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A comparison of the specific gravity of two slash pine varieties grown in South Florida

White, J.F.; Saucer, J.R.

Tappi J Tech Ass Pulp Pap Ind 49(5): 230-232


Accession: 029628935

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Eleven-year-old typical slash pine (Pinus elliottii var. elliottii) produced a larger volume of wood of significantly greater density than South Florida slash pine (P. elliottii var. densa) of the same age grown on the same site. Typical slash pine had an average) diameter at breast height of 3.6 in., compared to 3.3 in. for the variety densa; specific gravity for the respective varieties was 0.57 and 0.53. The relationship of specific gravity with growth rate and summerwood percentage was examined. Records of the plantation indicate that trees of variety densa were heavily infected with brown spot needle blight at an early age and suffered a reduction in vigor and growth.

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