A comparison of the leukocyte agglutination and mixed agglutination techniques for detecting human tissue isoantigens

Metzgar, R.S.; Zmijewski, C.M.; Seigler, H.F.; Oleinick, S.R.

Transplantation 6(1): 84-90


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-1337
PMID: 5638072
DOI: 10.1097/00007890-196801000-00008
Accession: 029628244

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The tissue isoantigenic mosaics of 5 human donors were determined by testing a common panel of human isoantisera by 2 techniques: agglutination of peripheral blood leukocytes and mixed agglutination with tissue culture cells from the kidney or skin. The antisera from multiparous women or immunized volunteers have leukocyte isoantibodies. Chisquare values were calculated on the reactions of the panel with cells from each of the donors by the 2 methods. All but 1 of the values showed a significant association at the 1% level,and the other value at the 5% level.