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In vivo study of the absorption of hexavalent chromium by the intestine of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Boge, G.; Nagain, C.; Bussiere, D.; Peres, G.

Annales de l'Institut Michel Pacha (14-15): 5-18, 1983


Accession: 028506402

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The study of dichromate absorption (potassium salt) has been carried out on rainbow trout, using a perfusion technique or injections in the intestinal lumen. Results have shown that chromium is absorbed in isotonic conditions. The quantities which disappear from the lumen are very low. This suggest that the absorption process is not very much developed. Chromium absorption is lower in the hind gut than in the rest of the intestine. Moreover this absorption increases when water is absorbed (solvant drag). Hexavalent chromium is partly reduced by the mucosa in an unstable form which does not react with the specific reagent: diphenylcarbazide. Chromium is also absorbed in vitro: its disappearance has been detected in the incubation medium and its appearance in the serosal medium, in major part, chromium is concentrated in the mucosa.

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