Effects of simulated acid rain on mass and protein and carbohydrate contents of seeds of field grown soybeans glycine max cultivar amsoy 71

Evans, L.S.; Lewin, K.F.; Conway, C.A.; Patti, M.J.

Mahlum, D D , R H Gray And W D Felix (Ed ) U S Doe (Department Of Energy) Symposium Series, Vol 54 Coal Conversion And The Environment Chemical, Biomedical, And Ecological Considerations; Proceedings Of The 20th Annual Hanford Life Sciences Symposium, Richland, Wash , Usa, Oct 19-23, 1980 Xii+607p Technical Information Center U S Department Of Energy: Springfield, Va , Usa Illus Paper P256-269, 1982


Accession: 028224114

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