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A critical approach to the use of new drugs in general practice A report on a new chelate hematinic

Clancy, J.B.; Feldman, H.S.; Aldrich, R.H.; Candon, B.H.

Antibiot Med And Clin Therap 5(3): 167-172


Accession: 029637595

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The hematinic (Ferronord) is evaluated in 324 patients. The drug is usually administered to fasting patients; 315 of the 324 patients took the drug without complaint. All of the patients in this series had reacted unfavorably to previous iron therapy. Specific data are presented for 41 patients: average hemoglobin levels were 9 g/100 cc of blood at the start of therapy, and a little over 12 g/100 cc of blood after 3 weeks of therapy.

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