Section 29
Chapter 28,829

On the difficulties encountered when establishing the correct diagnosis of disturbances in the pupillary reflexes

Donauer, E.; Kivelitz, R.; Lippitz, B.; Jaksche, H.

Neurosurgical Review 11(1): 25-29


ISSN/ISBN: 0344-5607
PMID: 3217016
DOI: 10.1007/bf01795691
Accession: 028828840

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It is always difficult to interpret abnormalities in pupillary reflexes when a patient who has suffered injuries to the upper part of the face is unconscious. Nevertheless, thorough examination of pupillary reflexes can provide vital information about possible damage to the central nervous system. Decisions about treatment of and prognosis for patients with multiple injuries can be made more accurately when the status of the nerves supplying the eye are taken into account. Anatomical and physiological relationships of pupillary reflexes and oculomotor reactions in a patient with multiple injuries are discussed.

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