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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 28084

Chapter 28084 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Holmes, G.E.; Britain, L.A.; Simpson, R.L.; Hassanein, R.S., 1987:
Developmental progress of five groups of disabled children attending an early intervention program

Daily, D.K.; Mcguinness, G., 1981:
Developmental progress of survivors of neo natal intra cranial hemorrhage

Koike, T.; Suzuki, H.; Katada, A.; Ozaki, H., 1981:
Developmental properties of the auditory evoked potentials in relation to the background electro encephalogram

Renaud J F.; Romey, G.; Lombet, A.; Lazdunski, M., 1982:
Developmental properties of the fast sodium channel in embryonic cardiac cells using neuro toxins

Holtzman, R.; Adler, L.; Smith, L.; Shamsuddin, M.; Hunt, C.; Hageman, J.R., 1988:
Developmental prostacyclin decrement is associated with loss of oxygen tolerance in newborn rabbits

Raphael, B.; Adler, R.; Singh, B., 1982:
Developmental psychiatry: a novocastrian interpretation

Bowlby, J., 1988:
Developmental psychiatry comes of age

Glick, B.B., 1979:
Developmental psychobiology of mating in male bonnet macaques macaca radiata

Hall, W.G.; Oppenheim, R.W., 1987:
Developmental psychobiology: prenatal, perinatal, and early postnatal aspects of behavioral development

Richards, M.P.M., 1988:
Developmental psychology and family law a discussion paper

Fan, L., 1982:
Developmental psychology in china

Porges, S.W.; Fox, N.A., 1986:
Developmental psychophysiology

Danzmann, R.G.; Ferguson, M.M.; Allendorf, F.W., 1984:
Developmental rate and hetero zygosity at mdh 3 4 in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Thorpe, J.E.; Miles, M.S.; Keay, D.S., 1984:
Developmental rate fecundity and egg size in atlantic salmon salmo salar

Ferguson, M.M.; Allendorf, F.W., 1985:
Developmental rate of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri with a null allele at ldh 3

Wallace, J., 1986:
Developmental rates of salmon and charr at low temperatures

Whittemore, S.R.; Ebendal, T.; Larkfors, L.; Olson, L.; Seiger, A.; Stromberg, I.; Persson, H., 1985:
Developmental regional and post lesion expression of nerve growth factor and nerve growth factor messenger rna in rat brain

Cook, K.S.; Min H Y.; Groves, D.L.; Spiegelman, B.M., 1985:
Developmental regulation and alternative splicing of a novel serine protease homologue from 3t3 adipocytes

Rimland, J.; Akhayat, O.; Infante, D.; Infante, A.A., 1988 :
Developmental regulation and biochemical analysis of a 21kd heat shock protein in sea urchins

Gee, S.; Douville, P.; Carbonetto, S., 1988:
Developmental regulation and characterization of high affinity laminin receptors in chick and rat cns

Sorenson, J.C., 1983:
Developmental regulation of 2 catalase genes in maize

Jacobson, R.D.; Skene, J.H.P., 1985:
Developmental regulation of a growth cone membrane protein growth associated protein 43 in rat central nervous system

Zakany, J.; Patel, M.; Tuggle, C.; Chi Nguyen Huu, 1988:
Developmental regulation of a homeobox gene in transgenic mice

Vance, V.B.; Huang, A.H.C., 1987:
Developmental regulation of a maize lipid body protein

Goring, D.R.; Rossant, J.; Clapoff, S.; Breitman, M.L.; Tsui L C., 1988:
Developmental regulation of a murine gamma crystallin and bacterial lacz fusion gene in transgenic mice

Tierney, M.L., 1988:
Developmental regulation of a p33 related cell wall protein in soybean seedlings

West, C.M., 1983:
Developmental regulation of a plasma membrane glyco phospho poly peptide and an underivatized variant in dictyostelium discoideum

Barth, R.K.; Gross, K.W.; Gremke, L.C.; Hastie, N.D., 1982:
Developmental regulation of abundant liver specific messenger rna in the mouse

Ved, H.S.; Gustow, E.; Pieringer, R.A., 1988:
Developmental regulation of acetylcholinesterase by t 3 and hydrocortisone in enriched neuronal culture from rat cerebra

Lilly, W.W.; Charvat, I., 1979:
Developmental regulation of acid phosphatase in schizophyllum commune

Stoppelli, M.P.M.; Decker, S.J.; Rosner, M.R., 1987:
Developmental regulation of an insulin egf binding protein in drosophila

Moran, C.P.Jr; Kenney, T.J., 1988:
Developmental regulation of an rna polymerase sigma factor

Kalinyak, J.E.; Griffin, C.; Bradshaw, J.G.; Hoffman, A.H.; Perlman, A.J., 1988:
Developmental regulation of angiotensinogen messenger rna

James, J.M.; Coller, G.E., 1987:
Developmental regulation of arginine kinase in drosophila imaginal discs

Gray, K.M.; Ruby, E.G., 1988:
Developmental regulation of bdellovibrio bacteriovorus by prey derived signal compounds

Alexopoulou, M.G.; Goldsmith, M.R., 1984:
Developmental regulation of bombyx mori chorion genes studied by dna sequence analysis

Boettiger, D.; Duprey, S., 1986:
Developmental regulation of c myb during hematopoiesis

Gorelick, F.S.; Chang, A.; Jamieson, J.D., 1985:
Developmental regulation of calcium calmodulin stimulated protein kinase activity in pancreas

Slaughter, G.R.; Needleman, D.S.; Means, A.R., 1985:
Developmental regulation of calmodulin actin and tubulin messenger rna species in rat testis

Olson, A.L.; Rebouche, C.J., 1987:
Developmental regulation of carnitine reabsorption in humans

Sontheimer, H.; Trotter, J.; Schachner, M.; Kettenmann, H., 1988:
Developmental regulation of channel expression in oligodendrocytes

Chang, Y.C.; Demmin, D.S.; Stockinger, E.; Walling, L.L., 1988:
Developmental regulation of chlorophyll a b binding protein genes in soybean

Heilmann, L.J.; Infante, A.A., 1981:
Developmental regulation of competence for induction of heat shock proteins in sea urchin lytechinus pictus embryos

Fleming, R.E.; Gitlin, J.D., 1988:
Developmental regulation of copper zinc superoxide dismutase gene expression

Benbow, R.M.; Hines, P.J.; Gaudette, M.F., 1984:
Developmental regulation of dna replication in xenopus laevis embryos

Davidson, J.M.; Shibahara, S.; Smith, K.; Crystal, R.G., 1981:
Developmental regulation of elastin synthesis

Lamers, W.H.; D.G.aaf A.; Mooren, P.G.; Charles, R., 1981:
Developmental regulation of enzyme levels in rat liver

Bock, E.; Nybroe, O.; Linnemann, D., 1988:
Developmental regulation of expression of the neural cell adhesion molecules ncam and l1

Shapiro, L., 1985:
Developmental regulation of flagellar and chemotaxis genes

Fredman, P.; Magnani, J.L.; Grunwald, G.B.; Trisler, G.D.; Nirenberg, M.; Ginsburg, V., 1985:
Developmental regulation of ganglioside antigens of antibodies a 2b 5 and 18b 8 in chicken embryo brains and retinas

Mcelligott, S.G.; Davis, L.G.; Mcelligott, J.G., 1988:
Developmental regulation of gap 43 messenger rna

Wang, T.C.; Brand, S.J., 1988:
Developmental regulation of gastrin gene expression in pancreatic islet cells

Puigdomenech, P.; Sanchez, D.; Pages, M., 1986:
Developmental regulation of gene expression in zea mays embryos

Evans, R.M.; Amara, S.; Rosenfeld, M.G., 1984:
Developmental regulation of genes in mammalian central nervous system

Newburger, P., 1988:
Developmental regulation of glutathione peroxidase gene expression

Waldbillig, R.J.; Arnold, D.A.; Fletcher, R.T.; Chader, G.J., 1988:
Developmental regulation of growth factor receptors in chick sclera

Birnberg, N.C.; Civelli, O.; Herbert, E.; Palmiter, R.D.; Hammer, R.; Brinster, R.; Rosenfeld, M.G.; Evans, R.M., 1984:
Developmental regulation of growth hormone and pro opio melanocortin in the neuro endocrine system of normal and trans genic animals

Fisher, S.; Tian, Y.C.; Zhang, L.; Hartman, L.; Esteves, R.; Tarpey, J.; Damsky, C., 1988:
Developmental regulation of human cytotrophoblast extracellular matrix degrading proteases

Chang, K.S.; Pugh, W.C.; Hirsch Ginsberg, C.; Mcgraw, T.; Trujillo, J.M.; Stass, S.A., 1987:
Developmental regulation of human myeloperoxidase gene

Lephart, E.D.; Ojeda, S.R., 1988:
Developmental regulation of hypothalamic and pituitary aromatase activity in the male rat

Hogquist, K.; Katz, I.; Chaplin, D.; Strunk, R., 1988:
Developmental regulation of il 1 in human fibroblast lines

Schlosshauer, B.; Mendez Otero, R.; Constantine Paton, M., 1986:
Developmental regulation of jones gangliosides in the mammalian nervous system

Sessions, A.; Horwitz, A.F., 1981:
Developmental regulation of lipid distribution in myo blast plasma membranes

Charvat, I.; Lilly, W.; Lowsch, E., 1980:
Developmental regulation of lysosomal enzymes in schizophyllum commune

Garner, C.C.; Matus, A., 1987:
Developmental regulation of map2 expression in rat brain

Shepherd, G.W.; Nemer, M., 1980:
Developmental regulation of messenger rna levels in the sea urchin embryo

Fuhrman, J.A.; Hamill, B.; Urioste, S.S.; Spielman, A.; Piessens, W.F., 1986:
Developmental regulation of microfilarial capacity to infect the mosquito vector

Michelotti, E.F.; Hajduk, S.L., 1985:
Developmental regulation of mitochondrial ribosomal rna transcription in trypanosomes

Mathers, L.H.; Benitz, W.E., 1988:
Developmental regulation of mitogens produced by bovine fetal and adult pulmonary artery endothelium

O'Donovan, M.J., 1985:
Developmental regulation of motor function: an uncharted sea

Chinsky, J.M.; Ramamurthy, V.; Knudsen, T.B.; Trentin, J.J.; Kellems, R.E., 1988:
Developmental regulation of murine adenosine deaminase

Cook, J.L.; Deininger, P.L., 1988:
Developmental regulation of murine myelin proteolipid protein gene expression

Brown, W.E.; Springer, P.S.; Cresse, A.D.; Robertson, D.S.; Bennetzen, J.L., 1988:
Developmental regulation of mutator activity in maize

Baker, R.; Lond, S., 1988:
Developmental regulation of neonatal rabbit c reactive protein response

Heathcote, R.D.; Sargent, P.B., 1985:
Developmental regulation of neuron number in a parasympathetic ganglion

Clendening, B.; Hume, R.I., 1988:
Developmental regulation of neurotransmitter receptors on chick preganglionic neurons

Patterson, S.L.; Thompson, S.J.; Schatterman, G.C.; Underwood, R.; Bothwell, M.; Holbrook, K.A.; Gown, A., 1988:
Developmental regulation of ngf receptor expression in fibroblasts

Kornfeld, R.; Sharkey, D.J., 1988 :
Developmental regulation of oligosaccharide processing in dictyostelium discoideum

Maness, P.F.; Aubry, M., 1988:
Developmental regulation of pp60c s r c and tyrosine phosphorylation of a 53 55 kd protein in nerve growth cones

Wiestler, O.D.; Walter, G., 1987:
Developmental regulation of pp60c s r c protein tyrosine kinase activity in the central nervous system

Khurana, G.; Boccuzzi, L.; Stoll, L.L.; Spector, A.A.; Rubenstein, P., 1985:
Developmental regulation of prostaglandin synthesis in bc 3h 1 smooth muscle cells

Kropf, D.L.; Hopkins, R.; Quatrano, R.S., 1988:
Developmental regulation of protein synthesis during fucus embryogenesis

Miller, R.R.; Rao, J.S.; Festoff, B.W., 1986:
Developmental regulation of proteoglycan synthesis in chick skeletal muscle

Slaughter, G.R.; Means, A.R., 1986:
Developmental regulation of rat testis rna species encoding specific cytoskeletal associated proteins

Valaitis, A.P.; Theil, E.C., 1983:
Developmental regulation of red cell ferritin extracellular and membrane changes

Paule, M.R.; Kownin, P.; IIda, C.; Knoll, D.; Brown Shimer, S., 1984:
Developmental regulation of ribosomal rna transcription molecular mechanism and template sequences involved

Etkin, L., 1981:
Developmental regulation of sea urchin histone gene expression in xenopus laevis embryos

Etkin, L., 1981:
Developmental regulation of sea urchin histone genes in xenopus laevis eggs and oocytes

Melvin, J.E.; Hamill, R.W., 1986:
Developmental regulation of secretory gland innervation by gonadal hormones

Keller, R.J.; Jackson, R.A., 1988:
Developmental regulation of serum interleukin 2 receptor sil2r concentrations dramatic attenuation of the childhood peak in prediabetes and new onset type i diabetes

Carlsson, L.; Lazarides, E.; Hammarstrom, K.; Pettersson, U., 1985:
Developmental regulation of small nuclear rna expression in chicken cells

Theulaz, I.; Honegger, P.; Rossier, B.C., 1988:
Developmental regulation of sodium potassium atpase isoforms in aggregating rat brain cell cultures

Krueger, R.W.; Polacco, J.C., 1985:
Developmental regulation of soybean urease isozymes

Zachar, Z.; Chou T B.; Bingham, P.M., 1986:
Developmental regulation of suppressor of white apricot transcription

D.Gennaro, L.J., 1986:
Developmental regulation of synapsin gene expression

Macdonald, H.R.; Budd, R.C.; Miescher, G.; Lees, R.K.; Howe, R.C., 1987:
Developmental regulation of t cell antigen receptor expression

Courchesne Smith, C.L.; Tobin, S.L., 1987:
Developmental regulation of the 79b drosophila actin gene using promoter fusion techniques

Costantini, F., 1987:
Developmental regulation of the beta globin gene family analysis in transgenic mice

Holtzclaw, L.; Sadiq, F.; Devaskar, S., 1988:
Developmental regulation of the brain insulin receptor synthesis

Prusiner, S.B., 1986:
Developmental regulation of the cellular prion protein in hamster brain

Felsenfeld, G.; Emerson, B.; Hesse, J.; Jackson, P.D.; Kemper, B.; Kimura, T.; Lewis, C.; Lieber, M.; Nickol, J., 1987:
Developmental regulation of the chromatin structure of the globin genes

Linnemann, D., 1987:
Developmental regulation of the expression of the neural cell adhesion molecule ncam

Riordan, J.R.; Naismith, A.L.; Hoffmann Chudzik, E.; Tsui, L.C., 1985:
Developmental regulation of the gene for lipophilin the major integral protein of myelin

Malloch, G.D.A.; Phillips, I.R.; Clark, J.B., 1987:
Developmental regulation of the genes coding for the sub units of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in the rat brain

Lau, J.T.Y.; Lennarz, W.J., 1982:
Developmental regulation of the glycosylation of proteins in sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryos

D.G.nnaro L.J.; Wallace, W.C.; Greengard, P., 1983:
Developmental regulation of the messenger rna of a neuron specific phospho protein

Simmons, D.L.; Kasper, C.B., 1988:
Developmental regulation of the mixed function oxidase system in rat liver and extrahepatic tissues

Camper, S.; Krumlauf, R.; Hammer, R.E.; Brinster, R.; Godbout, R.; Vogt, T.; Solter, D.; Tilghman, S.M., 1986:
Developmental regulation of the murine alpha fetoprotein gene

Chang, A.W.; Etkin, L.D., 1988:
Developmental regulation of the sea urchin late h2b histone gene by a putative enhancer

Ramagopal, S.; Ennis, H.L., 1979:
Developmental regulation of the synthesis of ribosomal proteins in the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

May, G.S.; Morris, N.R., 1986:
Developmental regulation of the tub c beta tubulin gene of aspergillus nidulans

Howlett, A.R.; Carter, V.C.; Martin, G.S.; Bissell, M.J., 1986:
Developmental regulation of the tyrosine phosphorylation substrate p36 in embryonic avian limb tissue and expression in cultured cells

Bucher, E.; Hastings, K.; Emerson, C.P.Jr, 1985:
Developmental regulation of tissue specific isoforms of troponin t mediated by differential splicing pathways

Falkenthal, S., 1986:
Developmental regulation of transcript splicing in Drosophila melanogaster

Meins, F.Jr, 1985:
Developmental regulation of tumor autonomy in plants

Wolffe, A.P.; Brown, D.D., 1988:
Developmental regulation of two 5S ribosomal RNA genes

Salon, J.; Edelman, I.S., 1986 :
Developmental regulation of two catalytic forms of sodium potassium atpase in the brine shrimp

Bednarek, S.Y.; Raikhel, N.V., 1988:
Developmental regulation of wheat lectin messenger rna

Wormington, W.M.; Schlissel, M.; Brown, D.D., 1983:
Developmental regulation of xenopus laevis 5s rna genes

Wormington, M.; Baum, E.; Donahue, J.; Romanczuk, H., 1985:
Developmental regulation of xenopus ribosomal protein genes

Siegrist, S.; Jacquemin, E.; Bulle, F.; Bernaudin, J.F.; Wellman, M.; Hugon, R.N.; Guellaen, G.; Hadchouel, M., 1988:
Developmental regulations of the gamma glutamyl transpeptidase gene expression in rat liver and kidney

Trostle, P.K.; Brock, W.A.; Meistrich, M.L., 1979:
Developmental related changes in rat testes histone composition analyzed by acid urea triton x 100 poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Cox, W.F.Jr; Luhrs, J.A., 1981:
Developmental relationship between formal and dogmatic reasoning

Lord, J.M., 1979:
Developmental relationship between the endoplasmic reticulum and glyoxysomes

Diggle, P.K.; Demason, D.A., 1983:
Developmental relationship between the primary thickening meristem and the secondary thickening meristem in yucca whipplei var percursa

L.R.B.; Lebenthal, E.; Lee, P.C., 1986:
Developmental relationship of pancreatic cytosol glucocorticoid binding capacities and plasma corticosterone levels in rats

Rickman, R.W.; Klepper, B.; Belford, R.K., 1985:
Developmental relationships among roots leaves and tillers in winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar stephens

Yaguchi, K.; Koike, T.; Suzuki, H., 1981:
Developmental relationships between alpha rhythm at rest and averaged evoked waves for flickering light in alpha band

Andrew, A., 1985:
Developmental relationships of neuroendocrine cells

Kleinman, L.I., 1982:
Developmental renal physiology

Leister, G.L., 1980:
Developmental reproductive morphology and taxonomy of gigartina tuberculosa gigartinaceae rhodophyta from south america

Patrick, J.H., 1986:
Developmental research in paraplegic walking

Reed, P.G., 1986:
Developmental resources and depression in the elderly

Laframboise, W.; Standaert, T.; Woodrum, D., 1985:
Developmental response to elastic loading in newborn monkey macaca nemestrina

Lee, D.W., 1986:
Developmental responses of three tropical vines to simulated foliage shade

Prior, D.J., 1988:
Developmental responsiveness of the heart and feeding system of the terrestrial slug limax maximus to scp b

Trembicki, K.A.; Qureshi, M.A.; Dietert, R.R., 1982:
Developmental restriction of chicken fetal antigen on activated peritoneal macrophage

Bonner, P.H., 1987:
Developmental restriction of neuron myoblast gap junctions

Johnson, L.K.; Strehler, B.L., 1979:
Developmental restrictions on transcription: determinants of the developmental program and their role in aging

Ravo, B.; Metwally, N.; Pai, P.B.; Ger, R., 1987:
Developmental retroperitoneal cysts of the pelvis. A review

Popov, K.P.; Belyaeva, N.S., 1987:
Developmental rhythm and the cause of infertility in the grass arundo donax l. in connection with its origin and distribution

Savchenko, V.A., 1988:
Developmental rhythm of plants from the asiatic poplar association in the southern tadzhik ssr ussr tigrovaya balka preserve

Hunt, J.V., 1986:
Developmental risk in infants

Toole, B.P., 1982:
Developmental role of hyaluronate

Abd, E.fattah A.S.; Murphy, C.E.; Salter, D.R.; Brunsting, L.A.; Goldstein, J.P.; Wechsler, A.S., 1986:
Developmental role of myocardial 5' nucleotidase and amp deaminase isoenzymes in the increased tolerance of immature hearts to ischemic injury

Holt, K.S., 1982:
Developmental screening diagnosis and guidance

Cliff, S.; Budwig, I.A.Jr; Carr, D., 1980:
Developmental screening program

Friel Patti, S., 1988:
Developmental sequellae and ome

Kanemitsu, A., 1979:
Developmental sequence among spinal neurons

Hase, T., 1985:
Developmental sequence and surface membrane assembly of rickettsiae

Drake, R.L.; Magge, S.; Davis, B.B., 1988:
Developmental sequence of messenger rnas encoding hepatic enzymes involved in glucose utilization and lipogenesis

Higgins, G.A.; Schmale, H.; Naus, C.; Battenberg, E.; Bloom, F.E.; Wilson, M.C.; Milner, R.J., 1986:
Developmental shift in the cellular expression of the brain specific gene 1b 236 localization to oligodendrocytes revealed by in situ hybridization

Broyles, R.H.; Palmer, J.C.; Mcbride, K.A.; Ramseyer, L.T.H.; Jarman, R.N., 1987:
Developmental signals for hemoglobin switching revealed by cell fusions

Koike, T.; Matsuno, Y.; Katada, A.; Ozaki, H.; Suzuki, H., 1981:
Developmental significance of late negative components in auditory evoked potentials

Malin, S.; Daft, A.; Hoffman Williamson, M.; Bernbaum, J., 1985:
Developmental significance of scapular retractions in the low birthweight infant

Weinberg, W.A.; Minshew, N.J.; Pettegrew, J.W., 1984:
Developmental specific learning disorders natural history in the absence of specific therapeutic intervention

Knudsen, K.L., 1983:
Developmental stability and enzyme hetero zygosity in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Graham, J.H.; Felley, J., 1983:
Developmental stability and genomic co adaptation in hybrid sunfish

Leary, R.F.; Knudsen, K.L.; Allendorf, F.W.; Thorgaard, G.H., 1984:
Developmental stability of gyno genetic di ploid and tri ploid rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Hirschmann, W., 1979:
Developmental stage based systematics of parasitiformes 1. stage based families or phase families and stage based genera of the atrichopygidiina compared with hirschmanns 1979 loco motion based system

Kitayama, Y.; Tsukada, S., 1982:
Developmental stage of poly dactyly of the thumb angiographic study

Yamamoto, M.; Boyer, A.; Schwarting, G., 1984:
Developmental stage specific antigens in the cerebral cortex of rodents

Wall, R., 1984:
Developmental stage specific regulation of transfected immuno globulin genes

Tadkowski, T.M.; Hyland, K.E., 1979:
Developmental stages of aplodontopus sciuricola astigmata from tamias striatus sciuridae in north america

Drummond, B.K.; Robinson, C.; Curzon, M.E.J., 1988:
Developmental stages of enamel at two sites on the rat lower third molar

Saito, M.; Yamamoto, C.; Hagiwara, S.; Koono, K.; Simodaira, K., 1979:
Developmental stages of female strobili and the appropriate period for controlled pollination in pinus thunbergii

Schaper, J.; Alpers, P.; Gottwik, M., 1984:
Developmental stages of subcellular injury in canine myocardial infarction

Samylina, V.A., 1987:
Developmental stages of the northeast asian flora in the cretaceous period

Ponomarenko, V.A., 1986:
Developmental stages of the problem of flight safety in aviation medicine

Willison, K.R.; Dudley, R.K.; Summerhayes, I.C.; Potter, J.; Lyon, M.F., 1984:
Developmental staging of monoclonal antibody and complementary dna markers of mouse spermatogenesis with male sterile mutations

Scollay, R.; Wilson, A.; D'Amico, A.; Kelly, K.; Egerton, M.; Pearse, M.; Wu, L.; Shortman, K., 1988:
Developmental status and reconstitution potential of subpopulations of murine thymocytes

Whitman, B.Y.; Stretch, J.; Accardo, P., 1988:
Developmental status of homeless children

Berendt, M.J.; Ives, J.L., 1985:
Developmental status of synthetic immunomodulators

Shear, T.R., 1982:
Developmental strategies facilitating independent living and employability

Kende, H., 1987:
Developmental strategies in semiaquatic plants

Raghavan, V., 1987:
Developmental strategies of the angiosperm pollen: a biochemical perspective

Greenspan, S.; Lourie, R.S., 1981:
Developmental structuralist approach to the classification of adaptive and pathologic personality organizations: infancy and early childhood

Deoras, K.S.; Bhutani, V.K.; Wolfson, M.R.; Sheffield, J.B.; Hilfer, S.R.; Shaffer, T.H., 1988:
Developmental structure function relationships in the tracheae of preterm and newborn lambs

Lee C Y.G.; Wong, E., 1985:
Developmental studies of acrosomal sperm surface antigens

Motoyama, E.K.; Klesch, K.; Mutich, R.; Fort, M., 1985:
Developmental studies of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in premature infants with deflation maximum expiratory flow volume curves

Kemp, L.; Riabowol, K., 1980:
Developmental studies of eudorina californica

Lin, A.; Smith, J.; Porten, R.; Cullis, H.; Houx, J.; Buchholz, D.; Mccullough, J., 1980:
Developmental studies of granulocyte collection using the fenwal cs 3000 blood cell separator

L Fando, J.; Cales, C.; Azuara, C.; Salinas, M., 1985:
Developmental studies of initiation factor 2 from rat brain

Russell, E.S., 1984:
Developmental studies of mouse hereditary anemias

Q.D F., 1984:
Developmental studies of phospho lipid calcium dependent and s 100 protein modulated protein phosphorylation systems in brain

Turner, R.S.; Q.D.F.; Kuo, J.F., 1985:
Developmental studies of phospholipid calcium dependent and s 100 modulated protein phosphorylation systems in brain

Barnstable, C.J., 1981:
Developmental studies of rat retina cells using cell type specific mono clonal antibodies

Mehra, R.; Hendrickson, A., 1987:
Developmental studies of substance p and neuropeptide y neurons in monkey visual cortex

Bailey, K.A.; Bartlett, P.F., 1985:
Developmental studies of the mouse central nervous system using monoclonal antibodies

Raff, M.C., 1987:
Developmental studies on a glial cell lineage specialized for myelination

Ransom, B.R.; Yamate, C.L.; Connors, B.W., 1985:
Developmental studies on brain extracellular space activity dependent potassium accumulation and shrinkage

Susan, E.C.mpbell; Kathleen Cole, 1984:
Developmental studies on cultured endolithic conchocelis rhodophyta

Mikami S I., 1986:
Developmental studies on enzyme histochemistry of the three olfactory epithelia in the golden hamster

Calvin, H.I., 1984:
Developmental studies on rat sperm mitochondrial seleno protein

Calvin, H.I., 1985:
Developmental studies on rodent sperm selenoprotein

Kosk Kosicka, D.; Inesi, G., 1981 :
Developmental studies on sarcoplasmic reticulum from dystrophic chicken muscle

Horton, H.; Levitt, P., 1986:
Developmental studies with a specific cell surface marker for limbic system neurons

Renden, J.A.; Abbott, U.K., 1980:
Developmental studies with avian ichthyosis

Roberts, D.M.; Etzler, M.E., 1980:
Developmental study of a protein that cross reacts with antibodies to the dolichos biflorus seed lectin

Green, T.P.; Kulik, T.J.; Marchessault, R.P.; Johnson, D.E.; Lock, J.E., 1984:
Developmental study of amrinone disposition in infants

Genis Galvez, J.M.; Garcia Lomas, V.; Prada, F., 1982:
Developmental study of axon formation in the horizontal neurons of the chick embryo

Verney, C.; Berger, B.; Helle, K.B.; Grzanna, R.; Gay, M., 1982:
Developmental study of dopamine beta hydroxylase like immuno reactive fibers in the cerebral and cerebellar cortices of the rat

Misrachi, E.; Denney, N.W., 1979:
Developmental study of foreign language pronunciation

Shull, J.M.; Chandrashekar, A.; Kirleis, A.W., 1988:
Developmental study of hard and soft varieties of sorghum

Zhu, B.C.R.; Laine, R.A., 1986:
Developmental study of human fetal placental fibronectin alterations in carbohydrates of tissue fibronectin during gestation

Kawamura, T.; Fukui, Y.; Ozawa, S.; Mitsui, K.; Kamo, J.; Hamada, E.; Mori, M.; Otani, T., 1985:
Developmental study of implantable artificial lung pumpless extracapillary membrane oxygenator by total right ventricle left atrium pass

Cancelli, A.A.; Duley, S.M.; Meredith, K., 1979:
Developmental study of subjective uncertainty

Ishiguro, H., 1985:
Developmental study of the comprehension of giving and receiving sentences in japanese children case and point of view

Shelton, G.D.; Bandman, E.; Cardinet, G.H.IIi, 1985:
Developmental study of the myosin isozyme composition in canine masticatory muscle

Bal, A.K.; Patel, T.R.; Hampson, M.C., 1982:
Developmental study of the resting sporangium wall of synchytrium endobioticum

Rebar, R.W.; D.S.M.F.S.; Dolin, S.; Hopper, B.R.; Petze, J.E., 1981:
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Developmental toxicity testing for morphological and neurochemical abnormalities of the brain in postnatal development

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Developmental toxicity testing under federal statutes

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Developmental trends in laboratory medicine pleading for a standpoint revision in medical analytics

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Developmental trends in pediatric research

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Developmental trends in social gerontological theory since max buerger

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Developmental trends in the representation of social knowledge some theoretical considerations on the cognitive approach

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Developmental types and hatching stages in mollusks some general findings

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Developmental variations including shallowness of the cervical spinal canal

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Developmental visual sequence clusters and a model for visual function in the home school and community

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Developmental work on a replicate plating technique for cloned human tumors

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Developmentally controlled appearance of surface glyco conjugates during mouse pre implantation development

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Developmentally distinct forms of the glucose transporter in brain muscle and liver

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Developmentally interesting new mutants in plants naphthaleneacetic acid resistant mutants of tobacco impaired in root morphogenesis

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Developmentally interesting new mutants in plants odd new dominant mutations affecting the development of the maize leaf

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Developmentally interesting new mutants in plants plastome mutator pim

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Developmentally interesting new mutants in plants the knotted 1 locus of maize

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Developmentally programmed aging future directions

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Developmentally regulated neural antigens

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Developmentally regulated transcription at the 67 b heat shock cluster

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Developmentally regulated transcription termination controls immunoglobulin delta gene expression

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Developmentally regulative genes in dictyostelium discoideum

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Developments for expansion of functions analytical techniques and test methods on the automatic clinical analyzer

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Developments in agricultural pest control

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Developments in assessing carcinogenic risks from radiation

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Developments in central analgesics 1951 1985

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Developments in cochlear mechanics and techniques for noninvasive evaluation

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Developments in computerization of the psychiatric record

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Developments in defining objectives for radioactive waste management

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Developments in defining the experience of crowding

Anon, 1986:
Developments in dewatering

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Developments in diamondback moth plutella xylostella management in the philippines

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Developments in ecotoxicology

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Developments in electrochemical instrumentation

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Developments in fingerprint visualization

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Developments in gender identity gender differentiation in girls

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Developments in interfacing microbore high performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry a review

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Developments in isolated pancreatic islet transplantation

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Developments in management of portal hypertension: a plea for selective symptomatic treatment

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Developments in methods for the detection of viruses in large volumes of water

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Developments in molecular and cell biology and their significance in clinical medicine

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Developments in occupational health

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Developments in ophthalmology vol 6 diagnostic techniques and clinical questions

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Developments in optical microscopy

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Developments in oxygen monitoring

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Developments in plant cell culture technology

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Developments in poultry diseases in the last 20 years conditioned by keeping and economics

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Developments in professional eczemas in agriculture of the magdeburg district east germany since 1966

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Developments in protective services a challenge for social workers

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Developments in protoplast fusion in fungi

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Developments in psychiatric day care

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Developments in pyrolysis capillary gas chromatography

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Developments in radiochemistry

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Developments in red cell rheology at the Institut de Pathologie Cellulaire

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Developments in rheumatology the interface between physicians and radiologists

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Developments in scientific information systems

Anon, 1986:
Developments in sludge dewatering

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Developments in southeast asia

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Device and rule

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Device for automatic recording of arcing periods during electric welding

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Device for compression molding of sections with a constant cross section consisting of vegetable particles us patent 4705472. november 10 1987

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Device for continuous in vivo measurement of blood glucose concentrations us patent 4685463. august 11 1987

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Device for continuously detecting the breathing rhythm in particular with a view to preventing the sudden death of an infant due to cessation of breathing during sleep us patent 4696307. september 29 1987

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Device for continuously feeding synchronizing essentially flat articles of the luxury food or food industry especially bars or strips of chocolate to a packaging machine us patent 4624100 nov 25 1986

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Device for controlled cyclic substitution during spontaneous filtration

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Device for controlled discharge of liquid to animals us patent 4633816. jan. 6 1987

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Device for controlled release drug delivery us patent 4764382. august 16 1988

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Device for controlling contents of tobacco on cigarette machine us patent 4638817. january 27 1987

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Device for controlling the flow of a fluid and a prosthetic organ equipped with this device us patent 4721095. january 26 1988

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Device for controlling the raising and lowering movement of a fluidized bed us patent 4574785. march 11 1986

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Device for controlling the water balance of patients undergoing hemodialysis us patent 4769132. september 6 1988

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Device for conveying chickens to a slaughtering plant us patent 4658476. april 21 1987

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Device for conveying pastry or the like through a heating zone us patent 4751877. june 21 1988

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Device for cooling stomatological cryoprobes

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Device for correlating computed tomography and radiation therapy portal images

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Device for cutting a patella and method therefore us patent 4565192. jan. 21 1986

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Device for cutting leukocyte films

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Device for cutting off the tail of slaughtered poultry us patent 4639973. february 3 1987

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Device for cutting off the wings of slaughtered poultry us patent 4651383. march 24 1987

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Device for cutting open slaughtered poultry us patent 4731907. march 22 1988

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Device for cutting open the carcass of a slaughter animal us patent 4779307. october 25 1988

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Device for cutting threads in the walls of the acetabular cavity in humans us patent 4611587. sept. 16 1986

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Device for deboning meat us patent 4779306. october 25 1988

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Device for decreasing side stream smoke of tobacco products us patent 4638819. january 27 1987

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Device for decreasing side stream smoke of tobacco products us patent 4773435. september 27 1988

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Device for detecting and or measuring visual deficiencies us patent 4714330. december 22 1987

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Device for detecting antigens and antibodies us patent 4769216. september 6 1988

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Device for detecting increased pressure in pleural cavity us patent 4685908. august 11 1987

Brown, G.T.Jr, 1987:
Device for detecting measuring and recording body thermal emissivity us patent 4691712. september 8 1987

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Device for detecting nocturnal penile erections us patent 4700715. october 20 1987

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Device for detecting the onset of parturition of a pregnant animal us patent 4707685. november 17 1987

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Device for determination of blood viscosity

Podvigin, N.F., 1982:
Device for determination of the direction and rate of stimulus movement

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Device for determining and evaluating the pressure in a balloon sleeve of a closed tracheal tube us patent 4630606. dec. 23 1986

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Device for determining changes in the occlusion surface of lower jaw teeth

Federle, H.; Walther, F., 1986:
Device for determining continuously the hardness of a smokable article us patent 4615342. oct. 7 1986

Gedeon, A.; Lindblad, L.E., 1988:
Device for determining depth of anesthesia us patent 4788982. december 6 1988

Gin'ko A.Yu, 1979:
Device for determining micro currents and the electromotive force in the mouth cavity

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Device for determining osmotic pressure in microvolumes of liquids

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Device for determining plant leaf transpiration

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Device for determining technological properties of millet grain

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Device for determining the precision of movement

Kutsenko, G.I.; Soshnikov, E.I.; Minchin, B.N., 1984:
Device for determining the spatial coordination of the movement of an arm

Matthews, H.V., 1988:
Device for developing control of sphincter type muscles us patent 4776347. october 11 1988

Iosif, B., 1986:
Device for diagnosing and monitoring urological diseases us patent 4619273. oct. 28 1986

Robertson, J.R., 1987:
Device for diagnosing and relieving female incontinence us patent 4669478 june 2 1987

Nakada, A.; Matsuo, K., 1985:
Device for diagnosing body cavity interiors with ultrasonic waves us patent 4558706. dec. 17 1985

Matsuo, K.; Nakada, A., 1987:
Device for diagnosing body cavity interiors with ultrasonic waves us patent 4633882. jan. 6 1987

Young, D.E., 1988:
Device for diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence us patent 4790328. december 13 1988

Morantte, B.D.Jr, 1986:
Device for diagnostic and therapeutic intravascular intervention us patent 4587972. may 13 1986

Moench, H., 1988:
Device for disinfecting medical instruments us patent 4732187. march 22 1988

Bonnet, L., 1986:
Device for disintegrating stones in bodily cavities or ducts us patent 4606330. aug. 19 1986

Winkel, J.; Lamfers, G.J., 1988:
Device for dissemination of a spreadable material us patent 4793558. december 27 1988

Carre, M., 1988:
Device for distribution particularly for medical use of a product in predetermined metered amounts us patent 4758226. july 19 1988

Francioni, R., 1988:
Device for dividing flat products such as cookies and the like into groups for packaging us patent 4755093. july 5 1988

Beal, C.B.; Fields, C.B.; Stewart, D.L., 1987:
Device for drawing and processing blood and for administering liquid via parenteral injection us patent 4645486. february 24 1987

Alexson, C.E.; Guenther, H.H., 1988:
Device for driving tools used in orthopedic surgery us patent 4736742. april 12 1988

Griffith, N.J.; Vance, D.A.; Schneider, R.A.; Kelleher, B.S.; Balnave, P.A.; Hill, T.B.; Tostevin, B.C., 1988:
Device for electromagnetic treatment of living tissue us patent 4757804. july 19 1988

Avdeev, G.I., 1982:
Device for electrophoretic de colorizing of poly acrylamide gel columns

D.B.cker E., 1987:
Device for elimination of urine through ureterostoma us patent 4650474. march 17 1987

Link, H.D.; Keller, A., 1987:
Device for embedding in bone in particular a femoral hip joint prosthesis us patent 4698063. october 6 1987

Kanshin, N.N.; Fedotov, V.M.; Smirnov, B.A., 1986:
Device for establishing compression anastomoses us patent 4567891. feb. 4 1986

Goldberg, E.M.; Bazell, S., 1987:
Device for evacuating body fluids us patent 4648870. march 10 1987

Albarda, S., 1986:
Device for evaluating the mixing of liquid anesthetic and a respiratory gas for patients us patent 4587966 may 13 1986

Shapiro, S.W., 1988:
Device for exercising vaginal muscles us patent 4768522. september 6 1988

Seredenko, M.M.; Filippov, M.M.; Furman, M.A.; Chekal' V.N., 1985:
Device for experimental determination of mechanical work performed by small laboratory animals

Murphy, R.W.; Ouellette, M.L., 1988:
Device for fancy cutting melons and the like us patent 4779504. october 25 1988

Gianese, G., 1987:
Device for feeding cigarettes or the like rod like articles us patent 4691848. september 8 1987

Gamberini, A., 1988:
Device for feeding cigarettes to the wrapping line of a packaging machine us patent 4760853. august 2 1988

Gherardi, G.L., 1988:
Device for feeding rod like articles particularly filter plugs for filter tipped cigarettes us patent 4766991. august 30 1988

Van, M.ulenbeke P., 1988:
Device for filling a mold tray with a thick fluid substance such as chocolate us patent 4747766. may 31 1988

Werding, W.J., 1987:
Device for filling cigarette paper tubes us patent 4657030. april 14 1987

Wildemeersch, D., 1988:
Device for fixing an intra uterine contraceptive device to the uterine wall us patent 4721105. january 26 1988

Mattheck, C.; Boerner, M., 1988:
Device for fixing the fractured ends of a bone us patent 4784127. november 15 1988

Mattei, R.; Minarelli, A., 1988:
Device for forming and controlling the outer wrapping of packs in a cigarette packaging machine us patent 4738073. april 19 1988