Manifestation of hybrid vigor in rna synthesis parameters by corn seedling protoplasts in the presence and absence of gibberellic acid

Nebiolo, C.M.; Kaczmarczyk, W.J.; Ulrich, V.

Plant Science Letters 28(2): 195-206, 1982


DOI: 10.1016/s0304-4211(83)80010-8
Accession: 028669569

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Several parameters of RNA synthesis were investigated in seedling protoplasts of a heterotic maize hybrid and its inbred parents in the presence and absence of the transcription-stimulating phytohormone GA. In the absence of GA3, seedling protoplasts of the 3 genotypes differ in kinetics of [3H] uridine incorporation into acid-insoluble material, total amount of label incorporated into RNA after 6 h of incubation and the content of poly(A)+ RNA. Protoplasts from hybrid plants synthesize a greater amount of poly(A)+ RNA than protoplasts of the inbred parents. In the presence of GA3 at a concentration of 10-7 M, protoplasts from hybrid plants exhibit a superior response to hormone in the initial rate of [3H] uridine incorporation into acid-insoluble material and the percentage increase in poly(A)+ RNA content. The significance of these data to an understanding of the role of RNA metabolism in the generation of hybrid vigor is discussed.