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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 29272

Chapter 29272 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Low, R.B.; Woodcock Mitchell, J.; Arnold, J.; Absher, P.M., 1984:
Synthesis of cytoskeletal proteins uniform or nonuniform

Ohashi, K.; Yamagiwa, Y.; Kamikawa, T.; Kates, M., 1988:
Synthesis of d erythro 1 deoxydihydroceramide 1 sulfonic acid

Schmidt, R.R.; Zimmermann, P., 1986:
Synthesis of d erythro sphingosines

Ray, R.N., 1985:
Synthesis of d glycero d galactoheptose

Kiso, M.; Hibino, H.; Tanaka, M.; Hasegawa, A., 1980:
Synthesis of d l 2 amino 2 3 5 trideoxy 4 o methyl 5 methylamino chiro inositol derivatives

Ozaki, S.; Kondo, Y.; Nakahira, H.; Yamaoka, S.; Watanabe, Y., 1987:
Synthesis of d myo inositol 1 3 4 5 tetrakisphosphate

Reese, C.B.; Ward, J.G., 1987:
Synthesis of d myo inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate

Zagalak, B.; Neuheiser, F.; Bosshard, R.; Redweik, U., 1987:
Synthesis of d neopterin 3' phosphates

Khaga, M.E.; Mikel'saar P.Ch; Lyaene, A.E.; Aaavikraar, A.A.; Peenema, E.V.; Arukaevu, K.E., 1979:
Synthesis of d ribulose 1 5 di phosphate by the immobilized enzyme system of thione bacteria

Atsumi, K.; Akita, E.; Niida, T., 1982:
Synthesis of dactimicin

Mcelwain, M.C.; Pollack, J.D., 1987:
Synthesis of damp and dgmp from nucleobase pyrophosphate and deoxyribose 1 phosphate by cytoplasmic extracts of mollicutes

Takase, S.; Uchida, I.; Tanaka, H.; Aoki, H., 1984:
Synthesis of debromo 8 8a dihydroflustramine c a model experiment related to the total synthesis of amauromine

Sawal, K.K., 1984:
Synthesis of decarine

Berndt, H.; Turck, C., 1984:
Synthesis of defined peptide derivatives by aminolysis of 3 n alpha benzyloxycarbonylpeptidyloxy 2 hydroxy n methylbenzamides at elevated temperatures 2. synthesis of the peptide derivatives n alpha benzyloxycarbonylalanyl x glycine n diethylamide x equals phenylalanine leucine valine tert butylserine tert butoxyglutamic acid

Mcmorris, T.C.; L.P.H.; Preus, M.W.; Schow, S.R.; Weihe, G.R., 1983:
Synthesis of dehydro oogoniol a female activating hormone of achlya

Takahashi, T.; Minami, I.; Tsuji, J., 1981:
Synthesis of dehydroxy trans resorcylide by intra molecular alkylation of the protected cyanohydrin using a butadiene telomer as a building block

Wakamiya, T.; Yamanoi, K.; Kanou, K.; Shiba, T., 1987:
Synthesis of dehydroxymethylbulgecin a

Ladlow, M.; Pattenden, G.; Teague, S.J., 1986:
Synthesis of delta 9 12 capnellene 8 beta 10 alpha diol from soft coral capnella imbricata

Stevens, S.E.Jr, 1979:
Synthesis of delta amino levulinic acid by blue green algae

Castelfranco, P.A.; Huang, L., 1985:
Synthesis of delta aminolevulinic acid and magnesium divinyl pheoporphyrin a 5 in isolated developing chloroplasts

Takeno, H.; Hashimoto, M.; Koma, Y.; Horiai, H.; Kikuchi, H., 1981:
Synthesis of demethoxy capillarisin a naturally occurring 2 phenoxy chromone and related compounds

Smith, G.; Ator, M.; Stubbe, J., 1982:
Synthesis of deoxy nucleoside tri phosphates specifically tritiated in the 1' 2' 3' or 4' positions probes for the mechanism of dna degrading drugs

Kohli, V.; Kumar, A., 1979:
Synthesis of deoxy poly nucleotides a novel protecting group for deoxy guanosine

Kuefner, U.; Schmidt, R.R., 1986:
Synthesis of deoxyhexoses from divinylglycols the synthesis of d and l chalcose

Andrew Pelter; Robert, S.W.rd; Martyn, C.P.itchard; I.T.evor Kay, 1985:
Synthesis of deoxyisopodophyllotoxin and epiisopodophyllotoxin

Johnson, M.I., 1987:
Synthesis of deoxytabtoxinine beta lactam

Pryimenko, B.O., 1982:
Synthesis of derivatives of 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro pyrimido 1 2 a benzimidazole

Dessinges, A.; Escribano, F.C.; Lukacs, G.; Olesker, A.; Ton That Thang, 1987:
Synthesis of derivatives of 3 amino 2 2 difluoro 2 3 6 trideoxy l lyxopyranose 2 2 difluorodaunosamine

Brimacombe, J.S.; Hanna, R.; Tucker, L.C.N., 1982:
Synthesis of derivatives of 3 amino 2 3 6 trideoxy 3 c methyl l xylo hexo pyranose the novel branched chain amino sugar of antibiotic a 35512b

Pryimenko, B.O., 1982:
Synthesis of derivatives of 4 5 di hydro 1 2 4 triazepino 3 4 a benzimidazole

Alcalde, E.; Manos, L.; Valls, N.; Elguero, J., 1984:
Synthesis of derivatives of 5 nitroimidazole potentially active in chemotherapy

Bencomo, V.V.; Jacquinet J C.; Sinay, P., 1982:
Synthesis of derivatives of o beta d galactopyranosyl 1 3 o 2 acetamido 2 deoxy alpha d galactopyranosyl l serine and the l threonine derivative

Kulinkovich, L.N.; Timoshchuk, V.A., 1983:
Synthesis of derivatives of pentopyranic acid

Depezay, J.C.; Saniere, M.; Mansuy, D., 1983:
Synthesis of derivatives of pentose 3 uloses branched on the carbon 2. chemical and enzymatic epoxidation of the di ethyl acetal of 2 deoxy 4 5 o isopropylidene 2 c methylene d glycero pentose 3 ulose

Praliev, K.D.; Esenalieva, M.Z.; Sokolov, D.V.; Kurilenko, V.M.; Khlienko, Z.N., 1980:
Synthesis of derivatives of piperidine and deca hydro quinoline and their analgesic and psychotropic properties 7. n substituted 2 3 di methyl 4 phenyl 4 hydroxy piperidines and their propionates

Praliev, K.D.; Manatauov, D.M.; Belikova, N.A.; Sokolov, D.V.; Kurilenko, V.M.; Khlienko, Z.N.; Moiseeva, L.M., 1980:
Synthesis of derivatives of piperidine and deca hydro quinoline their analgesic and psychotropic properties 7. 1 2 5 tri methyl 4 n propionylphenylamino piperidine

Montgomery, J.A., 1979:
Synthesis of derivatives of tetra hydro folate as potential multi substrate and pseudocofactor inhibitors of folate enzymes

Volovel'skii L.N.; Khvorova, N.M.; Kuz'menko I.I.; Ushenko, S.N., 1981:
Synthesis of derivatives of the androstane series 21. synthesis and properties of some n acylated androstano 3 2 c pyrazoles

Islam, A.; Krishnamurti, M., 1981:
Synthesis of desmodol a naturally occurring pyrano flavone

Yonehara, H., 1980:
Synthesis of detoxinino lactone derivatives and the revised absolute stereochemistry of detoxinine

Sugiyama, T.; Tateba, H.; Hashizume, T., 1980:
Synthesis of deuterated 2 methyl thio cyto kinins from 5 amino 1 beta d ribofuranosyl imidazole 4 carboxamide

Powers, L.; Dorsett, P.H., 1980:
Synthesis of deuterated and tritiated apo gossypol

Sawada, S., 1985:
Synthesis of deuterated dl valine

Meese, C.O., 1986:
Synthesis of deuterated eicosanoids

Rakoff, H., 1985:
Synthesis of deuterated methyl 9 15 octadecadienoate and methyl 9 12 15 octadecatrienoate geometric isomers

Tulloch, A.P., 1979:
Synthesis of deuterium and carbon 13 labeled lipids

Young, D.W., 1979:
Synthesis of deuterium and tritium stereospecifically labeled glutamic acids

Hoelck J P.; Bosies, E.; Herrmann, D.B.J., 1988:
Synthesis of deuterium carbon 13 carbon 14 labelled ilmofosine

Numazawa, M.; Ogata, M., 1985:
Synthesis of deuterium labeled 16 alpha hydroxy 4 androstene 3 17 dione and 16 alpha hydroxydehydroepiandrosterone

Saljoiughian, M., 1984:
Synthesis of deuterium labeled clofibrate

Yuan S S.; Ajami, A.M., 1984:
Synthesis of deuterium labeled s n tau methylhistidine

Mohammad, T.; Midha, K.K.; Hawes, E.M., 1987:
Synthesis of deuterium labeled thioridazine piperidine ring labeled analog

H.J. ten Brink; C.J.kobs; J.L. van der Baan; F.B.ckelhaupt, 1988:
Synthesis of deuterium labelled analogues of pristanic acid and phytanic acid for use as internal standards in stable isotope dilution analysis

Ten Brink, H.J.; Jakobs, C.; Bickelhaupt, F., 1988:
Synthesis of deuterium labelled analogues of very long chain fatty acids for use as internal standards in stable isotope

Wahala, K.; Brunow, G.; Hase, T.A.; Bannwart, C.; Adlercreutz, H., 1987:
Synthesis of deuterium labelled ethoxyamine for derivatization of estrogens as stable isotope internal standards in gc ms sim determination

Bernotas, R.C.; Pezzone, M.A.; Ganem, B., 1987:
Synthesis of dextro 1 5 dideoxy 1 5 imino d galactitol a potent alpha d galactosidase inhibitor

Sorokin, V.L.; Kulinkovich, O.G., 1988 :
Synthesis of dextro 2 6 dimethyl 1 5 heptadien 3 ol acetate the racemic form of the sex pheromone of pseudococcus comstocki

Werner, J., 1986:
Synthesis of dextro and levo homononactic acid from s 1 2 epoxybutane total synthesis of tetranactin by reverse coupe du roi

Wasserman, H.H.; Gambale, R.J., 1985:
Synthesis of dextro antimycin a 3 use of the oxazole ring in protecting and activating functions

Hanessian, S.; Ugolini, A.; Dube, D.; Hodges, P.J.; Andre, C., 1986:
Synthesis of dextro avermectin b 1a

Baggiolini, E.G.; Lee, H.L.; Pizzolato, G.; Uskokovic, M.R., 1982:
Synthesis of dextro biotin from l cystine via intra molecular 3 plus 2 cyclo addition

Nagao, Y.; Nakamura, T.; Ochiai, M.; Fuji, K.; Fujita, E., 1987:
Synthesis of dextro carbacyclin based on a new chiral induction procedure

Colobert, F.; Genet, J.P., 1985:
Synthesis of dextro dictyopterene a constituent of marine brown algae and dextro dictyopterene c' by chirality transfer of optically active allylic benzoate with palladium catalyst

Takeda, K.; Sato M A.; Yoshii, E., 1986:
Synthesis of dextro ircinianin a marine sponge ircinia wistarii sesterterpene

Nishida, Y.; Ohrui, H.; Meguro, H., 1983:
Synthesis of dextro marmelo lactone a and dextro marmelo lactone b

D.B.rnardo S.; Tengi, J.P.; Sasso, G.; Weigele, M., 1988:
Synthesis of dextro negamycin from d glucose

Chaudhuri, N.K.; Sung M S.; Markus, B.; Desai, M., 1988:
Synthesis of dextro pilocarpine labeled with carbon 14

Sweigard, J.A.; Matthews, D.E.; Van Etten, H.D., 1984:
Synthesis of dextro pisatin by a methyltransferase from pea

Hanessian, S.; Roy, R., 1979:
Synthesis of dextro spectinomycin

Haslinger, E.; Michl, G., 1988:
Synthesis of dextro taxodione from levo abietic acid

Mozzi, R.; Siepi, D.; Andreoli, V.; Porcellati, G., 1981:
Synthesis of di acylglycerophosphoryl cholines and alkenylacylglycerophosphoryl cholines by the methylation pathway in brain microsomes

Bochner, B.R.; Lee, P.C.; Ames, B.N., 1982:
Synthesis of di adenosine tetra phosphate in salmonella typhimurium lt 2

Itokawa, H.; Aiyama, R.; Ikuta, A., 1983:
Synthesis of di aryl heptanoids and assessment of their pungency

Callahan, K.; Campbell, W.B.; Johnson, A.R., 1981:
Synthesis of di homo prostaglandins from adrenic acid by human endothelial cells in culture

Ueda, H., 1979:
Synthesis of di hydro jasmone and cis jasmone

Schmidt, U.; Lieberknecht, A.; Greisser, H.; Hauesler, J., 1981:
Synthesis of di hydro zizyphine g

Zannis, V.I.; Forbes, G.; Van Der Spek, J.; Silverman, D., 1986:
Synthesis of di tetra and hexa silylated human apo e isoproteins by cell cultures

Messinger, P., 1984:
Synthesis of di thio phenolphthalein

Yokoyama, A., 1984:
Synthesis of di thiosemicarbazone derivatives of aralkyl carboxylic acid as technetium 99m bifunctional radiopharmaceutical

Beaucourt, J.P., 1988:
Synthesis of diacetylenic analogues of leukotriene a 4 lta 4 methyl ester

Haldar, D.; Sheehan, D.J., 1988:
Synthesis of diacylglycerophosphate in isolated rat liver mitochondria

Denisenko, O.N., 1984:
Synthesis of diadenosine 5' 5''' p 1 p 3 triphosphate in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae at heat shock

Landais, Y.; Lebrun, A.; Lenain, V.; Robin J P., 1987:
Synthesis of diarylbutanes from cordigerins and reinvestigation of their oxidative couplings in deoxyschizandrins an unusual formation of phenyltetralin lignans

Konno, S.; Sagi, M.; Kokubo, T.; Kumazawa, M.; Amano, M.; Yoshida, N.; Yamanaka, H., 1987:
Synthesis of diarylheteroaromatics as blood platelet aggregation inhibitors

Katsumi, K.; Okano, T.; Kobayashi, T.; Miyata, O.; Naito, T.; Ninomiya, I., 1984:
Synthesis of diastereomeric 24 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 2 and separation of its 24 r isomers and 24 s isomers

Kobayashi, T.; Katsumi, K.; Okano, T.; Miyata, O.; Naito, T.; Ninomiya, I., 1985 :
Synthesis of diastereomeric 24 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 2 and separation of its 25r and 24s isomers by a preparative high pressure liquid chromatography

Sawanishi, H.; Muramatsu, H.; Tsuchiya, T., 1987:
Synthesis of diazaheptalenes from diazidonaphthalenes

T.Ross Kelly; Jeffrey, A.F.eld; Qun Li, 1988:
Synthesis of diazaquinomycin a and b the first double knorr cyclization

Yahya, B.M.; Abdul Razak, J.H., 1985:
Synthesis of diazepam and deuterium labeled diazepam

Tamura, Y.; Uenishi J I.; Choi, H.D.; Haruta J I.; Ishibashi, H., 1984:
Synthesis of diclofenac

Schuster, A.M.; Davies, E., 1982:
Synthesis of different proteins in response to auxin and wounding treatments

Fritz, I.B.; Balekjian, E.; Tung, P.S.; Hettle, J.A., 1987:
Synthesis of different types of plasminogen activators by sertoli cells and plasminogen activator inhibitors by peritubular cells

Ando, A.; Shinada, T.; Arimura, N.; Kinoshita, S.; Nagai, T.; Miki, T.; Kumadaki, I., 1987:
Synthesis of difluorovinyl analogues of protoporphyrin

Stephen, F.D.novan; Mitchell, A.A.ery; John, E.M.Murry, 1979:
Synthesis of digitoxigenin by remote functionalization

Harvey, R.G., 1986:
Synthesis of dihydrodiol and diol epoxide metabolites of carcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons

L.F.oc'h Y.; Lefeuvre, M., 1986:
Synthesis of dihydroxyphenacylidene triphenylphosphoranes new precursors of flavonoid compounds synthesis of 6 hydroxychromones and 7 hydroxychromones

O'callaghan C.N., 1986:
Synthesis of dimethyl and diethyl 2 aryl 4 6 dimethyl 1 2 dihydropyridine 3 5 dicarboxylates isomers of hantzsch type 1 4 dihydropyridines

Gansser, C.; Viel, C.; Viossat, B.; Rodier, N.; Merienne, C., 1988:
Synthesis of dimethylamino 9 ellipticine

Kato, H.; Yasuda, K.; Yamaguchi, Y., 1988:
Synthesis of dimethyloldihydroxyethylene thiourea as a textile processing agent

Wolfgang, K.-D.B.ill; John Nielsen; Marvin, H.C.ruthers, 1988:
Synthesis of dinucleoside phosphorodithioates via thioamidites

Hinrichsen, A.I.; Ortner, I.M.; Hartmann, G.R., 1985:
Synthesis of dinucleoside tetraphosphates by RNA polymerase B (II) from calf thymus

A.A Ponaras; Md.Younus Meah, 1986:
Synthesis of diosphenol ethers by means of alkoxytrimethylsilanes

Hobbs, D.W.; Still, W.C., 1987:
Synthesis of diphenyl thioether derivatives of peptides and amino acids

Norberg, T.; Oscarson, S.; Szonyi, M., 1986:
Synthesis of disaccharide analogues of methyl 4 o alpha d galactopyranosyl beta d galactopyranoside methylurobioside the minimum structure recognized by p fimbriated escherichia coli

Bhardwaj, D.K.; Chand, G.; Jain, R.K.; Munjal, A., 1982:
Synthesis of distemonanthus benthamianus flavone

Minchev, S.; Sofroniev, N.V.; Lyapova, A.A., 1986:
Synthesis of disubstituted 3 arylmethylene 1 3h isobenzofuranones

Jordis, U., 1986:
Synthesis of dithio oxolinic acid

Antoni, G.; Fasth K J.; Malmborg, P.; Langstrom, B., 1986:
Synthesis of dl and l 3 carbon 11 amino acids

Walker, D.M.; Mcdonald, J.F.; Logusch, E.W., 1987:
Synthesis of dl gamma hydroxyphosphinothricin a potent new inhibitor of glutamine synthetase

Cooke, A.M.; Gigg, R.; Potter, B.V.L., 1987:
Synthesis of dl myo inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate

Metschies, T.; Schultz, C.; Jastorff, B., 1988:
Synthesis of dl myo inositol 1 phosphate and its thiophosphate analogue

Narang, S.A.; Michniewicz, J.J.; Yao F L., 1986:
Synthesis of dna coding for t 4 lysozyme and its mutants

Deev, S.M.; Barbakar, N.I.; Karlyshev, A.V.; Sakharova, N.K.; Grechko, V.V.; Polyanovskii, O.L., 1980:
Synthesis of dna complementary to immuno globulin l chain rna

Bhattacharya, S., 1980:
Synthesis of dna in permeable bacillus subtilis cells using 5 mercuri deoxy ctp

Drexhage, H.A.; Bottazzo, G.F.; Bitensky, L.; Chayen, J.; Doniach, D., 1980:
Synthesis of dna in the assay of growth promoting potentiality of immuno globulins associated with goiter

Tribukait, B.; Skog, S., 1980:
Synthesis of dna rna and proteins and the aerobic and anaerobic metabolism during the cell cycle of ascites tumor cells

Dobard, G.; Scott, B.L.; Gebhardt, P.C.; Reddy, S.T.; Bazan, N.G., 1987:
Synthesis of docosahexaenoic acid in the developing mouse retina

Rip, J.W.; Carroll, K.K., 1987:
Synthesis of dolichol and dolichyl phosphate in isolated soybean embryos

Bosch, M.; Trombetta, S.; Parodi, A.J., 1988:
Synthesis of dolichol derivatives and protein glycosylation in trypanosomatids

Takatsuto, S., 1988:
Synthesis of dolicholide from 22e 24r 3 alpha 5 cyclo 5 alpha ergost 22 en 6 one

Robertson, A.T.; Bates, R.C.; Stout, E.R., 1982:
Synthesis of double stranded dna in vitro from bovine parvovirus virion dna by dna polymerase alpha and dna polymerase gamma

Romaine, C.P.; Sriskantha, A., 1984:
Synthesis of double stranded rna by a virus enriched fraction from agaricus bisporus

Perevozchikov, A.P., 1981:
Synthesis of double stranded rna in isolated microsomes of chicken cells infected with rous sarcoma virus

Schieferdecker, H.; Igloi, G.L.; Koessel, H., 1988:
Synthesis of dumbbell shaped circular dna molecules

Peeran, S.G.; Khan, T.H.; Venkateswarulu, R., 1982:
Synthesis of e 1 2 bis phenylsulfonyl stilbene z 1 2 bis phenylsulfonyl stilbenes

Bikulova, L.M.; Verba, G.G.; Kamaev, F.G.; Abduvakhabov, A.A., 1988:
Synthesis of e 3 dodecene 1 yl acetate the principal component of scrobipalpa ocellatella and scrobipalpopsis solanivora pheromones

Bey, P.; Gerhart, F.; Jung, M., 1986:
Synthesis of e 4 amino 2 5 hexadienoic acid and e 4 amino 5 fluoro 2 pentenoic acid irreversible inhibitors of 4 aminobutyrate 2 oxoglutarate aminotransferase

Zoretic, P.A.; Bhakta, C.; Jardin, J., 1983:
Synthesis of e 7 2 4 m tri fluoromethylphenoxy 3 alpha hydroxy 1 butenyl 5 oxo 1 pyrrolidinyl heptanoic acid and e 7 2 4 m tri fluoromethylphenoxy 3 beta hydroxy 1 butenyl 5 oxo 1 pyrrolidinylheptanoic acid

Daradics, L.; Oprean, I.; Hodosan, F., 1987:
Synthesis of e 7 z 9 dodecadien 1 yl acetate sex pheromone of the european grape vine moth lobesia botrana using a phase transfer technique

Iwata, C.; Atarashi, H.; Nakamura, K.; Uchida, S., 1984:
Synthesis of e and z 1 6 dioxaspiro 4.5 decanes

Mcdonald, I.A.; Palfreyman, M.G.; Jung, M.; Bey, P., 1985:
Synthesis of e beta fluoromethyleneglutamic acid

Tsubuki, M., 1987:
Synthesis of ecdysones

Niini, S.; Sen, R.; Raudaskoski, M., 1988:
Synthesis of ectomycorrhizas suitable for molecular biology studies

Evstigneeva, R.P., 1982:
Synthesis of eicosa cis 8 cis 11 cis 14 trienoic acid and tritium labeled di homo gamma linolenic acid and their conversion into prostaglandin e 1 prostaglandin f 1 alpha tritium labeled prostaglandin e 1 and tritium labeled f 1 alpha

Weinreb, R.N.; Polansky, J.R.; Alvarado, J.; Mitchell, M.D., 1986:
Synthesis of eicosanoids by human trabecular cells

Cott, G.R.; Westcott, J.Y.; Voelkel, N.F., 1987:
Synthesis of eicosanoids by rat alveolar type ii cells in culture

Henderson, B.; Higgs, G.A.; Moncada, S.; Salmon, J.A., 1986:
Synthesis of eicosanoids by tissues of the synovial joint during the development of chronic erosive synovitis

Pfister, J.R., 1980:
Synthesis of elasnin

Schwartz, E.; Lebwohl, M.G.; Fleischmajer, R., 1985:
Synthesis of elastic fiber components by human skin fibroblasts

Lamberg, S.I.; Poppke, D.C.; Williams, B.R., 1979:
Synthesis of elastic tissue micro fibrils in vitro and an isolation procedure

Hill, G.C.; Bienen, E.J., 1979:
Synthesis of electron transport systems in african trypanosomes

Barone, R.; Chanon, M., 1981:
Synthesis of ellipticine review and computer suggestions

Rao, A.S., 1982:
Synthesis of elvirol methyl ether

Redlich, H.; Francke, W., 1984:
Synthesis of enantiomerically pure 1 7 dioxaspiro 5.5 undecanes pheromone components of the olive fly dacus oleae

Oppolzer, W.; Bracher, F., 1988:
Synthesis of enantiomerically pure 2 substituted beta lactams

Bodenteich, M.; Griengl, H., 1987:
Synthesis of enantiomerically pure carbocyclic 3' azido 2' 3' dideoxythymidine a potential anti aids drug

Scott, J.W., 1988:
Synthesis of enantiomerically pure drugs

Helmchen, G.; Wegner, G., 1985:
Synthesis of enantiomerically pure s 3 trichloromethylbutyric acid via asymmetric conjugate addition of trichloromethyl metal compounds to a chiral enoate activation effect of a sulfonylamino group

Webster, F.X.; Silverstein, R.M., 1981:
Synthesis of enantiomers of grandisol and 4 5 6 lineatin

Mohr, P.; Tamm, C., 1987:
Synthesis of endo 1 3 dimethyl 2 9 dioxabicyclo 3.3.1. nonane

Ojima, I.; Yoda, N.; Yatabe, M., 1982:
Synthesis of enkephalin analogs via asymmetric hydrogenation of dehydro peptide building blocks

Minchev, S.; Nedev, H., 1987:
Synthesis of enkephalin analogues using active esters of 2 substituted 1 3 indandiones

Reese, D.P.; Fox, L.D.; Voldeng, A.N., 1981:
Synthesis of enkephalin like peptides with narcotic antagonist activity

Cubero, I.I.; Olea, M.D.P.; Poza, D.G., 1985:
Synthesis of enuloses and branched chain enuloses

Wright, P.J.; Westaway, E.G., 1979:
Synthesis of envelope glyco protein in flavivirus infected vero cells

Chandrakumar, N.S.; Hajdu, J., 1981:
Synthesis of enzyme inhibitory phospho lipid analogs 2. preparation of chiral 1 acyl 2 acylamido 2 deoxyglycerophosphoryl cholines from serine

Okada, N.; Miyagawa, S.; Horiguchi, Y.; Kitano, Y.; Yoshikawa, K.; Sakamoto, K.; Steinberg, M.L., 1988:
Synthesis of epidermolysis bullosa acquisita antigen by sv 40 transformed human keratinocytes

Vanrollins, M.; Carretero, O., 1987:
Synthesis of epoxide standards from arachidonic docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids

Deshmukh, M.N.; Joshi, S.V., 1988:
Synthesis of erbstatin

Anderson, W.K.; Dabrah, T.T.; Houston, D.M., 1987:
Synthesis of erbstatin a naturally occurring inhibitor of tyrosine specific protein kinase

Haefele, B.; Schroeter, D.; Jaeger, V., 1986:
Synthesis of erythro d and erythro l 4 pentenetriols selective epoxyallyl alcohol hydrolysis with retention or twofold inversion enantiomerization

Goldman, E., 1980:
Synthesis of escherichia coli branched chain amino acid amino transferase in vitro in a coupled transcription translation system and comparison of parameters between rna directed and dna directed coupled protein synthesis reactions

Weyens, G.; Rose, K.; Falmagne, P.; Glansdorff, N.; Piérard, A., 1985:
Synthesis of Escherichia coli carbamoylphosphate synthetase initiates at a UUG codon

Sedgwick, S.G.; Spanos, A., 1984:
Synthesis of escherichia coli dna polymerase in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Cegla, M.; Duszynska, B.; Misztal, S., 1988:
Synthesis of esters of 1 pyridyl beta carbon 3 carboxylic acid

Zhdanov, Y.A.; Kornilov, V.I.; Paidak, B.B., 1979:
Synthesis of esters of 3 deoxy aldulosonic acids by the cleavage of hexa carbonyl derivatives of sugars

Shul'ha I.S.; Isayev, S.H.; Oleksenko, I.S.; Bereznyakova, A.I.; Silayeva, L.F.; Shevel'ova N.Yu; Steshenko, O.L., 1986:
Synthesis of esters of diphenylamine 2 carboxylic acid nitroderivatives and their biological activity

Shuvalova, S.D.; Men'shova N.I.; Grinenko, G.S., 1983:
Synthesis of estradiol esters from estrone

Fazleabas, A.T.; Verhage, H.G., 1987:
Synthesis of estrogen e and progesterone p dependent proteins by the baboon papio anubis endometrium

Godfroid, J.J.; Heymans, F.; Broquet, C., 1986:
Synthesis of ether phospholipids

Moriya, T.; Seki, M.; Takabe, S.; Matsumoto, K.; Takashima, K.; Mori, T.; Odawara, A.; Takeyama, S., 1987:
Synthesis of ethyl 2 4 chlorophenyl 5 2 furyl 4 oxazole acetate ta 1801 a hypolipidemic agent and related compounds

Vitvitskaya, A.S.; Naidis, F.B.; Katsnel'son E.Z.; Karpinskaya, I.A., 1981:
Synthesis of ethyl cyano ethylphenyl acetate

Kayahara, H.; Tomida, I., 1981:
Synthesis of ethyltetrafluoroacetyl and ethyltetrafluoropropionyl amino acid p amino benzoates and their juvenile hormone test

Roger, J.B.tlin; Andrew, B.H.lmes; Mcdonald Edward, 1988:
Synthesis of ethynylazaspirocycloundecene approach to side chain unsaturated histrionicotoxins

Krishnamurti, M., 1984:
Synthesis of euchrestaflavanone a

Bhandari, S.R.; Kapadi, A.H., 1985:
Synthesis of eulophiol dimethyl ether

Botvinko, I.V.; Egorov, N.S.; Landau, N.S.; Mil'ko E.S.; Sviridov, A.F., 1979:
Synthesis of exo poly saccharides and proteolytic enzymes by m forms s forms and r forms of mycobacterium lacticolum

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Synthesis of extracellular matrix components by trabecular meshwork in organ culture

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Synthesis of extracellular poly saccharides by streptococcus mutans in vitro influence of serotype and of cultural conditions

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Synthesis of extracellular proteases as a function of the growth phase in pseudomonas fluorescens

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Synthesis of extracellular proteins and intracellular l lysine by baker's yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae growing on amylase treated potato slices

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Synthesis of factor vii in morris hepatoma mh 1c 1 cells

Jaffe, E.A., 1983:
Synthesis of factor viii by endothelial cells

Hanaoka, M.; Yamagishi, H.; Mukai, C., 1985:
Synthesis of fagaridine a phenolic benzo c phenanthridine alkaloid

Farooqi, J.A., 1986:
Synthesis of fatty 2 oxazolidones from epoxy fatty acids

Yoon, H.S., 1987:
Synthesis of fibers by growth packing

Moshage, H.J.; Kleter, G.E.M.; Van Pelt, J.F.; Roelofs, H.M.J.; Kleuskens, J.A.G.M.; Yap, S.H., 1988:
Synthesis of fibrinogen and albumin during the acute phase response is regulated at the transcriptional level

Princen, J.M.G.; Selten, G.C.M.; Selten Versteegen, A.E.; Mol Backx, G.P.B.M.; Nieuwenhuizen, W.; Yap, S.H., 1982:
Synthesis of fibrinogen poly peptide and albumin messenger rna during the acute phase inflammatory response and after partial hepatectomy

Amrani, D.L.; Falk, M.J.; Mosesson, M.W., 1983:
Synthesis of fibronectin by primary chick hepatocyte cultures

Owens, M.R.; Cimino, C.D., 1981:
Synthesis of fibronectin by the perfused rat liver

Karpf, M.; Djerassi, C., 1980:
Synthesis of fici sterol the 1st natural sterol with 23 ethyl substitution

Stout, V.F.; Teeny, F.M., 1988:
Synthesis of fish oil omega 3 triglycerides

Ogawa, S.; Shibata, Y., 1986:
Synthesis of five diastereoisomers of the branched chain deoxyinositol dl 1 c hydroxymethyl 1 2 3 4 5 cyclohexanepentol

Waterhouse, P.D.; Brown, D.L., 1979:
Synthesis of flagellar proteins in the alga polytomella

IInuma, M.; Tanaka, T.; Iwashima, K.; Matsuura, S., 1984:
Synthesis of flavones by the use of iso propyl as a protective group

Mcmurry, J.; Matz, J.R.; Kees, K.L.; Bock, P.A., 1982:
Synthesis of flexibilene a naturally occurring 15 membered ring di terpene

Tamura, Z., 1984:
Synthesis of fluorescein monoglucuronide

Kaplun, A.P.; Basharuli, V.A.; Shchukina, L.G.; Shvets, V.I., 1979:
Synthesis of fluorescence labeled fatty acids with anthroyl and anthryl groups

Dagan, A.; Barenholz, Y.; Gatt, S., 1982:
Synthesis of fluorescent derivatives of lipids and their potential pharmacological applications

Gaetjens, E.; Pertschuk, L.P., 1979:
Synthesis of fluorescent labeled albumin progesterone conjugates for the detection of progesterone receptors in breast cancer specimens

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Synthesis of fluorinated alpha amino ketones part i. alpha benzamidoalkyl mono di and trifluoromethyl ketones

Kolb, M.; Neises, B., 1986:
Synthesis of fluorinated alpha amino ketones part ii. alpha acylaminoalkyl alpha' alpha' difluoroalkyl ketones

Adeboye Adejare; Duane, D.M.ller, 1984:
Synthesis of fluorinated biphenyls via aryne reaction

Mak, C.P.; Wagner, K., 1985:
Synthesis of fluorinated carbapenems reactions of monocyclic and bicyclic beta lactams with diethylaminosulfur trifluoride

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Synthesis of fluorinated carbocyclic nucleosides preparation of carbocyclic 1 2' deoxy 6' fluororibofuranosyl 5 iodouracils

Biggadike, K.; Borthwick, A.D.; Evans, D.; Exall, A.M.; Kirk, B.E.; Roberts, S.M.; Stephenson, L.; Youds, P.; Slawin, A.M.Z.; Williams, D.J., 1987:
Synthesis of fluorinated carbocyclic nucleosides preparation of racemic carbocyclic fmau and some congeners

Card, P.J., 1985:
Synthesis of fluorinated carbohydrates

Lyle, T.A.; Magill, C.A.; Britcher, S.F.; Thompson, W.J.; Anderson, P.S.; Luthra, S.K.; Brady, F.; Pike, V.W., 1988:
Synthesis of fluorinated derivatives of the neuroprotective agent mk 801 and their evaluation for pet imaging

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Synthesis of fluorinated kanamycin a derivatives

Vogt, M.; Weinreich, R.; Knust, E.J.; Machulla H J., 1986:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 2 deoxy 2 fluoro d glucose and fluorine 18 3 deoxy 3 fluoro d glucose with fluorine 18 fluoride from a water target

Adam, M.J.; Abeysekera, B.; Ruth, T.J.; Grierson, J.R.; Pate, B.D., 1985:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 l fluoro dopa using fluorine f 18 labeled acetyl hypofluorite

Jerabek, P.A.; Dischino, D.D.; Kilbourn, M.R.; Welch, M.J., 1984:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled 1 2 nitro 1 imidazolyl 3 fluoro 2 propanol a hypoxic cell radiosensitizer

Wagner, R., 1986:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled 4 fluoroantipyrine via gaseous acetylhypofluorite optimization of reaction parameters and remote controlled production

Schmall, B.; Zanzonic, P.B.; Bigler, R.E.; Lee, R.; Dahl, J.R., 1981:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled aryl fluorides as receptor mediated radio tracers preparation of fluorine 18 labeled haloperidol with no carrier added

Takahashi, T.; Ido, T.; Ishiwata, K.; Iwata, R.; Monma, M., 1982:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled radio pharmaceuticals by the use of fluorine 18 labeled fluorine gas

K.H.; Barrio, J.R., 1981:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled spiroperidol mechanistic studies

Schrobilgan, G.; Firnau, G.; Chirakal, R.; Garnett, E.S., 1981:
Synthesis of fluorine 18 labeled xenon di fluoride a novel agent for the preparation of fluorine 18 radio pharmaceuticals

Yang, S.S.; Beattie, T.R.; Shen, T.Y., 1982:
Synthesis of fluoro inositols

Yang, S.S.; Beattie, T.R.; Shen, T.Y., 1982:
Synthesis of fluorodeoxy scyllo inositol and phosphatidylfluorodeoxy scyllo inositol

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Synthesis of fmoc peptides of gap gonadoliberin associated peptide

Cossins, E.A.; Chan, P.Y., 1984 :
Synthesis of folate poly glutamates by pea cotyledon extracts

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Synthesis of formamidines from 2 amino 3 methyl quinazolin 4 one and its 6 nitro derivative

Pratt, C., 1984:
Synthesis of formate dehydrogenase in methanococcus voltae

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Synthesis of fragments of the capsular polysaccharide of haemophilus influenzae type b comprising two or three repeating units

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Synthesis of fragrance compounds within the bicyclo 2.2.2 octane series

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Synthesis of freezing tolerance proteins in leaves crowns and roots during cold acclimation of wheat

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Synthesis of friedelane triterpenes with a 24 hydroxy 3 oxo hemiacetal group

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Synthesis of full length complementary dna clones of tobacco mosaic virus

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Synthesis of full sized complementary dna species on a template of partially purified human pro collagen messenger rna in the presence of rnase inhibitor

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Synthesis of fully unsaturated monocyclic 1 2 5 triazepines from 4 azidopyridazines

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Synthesis of fully unsaturated proton 1 4 benzodiazepines

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Synthesis of functionalized aliphatic aldehydes via a copper catalyzed grignard coupling reaction

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Synthesis of functionalized chiral synthons via microbiological reduction

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Synthesis of fundamental frequency contours of a japanese sentence using the junction rule of the phrase component

Drozd, V.N.; Vyazgin, A.S.; Komarova, E.N., 1985:
Synthesis of fungicides and drugs based on the reaction of anionic 3 plus 2 cycloaddition of 1 3 cycloaddition of systems

Melvyn Gill; Milton J Kiefel, 1988:
Synthesis of fungus pigments of the grevillin and pulvinone types from benzylacyloins

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Synthesis of furanonaphthaquinones from tabebuia cassinoides

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Synthesis of furans by carbene insertion

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Synthesis of furo 3 2 d pyrimidine nucleosides a novel c nucleoside isostere of adenosine

Pearson, W.H., 1985:
Synthesis of fused pyrrolines by the intramolecular cycloaddition of azides application to the pyrrolizidine alkaloids

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Synthesis of fused s triazoles from 2 methanesulfonyl 5 phenyl 1 3 4 oxadiazole and binucleophilic reagents by means of intramolecular ring transformation

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Synthesis of gamatin a naturally occurring linear furano flavone

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Synthesis of gamma and delta lactones and their odorous and plant growth regulating activity

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Synthesis of gamma glutamyltyramine and gamma glutamyloctopamine in the nervous system of limulus polyphemus

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Synthesis of gamma hydroxy enones via per sulfate oxidation of dienyl ethers

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Synthesis of gamma interferon by blood and bone marrow cells in children with hemoblastoses

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Synthesis of gamma lactam constrained tryptophyllysine derivatives

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Synthesis of gamma oxy proto porphyrin ix and pterobiline biliverdin ix gamma

Tong, Y.C., 1988:
Synthesis of gamma philanthotoxin

Bodanszky, M.; Kwei, J.Z., 1980:
Synthesis of gastro intestinal hormones

Smith, A.B.IIi; Jerris, P.J., 1980:
Synthesis of geiparvarin a novel anti tumor agent possessing a 3 2h furanone ring

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Synthesis of gem dibromocyclopropanoid fatty esters using phenyl tribromomethyl mercury

Shifriss, O., 1987:
Synthesis of genetic females and their use in hybrid seed production us patent 4686319 august 11 1987

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Synthesis of germanium derivatives of uracil and 5 fluoro uracil

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Synthesis of gibberellic acid induced and constitutively expressed alpha amylase in wheat aleurone layers

Southwick, S.M.; Davenport, T.L., 1985:
Synthesis of gibberellin protein conjugates for use in developing gibberellin antibodies

Khan, S.A.; Krishnamurti, M., 1983:
Synthesis of glabrol 7 4' dihydroxy 8 3' di c prenylflavanone

Peresleni, T.Yu; Dvorkin, G.A., 1981:
Synthesis of globin messenger rna when differentiation of erythroid cells is disrupted

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Synthesis of globulins in maize embryos

Gysin, B.; Hruby, V.J., 1986:
Synthesis of glucagon antagonists for the suppression of hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus

Habener, J.F., 1987:
Synthesis of glucagon like peptides development of specific antisera and analysis of proglucagon processing

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Synthesis of glucose isomerase by bacillus licheniformis

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Synthesis of glucoside derivatives of steganol

Mahrwald, R.; Wagner, G., 1982:
Synthesis of glucuronide methyl esters of 2 hydroxy pyrimidine 2 mercapto pyrimidine 4 hydroxy pyrimidine and 4 mercapto pyrimidine 9. cancer multistep therapy selectin syntheses

Gaitonde, M.K., 1987:
Synthesis of glutamate and gaba in rat brain in vivo from tritiated glucoses and its inhibition after treatment with 6 aminonicotinamide

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Synthesis of glutamyl containing peptide fragments of sequence 61 77 of horse heart cytochrome c

Hindsgaul, O., 1988:
Synthesis of glycan chain analogs

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Synthesis of glyceroamidophosphates of r s alpha tocopherol

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Synthesis of glyceryl phosphoryl choline from phosphatidyl choline in vitro by rat epididymal sperm and principal cells

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Synthesis of glyco peptides having clusters of o glycosylic di saccharide chains beta d galactosyl 1 3 alpha d n acetyl galactosamine located at vicinal amino acid residues of the peptide chain

Kunz, H.; Kauth, H., 1981:
Synthesis of glyco peptides selective amino de blocking of 2 phosphonoethoxycarbonyl protected asparagine n acetyl glucosamine moieties

Kunz, H.; Buchholz, M., 1981:
Synthesis of glyco peptides selective carboxy de blocking of completely protected glucosyl serine derivatives

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Synthesis of glyco proteins in cells infected with varicella zoster virus

Van Der Molen, H.J., 1980:
Synthesis of glyco proteins in rat spermatocytes and spermatids

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Synthesis of glycoconjugates by trabecular meshwork of glaucomatous corneoscleral explants

Prof. Dr. Horst Kunz, 1987:
Synthesis of glycopeptides partial structures of biological recognition components

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Synthesis of glycopeptides using the allyl ester and the allyloxycarbonyl group as protecting functions

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Synthesis of glycopeptides with tumor associated antigen structure

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Synthesis of glycosamino glycans by isolated perfused rat lung

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Synthesis of glycosamino glycans in aging rat liver note

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Synthesis of glycosamino glycans in differentiating muscle cells in culture

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Synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans

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Synthesis of glycosaminoglycans by trabecular meshwork cells in vitro

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Synthesis of glycosaminoglycans is profoundly inhibited during mitosis

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Synthesis of glycosidic derivatives of reumycin

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Synthesis of glycosphingolipids and psychosines

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Synthesis of glycosylaminothiazoles

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Synthesis of grevillins and their biogenetic interrelationship with terphenylquinones xylerythrins and pulvinic acids

Leisti, S.; Johnson, L.K.; Miller, W.L., 1982:
Synthesis of growth hormone prolactin and pro opio melanocortin during ovine fetal development

Leisti, S.; Miller, W.L., 1982:
Synthesis of growth hormone prolactin and pro opio melanocortin during ovine fetal development effect of cortisol infusion

Pundak, S.; Wilchek, M., 1981:
Synthesis of guanidino n alkyl arginines by the use of polymeric pseudo ureas

Nohara, F.; Nishii, M.; Ogawa, K.; Isono, K.; Ubukata, M.; Fujii, T.; Itaya, T.; Saito, T., 1987:
Synthesis of guanine 7 oxide an antitumor antibiotic from streptomyces species

Boitrel, B.; Lecas, A.; Renko, Z.; Rose, E., 1985:
Synthesis of gyroscope like porphyrins

Mckenna, C.E.; Khawli, L.A., 1986:
Synthesis of halogenated phosphonoacetate esters

Balatoni, J.A.; Adam, M.J.; Hall, L.D., 1986:
Synthesis of halogenated vinylcarbohydrate and vinylestradiol derivatives by the cleavage of vinyl tin bonds

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Synthesis of hc toxin during pathogenesis of maize leaves by helminthosporium carbonum

Altschuler, M.; Mascarenhas, J.P., 1982:
Synthesis of heat shock and normal proteins at high temperatures in plants and their possible roles in survival under heat stress

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Synthesis of heat shock proteins and thermotolerance in bacterial cells and their problem in thermal processing of food

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Synthesis of heat shock proteins by cerebral micro vessels

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Synthesis of heat shock proteins ensures thermoprotection in barley hordeum vulgare seedlings

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Synthesis of heat shock proteins in liver cells a methodological approach

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Synthesis of heat shock proteins in mesophilic and thermophilic clostridium spp

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Synthesis of heat shock proteins in non dividing corn leaf protoplasts

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Synthesis of heat shock proteins in soybean seedlings

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Synthesis of heavy metal binding peptides in tomato

Brown, T.; Carpenter, R.N.; Mitchell, J.S.; Link, E., 1986:
Synthesis of heavy radiohalogenic derivatives of methylene blue potential diagnostic and therapeutic probes for malignant melanoma

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Synthesis of heparan and chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans by human endothelial cells is differentially affected by herpes simplex virus type i hsv 1

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Synthesis of hepatitis a virus antigens by recombinant techniques

Michel, M.L.; Tiollais, P., 1986:
Synthesis of hepatitis b surface antigen particles containing the pre s region expression product

Marquardt, O.; Froesner, G.G.; Von Loringhoven, A.F., 1984:
Synthesis of hepatitis b virus e and or core antigen in human hepatoma cells depends on the culture system

Yadav, J.S.; Rao, E.S., 1988:
Synthesis of hepialone a sex pheromone of hepialus californicus beta

Spencer, J.P.; Elbein, A.D., 1980:
Synthesis of hepta saccharide lipid by soluble mannosyl transferase

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Synthesis of hetero analogous piperidino acetanilides

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Synthesis of hetero cycles on 4 oxo 4 5 6 7 tetra hydro indoles as biodynamic molecules

Plescia, S.; Daidone, G.; Bajardi, M.L., 1982:
Synthesis of hetero cyclic compounds 7. the preparation of some new 3 amino pyrazoles and 5 amino pyrazoles by endo cyclic n substitution of 3 5 amino pyrazoles

Daidone, G.; Plescia, S., 1982:
Synthesis of hetero cyclic compounds 8. a facile synthesis of new pyrazolo 3 4 b benzazepine 4 9 diones

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Synthesis of heteroaromatic carboxylic acids closely related to fusaric acid

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Synthesis of heterocycles using thioamide groups

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Synthesis of heterocyclic amines via the reaction of dialkylene glycol and ammonia us patent 4645834. february 24 1987

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Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds 27. synthesis of 3 6 diaryl and alkylaryltetrahydro 1 3 2 oxazaphosphorin 2 oxides

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Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds by the reactions of pyrone derivatives with diphenylnitrilimine

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Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds involving reactions of indan 1 ones

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Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds part iv. preparation and antimicrobial activity of some 3 5 diarylpyrazole derivatives

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Synthesis of heterocyclic derivatives of ephedra bases

Harper, M.F.; Morley, J.O.; Preston, P.N., 1985:
Synthesis of heterocyclic intermediates related to anthracyclinones

Khalil, K.M., 1987:
Synthesis of heterocyclic substituted furobenzofuran and pyrazolobenzofuran

Wynberg, H., 1983:
Synthesis of hexa deuterated di ethyl stilbestrol 1 1 1 6 6 6 d 6 e 3 4 di 4 hydroxyphenyl hex 3 ene

Graves, M.D., 1983:
Synthesis of hexa hydro poly androcarpidine a revised structure

Ogawa, T.; Nakabayashi, S., 1981:
Synthesis of hexa saccharide unit of a complex type of glycan chain of a glyco protein

Griffin, L.D.; Macgregor, G.R.; Muzny, D.M.; Harter, J.; Cook, R.G.; Mccabe, E.R.B., 1988:
Synthesis of hexokinase 1 hk1 complementary dna probes by mixed oligonucleotide primed amplification of complementary dna mopac using primer mixtures of high complexity

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Synthesis of hgrf somatocrinin in liquid phase and intermediate peptides us patent 4707541. november 17 1987

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Synthesis of higenamine and its cardiovascular effects in rabbit evidence for beta adrenoceptor agonist

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Synthesis of high capacity immunosorbents with oriented immobilized igg or their f ab' fragments for isolation of proteins and enzymes

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Synthesis of high density lipoprotein apolipoproteins by rat hepatocytes

Meek, R.L.; Lonsdale Eccles, J.D.; Dale, B.A., 1982:
Synthesis of high molecular weight filaggrin precursor in vivo and by messenger rna translation in vitro

Dannals, R.F.; Ravert, H.T.; Wilson, A.A., 1988:
Synthesis of high specific activity carbon 11 labeled tracers for neuroreceptor studies

Maeda, M.; Tewson, T.J.; Welch, M.J., 1981:
Synthesis of high specific activity fluorine 18 labeled spiroperidol for dopamine receptor studies

Prestwich, G.D., 1987:
Synthesis of high specific activity hydroprene use of an iron carbonyl adduct to protect an e e dienoate during homogeneous tritiation

Kabalka, G.W.; Varma, R.S.; Gai Y Z.; Baldwin, R.M.; Salazar, N.E.; Schimenti, C.L., 1986:
Synthesis of high specific activity iodine 123 labeled n isopropyl p iodoamphetamine via organoborane chemistry

Boehm, M.F.; Prestwich, G.D., 1987:
Synthesis of high specific activity radiolabeled juvenile hormone analogs

Nonhebel, H.M.; Reinecke, D.M., 1983:
Synthesis of high specific activity tritium labeled and carbon 14 labeled oxy iaa

Kan, W.H.; Farsang, C.; Preiksaitis, H.G.; Kunos, G., 1979:
Synthesis of high specific activity tritium labeled phenoxybenzamine and its binding to isolated rat hepatocytes

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Synthesis of higher carbon sugars by tributyltin hydride azobisisobutyronitrile induced radical additions

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Synthesis of higher carbon sugars preparation and reaction of beta hydroxysulfonyl sugars

Schweizer, J., 1981:
Synthesis of histidine rich proteins in embryonic adult and stimulated epidermis in different mammals

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Synthesis of histone h 1 in synchronized chinese hamster cho cells

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Synthesis of histones in the s phase and g 2 phase of the mitotic cycle of human di ploid fibroblasts

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Synthesis of homo c nucleoside analogs

Hiranuma, S.; Hudlicky, T., 1982:
Synthesis of homo harringtonine and its derivative by partial esterification of cephalotaxine

Hermecz, I.; Kokosi, J.; Vasvari Debreczy, L.; Horvath, A.; Podanyi, B.; Szasz, G.; Meszaros, Z., 1987:
Synthesis of homologues and debenzo analogues of rutecarpine

Tsvetkov, Y.E.; Bukharov, A.V.; Backinowsky, L.V.; Kochetkov, N.K., 1988:
Synthesis of homopolysaccharides and block heteropolysaccharides carrying a spacer arm

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Synthesis of hormothamnione

Diaz, J.; Demarne, H.; Roncucci, R.; Schmelck, P.H., 1987:
Synthesis of hpgrf somatocrinin in liquid phase and intermediate peptides us patent 4704450. november 3 1987

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Synthesis of hsp 70 during development of blastocladiella emersonii

Wani, M.C.; Rector, D.H.; Cook, C.E., 1987:
Synthesis of ht 2 toxin neosolaniol t 2 toxin 3' hydroxy t 2 toxin and sporotrichiol from anguidine by routes involving hydroxyl inversion esterification

Amann, E.; Abel, K.J.; Grundmann, U.; Okazaki, H.; Küpper, H.A., 1988:
Synthesis of human factor XIIIa in bacterial cells

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Synthesis of human gamma interferon in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Synthesis of human growth hormone using monkey cells

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Synthesis of human papilloma virus messenger rna from heat shock and sv 40 expression vectors and characterization of the complex families of rna by electron microscopic analysis of rna dna heteroduplexes

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Synthesis of human plasminogen by the liver

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Synthesis of human secretin

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Synthesis of human tumor nuclear proteins during serum stimulation and their binding behavior on double stranded dna sepharose

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Synthesis of hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans in differentiating epidermal cells grown on collagen or plastic matrices

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Synthesis of hybrids of natural and synthetic polymers as models for poly saccharides starch and glyco proteins

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Synthesis of hydantoins of carbonyl terpenes

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Synthesis of hydrazones and pyrazolones from dehydro l ascorbic acid

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Synthesis of hydrochloric acid

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Synthesis of hydrogen sulfide and methanethiol in milkfat coated microcapsules containing cysteine methionine and viable brevibacterium linens cells

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Synthesis of hydroxy eicosatetraenoic acids by rheumatoid synovial fibroblasts

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Synthesis of hydroxycadalene and hydroxycalamenene via 13 hydroxyxanthorrhizol a possible precursor of parvifolin

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Synthesis of hydroxylated pyrrolidines derivatives as potential inhibitors of sah mta nucleosidase

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Synthesis of hydroxymethyl glutaryl coenzyme reductase inhibitors an approach to the synthesis of compactin

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Synthesis of iaa by 2 species of aspergillus

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Synthesis of imidazo 1 2 a pyrazine nucleoside analogs

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Synthesis of imidazoazepine nucleosides via the palladium catalyzed cross coupling reaction

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Synthesis of imidazolyl alcohols analogous of metronidazole

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Synthesis of imidazopyridine and pyridinotriazine derivatives

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Synthesis of iminomethanodibenzo a e cyclooctenes by transannular formation and cleavage of isoxazolidines

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Synthesis of immobilized model peptides of ribosomal protein and their interactions with oligo nucleotides

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Synthesis of immuno globulin g and of anti measles antibodies within the central nervous system in patients with subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis and multiple sclerosis

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Synthesis of immuno globulin g anti platelet antibody by lymphocytes of patients with drug induced thrombocytopenic purpura in response to the drug and platelet membrane components

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Synthesis of immuno globulins in the organs of colostrum deprived piglets

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Synthesis of immunoreactive calcitonin by brain of sheep

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Synthesis of immunoreactive calcitonin by human placenta

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Synthesis of immunoreactive prolactin in the rat hypothalamus

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Synthesis of inactive high mannose type lipoprotein lipase in cultured brown adipocytes from cld cld mice

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Synthesis of indolizidines related to the cardiotonic pumiliotoxin a alkaloids us patent 4675325. june 23 1987

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Synthesis of indolylformazans and azetidinones

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Synthesis of inducible enzymes in pyridoxine auxotrophs of escherichia coli b

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Synthesis of influenza a virus iav and endogenous proteins in polymorphonuclear leukocytes pmnls

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Synthesis of influenza hem agglutinin in cultured monkey kidney cells following infection with a sv 40 hem agglutinin recombinant genome

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Synthesis of influenza viral genome templates in vitro

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Synthesis of influenza virus rna implications for its genetic variability and evolution

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Synthesis of inosinate trimer inosylyl 2' 5' inosylyl 2' 5' inosine and tetramer inosylyl 2' 5' inosylyl 2' 5' inosylyl 2' 5 inosine

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Synthesis of inositol phosphates

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Synthesis of inositol phospholipids in carbachol stimulated canine trachealis muscle

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Synthesis of insecticidally active 3 phenoxybenzyl and alpha rs cyano 3 phenoxybenzyl racemic trans 2 2 2 dichlorovinylspiro 2 5 octane 1 carboxylates

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Synthesis of insoluble glucan in streptococcus sanguis v 685

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Synthesis of insulin in bacteria a model for the production of medically useful proteins in prokaryotic cells

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Synthesis of insulin like growth factor i by glomerular cells in vitro potential role in glomerulosclerosis

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Synthesis of insulin like growth factor ii following t lymphocyte activation

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Synthesis of insulin messenger rna during bovine fetal pancreas development

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Synthesis of interferon specific translation inhibitor in oocytes of xenopus laevis and its functional identification

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Synthesis of intermediates of stereospecific synthesis of a and beta c nucleosides ring contraction of protected 2 o trifluoromethanesulfonates of galactopyranosides and altropyranosides

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Synthesis of intra molecular cross linked azo iso butyryl insulin and its use for the production of polymer derivatives of the hormone

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Synthesis of iodinated derivatives of rhodamine

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Synthesis of iodine 125 labeled indicator haptens for radio immunological determination of catechol estrogens

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Synthesis of iodine 131 iodoaliphatic amines as potential radiopharmaceuticals for the study of lung function

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Synthesis of iodine 131 labelled e 52 iodovinyl 2' fluoro 2' deoxyuridine for diagnosis of hsv encephalitis

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Synthesis of iodized oil

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Synthesis of iodoaliphatic amines for lung imaging

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Synthesis of iridodial by cell free extracts from rauwolfia serpentina cell suspension cultures

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Synthesis of irreversible inhibitors of poly amine biosynthesis

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Synthesis of isatin derivatives of 3 methyl 7 3' chlorobutene 2' yl l' 8 hydrazinoxanthine

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Synthesis of iso leucyl transfer rna and valyl transfer rna synthetase in threonine deaminase mutants of escherichia coli

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Synthesis of iso neopine

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Synthesis of iso nipecotinoyl analogs of aminopterin and folic acid

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Synthesis of iso thiazolo 5 4 b pyridines

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Synthesis of isochromans via the titanium tetrachloride assisted cyclization of acetals of phenethyl alcohols

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Synthesis of isocoumarins via thallation olefination of arenes us patent 4650881. march 17 1987

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Synthesis of isoindoloisoquinoline alkaloids a revision of the structure of racemic nuevamine

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Synthesis of isoneobavachalcone and analogs

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Synthesis of isopropylidene derivatives of phosphatidyl inositol

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Synthesis of isorhynchospermin

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Synthesis of isoxazoline and amino isoxazoline derivatives of steroids a study of the reactions of formamide and urea with derivatives of the 17 alpha hydroxy pregnane series

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Synthesis of istamycin A

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Synthesis of j chain by human lymphoid cells

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Synthesis of jaborosa lactone a jaborosa lactone b and jaborosa lactone d

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Synthesis of juncunone an unusual di hydro phenanthrene from juncus roemerianus

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Synthesis of juvenile hormones in vitro by corpora allata of 5th stage larvae of locusta migratoria migratorioides insecta orthoptera

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Synthesis of keratins in suction blister roofs from untreated and tape stripped skin

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Synthesis of keto methylene analogs of di peptides

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Synthesis of khimkoktsid 1 3 bis p chlorobenzylideneamino guanidine labeled with the radio nuclides carbon 14 and tritium and its pharmaco kinetics

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Synthesis of koenigicine

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Synthesis of kynurenic acid from its bioprecursor l kynurenine in rat brain in vitro and in vivo

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Synthesis of l 660 631 methyl ester and related compounds

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Synthesis of l acosamine and 1 thio l acosamine derivatives by the stereoselective reduction of o acetyl oximes with borane

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Synthesis of l alpha amino adipic acid from l lysine

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Synthesis of l aspartic acid from ammonium fumarate by free and immobilized cells of escherichia coli

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Synthesis of l beta isoxazolin 5 one 2 ylalanine a novel method for the synthesis of n substituted 3 4 unsubstituted isoxazolin 5 ones

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Synthesis of l daunosamine from d glucurono 6 3 lactone

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Synthesis of l fucose in porcine thyroid tissue

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Synthesis of l glycero d mannoheptose

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Synthesis of l malic acid with the aid of carrageenan immobilized escherichia coli cells

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Synthesis of l nogalose

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Synthesis of l oligodeoxyribonucleotides

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Synthesis of l xylo and l ribo analogs of prumycin

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Synthesis of la crosse virus full length messenger rna does appear to require on going protein synthesis

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Synthesis of labeled racemic 2 amino 3 butenoic acids

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Synthesis of labeled stereoisomers of bisdiacylglycerophosphates and lyso derivatives

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Synthesis of labelled imidazopyridines new hypnotic and anxiolytic agents

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Synthesis of lactivicin and its derivatives

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Synthesis of lactodifucotetraose

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Synthesis of lactone bridged diarylbutylamines

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Synthesis of lactonic derivatives of n acetylneuraminic acid

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Synthesis of large numbers of covalently bound peptides in order to determine the specificity of peptide antisera at the level of single amino acids

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Synthesis of large oligo saccharide lipids in microsomes from saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Synthesis of lens phospho peptide analogs

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Synthesis of less hydrophobic analogs of the 1 12 sequence of porcine pepsinogen

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Synthesis of leukotriene a 4 methyl ester from d glucose

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Synthesis of leukotriene analogs

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Synthesis of leukotriene B4 by rat Kupffer cells

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Synthesis of leukotriene e 4 analogs

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Synthesis of leukotriene lt c 4 in retina isolated rod outer segments ros and retinal pigment epithelium rpe from rana pipiens

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Synthesis of leukotrienes c 4 and d 4 by the isolated perfused rabbit kidney

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Synthesis of levo 3 benzyl 5 methoxycarbonylmethylthiomethylhydantoin a potential chiral intermediate for dextro biotin

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Synthesis of levo 4 hydroxy morphinan 6 one and 4 methoxy morphinan 6 one

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Synthesis of levo ambrox from levo abietic acid

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Synthesis of levo bertyadionol

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Synthesis of levo biflora 4 10 19 15 triene a novel diterpene from the defensive secretion of cubitermes termite soldiers

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Synthesis of levo frontalin from alpha d isosaccharino 1 4 lactone

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Synthesis of levo indolactam v

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Synthesis of levo oxetanocin

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Synthesis of levo shyobunone and its epimers

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Synthesis of levo talaromycin a

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Synthesis of levo terrecyclic acid a absolute configuration of terrecyclic acid a and quadrone

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Synthesis of levo vindoline

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Synthesis of levo warburganal and 4 alpha methoxy carboxyl congener from levo abietic acid

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Synthesis of licochalcone a

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Synthesis of ligands for imaging opiate receptors by positron emission tomography carbon 11 labeled diprenorphine

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Synthesis of lignols and related compounds

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Synthesis of linear and cyclic analogs of angiotensin modified in positions 1 and 5

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Synthesis of linear coumarins via para claisen rearrangement of coumarate ester derivatives total syntheses of suberosin demethylsuberosin and ostruthin

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Synthesis of linear pyranocoumarins 4 methoxyxanthyletin and 4 5 dimethoxyxanthyletin

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Synthesis of lip oxygenase and cyclo oxygenase products by human colonic mucosa

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Synthesis of lipid linked saccharides in stimulated murine bone marrow derived lymphocytes effect of tunicamycin on tritium labeled thymidine incorporation into dna

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Synthesis of lipids and glycogen from uniformly carbon 14 labeled glucose and tritiated water in the liver of irradiated rats

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Synthesis of lipids and lipid models from alkylene phosphites 4. synthesis of thio phosphatidyl homo cholines and thio phosphatidyl n n dimethyl homo ethanolamines

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Synthesis of lipo saccharide corresponding to fundamental structure of salmonella type lipid a

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Synthesis of lipolytic enzymes by cultured hepatocytes

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Synthesis of liposomal prodrugs of 6 mercaptopurine with disulfide structure

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Synthesis of lipoxin B

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Synthesis of lipoxins total synthesis of conjugated trihydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids

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Synthesis of lipoxygenase products by stenosed and normal canine coronary arteries

Bish, C.J.; Jones, J.H., 1988:
Synthesis of lll and ldl 2 beta 4 methylpyrazol 1 ylalanine substituted thyroliberin

Piccardi, P., 1980:
Synthesis of lobesia botrana and spodoptera littoralis natural sex attractants

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Synthesis of lonapalene

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Synthesis of long chain esters in a loop reactor system using a fungal cell bound enzyme

Dondoni, A.; Fantin, G.; Fogagnolo, M.; Medici, A., 1986:
Synthesis of long chain sugars by iterative diastereoselective homologation of 2 3 o isopropylidene d glyceraldehyde with 2 trimethylsilylthiazole

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Synthesis of low molecular weight immuno globulin m in vitro in rheumatoid arthritis

Hall, L.D.; Yalpani, M., 1980:
Synthesis of luminescent probe sugar conjugates of either protected or unprotected sugars

Hamernick, D.L.; Nett, T.M., 1987:
Synthesis of luteinizing hormone lh in ovariectomized ovx ewes after hypothalamic pituitary disconnection hpi requires gonadotropin releasing hormone gnrh

Robertson, D.W.; Krushinski, J.H.; Utterback, B.G.; Kauffman, R.F., 1988:
Synthesis of ly 186126 a potent inhibitor of cyclic amp phosphodiesterase in tritium labeled form identification of a high affinity binding site for cardiotonics in sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles

Stosic Grujicic, S.; Stamenkovic, M.; Simic, M., 1979 :
Synthesis of lympho regulatory factors by carrageenan pre treated macrophages

Thornburg, T.; Roddick, V.; Wykle, R.L.; Waite, M., 1987:
Synthesis of lysobisphosphatidic acid in rabbit alveolar macrophages

Neuenhofer, S.; Schwarzmann, G.; Egge, H.; Sandhoff, K., 1984:
Synthesis of lysogangliosides

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Synthesis of m maleimidobenzoyl derivative of cortisol for enzyme coupling in cortisol enzyme immunoassay

Ogura, H.; Sato, H.; Tanaka, J.; Kamiya, S.; Yoshie, T.; Hatano, M., 1984:
Synthesis of m protein of hvj hemagglutinating virus of japan sendai virus in rat glial cells is selectively restricted at a nonpermissive temperature

Tobita, K.; Tanaka, T.; Goto, H.; Feng, S., 1982:
Synthesis of M protein of influenza B virus is specifically inhibited at a non-permissive temperature

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Synthesis of macro cycles by intra molecular keto phosphonate reactions stereoselective construction of the left wing of carbomycin b and a synthesis of dl muscone from oleic acid

Kulkowit, S.; Mckervey, M.A., 1981:
Synthesis of macro cyclic oxo crown ethers from alpha omega bis di azo ketones and poly ethylene glycols

Chandler, C.J.; Deady, L.W.; Reiss, J.A.; Tzimos, V., 1982:
Synthesis of macro cyclic poly ether di esters incorporating 1 10 phenanthrolino and 1 8 naphthyridino subunits

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Synthesis of macro cyclic terpenoids by intra molecular cyclization 5. trans annular reactions of hedycaryol isomers

Shimada, K.; Kodama, M.; Ito, S., 1981:
Synthesis of macro cyclic terpenoids by intra molecular cyclization 6. synthesis of 3z cembrene a and cembrenene

Kodama, M.; Takahashi, T.; Kojima, T.; Ito, S., 1982:
Synthesis of macro cyclic terpenoids by intra molecular cyclization 7. total synthesis of racemic cubitene

Kodama, M.; Takahashi, T.; Ito, S., 1982:
Synthesis of macro cyclic terpenoids by intra molecular cyclization 8. synthesis of cembra 3e 7e 11e 1517 tetraen trans 16 2 olide

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Synthesis of macro cyclic trichothecanoids baccharin b 5 and roridin e

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Synthesis of macro molecular iso cyanides with general solvent compatibility novel polymer supports for solid phase syntheses

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Synthesis of macro molecules and viruses in cells treated with inhibitors of poly amine synthesis

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Synthesis of macrocyclic terpenoids by intramolecular cyclization 9. total synthesis of racemic obscuronatin and racemic biflora 4 10 19 15 triene

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Synthesis of macrocyclic terpenoids by intramolecular cyclization x. total synthesis of methylceriferate i

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Synthesis of macrolide antibiotics 1. synthesis of the carbon 1 carbon 6 segment of 14 membered macrolide antibiotics

Kochetkov, N.K.; Sviridov, A.F.; Ermolenko, M.S.; Zelinsky, N.D., 1981:
Synthesis of macrolide antibiotics 2. synthesis of the carbon 9 carbon 13 segments of erythronolide a erythronolide b and oleandolide

Price, P.J., 1984:
Synthesis of male and female voices control of voice quality based on source characteristics

Miyake, M.; Tokutake, N.; Kirisawa, M., 1987:
Synthesis of maleimide derivatives having antibacterial activity

Horowitz, B.; Farley, R.A., 1988:
Synthesis of mammalian sodium potassium atpase alpha and beta subunits in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Synthesis of mammeins and surangin a

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Synthesis of marine furanosesquiterpenes new utilizations of camphor derivatives

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Synthesis of matrix and phospho protein in subacute sclerosing panencephalitis virus infections

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Synthesis of matsutake alcohol from butadiene

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Synthesis of maturation related proteins in the mouse epididymis

Breyel, E.; Morelle, G.; Auf'mkolk B.; Frank, R.; Bloecker, H.; Mayer, H., 1984:
Synthesis of mature human parathyroid hormone in escherichia coli

Ghera, E.; Maurya, R.; Ben David, Y., 1986:
Synthesis of maturone

Ho, Pak-Tsun, 1980:
Synthesis of maytansinoids synthesis of an intermediate from d glucose for the construction of maytansine

Ho, Pak-Tsun, 1980:
Synthesis of maytansinoids the aromatic moiety of maytansine

Bellini, W.J.; Silver, G.D.; Mcfarlin, D.E., 1981:
Synthesis of measles virus hem agglutinin

Sheppard, R.; Raine, C.; Bornstein, M.; Udem, S., 1982:
Synthesis of measles virus proteins in an subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis tissue culture model system

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Synthesis of mechanistic probes for the non heme iron dioxygenases

Freire, R.; Marrero, J.J.; Rodriguez, M.S.; Suarez, E., 1986:
Synthesis of medium sized lactones iodosobenzene diacetate an efficient reagent for beta fragmentation of alkoxy radicals

Schindlbeck, E.; Ahmad, S.; Seligmann, O.; Wagner, H.; Antus, S., 1980:
Synthesis of melanervin for melaleuca quinquenervia the 1st naturally occurring compound with tri phenyl methane structure

Antar, M.A.; Banerjee, S.N., 1980:
Synthesis of mercury 203 and technetium 99m mercury bis cysteine and preliminary biological distribution

Tejani, S.M.; Glennon, R.A., 1983:
Synthesis of meso ionic thiadiazolo pyrimidine nucleosides as potential anti neoplastic agents

Glennon, R.A.; Schubert, E.; Bass, R.G., 1981:
Synthesis of meso ionic xanthine nucleosides

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Synthesis of mesotetravinylporphyrins through 1 selenoallyl cationic species

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Synthesis of messenger rna by the parvovirus kilham rat virus in isolated nuclei

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Synthesis of messenger rna of mal b operons at specific stages in the cell cycle of escherichia coli

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Synthesis of methaqualone antigens

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Synthesis of methionine 5 enkephalin

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Synthesis of methionine from 5' methyl thio adenosine in mammalian cells

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Synthesis of methyl 2 methyl pyridine 3 acetate and methyl 2 6 dimethyl pyridine 3 acetate

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Synthesis of methyl 2 o alpha l rhamnopyranosyl alpha l rhamnopyranoside and two analogues thereof

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Synthesis of methyl 2 o beta d xylopyranosyl d galacto pyranuronate a pseudo aldo bi uronic ester

Kirkemo, C.L.; White, J.D., 1985:
Synthesis of methyl 3 5 9 11 13 pentaoxotetradecanoate a skipped heptaketide via ozonolysis of a hydroaromatic system

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Synthesis of methyl 3 acetamido 4 o benzoyl 2 3 6 trideoxy 2 fluoro beta l mannopyranoside a protected 2 fluoro analogue of acosamine

Gurjar, M.K.; Patil, V.J.; Yadav, J.S.; Rao, A.V.R., 1984:
Synthesis of methyl 3 n benzoyl 4 o benzoyl beta l daunosaminide

Liu K C.; Huang H S., 1988:
Synthesis of methyl 4 1h oxopyrimido 1 2 a pyrimidine 2 carboxylate

Matsuzawa, M.; Yoshimura, J., 1980:
Synthesis of methyl 6 deoxy 4 c hydroxymethyl 5 o methyl 2 3 o methylene l iduronate

Giuliano, R.M.; Deisenroth, T.W., 1987:
Synthesis of methyl alpha d kijanoside

Giuliano, R.M.; Deisenroth, T.W., 1986:
Synthesis of methyl alpha l decilonitroside

Yang, J., 1987:
Synthesis of methyl delta 7 1 beta 4 a beta 8 a beta octahydro 5 5 8a trimethyl 2 oxonaphthalenecarboxylate 13 by allylic cation promoted cyclization

H.T.L.; Liu S H., 1982:
Synthesis of methyl di hydro jasmonate ester directed baeyer villiger oxidation

Grishkovets, V.I.; Zemlyakov, A.E.; Chirva, V.Ya, 1983:
Synthesis of methyl ethers of uronic acids 3. synthesis of methyl methyl alpha d mammo pyranosiduronate and its 2 o methyl and 4 o methy ethers

Grishkovets, V.I.; Zemlyakov, A.E.; Chirva, V.Ya, 1983:
Synthesis of methyl ethers of uronic acids 4. synthesis of the 3 o 2 3 2 4 and 3 4 di o and 2 3 4 tri o methyl ethers of methyl methyl alpha d manno pyranoside uronate

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Synthesis of methyl methyl alpha d mannopyranoside uronate methyl esters

Ogawa, S.; Aoki, Y.; Takagaki, T., 1987:
Synthesis of methyl shikimate from methyl 1 3 4 2 5 2 3 4 5 tetrahydroxycyclohexane 1 carboxylate

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Synthesis of methylene bridged c disaccharides

Ray, J.K.; Harvey, R.G., 1983:
Synthesis of methylene bridged poly cyclic hydro carbons

Hatanaka, A., 1979:
Synthesis of methylene interrupted z z octadeca dienoic acids z e octadeca dienoic acids e z 9 12 octadeca dienoic acids and the corresponding alcohols

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Synthesis of methylenecyclopropylacetic acid and metabolically related inhibitors

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Synthesis of methylmethyl alpha d glucopyranoside uronate methyl esters

Evtushenko, E.V.; Ovodov, Y.S., 1987:
Synthesis of methylmethyl beta d galactopyranoside uronate methyl esters

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Synthesis of methylperacetyl alpha hikosaminide the undecose portion of the nucleoside antibiotic hikizimycin

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Synthesis of methylphosphonofluoridic acid 1 2 2 trimethylpropyl ester

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Synthesis of microbial protein in the rumen of ruminants and its limiting factors review

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Synthesis of mid regional parathyrin segments

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Synthesis of mimosamycin

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Synthesis of mini luliberin

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Synthesis of mitochondrial dna in relation to nuclear cell cycle in germinating barley embryos hordeum vulgare cultivar ib 65

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Synthesis of mitochondrial proteins in isolated rat hepatocytes

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Synthesis of model lipoproteins

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Synthesis of modified apo e by fu 5ah rat hepatoma and its induction by cholesterol loading

Diller, P.M.; Wissler, R.W.; Getz, G.S., 1985:
Synthesis of modified apolipoprotein e by fu 5ah rat hepatoma and its induction by cholesterol loading

Sproat, B.S.; Beijer, B.; Rider, P.; Neuner, P., 1988:
Synthesis of modified building blocks containing amino or thiol moieties application of modified oligodeoxyribonucleotides

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Synthesis of modified thymidine dimers

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Synthesis of mokupalide

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Synthesis of monensin reconstruction from degradation products

Sasaki, A.N.; Bricas, E., 1980:
Synthesis of mono acylated and di acylated l 2 6 di amino 4 hexynoic acid potential derivatives for preparation of tritium labeled lysine containing peptides

Mikolajczyk, M.; Midura, W.; Grzejszcak, S., 1984:
Synthesis of mono carbonyl and 1 4 di carbonyl compounds based on the oxygenation of phosphonate carbanions synthesis of di hydro jasmone allethrone and methylenomycin b

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Synthesis of mono substituted s oxiranes in high optical purity

Portilla, G.; Rojas, M.C.; Chayet, L.; Cori, O., 1982:
Synthesis of mono terpene hydro carbons from tritium labeled linalyl pyro phosphate by carbo cyclase from citrus limonum

Hoffmann, S.; Skoelziger, R.; Witkowski, W., 1986:
Synthesis of monobasic and dibasic estrogens as potential nucleic acid effectors

Hegedus, L.S.; D'andrea S., 1988:
Synthesis of monocyclic beta lactams by the photolytic reaction of chromium carbene complexes with s 1 3 5 triazines

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Synthesis of monoene aliphatic pheromones of insects cotton pests

Pfister, S.L.; Schmitz, J.M.; Willerson, J.T.; Campbell, W.B., 1987:
Synthesis of monohydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids hetes in watanabe heritable hyperlipidemic whhl and new zealand nzw rabbit aortas

Naito, T., 1988:
Synthesis of monoterpenoid indole alkaloids

Danilov, L.L.; Utkina, N.S.; Shibaev, V.N.; Kochetkov, N.K., 1981:
Synthesis of moraprenyl pyro phosphate oligo saccharides presumable substrates in the biosynthesis of the o specific poly saccharides of salmonellae

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Synthesis of morphine alkaloid analogs hasubanans and 9 17 seco morphinans

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Synthesis of morphine immunoreactive substance in mammalian tissues from morphine precursor

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Synthesis of morphine like analogs with a tetrahydrodibenzofuranic skeleton

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Synthesis of morpholine us patent 4647663. march 3 1987

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Synthesis of mouse antibody peptides in escherichia coli

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Synthesis of mouse erythrocyte membrane proteins by friend erythro leukemia cells

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Synthesis of mucus glycoproteins by human gastric mucosa in culture

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Synthesis of mugineic acid through direct c acylation using diphenylphosphorazidate

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Synthesis of multistriatins by diels alder reaction

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Synthesis of mupamine

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Synthesis of murine dihydrofolate reductase in xenopus oocytes

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Synthesis of muscarine analogs from hexitols

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Synthesis of muscle gene specific isozymes in innervated cultured human muscles

Nathanson, M.A., 1983:
Synthesis of muscle specific enzymes during cartilage differentiation from skeletal muscle grown on bone matrix

Merrifield, P.A.; Konigsberg, I.R., 1981:
Synthesis of muscle specific myosin is restricted to the g 1 phase of the cell cycle

Samant, D.R.; Kudav, N.A., 1985:
Synthesis of mycoxanthone carboxylic acid a hydrolysis product of the naturally occurring fungal metabolite mycoxanthone

Alberghina, M.; Bernocchi, G.; Biggiogera, M.; Viola, M.; Karlsson, J.O.; Manfredi Romanini, M.G.; Giuffrida, A.M., 1983:
Synthesis of myelin proteins and ultrastructural investigations in regenerating sciatic nerve of the rat

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Synthesis of myo inositol 1 3 4 5 tetraphosphate and myo inositol 1 3 bisphosphate

Billington, D.C.; Baker, R.; Kulagowski, J.J.; Mawer, I.M., 1987:
Synthesis of myo inositol 1 phosphate and 4 phosphate and of their individual enantiomers

Gigg, R., 1987:
Synthesis of myo inositol phosphates and analogues using a phosphite chemistry approach

Kajihara, H.; Kato, Y.; Takanashi, A., 1988:
Synthesis of myofilaments in hypertrophied myocardial cells an electron microscopic study

Singh, C.P., 1985:
Synthesis of n 1 2 pyridinecarbonyl 3 methyl 4 substituted hydrazono 2 pyrazolin 5 one

Walton, D.J.; Szarek, W.A., 1983:
Synthesis of n 1 deoxyalditol 1 ylamino acids for studies of nonenzymic glycosylation of proteins

Folk, J.E., 1983:
Synthesis of n 1 gamma glutamyl spermidine n 8 gamma glutamyl spermidine n 1 n 8 bis gamma glutamyl spermidine n 1 gamma glutamyl spermine n 1 n 12 bis gamma glutamyl spermine and n 1 n 4 bis gamma glutamyl putrescine

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Synthesis of n 1 phosphotryptophan

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Synthesis of n 1 substituted phenyl 3 methyl 4 substituted phenyl azo 2 pyrazolin 5 one

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Synthesis of n 1r 1 5 4 6 4 5 6 trihydroxy 3 hydroxymethyl 2 cyclohexenyl derivatives of 4' amino 4' deoxy and 4' amino 4' 6' dideoxycellobiose

Maruyama, T.; Honjo, M., 1987:
Synthesis of n 2 2 hydroxyethylguanosine 5' 2 phosphate derivative

Ouchi, T., 1982:
Synthesis of n 2 d glucos 3 o ylpropionyl l alanine and n d glucos 3 o ylacetyl l alanine

Chauhan, Y.S.; Toth, B., 1984:
Synthesis of n 2 gamma l dextro glutamyl 4 carboxyphenylhydrazine a postulated precursor of agaritine of agaricus bisporus

Matthews, D.P., 1984:
Synthesis of n 3 dimethylamino 2 substituted thio 2 propenylidene n methylmethanaminium salts via 2 alkylthio and 2 arylthio 3 dimethylaminoacroleins

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Synthesis of n 4 acylspermidines

Teoule, R., 1986:
Synthesis of n 4 mono and dialkyl 2 deoxycytidines and their insertion into an oligonucleotide

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Synthesis of n 6 aryl 2 methyladenosines

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Synthesis of n 7 4 nitro benzo 2 oxa 1 3 diazole 5 acyl choline

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Synthesis of n 7 hydroxy cephalosporins and n 7 methoxy cephalosporins

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Synthesis of n acetyl 8 aminocapric acid

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Synthesis of n acetyl glucosaminyl lipid by streptococcus sanguis 34

Chirva, V.Ya, 1988:
Synthesis of n acetylmuramoyl l alanyl d isoglutamine gamma octadecylamide

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Synthesis of n alkyl 2 acylmethyl thio benzimidazoles and n beta hydroxyalkyl 2 acylmethyl thio benzimidazoles and their properties

Schmitz, S.A., 1982:
Synthesis of n alkylated derivatives of 5 fluoro uracil and their reduction with lithium tri sec butyl borohydride

Horn, H.; Wagner, G., 1986:
Synthesis of n alpha 2 naphthylsulfonylglycyl 4 aminomethylphenylalaninepiperidide and n alpha 2 naphthylsulfonylglycyl 4 aminophenylalaninepiperidide as thrombin inhibitors

Horn, H.; Wagner, G., 1986:
Synthesis of n alpha 2 naphthylsulfonylglycyl 4 guanidinophenylalaninepiperidide and n alpha 2 naphthylsulfonylglycyl 4 guanidinomethylphenylalaninepiperidide as thrombin inhibitors

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Synthesis of n aminoguanines

Rangnekar, V.M.; Lokhande, S.R.; Bhamaria, R.P.; Khadse, B.G., 1983:
Synthesis of n aryl substituted methyl heteroaryl alpha pyrrolidino piperidino succinimides as antituberculosis agents

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Synthesis of n benzoyl l ristosamine

Shimizu, S.; Shimada, H.; Takahashi, S.; Ohashi, T.; Tani, Y.; Yamada, H., 1980:
Synthesis of n carbamyl d 2 thienyl glycine and d 2 thienyl glycine by microbial hydantoinase

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Synthesis of n cyclo butylmethyl analogs of methadone methadol and acetyl methadol

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Synthesis of n e 4 methoxystyrylbenzamide alatamide

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Synthesis of n epoxypropyl lactams us patent 4713463. december 15 1987

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Synthesis of n glucopyranosylbenzothiazolylthiocarbamides

Shibata, S., 1982:
Synthesis of n l glutam 5 oyl alpha d gluco pyranosylamine and o alpha d gluco pyranosyl 1 6 o beta d glucopyranosyl 1 6 n l glutam 5 oyl alpha d gluco pyranosylamine

Lorenz, P.; Wiessler, M., 1986:
Synthesis of n lost derivatives ii. reaction of n n bis 2 chloroethylphosphoramidic dichloride with 1 aminopropane 2 3 diol

Varma, R.S.; Singh, V.A.; Verma, H.N.; Khan, M.M.A.A., 1985:
Synthesis of n mannich bases of 5 6 phenoxybenzimidazole and 5 4 chlorophenoxybenzimidazolin 2 thione as potential biologically active agents

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Synthesis of n monoalkylporphyrins

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Synthesis of n n acetyl l aspartyl 4 amino butyric acid

Basha, A., 1988:
Synthesis of n n' disubstituted ureas from carbamates

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Synthesis of n n' phenyleneporphyrins models for cytochrome p 450 1 aminobenzotriazole inactivation products

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Synthesis of n nitroso cimetidine hydrate and nitrate and tritium labeling studies

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Synthesis of n omega fluorine 18 fluoroalkylspiperone derivatives rapid and efficient methods for the fluorine 18 fluoroalkylation of amines and amides

Petyunin, H.P., 1980:
Synthesis of n p tolylsulfonyl amides of 5r 1 3 4 oxadiazole 2 carboxylic acid

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Synthesis of n phenylacetylphenyl alaninamide from phenyl pyruvate and ammonium sulfate in aqueous medium

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Synthesis of n phosphonoacetyl l aspartic acid pala

Abian, J.; Casas, J.; Gelpi, E.; Messeguer, A., 1986:
Synthesis of n ring g tritium phenyllinoleamide and n phenyl 1 carbon 14 linoleamide as labeled standards for spanish toxic oil syndrome studies

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Synthesis of n substituted peptide amides us patent 4701499. october 20 1987

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Synthesis of n substituted phenyl d glyco pyranosylamines as potential inhibitors of the formation of glycosamino glycans

Narula, A.S.; Zalutsky, M.R., 1988:
Synthesis of n succinimidyl 2 4 dimethoxy 3 tri n butylstannylbenzoate via regiospecifically generated lithium 2 4 dimethoxy 3 lithiobenzoate

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Synthesis of n tetrazol 5 yl azetidin 2 ones

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Synthesis of n tosyl azetidine 2 imines

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Synthesis of nad from amp

Semmelhack, M.F.; Bozell, J.J.; Sato, T.; Wulff, W.; Spiess, E.; Zask, A., 1982:
Synthesis of nanaomycin a and deoxy frenolicin by alkyne cyclo addition to chromium carbene complexes

Osuka, A.; Maruyama, K., 1988:
Synthesis of naphthalene bridged porphyrin dimers and their orientation dependent exciton coupling

Semmelhack, M.F.; Keller, L.; Sato, T.; Spiess, E., 1982:
Synthesis of naphtho quinone antibiotics conjugate addition electrophile trapping with acyl nickel carbonylate anions

Ruecker, G.; Olbrich, A., 1988:
Synthesis of nardosinone from 110 aristolenone 9 gansongon

Reffstrup, T.; Boll, P.M., 1979:
Synthesis of narthogenin the aglycone of narthecide from narthecium ossitragum

Batu, G.; Stevenson, R., 1980:
Synthesis of natural iso coumarins artemidin and 3 propyl iso coumarin

Pettit, G.R.; Singh, S.B.; Cragg, G.M., 1985:
Synthesis of natural levo combretastatin

Leslie Crombie; David Fisher, 1985:
Synthesis of natural polyene isobutylamides stereochemistry of the wittig reactions

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Synthesis of natural products by oxidation with singlet oxygen

Kamath, S.V.; Rangaishenvi, M.V.; Kulkarni, S.N., 1983:
Synthesis of naturally occurring 2 6 10 14 tetramethyl 2 pentadecene

Banerji, A.; Goomer, N.C., 1984:
Synthesis of naturally occurring 6 oxygenated 2 2 dimethylchromenes

Joachim Kuhnke; Ferdinand Bohlmann, 1985:
Synthesis of naturally occurring phloroglucinol derivatives

Repke, D.B.; Jahangir; Clark, R.D.; Maclean, D.B., 1988:
Synthesis of nauclefine angustidine angustine and racemic 13 beta 14 dihydroangustine

Balatoni, J.A.; Adam, M.J.; Brule, M.; Hall, L.D., 1986:
Synthesis of nca carbon 11 labeled aromatics using carbon 11 cyanide and aryl chromium tricarbonyl intermediates

Zemlyanukhina, T.V.; Bovin, N.V.; Bairamova, N.E., 1988:
Synthesis of neoglycoproteins containing specific carbohydrate chains of teratocarcinoma

Andriamialison, R.Z.; Langlois, N., 1986:
Synthesis of neothramycins

Schmid, D.; Stadler, H., 1980:
Synthesis of nerve terminal proteins by translation of perikaryal messenger rna in oocytes and a cell free system

Richter, D., 1985:
Synthesis of neurohypophyseal hormones

Quach, T.T.; Duchemin, A.M.; Schrier, B.K.; Wyatt, R.J., 1988:
Synthesis of neurotrophic factor for sympathetic neurons in xenopus oocytes by translation of messenger rna extracted from rat wounded cerebral cortex

Terpstra, G.K.; Houben, L.A.M.J.; Huidekoper, H.J., 1987:
Synthesis of neutrophilic chemotactic inhibitory factors in the airway lumen

Parkanyi, C.; Yuan H L.; Cho, N.S.; Jaw J H.J.; Woodhouse, T.E., 1988:
Synthesis of new 1 2 4 thiadiazole and 1 3 4 thiadiazole based acyclic nucleoside analogs with potential anticancer and antiviral activity

Kandeel, E.M.; E.M.rsy S.S.; Zimaity, M.T.; Yousif, M.M., 1986 :
Synthesis of new 1 2 dihydro 4 amino 2 thioxo 5h indeno 1 2 d pyrimidin 5 one derivatives

Sharma, M.K.; Durst, T., 1988:
Synthesis of new 3 3 disubstituted beta lactams from threonine and tartaric acid

Soliman, R.; Mokhtar, H.M.; E.S.dany S.K., 1984:
Synthesis of new 8 5 substituted amino 1 3 4 oxadiazol 2 ylmethoxy quinolines and 8 5 substituted amino 1 3 4 thiadiazol 2 ylmethoxy quinolines with anti bilharzial activity

Marseigne, I.; Roques, B.P., 1988:
Synthesis of new amino acids mimicking sulfated and phosphorylated tyrosine residues

Rapi, G.; Chelli, M.; Ginanneschi, M.; Zilletti, L.; Franchi Micheli, S.; Meli, A.; Volterra, G., 1985:
Synthesis of new aminooxazolyl 17 beta steroids and pharmacological studies on the whole series

Filatova, M.P.; Krit, N.A.; Beschastnaya, N.V.; Reissmann, Z., 1979:
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