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Inagreius gloriosus new genus new species and description of 3 new species of xiphinema along with report xiphinema radicicola and xiphinema elongatum nematoda longidoroidea from india

Khan, E.

Indian Journal of Nematology 11(2): 189-204


ISSN/ISBN: 0303-6960
Accession: 028507538

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INAGREIUS gen. nov. is proposed and diagnosed under the subfamily Paralongidorinae for forms having a small cup-like amphidial pouch, with the basal lining bilobed, slit-like amphidial aperture, lip region setoff and is followed by a 2nd constriction. Siddiqia beryllus (= Paralongidorus beryllus) is designated as the type-species. I. gloriosus sp. nov., collected from soil around pomegranate roots at Nagarjun Konda, Andhra Pradesh, is distinctive by the long body, dorsally convex conoid tail which is slightly longer than anal-body-diameter. Xiphinema nagarjunenesis sp. nov., also collected from Nagarjun Konda, is characterized by small body size, setoff head and protoplasmic core extending more deeply in the tail region. X. mammillocaudatum sp. nov., collected from Assam, has a short body, opisthodelphic gonad and hemispherical tail with a short mammillate peg. X. neodimorphicaudatum sp. nov., isolated from soil around pear roots, is unique in having more males than females, and by showing distinct sexual dimorphism in tail character. Variations in X. radicicola and X. elongatum are reported.

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