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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 28382

Chapter 28382 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Miller, C.H.; Aledort, L.M.; Hilgartner, M.W., 1984:
Genetic counseling in a hemophilia treatment center

Fenolio, K.R.; Lee, E.S.; Mittman, I.; Crombleholme, W.R.; Golbus, M.S., 1988:
Genetic counseling in an asian immigrant population

Mosher, G., 1986:
Genetic counseling in cleft lip and palate

Jackson, J.F.; Currier, R.D.; Morton, N.E., 1980:
Genetic counseling in dominant spino cerebellar ataxia

Graham, J.B.; Reisner, H.M.; Barrow, E.S., 1980:
Genetic counseling in hemophilia a a 5 year study

Frezal, J., 1981:
Genetic counseling in inter sexuality

Tolmie, J.L.; Mcnay, M.B.; Doyle, D.; Stephenson, J.B.; Connor, J.M., 1986:
Genetic counseling in microcephaly of unknown etiology

Sadovnick, A.D.; Baird, P.A.; Ward, R.H., 1986:
Genetic counseling in multiple sclerosis

Pergament, E.; Halperin, D., 1983:
Genetic counseling in neuro muscular diseases

Pai, G.S., 1986:
Genetic counseling in pediatric practice

Hohenauer, L., 1981:
Genetic counseling in pediatrics

Mooij, P.D.; Dalinghaus-Nienhuis, A.J.; Wijnands, M.C.; vd Kamp, J.J., 1985:
Genetic counseling in pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism

Rainer, J.D., 1982:
Genetic counseling in psychiatric disorders

Endre, C., 1982:
Genetic counseling in the family planning of relatives by blood

Berg, S.Z.; Moeschler, J.B.; Charman, C.E.; Graham, J.M.Jr, 1987:
Genetic counseling issues for rett syndrome families

Meryash, D.L., 1986:
Genetic counseling needs of women at risk for bearing children with the fragile x syndrome

Conover, B.A., 1988:
Genetic counseling of infertility patients

Shaw, M.W., 1984:
Genetic counseling on fetal abuse

Johnson, J.P., 1988:
Genetic counseling using linked DNA probes: cystic fibrosis as a prototype

Salamanca Gomez, F., 1981:
Genetic counseling whose responsibility?

Kelly, P.T., 1983:
Genetic counseling with the cancer patient's family

Blank, C.E., 1988:
Genetic counselling a personal approach

Harris, R., 1988:
Genetic counselling and the new genetics

Pawlowitzki, I.H.; Gal, A.; Ahlert, D.; Gerding, H.; Ruether, K.; Brunsmann, F., 1987:
Genetic counselling in families with retinitis pigmentosa and choroideremia

L.M.rec B.; L.G.ll E.; Journel, H.; Roussey, M.; Guerin, M.N.; Franci, P., 1986:
Genetic counselling in oncology

Palmer, J.O.; Mcgrane, J.P., 1985:
Genetic covariance between larval and adult size related characters in the large milkweed bug oncopeltus fasciatus

Spuhler, K.; Baker, R.; Weiner, N.; Deitrich, R.; Hoffer, B.; Palmer, M., 1982:
Genetic covariation in the hypnotic effects cerebellar purkinje neuron sensitivity and metabolism in response to ethanol in mouse inbred strains

Datta, S.K.; Gavalchin, J.; Nicklas, J.; Schwartz, R.S., 1984:
Genetic crosses between auto immune nzb and normal swr mice produce nephritogenic anti dna auto antibody idiotypes that are inherited from the normal parents

Lainson, F.A., 1982:
Genetic crosses between rodent malaria subspecies

Evans, H.J., 1984:
Genetic damage and cancer

Eisenstark, A.; Turner, M.A., 1983:
Genetic damage by uv radiation noninvolvement of muc ab or rec a genes

Coulter, J.R., 1979:
Genetic damage carcinogenesis and environmental mutagens

Oppenheim, B.E., 1979:
Genetic damage from diagnostic radiation? A critique of the Bross and Natarajan study

Weitberg, A.B.; Corvese, D., 1988:
Genetic damage induced by arachidonic acid metabolites is inhibited by antioxidants and chelators of iron and calcium

Reddy, S.; Kahn, C.R., 1987:
Genetic defect altering both egf and insulin receptors in leprechaunism

Mcbride, J., 1986:
Genetic defect could signal heart disease

Southren, A.L.; Gordon, G.G.; Weinstein, B.I., 1985:
Genetic defect in cortisol metabolism in primary open angle glaucoma

Klier, G.; Fukuda, M.N.; Scartezzini, P., 1986:
Genetic defect in glycosylation of lactosaminoglycans causes clustering of band 3 in human erythrocyte membranes

Locascio, N.J.; Locascio, J.A.; Dewey, M.J., 1986:
Genetic defect in lens formation demonstrable in allophenic mice

Nolten, W.E.; Meisnwe, L., 1985:
Genetic defect leading to either cryptorchidism or testicular neoplasia

Koike, K.; Urata, Y., 1988:
Genetic defect of pyruvate dehydrogenase

Schedl, H.P.; Miller, D.L.; Horst, R.L.; Wilson, H.D., 1985:
Genetic defects in calcium transport and vitamin d metabolism

Cleaver, J.E., 1984:
Genetic defects in dna repair and replication in human cancers

Boss, G.R.; Seegmiller, J.E., 1982:
Genetic defects in human purine and pyrimidine metabolism

Bank, A., 1985:
Genetic defects in the thalassemias

Dreyer, M.; Rüdiger, H.W., 1988:
Genetic defects of human receptor function

Schrör, K., 1985:
Genetic defects of prostaglandin and thromboxane synthesis

Skrinjarić, I., 1985:
Genetic defects of the enamel

Valentine, W.N.; Paglia, D.E., 1979:
Genetic defects of the human red blood cell and hemolytic anemia

Burchell, B.; Coughtrie, M.W.; Jackson, M.R.; Shepherd, S.R.; Harding, D.; Hume, R., 1987:
Genetic deficiency of bilirubin glucuronidation in rats and humans

Mascart Lemone, F.; Hauptmann, G.; Rouger, P.; Delespesse, G.; Duchateau, J.; Dab, I., 1982 :
Genetic deficiency of complement c 4 clinical immunological and genetic studies in a family

Silvestrelli, M.; Renieri, C.; Casciotti, D.; Bilei, S.; Valfre, F., 1984:
Genetic definition of madonie swine breed

Belfort, M.; Chandry, P.S.; Pedersen-Lane, J., 1987:
Genetic delineation of functional components of the group I intron in the phage T4 td gene

Wood, J.W., 1982:
Genetic demography of a tribal isolate effective population size

Gottlieb, K., 1985:
Genetic demography of denver colorado usa mexican americans are a distinct gene pool

Spudich, J.L., 1984:
Genetic demonstration of a sensory rhodopsin in bacteria

Anon, 1981:
Genetic dependence of host response to hepatitis b viral infection

P'yanov R.P.; Trofimovich, N.M., 1980:
Genetic dependence of placental hem angiomas

Hari, J.; Kissling, L.; Baur, R.; Pliska, V., 1987:
Genetic dependent stress response in fast growing fatty and lean pigs

Ginzburg, E.Kh, 1982:
Genetic description of quantitative inheritance 1 the necessity and constructiveness of a poly genic model

Ginzburg, E.K.; Nikoro, Z.S., 1982:
Genetic description of quantitative inheritance 2. a poly genic or an oligo genic model?

Ginzburg, E.Kh, 1983:
Genetic descriptions of quantitative inheritance 3. a formal description of genetic analysis

Scott, W.A.; Gerard, R.D.; Woodworth Gutai, M., 1982:
Genetic determinants for the nuclease sensitive site in sv 40 chromatin

Abramson, J.; Verma, R.S., 1987:
Genetic determinants in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome aids

Anisimova, L.A.; Boronin, A.M., 1988:
Genetic determinants of antibiotic resistance in gram negative bacteria

Pocock, N.A.; Eisman, J.A.; Yeates, M.G.; Freund, J.; Sambrook, P.N., 1988:
Genetic determinants of bone mass a twin study

Dequeker, J.; Verstraeten, A.; Geusens, P.; Gevers, G.; Nijs, J., 1986:
Genetic determinants of bone mineral content at the spine and radius a twin study

Siever, L.J.; Gunderson, J.G., 1979:
Genetic determinants of borderline conditions

Slavkin, H.C., 1988:
Genetic determinants of craniofacial oral conditions

Breslow, J.L., 1985:
Genetic determinants of dyslipidemias

Valent, B.; Weaver, C.G.; Parsons, K.A.; Chumley, F.G., 1985:
Genetic determinants of host specificity in a fungal plant pathogen

Boronin, A.M.; Borisoglebskaya, A.N.; Skryabin, G.K., 1982:
Genetic determinants of naphthalene and salicylate degradation in pseudomonas

Squartini, A.; Hooykaas, P.J.J.; Nuti, M.P., 1987:
Genetic determinants of nodulation in prle 1001a nodd

Vargas, C.; Palomares, A.J.; Megias, M., 1988:
Genetic determinants of nodulation in rhizobium phaseoli ciat899

Chumley, F.G.; Parsons, K.; Valent, B., 1986:
Genetic determinants of pathogenicity and host specificity in pyricularia

O'donnell P.V., 1985:
Genetic determinants of pathogenicity in akr mcf murine leukemia virus role of p 15 e

Maurelli, A.T.; Sansonetti, P.J., 1988:
Genetic determinants of Shigella pathogenicity

Roberts, D.F., 1986:
Genetic determinants of sports performance

Seale, T.W.; Carney, J.M., 1987:
Genetic determinants of susceptibility to cocaine induced seizures and death

Bourgeois, S.; Gasson, J.C., 1982:
Genetic determinants of the gluco corticoid response in lymphoid cell lines

Lassar, A.B.; Weintraub, H., 1985:
Genetic determinants of the muscle cell lineage

Gonzalez-Scarano, F.; Beaty, B.; Sundin, D.; Janssen, R.; Endres, M.J.; Nathanson, N., 1988:
Genetic determinants of the virulence and infectivity of La Crosse virus

Vance, B.D., 1987:
Genetic determinants of toxicity in microcystis aeruginosa

Colburn, N.H.; Lerman, M.I.; Hegamyer, G.A.; Wendel, E.; Gindhart, T.D., 1984:
Genetic determinants of tumor promotion studies with promoter resistant variants of jb 6 cells

Kopecko, D.J.; Baron, L.S.; Buysse, J., 1985:
Genetic determinants of virulence in Shigella and dysenteric strains of Escherichia coli: their involvement in the pathogenesis of dysentery

Brinton, M.A.; Nathanson, N., 1981:
Genetic determinants of virus susceptibility: epidemiologic implications of murine models

Fraser, A.; Wilcox, K., 1979:
Genetic determination of a sociological polymorphism

Reed, T.E.; Hanna, J.M., 1984:
Genetic determination of acute cardiovascular responses to alcohol in normal men

Stocker, B.A.; Mäkelä, P.H., 1986:
Genetic determination of bacterial virulence, with special reference to Salmonella

Shaffer, J.B.; Wilkins, J.R.; Bewley, G.C., 1982:
Genetic determination of glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec synthesis in drosophila melanogaster a cis linked controlling element

Jaehne, M.; Schwark, H.J., 1979:
Genetic determination of growth achievements in young female bovines

Abzalov, M.F.; Fatkhullaeva, G.N., 1979:
Genetic determination of leaf lamina form in cotton gossypium hirsutum

Giesel, J.T., 1982:
Genetic determination of life history variables in drosophila melanogaster dominance deviations and over dominance

Popova, N.K.; Koryakina, L.A.; Kolokol'tsev A.A., 1979:
Genetic determination of mouse hypothalamus pituitary adrenal system response to cold and immobilizing stress

Moll, P.; Kottke, B.; Weidman, W.; Michels, V.; Sing, C.F., 1986:
Genetic determination of plasma apolipoprotein a i levels the rochester family heart study

Williams, E.N.D., 1981:
Genetic determination of population structure in the fungus coriolus versicolor

Wyse, J.P.H.; Parkinson, D., 1983:
Genetic determination of retinal dopamine levels in the rat strain differences

Cardo, B., 1979:
Genetic determination of rewarding and aversive properties of electrical stimulation in the lateral hypothalamus in the mouse

Episkoposyan, L.M.; Ambartsumyan, G.R.; Akopyan, S.B., 1987:
Genetic determination of the variability of constitution at the peripubertal stage of the ontogeny of girls

Mazigh, D.; Chalvignac M A.; Alonso J M.; Mollaret, H.H., 1984:
Genetic determinism of virulence of yersinia enterocolitica and crossed immunogenicity against yersinia pestis

Kornberg, T., 1986:
Genetic development and molecular studies of the drosophila engrailed complex

Pfahler, P.L.; Barnett, R.D.; Luke, H.H., 1983:
Genetic developmental and environmental effects on rye secale cereale forage digestibility in florida usa

Whitt, G.S., 1984:
Genetic developmental and evolutionary aspects of the lactate dehydrogenase ec isozyme system

Chovnick, A., 1986:
Genetic developmental and molecular analyses of the 1 3 s 12 locus in drosophila melanogaster

Harper, K.; Pembrey, M.; Malcolm, S.; Robertson, E., 1986:
Genetic diagnosis of hemophilia a using dna probes

Valenti, C.; Ellis, P.M.; Musenga, M., 1985:
Genetic diagnostic amniocentesis

Briles, D.E., 1979:
Genetic difference in salmonella susceptibility of bsvs and c 57bl 6 mice

Schaeffer, L.R., 1981:
Genetic differences among herds for milk yields

Verheyen, W.; Michiels, M.; Van Rompaey, J., 1986:
Genetic differences between lophuromys flavopunctatus thomas 1888 and lophuromys woosnami thomas 1906 in rwanda rodentia muridae

Kodaka, P.L.G.; Hara, M.; Akiyama, K.; Fujio, Y., 1988:
Genetic differences between natural and cultured populations of porphyra yezoensis

Moutsopoulos, H.M.; Mann, D.L.; Johnson, A.H.; Chused, T.M., 1979:
Genetic differences between primary and secondary sicca syndrome

Amano, T.; Namikawa, T.; Suzuki, S., 1980:
Genetic differences between swamp and river buffaloes bubalus bubalis in the electrophoretic variations of albumin and transferrin

Staton, J.L.; Felder, D.L.; Foltz, D.W., 1988:
Genetic differences between three species of thalassinid shrimp from louisiana usa

Hocking, P.M.; Gavora, J.S.; Chambers, J.R.; Fortin, A., 1982:
Genetic differences for lean distribution in mature chickens

Manchenko, F.P.; Kulikov, V.I., 1987:
Genetic differences in 2 twin species of the genus tetrastemma nemertini haplonemertini from the sea of japan

George, F.R.; Porrino, L.J.; Shannon, H.E.; Goldberg, S.R., 1986:
Genetic differences in activation and stereotypic responses to acute and repeated administration of stimulants in lewis and f344 inbred rats

Lotlikar, P.D.; Raj, H.G.; Bohm, L.S.; Magee, P.N., 1986:
Genetic differences in aflatoxin b 1 dna binding and aflatoxin b 1 glutathione with rat hepatocytes

Nagase, C.S.; Brush, F.R., 1986:
Genetic differences in avoidance learning covary with non opioid stress induced analgesia

Sias, P.E.; Brush, F.R., 1984:
Genetic differences in avoidance learning effects of early handling

Nutt, D.J.; Lister, R.G.; Costello, M., 1987 :
Genetic differences in benzodiazepine receptor sensitivity in mice

Karanja, N.; Metz, J.A.; Morris, C.D.; Phanouvong, T.; Mccarron, D.A., 1986:
Genetic differences in blood pressure are independent of sodium intake in the calcium supplemented dahl rat

Roehrdanz, R.L.; North, D.T., 1984:
Genetic differences in boll weevils anthonomus grandis of diverse geographic origin

Arons, C.; Correy, D.; Ginsburg, B.E.; Morse, D.; Shoemaker, W.J., 1987:
Genetic differences in brain catecholamine levels in three types of domestic dogs and their f 1 hybrids

Randall, C., 1980:
Genetic differences in cell properties of the ocular tissues of the chick

Helmeste, D.M.; Seeman, P., 1981:
Genetic differences in central nervous system dopamine receptors and possible relations to amphetamine induced loco motion in mice

Martin, N.G., 1987:
Genetic differences in drinking habits, alcohol metabolism and sensitivity in unselected samples of twins

Nebert, D.W.; Negishi, M.; Enquist, L.W.; Swan, D.C., 1981:
Genetic differences in drug metabolism affecting individual risk of malignancy

Shichi, H.; Nebert, D.W., 1982:
Genetic differences in drug metabolism associated with ocular toxicity

Nebert, D.W., 1980:
Genetic differences in drug metabolism possible importance in teratogenesis

Zeichner David, M.; Snead, M.; Slavkin, H., 1985:
Genetic differences in enamel gene products among mammalian species

Zimmerman, E.F.; Wee, E.L., 1983:
Genetic differences in gamma amino butyric acid ergic system in mouse palate

Yanai, J., 1984:
Genetic differences in hippocampal behavior in mice

Jones, J.S., 1982:
Genetic differences in individual behavior associated with shell polymorphism in the snail cepaea nemoralis

Hultin, T.A.; Weber, W.W., 1984:
Genetic differences in inhibition of 2 amino fluorene n acetylation in inbred mice

Duncan, C.C., 1988:
Genetic differences in inhibition of synaptosomal tritiated monoamine uptake by cocaine amphetamine and tropacocaine

Crabbe, J.C., 1986:
Genetic differences in locomotor activation in mice

Numata, H.; Tsuda, T.; Atai, H.; Yanagita, T., 1984:
Genetic differences in metabolism of diphenylhydantoin in rats

Blumer, J.L.; Frank, D.M., 1982:
Genetic differences in methyl cholanthrene mediated immuno suppression in mice

Coffey, J.C., 1986:
Genetic differences in mouse submandibular gland androgen metabolism

Chung, C.; Tabakoff, B.; Hoffman, P.L., 1983:
Genetic differences in opiate receptor function

Gentinetta, E., 1985:
Genetic differences in physiological characters related to the winter barley breeding for yield

Pluthero, F.G.; Threlkeld, S.F.H., 1979:
Genetic differences in response to insecticides in several strains of drosophila melanogaster

Spicer, S.S.; Erlandsen, S.L.; Wilson, A.C.; Hammer, M.; Schulte, B.A., 1985:
Genetic differences in secretory and cell surface glycoconjugates

Marley, R.J.; Wehner, J.M., 1986:
Genetic differences in seizure sensitivity are correlated with the degree of gamma aminobutyric acid enhancement of flunitrazepam binding

Ali, M.M.; Shawer, M.F.; Salem, M.; Khalil, A.Z.; Moreng, R.E., 1980:
Genetic differences in some blood parameters of 3 populations of fowl and their progeny

T.Refstie, 1986:
Genetic differences in stress response in atlantic salmon and rainbow trout

Kim, D.; Dudek, B.C., 1987:
Genetic differences in sub colonies of long and short sleep mice selectively bred for ethanol sensitivity

Rapaport, F.T.; Kunz, H.W.; Gill, T.J.IIi, 1987:
Genetic differences in susceptibility to thermal and radiation injury

Seredenin, S.B.; Zin'kovskii V.G.; Badyshtov, B.A.; Golovenko, N.Ya; Rybina, I.V., 1981:
Genetic differences in the anti seizure effect and metabolic rate of phenazepam

Boobis, A.R.; Kouri, R.E.; Nebert, D.W., 1979:
Genetic differences in the binding of benzo a pyrene metabolites to dna in the mouse

Quintanilla M E.; Tampier, L.; Mardones, J., 1982:
Genetic differences in the glucose tolerance test a study in ucha and uchb rats

Swarbrick, E.T.; Stokes, C.R.; Soothill, J.F., 1981:
Genetic differences in the handling of ingested antigens by the gut

Tarter, T.H.; Alexander, N.J., 1982:
Genetic differences in the immune response to sperm antigens

Mirtschewa, J.; Hallmann, B.; Stark, M.; Gleichmann, E., 1986:
Genetic differences in the induction of murine autoimmunity by respectively mercuric chloride gold sodium thiomalate and d penicillamine

Glowinski, I.B.; Brewer, J.A.; Weber, W.W., 1981:
Genetic differences in the n acetylation of aromatic amine drugs and carcinogens in inbred mice

Chung, C.T.; Tabakoff, B.; Hoffman, P.L., 1984:
Genetic differences in the regulation of opiate receptor function

Gleichmann, E., 1986:
Genetic differences in the susceptibility of mouse strains to cadmium chloride respectively mercuric chloride detected by the popliteal lymph node assay

Lazarte, R.A.; Nebert, D.W.; Levitt, R.C., 1982:
Genetic differences in theophylline toxicity associated with the ah locus effects of cimetidine in vitro and in vivo

Suzuki, T.; Ohtani, K.; Misawa, M., 1987:
Genetic differences of physical dependence on morphine and codeine in inbred mice and rats

Takata, K.; Goto, A.; Yamazaki, F., 1987:
Genetic differences of pungitius pungitius and pungitius sinensis in a small pond of the omono river system japan

Morgan, P.G.; Cascorbi, H.F., 1984:
Genetic differences of response to anesthetics in caenorhabditis elegans

Mccreary, J.L.; Coursin, D.B.; Will, J.A., 1984:
Genetic differences regulate indoleamine 2 3 dioxygenase oxygen radical scavenging activity in hyperoxia

Stock, M.W.; Higby, P.K., 1980:
Genetic differentiation among mountain pine beetle dendroctonus ponderosae populations

D.J.Innes, 1984:
Genetic differentiation among populations of marine algae

Bergmann, F., 1986:
Genetic differentiation among scotch pine pinus sylvestris population from the lowlands and the mountains in poland

Narang, S.K.; Toniolo, S.R.; Kaiser, P.E.; Birky, B.K., 1987:
Genetic differentiation among sibling species of anopheles quadrimaculatus

Hall, J.G.; Koehn, R.K., 1980:
Genetic differentiation and ancient hybridization in catostomid fishes

Naumov, G.I., 1986:
Genetic differentiation and ecology of the yeast saccharomyces paradoxus batschinskaia

Quinn, J.A., 1985:
Genetic differentiation and phenotypic plasticity of resource allocation in plants

Soltz, D.L., 1980:
Genetic differentiation and phenotypic variability of breeding systems and life history in the amargosa pupfish cyprinodon nevadensis

Lanchbury, J.S.S.; Papiha, S.S., 1986:
Genetic differentiation and population structure among caste groups of uttar pradesh india

Papiha, S.S.; Akbari, M.T.; Farhud, D.D., 1986:
Genetic differentiation and population structure of iranian communities

Filippucci, M.G.; Nascetti, G.; Capanna, E.; Bullini, L., 1984:
Genetic differentiation and reproductive isolation in the italian forms of the genus talpa mammalia insectivora talpidae

Kalnin, V.V., 1984:
Genetic differentiation and reproductive relations of the azov and black sea races of anchovy 2 genetic differences and internal heterogeneity of the azov and black sea races of anchovy

Dashkova, M.B., 1984:
Genetic differentiation and reproductive relations of the azov and black sea races of anchovy engraulis encrasicholus 1 biochemical polymorphism

Gajardo, G., 1985:
Genetic differentiation and speciation in the genus basilichthys pisces atherinidae

Christidis, L., 1987:
Genetic differentiation and subspeciation in the gray grasswren amytornis barbatus maluridae

Ober, C.L.; Buettner Janusch, J.; Olivier, T.J., 1979 :
Genetic differentiation between matrilines in the cayo santiago usa macaque groups

Soltis, P.S.; Soltis, D.E., 1987:
Genetic differentiation between two closely related species of polystichum dryopteridaceae

Mott, C.S.; Turner, T.R.; Else, J.G., 1984:
Genetic differentiation in 3 populations of kenyan cercopithecus mitis

Lieb, C.S.; Buth, D.G.; Gorman, G.C., 1983:
Genetic differentiation in anolis sagrei a comparison of cuban and introduced florida usa populations

Steiner, W.W.M.; Kitzmiller, J.B.; Narang, S.; Osterbur, D.L., 1979:
Genetic differentiation in anopheles mosquitoes

Koehn, R.K.; Hall, J.G.; Innes, D.; Zera, A.J., 1983:
Genetic differentiation in mytilus edulis a problem in population genetics or systematics?

Grassle, J.P., 1986:
Genetic differentiation in populations of hydrothermal vent mussels bathymodiolus thermophilus from the galapagos rift and 13 degrees north on the east pacific rise

W.L.; Till, I.; Armando, T., 1987:
Genetic differentiation in temperature enforced seed dormancy among golf course poa annua l. populations

Cianchi, R.; Sabatini, A.; Coluzzi, M.; Bullini, L., 1982:
Genetic differentiation in the anopheles maculipennis anopheles claviger and anopheles gambiae complexes diptera anophelinae

Mcmillan, C.A., 1979:
Genetic differentiation of female lineages in rhesus macaques macaca mulatta on cayo santiago usa

A.A.F.rnando; V.P.E.P.ang, 1986:
Genetic differentiation of isozymes in domesticated color pattern varieties and a wild population of the guppy poecilia reticulata

Kawamura, T.; Nishioka, M.; Sumida, M.; Ryuzaki, M., 1985:
Genetic differentiation of japanese toads

Sakaizumi, M.; Kikuta, A.; Tsuchiya, K., 1988:
Genetic differentiation of medaka oryzias latipes and history of the water system in the seto inland sea area japan

Chakraborty, R.; Nei, M.; Narain, P., 1981:
Genetic differentiation of quantitative characters between populations under the effects of mutation selection and genetic drift

Krzakowa, M.; Szweykowski, J., 1980:
Genetic differentiation of scotch pine pinus sylvestris in poland as revealed by iso enzymes macro gametophytes assay

Kaiser, E., 1979:
Genetic disease, future exploration in clinical enzymology

Levin, L.S., 1981:
Genetic disease in children

Holmes, F.F., 1986:
Genetic disease in offspring of survivors of cancer in the young

Goodman, R.M., 1979:
Genetic diseases among the jewish people

Schutgens, R.B.; Wanders, R.J.; Nijenhuis, A.; van den Hoek, C.M.; Heymans, H.S.; Schrakamp, G.; Bleeker-Wagemakers, E.M.; Delleman, J.W.; Schram, A.W.; Tager, J.M., 1987:
Genetic diseases caused by peroxisomal dysfunction. New findings in clinical and biochemical studies

Talukder, G.; Sharma, A., 1979:
Genetic diseases in india present status

Minor, R.R.; Wootton, J.A.M.; Patterson, D.F.; Uitto, J.; Bartel, D., 1987:
Genetic diseases of collagen in animals

Minor, R.R.; Wootton, J.A.; Prockop, D.J.; Patterson, D.F., 1987:
Genetic diseases of connective tissues in animals

Kanto, W.P.; Flannery, D.B., 1985:
Genetic disorders and major congenital anomalies in a neonatal intensive care unit

Curry, C.J.R.; Winter, S.C.; Holland, J.S.; Naman, D., 1986:
Genetic disorders in the hmong laos

Afzelius, B.A., 1981:
Genetic disorders of cilia

Tsipouras, P.; Ramirez, F., 1987:
Genetic disorders of collagen

Teller, W.M., 1985:
Genetic disorders of the anterior pituitary gland

Mckusick, V.A., 1982:
Genetic disorders of the human nervous system a commentary

Propping, P., 1982:
Genetic disposition to alcoholism a view from the pharmacodynamic basis

Tanase, H.; Horie, R.; Kihara, M.; Yamori, Y.; Lovenberg, W., 1981 :
Genetic disposition to cardiac hypertrophy in rats

Schimmer, B.P.; Rae, P.A.; Gutmann, N.S.; Watt, V.M.; Tsao, J., 1979:
Genetic dissection of acth action in adrenal tumor cells

Koch, G.A.; Shows, T.B., 1979:
Genetic dissection of adenosine deaminase and severe combined immuno deficiency disease

Doudna, J.A.; Gerber, A.S.; Cherry, J.M.; Szostak, J.W., 1987:
Genetic dissection of an RNA enzyme

Ward, S.; Argon, Y.; Nelson, G.; Roberts, T., 1979:
Genetic dissection of cell morphology

Vanwinkle Swift, K.; Flynn, J.A.; Mcenery, M.W.; Quintanilla, M.I.; Yoas, K.L., 1988:
Genetic dissection of chlamydomonas zygospore germination

Moore, J.W., 1980:
Genetic dissection of eu melanogenesis

Mueller, O.T.; Honey, N.K.; Miller, A.L.; Shows, T.B., 1981:
Genetic dissection of i cell disease and pseudo hurler poly dystrophy disorders of lysosomal enzyme processing

Livingstone, M.S.; Tempel, B.L., 1983:
Genetic dissection of mono amine neuro transmitter synthesis in drosophila melanogaster

Hotta, Y.; Fujita, S.C., 1981:
Genetic dissection of photo receptors in drosophila melanogaster

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Genetic engineering rules relaxed

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Genetic events early in drosophila development that determine sex

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Genetic evidence for aneuploidy in fungi

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Genetic evidence for the coupling of the synthesis and secretion of proteins in escherichia coli

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Genetic evidence for the existence of a human locus able to suppress neoplasia

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Genetic evidence for the symbiotic synthesis of leg hemo globin

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Genetic evidence suggesting that hypertension in the shr is linked to the y chromosome

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Genetic evidence tha hem agglutinating and neuraminidase activities occupy different sites on the hn glyco protein of newcastle disease virus

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Genetic evidence that photosystem ii and chlorophyll a b light harvesting complex assembly are not independent

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Genetic evolution in the african guenons

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Genetic expression of cardiac cells and mechanical signals

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Genetic factors in human carcinogenesis

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Genetic factors in the etiology of alzheimer's disease

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Genetic factors in the etiology of criminal behavior

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Genetic factors involved in regulating the melanocyte and melanoblast melanocyte populations in the mouse epidermis

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Genetic fine structure of the th ps region of the y chromosome of drosophila hydei

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Genetic fingerprinting will help trace criminals

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Genetic forms of neoplasia in man: a model for the study of tumor promotion in vitro

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Genetic foundation of social behavior

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Genetic function of rna components of soil borne wheat mosaic virus

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Genetic functions interacting with a site specific double strand break

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Genetic gain in the red raspberry

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Genetic geography

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Genetic groups and geographical origins of verticillium dahliae on helianthus annuus and helianthus tuberosus

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Genetic hazards

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Genetic hazards of mercury exposure in dental surgery

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Genetic hearing loss a historical overview

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Genetic hematologic disorders among southeast asian refugees and the impact on prevalence of thalassemia related disorders in the usa

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Genetic heritability and common environment contributions for 2 resting and 3 stressed blood pressures lipids and body mass

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Genetic heterogeneity in chronic granulomatous disease as detected by complementation in monocyte hybrids

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Genetic heterogeneity in diabetes difficulties in the creation of risk tables

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Genetic heterogeneity in fragile x syndrome evidence from restriction fragment length polymorphism linkage analysis and clinical expression

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Genetic heterogeneity in patients with ataxia telangi ectasia

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Genetic heterogeneity in retino blastoma kindreds

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Genetic heterogeneity in sjogren's syndrome the evidence of genetic markers

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Genetic heterogeneity in specific reading disability

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Genetic heterogeneity in the epilepsies

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Genetic heterogeneity observed among a large group of patients with arthrogryposis multiple congenital contractures

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Genetic heterogeneity of bi polar affective illness

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Genetic heterogeneity of glycogen storage disease type 1b microsomal glucose 6 phosphatase ec system in 2 patients with different clinical symptoms

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Genetic heterogeneity of human beta galactosidase deficiency

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Genetic heterogeneity of in vitro shoot initiation in conifers

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Genetic heterogeneity of insulin dependent diabetic bb rats as identified by serological and skin grafting tests

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Genetic heterogeneity of mild osteogenesis imperfecta 01 types i and iv linkage to col1a1 col1a2 and possibly other loci

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Genetic heterogeneity of myotonic dystrophy

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Genetic heterogeneity of sickle mutations

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Genetic heterogeneity of xeroderma pigmentosa in blacks a male with clinical and dna excision repair characteristics unlike complementation group c