Section 30
Chapter 29,693

A new anti-staling agent Effect of polyoxyethylene stearate on the crumb softness of bread

Johnston, N.F.

Bakers Digest: 124-125, 127


Accession: 029692686

Polyoxyethylene stearate, reaction product of ethylene oxide and stearic acid, is a non-toxic, odorless, tasteless additive which in conc. to 1% inhibited increased firmness development in aging bread. 2% had no increased effect. No other effects in the bread or in dough processing were observed. Added to starch pastes the apparent temperature of gelation is increased but complete gelation at the higher temperature was not prevented. The minimum cold viscosity of 1-day-old wheat, maize, tapioca and potato starch pastes was reduced about 50% with 2% of the ester but only 14% for waxy corn starch paste.

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