A comparative study of several strains of Candida tropicalis capable of growing on synthetic media containing hydrocarbons at high temperatures

Pozmogova, I.N.

Prikladnaia Biokhimiia i Mikrobiologiia 1(6): 606-612


ISSN/ISBN: 0555-1099
Accession: 029619860

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Two strains of C. tropicalis isolated at an incubation temperature of 40° C had a higher optimal growth temperature than museum strains cultured at the same temperature over a 4-year period. Both strains could grow either on a liquid medium containing short-chain alkanes or on a solid medium containing n-alkanes of C15-C25. The optimal growth temperature for these strains on peptone agar was 38°; it was, however, somewhat lower (35°) on an agar medium containing paraffins of low C number. It was necessary to neutralize the medium periodically, particularly during the first 36 hours of growth, when culturing these strains on a hydrocarbon medium.