulax polyedra?

Lolas, F.; Von Rad, M., 1982:
Communication of emotional meaning a bio psycho social dimension in psycho somatics

Alpert, M., 1981:
Communication of feeling in voice

Bieri, D.; White, L.; Hughes, D.O.; Vowels, M.; Newsum, M.; Warren, J.; Miller, C., 1985:
Communication of self perceived levels of pain in children

Clare, D.; Taswell, H.F., 1984:
Communication of supervisory responsibilities during absences

Hoeck, K., 1984:
Communication order disorder and logical ontologies in anthropological discourse

Gottesfeld, F.; Bass, D.; Nadler, S.; Gershovitz, J.; Sobelman, G., 1982:
Communication patterns in functional bowel disease

Simmons, N.N., 1980:
Communication problems associated with right hemisphere lesions

Shahar, E.; Tervo, R.C.; Nowaczyk, M., 1987 :
Communication rehabilitation of children with dystonia musculorum deformans

Goldberg, E.; Laney, M.D., 1986:
Communication screening in pediatric practices

Laney, M.D.; Goldberg, E., 1987:
Communication screening of pediatric populations

Graham, J.M.Jr; Bashir, A.S.; Walzer, S.; Stark, R.E.; Gerald, P.S., 1981:
Communication skills among unselected xxy boys

Legg, D.R.; Fox, H.M., 1982:
Communication strategies to improve nutritional practices of families

Sutter, E.E., 1987:
Communication system for the disabled in which a display target is selected by encephalogram response us patent 4651145. march 17 1987

Ono, H.; Mizoi, K.; Saito, S., 1981:
Communication systems through a human body itself and applications

Anon, 1985:
Communication with the cancer patient receiving radiotherapy

Abeloff, M.D., 1979:
Communication with the patient

Sanz Ortiz, J., 1986:
Communication with the terminal patient

Bode, E., 1988:
Communications for the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 246. evaluating the environmental impact of microorganisms and viruses used for plant protection during the approval process colloquium brunswick west germany november 24 1987

Basedow, T., 1987:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem issue 235. the influence of increased grain cultivation intensity on ground beetles coleoptera carabidae evaluation of 14 years of studies 1971 1984

Stratil, H.; Reichmuth, C., 1982:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 205. moth infestation on confectionery development of a cooling method for the control of indian meal moth eggs plodia interpunctella

Herfs, W., 1983:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 210. examination and approval of plant protection products in west germany and their legal basis

Langerfeld, E., 1984:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 219. synchytrium endobioticum a summary description of the incitant of potato wart based on reports from the literature

Schuhmann, G., 1985:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 221. integrated plant protection in agriculture festschrift on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the institute for plant protection in agriculture and grassland brunswick west germany

Ebing, W., 1985:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no 222 gas chromatography of pesticides tabular literature abstracts series 13

Fed, B.ol Inst, A.ric For (W.Ger), 1985:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 224. list of serials in the libraries of the federal biological research center for agriculture and forestry

Kroeber, H., 1985 :
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 225. experiences with phytophthora and pythium

Fed, B.ol Inst, A.ric For (W.Ger), 1985:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 226. contributions to nematode research 25th anniversary of the institute for nematology in muenster gievenbeck

Stegemann, H.; Schnick, D., 1985:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 227. index 1985 of european potato varieties

Biol, I.st Agric, F.r (W.Ger), 1985:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 228. 4th conference on virus diseases of gramineae in europe braunschweig west germany may 2 4 1984

Laermann, H.T., 1985:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 229. traffic safety and environmental protection weed control on german federal railway track

Ebing, W.M., 1986:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 231. gas chromatography of pesticides tabular literature abstracts series xiv

Krieg, A.; Huger, A.M., 1987:
Communications from the federal biological institute for agriculture and forestry berlin dahlem no. 233 symposium in memoriam of dr. ernst berliner darmstadt west germany august 25 1986

Ebing, W., 1987:
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Community hospital study of the value of sub culture of previously positive blood cultures

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Community hospitals and medical group practice

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Community hospitals in norway health care resource to be integrated into the residential accommodation of the future

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Community implementation of oral rehydration therapy

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Community integration a comparative study of past pupils of a special school and an ordinary school

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Community intervention in sexual child abuse

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Community medicine for clinicians in Canada: a recommendation for postgraduate training

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Community medicine on the march in norway

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Community networking definition process and implications for occupational therapy and physical therapy

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Community paleo ecology as a epi phenomenal science

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Community planning for land application

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Community prevalence and care of dyspepsia

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Community prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases

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Community psychiatry in china organization and characteristics

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Community research factors affecting decision to adopt a public health measure

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Community residences the staffing

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Community residential treatment for schizophrenia 2 year follow up

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Community residing older adults and their risks for falls a prospective study

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Community resources for adolescents

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Community response to low frequency impulsive sources

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Community response to low frequency noise from large wind turbine generators

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Community responses following suicide, homicide, and other deaths: the perspective of potential comforters

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Community review sessions a complement to self directed learning

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Community service information needs of patients with arthritis

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Community services and the migrant patient

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Community state of the art in breast cancer management

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Community structure and composition of an old growth appalachian forest usa

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Community structure and organization of seagrass associated invertebrates of the southeastern usa

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Community structure and population dynamics by phyto nematodes in an apple orchard

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Community structure and productivity of the macro invertebrate benthos in 2 east texas usa streams

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Community structure in an intertidal soft sediment benthic community at belmar new jersey usa

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Community structure in small mammals of the dismal swamp usa

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Community structure in water striders gerridae hemiptera heteroptera evolutionary maintenance of habitat partitioning

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Community structure is it random or is it shaped by species differences and competition

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Community structure of benthic ciliates in mugu lagoon southern california usa

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Community structure of coagulase negative staphylococci in humans

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Community structure of grand comoro comoro islands land birds with special reference to the ecology of congeneric species

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Community structure of phototrophic organisms as assessed by hplc with diode array detector

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Community structure of subtidal modiolus modiolus beds

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Community studies in the usa

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Community studies in west germany

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Community support services for elderly people

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Community support to increase minority donations

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Community survey of the drug treatment of asthma and wheezing in children

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Community therapy portent of the future

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Community treatment for aged persons with altered brain function

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Community vs. university physician performance and patient evaluability

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Community water fluoridation

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Community wide surveillance of strokes associated with high blood pressure

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Commutability of purified human pancreatic and salivary amylase materials with human serum amylase

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Compact 27 megahertz applicators

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Compania general de tabacos de filipinas is diversified but has always had a heart of tobacco

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Companion fungi of vesicular arbuscular endophytes

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Comparative activity of the quinolones against anaerobic bacteria isolated at community hospitals

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Comparative acute and chronic effects of putative 5 ht 2 and 5 ht 1a agonists in the rat is there more than one serotonin syndrome

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Comparative acute and subchronic toxicity of ethylene glycol monopropyl ether and ethylene glycol monopropyl ether acetate

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Comparative age related aspect of profound imbecility

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Comparative agrochemical effectiveness of liquid complex and hard fertilizers

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Comparative allometry of size of the digenetic trematode bucephalus gorgon bucephalidae in 2 sites of infection in the marine fish seriola dumerili

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Comparative amino acid metabolism in nematodes

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Comparative amino acid sequence of fructose 1 6 bisphosphatases presence of a region unique to the chloroplast enzyme

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Comparative amino acid sequences of murine mono clonal antibodies against streptococcal group a poly saccharide

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Comparative analyses of soil fertilizer and plant nitrogen under greenhouse and outdoor conditions 1. nitrogen parameters in the soil and in the plant during the vegetation process in pot and field trials

Peschke, H., 1981:
Comparative analyses of soil fertilizer and plant nitrogen under greenhouse and outdoor conditions 2. nitrogen mineralization and nitrogen absorption in pot and field trials

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Comparative analyses on the bioavailability of various forms of phenylbutazone and clofezone perclusone

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Comparative analysis and indications for less common enteral nutrition products

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Comparative analysis between the erythrocyte membrane proteins of normal and duchenne muscular dystrophy patients using 1 and 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Comparative analysis in the quantification of escherichia coli by the technique of the most probable number

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Comparative analysis of 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 and 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 2 binding to target cell receptors

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Comparative analysis of affinity modification of a number of aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases ec 6.1.1. with gamma p azido anilide atp

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Comparative analysis of alpha interferon synthesis by human monocytes and lymphocytes at the secretory intracellular and messenger rna levels

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Comparative analysis of amino acid sequences of lc2 from rabbit slow and cardiac myosins

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Comparative analysis of amplitude and frequency characteristics of human microphonic potentials obtained experimentally and with the aid of a mathematical model

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Comparative analysis of avian egg yolk proteins and genes

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Comparative analysis of background impulse neuronal activity of the visual and sensorimotor areas of the cerebral cortex of rabbits

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Comparative analysis of bands and subbands of rbg banded human chromosomes at the level of 1250 bands

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Comparative analysis of behavior of otididae during early ontogeny

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