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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 29689

Chapter 29689 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Walrecht, B.J.J.R., 1956:
A nest of Bombus hortorum

Fischer, R.L., 1955:
A nest of Heriades variolosus ;

March, A.W., 1931:
A nest of Macrotermes barneyi, Light

Van Der Wiel, P., 1927:
A nest of P punctatissima

Loken, Astrid, 1965:
A nest of Vespula saxonica

Dewitte, Thierry, 1993:
A nest of nutcracker , coming from the Alpes, dated from last century

Machura, L., 1941:
A nest of spruce cross-beak

England, E.G., 1940:
A nest of the Arctic three-toed woodpecker

Remold, H.G.; Ramos Neto, M.B., 1995:
A nest of the Restinga Tyrannulet Phylloscartes kronei

Fant, R.J., 1953:
A nest-recording device

Massung, R.F.; Sumner, J.W.; Owens, J.; Mckechnie, D.B.; Mather, T.N.; Olson, J.G., 1997:
A nested PCR assay for the identification of granulocytic ehrlichiae

Polli, C.; Maier Dobersberger, T.; Morris, P.; Cauza, E.; Yeganehfar, C.; Ferenci, P., 1996:
A nested PCR based assay for the His1070Gln mutation in Wilsons disease for family screening

Sanchez, A.; Francino, O.; Amills, M., 1996:
A nested PCR technique for synthesizing base pair ladders

Witte, J.S.; Greenland, S., 1995:
A nested approach to evaluating dose-response and trend

Wong, O.; Foliart, D.; Trent, L.S., 1992:
A nested case control study of lung cancer among workers potentially exposed to slag wool fibers

Harnett, J.; Kent, G.; Parfrey, P.; Barre, P.; Taylor, R., 1991:
A nested case control study of risk factors for left ventricular hypertrophy lvh in a prospective cohort of dialysis patients

Park, J.M.; Yuan, J.M.; Henderson, B.E.; Gao, Y.T.; Yu, M.C.; Ross, R.K., 1996:
A nested case-control analysis of fatal stroke risk factors in Shanghai, China

Mattson, C.L.; Bailey, R.C.; Agot, K.; Ndinya-Achola, J.O.; Moses, S., 2007:
A nested case-control study of sexual practices and risk factors for prevalent HIV-1 infection among young men in Kisumu, Kenya

Kallio, P.; Liu, Z.; Mäntsälä, P.; Niemi, J.; Metsä-Ketelä, M., 2007:
A nested gene in Streptomyces bacteria encodes a protein involved in quaternary complex formation

D'Souza, W.D.; Zhang, H.H.; Nazareth, D.P.; Shi, L.; Meyer, R.R., 2008:
A nested partitions framework for beam angle optimization in intensity-modulated radiation therapy

Gong, G.; Lee, H.; Kang, G.H.on; Huh, J.; Khang, S.K.ang, 1998:
A nested polymerase chain reaction for the diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis in fine needle aspirates

Mitsunaga, S.; Tokunaga, K.; Kashiwase, K.; Akaza, T.; Tadokoro, K.; Juji, T., 1996:
A nested-PCR-RFLP method for high-resolution typing of HLA-A locus alleles

Mitsunaga, S.; Ogawa, A.; Tokunaga, K.; Akaza, T.; Tadokoro, K.; Juji, T., 1996:
A nested-PCR-RFLP method for high-resolution typing of HLA-B locus alleles

Bastien, P., 1992:
A nesting attempt by the black kite milvus migrans in the northwest of the hainaut province

Hennessy, T.S., 1941:
A nesting colony of Ring-billed Gulls in the St Lawrence River near Gananoque, Ontario

Safford, Roger, J., 1996:
A nesting colony of yellow-eyed starlings Aplonis mystacea

Newman, Donald, L., 1958:
A nesting of the Acadian flycatcher

Skutch, Alexander, F., 1956:
A nesting of the collared trogon

Laughlin, Robert, M., 1952:
A nesting of the double-toothed kite in Panama

Nice, M.M.; Collias, N.E., 1961:
A nesting of the least flycatcher

Skutch, Alexander, F., 1947:
A nesting of the plumbeous kite in Ecuador

Trautman, M.B.; Glines, S.J., 1964:
A nesting of the purple gallinule in Ohio

Skutch, Alexander, F., 1934:
A nesting of the slaty antshrike on Barro Colorado Island

Combellack, C.R.B., 1954:
A nesting of violet-green swallows

Hunt, E.G., 1954:
A nesting study and population survey of Canada geese on the Susan River Lassen County, California

Collins, B.D., 1953:
A nesting study of Canada geese on Tule Lake and Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuges Siskiyou County, California

Salt, W.Ray, 1966:
A nesting study of Spizella pallida

Miller, A.W.; Collins, B.D., 1954:
A nesting study of ducks and coots on the Tule Lake and Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

Snyder, Dorothy, E., 1954:
A nesting study of red crossbills

Cuthbert, N.L., 1954:
A nesting study of the Black Tern in Michigan

Glover, Fred, A., 1953:
A nesting study of the band-tailed pigeon in northwestern California

Throne, Alvin, L., 1945:
A nesting study of the eastern song sparrow

Meanley, Brooke, 1955:
A nesting study of the little blue heron in eastern Arkansas

Lamm, Donald, W., 1958:
A nesting study of the pied crow at Accra, Ghana

Collins, V.B.uce; Devos, A., 1966:
A nesting study of the starling near Guelph, Ontario

Dircks, L.K.; Poyton, R.O., 1990:
A net charge of plus 1 and the ability to form a beta sheet are essential features for the leader peptide of cytochrome c oxidase subunit va in mitochondrial import

Needham, P.R., 1928:
A net for the capture of stream drift organisms

Bezirtzoglou, E.; Xenakis, T.; Bezirtzoglou, C.; Katrami, A.; Savvaidis, I.; Beris, A., 1998:
A netilmicin pharmacokinetic study in orthopedic patients

Neugebauer, K.; Schilling, W.; Weiss, J., 1991:
A network algorithm for the optimum operation of urban drainage systems

Yakob, L.; Kiss, I.Z.; Bonsall, M.B., 2008:
A network approach to modeling population aggregation and genetic control of pest insects

van Ommen, B.; Fairweather-Tait, S.; Freidig, A.; Kardinaal, A.; Scalbert, A.; Wopereis, S., 2008:
A network biology model of micronutrient related health

Seelaus, P.A.; Noonan, P.A.; Kurnik, P.B.; Waxman, H.L., 1992:
A network clinical information system based on the client server computing model

Magnuson, J.J.; Bowser, C.J., 1990:
A network for long term ecological research in the usa

Chamberlain Von Del, 1969:
A network for rapid analysis of fireball trajectories, Paper 51

Potterat, J.; Bethea, P.; Muth, S.; Woodhouse, D.; Muth, J., 1992:
A network informed strategy for preventing hiv among street gang members

Isomura, Y.; Fujiwara-Tsukamoto, Y.; Takada, M., 2008:
A network mechanism underlying hippocampal seizure-like synchronous oscillations

Loh, K.C.ee; Wang, D.I.C., 1993:
A network model for perfusion chromatography

Zhu Wenlu; Hirth Greg, 2003:
A network model for permeability in partially molten rocks

Turner,J.; Bowers,R.G.; Clancy,D.; Behnke,M.C.; Christley,R.M., 2008:
A network model of E coli O157 transmission within a typical UK dairy herd the effect of heterogeneity and clustering on the prevalence of infection

Ayyalasomayajula, S.; DeLaurentis, D.A.; Moore, G.E.; Glickman, L.T., 2008:
A network model of H5N1 avian influenza transmission dynamics in domestic cats

Tamori, Y.; Tanaka, S., 1993:
A network model of cerebral cortex and basal ganglia which generates voluntary movements

Ladner, M.B.; Zipser, D., 1992:
A network model of depth cue integration

Lee, S.J.; Zipser, D., 1993:
A network model of direction tuning and mental rotation

Contreras Vidal, J.L.; Poluha, P.; Teulings, H.L.; Stelmach, G.E., 1997:
A network model of dopamine effects of striatal neuropeptides and cell activations during levodopa therapy in Parkinsons disease

Manor, Y.; Yarom, Y.; Rinzel, J.; Segev, I., 1995:
A network model of electrically coupled neurons can explain the sub-threshold oscillations in the inferior olive

Blazis, D.E.J.; Berkowicz, D.A.; Kairiss, E.W.; Carew, T.J., 1991:
A network model of inhibitory information processing in the siphon withdrawal reflex of aplysia

Nawrot, M.; Blake, R., 1990:
A network model of interactions between motion and stereopsis in the specification of structure

Berthier, N.E.; Barto, A.G.; Houk, J.C., 1991:
A network model of the cerebellum that uses a trained set of pattern generators to control a single degree of freedom joint

Law, C.; Cooper, L.N., 1991:
A network model of the effects of deprivation and pharmacological agents on the response properties of kitten visual cortex

Contreras Vidal, J.L.; Bloedel, J.R.; Stelmach, G.E., 1995 :
A network model of the sagittal olivo cerebellar complex

Stricanne, B.; Bower, J.M., 1998:
A network model of the somatosensory system and cerebellum exploring recovery from peripheral lesions at various developmental stages in rats

White, J.A.; Cleary, L.J.; Ziv, I.; Byrne, J.H., 1991:
A network model of the tail withdrawal circuit in aplysia

Dolan, K.A.; Wodak, A.; Saksena, N.; Dwyer, D.; Sorrell, T., 1996:
A network of HIV infection among Australian inmates

Camarda, Ignazio, 1995:
A network of botanically-significant areas for floristic biodiversity conservation in Sardinia

Hurwitz, I.; Goldstein, R.S.; Susswein, A.J., 1993:
A network of cells initiating patterned activity in the buccal ganglia of Aplysia

Talkowski, M.E.; Kirov, G.; Bamne, M.; Georgieva, L.; Torres, G.; Mansour, H.; Chowdari, K.V.; Milanova, V.; Wood, J.; McClain, L.; Prasad, K.; Shirts, B.; Zhang, J.; O'Donovan, M.C.; Owen, M.J.; Devlin, B.; Nimgaonkar, V.L., 2007:
A network of dopaminergic gene variations implicated as risk factors for schizophrenia

Schnabel, Ralf, 1995:
A network of duelling cell-cell interactions in the early C elegans embryo

Pei, Z.; Kuchitsu, K.; Ward, J.M.; Schwarz, M.; Schroeder, J.I., 1997:
A network of early events in ABA signaling in guard cells

Gruer, L.D.; Cameron, J.; Elliott, L., 1991:
A network of evening needle exchange in health centers in glasgow scotland uk

Chen, R.; Amoui, M.; Zhang, Z.; Mardon, G., 1998:
A network of gene control retinal cell-fate specification in Drosophila

Wilcox, M.; Wehrli, M.; Wessendorf, L., 1992:
A network of genes regulating drosophila integrin function

Sanchez-Calderon, H.; Milo, M.; Leon, Y.; Varela-Nieto, I., 2007:
A network of growth and transcription factors controls neuronal differentation and survival in the developing ear

You, L.; Kruse, F.E.; Pohl, J., 1998:
A network of growth factors belonging to the TGF-beta family exists in human corneas

Dance, P., 1990:
A network of illicit drug users in canberra act australia

Archer, A.A.; Lacroix, R.; Wade, K.M., 1996:
A network of information for the dairy industry

Martinez, A.M.; Taeusch, H.W.lliam; Yu, V.; Wan, K.T.; Yeung, C.Y.; Lu, J.H.; Nishida, H., 1997:
A network of neonatal intensive care units in Pacific Rim countries Differences in associated risk factors for VLBW infants

Viloria, L.A., 1991:
A network of regional centers of environmental education and training a strategy for developing countries

Imanishi, Y.; Sato, T.; Higashi, T.; Sun, W.; Okubo, S., 2004:
A network of superconducting gravimeters detects submicrogal coseismic gravity changes

Clin Michel; Pouchan Pierre, 1968:
A network of synvolcanic shear faults in the French territory of the Afars and Issas

Brun Samarcq, L.; Gallina, S.; Filippi, A.; Demesnais, F.; Vaysseix, G.; Barillot, E., 1998:
A network oriented environment for pedigree manipulation

Goossens, F., 1990:
A network psycho-medico-social approach in families with young children

Horwitz, B., 1991:
A network simulation model for studying interregional correlations between regional rates of cerebral blood flow rcbf

Poggio, T.; Edelman, S., 1990:
A network that learns to recognize three dimensional objects

Lachenbruch, C.A.; Diller, K.R.; Pegg, D.E., 1996:
A network thermodynamic model for design of CPA perfusion protocols in the kidney

Lachenbruch, C.A.; Freitas, R.C.; Diller, K.R., 1994:
A network thermodynamic model of tissue/organ response during exposure to a cryoprotective agent solution

Sibley, C.Hopkins.; Barnes, K.I.; Watkins, W.M.; Plowe, C.V., 2007:
A network to monitor antimalarial drug resistance: a plan for moving forward

Haynes, K.A.; Zipser, D., 1993:
A network trained to detect real visual motion also detects apparent motion

Ray Ford; Thompson David; Braun Jeff, 1996:
A network-accessible repository for petroleum reservoir information

Ranger, N.T.; Horne, H.; Collins, L.; Shah, A.; Brown, M., 1995:
A network-based database for the management of quantitative clinical data

Ranger, N.T.; Murtha, P.; Collins, L.; Charron, M.; Brown, M.L., 1997:
A network-integrated functional data storage solution for nuclear medicine applications

Nelson, D.C., 1994:
A networked system for alpha continuous air monitors

Thompson, K.G.; Schall, J.D., 1997:
A neural activation threshold for visual awareness in macaque frontal eye field

Bracewell, R.M.; Barash, S.; Andersen, R.A., 1990:
A neural analogue in macaque lateral intraparietal cortex of the end point upshift of memory guided saccades made in the dark

Nunnari Giuseppe; Bertucco Libero; Ferrucci Fabrizio, 2001:
A neural approach to the integrated inversion of geophysical data of different types

Grossberg, S.; Rudd, M.E., 1989:
A neural architecture for visual motion perception group and element apparent motion

Ray, P.; Monroe, F.L.; Berman, J.D., 1989:
A neural cell culture as a model system to study cyanide toxicity

Hashimoto, M.; Aruga, J.; Kanegae, Y.; Saito, I.; Yoshida, S.; Hosoya, Y.; Yaginuma, H.; Mikoshiba, K., 1995:
A neural cell-type specific gene expression system using recombinant adenovirus vectors

Lander, C.E.; Fryer, H.J.L.; Hockfield, S., 1995:
A neural chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan that is similar, but not identical, to the Cat-301 antigen

Marshall, J.A.; Kalarickal, G.J., 1995:
A neural circuit for stereomatching of transparent and oblique surfaces

Murakoshi, K.; Suganuma, K., 2007:
A neural circuit model forming semantic network with exception using spike-timing-dependent plasticity of inhibitory synapses

Maffei, L.; Poppele, R.E., 1967:
A neural component in dark adaptation

Pitkow, X.; Sompolinsky, H.; Meister, M., 2007:
A neural computation for visual acuity in the presence of eye movements

Forssberg, H., 1992:
A neural control model for human locomotion development implications for therapy

Van Leeuwen, J.L.; Heldoorn, M., 1997:
A neural control model of the urethral sphincter

Atkins, G.; Henley, J.; Stout, J., 1990:
A neural correlate for control of syllable period selective phonotaxis in the cricket acheta domestica by juvenile hormone iii

Dorris, M.C.; Munoz, D.P., 1995:
A neural correlate for the gap effect on saccadic reaction times in monkey

Miller, E.K.; L.L.; Desimone, R., 1991:
A neural correlate of recency memory in inferior temporal it cortex

Nagao, Soichi, 1996:
A neural design for the cerebellar control of the primate vestibulo-ocular and smooth pursuit eye movements

Burg, M.; Cole, G.J., 1992:
A neural keratan sulfate proteoglycan, claustrin, is recognized by antibodies to MAP1B

Suri, R.E.; Schultz, W., 1996:
A neural learning model based on the activity of primate dopamine neurons

Allen, H.A.; Humphreys, G.W.; Matthews, P.M., 2008:
A neural marker of content-specific active ignoring

Householder, A.S., 1940:
A neural mechanism for discrimination II Discrimination of weights

Householder, Alston, S., 1940:
A neural mechanism for discrimination III Visually perceived lengths and distances

Stanton, Henry, E., 1941:
A neural mechanism for discrimination IV monocular depth perception

Murakoshi, K.; Nakamura, K., 1998:
A neural mechanism of adjusting timing of spikes by intensity of input for dynamic coding

Mays, L.E.; Gamlin, P.D.R., 1995:
A neural mechanism subserving saccade-vergence interactions

Chambers, K.C., 1990:
A neural model for conditioned taste aversions

Ogmen, H., 1991:
A neural model for optomotor control and the landing reaction in flies

Cutsuridis, V.; Smyrnis, N.; Evdokimidis, I.; Perantonis, S., 2007:
A neural model of decision-making by the superior colicullus in an antisaccade task

Ross, W.D.; Grossberg, S.; Mingolla, E., 1995:
A neural model of illusory contour formation in V1 and V2

Wang, Deliang, 1994:
A neural model of synaptic plasticity underlying short-term and long-term habituation

Pouget, A.; Sejnowski, T.J., 1994:
A neural model of the cortical representation of egocentric distance

Cacciatore, T.W.; Baader, A.; Kristan, W.B.Jr, 1995:
A neural model of the leech crawling circuit

Bullock, D.; Fiala, J.C.; Grossberg, S., 1994:
A neural model of timed response learning in the cerebellum

Bullock, D.; Cisek, P.; Grossberg, S., 1994:
A neural model of voluntary movement and proprioception

Kemp, L.F.anklin; Threet Jody, R.; Veezhinathan Jayaraman, 1992:
A neural net branch and bound seismic horizon tracker

Sigulem, D.; Hoashi, M.T.; Ancao, M.P., 1991:
A neural net for classification of arterial hypertension

Hummel, J.E.; Biederman, I., 1990:
A neural net implementation of recognition by components

Alcazar,J.; Palau,A.; Vega-Garcia,C., 2008:
A neural net model for environmental flow estimation at the Ebro River Basin, Spain

Landahl, H.D., 1965:
A neural net model for escape learning

Mccandless, J.W.; Schor, C.M., 1995:
A neural net model of vertical vergence adaptation

Giuffre, K.A.; Cuttitta, J.; Giuffre, M.; Horn, R., 1998:
A neural net/genetic algorithm model to predict cesarean section in a busy labor ward

Mazzone, P.; Pisani, R.; Fortuna, L.; Arena, P.; Nobili, F., 1995:
A neural network analysis of CSF pressure patterns in normal pressure hydrocephalus

Roy, R.; Muthuswamy, J., 1995:
A neural network analysis of the bispectrum in determining depth of anesthesia in the dog

Brown Paul; Aplin Andrew, C.; Swarbrick Richard, E., 1999:
A neural network and soil mechanics method for shale porosity and pore fluid pressure estimation

Ganesh, P.; Yamashita, T.S., 1991:
A neural network application for medical score systems

Gullu Hamza; Ercelebi Ergun, 2007:
A neural network approach for attenuation relationships; an application using strong ground motion data from Turkey

Pazos, A.; Maojo, V.; Martin, F.; Ezquerra, N., 1992:
A neural network approach to assess myocardial infarction

Fish Barry, C.; Kusuma Tony, 1994:
A neural network approach to automate velocity picking

Lund, T.R.; Clementz, B.A.; Sponheim, S.R., 1991:
A neural network approach to discriminating eeg spectral patterns of schizophrenics and controls

Chow, H.; Chen, H.; Tolle, K.; Roe, D.; Elsberry, V., 1996:
A neural network approach to population data analysis Predictions of tobramycin serum levels in pediatric patients

Deleo, J.M.; Remaley, A.T., 1998:
A neural network approach to quality control monitoring of patient laboratory data

Ito,E.; Ono,K.; Ito,Y.M.; Araki,M., 2008:
A neural network approach to simple prediction of soil nitrification potential a case study in Japanese temperate forests

Silverman, M.L.; Dugan, J.M.; Harvey, R.L.; Dicaprio, P.N.; Heinemann, K.G., 1990:
A neural network as a potential means of reading cytology specimens

Cianflone, D.; Carandente, O.; Fragasso, G.; Margonato, A.; Meloni, C.; Rossetti, E.; Gerundini, P.; Chierchia, S.L., 1990:
A neural network based model for predicting the probability of coronary lesion from myocardial perfusion spect data

Schenone, A.; Frattini, R.; Scano, C.; Bambaro, F.; Firenze, F., 1997:
A neural network based multiresolution analysis for the detection of microcalcifications in mammography

Kelman, S.E.; Perell, H.R.; D'autrechy L.; Scott, R.J., 1990:
A neural network can differentiate glaucoma and optic neuropathy visual fields through pattern recognition

Graham, J.; Errington, P.; Jennings, A., 1992:
A neural network chromosome classifier

Kippenhan, J.S.; Barker, W.; Pascal, S.; Duara, R., 1990:
A neural network classifier applied to pet scans of normal and alzheimers disease ad patients

Chan, K.H.; Johnson, K.A.; Becker, J.A.; Satlin, A.; Garada, B.; Holman, B.L., 1993:
A neural network classifier for brain SPECT

Kusel, R.; Oechsner, U.; Wesemann, W.; Wattam Bell, J., 1997:
A neural network for computing refractive errors from eccentric photorefraction crescents

Leone, G.; Droulez, J.; Cornilleau-Pérès, V., 1992:
A neural network for computing surface curvature from optic flow

Wang Tianshun; Liu Chuanxi, 1995:
A neural network for dynamic prediction of oil and gas reservoirs

Lappe, M.; Rauschecker, J.P., 1991:
A neural network for flow field processing in the visual motion pathway of higher mammals

Smeets, J.B.J.; Denier Van Der Gon, J.J., 1991:
A neural network for learning muscle coordination

Missler, J.M.; Kamangar, F.A., 1995:
A neural network for pursuit tracking inspired by the fly visual system

Merrill, J.W.L., 1993:
A neural network for stably self-organizing arbitrary recognition codes

Martinez, G.V.; Millhauser, G.L., 1995:
A neural network for the fast computation of ESR slow motional spectral parameters Utility for biological macromolecules

Habibagahi Ghassem; Bamdad Alireza, 2003:
A neural network framework for mechanical behavior of unsaturated soils

Herpers, R.; Rodax, H.; Sommer, G., 1993:
A neural network identifies faces with morphological syndromes

Qiao Chunsheng; Zhang Qing; Huang Xiuyun, 2000:
A neural network method for the evaluation of mechanical parameters of rock masses in numerical simulation

Hudson, D.L.; Cohen, M.E.; Kanefield, R.J.; Deedwania, P.C., 1996:
A neural network model for analysis of prognostic factors in congestive heart failure

Van Opstal, A.J.; Frens, M.A.; Van Der Willigen, R.F.; Gielen, C.C.A.M., 1992:
A neural network model for auditory-evoked orienting in primates

Usui, S.; Nakauchi, S., 1993:
A neural network model for color constancy by the energy minimization approach

Usui, S.; Nakauchi, S., 1990:
A neural network model for color vision

Pouget, A.; Sejnowski, T.J., 1990:
A neural network model for computing depth from stereopsis

Keiner, L.E.; Yan, X.H.i, 1998:
A neural network model for estimating sea surface chlorophyll and sediments from Thematic Mapper imagery

Asakawa, S., 1995:
A neural network model for feature integration and illusory conjunctions

Aike, G.; Lin, L.; Haijian, S., 1996:
A neural network model for figure-ground discrimination

Katahira, K.; Okanoya, K.; Okada, M., 2007:
A neural network model for generating complex birdsong syntax

Liaw J S.; Arbib, M.A., 1991:
A neural network model for response to looming objects by frog and toad

Xing, J.; Stricanne, B.; Andersen, R.A., 1994:
A neural network model for sensorimotor transformation in macaque area LIP

Prentice, S.D.; Drew, T., 1997:
A neural network model for studying voluntary gait modifications in the cat

Ans, B.; Coiton, Y.; Gilhodes, J.C.aude; Velay, J.L.c, 1994:
A neural network model for temporal sequence learning and motor programming

Xing, J.; Gerstein, G.L.; Turner, M.R., 1991:
A neural network model for texture segmentation and perception

Zhou Pinggen, 1998:
A neural network model for the comprehensive analysis of the stability of an ancient landslide

Van Gisbergen, J.; Krommenhoek, K.; Van Opstal, J.; Gielen, S., 1993:
A neural network model for the computation of saccadic motor error in the superior colliculus

Stetter, M.; Schels, A.; Lang, E.W., 1995:
A neural network model for the prenatal formation of orientation preference and -selectivity maps

Contreras Vidal, J.L.; Stelmach, G.E., 1994:
A neural network model of basal ganglia thalamocortical relations in normal and Parkinsonian movement

Lockery, S.R.; Sejnowski, T.J., 1991:
A neural network model of chemotaxis in simple nervous systems

Kim, J.J.; Blair, H.T., 1998:
A neural network model of classical and instrumental fear conditioning

Gaudiano, P.; Olson, S.; Tal, D.; Fischl, B., 1993:
A neural network model of dynamic receptive field reorganization

Hampson, R.E.; Drawbaugh, D.W.; Deadwyler, S.A., 1991:
A neural network model of hippocampal place cells that demonstrates plasticity of place fields

Turnock, M.; Becker, S., 2007:
A neural network model of hippocampal-striatal-prefrontal interactions in contextual conditioning

Levine, D.S.; Kant, J.D., 1998:
A neural network model of prefrontal cortex involvement in rule learning

Contreras Vidal, J.L.; Schultz, W., 1996:
A neural network model of reward-related learning, motivation and orienting behavior

Sheinberg, D.L.; Zelinsky, G.J.; Bulthoff, H.H., 1991:
A neural network model of saccade programming

Neti, C.; Young, E., 1990:
A neural network model of sound localization based on spectral cues

Loose, M.D., 1995:
A neural network model of the LHRH pulse generator Synchrony and pulsatility

Schweighofer, N.; Pollick, F.E., 1996:
A neural network model of the spinal cord for arm control

Kudela, P.; Franaszczuk, P.J.; Bergey, G.K., 1998:
A neural network model of traveling seizure activity wave

Blazis, D.E.J.; Fischer, T.M.; Carew, T.J., 1992:
A neural network model of use-dependent gain control in the siphon withdrawal reflex of Aplysia

Bickle, J.; Bernstein, M.; Worley, C., 1998:
A neural network model of vector subtraction and variable redirect mechanisms for selective visual attention in area LIP and FEF

Yang, X.B.; Batchelor, W.D.; Tschanz, A.T., 1995:
A neural network model to predict soybean rust

Salazar,R.; Lopez,I.; Rojano,A., 2008:
A neural network model to predict temperature and relative humidity in a greenhouse

Yamanouchi, T.; Matsuoka, T.; Kishi, K.; Takeda, T., 1991:
A neural network model with distributed representation in the output layer

Blonda, P.; Carella, A.; D.B.asi, R.; Dicuonzo, F.; L.F.rgia, V.; Milella, D.; Pasquariello, G.; Satalino, G., 1993:
A neural network modular system for object classification in brain MR images

Bock, O., 1989:
A neural network predicting posterior parietal cortex function in the control of goal directed arm movements

Niederberger, C.S.; Ross, L.; Lipshultz, L.I.; Lamb, D.J., 1994:
A neural network predicts testis biopsy results

Izenberg, S.D.; Williams, M.D.; Miller, D.D.; Luterman, A., 1995:
A neural network predicts the emergency room disposition of trauma patients

Maki, W.S.; Abunawass, A.M., 1989:
A neural network simulator for supercomputers

Wu, X.; Tyrcha, J.; Levy, W.B., 1998:
A neural network solution to the transverse patterning problem depends on repetition of the input code

Grossman, M.; Reivich, M.; Alves, W.; Morrison, D.; Misra, S.; Alavi, A.; Greengerg, J., 1990:
A neural network subserving picture comprehension pet activation studies

Grossman, M.; Hughes, E.; Mickanin, J.; Ding, X.S.; Jaggi, J.; Reivich, M.; Alavi, A., 1994:
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A neurosurgical image-guided localizing unit for open stereotaxis

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A neurosurgical profile of spinal disorders in Sri Lanka

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A neurosurgical study of frontal lobe influence upon the cardiovascular system

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A neurotensin like peptide is secreted by lncap human prostate cancer cells in the absence but not in the presence of androgen

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A neurotensin receptor antagonist blocks stress-indcued cardiac mast cell degranulation

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A neurotensin receptor that selectively causes hypothermia

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A neurotologic differentiation between high and low lying disturbances of the central nervous system

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A neurotoxic syndrome produced in cats by a cyclic phosphate metabolite of tri-o-cresyl phosphate

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A neurotoxicologic definition of adverse

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A neurotransmitter for valve excitatory nerves in the isopod Crustacean, Bathynomus dorderleini

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A neurotransmitter is released from various regions of neurites

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A neurotransmitter role of glutamate in the afferent synapse of electroreceptor organs in the catfish Ictalurus nebulosus

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A neurotrophic ACTH analogue prevents the formation of central demyelinating lesions in CEAE and normalizes central conduction slowing

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A neurotrophic action of midkine, a developmentally regulated protein, was examined on cerebellar neurons using a defined culture system

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A neurotrophic activity of sonic hedgehog promotes the survival of dopaminergic neurons

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A neurotrophic analogue of ACTH4-9 protects against experimental allergic neuritis

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A neurotrophic factor for retinal cholinergic neurons derived from cultured hippocampal neurons

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A neurotrophic factor operative in the geniculocortical pathway of rats Isolation, purification and in vitro testing

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A neurotrophic factor operative in the geniculocortical pathway of rats Localization and neuron survival in vivo

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A neurotrophic factor released from primary hepatocyte cultures promotes neurite regeneration from nerve transected terminals of adult mouse root ganglia in vitro

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A neurotrophic factor sntf for serotonergic neurons

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A neurotrophic role for basic fibroblast growth factor fgf in alzheimers disease

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A neurotrophic role for basic fibroblast growth factor in alzheimers disease

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A neurotrophin dependence domain within p75-NTR

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A neurotropic SIV derived from a sooty mangabey demonstrates varied pathogenesis for pigtailed and rhesus macaques

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A neurotropic route for Maize mosaic virus (Rhabdoviridae) in its planthopper vector Peregrinus maidis

Ammar,E.D.; Hogenhout,S.A., 2008:
A neurotropic route for Maize mosaic virus in its planthopper vector Peregrinus maidis

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A neurotropic strain of T cruzi

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A Neurotropic Variant Of Measles Virus In Suckling Mice

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A neurotropic variant of the Rift Valley fever virus obtained by cultivation of the tissue

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A neurotropic virus isolated from the blood of a native of Uganda

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A neustic formation

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A neutral CB1 receptor antagonist reduces weight gain in rat

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A neutral carrier membrane calcium-sensitive electrode with wide working pH range

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A neutral endopeptidase inhibitor suppresses atherogenesis and improves endothelial function in hypercholesterolemic rabbits

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A neutral fluorogenic substance in human urine and its increased excretion in pregnancy and pseudohermaphroditism

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A neutral flux model for acid base balance in ectotherms

McKenzie,D.; Hessl,A.E., 2008:
A neutral model for low-severity fire regimes

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A neutral pH mini DNA sequencing gel system capable of resolving 80-100 bases within 10-15 minutes

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A neutral solution of formaldehyde for biological purposes

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A neutral water soluble alpha helical peptide the effect of ionic strength on the helix coil equilibrium

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A Neutral, Calcium-Activated Proteinase From The Soluble Fraction Of Rat Brain

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A neutral-buoyancy float for measuring deep currents

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A neutral-niche theory of nestedness in mutualistic networks

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A neutralization epitope on the surface envelope glycoprotein of simian immunodeficiency virus

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A neutralizing B cell epitope within HCMV GB induces class I and II restricted T cell responses

Utz, U.; Biddison, W.E., 1993:
A neutralizing B cell epitope within HCMV GB induces class I and class II restricted T cell responses

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A neutralizing anti-heregulin antibody inhibits the invasive behavior of brest cancer cells, MDA-MB-231, and induces production of alpha-lactalbumin

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A neutralizing antibody against monocyte chemo-attractant protein-1 reduces the infiltration of monocytes in anti-thymocyte antibody-induced glomerulonephritis

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A neutralizing antibody against monocyte-chemoattractant protein-I is antifibrogenic in anti-thy 11 glomerulonephritis

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A neutralizing antibody to the a chain of abrin inhibits abrin toxicity both in vitro and in vivo

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A neutralizing antibody to the alpha v beta 3 integrin reduces neointimal thickening in a balloon-injured rabbit iliac artery

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A neutralizing human monoclonal antibody hmab identifies an epitope within the putative cd4 binding domain cd4 bd of hiv 1 gp120

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A neutron activation study on the hydrogeochemistry of the natural waters of Haikou, Hainan Island, China

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A neutron capture radiography facility at PSI

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A neutron diffraction study of the stannite-kesterite solid solution series

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A neutron goniometer study of the preferred orientation of calcite in fine-grained deep-sea carbonate

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A neutron powder diffraction study of Fe and Ni distributions in synthetic pentlandite and violarite using super 60 Ni isotope

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A neutron powder diffraction study of the crystal and magnetic structures of ilvaite from 305 K to 5 K; a mixed valence iron silicate with an electronic transition

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A neutron reflectivity study of polymer-modified phospholipid monolayers at the solid-solution interface: polyethylene glycol-lipids on silane-modified substrates

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A neutron-activation scheme developed for the determination of 42 elements in lunar material

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A neutron-activation study of the distribution of Ga and Pt in meteoritic material

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A neutronic study of an intense epithermal neutron source based on the beryllium 9 p n boron 9 reaction for neutron capture therapy

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A neutropenic murine model developed for treatment of systemic candidiasis using liposomal amphotericin b bearing antibodies

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A neutrophil activating factor is enhanced in plasma from rats after endotoxic shock

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A neutrophil chemotactic factor present in helicobacter pylori but absent in helicobacter mustelae

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A neutrophil cycle in healthy individuals

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A neutrophil secretory product increases endothelial cell calcium and monolayer permeability

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A neutrophil-derived NO-synthase inhibitor

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A neutrophil-derived factor stimulates intestinal epithelial Cl- secretion by a microfilament-dependent mechanism

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A neutrophilic protease inhibitor attenuates ischemia reperfusion induced mucosal injury in newborn piglets

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A nevr species of Cystopus on Evolvulus alsenoides Linn

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A new -adrenergic receptor blocking agent, H 56/28, in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

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A new -glucanase Myco-dextranase

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A new 1 4 dihydropyridine derivative pca 4230 prevents pip 2 hydrolysis and protein phosphorylation in paf stimulated rabbit platelets

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A new 1020-element photodiode array recording system for monitoring neural activity in the CNS

Hirota, A.; Sato, K.; Momose Sato, Y.; Sakai, T.; Kamino, K., 1993:
A new 1020-site optical recording system for monitoring neural activity in the CNS

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A new 12-bit/ 16K version of the Hobart and William Smith Datalogger; better resolution and more data

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A new 15 bp deletion in exon 11 of the phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in phenylketonuria

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A new 15-km resolution land cover map of the former USSR based on low resolution NOAA AVHRR time series data

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A new 155-year record of Pb pollution from Devon ice cap, Canada

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A new 15N tracer technique for assessing fine root turnover in forest ecosystems

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A new 16-membered chalcomycin type macrolide antibiotic, 250-144C

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A new 19 Ga age for the Trompsburg Intrusion, South Africa

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A new 19 mum laser for neurosurgery

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A new 2 arylbenzofuran omega hydroxy moracin n from mulberry leaves

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A new 2 dimensional echocardiographic classification of mitral valve prolapse which relates mitral valve morphology to mitral valve function

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A new 2 hour micromethod for the detection of pyogenic streptococci and enterococci

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A new 2 plus 3 annulation for highly functionalized dihydrofurans

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A new 2-D sediment mathematical model

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A new 2-dimensional method for characterizing wheat proteins Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography and high-performance capillary electrophoresis

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A new 24 hour identification system for common clinical Candida species

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A new 240kd protein localized in the cell to cell adherens junction

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A new 27 ky high resolution East Antarctic climate record

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A new 2CTAB/PCI method improves DNA amplification success from faeces of Mediterranean Barbary macaques and tropical lowland gorillas primates

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A new 3 plus 2 cycloaddition approach to cyclopentanoids

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A new 3 type variant allele in the STR locus HUMTH01 Allele 63 found in a Hungarian Caucasian individual

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A new 3- -2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide assay for testing macrophage cytotoxicity to L1210 and its drug-resistant cell lines in vitro

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A new 3-D-volume calculation method using omniplane cross-sectional TEE views In vitro validation

Klues, H.G.; Krebs, W.; Steinert, S.; Flachskampf, F.A.; Job, F.P.; Hanrath, P., 1993:
A new 3-D-volume calculation methods using omniplane cross-sectional TEE views In vitro validation

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A new 3-dimensional head fixation device for brain imaging

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A new 31P NMR method to measure intracellular free

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A new 32P-postlabeling method for detection of alkylphosphotriesters in DNA

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A new 35 mm technical camera

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A new 3C syndrome: cerebellar hypoplasia, cavernous haemangioma and coarctation of the aorta

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A new 4016-marker radiation hybrid map for porcine-human genome analysis

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A new 5+1 route to arenes Application to the facile synthesis of D-4-symmetric chiral porphyrins

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A new 5,6-dihydro-2H-1,3-oxazine synthesis via Asinger-type condensation

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A new 5-HT receptor subtype with high affinity for 5-carboxamidotryptamine?

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A new 5-HT-1A receptor antagonist MPPI

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A new 6-substituted coumarin derivative

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A new 8-O-4' neolignan glycoside from Tetracentron sinense

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A new 8mm matrix probe suitable for providing simultaneous biplane transesophageal visualization in pediatric and adult patients

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A new A1B allele in Arabian horses raised in Poland

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A new AF10 related gene, BRL, has similarity to BR140

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A new AIDS therapy approach using magnetoliposomes

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A new ATP guanidine phosphotransferase, opheline kinase

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A new ATP-binding fold in actin, hexokinase and Hsc70

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A new Aalenian genus of Aviculidae from the Sabine

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A new Abacopteris from Africa and a new Ctenitis from Madagascar

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A new Abeta-peptide-SDS-PAGE for the separation of Abeta1-40, 1-42, and 1-43 Application to the study of Abeta peptides in biological fluids

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A new Acanthoctenus from Jamaica, W I

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A new Acanthodian fish from the Upper Mississippian of Indiana

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A new Acantholimon species from central Asia From REF ZH BIOL, 1964, No 10 V208

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A new Acanthopanax from Kyusyu

Williams, Louis 0., 1941:
A new Acanthophippium from Fiji

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A new Acanthopsyche from Africa

Bottimer, L.J., 1935:
A new Acanthoscelides from eastern United States

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A new Acestrorhamphus from Uruguay Acestrorhamphus purpureus n sp

Bodon, Marco, 1994:
A new Acicula Hartmann from Liguria

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A new Acidovorax species causing bacterial leaf spot of geranium

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A new Acmaeodera

Fisher, W.S., 1926:
A new Acmaeodera from Nevada infesting Purshia

Knull, Josef, N., 1940:
A new Acmaeodera from the Southwest

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A new Acremoniella from Indian soils

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A new Acridocarpus from Madagascar

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A new Acrobasis species from Morocco

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A new Acrocercops from Argentin

Muona, Jyrki, 1993:
A new Acrotona species from Europe

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A new Actenodes from Madagascar

Hood, J.Douglas, 1928:
A new Actinothrips from Brazil

Kramarz Alejandro Gustavo, 2001:
A new Adelphomyinae rodent Hystricognathi, Echimyidae from the middle-lower Miocene of Patagonia, Argentina

Cifelli, Richard, L., 1991:
A new Adianthid Litoptern from the Miocene of Chile

Ohaus, F., 1930:
A new Adoretosoma from Malaya

Ohaus, F., 1931:
A new Adoretus from Eastern Africa

Ohaus, F., 1934:
A new Adoretus from the Anglo-Egyptian Suda

Ohaus, F., 1931:
A new Adoretus from the Sudan

Tardieu, Blot, 1960:
A new African Abacopteris and a new Madagascar Ctenitis

Paramonov, S.J., 1950:
A new African Apiocera species

Seguy, E., 1955:
A new African Muscidae damaging rice

Neustetter, H., 1928:
A new African Nymphalid

Deschiens, R.; Ceccaldi, J.; Lamy, L.; Ravisse, M., 1953:
A new African case of human sparganosis

Bate, Dorothea, M.A., 1949:
A new African fossil long-horned buffalo

Felt, E.P., 1928:
A new African gall midge

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1930:
A new African genus of Ceratinidae

Ardoin, P., 1961:
A new African genus of Tenebrionidae

Fries, Thore, C.E., 1929:
A new African genus of plants

Raynal, Aline, 1965:
A new African genus, Oreonesion

Fiedler, O.G.H., 1954:
A new African lousefly Raymondia hardyi sp n

Hawker Smith, W., 1928:
A new African lycaenid

Funkhouser, W.D., 1934:
A new African membracid

Chamberlin, Ralph, V., 1949:
A new African milliped observed in migration

Salomonsen, Finn, 1933:
A new African paradise flycatcher

Russell, Louise, M., 1946:
A new African species of Pauro-cephala Crawford

Sabrosky, Curtis, W., 1946:
A new African species of Pseudo-gaurax

Roy, Roger, 1993:
A new African species to place in a new genus very near to the genera Mantis Linne and Statilia Stal

Gehlen, B., 1927:
A new African sphingid

Oluwafemi, S.; Varsani, A.; Monjane, Aérito.L.; Shepherd, D.N.; Owor, B.E.; Rybicki, E.P.; Martin, D.P., 2008:
A new African streak virus species from Nigeria

Fiedler, O.G.H., 1953:
A new African tick parasite Hunterellus theilerae sp n

Sclater, W.L., 1931:
A new African weaver

Jeannel, R., 1958:
A new Afroreichia from the Kivu

Vienna, Pierpaolo, 1996:
A new Afrotropical species of Saprinus Erichson, 1834

Glauert, L., 1959:
A new Agamid Lizard from Queen Victoria Springs, Western Australi

Rubtsov, I.A., 1967:
A new Agamomermis species froma biting midge

Mckelvey, Susan Delano, 1949:
A new Agave from Arizona

Peebles, Robert, H., 1935:
A new Agave of southern Arizona

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A new Agelaius from Haiti

De-Voogd, N.J.; Parra-Velandia, F.J.; Van-Soest, R.W.M., 2008:
A new Agelas Demospongiae Agelasida Agelasidae from the Thousands Islands, West-Java, Indonesia

Fierstine Harry, L., 2005:
A new Aglyptorhynchus Perciformes, Scombroidei from the Lincoln Creek Formation late Oligocene, Washington, USA

Fierstine Harry, L., 2001:
A new Aglyptorhynchus Perciformes; Scombroidei; ?Blochiidae from the late Oligocene of Oregon

Hungerford, H.B., 1953:
A new Agraptocorixa from Australia

Schultze, Arnold, 1927:
A new Agrias form from Colombia

Obenberger, J., 1957:
A new Agrilus from Guatemala

Thery, A., 1929:
A new Agrilus from India

Knull, J.N., 1956:
A new Agrilus with notes on Chalcophorella

Cherepanov, A.I., 1965:
A new Agriotes species New and little -known animal species in Siberia

Buchanan, L.L., 1929:
A new Agronus from Canada

Nevskii, S.A., 1930:
A new Agropyrum sp

Gabrielson, I.N.; Lincoln, F.C., 1951:
A new Alaska race of the winter wren

Mcdunnough, J., 1941:
A new Albertan olethreutid

Britton, N.L.; Rose, J.N., 1926:
A new Albizzia of British Honduras

Sonnabend, W., 1963:
A New Alcaligenes Species, Alcaligenes Giganteus

Jaquet, F., 1926:
A new Alchemilla from Cumberland

Oskarsson, Ingimar, 1953:
A new Alchemilla species of the eu-vulgaris group found in Iceland

Tixier Durivault, A., 1959:
A new Alcyonaria from South Africa

Nichols, J.T.; Lamonte, F.R., 1953:
A new Alestes and little-known Barbus from Gaboon

Marchetti, A., 1955:
A new Algerian case of stinging by S abdominalis

Garrigues, R., 1956:
A new Algerian cecidomyid gall

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A new Allaporus from southern Texas

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A new Arytaina

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A new Asarum from Kwang-tung

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A new Aster from the high Sierra Nevada