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Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 28126

Chapter 28126 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Do human erythrocyte membranes contain muscarinic cholinergic binding sites?
, Neuroscience Letters Suppl (22): S541 (1985)

Do human leukemia lymphoma cell lines express endogenous sugar receptors lectins?
, Anticancer Research 8(5 Part B): 1063 (1988)

Do human pheromones influence the live birth sex ratio in man?
, American Association for the Advancement of Science Abstracts of Papers of the National Meeting 148: 147 (1982)

Do hydrochloric acid or ammonium chloride induce metabolic acidosis by different mechanisms
, Journal Of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry: 267 (1986)

Do hydrophobic interactions mediate bacterial adherence to teeth?
, Israel Journal Of Medical Sciences: 480 (1984)

Do hyperkalemic cardioplegic solutions damage vascular endothelium? studies on vascular responsiveness in the rat heart
, British Heart Journal 54(6): 654 (1985)

Do hypertension and aging have a similar effect on the myocardium?
, Circulation 75(1 Pt 2): I69-I77 (1987)

Do hypertensive patients have an increased plasma serotonin level
, Blood Vessels 23(2): 72 (1986)

Do hypoxia and hypercapnia contribute to diaphragmatic fatigue in preterm infants
, Pediatric Research 19(4 Part 2): 418A (1985)

Do idiotype bearing monoclonal suppressor factors work on cytotoxic responses
, Yokohama Medical Bulletin 36(1-2): 5-8 (1985)

Do imidazole behavioral effects in rats reflect its anxiogenic activity
, Pharmacological Research Communications 20(supp-S1): 29-30 (1988)

Do immune complexes interfere with the assay for platelet binding immuno globulin g?
, Federation Proceedings 42(5): ABSTRACT 5337 (1983)

Do immuno globulins or complement mediate lysosomal enzyme release and super oxide anion generation by neutrophils exposed to mono sodium urate crystals
, Clinical Research 28(2): 338A (1980)

Do individuals with slightly raised tsh benefit from l thyroxine treatment a double blind crossover study
, Annales d'Endocrinologie 45(1): 14 (1984)

Do indomethacin, thiazide, pyridoxine or allopurinol prevent calcium oxalate stones?
, Contributions to Nephrology 58: 176-180 (1987)

Do induced sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmias on amiodarone therapy predict characteristics of arrhythmia recurrence?
, American Heart Association Monograph: Ii-212 (1986)

Do infarct related coronary stenoses become remodeled after successful thrombolysis?
, British Heart Journal 57(1): 73 (1987)

Do infarct related coronary stenoses remodel early after thrombolysis
, American Heart Association Monograph 124: II-480 (1986)

Do insomniacs have impaired daytime functioning?
, Biological Psychiatry 19(8): 1261-1264 (1984)

Do insulin and the insulin like growth factors (IGFs) stimulate growth of the exocrine pancreas?
, Gut 28(Suppl): 51-55 (1987)

Do insulin levels affect the metabolic responses of brown adipose tissue?
, Experientia 38(6): 719 (1982)

Do interactions in multiple and concurrent schedules have a common basis?
, Commons, M. J. Herrnstein And H. Rachlin (ed.). Quantitative Analyses Of Behavior, Vol. 2. Matching And Maximizing Accounts; Selected Papers From The 2nd Annual Harvard Symposium On Quantitative Analyses Of Behavior, June . Xxix 587p. Ballinger Publishing Co: Cambridge, Mass., Usa. Illus. P281-302 (1982)

Do interns and residents order more tests than attending staff results of a house staff strike
, Clinical Researchpart 1: 248a (1985)

Do interventions that reduce infarct size alter mortality rate
, Clinical Research 29(2): 221A (1981)

Do intestinal calories determine the intermeal interval?
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 11(1): 57 (1985)

Do intra thoracic pressure fluctuations or heart compressions move blood during external cardio pulmonary resuscitation
, Anesthesiology 53(3 Suppl): S150 (1980)

Do intra tympanically applied disinfectants on mucous membranes have an oto toxic effect
, Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 235(2-3): 657-659 (1982)

Do intra uterine contraceptive devices still need a tail
, Contraceptive Delivery Systems 4(4) (1983)

Do intra venous benzodiazepines enhance gamma amino butyric acid mediated inhibition in the cerebellum
, British Journal of Pharmacology 82(Suppl): 302P (1984)

Do intrinsic properties of beta blockers affect the long term survival after myocardial infarction
, Clinical Research 34(2): 379A (1986)

Do invading species have definable genetic characteristics
, Philosophical Transactions B 314(1167): 655-674-674 (1986)

Do ionic currents play a role in the control of development?
, Bioessays: News and Reviews in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology 4(4): 180-184 (1986)

Do iron and ethanol have a synergistic effect on collagen synthesis
, Hepatology 7(5): 1090 (1987)

Do iron fortified formulas produce gastro intestinal symptoms
, Pediatric Research 14(4 Part 2): 516 (1980)

Do ischemic hearts stimulate endothelial cell growth?
, Surgery 96(2): 435-439 (1984)

Do iso metallothioneins regulate metalloenzyme metabolism
, Speculations in Science and Technology 11(1): 59-62 (1988)

Do isoflurane and halothane attenuate coronary artery constriction in pigs
, Anesthesiology 69(3A): A24 (1988)

Do isolated abnormalities of thallium 201 clearance during single photon emission computed tomography spect improve the assessment of significant coronary artery disease
, Journal of Nuclear Medicine 29(5 Suppl): 948 (1988)

Do isolated adult myocytes undergo isoproterenol induced necrosis?
, Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 14(Suppl 1): 38 (1982)

Do isolated rat hepatocytes maintain bile canalicular and sinusoidal sites
, European Journal of Cell Biology 22(1): 393 (1980)

Do it safely use and disposal of biological and chemical agents a report from the ad hoc committee on laboratory materials and bio safety of the tissue culture association
, In Vitro 16(3): 258 (1980)

Do it yourself cardioversion
, Bmj 297(6664): 1641 (1988)

Do it yourself nuclear medicine at 46 degrees south 168 degrees longitude
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 14(6 Suppl 4): 933-934 (1984)

Do justice love mercy the inappropriateness of the concept of justice applied to bedside decisions
, Shelp, E E (Ed ) Philosophy And Medicine, Vol 8 Justice And Health Care Xiv+238p D Reidel Publishing Co : Dordrecht, Netherlands (Dist in The Usa By Hingham, Mass , Usa) P75-82, 1981 (1982)

Do kappa effects explain t's and blues
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 30(2): 557-558 (1988)

Do keratinocytes regulate fibroblast collagenase activities during morphogenesis?
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 548: 167-173 (1988)

Do knee stabilizers help prevent knee injuries in college football? a retrospective study
, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 17(2): 254-255 (1985)

Do l glutamate binding sites on human erythrocyte plasma membranes provide a model for cns excitatory amino acid receptors
, British Journal of Pharmacology 85(Suppl): 374P (1985)

Do l5 s1 disc mr relaxation times correlate with tissue water content degeneration and or mechanical properties
, Orthopaedic Transactions 10(3): 530 (1986)

Do laboratory tests predict blood pressure reactivity during a normal day
, Psychophysiology 21(5): 580-581 (1984)

Do laboratory toxicity tests adequately describe fish response to acidification in situ?
, Canadian Technical Report Of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences: 22 (1987)

Do large diameter afferents from the skin play a role in the transmission of pain in man?
, Acta Neurologica Scandinavica Suppl 60(73): 111 (1979)

Do large diameter cutaneous afferents have a role in the transmission of nociceptive information?
, PAIN® 11 (1981)

Do large diameter cutaneous afferents have a role in the transmission of nociceptive messages?
, Brain Research 311(2): 375-379 (1984)

Do late potentials predict sustained ventricular tachycardia independent of left ventricular function in patients with coronary artery disease?
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 7(2 Suppl A): 104A (1986)

Do late results justify replantation of extremities
, Langenbecks Archiv fuer Chirurgie 352: 556 (1980)

Do learning handicaps and headache cluster?
, Journal of Child Neurology 1(4): 372-377 (1986)

Do left ventricular false tendons provide a cardiac source for cerebrovascular emboli
, American Heart Association Monograph 114: III-133 (1985)

Do left ventricular receptors alter the arterial baro reflex in conscious dogs with chronic volume overload
, Federation Proceedings 43(3): ABSTRACT 2395 (1984)

Do leopards use their whiskers as a wind detectors
, Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 77(1): 128-129 (1980)

Do lepidoptera cause seasonal inhalant allergy?
, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 77(1 Part 2): 203 (1986)

Do lepidopterans drink molting fluid before the pupal adult molt?
, American Zoologist: 913 (1982)

Do lesions of peripheral nerves at various levels cause different pain states in the rat
, Neuroscience Letters(3): S265 (1979)

Do leukocytes influence infarct size
, Hearse, Dd D. M. Yellon (ed.). Therapeutic Approaches To Myocardial Infarct Size Limitation. Xvi 255p. Raven Press: New York, N.y., Usa. Illus. 219-248 (1984)

Do leukotrienes contribute to the analgesic activity of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
, Experientia 41(6): 825 (1985)

Do leukotrienes control pulmonary blood flow in the fetal lamb
, Pediatric Research 18(4 Part 2): 347A (1984)

Do leukotrienes fully account for immediate hypersensitivity?
, Annales de l'Institut Pasteur. Immunologie 136d(2): 205-208 (1985)

Do leukotrienes mediate arteriolar oxygen responses
, FASEB Journal 2(6): Abstract M78 (1988)

Do leukotrienes mediate canine hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction?
, American Review of Respiratory Disease 131(4 Suppl): A425 (1985)

Do leukotrienes mediate hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in dogs
, British Journal of Pharmacology 88(Suppl): 395P (1986)

Do lidocaine aerosols reduce allergic broncho constriction
, Anesthesiology (hagerstown)Suppl): S393 (1980)

Do lip oxygenase mediators contribute to oxidant lung injury
, American Review of Respiratory Disease 129(4 Suppl): A333 (1984)

Do lipid emulsions in total parenteral nutrition precipitate plasma fibronectin deficiency
, Clinical Nutrition 5: 118 (1986)

Do lipid phase transitions underlie cohesion and dyshesion of stratum corneum
, Journal Of Investigative Dermatology: 327 (1981)

Do liquid dosage forms have an advantage over tablet capsule formulations for adult psychiatric patients?
, Australian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 11(4): 124 (1981)

Do liver hemodynamics and liver function tests contain prognostic information in men with alcoholic cirrhosis?
, European Journal of Clinical Investigation 17(2 Part 2): A52 (1987)

Do local circuit neurons in visual cortex really develop at a later stage than projection neurons?
, Acta Morphologica Neerlando-Scandinavica 19(4): 332 (1981)

Do local neurons participate in brain stimulation reward?
, Behavioural Brain Research 16(2-3): 234 (1985)

Do locum duties help or hinder acquisition of clinical knowledge by final year medical students?
, British Medical Journal 291(6491): 314 (1985)

Do long eared owls react to sound simulation?
, Voegel der Heimat 57(5): 98-99 (1987)

Do long term results justify pediatric heart transplantation?
, Pediatric Research 21(4 Part 2): 186A (1987)

Do low frequencies disproportionately determine the direction of movement of periodic patterns?
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 28(3): 298 (1987)

Do low levels of carbon monoxide exposure potentiate myocardial ischemia?
, European Heart Journal 9(ABSTR Suppl 1): 27 (1988)

Do low levels of high density lipoproteins explain the hypercholesterolemic hare's predisposition to atherosclerosis?
, FASEB Journal 2(5): Abstract 5362 (1988)

Do low protein concentration ascitic fluid predispose to spontaneous bacterial peritonitis?
, Journal of Hepatology 5 (1987)

Do lumbar dorsal root ganglion cells survive neonatal dorsal column axotomy?
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 14(1): 652 (1988)

Do lung function tests improve with massive weight loss?
, Anesthesiology (hagerstown)Suppl): S390 (1980)

Do lung function tests predict nocturnal desaturation in lung diseases
, Levi-Valensi, P And B Duron (Ed ) Colloque Inserm (Institute National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale), Vol 167 Les Evenements Respiratoires Du Sommeil; (Inserm (National Institute Of Health And Medical Research) Colloquium, Vol 167 Sleep Disorders And Respiration); Meeting, Amiens, France, November 19-20, 1987 Xvi+307p Les Editions Inserm: Paris, France; John Libbey And Co Ltd: London, England, Uk Illus Paper 81-82 (1988)

Do luteinizing hormone releasing hormone super agonists provide an approach to male fertility control preclinical trial in rhesus monkeys
, Acta Endocrinologica Suppl 94(234): 78 (1980)

Do lymphatics provide a transport mechanism for insufflated gas or air in interstitial emphysema
, Federation Proceedings 45(4): 1155 (1986)

Do macrophage subsets determine the pathogenesis of cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis cfa
, Thorax 42(9): 710 (1987)

Do macular colobomas exist?
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 29: 2 (1988)

Do markers for the patho physiology of essential hypertension exist
, Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 54(5): 9 (1982)

Do mast cells take part in the genesis of peptic ulcer
, Pathology Research and Practice 180(3): 278 (1985)

Do measurements of airway caliber lung volumes and compliance differentiate preferential sites of action of bronchoconstrictor agents
, Thorax 40(9): 718 (1985)

Do measurements of bronchoalveolar lymphocytes and neutrophils serum angiotensin converting enzyme and gallium uptake help the clinician to treat patients with sarcoidosis?
, Johns, C J (Ed ) Annals Of The New York Academy Of Sciences, Vol 465 Tenth International Conference on Sarcoidosis And Other Granulomatous Disorders; Baltimore, Md , Usa, Sept 17-22, 1984 Xiii+749p The New York Academy Of Sciences: New York, N Y , Usa Illus 387-394 (1986)

Do medical students receive sufficient training in cardiopulmonary resuscitations cpr emergency medicine em and critical care medicine ccm
, Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica Suppl (86) (1987)

Do medicare patients receive less intense hospital medical care under the diagnosis related group system
, American Heart Association Monograph 124: II-487 (1986)

Do medicare reimbursements cover hospital costs of patients undergoing electrophysiologic testing
, Clinical Research 35(3): 340A (1987)

Do medium chain triglycerides have advantages over long chain triglycerides in routine total parenteral nutrition?
, Clinical Nutrition 5(SPEC Suppl): 53 (1986)

Do melanin containing cells affect the growth of retinal ganglion cell axons an in vitro investigation
, Neuroscience Letters Suppl (32): S96 (1988)

Do membrane proteases regulate ovarian luteinizing hormone sensitive adenylate cyclase activity
, Biology of Reproduction 22(Suppl 1): 115A (1980)

Do memory aids aid the elderly in their day to day remembering
, Gruneberg, M M , P E Morris And R N Sykes (Ed ) Practical Aspects Of Memory: Current Research And Issues, Vol 2 Clinical And Educational Implications; 2nd International Conference on Practical Aspects Of Memory, Swansea, Wales, Uk, August 2-8, 1987 Xii+571p John Wiley And Sons, Inc : Somerset, New Jersey, Usa, Chichester, England, Uk Illus 137-142 (1988)

Do menopausal symptoms cause depression or does depression cause more reported symptoms
, American Journal Of Epidemiology: 748 (1987)

Do mental images and percepts share a representational medium
, Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 22(4): 284-285 (1984)

Do mesenteric vaso dilators decrease nutrient gut blood flow?
, Canadian Federation of Biological Societies Proceedings 22: 10 (1979)

Do methyl xanthines influence thyroxine and tsh levels in premature infants as compared to healthy new borns and asthmatics
, Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 324(Suppl): R78 (1983)

Do mice have cleft palate because they close their palate later or because they differ in head width
, Teratology 23(2): 67A (1981)

Do mice with inherited susceptibility to chromosomal damage develop cancer more readily?
, Experientia 43(6): 639 (1987)

Do microspheres measure correct local blood flow in the renal cortex in vitro experiments
, Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences Suppl (26): 58 (1979)

Do microtubules and microfibrils of mimosa motor cells intervene in the leaf motility
, Biology of the Cell 60(1): 25A (1987)

Do mild moderate or severe coronary stenoses affect left ventricular function during exercise
, Clinical Research 31(5): 826A (1983)

Do military physicians understand terminal ballistics
, Medecine et Armees 15(1): 69-76 (1987)

Do mitochondria provide a memory of past cytosolic calcium pulses?
, Biophysical Journal 51(2 Part 2): 490A (1987)

Do mitochondrial DNA fragments promote cancer and aging?
, Febs Letters 241(1-2): 1-5 (1988)

Do morphine and methionine enkephalin interact with different receptors
, Neuroscience Letters Suppl(3): S360 (1979)

Do morphological brain asymmetries reflect a different electrophysiological activity?
, Neuroscience Letters Suppl (22): S504 (1985)

Do mothers overestimate the seriousness of illness in their infants
, American Journal of Diseases of Children 140(4): 308-309 (1986)

Do motilin and pancreatic poly peptide have direct effects on human gallbladder contractility?
, Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 330: 86P-87P (1982)

Do motilin and pancreatic polypeptide regulate duodenal bile acid delivery
, Gastroenterology 92(5 Part 2): 1630 (1987)

Do mu and kappa selective opioids inhibit oxytocin release in the same way?
, British Journal of Pharmacology 89(Suppl): 788P (1986)

Do multiple genes encode mammalian tyrosinase?
, FASEB Journal 2(5): Abstract 6183 (1988)

Do multiple insulin injection regimens reduce the incidence of diabetic nephropathy
, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 5(Suppl 1): S307 (1988)

Do multiple species of protein kinase c transduce different signals?
, Trends in Biochemical Sciences 12: 421-423 (1987)

Do murine embryonal carcinoma cells express class i histocompatibility antigens?
, Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology 82(Suppl): 145 (1984)

Do muscle length transients correspond to sarcomere pauses and steps?
, Biophysical Journal 51(2 Part 2): 469A (1987)

Do muscles grow faster during activity or during rest time
, Chronobiologia: 217 (1987)

Do mutant oncogenes cause familial cancer
, American Journal of Human Genetics 34(6): 67A (1982)

Do mycoplasmas inhibit the human sperm fertilizing ability in vitro?
, Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 20(10): 902-904 (1984)

Do nanomelic chondrocytes synthesize an altered chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan core protein?
, Journal of Cell Biology 105(4 Part 2): 292A (1987)

Do natural autoantibodies play an important role in the elimination of senescent or damaged red blood cells?
, Blood Cells 14(1): 161-174 (1988)

Do natural compounds need specific drug development?
, Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 280: 407-421 (1988)

Do natural killer cells engage in regulated reactions against self to ensure homeostasis?
, Immunological Reviews 44: 13-41 (1979)

Do natural killer cells play a role in virus infections
, Antiviral Research 1(1): 5-12 (1981)

Do nematode trapping fungi exhibit specificity of capture
, Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 85: 217 (1985)

Do neo natal mammalian arteries and veins exhibit receptors for specific vaso dilator hormones
, Blood Vessels 17(3): 165-166 (1980)

Do neural mechanisms play a role in gastrin releasing peptide grp stimulated gastrin and sli release from the rat stomach
, Biomedical Research 9(Suppl 1): 144 (1988)

Do neurofilament proteins play a role in clockwise growth of xenopus retinal neurites?
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 13(2): 1298 (1987)

Do neurogenic mechanisms maintain hypertension in patients with renal artery stenosis
, Glorioso, N , J H Laragh And A Rappelli (Ed ) Renovascular Hypertension: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, And Treatment; International Symposium, Stintino, Italy, September 28-29, 1985 Xxix+524p Raven Press: New York, New York, Usa Illus 173-186 (1987)

Do neuroleptics cause depression?
, Biological Psychiatry 19(5): 777-781 (1984)

Do neurological impairments and disabilities increase with decreasing gestational age in survivors of borderline viability at birth?
, Australian Paediatric Journal 23(4): 211-212 (1987)

Do neurophysiological examinations permit the differentiation of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and digital vibration syndrome
, Revue d'Electroencephalographie et de Neurophysiologie Clinique 17(3): 344-345 (1987)

Do neutrophils attenuate the recovery of hypoxia induced cardiac dysfunction in vitro
, FASEB Journal 2(6): Abstract 8055 (1988)

Do nitrous gases constitute a health hazard
, Zahntechnik 27(3): 128-129 (1986)

Do nmda receptors mediate light responses in the retina?
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 28(3): 403 (1987)

Do nociceptive ventral root afferents exert central somatic effects?
, Pain 1: S90 (1981)

Do non cholinergic hippocampal afferents exert trophic actions on the cholinergic septohippocampal projection in the rat
, Behavioural Brain Research 16(2-3): 237 (1985)

Do non primary afferents to the dorsal column nuclei use substance p as their neurotransmitter?
, Society For Neuroscience Abstracts: 955 (1986)

Do nonhormonal macro molecules cause correlated alterations of granulosa cell responses to fsh in vitro?
, Biology of Reproduction 26(Suppl 1): 102A (1982)

Do nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs play a role in the development of lower gastrointestinal bleeding
, Gastroenterology 88(5 Part 2): 1528 (1985)

Do noradrenergic deficits in the genetically epilepsy prone rat correlate with seizure susceptibility or severity
, Federation Proceedings 44(4): 1107 (1985)

Do normal physiological variations influence the results obtained in experimental ecotoxicology
, Revue Internationale d'Oceanographie Medicale 85-86: 56-59 (1987)

Do normal subjects with exaggerated blood pressure response to exercise develop left ventricular hypertrophy
, Circulation 78(4 Part 2): II76 (1988)

Do not call a hematologist to see patients with anemia and hemodynamic compromise
, Clinical Research 34(1): 41A (1986)

Do not go slowly into that dark night: mercy killing in Holland
, American Journal of Medicine 84(1): 139-141 (1988)

Do not let the dust settle
, Manufacturing Chemist 57(6): 36-37, 39 (1986)

Do not resuscitate orders definitions and treatment plans at a teaching hospital
, Clinical Research 34(2): 824A (1986)

Do nucleus ambiguus na cells which project to the cerebellum also project through the vagus? a fluorescent tracer study
, Society For Neuroscience Abstracts: 337 (1988)

Do nutrients and bile in human duodenal juice affect the survival of lipase activity?
, Gastroenterology 94(5 Part 2): A222 (1988)

Do old great tits parus major forego breeding?
, Auk 102(4): 870-872 (1985)

Do oligopeptides suit for growth promotion a scientific consideration
, Deutsche Tieraerztliche Wochenschrift 93(8): 359-361 (1986)

Do operations facilitate tumor growth? An experimental model in rats
, Surgery 100(2): 273-277 (1986)

Do operative results justify tibial artery reconstruction in the presence of pedal sepsis?
, American Journal of Surgery 156(2): 144-147 (1988)

Do opiates interact with calcium mechanisms to inhibit neuro secretion?
, Neuroscience Letters (Suppl 10): S526 (1982)

Do opioid hormones mediate appetites and love bonds?
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 156(6): 1463-1466 (1987)

Do opioid peptides influence the perception of cardiac pain
, European Journal of Clinical Investigation 16(2 Part 2): A5 (1986)

Do opioid peptides modulate transmitter release in the cat superior cervical ganglion
, Society For Neuroscience Abstracts: 574 (1985)

Do opioids modulate neurally mediated adrenal catecholamine release
, American Heart Association Monograph 101: III-249 (1983)

Do opioids regulate early ontogeny in the loach
, Ontogenez 19(5): 539-540 (1988)

Do opponent cells influence sensitivity to small brief lights?
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 20(3): 61 (1981)

Do opponent color cells in monkey striate cortex respond to opponent colors?
, Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 332: 9P-10P (1982)

Do opponent color channels contribute to motion
, IOVS Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 25: 291 (1986)

Do oral anti coagulants enhance anti factor xa activity
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 42(1): 489 (1979)

Do oral contraceptives cause gallbladder disease?
, American Journal of Epidemiology 114(3): 435 (1981)

Do osteoclasts directly respond to 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3
, Acta Endocrinologica Suppl 111(274): 186-187 (1986)

Do osteoclasts resorb unmineralized cartilage
, Journal of Pathology 152(3): 204A-205A (1987)

Do otters lutra lutra prey on breeding natterjack toads bufo calamita
, Irish Naturalists' Journal 21(12): 544-545 (1985)

Do oxcarbazepine and its metabolites interfere in the emit assay of carbamazepine
, Annals of Clinical Biochemistryppl 2: 67 (1987)

Do oxygen derived free radicals generated during prostaglandin formation induce inflammatory responses?
, Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 46(Suppl): 35P (1988)

Do oxygen free radicals cause tissue damage in reperfused myocardium?
, Circulation 76(4 Part 2): IV-196 (1987)

Do oystercatchers haematopus ostralegus finischi have a color bar
, Notornis 27(1): 20 (1980)

Do pain syndromes exist
, Pain (Suppl 2): S426 (1984)

Do pancreatico digestive anastomoses remain open after duodeno hemi pancreatectomies?
, Digestion 25(1): 15 (1982)

Do papillary carcinomas of the thyroid occur in the rat?
, Laboratory Investigation 48(1): 76A-77A (1983)

Do parathyroid cells have functional cycles
, Calcified Tissue International 39(Suppl): A105 (1986)

Do parents or physicians know if children have behavioral problems
, American Journal of Diseases of Children 140(4): 300-301 (1986)

Do parkinson patients with dementia have a different disease
, Neurology 35(4 Suppl 1): 163 (1985)

Do parkinsonian patients have a greater resistance to the common cold?
, Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 46(12): 1153-1154 (1983)

Do passive heat and moisture exchangers keep the patient warm?
, Anesthesiology 64(3): 379-381 (1986)

Do patch electrodes of the implantable defibrillator impair left ventricular function?
, American Heart Association Monograph: Ii-111 (1986)

Do pathologic features in diffuse large b cell lymphoma predict prognosis?
, Laboratory Investigation 56(1): 82A (1987)

Do patients benefit from a failed experimental antiepileptic drug study?
, Epilepsia 28(5): 630 (1987)

Do patients exercised 3 weeks after thrombolytic therapy have more positive tests
, Circulation 78(4 Part 2): II245 (1988)

Do patients fasting before and after surgery receive their prescribed medication
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 59(10): 1329P (1987)

Do patients in the accident and emergency department get the right level of care
, Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 105(29): 2076-2080, 2089 (1985)

Do patients learn from gastroenterology information leaflets
, Gastroenterology 94(5 Part 2): A177 (1988)

Do patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis ra get the necessary long acting antirheumatic drug laard treatment
, Aktuelle Rheumatologie 13(3): 108-111 (1988)

Do patients wear oxygen face masks
, American Review of Respiratory Disease 133(4 Suppl): A289 (1986)

Do patients with cardiac arrest and hypokalemia require antiarrhythmic drug therapy?
, American Heart Association Monograph 107: II-443 (1984)

Do patients with chronic obstructive lung disease also have peripheral neuropathy
, Semaine des Hopitaux 62(43): 3475 (1986)

Do patients with gallstones and or a cholecystectomy have an increased risk for developing gallbladder cancer or other gastrointestinal malignancies
, Gastroenterology 90(5 Part 2): 1534 (1986)

Do patients with immediate and non immediate food allergy have a different immunoglobulin g subclass response to dietary antigens
, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 77(1 Part 2): 125 (1986)

Do patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus iddm qualify for life insurance
, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 5(Suppl 1): S341 (1988)

Do patients with left coronary trunk stenosis always show a high positive exercise test?
, Zeitschrift fuer Kardiologie 70(4): 338 (1981)

Do patients with myo cardial infarction have a higher prevalence of psoriasis than the general population
, Circulation Suppl 60(2): II-52 (1979)

Do patients with non malignant pain develop tolerance by long lasting treatment with opiates? a historical prospective study
, Pain (Suppl 4): S156 (1987)

Do patients with pancreatic insufficiency pi excrete excess fecal triglycerides tg
, Clinical Research 36(3): 398A (1988)

Do patients with papillary and follicular thyroid cancer have the same prognosis?
, Clinical Research 31(1): 83A (1983)

Do people with arthritis lack commitment to work
, Arthritis and Rheumatism 28(4 Suppl): S79 (1985)

Do peptide hormones have the structural features of epinephrine at their active sites
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Do personal alpha dosimeters and continuous working level monitors underestimate working levels
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Do personality factors modify gastric acid secretion in a stressful situation
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Do persons of spanish heritage have an increased mortality from systemic lupus erythematosus compared to other caucasians?
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Do phagocytic cells ingest spores of aspergillus fumigatus?
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Do phenoxy herbicides cause cancer in man?
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Do phosphodiesterase inhibitors which relax gastrointestinal smooth muscle do so by elevation by intracellular cyclic nucleotides?
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Do physically fit college women have different eating habits
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Do physicians advise patients about health practices and does it make a difference
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Do physicians and their patients agree when evaluating intensive care?
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Do physicians provide recommended preventive services to adults
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Do pigeons count one thousand one when estimating time
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Do pigeons forage optimally from progressive and fixed ratio alternatives?
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Do plasmids influence the survival of bacteria?
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Do platelet inhibitors increase operative blood loss
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Do pochards aythya ferina of the haringvliet feed on lake grevelingen the netherlands?
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Do polarography and voltammetry deserve wider recognition in official and recommended methods
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Do pre treatment pathological q waves preclude myocardial salvage following early reperfusion?
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Do premature infants require anesthesia for surgery?
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Do prostaglandins or kinins play any role in the genesis of post coronary artery occlusion arrhythmias?
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Do pseudomonal r pyocins contain nucleic acids
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Do pseudoseizures beget epileptic seizures
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Do psychiatric registrars take a proper drinking history?
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Do psychotherapies have specific effects?
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Do r and k apply to individual differences in humans?
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Do regional differences in the histogenesis influence the organization of the afferent and efferent connections of the cerebellar cortex
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Do relations between annual duration of day light and distribution of light and dark types of gulls laridae exist?
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Do renal dopaminergic nerves control sodium excretion?
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Do renal oncocytomas arise from proximal or distal tubules?
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Do repeated assays of carcino embryonic antigen permit effective re interventions after colo rectal resection for cancer?
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Do rescue agents prevent reperfusion damage in hypothermically preserved dog kidneys?
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Do resident macrophages proliferate?
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Do respiratory muscle strength and endurance influence sleep dis ordered breathing
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Do respiratory muscles fatigue at maximal exercise
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Do results from major clinical trials indicate a change in management in the acute phase of myocardial infarction?
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Do rings of sterols surround the openings of vesicles in the vascular endothelial plasma membrane
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Do risk factors affect life satisfaction of dialysis patients?
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Do rna processing endo rnase species exist in a complex in the bacterial cell
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Do root nodule bacteroids influence the hormone status of the host plant
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Do roots synthesize gibberellins a reexamination of the question in sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar russian seedlings
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Do ruminants have an incretin system
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Do sacral visceral afferents produce or receive presynaptic inhibition?
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Do salicylates and related analgesics possess topical anesthetic activity
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Do salt bridges exist in membrane proteins?
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Do sarcocysts belong to coccidia?
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Do satellite associations result in nonrandom chromatid distribution at mitosis?
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Do screening papanicolaou smears help to reduce the frequency of invasive cervical cancer?
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Do sea urchins strongylocentrotus franciscanus and abalones haliotis rufescens compete in california usa kelp forest communities
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Do secreted polypeptide growth factors mediate estrogen stimulated growth of human breast cancer
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Do segment length measurements show stepwise shortening?
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Do seizures in children cause intellectual deterioration
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Do seizures occur during clinical induction with opiates?
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Do selective d 1 and d 2 receptor antagonists differentially alter supersensitive locomotor behavior in the rat
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Do selective deficits of digestive immunity exist?
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Do sensory receptors express their state of certitude
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Do serial normal head ultrasound u s scans predict outcome
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Do serum bile acid levels differentiate asymptomatic chronic active hepatitis from chronic persistent hepatitis
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Do serum cholesterol levels during acute myo cardial infarction reflect baseline values
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Do serum levels of keratan sulfate help us with the heterogeneity of osteoarthritis
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Do serum sulfasalazine sasp and metabolite concentrations relate to treatment outcome in rheumatoid arthritis ra?
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Do sex hormones account for the male female differences in the susceptibility of rats to chronic hypoxia
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Do sex hormones affect colorectal cancer?
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Do sex hormones affect the whole gut transit rate or bowel habit?
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Do sex related differences in spatial abilities exist?
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Do shared hla antigens between present and past donors adversely affect graft survival in recipients with a past positive donor crossmatch?
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Do short and long climbing fiber collaterals arise from the same set of inferior olive neurons
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Do size, histology, or cytology of colorectal adenomas and their removal influence serum CEA?
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Do small amounts of tannins decrease iron absorption?
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Do small carcinomas less than 1 centimeter need a separate stage category
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Do smooth muscle stimulants acting through different receptors open similar ion channels in tenia of guinea pig cecum?
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Do smooth muscles contractile capabilities reflect unique cross bridge properties
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Do smooth pursuit and vergence eye movements interact linearly in the monkey
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Do social and demographic factors influence mortality in low birth weight infants
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Do sodium and water loss limit neurogenic hypertension development
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Do some antidepressants promote suicide?
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Do some insecticides and heavy metals produce long term potentiation in the limbic system?
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Do some marathon runners bleed into the gut?
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Do some parts of a skylark population leave the breeding area during the breeding period?
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Do songbirds perceive pitch relations in serial patterns
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Do south american monkeys have a pseudohypocone?
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Do spacer devices improve aerosol bronchodilator efficacy
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Do special contractile mechanisms exist for producing tonic contractions in the gastrointestinal tract
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Do specific dopamine receptors exist in the guinea pig heart
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Do specific histologic patterns of reactive lymphoid hyperplasia correlate with cell suspension immunophenotypic data
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Do specific ige igg4 and igg1 or immunoblot ib patterns predict oral anaphylaxis oa following watermelon wm ingestion
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Do spinach chloroplasts contain ferralterin?
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Do splanchnic neurons release more than one kind of neurotransmitter?
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Do stable conjugates of alpha hydroxylated n nitroso di alkylamines exist?
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Do stable psoriasis plaques have decreased or increased barrier properties to hydrocortisone
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Do stamens develop like peltate leaves?
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Do stereocilia have crosslinks
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Do storage vesicles of peripheral sympathetic nerves have more than 1 life cycle
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Do stress distributions explain patterns of growth in sea urchins a finite element analysis
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Do stressful stimuli affect vagal activity in man
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Do structures in the region of nucleus paragigantocellularis integrate and mediate ventilatory drive inputs?
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Do sub threshold shocks increase energy requirement for subsequent defibrillation attempts
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Do sudden cardiac death survivors who are not inducible by programmed electrical stimulation have a good prognosis?
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Do sulfonyl ureas induce hypo thyroidism
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Do sunscreens prevent pre malignant change in the epidermis
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Do superfused mast cells release histamine by endogenous cation exchange with potassium ions?
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Do suppressor macrophages cause progressive pulmonary sarcoidosis?
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Do suppressor T cells exist?
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Do surveillance cultures alter empiric antibiotic therapy of very low birth weight infants?
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Do t cell antigens modulate in phases of disease activity in multiple sclerosis?
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Do t cell differentiate in chicken after embryonic thymectomy
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Do t cells bind conformational determinants?
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Do T cells cause IDDM?
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Do t cells express more than one functional antigen specific receptor
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Do t helper inducer cells mediate rejection without t cytotoxic suppressor cells
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Do tannins defend the foliage of forest trees against herbivory by the gypsy moth lymantria dispar
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Do techniques of suggestion aid the differential diagnosis of psychogenic versus epileptic seizures
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Do terminal redundancies in the pro virus of mouse mammary tumor virus mediate regulation of viral gene expression by gluco corticoid hormones
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Do testes regulate pituitary gonadotropin response to gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist treatment
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Do testicular opiates regulate Leydig cell function?
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Do testicular steroid glucuronides of zebrafish brachydanio rerio evoke ovulation in female conspecifics?
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Do tests help in teaching?
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Do tetanus toxin seizures kill hippocampal pyramidal cells
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Do thalamocortical neurons project to somatotopically inappropriate regions of s1 cortex
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Do thallium myocardial perfusion scan abnormalities predict survival in sarcoid heart disease
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Do the 2 eyes constitute separate visual channels
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Do the alveolar macrophages stimulate or inhibit the lung fibroblast proliferation?
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Do the associated dtnb light chains in myosin prevent the reversible dissociation of the alkali light chains in myosin
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Do the brain and the gut sleep together?
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Do the cancer patients know their diagnosis?
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Do the cardiocytes of limulus polyphemus have an endocrine function
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Do the central adrenergic mechanisms participate in hyper thermia after systemic infusion of noradrenaline
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Do the chloroplast dnas of pandorina morum volvocales chlorophyta evolve at the same rate as cpdnas of flowering plant species
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Do the chromosomes of the kiwi apteryx australis provide evidence for a monophyletic origin of the ratites
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Do the diagnostic criteria determine the sex ratio in depression?
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Do the effects of adventitious deafness include disordered speech?
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Do the effects of sound cause hypertension
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Do the energy linked fluorescence decreases of aminoacridines quantitatively report the transmembrane proton gradient of submitochondrial membranes?
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Do the fate of somite cells change when their axes are rotated?
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Do the ganglia of the intrinsic cardiac nerves have atrial and ventricular connections
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Do the hagfish fertilize eggs externally
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Do the imidazoles have a role in the management of genital urinary tract fungal infections
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Do the interferons act singly or in combination?
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Do the intrinsic actions of benzodiazepine receptor antagonists imply the existence of an endogenous ligand for benzodiazepine receptors?
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Do the investigation for and treatment of esophageal abnormalities improve the outcome of patients with angina pectoris normal coronary angiograms and normal left ventricular function
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Do the iridophores of the squid mantle reflect light or diffract light in the production of structural colors
, American Malacological Bulletin 2: 91 (1984)

Do the local ventricular diastole disturbances due to false tendons ft cause premature ventricular contractions pvcs
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Do the melanins from blue and brown human eyes differ
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Do the motoneurons constitute a part of the spinal network generating the swimming rhythm in th lamprey?
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Do the neurochemical characteristics of fibroblasts in tissue culture predict the therapeutic drug response of dystonia patients?
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Do the pre lingual deaf code verbal material visually in short term memory
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Do the Purkinje cells have a special type of oligodendrocyte as satellites?
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Do the pyramidal neocortical neurons have at least a double neuroblastic origin
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Do the renin subgroups of essential hypertension respond differently to diuretics and beta blockade?
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Do the resource conservation and recovery act and national pollutant discharge elimination systems programs accomplish the control of laboratory waste disposal in the environment?
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Do the response to sleep deprivation and electroencephalographic parameters have a predictive value for the differential therapy of depression
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Do the results of transbronchial biopsies change clinical management?
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Do the same workers always get the high doses
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Do the sinus nerve efferents originate extracranially
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Do the sympathetics play a role in the maintenance of microvascular hematocrit?
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