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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 28562

Chapter 28562 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Intercellular communication mediated by vasoactive intestinal peptide in the cerebral cortex
, Regulatory Peptides (Suppl. 3): S6 (1985)

Intercellular communication via gap junctions
, European Journal of Cell Biology Suppl. (17): 27 (1987)

Intercellular compartmentation of hepatic ammonia metabolism a basis for the differential regulatory influence of hormones on related enzymes and amino acid transport systems
, Kleinberger, G , P Ferenci, P Riederer And H Thaler (Ed ) Advances in Hepatic Encephalopathy And Urea Cycle Diseases 5th International Symposium on Ammonia, Semmering, Austria, May 16-19, Xii+769p S Karger: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N Y , Usa Illus 126-131 (1984)

Intercellular compartmentation of principal photosynthetic and photorespiratory enzymes in a c 3 c 4 intermediate flaveria ramosissima
, Plant Physiology 86(4 Suppl.): 8 (1988)

Intercellular complement c 3 binding in normal skin
, Clinical Research 33(2 Part 2): 658A (1985)

Intercellular contacts and desmosomes
, Thivolet, J And D Schmitt (Ed ) Seminaire D'enseignement Inserm (Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale), 131 Biologie De La Peau; 2e Cours Francophone Annuel (Teaching Seminar Of The National Institute Of Health And Medical Research, 131 Biology Of The Skin, 2nd Annual French Language Course), Lyons, France, Mar , 27-29, 177p Inserm: Paris, France Illus Paper 39-46 (1985)

Intercellular contents and gradients of calcium and 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid in apples
, Hortscience 23(3 SECT 2): 731 (1988)

Intercellular electrical coupling by dye transfer method in frog rana japonica skin
, Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan 47(8-9): 393 (1985)

Intercellular electrophoresis of charged molecules through gap junctions by externally applied electric fields
, Biophysical Journal 49(2 Part 2): 203A (1986)

Intercellular interaction and tumor promotion
, Uicc (Union Internationale Contre Le Cancer, International Union Against Cancer) 14th International Cancer Congress, Budapest, Hungary, Aug 21-27, Abstracts, Lectures, Symposia And Free Communications, Vols 1, 2, 3, Late Abstracts, And Register Xvi+479p (Vol 1); Xvi+298p (Vol 2); Xvi+531p (Vol 3); 15p (Late Abstracts); 40p (Register) S Karger Ag: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N Y , Usa; Akademiai Kiado: Budapest, Hungary Paper 562 (1986)

Intercellular junction of the ovarian bursal and the ovarian surface epitheliums
, Acta Anatomica Nipponica 59(4): 524 (1984)

Intercellular junctions and intramembrane particle arrays in rapid frozen arthropod neural tissue
, Journal of Cell Biology 99(4 Part 2): 398A (1984)

Intercellular junctions and tumor cell invasion in multicellular spheroids
, British Journal Of Cancer: 691 (1987)

Intercellular junctions between fibroblasts in the eye of macaque monkeys
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 27(3 Suppl.): 204 (1986)

Intercellular junctions between human odontoblasts revealed by freeze fracture
, Belcourt, A B And J -V Ruch (Ed ) Colloque Inserm (Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale (Institute Of Health And Medical Research Colloquium), Vol 125 Morphogenese Et Differenciation Dentaires; Tooth Morphogenesis And Differentiation; Meeting, Strasbourg, France, June 25-29, 1984 603p Inserm: Paris, France Illus Paper 167-174 (1985)

Intercellular junctions during differentiation of pancreatic exocrine cells
, Cell Structure and Function 10(4): 432 (1985)

Intercellular junctions in the stria vascularis of guinea pig cochlea
, Journal of Electron Microscopy 33(3): 290 (1984)

Intercellular junctions of the human fetal small intestine
, Journal of Cell Biology 101(5 Part 2): 304A (1985)

Intercellular localization of key enzymes of 4 carbon pathway photosynthesis in the f 1 hybrids between 3 carbon pathway 4 carbon pathway intermediate and 4 carbon pathway flaveria species
, Plant Physiology (rockville)ppl. 4): 90 (1985)

Intercellular localization of nitrate reductase in roots of maize seedlings
, Plant Physiology 77(Suppl. 4): 33 (1985)

Intercellular movement of protoplasm in nucellus and endosperm in vivo during wheat embryogenesis
, International Botanical Congress Abstracts 17: 142 (1987)

Intercellular movement of protoplasmic contents during senescence of garlic leaf sheath
, International Botanical Congress Abstracts 17: 142 (1987)

Intercellular propagation of a non lymphogranuloma venereum strain of chlamydia trachomatis in mccoy cells
, Oriel, D , Et Al (Ed ) Chlamydial Infections; Sixth International Symposium on Human Chlamydial Infections, Sanderstead, Surrey, England, Uk, June 15-21, Xvii+583p Cambridge University Press: New York, New York, Usa; Cambridge, England, Uk Illus 59-62 (1986)

Intercellular relations control expression of specific genes of hepatocytes in vitro
, Biology of the Cell 52(2): 87A (1984)

Intercellular sharing of glutathione via metabolic cooperation quantitated by flow cytometry
, Journal of Cell Biology 103(5 Part 2): 474A (1986)

Intercellular signaling systems in perifused three dimensional pituitary cell cultures
, Piva, F , Et Al (Ed ) Serono Symposia Publications From Raven Press, Vol 49 Cell to Cell Communication in Endocrinology; Florence, Italy, October 1987 Xix+297p Raven Press Books, Ltd : New York, New York, Usa Illus 79-90 (1988)

Intercellular space and nonsynaptic interneuronal connections of the mammalian brain
, Arkhiv Anatomii Gistologii i Embriologii 93(9): 5-19 (1987)

Intercellular space pressure modulates alteration in tight junction permeability induced by cyclic amp in necturus gallbladder
, Physiologist 27(4): 272 (1984)

Intercellular transfer of horseradish peroxidase label in crayfish giant axons
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 11(2): 1148 (1985)

Intercellular transport studied by micro injection methods
, Robards, A W (Ed ) Botanical Microscopy, ; Third International Meeting, York, England, July X+368p Oxford University Press: Oxford, England; New York, N Y , Usa Illus 335-358 (1985)

Intercellular variations in the cytochrome oxidase activities of pulmonary alveolar epithelial cells in rats
, Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica 18(6): 640 (1985)

Intercenter interobserver agreement of gastroesophageal endoscopic signs in cirrhosis a french experience
, Journal of Hepatology 7(Suppl. 1): S109 (1988)

Interception of airborne prey by bats predictive or nonpredictive approach?
, American Zoologist 26(4): 97A (1986)

Interception of discrete oxygen species in aqueous media by cholesterol formation of cholesterol epoxides and seco sterols
, Lipids 17(3): 197-203 (1982)

Interception of fungi and bacteria on imported seed
, Pakistan Journal of Botany 14(SPEC ISSUE): 44 (1982)

Interception of the electron transport chain in bacteria with hydrophilic redox mediators part 1. selective improvement of the performance of biofuel cells with 2 6 disulfonated thionine as mediator
, Journal of Chemical Research (Synopses) (5): 178-179 (1986)

Interception of uromyces betae in imported sugarbeet seeds
, Indian Journal Of Plant Protection: 123-124 (1984)

Interceptions of tilletia indica at the california usa and mexico border in mexican railroad boxcars
, Phytopathology 75(11): 1339 (1985)

Interceptive orthodontics in general dental practice 1. early interceptive treatment
, British Dental Journal 152(3): 85-89 (1982)

Interceptive orthodontics in general dental practice 2. treatment of crowding
, British Dental Journal 152(4): 123-127 (1982)

Interceptive orthodontics in general dental practice 3. treatment of local irregularities
, British Dental Journal 152(5): 166-170 (1982)

Interceptive plants
, Planta Medica 1986(5): 432 (1986)

Interchange hetero zygotes of blattella germanica embryonic abnormalities and lethality in aneu ploid zygotes
, Genetics 97(1 Suppl.): S91 (1981)

Interchange of allo specific major histo compatibility complex class 1 peptide chains with xenospecific beta 2 micro globulin and its implications for genetic restriction
, Peeters, H (Ed ) Protides Of The Biological Fluids Colloquium, Vol 31 An International Review Series Devoted to Proteins And Related Studies; Proceedings, L983 Xxxi+1112p Pergamon Press: Oxford, England; New York, N Y , Usa Illus P1005-1008 (1984)

Interchangeability of stress and amphetamine in sensitization
, Science 207(4428): 329-331 (1980)

Interchanges between coastal and fjord circulation
, Rapports et Proces-Verbaux des Reunions Conseil International pour l'Exploration de la Mer 186: 38-48 (1986)

Interchromatin granules
, Postepy Biologii Komorki 14(4): 327-346 (1987)

Interchromosomal connectives observed by scanning electron microscopy
, CIS (Chromosome Information Service) (37): 19-21 (1984)

Intercistronic sites in the lac operon
, Schaechter, Ml. (ed.). The Molecular Biology Of Bacterial Growth; Symposium, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Usa, Apr. . Xxvii 384p. Jones And Bartlett Publishers, Inc: Boston, Mass., Usa. Illus. 185-193 (1985)

Interclonal variation in oligodendrocyte differentiation
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 12(2): 767 (1986)

Intercollicular fibers projecting to the superficial layers of the superior colliculus in normal rats and rats with one eye enucleated at birth
, Neuroscience Letters Suppl. (26): S38 (1986)

Intercomparison exercise on the determination of plutonium in biological material
, Science of the Total Environment 69: 1-12 (1988)

Intercomparison of carcinoembryonic antigen ca 125 and ca 19 9 antigen levels in patients with carcinoma of the breast
, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 6(2): 180 (1985)

Intercomparison of film badge and pocket dosimeters for use in nuclear medicine
, Health Physics 54(5): 557-559 (1988)

Intercomparison of formaldehyde measurement techniques
, Abstracts of Papers Chemical Congress of North America 3(1): ENVR 147 (1988)

Intercomparison of fourier analysis with factor analysis in gated cardiac studies
, Nuklearmedizin 25(4): A94-A95 (1986)

Intercomparison of gas chromatographic methods of analysis of poly chlorinated bi phenyls
, Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 183: ENVR-85 (1982)

Intercomparison of high volume pm 10 samplers at a site with high particulate concentrations
, Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association 36(8): 917-920 (1986)

Intercomparison of long range transport models
, American Association for the Advancement of Science Abstracts of Papers of the National Meeting 148: 59 (1982)

Intercomparison of personnel doses measured simultaneously by film badge pocket chamber and thermoluminescent dosimeters in a medical center
, Health Physics 47(1): 167 (1984)

Intercomparison of regional cerebral blood flow rcbf and cerebral metabolic rate of glucose rcmrg1c in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis als
, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine 14(5-6): 233 (1988)

Intercompartmental gene transfer a review
, Biologisches Zentralblatt 103(5): 485-493 (1984)

Intercompartmental transport of glycoproteins in yeast
, Federation Proceedings 44(3): IX (1985)

Interconnectable beverage container system us patent 4685565. august 11 1987
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1081(2): 714 (1987)

Interconnected activity of remote cortical neurons during conditioned switching over
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deyatel'nosti Imeni I P Pavlova 33(4): 758-760 (1983)

Interconnected groundwater system simulation description of the system and a case history application
, Journal of Hydrology 75(1-4): 255-286, 1984 (1985)

Interconnecting an analog simulator with an olivary neuron
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 14(1): 757 (1988)

Interconnecting model of the visual cortex on the basis of golgi data
, Zentralblatt fuer Allgemeine Pathologie und Pathologische Anatomie 123(1-2): 139 (1979)

Interconnection between brain neuro mediators and hypothalamic hormones
, Problemy Endokria 25(6): 73-79 (1979)

Interconnection between early and late changes in normal tissues in anti blastomic radiation therapy
, Meditsinskaya Radiologiya 24(12): 33-36 (1979)

Interconnection between nitrate reductase activity nutritional provision and sugar beet productivity
, Kudrev, T , I Stoyanov And V Georgieva (Ed ) Mineral Nutrition Of Plants, Vol 2 Proceedings Of The 1st International Symposium on Plant Nutrition, Varna, Bulgaria, Sept 24-29, 373p Bulgarian Academy Of Sciences, Institute Of Plant Physiology: Sofia, Bulgaria Illus : p74-78 (1979)

Interconnection between photo receptors and horizontal cells in the turtle geoclemys reevesii retina
, Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan 43(8-9): 344 (1981)

Interconnection between photo receptors and luminosity type horizontal cells in the retina of the turtle chinemys reevesii
, Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan 44(8-9): 419 (1982)

Interconnection between proteolytic activity of sierozems and numerosity of microorganisms as a function of soil fertility level
, Uzbekskii Biologicheskii Zhurnal (1): 11-14 (1979)

Interconnection between the component composition of hordein and the brewing qualities of spring barley
, Vyestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR Syeryya Biyalahichnykh Navuk (2): 35-38 (1985)

Interconnection between the cortical gustatory area and the amygdala
, Neuroscience Letters (Suppl. 13): S48 (1983)

Interconnection of biological activity and molecular structure of some piperazino 1 2 a indole derivatives analogs of the psychotropic preparation pyrazidole
, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal (English Translation of Khimiko-Farmatsevticheskii Zhurnal) 17(10): 738-744 (1983)

Interconnection of biological parameters in a series of alkoxyphenylcycloalkyl penicillins
, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal (English Translation of Khimiko-Farmatsevticheskii Zhurnal) 16(9): 646-650 (1982)

Interconnection of electron structure of components of nucleic acids with the possibility and specificity of their participation in template synthesis
, Molecular Biology (English Translation of Molekulyarnaya Biologiya (Moscow) 13(3 Part 1): 370-379 (1979)

Interconnections among cortical motor output regions controlling the facial musculature of cat
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 11(2): 1272 (1985)

Interconnections between centers involved in vaso motor regulation a neuro anatomical study in the rat
, Neuroscience Letters (Suppl. 14): S381 (1983)

Interconnections between central chemo sensitive areas respiratory centers and efferent output
, Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 389(Suppl.): R34 (1981)

Interconnections between filaments in the i band of skeletal muscle
, Biophysical Journal 53(2 Part 2): 370A (1988)

Interconnections between identified neurons in the buccal ganglia of helix pomatia
, Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 382(Suppl.): R36 (1979)

Interconnections between nuclei of the respiratory center
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 90(6): 1639-1642 (1980)

Interconnections between striatum and substantia nigra in the cat and monkey
, Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 6(1): 90 (1979)

Interconnections between the medial geniculate body and the auditory cortex in an fm bat
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 13(2): 1469 (1987)

Interconnections between thick filaments in stretched skeletal muscle fibers
, Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan 47(8-9): 523 (1985)

Interconnections of the inferior colliculus with areas of the lateral tegmentum in the cat
, Anatomical Record 218(1): 154A (1987)

Interconnections of the mediobasal hypothalamic nuclei in the prepubertal rat
, Neuroscience Letters (Suppl. 18): S61 (1984)

Interconnections of the mediobasal hypothalamus nuclei in the adult rat
, Neuroscience Letters (Suppl. 18): S62 (1984)

Interconnections of the mesencephalic dopamine cell groups
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 12(2): 875 (1986)

Interconnections within the postarcuate cortex (area 6) of the macaque monkey
, Brain Research 310(2): 388-392 (1984)

Interconsultation in ambulatory consultation a study of demand
, Actas Luso Espanolas de Neurologia Psiquiatria y Ciencias Afines 13(5): 265-275 (1985)

Intercontinental adds hog chill blast tunnel
, Food in Canada 47(10): 42, 44 (1987)

Interconversion between molecular forms of artemia cyst trehalase promoted by changes in ph
, American Zoologist 25(4): 57A (1985)

Interconversion between oxygen dependent and nad dependent types of rat liver xanthine dehydrogenase
, Edmondson, D E And D B Mccormick (Ed ) Flavins And Flavoproteins; Proceedings Of The Ninth International Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia, Usa, June 7-12, Xxiii+775p Walter De Gruyter And Co : Berlin, West Germany; Hawthorne, New York, Usa Illus 413-416 (1987)

Interconversion model analysis for 4 acetaminobenzaldehyde ab and 4 acetaminobenzyl alcohol aba in rats with multi line fitting technique
, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 76(11): S75 (1987)

Interconversion of 2 3 anhydro 1 beta d xylofuranosyl uracil and 2 2 anhydro 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl uracil
, Carbohydrate Research: 331-342 (1979)

Interconversion of brain phospholipids by phosphotransferase reactions
, Italian Journal of Biochemistry (English Edition) 33(3): 213A-215A (1984)

Interconversion of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in green leaves
, Vyestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR Syeryya Biyalahichnykh Navuk (1): 29-31 (1986)

Interconversion of conformation of apomyoglobin absorbed on hydrophobic silica gel
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 109(4): 1244-1245 (1987)

Interconversion of cyclic amp and tpa responsive dna elements
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Suppl. (12 Part A): 80 (1988)

Interconversion of cyclosporin ria and hplc results
, Clinical Chemistry 34(6): 1272 (1988)

Interconversion of dihydrotestosterone and 3 alpha androstanediol in the dog
, Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 25(Suppl.): 7S (1986)

Interconversion of drosophila nuclear lamin isoforms during oogenesis early embryogenesis and upon entry of cultured cells into mitosis
, Journal of Cell Biology 107(6 Part 3): 525A (1988)

Interconversion of glutamate ornithine and proline in mammals
, Ebashi, S (Ed ) Cellular Regulation And Malignant Growth: Third Lipmann Symposium, Lake Kawaguchi, Japan, May 24-28, 1984 Xi+503p Springer-Verlag: Secaucus, N J , Usa; Berlin, West Germany; Japan Scientific Societies Press: Tokyo, Japan Illus 371-378 (1985)

Interconversion of sodium sodium to sodium hydrogen exchange depends on the ratio of internal sodium to proton in rabbit red cells
, Journal of General Physiology 90(6): 31A (1987)

Interconversion of spine synapses correlates with long term potentiation
, Anatomical Record 211(3): 111A (1985)

Interconversion rates of the diasteriotopic thiohemiacetal substrates of glyoxalase i
, Federation Proceedings 45(6): 1536 (1986)

Interconversions of host selective toxin from helminthosporium sacchari with its aglycone
, International Botanical Congress Abstracts 17: 70 (1987)

Interconvertible forms of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase in vitro and the in vivo activity of the enzyme
, Journal Of Lipid Research: 1045 (1979)

Intercoronal cells as potential photoreceptors and mechanoreceptors in watersipora larvae bryozoa
, American Zoologist 24(3): 124A (1984)

Intercorrelation matrix for regional rates of glucose metabolism in healthy males differences between young and old subjects
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 10(2): 1001 (1984)

Intercorrelations of neuropsychological psychiatric and endocrine measures in patients with limbic epilepsy
, Neurology 36(4 Suppl. 1): 170 (1986)

Intercorrelations of regional cerebral glucose utilization in autism
, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology 10(1): 72-73 (1988)

Intercorrelations of subfractions of low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein by gradient gel electrophoresis and analytic ultracentrifugation
, Arteriosclerosis 5(5): 547A (1985)

Intercostal artery laceration a major complication of needle aspiration for pneumothorax in neonates
, Respiratory Care 32(2): 103-105 (1987)

Intercostal artery to pulmonary artery fistula
, American Journal of Cardiology 54(6): 688-689 (1984)

Intercostal blocks with local infiltration anesthesia for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
, Anesthesia and Analgesia 66(1): 85-88 (1987)

Intercostal hernias
, Annali Italiani di Chirurgia 56(1): 1-7 (1984)

Intercostal muscle activity changes associated with non rapid eye movement sleep
, Federation Proceedings 41(4): ABSTRACT 6484 (1982)

Intercostal muscle activity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
, Chest 77(2 Suppl): 299-300 (1980)

Intercostal muscle activity in the cephalic region of the thorax in kittens
, Pediatric Research 23(4 Part 2): 529A (1988)

Intercostal muscle electrical activities in children
, Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan 44(8-9): 504 (1982)

Intercostal muscle metabolism in respiratory failure associated with resistive loading
, American Review Of Respiratory Disease Part 2: 366 (1980)

Intercostal muscle pathology in chronic obstructive lung disease
, American Review Of Respiratory Disease Part 2: 296 (1979)

Intercostal nerve block and celiac plexus block for pain therapy
, Benedetti, C , C R Chapman And G Moricca (Ed ) Advances in Pain Research And Therapy, Vol 7 Recent Advances in The Management Of Pain; Symposium, Palermo, Italy, 1981 Xix+692p Raven Press: New York, N Y , Usa Illus 309-330 (1984)

Intercostal or multiple access in percutaneous lithotripsy
, Contributions to Nephrology 58: 258-261 (1987)

Intercostobrachial nerve entrapment a cause of chest and arm pain
, Pain (Suppl. 2): S86 (1984)

Intercourse and moral responsibility for the fetus
, Bondeson, W B Et Al (Ed ) Philosophy And Medicine, Vol 13 Abortion And The Status Of The Fetus Xxxii+349p D Reidel Publishing Co : Dordrecht, Netherlands; Boston, Mass , Usa (Dist in The Usa And Canada By Kluwer Boston, Inc : Hingham, Mass ) P229-246 (1983)

Intercranial pressure regulator valve us patent 4769002. september 6 1988
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1094(1): 282 (1988)

Intercristal connection of mitochondria in lactating mammary gland cells indicated by simplified staining procedure for magnesium atpase
, Journal of Cell Biology 101(5 Part 2): 449A (1985)

Intercropping and maize review of the literature
, Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe 36(4): 3-11 (1987)

Intercropping muscadine vitis rotundifolia grapes with selected vegetables
, Hortscience 21(4): 945 (1986)

Intercropping of related vegetables
, Hortsciencesect 1: 722 (1987)

Intercropping of sods with sweet corn
, Hortscience 23(3 SECT 2): 805 (1988)

Intercropping okras hibiscus esculentus with sweet potatoes ipomoea batatas
, Hortscience 21(4): 946 (1986)

Intercropping sugar beet with sugarcane 1. response of sugar beet yield to intercropping with sugarcane
, Annals of Agricultural Science (Cairo) 30(1): 249-264 (1985)

Intercropping sugar beet with sugarcane 2. effect on yield and some properties of sugarcane yield
, Annals of Agricultural Science (Cairo) 30(2): 1145-1154 (1985)

Intercropping sugar beet with sugarcane 3. interspecific and intraspecific competition among sugarbeet and sugarcane plants
, Annals of Agricultural Science (Cairo) 30(2): 1155-1162 (1985)

Intercropping with early pigeonpea in tarai
, Indian Journal of Agronomy 33(1): 112-114 (1988)

Interculture variability and population dynamics in long term b lymphocyte cultures
, Journal of Leukocyte Biology 38(1): 173 (1985)

Intercurrent death following hodgkins disease therapy radiotherapy adjuvant mopp trials
, International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 13(supp-S1): 92-0 (1987)

Intercurrent disease and environmental variables in rodent toxicology studies
, Progress in Experimental Tumor Research 26: 208-240 (1983)

Intercurrent renal image during bone scintigraphy
, Folha Medica 82(5): 529-531 (1981)

Interdental cleaning and polishing tool us patent 4706695. november 17 1987
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1084(3): 1139-1140 (1987)

Interdependence between a ring substitution and biological activity of estrogens
, Acta Endocrinologica Supplementum 53: 113 (1983)

Interdependence between atrial natriuretic peptide anp and ventricular function in healthy subjects and labile hypertensives during exercise
, Acta Endocrinologica Suppl 117(287): 160 (1988)

Interdependence between some vectorcardiographic and electrocardiographic indices in healthy persons and patients with ischemic heart disease
, Krovoobrashchenie 18(1): 65-67 (1985)

Interdependence between the effects of defaunation on cellulolytic activity volume and kinetics of rumen content preliminary data and hypothesis
, Reproduction Nutrition Developpement 28(1): 161-162 (1988)

Interdependence methods of survey analysis
, Hortscience 21(3 SECT 2): 894 (1986)

Interdependence of 2 nigro striatal pathways role dendritic liberation of dopamine
, Journal de Physiologie 75(5): 39A (1979)

Interdependence of antigen dose immune response and neuro humoral changes in the body
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii (6): 107-108 (1980)

Interdependence of antigen induced bronchoconstriction airway inflammation and altered blood white cell composition in monkeys
, American Review of Respiratory Disease 135(4 Part 2): A221 (1987)

Interdependence of antihypertensive anticalcinotic and antiarteriosclerotic effects of calcium antagonists model experiments on spontaneously hypertensive rats
, Fleckenstein, A Et Al (Ed ) Bayer-Symposium, Ix Cardiovascular Effects Of Dihydropyridine-Type Calcium Antagonists And Agonists; Boppard, West Germany, Oct 3-6, 1984 Xiii+511p Springer-Verlag New York, Inc : Secaucus, N J , Usa; Berlin, West Germany Illus 480-499, 1985 (1986)

Interdependence of breathing and pedaling rhythm in bicycle ergometry
, Experientia (basel): 697 (1980)

Interdependence of burst length and number of openings per burst in stochastic models of single ion channels
, Biophysical Journal 49(2 Part 2): 376A (1986)

Interdependence of chicken cell culture indices and their breed peculiarities
, Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina i Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Akademii Sel'skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk Imeni V I Lenina (7): 22-24 (1979)

Interdependence of chronic rhino sinusitis and broncho pulmonary pathology in coal miners of the donets basin ussr
, Gigiena Truda I Professional'Nye Zabolevaniya: 18 (1979)

Interdependence of cranio facial morphology and jaw muscle activity at rest
, Journal Of Dental Researchec. Issue: 655 (1983)

Interdependence of ectoplasmic movements and surface dynamics in locomoting amoebae
, Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 10(1-2): 343 (1988)

Interdependence of events associated with the initiation of mitosis
, Cell and Chromosome Research 10(1): 1-7 (1987)

Interdependence of hril 1 alpha hrtnf alpha hrg csf and mrgm csf in radioprotection and in induction of the acute phase reactant fibrinogen
, Journal of Leukocyte Biology 42(5): 616 (1987)

Interdependence of independently ventilated lungs of the infant lamb
, American Review Of Respiratory Disease Part 2: 189 (1982)

Interdependence of inflammatory signals in various immunological systems
, Monographs in Allergy 18: 201-205 (1983)

Interdependence of invertebrate species in plankton of the lower volga river russian sfsr ussr
, Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 22(1): 76-78 (1986)

Interdependence of judgment correctness incorrectness and certainty uncertainty as factors influencing the amplitude of late positive visual evoked potential wave
, Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 29(5): 464 (1980)

Interdependence of manganese calcium and saccharide binding to concanavalin a at ph 5 and ph 7
, Federation Proceedings 39(6): ABSTRACT 377 (1980)

Interdependence of microrheological and macrorheological blood properties
, Biorheology 23(2): 152 (1986)

Interdependence of osseous morphology and masseter muscle histochemistry
, Journal of Dental Research 63(SPEC ISSUE): 276 (1984)

Interdependence of regional expiratory flows during forced expiration
, Federation Proceedings 45(4): 874 (1986)

Interdependence of risk factors on survival following coronary bypass surgery
, Circulation 78(4 Part 2): II283 (1988)

Interdependence of rostral and caudal ventrolateral medullary areas in the control of blood pressure
, Brain Research 321(1): 169-174 (1984)

Interdependence of serum copper and ceruloplasmin level on dietary ascorbic acid in pregnant and nonpregnant subjects
, IRCS (International Research Communications System) Medical Science Library Compendium 7(12): 591 (1979)

Interdependence of social and hygienic environmental factors
, Azerbaidzhanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal (4): 72-75 (1988)

Interdependence of ventricular wall stress and ejection fraction in determining survival in severe chronic heart failure
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 9(2 Suppl. A): 202A (1987)

Interdependences between tongue and palatal shelves before palatal closure
, Teratology 33(3): 69C (1986)

Interdependent action of lutropin and gtp in de sensitizing lutropin sensitive adenylate cyclase of the rat ovary
, Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 15(1): 81 (1979)

Interdependent effects of thyroid hormones and cyclic amp on lipolysis and lipogenesis in the fat cell
, Dumont, J E , P Greengard And G A Robison (Ed ) Advances in Cyclic Nucleotide Research, Vol 14 4th International Conference, Brussels, Belgium, July 22-26, 1980 Xxxi+724p Raven Press: New York, N Y , Usa Illus P539-554 (1981)

Interdependent microcosms for the assessment of pollutants in the marine environment
, International Journal of Environmental Studies 13(2): 131-140 (1979)

Interdependent right and left ventricular vascular coupling
, Japanese Circulation Journal 50(6): 504 (1986)

Interdependent surface mobility of human major histocompatibility complex class i and different class ii antigens
, International Society Of Blood Transfusion Abstracts Of The Congress Of The International Society Of Blood Transfusion, No 18 Symposium; Munich, West Germany, July 22-27, 240p S Karger: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N Y , Usa Illus Paper 154 (1984)

Interdiction of cholesterol side chain cleavage in primary adrenocortical cell cultures by suicide substrates of cytochrome p 450 scc
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Interdigestive activity in the gastrointestinal tract
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