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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 28980

Chapter 28980 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hatt, P.Y., 1979:
Progress in ultrastructural analysis of atrio ventricular junction of conductive tissue of the rat heart

Schmitt, D., 1985:
Progress in ultrastructural immunocytochemistry

Rosenberg, L.E., 1979:
Progress in understanding autosomal recessive diseases

Boyle, P.; Leake, R., 1988:
Progress in understanding breast cancer: epidemiological and biological interactions

Batchelor, J.R.; McMichael, A.J., 1987:
Progress in understanding HLA and disease associations

Rimoin, D.L.; Rotter, J.I., 1985:
Progress in understanding the genetics of diabetes mellitus

Shand, J., 1985:
Progress in underwater science vol. 10. meeting london england uk march 23 24 1984

Farquhar, M.G., 1985:
Progress in unraveling pathways of Golgi traffic

Spalton, D.J., 1988:
Progress in uveitis

Inoué, S., 1988:
Progress in video microscopy

Chermann, J.C.; Barre Sinoussi, F., 1987:
Progress in virus diagnostics and its impact on health care the human immunodeficiency as an example

Trendelenburg, M.F., 1983:
Progress in visualization of eukaryotic gene transcription

Jones, G., 1986:
Progress made in interleukin study

Mccormick, R.D., 1985:
Progress made in producing all natural ingredients

Lawlor, F.; Peiris, S., 1985:
Progress of a harlequin fetus treated with etretinate

Hunter, W.L.Jr; Parker, J.W.; Dougherty, J.H.Jr; Moeller, G.O.; Tappan, D.V.; Jordan, J.E.; Ekenhoff, R.G., 1981:
Progress of an air saturation dive series airsat

Zhdanov, V.M., 1986:
Progress of and prospects for immunization programs in european region

Serov, V.V.; Zairat'yants O.V., 1986:
Progress of and prospects for the study of the physiology morphology and pathology of the thymus

Lanter, J.M.; Pastor Corrales, M.A.; Hancock, J.G., 1987:
Progress of angular leaf spot on bean grown in monocultures and in bean maize intercrops

Pillay, T.V.R., 1979:
Progress of aquaculture

Arends, J.; Christofersen, J.; Schuthof, J., 1983:
Progress of artificial carious lesions in enamel at ph equals 5.5 and 4.5

Osamura, S., 1986:
Progress of diagnosis and treatment on leukemia

Morris, C.E.; Rouse, D.I.; Hagedorn, D.J., 1981:
Progress of disease incidence and severity of bacterial brown spot caused by pseudomonas syringae on snap bean phaseolus vulgaris foliage and pods

Golub, M.; Keen, C.L.; Gershwin, M.E.; Hurley, L.S.; Hendrickx, A.G., 1988:
Progress of early adolescence in marginally zinc deprived rhesus monkeys

Itil, T.M., 1979:
Progress of electro encephalography in psychiatry

Fujimoto, M., 1988:
Progress of epithelial transport physiology

Chinchilla, C.M.; Martinson, C.A., 1984:
Progress of eyespot development on 10 maize hybrids

G.F., 1985:
Progress of gnotobiology in the chinese academy of medical sciences

Dijkman, A.G.; Arends, J., 1988:
Progress of initial lesions in human enamel after in vivo demineralization by dental plaque

Kosaki, H., 1984:
Progress of modern ophthalmic surgery in japan history of the society of ophthalmic microsurgery and the japanese congress of ophthalmic surgery

Shimizu, O.; Tanaka, I., 1988:
Progress of nephropathy in visually impaired diabetics in a rehabilitation center

Karamova, L.M., 1988:
Progress of occupational hygiene in petroleum refining industry

Rouse, J.L., 1986:
Progress of pollen tube development in rhododendron nuttallii as seen in pistil squashes

Robert, E.Fowles, 1985:
Progress of research in cardiomyopathy and myocarditis in the usa

Gasparotto, L.; Zambolim, L.; Ventura, J.A.; Junqueira, N.T.V.; Maffia, L.A.; Vale, F.X.R.D., 1988:
Progress of rubber tree leaf blight in different regions of brazil

Kondo, S.; Hurnik, J.F., 1987:
Progress of social stabilization in dairy cows after grouping

Naatanen, R.; Summala, H., 1982:
Progress of technology and traffic accidents

Blyuger, A.F., 1986:
Progress of the present day hepatology

Seiga, K., 1987:
Progress of vagina and vulva eumychism

Shah, I.; Kingsland, L.C.IIi; Kay, D.; Hazelwood, S.E.; Reese, G.; Lindberg, D.A.B.; Sharp, G.C.; Kulikowski, C.A.; Weiss, S.M.; Politakis, P., 1982:
Progress on a computer based clinical diagnosis system for rheumatology

Carutners, M.H.; Fisher, E.F.; Beaucage, S.L., 1980:
Progress on characterizing the t antigen sv 40 dna interaction

Legerski, R.; Peterson, C.; Moore, P.; Brown, D., 1988:
Progress on cloning the gene defective in xeroderma pigmentosum group a cells

Brooks, G.T., 1987:
Progress on insect control chemicals from juvenile hormone research

Horowitz, A.M., 1987:
Progress on orphan drugs

Egan, R.S., 1984:
Progress on the 5th checklist of lichens of the continental usa and canada

Berkowitz, B.A.; Ohlstein, E.H., 1986:
Progress on the characterization and identification of endothelium derived relaxing factors

Van Houten, J.L.; Baez, J.; Cote, B.; Zhang, J., 1988:
Progress on the cyclic amp receptor of paramecium

Maughan, R.L.; Blosser, H.G.; Blosser, E.B.; Blosser, G.H.; Burleigh, R.J.; Powers, W.E.; Ezzell, G.A.; Orton, C.G.; Ragan, D.P., 1987:
Progress on the harper hospital neutron therapy cyclotron

Cirio, U.; Menna, P., 1985:
Progress on the integrated pest management for olive groves in the canino area italy

Neuhausl, R., 1987:
Progress on the project of a vegetation map of europe

Soulier, J.P.; Courouce, A.M., 1981:
Progress on viral hepatitis

Fager, C.A., 1987:
Progress, reason, and fallacy in today's world of neurosurgery

Asplund, K., 1984:
Progress report from a multicenter trial of hemodilution in acute ischemic stroke

Jasinski, D.R.; Cone, E.J.; Gorodetzky, C.W.; Risner, M.E.; Shannon, H.E.; S.T.P.; Vaupel, D.B., 1979:
Progress report from the national institute on drug abuse usa addiction research center

Trochoulias, T., 1984:
Progress report macadamia training trial dunoon australia

Wang, P.Z.; D.T.e G.; Zeng, Y.; Dan, H.; L.E.J.; M.Y.R.; Gresser, I.; Cantell, K., 1982:
Progress report of alpha interferon treatment of stage ii naso pharyngeal carcinoma patients in china

Marrari, M.; Duquesnoy, R.J., 1985:
Progress report of the american society for histocompatibility and immunogenetics college of american pathologists histocompatibility survey program

Cunningham, G.C.; Mourdant, V.L.; Greve, L.; Centerwall, W.R., 1982:
Progress report of the expanded new born screening program in california usa for the 1st 10 months

Nicholson, H.F., 1986:
Progress report of the great lakes fisheries research branch for 1983

Bargon, E., 1983:
Progress report of the hessian west germany administrative office for soil research for the business year 1982 jan. 1 dec. 31 1982

Abmayr, W.; Burger, G.; Soost, H.J., 1979:
Progress report of the tumor detection by automatic image analysis project for automated cancer cell detection

Ingle, J.N.; Green, S.J.; Ahmann, D.L.; Edmonson, J.H.; Nichols, W.C.; Frytak, S.; Rubin, J., 1982:
Progress report on 2 clinical trials in women with advanced breast cancer trial i tamoxifen vs. tamoxifen plus amino glutethimide trial ii amino glutethimide in patients with prior tamoxifen exposure

Blankenhorn, D.H., 1984:
Progress report on a lipid lowering trial in men with coronary bypass surgery

Eliot, J.; Anderson, L.; Bernstein, S., 1985:
Progress report on a study of the cervical cap

Mccallum, R.W.; Jacobson, L.; Fisher, K.; Acg, R.s Comm (Usa), 1988:
Progress report on acg barrett's esophagus study

Zucchelli, G.C.; Pilo, A.; Chiesa, M.R.; Masini, S.; Ferdeghini, M., 1986:
Progress report on an interlaboratory survey for the tumor markers cea and afp

Tsunekawa, S., 1982:
Progress report on experimental use of cybest model 2 for practical gynecologic mass screening

Delange, F.; Beckers, C.; Hoefer, R.; Konig, M.P.; Monaco, F.; Varrone, S., 1980:
Progress report on neo natal screening for congenital hypo thyroidism in europe

Krawitt, D.R.; Katz, L.; Wuchinich, D., 1987:
Progress report on the application of the endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator to remove prostate bladder tumors and stones in humans

Araya, J.E.; Fereres, A.; Foster, J.E., 1987:
Progress report on the distribution of the russian wheat aphid diuraphis noxia in the usa

Pool, B.L.; Schmezer, P.; Komitowski, D.; Schlehofer, J.R., 1986:
Progress report on the employment of a systematic in vitro ex vivo toxicology approach for the detection and analysis of genotoxic chemicals

Haley, R.W.; Culver, D.H.; Emori, T.G.; Hooton, T.M.; White, J.W., 1981:
Progress report on the evaluation of the efficacy of infection surveillance and control programs

Barigozzi, C.; Conti, L., 1981:
Progress report on the genetics of the seed color in italian cultivars of phaseolus vulgaris

Maruyama, Y., 1986:
Progress report on the international californium 252 neutron therapy trials

Mayo, M.E.; Chapman, W.H.; Ansell, J.S., 1986:
Progress report on the lasertripter

Gunn, R.E.; Shepard, J.F., 1981:
Progress report on the proto cloning of 7 european potato solanum tuberosum ssp tuberosum cultivars

Blas, B.L., 1984:
Progress report on the schistosomiasis control program in leyte philippines as of nov. 1982

Goldin, A.; Venditti, J.M., 1980:
Progress report on the screening program at the Division of Cancer Treatment, National Cancer Institute

Dunbar, D.L., 1981:
Progress report on the solid or state automated microscope

Bousfield, W.E.; Wulf, N.W.; Stripe, L.E., 1986:
Progress report on the spruce budworm silvicultural demonstration project on the gallatin and lolo national forests montana usa

Kuten, A.; Zidan, G.; Cohen, Y.; Robinson, E., 1986:
Progress report on the treatment of advanced squamous cancer of the head and neck by bleomycin methotrexate and cisplatin followed by radiotherapy superior survival in complete responders and nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Shumaker, B.P.; Mattiello, J.; Hetzel, F.; Boles, M., 1983:
Progress report ongoing clinical trials of hemato porphyrin derivative photo therapy

Lynch, S.; Kerlin, P.; Ong, T.H.; Pillay, S.P.; Wall, D.; Balderson, G.; Shepherd, R.; Cleghorn, G.; Hourigan, K.; E.A., 1988:
Progress report the queensland australia liver transplant program

Auer, R.N., 1986:
Progress review: hypoglycemic brain damage

Saric, M.R., 1987:
Progress since the first international symposium genetic aspects of plant mineral nutrition beograd yugoslavia 1982 and perspectives of future research

Coleman, D.E.; Carter, C.W.Jr; Betts, L., 1986:
Progress toward a 3.0 angstrom crystal structure of the tryptophanyl transfer rna synthetase from bacillus stearothermophilus

Bash, P.A.; Singh, U.C.; Langridge, R.; Kollman, P., 1987:
Progress toward a computational molecular biology

Gledhill, L.G., 1985:
Progress toward a master plan of population management for the lion tailed macaque macaca silenus

Li, T.K.; Lumeng, L.; McBride, W.J.; Waller, M.B.; Hawkins, T.D., 1979:
Progress toward a voluntary oral consumption model of alcoholism

Graves, D.J., 1984:
Progress toward artificial photosynthesis

Good, R.A., 1980:
Progress toward cellular macro molecular and molecular engineering in treatment of disease

Aprille, J.R., 1979:
Progress toward characterization of a reyes syndrome serum factor

Rosichan, J.L.; Borcherts, K.J.; Ewing, N.N.; Bennett, A.B., 1987:
Progress toward complementary dna cloning of the 72 kd and 58 kd subunits of the tomato tonoplast proton atpase

Cohen, H.J., 1984:
Progress toward deinstitutionalization and community care national perspectives and the bronx new york usa experience

Leske, M.C.; Chylack, L.T.; Sperduto, R.; Pennett, M.; McCarthy, D., 1987:
Progress toward developing a cataract classification system

Hewetson, J.F.; Davio, S.R.; Beheler, J.E., 1985:
Progress toward development of monoclonal antibodies for identification and treatment of saxitoxin poisoning

Griffiths, J.B.; Spier, R.E., 1982:
Progress toward establishing a european federation of cell and virus collections

Wilson, S.; Abbotts, J.; Widen, S., 1988:
Progress toward molecular biology of DNA polymerase beta

Skinner, G.R.B., 1984:
Progress toward prevention and modification of herpes genitalis by vaccination

Brace, R.A., 1981:
Progress toward resolving the controversy of positive Vs. negative interstitial fluid pressure

Hunt, R.E.; Bell, J.A.; Szebenyi, D.M.E.; Moffat, K., 1983:
Progress toward the 3 dimensional structure of the poly peptide hormone human chorionic somatomammotropin

Zealear, D.L.; Herzon, G.D., 1988:
Progress toward the development of a chronically implantable laryngeal pacemaker

Provost, P.J.; Emini, E.A.; Lewis, J.A.; Gerety, R.J., 1988:
Progress toward the development of a hepatitis a vaccine

Bailey, E.D., 1982:
Progress toward the establishment of a low level radioactive waste burial site in texas usa

Serwer, P., 1981:
Progress toward the fractionation of intact eukaryotic chromosomal dna by agarose gel electrophoresis

Kosztarab, M., 1984:
Progress toward the initiation of a biological survey of the usa

Warren, S.T.; Peters, J.F.; Zhang, F., 1988:
Progress toward the molecular cloning of the fragile x site

Meyers, A.I.; Roland, D.M.; Comins, D.L.; Henning, R.; Fleming, M.P.; Shimizu, K., 1979:
Progress toward the total synthesis of maytansinoids synthesis of racemic 4 5 deoxy maysine n methyl maysenine

Samuel, C.E., 1987:
Progress toward the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of interferon action

Dawe, E.G., 1981:
Progress toward validating the aging of short finned squid illex illecebrosus using statoliths

Barnes, P.R.H., 1985:
Progress towards a clinically useful measure of pelvic floor neuropathy

Kwabwe, A.S.; King, R.A.; Tanner, J.M., 1984:
Progress towards a computerized expert system for the assessment of skeletal maturity

Jensen, R.H., 1985:
Progress towards a hemoglobin based in vivo somatic mutation assay

Miller, E., 1986:
Progress towards a new pertussis vaccine

Noble, A.C.; Arnold, R.A.; Masuda, B.M.; Pecore, S.D.; Schmidt, J.O.; Stern, P.M., 1984:
Progress towards a standardized system of wine aroma terminology

Steward, M.W., 1986:
Progress towards a synthetic hepatitis b vaccine

Kaper, J.B.; Levine, M.M., 1988:
Progress towards a vaccine against enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

Putney, S.D., 1988:
Progress towards an aids vaccine

Tsui L C.; Rommens, J.; Burns, J.; Zengerling, S.; Melmer, G.; L.M.; Kennedy, D.; Johnson, D.; Markiewicz, D.; Plavsic, N.; E.A., 1987:
Progress towards cloning of the cystic fibrosis gene identification of new dna markers in the 7q31 region

Pringle, C.R., 1987:
Progress towards control of the acute respiratory viral diseases of childhood

Flehmig, B.; Mauler, R.F.; Noll, G.; Weinmann, E.; Gregersen, J.P., 1987:
Progress towards developing an attenuated live hepatitis a vaccine

Scambler, P.J.; Bell, G.; Estivill, X.; Lench, N.; Farrall, M.; Frederick, P.; Hawley, K.; Bates, G.; Kruyer, H.; E.A., 1987:
Progress towards identification of the gene defective in cystic fibrosis

Myers, S.; Carson, N.; Jackson, C.E.; Verdy, M.B.; W.J.; Kidd, J.R.; Genel, M.; Kidd, K.K.; Simpson, N.E., 1988:
Progress towards identification of the genotype for multiple endocrine neoplasia 2a men2a

Barnett, H.J., 1980:
Progress towards stroke prevention: Robert Wartenberg lecture

Abad, J.P.; Saito, A.; Ohki, M.; Pevny, L.; Cantor, C.R.; Smith, C.L., 1988:
Progress towards the completion of a restriction map of human chromosome 21

Provost, P.J.; Emini, E.A., 1987:
Progress towards the development of a hepatitis a vaccine

Root, M.A., 1980:
Progress towards the semi synthesis of pre pro insulin

Jeffcoate, S.L., 1979:
Progress towards the wider use of better steroid immunoassays

First, N.L., 1985:
Progress towards transgenic cattle

Fishbein, G.W., 1985:
Progress towards virus resistant crops reported

Labrecque, D.R.; Fogerty, S.; Steele, G.; Wilson, M., 1983:
Progress with hepatic stimulator substance a liver specific growth factor

Mcintosh, G.S., 1986:
Progress with the development of fish aggregating devices in the caribbean

Jones, D.T.L., 1982:
Progress with the national accelerator center

Dubernard, J.M.; Traeger, J.; Touraine, J.L.; Betuel, H.; Devonec, M.; Sarkissian, J., 1981:
Progresses in renal transplantation

Bergeron, P.; Wright, J.D.; Werdene, P.J., 1987:
Progressing batch hydrolysis reactor single stage experiments

Calandre, L.; Gomara, S.; Gonzalez, J.L.; Bermejo, F.; Vallejo, A.R.; Portera, A., 1986:
Progressing focal cerebral ischemia

Jacobi, G.H.; Wenderoth, U.K.; Wallenberg, H.V.; Gatto, M., 1987:
Progression and death following lhrh analogue monotreatment in advanced prostatic carcinoma

Gale, K., 1988:
Progression and generalization of seizure discharge: anatomical and neurochemical substrates

Nyberg, G., 1988:
Progression and nonprogression of chronic renal failure in diabetic nephropathy which factors are determinants

Shubik, P., 1984:
Progression and promotion

Small, D.M.; Waugh, D.W.; Prack, M.; Bond, M.G., 1982:
Progression and regression of athero sclerosis physicochemical and histological changes in the arterial wall of nonhuman primates

Small, D.M.; Waugh, D.; Prack, M.; Bond, M.G., 1982:
Progression and regression of athero sclerosis physiochemical and histological changes in the arterial wall of nonhuman primates

Small, D.M., 1986:
Progression and regression of atherosclerotic lesions insights from lipid physical biochemistry

Hung K S.; Pacheco, H.; Lessin, D.; Jordan, K.; Mattioli, L., 1986:
Progression and regression of hypoxia induced pulmonary hypertension pressure weight and morphometric analyses of the right ventricle

Schoop, W., 1987:
Progression and regression of peripheral arterial occlusive disease spontaneous course acetylsalicylic acid acetylsalicylic acid plus dipyridamole

Wada, H., 1979:
Progression and regression of the glomerular lesions in schoenlein henoch syndrome

Casale, A.S.; Bolling, S.F.; Rui, J.A.; Flaherty, J.T.; Bulkley, B.H.; Jacobus, W.E.; Gardner, T.J., 1984:
Progression and resolution of myocardial reflow injury

Stevens, D.A., 1985:
Progression chronicity immune responses and mortality in murine pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosis

Beckman, P.M.; Payne, G.A.; Campbell, C.L., 1981:
Progression dynamics of gray leaf spot induced by cercospora zea maydis on corn

Johnson, P.; Vonroenn, J.; Bonomi, P.; Wolter, J.; Anderson, K.M.; Gale, M.; Economou, S.G., 1986:
Progression free interval in primary additive hormonal therapy in metastatic breast cancer related to estrogen and progesterone receptor levels

Mandarino, L.; Rizza, R.; Gerich, J.; Handwerger, B., 1984:
Progression from hyperglycemia to hypoglycemia in a patient with autoantibodies to the insulin receptor associated changes in characteristics of the antibodies

IIno, Y.; Tachibana, K.; Ootsuka, S.; Fushimi, K.; Tomita, K.; Yoshiyama, N.; Taniguchi, K., 1988:
Progression in chronic renal failure and thyroid hormone

Snider, R.K.; Jurist, J.M., 1980:
Progression in female idiopathic scoliosis during adolescence

Van Muijen, G.N.P.; Van Der Wiel Miezenbeek, J.M.; Cornelissen, L.M.H.A.; Jansen, C.F.J.; Ruiter, D.J., 1988:
Progression markers in metastasizing human melanoma cells xenografted to nude mice

Namba, K.; Sakurai, I.; Imai, M.T.A., 1980:
Progression mode of disc cupping and visual field change in capsular glaucoma

Gouma, D.J.; Obertop, H.; Vismans, J.; Willebrand, D.; Soeters, P.B., 1987:
Progression of a benign epithelial ampullary tumor to adenocarcinoma

Matsuzawa, A.; Mizuno, Y., 1979:
Progression of a pregnancy dependent mouse mammary tumor tpdmt 4 with transplantation

Fahim, M.A.; Robbins, N., 1984:
Progression of age changes in neuromuscular nerve terminal morphology in mouse hindlimb muscles

Tsukamoto, H.; French, S.W.; Benson, N.; Rao, G.A.; Larkin, E.C.; Largman, C., 1984:
Progression of alcohol induced liver injury by continuous intra gastric infusion of ethanol in rats

Rodlum, C.A.; Warrick, J.M.; Stookey, G.K.; Miller, C.H., 1987:
Progression of alveolar bone loss and root caries formation in hamsters

Hynes, J.K.; Holmes, D.R.Jr; Smith, H.C.; Vlietstra, R.E.; Connolly, D.C., 1982:
Progression of aortic stenosis as determined by serial cardiac catheterization

Nitta, M.; Hultgren, H.N.; Nakamura, T., 1986:
Progression of aortic stenosis detection by non invasive methods

Nitta, M.; Hultgren, H.; Bilisoly, J., 1986:
Progression of aortic stenosis in the elderly non invasive assessment

Kasanuki, H.; Ohnishi, S., 1987:
Progression of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia

Jones, R.N.; Diem, J.E.; Gilson, J.C.; Glindmeyer, H.; Weill, H., 1979:
Progression of asbestos radiographic abnormalities relationships to measure of dust exposure and annual decline in lung function

Gaensler, E.A.; Jederlinic, P.J.; Mcloud, T.C., 1987:
Progression of asbestosis

Benito de Cárdenas, I.L.; Ledesma, O.V.; Pesce de Ruiz Holgado, Aída A.; Oliver, G., 1988:
Progression of asymptomatic primary sclerosing cholangitis psc

Chait, A., 1987:
Progression of atherosclerosis: the cell biology

Purchase, H.G., 1988:
Progression of avian lymphoid leukosis

Gauwerky, C.E.; Tsujimoto, Y.; Haluska, F.G.; Nowell, P.C.; Croce, C.M., 1988:
Progression of bcl 2 rearranged follicular lymphoma results in pre b cell leukemia with a 8 14 14 18 translocation

Darbre, P.D.; King, R.J.B., 1988:
Progression of breast cancer cells to steroid insensitivity steroid interactions and role of receptors

Tisserat, N.; Kuntz, J.E., 1982:
Progression of butternut canker in a butternut juglans cinerea plantation

Zoghbi, W.A., 1988:
Progression of calcific aortic stenosis assessment with doppler echocardiography

Misdorp, W., 1988:
Progression of cancer in domestic animals except poultry

Clarkson, B.H., 1979:
Progression of caries like lesions in vitro after exposure to synthetic calcifying fluids

Willeit, J.; Vogl, G.; Aichner, F., 1985:
Progression of carotid disease after endarterectomy clinical and sonographical correlations

Wolfgang, G.H.I.; Gandolfi, A.J.; Nagle, R.B.; Brendel, K., 1988:
Progression of cellular injury induced by dichlorovinylcysteine dcvc in renal cortical slices

Eliahou, H.E.; Cohen, D.; Herzog, D.; Hellberg, B.; Serban, I.; Gavendo, S.; Kapuler, S., 1988:
Progression of chronic renal failure crf in man decreased by long term therapy with the calcium blocker nisoldipine nis

Rugiu, C.; Oldrizzi, L.; Maschio, G., 1988:
Progression of chronic renal failure crf in patients p with solitary kidneys sk

Alvestrand, A.; Bucht, H.; Gutierrez, A.; Bergstrom, J., 1985:
Progression of chronic renal failure in man as influenced by frequency and quality of clinical follow ups

Tabak, M.A.; Fine, R.N., 1986:
Progression of chronic renal failure: is prediction possible?

Gutierrez, A., 1985:
Progression of chronic renal failure is retarded with more frequent clinical follow ups

Fujita, M.; Mckown, D.P.; Mckown, M.D.; Franklin, D., 1985:
Progression of collateral development by day to day measurement of retrograde collateral flow in conscious dogs

Enjalbert, M.; Campeau, L.; Lesperance, J.; Bourassa, M.G., 1982:
Progression of coronary artery disease 10 years after aorto coronary bypass surgery

Nishimura, K.; Nosaka, H.; Itoh, Y.; Katoh, T.; Kochi, K.; Hattori, R.; Norimoto, N.; Ohshige, T.; Nakamura, N.; E.A., 1981:
Progression of coronary artery disease a clinical angiographic study with special reference to coronary arterial spasm

Kelsey, S.F., 1986:
Progression of coronary artery disease effect of cholestyramine

Rafflenbeul, W.; Simon, R., 1987:
Progression of coronary artery disease following angioplasty

Palac, R.T.; Hwang, M.H.; Meadows, W.R.; Croke, R.P.; Pifarre, R.; Loeb, H.S.; Gunnar, R.M., 1981:
Progression of coronary artery disease in medically and surgically treated patients 5 years after randomization

Schuler, G.; Mautner, J.; Schlierf, G.; Merkle, R.; Obermoser, A.; Waas, W., 1988:
Progression of coronary artery disease in patients on low fat diet and intensive physical exercise

Nash, D.T.; Klink, P., 1984:
Progression of coronary artery disease rarely occurs in the absence of risk factors

E.Al, 1985:
Progression of coronary atherosclerosis role of coronary spasm as a promoting factor of progression

Beanlands, D.S., 1983:
Progression of coronary disease in candidates of trans luminal coronary angio plasty

Gallino, A.; Tartini, R.; Kappenberger, L.; Steinbrunn, W., 1985:
Progression of coronary stenosis in the time between diagnostic coronary arteriography and percutaneous transluminal angioplasty

Soinen, H.; Riekkinen, P.J.; Helkala, E.L.; Laakso, M.; Laulumaa, V.; Jolkkonen, J.; Reinikainen, K., 1987:
Progression of cortical and subcortical symptoms in alzheimer's disease the relationship to somatostatin cholinergic beta endorphin and noradrenergic innervation deficiencies

Brint, S.; Jacewicz, M.; Pulsinelli, W., 1987:
Progression of cortical infarction in spontaneously hypertensive rats subjected to focal ischemia

Bass, J.; Elgart, G.; Pomeranz, J.; Kish, S., 1988:
Progression of cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia to cutaneous lymphoma histopathology immunohistochemistry and gene rearrangement studies

Auerbach, H.; Williams, M.; Colten, H.R., 1985:
Progression of cystic fibrosis lung disease is decreased by prednisone in a 4 year controlled trial

Hawley, D.J.; Wolfe, F., 1987:
Progression of depression in rheumatoid arthritis

O'Dowd, J.; Laidler, P., 1988:
Progression of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans to malignant fibrous histiocytoma: report of a case with implications for tumor histogenesis

Schulz, B.; Zander, E.; Mester, J., 1986:
Progression of diabetic nephropathy in insulin independent diabetes mellitus in relation to metabolic control and blood pressure

Buzney, S.M.; Feke, G.T.; Weiter, J.J.; Mcmeel, J.W.; Spack, N.P.; Verstraeten, T.C.; Sosenko, J.M.; Miettinen, O.; Gabbay, K.H., 1987:
Progression of early diabetic retinopathy and antecedent glycemia

Triffon, D.W.; Ringel, S.P.; Reiter, M.J., 1985:
Progression of electrocardiographic abnormalities in myotonic dystrophy

Hale, K.A.; Cosio, M.G.; Niewoehner, D.E., 1981:
Progression of emphysema airway disease and muscular pulmonary artery changes in chronic air flow obstruction

Moberger, B.; Auer, G.; Einhorn, N.; Moberger, G., 1987:
Progression of endometrial adenocarcinomas as reflected by nuclear dna content and cellular estrogen receptors

Hockaday, T.D.R.; Pandher, K.S.; Bron, A.; Humphreys, S.; Smith, R.F., 1986:
Progression of established retinopathy is unrelated to glycosylated hemoglobin in non insulin dependent diabetes

Giddens, J.; Lee, G.; Joye, J.A.; Odom, R.; Bogren, H.; Amsterdam, E.A.; Mason, D.T., 1980:
Progression of fixed coronary stenosis to occlusion in artery supplying infarcted ventricular area documentation in patients by cardiac catheterization before and after acute necrosis

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Progression of medicago arborea in france

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Progression of the alveolitis after cessation of asbestos exposure in the sheep model

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Progression of the physarum polycephalum cell cycle is not correlated with fluctuations in cyclic nucleotide levels

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Progression of the transformed phenotype in type 5 adenovirus transformed rat embryo cells is a reversible process

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Progression of vinyl chloride induced hepatitis fibrosis to angio sarcoma of the liver

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Progression pattern of coronary artery disease over 1 3 5 and more than 6 year intervals

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Progression pattern of coronary artery disease over a one three five and greater than six years interval

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Progression to atrio ventricular block in patients with single chamber atrial pacing

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Progressions of conversations and conversational actions

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Progressive and differential degeneration of circadian rhythms in aging female rats

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Progressive and nonprogressive nephritides

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Progressive and regressive structural changes in rat pulmonary arteries during recovery from prolonged hyperoxia

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Progressive ankylosis in the mouse a murine model of ankylosing

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Progressive anti convulsants determination by high pressure liquid chromatography and plasma concentration

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Progressive anti thrombin activity and the concentration of 3 thrombin inhibitors in liver cirrhosis

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Progressive antral narrowing in an adolescent

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Progressive aphasia a precursor for global dementia?

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Progressive apical pleural fibrosis: a 'constrictive' ventilatory defect

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Progressive asymptomatic coronary artery disease as a late fatal sequela of Kawasaki disease

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Progressive automation and computers in the analytical laboratory

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Progressive autonomic failure microneurography of the decentralized postganglionic sympathetic efferent unit

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Progressive bibliographic instruction an alternative to the term paper

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Progressive bicycle exercise in asthmatic children

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Progressive bone disease in osteopenia treated with fluoride and calcium

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Progressive brainstem involvement in alzheimers disease

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Progressive bulbar paresis chorea and rigidity in 4 siblings

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Progressive capillary hemangioma acquired tufted angioma

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Progressive cardiac conduction defects due to amoxapine overdose

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Progressive cardiac involvement by Fabry's disease despite successful renal allotransplantation

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Progressive cerebral dysfunction during repeated episodes of physical ethanol dependence seizure activity and regional glucose consumption 1 cmrg1

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Progressive change in si cortex of kittens after spinal transection

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Progressive changes in acute extrapyramidal effects of neuroleptics following repeated intermittent neuroleptic treatment in squirrel monkeys

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Progressive changes in gluconeogenesis in liver during an experimental ketosis

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Progressive changes in lens crystallin glycation leading to diabetic cataract formation

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Progressive changes in lens protein glycation crystallin composition and formation of high molecular weight aggregates in diabetic and aging rats

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Progressive changes in physiological parameters during light dependent germination of nicotiana tabacum seeds

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Progressive changes in reigers anomaly a theory of mechanism

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Progressive changes produced by radiation induced hippocampal damage

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Progressive cholangiolitic cirrhosis a distinct form of familial intra hepatic cholestasis

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Progressive chronic renal failure in non azotemic cirrhotic patients with ascites a prospective study

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Progressive circumscribed lentiginosis phakomatosis pigmentovascularis iii a

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Progressive cone dystrophy

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Progressive corneal vascularization associated with extended wear of a silicone elastomer contact lens

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Progressive cranial fracture

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Progressive craniofacial dysmorphism imperforate anus small bowel atresia and joint contractures a new syndrome?

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Progressive cytomegalovirus glomerulo nephritis mechanisms of glomerular injury

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Progressive decrease in ventricular contractile function of patients with increasing volume overload of chronic aortic regurgitation

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Progressive decreases in dentin permeability following cavity preparation

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Progressive defect in cerebral energy metabolism in patients with hepatic encephalopathy he

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Progressive defect in gallbladder contractility during early stages of cholesterol gall stone formation

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Progressive deformity of the spine in children with intra spinal lesions

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Progressive dementia and epilepsy in a young adult with unusual inter neuronal inclusions

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Progressive dementia with profound recent memory loss due to unilateral posterior choroidal artery occlusion on the nondominant side

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Progressive destruction of the hip joint due to Klebsiella osteomyelitis

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Progressive deterioration of renal function in non azotemic cirrhotic patients with ascites a prospective study

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Progressive development of bronchial asthma from allergic rhinitis in a patient sensitized to Artemisia spp. pollen; a case report

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Progressive development of insulin induced cellular insulin resistance

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Progressive dialysis encephalopathy ("dialysis dementia")

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Progressive diaphyseal dysplasia and a low muscle carnitine

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Progressive diaphyseal dysplasia engelmanns disease a sporadic case of the mild form

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Progressive differences in drug susceptibility of the adult liver fluke fasciola hepatica

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Progressive disc cupping in experimental glaucoma in the rhesus monkey

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Progressive disseminated histoplasmosis in patients with aids

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Progressive dyspnea and stridor in an elderly woman

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Progressive dystonia with marked diurnal fluctuation in a Chinese family

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Progressive dystonia with marked diurnal fluctuation. Report of a case

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Progressive dystonia with marked diurnal variation

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Progressive dystonic syndrome with bilateral striatal necrosis and amino aciduria

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Progressive effects of dark rearing on the response properties of cells in the visual cortex of the cat

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Progressive elevation of csf glycosaminoglycan in neuropathic mucopolysaccharidoses and normal levels after bone marrow transplantation

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Progressive encephalopathy in children with acquired immune deficiency syndrome evidence for the presence of the retrovirus human t cell leukemia virus iii in the brain

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Progressive encephalopathy in patient treated with pituitary human growth hormone

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Progressive endothelial cell loss following intra ocular surgery

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Progressive enlargement of an hepatic cell adenoma

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Progressive epifacial phlegmon

Andiman, W.A.; Katz, B.Z.; Miller, G., 1986:
Progressive epstein barr virus infection

Hegreberg, G.A.; Reed, S.M.; Bayly, W.M., 1986:
Progressive equine myotonia resembling myotonia dystrophica of people

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Progressive erythrokeratodermia and cochlear hearing impairment. A case report and review of the literature

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Progressive esophageal balloon distention in evaluation of non cardiac chest pain

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Progressive expression of e neo antigen site associated with the plasmin cleavage of fibrinogen

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Progressive extension of the endemic area and changing incidence of Argentine Hemorrhagic Fever

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Progressive external ophthalmoplegia a case

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Progressive external ophthalmoplegia associated with ichthyosis

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Progressive external ophthalmoplegia with spinal atrophy in 2 brothers

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Progressive exudative gastritis and humoral immuno deficiency with pernicious anemia in a child

Maheshwari, M.C., 1985 :
Progressive familial myoclonus without electroencephalographic abnormality

Waring, N.P.; Morgan, J.E.; Daul, C.B.; Frempong, K.O.; Deshazo, R.D., 1984:
Progressive generalized lymphadenopathy in hypertransfused patients with sickle cell disease

Zachariae, H.; Søgaard, H., 1984:
Progressive generalized perforating folliculitis

Russell, D.C.; Maloney, A.; Muir, A.L., 1981:
Progressive generalized scleroderma: respiratory failure from primary chest wall involvement

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Progressive glomerular injury in human diabetic glomerulopathy

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Progressive glomerular injury: roles of dietary protein and compensatory hypertrophy

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Progressive glomerulo nephritis due to mouse cytomegalovirus

Smith, R.D.; Wehner, R., 1979:
Progressive glomerulo nephritis induced with cytomegalovirus an experimental model

Schwimmer, J.; Chien, L.; Sieger, L., 1988:
Progressive growth deceleration in children with acute lymphocytic leukemia all treated with cranial irradiation

Gautam, S.C., 1981:
Progressive growth of a weakly immunogenic fibro sarcoma induces immuno suppression in mice

Williams, R.D.; Matsumoto, T., 1982 :
Progressive growth of human genito urinary cancer in the athymic nude rat rnu rnu

Silkes, E.D.; Chabot, J., 1985:
Progressive hearing loss following Haemophilus influenzae meningitis

Ingram, C.W.; Satler, L.F.; Rackley, C.E., 1987:
Progressive heart failure secondary to a high output state

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Progressive hemi facial atrophy parry romberg syndrome 2 cases

Frederiksen, L., 1987:
Progressive hereditary nephritis

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Progressive herpes simplex keratitis in inbred mice an ultrastructural analysis

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Progressive herpetic corneal endotheliitis

Goidl, E.A.; Mcevoy, S.J.M., 1988:
Progressive heterogeneity of antibody secreting cells following multiple antigen administrations

Donaldio, M.; Lee, M.H.; Scott, L.; Wisniewski, H., 1984:
Progressive hippocampal electrical changes following multiple infusion of aluminum chloride

Chadburn, A.; Metroka, C.; Mouradian, J., 1986:
Progressive histopathology and prognostic value of sequential lymph node biopsies in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and acquired immune deficiency syndrome related complex

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Progressive hydrocephalus following intra ventricular hemorrhage in infants less than 1800 grams

Ian C Y., 1987:
Progressive hypotension in a patient with chronic renal failure

Cloward, R.B., 1984:
Progressive idiopathic anterior dislocation of the upper cervical spine with severe myelopathy

Rodenstein, D.O.; Aubert Tulkens, G.; Stanescu, D.C., 1987:
Progressive improvement and healing of sleep apnea syndrome after long term nasal continuous positive airway pressure a hope for people in the wind?

Maurer, J.R.; Grossman, R.F.; Dear, C.; Kuus, A.; Toronto Lung Transplant Group, 1986:
Progressive improvement in exercise tolerance in patients after single lung transplant for pulmonary fibrosis

Kaw, D.; Levy, E.; Kahn, T., 1987:
Progressive in vitro decline in urine creatinine concentration in spinal cord injury patients

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Progressive increase in drug requirement in the long term medical management of patients with zollinger ellison syndrome

Belgorosky, A.; Rivarola, M.A., 1986:
Progressive increase in non sex hormone binding globulin bound testosterone from infancy to late prepuberty

Neri Serneri, G.G.; Masotti, G.; Castellani, S.; Scarti, L.; Trotta, F., 1987:
Progressive increase of vascular resistance after repeated sympathetic stimulation: a consequence of prostaglandin exhaustion?

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Progressive kinds of containers packages and equipment for the automatization of packaging handling conveying and storage

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Progressive radial fissure a lifting injury when combined with twisting and lateral bending

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Progressive reduction of immuno suppressive activity on in vitro granulopoiesis and late autologous reconstitution after sequential immuno suppressive therapy in severe aplastic anemia

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Progressive relaxation origins principles and clinical applications

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Progressive relaxation training in cardiac rehabilitation

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Progressive resistance exercise for injury rehabilitation. Special emphasis on isokinetic training

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Progressive spondylolisthesis in the adult

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Progressive stage 3 plus retinopathy of prematurity rop prognosis and effect of rx with parenteral vitamin e

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Progressive supranuclear palsy: postmortem chemical analysis

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Progressive supranuclear palsy relationship to a multi infarct state and cerebral amyloid angiopathy

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Progressive surveillance system in county baranya hungary activity of detoxifying department at szigetvar

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Progressive symptomatic lumbar spondylolisthesis after decompressive laminectomy for acquired degenerative stenosis

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Progressive system sclerosis pss fibroblasts maintained in vitro express normal amounts of type i and type iii procollagen messenger rna

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Progressive systemic sclerosis cardiac involvement

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Progressive systemic sclerosis clinical features and pathogenesis of cutaneous involvement scleroderma

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Progressive systemic sclerosis disorders of the micro circulation

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Progressive systemic sclerosis in the elderly

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Progressive systemic sclerosis of childhood

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Progressive systemic sclerosis skeletal muscle involvement

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Progressive technological methods for obtaining high yields of winter cereals

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Progressive tumor growth and host immune responses

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Progressive tumor growth and immune responses

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Progressive ulnar palsy as a late complication of decompression sickness

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Progressive vaccinia in an adult with hypo gamma globulinemia

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Progressive vascular changes in Moyamoya syndrome

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Progressive visceropulmonary sarcoidosis

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Progressive visual loss associated with peculiar disc swelling

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Progressive visual loss with normal examination. A conundrum

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Progressive x linked cerebellar degeneration

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Progressive xanthoma disseminatum

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Progressively acting anti thrombins and plasma heparin resistance in patients with ischemic heart disease

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Progressively decreasing ectopic to second sinus beat intervals in concealed trigeminy

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Progressively growing pulmonary metastases and alveolar macrophages

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Progressively increasing resistive loads do not reduce ventilation during sleep

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Progressively increasing serum parathyroid hormone increased 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d and migratory sub cutaneous calcification in the preclinical stage of pseudohypoparathyroidism

D.G.rolamo G.; D.B.rtolomeo P.; Angrilli, F.; Ciancarelli, M.; Dragani, A.; Fioritoni, G.; D'antonio D.; Angelini, A.; Betty, S.; Rolandi, G.; E.A., 1987:
Progressively low incidence of mortality in 98 consecutive patients submitted to bmt

Royet J P.; Pager, J., 1980:
Progressively reduced neophobia during olfactory and gustatory experience of various foods in the adult rat

Nassauer, J.I.; Westmacott, R., 1987:
Progressiveness among farmers as a factor in heterogeneity of farmed landscapes

Jones, R.B., 1987:
Prohibit smokeless tobacco use in athletic competition

Kalaichelvan, P.T.; Mahadevan, A., 1987:
Prohibitins from groundnut root

Snell, E.E.; Huynh, Q.K., 1986:
Prohistidine decarboxylase from Lactobacillus 30a

Steiner, D.F., 1985:
Prohormonal processing mechanisms

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Prohormone atrial natriuretic peptides 1 30 and 31 67 circulate normally in man and increase in chronic renal failure

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Prohormone converting enzymes in pituitary

Genest, J., 1988:
Prohormone processing and anf release mechanisms

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Prohormone processing and secretory pathway

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Prohoroff poultry farms feed quality program

Sardina, E.E.; Hadden, J.W., 1988:
Prohost approaches to treatment of infectious diseases

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Prohylobates simonsi new species primates from the early miocene of libya its implications for cercopithecid origins

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Prohysteroceras and neokentroceras cephalopoda ammonoidea designation of type species

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Prohysteroceras and neokentroceras cephalopoda ammonoidea proposed designation of type species in conformity with established usage

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Proimmune activity of thrombin

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Proinflammatory effects of 12r hydroxy 5 8 10 14 eicosatetraenoic acid in human skin

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Proinflammatory microbial products as etiologic agents of inflammatory arthritis

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Proinflammatory phospholipase a2 is increased in the aqueous humor from patients with uveitis

Binder, C.; Hartling, S.G.; Faber, O.K., 1986:

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Proinsulin antibodies their detection and importance in insulin treated diabetics

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Proinsulin hypersecretion in a case of insulin autoimmune syndrome

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Proinsulin levels in thyroid dysfunction

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Proinsulin partially hydrolyzed proinsulin insulin and c peptide in response to continuous intravenous glucose infusion

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Proinsulin pi insulin i relationship during ogtt

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Proinsulin secretion in normal persons after oral or intravenous glucose load and during a test meal

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Proinsulin to insulin conversion is mediated by two distinct site specific endopeptidases that are regulated by calcium and ph

Lutzker, J.R., 1984:
Project 12 ways treating child abuse and neglect from an ecobehavioral perspective

Beck, H., 1982:
Project a new type of book for determining lepidoptera larvae

Spector, M.; Elgard M C.; Gremy, F., 1983:
Project analysis of a hospital information network total or partial integration of existing applications

Robinson, R.E., 1988:
Project and prejudice past present and future in adult development

Sheppard, J.L.; Wills, D.L.; Simonson, J.L., 1982:
Project applications of the forest service rocky mountain region wildlife and fish habitat relationships system

Anon, 1983:
Project atlas of nesting birds in italy request for collaboration

Docter, D.L.; Hansen, C.E., 1981:
Project choice a school curriculum in cancer risk reduction and cancer prevention

Lamb, D.S.; Breithaupt, S.A., 1986:
Project completion summary of the effects of restoration procedures at liberty lake washington usa

Bedulli, D.; Dell'angelo B.; Piani, P.; Spada, G., 1982:
Project for a census of the marine malaco fauna of italy

Anon, 1981:
Project for the control and eradication of bovine brucellosis

Anon, 1981:
Project for the control and eradication of classical swine fever

Ferrini, R.; Alati, P.; Amoroso, M.L.; Sperduti, E.; Ghigi, B., 1986:
Project for the use of autogenous training as nonpharmacological therapy in a home for the elderly

Flandrin, G.; Castaigne, S.; Sigaux, F.; Degos, L., 1984:
Project for treatment of serious forms of hairy cell leukemia with alpha interferon

Mercenier, P.; Van Balen, H.; Daveloose, P.; Alfani, A.; Cartier, P.; D.B.uycker M.; D.M.ynck M.; Grosdent, J., 1981:
Project kasongo an experience in organization of a system of primary health care

Hamilton, C.R., 1982:
Project learning tree and project wild resource models for education at the elementary and secondary levels

Ingham, J.L., 1980:
Project little red hen demonstration of trichomonads by use of intra vital staining their discovery in tissue and blood using this technique some conjectures on systemic trichomoniasis

Blackburn, T.; Lane, J., 1986:
Project management at the mill level

Rigaux, P., 1987:
Project movement in long term services

Nadvornik, P.; Bolf, J.; Mauerova, P., 1985:
Project of a whole body computerized stereotactic device

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