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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 29586

Chapter 29586 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Scofield, R.H.; Zhang, F.C.; Kurien, B.T.; Harley, J.B., 1996:
60 kD Ro/SSA multiple antigenic peptides reveal tertiary epitopes

Arora, R.; Wisniewski, M.E.; Davis, G., 1993:
60 kD polypeptide in cold acclimated bark tissue of peach is heat-stable and related to dehydrin family of proteins

Shioi, J.; Boghosian, G.; Cai, H.; Li, H.C.; Robakis, N.K., 1998:
60 kDa N-terminal APP fragment cross-linked with APP through disulfide bond

Butzow, R.; Ruoslahti, E., 1995:
60 kDa trandforming growth factor-beta-binding protein and its use to detect or purify TGF-beta

Scofield, R.H.; Harley, J.B., 1990:
60 kd ro ssa autoepitopes are found in regions of homology between ro ssa and the nucleocapsid protein of vesicular stomatitis virus

Kent, G.M.; Babcock, J.M.; Driscoll, N.W.; Harding, A.J.; Dingler, J.A.; Seitz, G.G.; Gardner, J.V.; Mayer, L.A.; Goldman, C.R.; Heyvaert, A.C.; Richards, R.C.; Karlin, R.; Morgan, C.W.; Gayes, P.T.; Owen, L.A., 2005:
60 ky record of extension across the western boundary of the Basin and Range Province; estimate of slip rates from offset shoreline terraces and a catastrophic slide beneath Lake Tahoe

Neal, J.M.; Wiley, C.E.; Knab, J.H.; Kopacz, D.J., 1995:
60 mg Mepivacaine is not an adequate intravenous test dose

Karwinski, W.; Soreide, O.; Farstad, M.; Ulvik, R., 1991:
60 min normothermic liver ischemia in rats allopurinol improves resynthesis of atp during reperfusion through the salvage pathway mechanism

Mayer, R.F.; Porter, N.C., 1998:
60 years of clinical electromyography and the motor unit The legacy of Derek Denny-Brown

Kulakowski, A.; Skłodowska-Curie, M., 1993:
60 years of the Institute of Oncology in Warsaw

D'Amico, D.J.; Druart, M.J.; Donnelly, C.W., 2008:
60-day aging requirement does not ensure safety of surface-mold-ripened soft cheeses manufactured from raw or pasteurized milk when Listeria monocytogenes is introduced as a postprocessing contaminant

Chen, J.; Marmur, R.; Rosenbaum, E.; Paredes, W.; Gardner, E.L., 1992:
60-Day chronic cocaine treatment desensitizes extracellular dopamine overflow in caudate-putamen but not in nucleus accumbens

Zeiner, F.N., 1966:
60-day exposure to artificial atmospheres

Choudhry, M.A.; Azim, A.C.; Yadava, J.N.S., 1995:
60-Fold purification of cell-bound heat labile enterotoxin of Escherichia coli by simple affinity chromatography

Singh, N.P.; Lai, H., 1998:
60-HZ magnetic field induces DNA crosslinks in rat brain cells

Osgood, C., 1996:
60-Hz EMF induces chromosomal aneuploidy in Drosophila oocytes when presented together with low doses of mutagens

Tsin, A.T.C.; Moreno, Y.; Rhodes, J.W.; Ziari, S.; D.L.G.rza, M.; Mata, N., 1995:
60-Hz magnetic field exposure reduces ocular photopigment and hepatic retinoids in M domestica

Frantz, A.G.; Katz, F.H.; Jailer, J.W., 1961:
60-hydroxycortisol and other polar corticosteroids Measurement and significance in human urine

Ascarelli, M.H.; Martin, R.W.; PerryK.G.Jr.; Blake, P.G.; Magann, E.F.; Martin, J.N.Jr, 1997:
600 Grams Cutpoint on the cusp of perinatal viability in pregnancies with help syndrome

Tai, G.H.; Huckerby, T.N.; Nieduszynski, I.A., 1994:
600 MHz 1H NMR study of a fucose-containing heptasaccharide derived from a keratanase digestion of bovine articular cartilage keratan sulphate

Yamane George; W.M.ng Jiun (Jim), 1983:
600-ton piles support West Seattle Freeway bridge

Goldman, L.; Kerr, J.H.; Steger, J.W.; Larkin, M., 1991:
600nm flash pumped dye laser for telangiectasia

Chang, W.P., 1998:
60Co contamination in recycled steel resulting in widespread civilian radiation exposure in Taiwan

Hiramoto, R.M.; Galisteo, A.L.Jr.; Cardoso, R.P.A.; Andrade, H.F.Jr, 1998:
60Co ionizing radiation effects in the physiology and cellular invasion of Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites

Heppler, J.S.; Muratbayeva, G.; Witten, M.L.; Lantz, R.C., 1995:
60Cobalt radiation stimulates superoxide production in cultured mouse alveolar macrophages

Tagawa, Y.; Yamamoto, A.; Yoshimori, T.; Masaki, R.; Omori, K.; Tashiro, Y., 1994:
60KD peripheral membrane protein present on the autophagic vacuole membrane

Sprent, J.I., 2008 :
60Ma of legume nodulation. What's new? What's changing?

Kuwada, H., 1967:
60co-gamma-ray and X-ray induced mutations in Abelmoschus manihot

Buyon, J.P.; D.D.nato, F.; Tseng, C.E.; Rasbbaum, W.; Hamel, J.C.; Chan, E.K.L., 1995:
60kD RO Identification of a novel mRNA transcript encoding an autoantigen containing only the RNA binding domain

Dutt,A.B., 2008:
60th Annual National Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society, Kalkota, India, 3-6 January 2008

American College, O.Chest Physicians, 1994:
60th Annual Scientific Assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, October 30-November 3, 1994

Japanese Circulation Society, 1996:
60th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society, Osaka, Japan, March 19-21, 1996

American Association, O.Pathologists And Bacteriologists, 1963:
60th Annual meeting of the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, April, 1963

American Society, O.Zoologists, 1963:
60th Annual meeting of the American Society of Zoologists, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, December, 1963

American College, O.Rheumatology And Association, O.Rheumatology Health Professionals, 1996:
60th National Scientific Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology and the 31st National Scientific Meeting of the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals, Orlando, Florida, USA, October 18-22, 1996

Anonymous, 1963:
60th Session of the Northwest German Society for Internal Medicine, W Germany, January, 1963

Anonymous, 1996:
60th anniversary of Sh M Omarov

Anonymous, 1995:
60th anniversary of U B Zakirov

de Micheli, A., 1995:
60th anniversary of the Mexican Society of Cardiology

Pac Coast Surg Assoc, 1989:
60th annual meeting of the pacific coast surgical association vancouver british columbia canada february 22 1989

Petr, Vaclav, 1994:
60th birthday of Rudolf J Prokop

Sanpedro, G.S.; Mccracken, G.; Campbell, G.D., 1989:
61 percent of deaths in pneumonia are potentially preventable

Schraudolph, M.; Richter, W.O.; Permanetter, W.; Ritter, M.M.; Beuers, U.; Schwandt, P., 1991:
61 year old patient with diabetes mellitus weight loss nausea and vomiting following resection of a pancreatic tumor

Japanese Circulation Society, 1997:
61st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society, Tokyo, Japan, March 31-April 2, 1997

American College, O.Rheumatology And Association, O.Rheumatology Health Professionals (Usa)., 1997:
61st National Scientific Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology and the 32nd National Scientific Meeting of the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals

Pac Coast Surg Asoc (Usa), 1990:
61st annual meeting of the pacific coast surgical association laguna niguel california usa february 18 21 1990

Aerosp Med Assoc (Usa), 1990:
61st annual scientific meeting of the aerospace medical association new orleans louisiana usa may 13 17 1990

Papalois, V.E.; Romagnoli, J.; Hakim, N.S., 1997:
62 removals of the Tenckhoff peritoneal dialysis catheter using a simple technique

Cazorla, F.M.; Codina, J.C.; Abad, C.; Arrebola, E.; Torés, J.A.; Murillo, J.; Pérez-García, A.; de Vicente, A., 2007:
62-kb plasmids harboring rulAB homologues confer UV-tolerance and epiphytic fitness to Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae mango isolates

Sippensgroenewegen, A.; Roithinger, F.X.; Mlynash, M.D.; Goseki, Y.; Steiner, P.R.; Lesh, M.D., 1998:
62-Lead ECG map analysis of T wave obscured ectopic atrial beats using automated QRST subtraction

Rice Evans, C., 1989:
627th meeting of the biochemical society nottingham england uk july 20 22 1987

Biochem Soc (Irel), 1989:
628th meeting of the biochemical society galway ireland september 21 23 1988

Rice Evans, C., 1989:
629th meeting of the biochemical society london england uk december 19 21 1988

American College, O.Rheumatology And Association, O.Rheumatology Health Professionals, 1998:
62nd National Scientific Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology and the 33rd National Scientific Meeting of the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals

Jpn Pharmacol Soc, 1989:
62nd general meeting of the japanese pharmacological society kyoto japan march 25 28 1989

A.Heart Assoc, 1989:
62nd scientific sessions of the american heart association new orleans louisiana usa november 13 16 1989

Rice Evans, C., 1989:
630th meeting of the biochemical society aberystwyth wales uk april 12 14 1989

Biochem Soc (Uk), 1989:
631st meeting of the biochemical society guildford england uk july 12 14 1989

Biochem Soc (Uk), 1990:
632nd meeting of the biochemical society cork ireland september 19 22 1989

Biochem Soc (Lond), 1990:
633rd meeting of the biochemical society london england uk december 18 20 1989

Lein, B.C.; Zebley, D.M.; Pezzi, C.M., 1994:
634 Needle localized breast biopsies Is age an important factor?

Rice Evans, C., 1990:
634th meeting of the biochemical society bath england uk april 2 6 1990

Biochem Soc, 1990:
635th meeting of the biochemical society aberdeen scotland uk july 1990

Biochem Soc (Uk), 1991:
637th meeting of the biochemical society birmingham england uk december 18 20 1990

Knowlton, K.U.; Itani, M.; Price, J.; Chien, K.R., 1992:
638 bp of rat ANF 5 flanking region confers high level atrial specific expression in a transgenic mouse

John, P., 1991:
638th meeting of the biochemical society reading england uk april 10 12 1991

Grant, M.E.; E.A., 1991:
639th meeting of the biochemical society colloquia manchester england uk july 16 19 1991

Society For Applied Bacteriology, 1994:
63rd Annual Meeting and Summer Conference of the Society for Applied Bacteriology, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, July 13-15, 1994

Cent Soc Clin Res (Usa), 1990:
63rd annual meeting of the central society for clinical research chicago illinois usa october 31 november 2 1990

Jpn Pharmacol Soc, 1990:
63rd annual meeting of the japanese pharmacological society tokyo japan march 25 28 1990

A.Heart Assoc, 1990:
63rd scientific sessions of the american heart association dallas texas usa november 12 15 1990

Izui, Tomoko, 1997:
64 A Case report of fetal lung sequestration

Miller, A.L.; Malouf, J.F., 1997:
64-year-old woman with chronic epigastric pain

Abdulla, J.; Abildstrom, S.Z.; Gotzsche, O.; Christensen, E.; Kober, L.; Torp-Pedersen, C., 2007:
64-multislice detector computed tomography coronary angiography as potential alternative to conventional coronary angiography: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Meijboom, W.B.; Mollet, N.R.; Van Mieghem, C.A.; Weustink, A.C.; Pugliese, F.; van Pelt, N.; Cademartiri, F.; Vourvouri, E.; de Jaegere, P.; Krestin, G.P.; de Feyter, P.J., 2007 :
64-Slice CT coronary angiography in patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome

Stein, P.D.; Yaekoub, A.Y.; Matta, F.; Sostman, H.Dirk., 2008:
64-slice CT for diagnosis of coronary artery disease: a systematic review

Meijboom, W.Bob.; van Mieghem, C.A.G.; Mollet, N.R.; Pugliese, F.; Weustink, A.C.; van Pelt, N.; Cademartiri, F.; Nieman, K.; Boersma, E.; de Jaegere, P.; Krestin, G.P.; de Feyter, P.J., 2007:
64-slice computed tomography coronary angiography in patients with high, intermediate, or low pretest probability of significant coronary artery disease

Catley, B.J., 1992:
640th meeting of the biochemical society edinburgh scotland uk september 4 6 1991

Rice Evans, R., 1992:
641st meeting of the biochemical society london england uk december 17 20 1991

Biochem Soc, 1992:
642nd meeting of the biochemical society southampton england uk april 7 10 1992

Biochemical Society, 1992:
643rd Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Coventry, England, UK, July 22-23, 1992

Biochemical Society, 1993:
645th Meeting of the Biochemical Society on Phospholipid Translocation, Asymmetry and Membrane Fusion, London, England, UK, December 15-18, 1992

The Biochemical Society (United Kingdom)., 1993:
646th Annual Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Leeds, England, UK, March 30-April 2, 1993

Biochemical Society, 1994:
648th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, September 14-17, 1993

Biochemical Society, 1994:
649th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, London, England, UK, December 19-21, 1993

Cruickshank, Allan, D., 1964:
64th Christmas bird count

Society For Physiology, 1996:
64th Meeting of the Society for Physiology, Lille, France, September 18-20, 1996

Iwata, H., 1991:
64th annual meeting of the japanese pharmacological society kobe japan march 24 27 1991

A.Heart Assoc, 1991:
64th scientific sessions of the american heart association anaheim california usa november 11 14 1991

Goff,H.D., 2008:
65 Years of ice cream science

Wand Wuerttenberger, A.; Schoel, B.; Kaufmann, S.H.E., 1990:
65 kd heat shock protein hsp 65 epitopes are expressed on the surface of mouse macrophages

Pedersen, C.; Josefsen, K.; Kjaer, T.; Bock, T.; Buschard, K., 1991:
65 kda heat shock protein gene expression in insulin producing cells depends on their functional state

Mclean, L.; Archer, J.; Cawley, M.; Kidd, B.; Pegley, F.; Thompson, P., 1990:
65 kda stress protein sp65 antibodies in ankylosing spondylitis as and rheumatoid arthritis ra

Mcfadden, J.P.; Norris, P.G.; Orchard, G.; Cerio, R.; Hawk, J.L.M.; Camp, R.D.R., 1991:
65 kilodalton heat shock protein expression in experimentally induced polymorphic light eruption

Bellon Herve; Maury Rene, C.; Sutanto; Soeria Atmadja Rubini; Cotten Joseph; Polve Mireille, 2004:
65 my-long magmatic activity in Sumatra Indonesia, from Paleocene to present

Maltar-Strmecki,N., 2008:
65 years of teaching and scientific work at physics Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb

The Biochemical Society, 1994:
650th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Cardiff, Wales, UK, April 12-14, 1994

Biochemical Society (Uk), 1994:
651st Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Lancaster, England, UK, July 13-14, 1994

Biochemical Society, 1995:
653rd Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Brighton, England, UK, December 13-16, 1994

Biochemical Society, 1995:
654th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Leicester, England, UK, April 4, 1995

Biochemical Society (Uk), 1995:
655th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Manchester, England, UK, July 18-21, 1995

Biochemical Society (Uk), 1996:
657th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, December 18-21, 1995

Biochemical Society (Uk), 1996:
658th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Liverpool, England, UK, April 16-19, 1996

Tompkins, J.D.; Thomas, A.; Horn, N.M., 1994:
65Zinc uptake into human neutrophils

Aslamkhan, A.G.; Dias, A.E.; Ahearn, G.A., 1997:
65Zn and 59Fe uptake by lobster hepatopancreatic epithelial cells occur by electrogenic, proton-dependent transport processes

Taylor, J.A.; Simons, T.J.B., 1994:
65Zn efflux from rat hepatocytes is enhanced by histidine

Tompkins, J.D.; Thomas, A.L.; Warner, J.A.; Horn, N.M., 1995:
65Zn uptake into stimulated human neutrophils The effect of cadmium

Lagneaux, D.Ed, 1997:
65th Meeting of the Physiology Society

Calandra, S., 1993:
65th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association New Orleans, Louisiana , 16-19 November 1992

American Heart Association, 1992:
65th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, November 16-19, 1992

Jpn Pharmacol Soc, 1992:
65th annual meeting of the japanese pharmacological society sendai japan march 22 25 1992

Syrtlanov, A.Sh, 1997:
65th year history of Bashkiria oil

Racoveanu, N.; Stanculescu, V.; Stoica, G.; Ciubotaru Bordeianu, A., 1967:
65zn and 59Fe-binding proteins in guinea-pig serum

Pronai, W.; Silberbauer, K., 1991:
66 months of hemodialysis without a shunt longtime experience with a central vein catheter

Alexeyev, V.U.; Medvedeva, N.D.; Tsupkina, N.V.; Nikolsky, N.N., 1994:
66-Kilodalton protein associated to epidermal growth factor receptor is a proteolytic fragment of phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C

Biochemical Society (Uk) And British Society For Immunology, 1997:
660th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Joint Congress with the British Society for Immunology, Harrogate, England, UK, December 10-13, 1996

Biochemical Society, 1997:
661st Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Bath, England, UK, April 9-11, 1997

Snell, Keith, 1997:
662nd Meeting of the Biochemical Society

Biochemical Society (Ireland), 1998:
663rd Meeting of the Biochemical Society

Snell, Keith, 1998:
664th Meeting on Pre- and Post-Partum Nutrition and Metabolism, Enzymology of Cell-Wall Degradation, the Gut as Modulatory Site in Macronutrient Metabolism, Brain-Lipids and Mental Disorders

Biochemical Society, 1998:
665th Meeting of the Biochemical Society

Dumbleton, L.J., 1945:
666 and DDT as mosquito larvicides

Biochemical Society, 1998:
666th Meeting of the Biochemical Society

Japanese Pharmacological Society, 1993:
66th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society, Yokohama, Japan, March 24-27, 1993

Jonard, H., 1995:
66th Exposition of the Linnaeus Society of Lyon, Roanne, France, September 30-October 3, 1995

Societe Suisse, D.Physiologie, 1965:
66th Meeting of the Swiss Society of Physiology, Physiological Chemistry and Pharmacology, Basel , 6 November, 1966

American Heart Association, 1993:
66th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 8-11, 1993

Hiroshige, T., 1989:
66th annual meeting of the physiological society of japan okayama japan april 5 7 1989

Roux, Jean, 1932:
67 Siisswassermacruren der Deutschen Limnologischen Sunda-Expedition

Niehues, R.; Horstkotte, D.; Aul, C.; Strauer, B.E., 1992:
67 year old patient with heart insufficiency and blood eosinophilia

Evlashko, Y.P., 1998:
67 years together with Research Institute of Occupational Medicine

Sanjuan, X.; Miquel, R.; Fernandez, P.L.; Nyach, I.; Menard, S.; Castronovo, V.; Cardesa, A.; Campo, E., 1994:
67-kD laminin binding protein in the progression of human colorectal carcinoma An immunohistochemical study using MLuC5 monoclonal antibody

Hinek, A.; Smith, A.; Callahan, J., 1998:
67-kD spliced variant of b-galactosidase and 61-kD neuraminidase are essential for elastic fiber assembly

Wisnoski, N.C.; Townsend, C.M.; Nealon, W.H.; Freeman, J.L.; Riall, T.S., 2008:
672 patients with acinar cell carcinoma of the pancreas: a population-based comparison to pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Fields, P.; Coghlan, C.; Sabin, C.; Riddell, A.; Jackson, B.; Lipkin, D.; Perry, D.J.; Hoffbrand, A.V.; Pasi, K.J., 1996:
677C fwdarw T mutation of the 5,10-methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase gene A potential risk factor for coronary artery disease?

Coghlan, J.G.; Fields, P.; Sabin, C.; Riddell, A.; Owens, D.; Richardson, G.; Lipkin, D.; Perry, D.; Hoffbrand, A.V.; Pasi, K.J., 1997:
677C fwdarw T mutation of the 5,10-methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase gene Relationship with occlusive coronary disease

Lalouschek, W.; Aull, S.; Korninger, L.; Mannhalter, C.; Pabinger Fasching, I.; Schmid, R.W.; Schnider, P.; Zeiler, K., 1998:
677C to T mutation in the 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene and plasma homocyst ine levels in patients with TIA or minor stroke

Kobayashi, J.; Sugama, Y.; Kitamura, S., 1995:
67GA scan finding and serum KL-6 in patients with sarcoidosis

Nassiri, M.; Nadji, M.; Terzian, E.; Civantos, F.; Sobel, M.; Castronovo, V.; Menard, S.; Morales, A.R., 1995:
67LR in primary and metastatic prostatic cancer

Japanese Pharmacological Society, 1994:
67th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society, Kyoto, Japan, March 21-24, 1994

Michigan Academy, O.Science, Arts And Letters, 1963:
67th Annual meeting of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters, Kalamazoo, Mich, USA March, 1963

The American Heart Association, 1994:
67th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, Dallas, Texas, USA, November 14-17, 1994

Physiol Soc Jpn, 1990:
67th annual meeting of the physiological society of japan miyazaki japan april 3 5 1990

Emling, R.C., 1989:
67th general session of the international association for dental research iadr 6th meeting of the iadr irish division 72nd annual meeting of the scandinavian association for dental research and the 26th annual meeting of the continental european division of the iadr dublin ireland june 28 july 1 1989

Hadem, J.; Cornberg, M.; Laenger, F.; Schedel, I.; Kirchhoff, T.; Niedermeyer, J.; Manns, M.P.; Schoefl, C., 2007:
68-jahrige Patientin mit Muskelschwache und Leberraumforderungen

Goodwin, D.A.; Lang, E.V.; Atwood, J.E.; Dalman, R.L.; Ransone, C.M.; Diamanti, C.I.; Mctigue, M., 1994:
68Ga MPO platelets in human PET thrombus imaging

Hosoya, H.; Matsumura, F.; Tsukita, S., 1989:
68kda protein a new calcium sensitive actin binding protein from bovine liver

Japanese Pharmacological Society, 1995:
68th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society, Nagoya, Japan, March 25-28, 1995

International Anesthesia Research Society, 1994:
68th Clinical and Scientific Congress of the International Anesthesia Research Society, Orlando, Florida, USA, March 5-9, 1994

Nadachowski, Adam, 1995:
68th Meeting of German Mammalogical Society

American Heart Association, 1995:
68th Scientific Session of the American Heart Association, Anaheim, California, USA, November 13-16, 1995

Anonymous, 1962:
68th Session of the German Society for Internal Medicine, Wiesbaden, W Germany, April May, 1962

A.Dairy Sci Assoc, 1991:
68th annual meeting of the american dairy science association southern branch february 2 6 1991

Physiol Soc Jpn, 1991:
68th annual meeting of the physiological society of japan kyoto japan march 27 29 1991

Dawes, C., 1990:
68th general session of the international association for dental research and the 19th annual session of the american association for dental research cincinnati ohio usa march 7 11 1990

Ger Soc Physiol, 1990:
68th meeting of the deutsche physiologische gesellschaft german society of physiology heidelberg west germany march 6 9 1990

Kanra, G.; Ruuskanen, O.; Ceyhan, M.; Mertsola, J.; Vandepapeliere, P.; Melot, V.; Bogaerts, H., 1991:
69 kda in acellular dtp vaccine safety in adults and booster in 18 months old children

Ekblom, L.; Berry, K.; Reynolds, J.; Priest, J., 1991:
69 xxx minus 7 minus 7 plus rec7 del p dup q plus rec7 dup p del q in a liveborn infant associated with paternal inv7p21q32

Somers, R.B.Usher, M.B., 1939:
693 in cere-brospinal fever A review of 143 cases treated under field conditions

Kaneto, Hiroshi, 1996:
69th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society, Nagasaki, Japan 20-23, 1996

Physiological Society, O.Japan, 1992:
69th Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan, Akita, Japan, April 2-4, 1992

International Anesthesia Research Society Clinical And Scientific Congress, 1995 :
69th Clinical and Scientific Congress of the International Anesthesia Research Society, Honolulu, Hawaii, March 10-14, 1995

Rivoire, Bernard, 1995:
69th Exposition of the Linnaeus Society of Lyon, Lyon, France, October 14-16, 1995

American Heart Association, 1996:
69th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, November 10-13, 1996

A.Dairy Sci Assoc, 1992:
69th annual meeting of the american dairy science association southern branch lexington kentucky usa february 1 5 1992

Martin, J.H., 1992:
69th annual meeting of the virginia academy of science on land use patterns and impacts on the biota of virginia blacksburg virginia usa may 24 1991

Garcia Godoy, F., 1991:
69th general session of the international association for dental research 20th annual session of the american association for dental research and the 12th annual session of the mexican division of the iadr international association for dental research acapulco mexico april 17 21 1991

Jpn Physiol Soc, 1989:
69th hokkaido area meeting of the japan physiological society hokkaido japan september 30 1989

Ger Physiol Soc, 1991:
69th meeting of the deutsche physiologische gesellschaft german physiological society freiburg germany march 5 8 1991

Li, E.; Bestagno, M.; Mancardl, S.; Burrone, O., 1997:
6C6 antigen and antibody molecules engineering in breast cancer diagnosis

Gessner, R.; Berndorff, D.; Loch, N.; Schnoy, N.; Reutter, W.; Tauber, R., 1992:
6D-cadherin A new type of cadherin in rat liver and intestine

Rodeck, U., 1998:
6F-H2 protein, amino-terminus

Rodeck, U., 1998:
6F-H7 anti-WT1-6F

Rodeck, U., 1998:
6F-HC-17 anti-WT1-6F

Matheron, S.; Knospe, V.; Barton, S.; Johnson, M.; Clotet, B.; Heise; Mallolas, J.; Danner, S.; Gumbel; Podzamczer, D.; King, P.; Chang, Y., 1996:
6G VS 3G doses of oral ganciclovir in maintenance treatment of CMV retinitis

Shindo, T.; Sato, A.; Kasanuki, N.; Hasegawa, K.; Sato, S.; Iwata, T.; Hata, T., 1993:
6H-Anthra thiophene derivatives from a bryozoan, Dakaira subovoidea

Berg, P.S.; George, J.; Present, D.H.; Bodian, C.; Rubin, P.H., 1996:
6MP Is leukopenia required to induce remission in the treatment of ulcerative colitis?

Anastasiadis, P.Z.; Bezin, L.; Imerman, B.; Flam, M.D.; Kuhn, D.M.; Levine, R.A., 1996:
6R-tetrahydrobiopterin enhances PC12 cell death following withdrawal of trophic support

Atta, U.R.hman, R.Z.idi; Choudhary, M.I.bal; Firdous, S.; Hasan, N., 1994:
6S-11,13-dihydroeremanthine, a new sesquiterpene lactone from the leaves of Ferula oopoda

Kwon, S.K.oung; Park, M.S.k; Seo, W.J.n, 1994:
6a-hydroxy-asymmetric synthesis of cyclopenta pyrrole-3a-carboxylate and determination of its stereostructure via NMR spectrum

Noguchi, K.; Micetich, R.G.; Daneshtalab, M., 1995:
6beta-Substituted penicillanic acids as beta-lactamase inhibitors

Reynolds, Albert, B., 1998:
6h11, 5a7; 8d11, 9b8, 9d5, 12f4, 15d2

Rieder, H.; Ludwig, W.D.; Gassmann, W.; Thiel, E.; Loeffler, H.; Stollmann Gibbeles, B.; Bucsky, P.; Hoelzer, D.; Fonatsch, C., 1996:
6p abnormalities in acute lymphoblastic leukemia-nonrandom occurrence of a t

Tibiletti, M.; Bernasconi, B.; Furlan, D.; Taborelli, M.; Riva, C.; Facco, C.; Trubia, M.; Ponti, E.; Sessa, L.; Taramelli, R.; Capella, C., 1998:
6q Deletion in the evolution of surface epithelial ovarian tumors

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