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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 29728

Chapter 29728 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ullstrup, A.J., 1964:
A nonpigmented form of Gibberella roseum forma cerealis on corn in Indiana

Crosier, Willard, F., 1951:
A nonpoisonous disinfestant for seed laboratory use

Chen, D.A.; Caparosa, R.J., 1991:
A nonprescription cerumenolytic

Navis, M.; Schellens, I.M.M.; van Swieten, P.; Borghans, Jé.A.M.; Miedema, F.; Kootstra, N.A.; van Baarle, D.; Schuitemaker, H., 2008:
A nonprogressive clinical course in HIV-infected individuals expressing human leukocyte antigen B57/5801 is associated with preserved CD8+ T lymphocyte responsiveness to the HW9 epitope in Nef

Cleland, L.A.; Combs, G.L.; Baldwin, T.A.; Sasaki, T.M.; Meltzer, T.R.; Seyfer, A.E., 1991:
A nonprosthetic mucosa lined fistula for restoration of speech following laryngectomy

Pinner, Max, 1927:
A nonprotein antigen of the tubercle bacillus

Stewart, G.S., 1957:
A nonprotein constituent of parathyroid gland extracts

Brace, C.L.; Hunt, K.D., 1990:
A nonracial craniofacial perspective on human variation: A(ustralia) to Z(uni)

Rosenblatt, A.; Pohl, F.M., 1991 :
A nonradioactive approach for restriction mapping of cosmid clones

Spedding, G.; Trout, T.; Leslie, S., 1994:
A nonradioactive assay system for screening for inhibitors of reverse transcriptase

Pacchioni, D.; Negro, F.; Bonino, F.; David, E.; Papotti, M.; Rizzetto, M.; Bussolati, G., 1991:
A nonradioactive in situ hybridization procedure for detection of hepatitis c and d viruses

Grimm, P.C.; Ettenger, R.B., 1992:
A nonradioactive method for measuring cytokine messenger RNA using in situ hybridization

Ayoubi, T.A.; Van de Ven, W.J., 1995:
A nonradioactive method to determine levels of in vitro transcription in nuclear extracts

Chen, Z.Y.; Zarbl, H., 1997:
A nonradioactive, allele-specific polymerase chain reaction for reproducible detection of rare mutations in large amounts of genomic DNA: application to human k-ras

Harris, E.; Kolberg, J.; Urdea, M.; Agabian, N., 1995:
A nonradioactive, branched DNA-based technique for detection of Trypanosoma brucei spp in blood

Obyashiki, J.H.; Obyashiki, K.; Toyama, K.; Shay, J.W., 1996:
A nonradioactive, fluorescence-based telomeric repeat amplification protocol to detect and quantitate telomerase activity

Yamamoto, N.; Kawasaki, K.; Sato, T.; Hirose, Y.; Muroyama, K., 2008:
A nonradioisotope, enzymatic microplate assay for in vivo evaluation of 2-deoxyglucose uptake in muscle tissue

Bawa, N.; Broor, S.; Seth, P., 1995:
A nonradioisotopic reverse phase dipstick hybridization method for detection of polymerase chain reaction amplified product

Drost, J.B.; Scaringe, W.S.; Sommer, S.S., 1997:
A nonrandom pattern of mutation in generic amino acids in the factor IX gene Is the Warfarin Phenotype the explanation?

Konstantiniuk, P.; Schrenk, P.; Reitsamer, R.; Koeberle-Wuehrer, R.; Tausch, C.; Roka, S.; Riedl, O.; Poestlberger, S.; Hecke, D.; Janauer, M.; Haid, A., 2007:
A nonrandomized follow-up comparison between standard axillary node dissection and sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer

Chung, R.T.; Mchutchison, J.G.; Person, J.L.; Redeker, A.G.; Dienstag, J.L.; Kaplan, L.M., 1991:
A nonreactive recombinant immunoblot assay riba does not exclude hepatitis c virus hcv infection in patients with sporadic non a non b hepatitis

Chauhan, S.P.; Hendrix, N.W.; Devoe, L.D., 1998:
A nonreactive response to fetal acoustic stimulation is predictive of pathologic fetal acidemia

Mádle, A., 1990:
A nonreentrant arrhythmia due to a dual atrioventricular nodal pathway

Kosloff Dan; Kosloff Ronnie, 1984:
A nonreflecting boundary condition for discrete acoustic and elastic wave calculations

Smith, W.D., 1974:
A nonreflecting plane boundary for wave propagation problems

Scagliarini, S.; Trost, P.; Pupillo, P., 1994:
A nonregulatory isozyme of chloroplast glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

ShaoTieMei; BaiLinQuan; ZhangJie; WangGuangJun; LiuDaQun; LiZhuoFu; LiuJianMi; SongFuPing; HuangDaFang, 2008:
A nonribosomal peptide synthetase gene tzw1 is involved in zwittermicin A biosynthesis in Bacillus thuringiensis G03

Bear, C.E., 1989:
A nonselective cation channel in rat liver cells is activated by stretch and by cell swelling

Wang, T.; Huang, S.Z.; Huang, W.M.; Okano, Y.; Eisensmith, R.C.; Woo, S.L.C., 1989:
A nonsense mutation associated with rflp haplotype 4 of the human phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in the chinese population

Naiki, Y.; Kawamoto, T.; Mitsuuchi, Y.; Miyahara, K.; Toda, K.; Orii, T.; Imura, H.; Shizuta, Y., 1993:
A nonsense mutation fwdarw TAG in CYP11B1 causes steroid 11-beta-hydroxylase deficiency

Yao, K.; Jin, C.; Zhu, N.; Wang, W.; Wu, R.; Jiang, J.; Shentu, X., 2008:
A nonsense mutation in CRYGC associated with autosomal dominant congenital nuclear cataract in a Chinese family

Chevalier-Porst, F.; Chomel, J.C.; Hillaire, D.; Kitzis, A.; Kaplan, J.C.; Goutaland, R.; Mathieu, M.; Bozon, D., 1992:
A nonsense mutation in exon 4 of the cystic fibrosis gene frequent among the population of the Reunion Island

Vandeputte, P.; Tronchin, G.; Larcher, Gérald.; Ernoult, E.; Bergès, T.; Chabasse, D.; Bouchara, J-Philippe., 2008:
A nonsense mutation in the ERG6 gene leads to reduced susceptibility to polyenes in a clinical isolate of Candida glabrata

Taroni, F.; Botti, S.; Sghirlanzoni, A.; Botteon, G.; Didonato, S.; Pareyson, D., 1995:
A nonsense mutation in the PMP22 gene in hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies not associated with the 17p112 deletion

Roemling, R.; Funke, H.; Eckardstein, A.V.; Motti, C.; Fragiacomo, G.; Noseda, G.; Assman, G., 1994:
A nonsense mutation in the apolipoprotein A-I gene is associated with high density lipoprotein deficiency but not with coronary artery disease

Chinsky, J.; Appel, M.; Almashanu, S.; Costeas, P.; Ambulos, N., J.; Carmi, R., 1998 :
A nonsense mutation in the branched-chain alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase E1alpha subunit gene as a cause of maple syrup urine disease

Sicinski, P.; Geng, Y.; Ryder Cook, A.S.; Barnard, P.J., 1989:
A nonsense mutation in the dystrophin gene results in muscular dystrophy in mdx mice

Vasconcelos, O.; Sivakumar, K.; Quezado, M.; Nagle, J.; Monzon, M.; Dubnick, M.; Dalakas, M.C.; Gajdusek, D.C.; Goldfarb, L.G., 1995:
A nonsense mutation in the human phosphofructokinase muscle-subunit gene associates with expression of mRNA species retaining intron 10 in three Ashkenazi Jewish patients with glycogenosis type VII

Seo, H.C.; Heidemann, P.H.; Lutz, E.; O'Brien, J.S., 1995:
A nonsense mutation in two German patients with fucosidosis

Xue-Zheng-Feng; Chen-Bing; Yin-Yuan; Mao-Hui-Hua; Yin-Jun; Yang-Ling; Wu-Bao-Jin, 2007:
A nonsense mutation of kit in W-3Bao mouse results in dominant spotting phenotype

Lee, H.J.; Shuler, C.F.; Milo, G.E., 1994:
A nonsense/deletion mutation at p53 and a H-ras mutation found frequently in nontumorigenic human tumor cell lines

Holland, J.D.; Singh, P.; Brennand, J.C.; Garman, A.J., 1994:
A nonseparation microplate receptor binding assay

Howitt, Beatrice, F., 1950:
A nonspecific heat-labile factor in the serum neutralization test for Newcastle disease virus

Schmidt, B.; Hartmann, D.; Grobgebauer, K., 1962:
A nonspecific hemagglutinin from cellulose and cellulose-ionexchanger

Leive, L., 1965:
A Nonspecific Increase In Permeability In Escherichia Coli Produced By Edta

Armando, Canutl, 1959:
A nonspecific reaction of fermentation for the investigation of fermentation inhibitors in beverages

Drossaert Francis, H.; Giannopoulos Antonios, 2007:
A nonsplit complex frequency-shifted PML based on recursive integration for FDTD modeling of elastic waves

Galushkin, Y.I.; Dubinin, E.P.; Sveshnikov, A.A., 2007:
A nonstationary model of the thermal regime of axial zones of mid-ocean ridges; formation of crustal and mantle magma chambers

Godley, P.J.; Hawley, L.L.; Ludden, T.M.; Rasmussen, R.J., 1990:
A nonsteady state phenytoin prediction program that includes drug interaction parameter modifiers

Lin, J.S.eng; Hildemann, L.M., 1995:
A nonsteady-state analytical model to predict gaseous emissions of volatile organic compounds from landfills

Dorfman, R.I., 1960:
A nonsteroidal androgen

Anonymous, 1966:
A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent Indomethacin

Stjarne, L.; Bao, J.X.n; Gonon, F.G.; Msghina, M.; Stjarne, E., 1993:
A nonstochastic string model of sympathetic neuromuscular transmission

Palarea, Edgar, R., 1954:
A nonsurgical treatment of opacities of the lens and of the cornea

Lord, Jere, W., 1945:
A nonsuture method of blood vessel anastomosis Experimental and clinical study

ZhaoLi; GuRiLiang; GaoPeng; WangGuoYing, 2008:
A nonsymbiotic hemoglobin gene from maize, ZmHb, is involved in response to submergence, high-salt and osmotic stresses

Schmidt, J.L.; Fleming, W.W., 1964:
A nonsympathomimetic effect of cyclopentamine and -mercaptoethylamine in the rabbit ileum

Nath, S., K.; Han, S.; Kim-Howard, X.; Kelly, J., A.; Viswanathan, P.; Gilkeson, G., S.; Chen, W.; Zhu, C.; Mcever, R., P.; Kimberly, R., P.; Alarcon-Riquelme, M., E.; Vyse, T., J.; Li, Q.-Zhen; Wakeland, E., K.; Merrill, J., T.; James, J., A.; Kaufman, K., M.; Guthridge, J., M., 2008:
A nonsynonymous functional variant in integrin-alpha M encoded by ITGAM is associated with systemic lupus erythematosus

Scott Burden, T.; Tock, C.L.; Engler, D.A.; Schwarz, J.J.; Cassles, S.W.rd, J., 1997:
A nonthrombogenic, adhesive cellular lining for left ventricular assist devices

Hazra,A.G.; PadmaChatterjee, 2008:
A nontoxic antitumour compound from the leaves of Bauhinia scandens characterized as 1-O-alkyl glycerol by gas-liquid chromatography and evaluation of its antitumour property by Brine Shrimp bioassay

Boesman-Finkelstein, M.; Peterson, J.W.; Thai, L.S.; Finkelstein, R.A., 1996:
A nontoxic chimeric cholera toxin analog

Kaefer, M.; Vemulapalli, S.; Freeman, M.R., 1998:
A nontoxic diphtheria toxin analog inhibits neonatal bladder smooth muscle cell proliferation

Yamamoto, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Imaoka, K.; Yamamoto, M.; Fujihashi, K.; Kiyono, H.; Takeda, Y.; Mcghee, J.R., 1997:
A nontoxic mutant of cholera toxin elicits mucosal immunity to vaccines given intranasally

Tolstikov, V.F.; Dvornik, V.Y., 1998:
A nontypical development of microspores of the Cruciferae family, induced in situ by colchicine

Madsen, M.T., 1993:
A nonuniform attenuation correction technique for filtered back projection

Heimbach, D.M., 1992:
A nonuser's questions about cultured epidermal autograft

Benneke, A.; Haake, T.; Pretschner, D.P., 1995:
A nonverbal graphical interface for knowledge-based reporting

Patterson, G., 1960:
A nonverbal technique for the assessment of aggression in children

Cooper, H.D.; Raley, C.M.; Aubry, K.B., 1995:
A noose trap for capturing pileated woodpeckers

Douglas, A.J.; Hill, N.; Russell, J.A., 1997:
A noradrenergic alpha1-receptor antagonist reduces the Fos response in the supraoptic nucleus to oxytocin-induced uterine activity in the pregnant rat

Siden, A.; Group, N.S.udy, 1996:
A nordic multicenter trial on entacapone in patients with Parkinsons disease and end-of-dose fluctuations

Reuterwall, C., 1990:
A nordic prospective study on the relationship between peripheral lymphocyte chromosome damage and cancer morbidity in occupational groups

Ruutu, T.; Goldman, J.M., 1990:
A nordic registry for volunteer marrow donor? meeting helsinki finland november 1989

Duke, W.M.; Phillips, M.W.; J.D.nald, J.M.; Boshell, B.R., 1965 :
A norepinephrine-secreting glomic tissue tumor

Duke, W.W.; Boshell, B.R.; Soteres, P.; Carr, J.H., 1964:
A norepinephrine-secreting glomus jugulare tumor presenting as a pheochromocytoma

Kafrissen, M.E., 1992:
A norgestimate-containing oral contraceptive: review of clinical studies

Kutassy Endre, 1934:
A nori dachsteinmesz faunaja Szt Annan Neumarktl koezeleben Felsoe Krajna Die Fauna des norischen Dachsteinkalkes von Saint Anna bei Neumarktl Oberkrain

D.F.ancesco, L.; Kazziha, S.; Frey, A.; Mudra, H.; Choi, W.B.; Weiner, B.H.; Aharonian, V.; Park, S.W.k J.; Fischell, T., 1998:
A normal CFR is associated with a low risk of occlusion in coronary dissections after PTCA? On behalf of the DESTINI-CFR study group

Krueger, J.W.; Siri, F.M.; Aronson, R.S.; Nordin, C.; Sonnenblick, E.H., 1990:
A normal activation mechanism in isolated hypertrophied myocytes from guinea pig

Brann, O.; Person, J.L.; Dresner, D.M.; Schindler, B.; Lawson, J.M., 1992:
A normal barium swallow does not exclude significant esophageal disease in patients with dysphagia a prospective analysis utilizing endoscopy barium pill swallow and motility

Schuind, F.A.; Linscheid, R.L.; An, K.N.; Chao, E.Y., 1992:
A normal data base of posteroanterior roentgenographic measurements of the wrist

Bloom, M.B.; Lalley, D.P.; Robbins, P.; Li, Y.; E.G.mil, M.; Rosenberg, S.A.; Yang, J.C., 1997:
A normal differentiation protein is a B-16 melanoma tumor rejection antigen

Francis, M.; Davie, A.; Sutherland, G.; Mcmurray, J., 1995:
A normal electrocardiogram predicts normal left ventricular systolic function in patients with suspected heart failure

Bloos, F.; Pitt, M.; Neal, A.; Ellis, C.G.; Sibbald, W.J., 1994:
A normal hemoglobin level increases O-2 extraction reserve in septic sheep

Barton, A.E.; Bunce, C.M.; Harrison, P.; Stockley, R.A.; Brown, G., 1993:
A normal human cell system for the characterisation of events during myeloid cell differentiation

Horikawa, I.; Oshimura, M., 1995:
A normal human chromosome 3 suppresses tumorigenicity of human cervical carcinoma cell line, SiHa

Nossel, H.L.; Niemetz, J., 1965:
A Normal Inhibitor Of The Blood Coagulation Contact Reaction Product

Wilson, Karl, M., 1945:
A normal ovum of sixteen days development

Piquette Miller, M.; Jamali, F., 1991:
A normal phase hplc method for analysis of propranolol enantiomers

Knouse, C.A., 1961:
A normal population in an abnormal one: a study of blood values at sea level

Khan, M.S., 1965:
A normal table of Bufo melanostictus Schneider

Irani, W.N.; Grayburn, P.A.; Brickner, M.E.izabeth; Afridi, I., 1995:
A normal transthoracic echocardiogram obviates the need for transesophageal echocardiography in suspected endocarditis

Popova, S.N.; Shadrina, M.I.; Slominsky, P.A.; Spitsin, V.A.; Mikulich, V.A.; Khusnutdinova, E.K.; Limborska, S.A., 1997:
A normal variability of CTG repeat in the myotonin protein kinase gene in some East European populations

Dobbeleir, A.; Franken, P.R.; Vandevivere, J., 1991:
A normalisation method for quantification of myocardial perfusion images independent of normal tissue localization

Williams Trevor; Thouveny Nicolas; Creer, K.M., 1998:
A normalised intensity record from Lac du Bouchet; geomagnetic palaeointensity for the last 300 kyr?

Fang Ping, Et@al, 1995:
A normalized left ventricular ejection performance estimated by M-mode and Doppler echocardiography

Quiros, G.W.; Little, R.L.; Garmon, S., 2000:
A normalized soil parameter procedure for evaluating in-situ undrained shear

Goulet, Julien, R.Jr, 1996:
A normalizing, variance stabilizing, biased transformation for marine zooplankton survey data

Holm, I.; Fredriksen, P.; Fosdahl, M.; Vøllestad, N., 2008:
A normative sample of isotonic and isokinetic muscle strength measurements in children 7 to 12 years of age

Miller, B.G.; Colvin, A.P.; Hutchison, P.A.; Tait, H.; Dempsey, S.; Lewis, D.; Soutar, C.A., 2007:
A normative study of levels of uranium in the urine of British Forces personnel

Webb, R.A.; Nesmith, C.C., 1964:
A Normative Study of Suggestibility in a Mental Patient Population

Doghramji, K.; Mitler, M.; Sangal, R.B.; Shapiro, C.; Taylor, S.; Walsleben, J., 1996:
A normative study of the maintenance of wakefulness test

Hardy, S.A.; Piper, M.C., 1989:
A normative study of the movement assessment of infants

Towers, C.V.; Rumney, P.J.; Asrat, T.; Nageotte, M.P., 1995:
A normogram of CD4 counts and CD4/CD8 ratios during normal pregnancy and postpartum

Semmens, Kathleen, M., 1929:
A normogram showing the relation of gastric activity and acidity to the blood and to certain physical characteristics an aid to diagnosis and treatment

Rommerskirchen Florian; Eglinton Geoffrey; Dupont Lydie; Guentner Ute; Wenzel Claudia; Rullkoetter Juergen, 2003:
A north to south transect of Holocene southeast Atlantic continental margin sediments; relationship between aerosol transport and compound-specific delta super 13 C land plant biomarker and pollen records

Siefried, W.Roy, 1993:
A north-south discussion of biodiversity at Gobabeb Namib Desert, South Africa, April 1992

Schenk, H.J.chen; Mahall, B.E., 1997:
A north-south patterned association of shrub species in the Mojave Desert

Blatter Dawnika, L.; Farmer, G.L.ng; Carmichael Ian, S.E., 2007:
A north-south transect across the central Mexican volcanic belt at approximately 100 degrees W; spatial distribution, petrological, geochemical, and isotopic characteristics of quaternary volcanism

Bradbury James, A., 2007:
A northeast climate impacts assessment; regional projections and public outreach

Jollett, W.I., 1948:
A northerly record of Polydactylus approximans , a polynemid fish of the Pacific Coast of tropical America

Iredale, Tom, 1956:
A northern Australian volut

Johnson, Walter, I., 1927:
A northern Cardinal

Galbraith, Jean, 1965:
A northern Eucalypt

Ahnelt, H.; Kovacic, M., 1997:
A northern adriatic population of Thorogobius macrolepis

Wherry, Edgar, T., 1940:
A northern and a southern plant in York County, Pennsylvania

Reichert, I., 1964:
A northern bacterial invader in citrus plantings A pathogeographical study

Moore, Ian, 1957:
A northern extension of range for Endeodes basalis LeConte

Huber, Wharton, 1929:
A northern form of Tachyphonus delatrii from Nicaragua

Swem, T.; Adams, M., 1992:
A northern goshawk nest in the tundra biome

Beswick, N.S.; Kennelly, J.J., 1996:
A northern hybridization assay to evaluate fatty acid synthase gene expression in mammary gland and adipose tissue from lactating Holstein cows

Alley Richard, B.; Brook Edward, J.; Anandakrishnan Sridhar, 2002:
A northern lead in the orbital band; north-south phasing of ice-age events

Van Rossem, A.J., 1928:
A northern race of the Mountain Chickadee

Tucker,J.K.; Lamer,J.T.; Dolan,C.R., 2008:
A northern range expansion for the green tree frog and trends in distributions of Illinois reptiles and amphibians

Cook, Francis, R., 1964:
A northern range extension for Bufo americanus with notes on B americanus and Rana sylvatica

Plant, R., 1989:
A northern range extension for the thornback platyrhinoidis triseriata

Scott, W.B.; Kooyman, B., 1952:
A northern record for Aplodinotus grun-niens

Houck, W.J.; Joseph, J.G., 1958:
A northern record for the Pacific Ridley, Lepidochelys olivacea

Finley, Robert, B., 1953:
A northern record of Hyla arenicolor in western Colorado

Rand, A.L., 1944:
A northern record of the flicker and a note on the cline Colaptes auratus cl auratus-luteus

De-Dinechin, M.; Pincemy, G.; Jouventin, P., 2007:
A northern rockhopper penguin unveils dispersion pathways in the Southern Ocean

Michener, C.D., 1950:
A northern subspecies of Eacles imperialis

Gore, James, F., 1967:
A northernmost record and ecological data on Hydrobia salsa in Maine

Spurr, Stephen, H., 1940:
A northward extension of range for Hypolepis repens

Livezey, R.L., 1955:
A northward range extension for Bufo canorus Camp

Van Rossem, A.J., 1934:
A northwestern race of the varied bunting

Rohrig, T.P.; Prouty, R.W., 1989:
A nortriptyline death with unusually high tissue concentrations

Vogt, T., 1944:
A norvegica from R0ros and some other finds of plants

Firestein, S., 1991:
A noseful of odor receptors

E.F.rrash, M.A.; Rizk, M.S., 1998:
A nosocomial outbreak of Salmonella arizona gastroenteritis in Mansoura University Hosptial in Egypt

Edlin, B.R.; Tokars, J.I.; Grieco, M.H.; Crawfrod, J.; Williams, J.; Sordillo, E.; Ong, K.; Walker, A.; Jarvis, W.R.; Holmberg, S.D., 1991:
A nosocomial outbreak of isoniazid and streptomycin resistant tuberculosis tb among aids patients at a new york city hospital new york usa

Edlin, B.E.; Tokars, J.; Grieco, M.H.; Crawford, J.; Williams, J.; Sordillo, E.; Ong, K.; Jarvis, W.R.; Holmberg, S.D., 1991:
A nosocomial outbreak of multidrug resistant tuberculosis tb among aids patients epidemiologic investigation and restriction fragment length polymorphism rflp

Jones, D.; Cowan, V.; Carson, L.; Jensen, B.; Shay, D.; Yao, J., 1995:
A nosocomial pseudo-outbreak of Burkholderia cepacia

Beckmann, Helmut, 1997:
A nosological concept beside DSM and ICD

Goldschmidt, Richard, B., 1951:
A not dominant glaucoma pedigree

Cooter, J., 1996:
A not on the late D K Kevans 1947 revision of the British species of Colon herbst

Foucher, G., 1990:
A not well known diagnosis tendovaginitis of de quervain

Tuzon, J.; Vastagh, G., 1956:
A not yet identified impurity of lanatosid C preparations

Leteuil, David, 1995:
A notable aberration of Brintesia circe F

Howell, John Thomas, 1942:
A notable accession to the Californian chickweeds

Verona, O., 1934:
A notable attack of M b on cauliflower

Orton, P.D., 1989:
A notable beetle from south somerset and two further notable records from bracketts coppice halstock dorset england uk

Campos, R.Francisco, 1926:
A notable case of parasitism in A longimanus

Gertz, Otto, 1946:
A notable plant discovery by Pehr Osbeck in the decade of 1770 H repens found in Sweden?

Sieling, Fred, W., 1960:
A notable range extension of the southern drill, Thais haemastoma floridana, into Chincoteague Bay

Brown, Bryce, C., 1952:
A notable specimen of the Pecos skink

Anonymous, 1931:
A notable stand history

Mechner, F., 1959:
A notation system for the description of behavioral procedures

Norris, B.J.; Weisblat, D.A., 1991:
A notch homolog in the leech

Yan Zhimei; Clayton Robert, W., 2007:
A notch structure on the Moho beneath the eastern San Gabriel Mountains

Ohlrogge, A.J., 1949:
A note A study of the utilization of phosphorus in green manure crops by the succeeding crops, using radioactive phosphorus

Clovis, J.F., 1959:
A note about Oxydendrum

Fergus, Charles, L., 1955:
A note about breaking dormancy of oak in the greenhouse

Brown, F.Martin, 1963 :
A note about letters from William Henry Edwards to William Greenwood Wright, and clues about certain dates of publication contained therein

Zimmer, Paul, D., 1967:
A note about squawfish

Wygodzinsky, P., 1957:
A note about the Beeks method for permanent chromosome preparations

Ludtke,R.; Aguiar,A.C.A.de, 2008:
A note about the occurrence of reduced petals in species of Polygala L subgenus Hebeclada Blake from southern Brazil

Huisman, T.H., 1998:
A note about the relative elution rates of various abnormal hemoglobins and abnormal globin chains in cation exchange and reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Salmon Lagagneur, E.; Jouandet, C., 1962:
A note about the weaning of piglets at 5 weeks

Ryder Graham, 1982:
A note against a small-body origin for shergottites, nakhlites, and chassignites

Lippmann, W., 1968:
A note an the blockade of uptake of noradrenaline by 4-chloro- -dimethylphenethylaminopropan-2-one in rodents

Babbosa, O., 1957:
A note as to the age of the Corumba series

Dahle, L.K.; Pinke, P., 1968:
A note comparing effects on dough mixing of thioctic acid and yeast-fermented flour extracts

Ambler, R.K.; E.A., 1958:
A note comparing the interview and written questionnaire techniques for identifying anxiety toward flying

Pruvot Fol, A., 1955:
A note concerning Acteon

Burnham, R.W., 1941:
A note concerning Hartmanns studies of intersensory effects

Sparrow, F.K.; Paterson, R.A., 1955:
A note concerning Rhizidiopsis and Podo-chytrium

Moore, P.G.; Wong, Y.M., 1996:
A note concerning associates of the scavenging amphipod Orchomene nanus

Young, R.T., 1949:
A note concerning certain micro-phallid trematodes infecting shore birds with description of a new species

Roston, Sidney, 1960:
A note concerning quantum mechanics and medicine

Rouch, R., 1964:
A note concerning some Har-pacticoida L A new Elaphoidella from Ariege II Descriptions of the males of Nitrocrella gracilis and Nitrocrella elegans

Schmidt, C.F.; Livingston, A.E., 1933:
A note concerning the actions of pseudomorphine

Dewey, J.F., 1961:
A note concerning the age of the metamorphism of the Dalradian rocks of western Ireland

Risbec, Jean, 1953:
A note concerning the biology and the anatomy of J globosa

Hottes, F.C., 1927:
A note concerning the date of publication of two aphid genera

Bonner, John Tyler, 1955:
A note concerning the distribution of polysaccharides in the early development of the hydromedusan Phialidium gregarium

Harbeck, G.Earl, 1967:
A note concerning the eddy transfer coefficients of momentum and water vapor under near-adiabatic conditions

Kulp, W.L., 1932:
A Note Concerning the Effect of a Specific Environment on the Characteristics and Viability of Several Strains of Aerobacter aerogenes and Escherichia coli

Forbes, A., 1928:
A note concerning the effect on their function of stretching nerve trunks

Nielsen, Etlar, L., 1939:
A note concerning the identity of Amelanchier florida Lindley and A alnifolia Nuttall

Henley, R.R., 1940:
A note concerning the influence of zinc on the growth of tubercle bacilli on malate media

Foster, A.L., 1959:
A note concerning the intelligence of delinquents

S.George, R.A., 1940:
A note concerning the larva of a beetle, Boros schneideri , a European species

Saint Girons, H., 1954:
A note concerning the latency periods of Maroccan reptiles

Stephenson, N.G.; Thomas, E.M., 1945:
A note concerning the occurrence and life-history of Leiopelma Fitzinger

Williams, Louis, O., 1939:
A note concerning the orchids described by Kranzlin, mainly from the Liebmann Mexican collection

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A note concerning two South American orchids

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A note of strain differences in exploratory activity (rearing)

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A note of the abundance of elements

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A note of the earlier stage of colony formation with the coral, Pocillopora cespitosa Dana

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A note of the growth of Shorea macroptera Dyer

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A note of the high altitude training of japan amateur athletic federation on the kunming city yunnan province in china

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A Note of the Influence of the Addition of Certain Supplements to the Diets of African Natives. III

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A note of the late Mr Dev Dev Mukerjis manuscript drawings of the air-bladder of the gobioid fishes of the Gangetic Delta

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A note of the mineralogy and petrology of the calciphyres near Nanjangud, Mysore, India

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A note of the order of figure drawing among incarcerated alcoholics

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A note of the relation between the mortality rate and duration of life in an exploited fish population

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A note of the source parameter of the Koynanagar earthquake of 10th December 1967

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A note of the theory of homosexuality The body as object

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A note on Anaplasma and on Bartonella sturmani, sp nov in the buffalo

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A note on Anchusa undulata L, SL , and its nomenclature

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A note on Anemopsis californica

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A note on Anurognathus Doderlein

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A note on Asiatic members of the genus Acrocephalus

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A note on Balanophyllia regia, the only eupsammiid coral in the British fauna

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A note on Balanus improvisus in Finnish waters

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A note on Berenbaums acetone Sudan Black technique for bound lipids applied to insect cuticle

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A note on Beris annulifera

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A note on Botrytis-rot of grapes in the Quetta Valley

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A note on Caria domitianus and Ino Riodinidae, with description of a new subspecies

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A note on Cassytha panicu-lata R Br

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A note on Celastrus paniculata Willd

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A note on Cenchrus ciliaris in Australia

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A note on Ceropales maculata fraterna Smith in Wisconsin

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A note on Chandighat landslides of 2nd and 3rd June, 1998, Cachar District, Assam

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A note on Charadrius hiaticula septentrionalis C L Brehm

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A note on Charaxes boueti cen-tralis Neustt

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A note on Chi-losia hiawatha Shannon

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A note on Chlamys kotorana Otuka

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A note on Chondropometes magnum Torre and Bartsch

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A note on Chromocrea spinulosa Petch, comb nov

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A note on Colias eurytheme Bdv, with description of a new race

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A note on Collembola

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A note on Compsopogon leptoclados Montagne

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A note on Cono-stomum tetragonum Lindb

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A note on Corsican pine

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A note on Coryne-bacterium pyogenes as the cause of bovine mastitis

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A note on Creiis periculosa

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A note on Crotalaria walkeri

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A note on Crustacean liver oils

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A note on Cryptolestes turcicus in a Manitoba grain elevator

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A note on Culcita novae-guineae Muller et Troscher

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A note on Culex infantulus Edwards and its occurrence in Malaya

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A note on Curcuma cannanorensis var, lutea Ansari et al

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A note on Cyclammina from Taiwan Formosa

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A note on Cynchramus yessoensis minamijatschi, subsp nov from Hondo in Japan

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A note on DDT, the new synthetic insecticide

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A note on DDT-resistant Culex fatigans with cross-resistance to gamma BHC and dieldrin

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A note on Dallina septigera ,

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A note on David Bylon and dengue

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A note on De Geers belemnites from the Baastad area in Sweden

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A note on Deyeuxia munroi Bor

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A note on Dhumwad sandstones

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A note on Dictyocaulus from domestic and wild ruminants

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A note on Dictyuchus pseudodictyon

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A note on Diphtheria carriers with reference to types of C diphtheriae

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A note on Dologale dybowskii Pousargues

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A note on Dosinia nomurai Otuka

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A note on Dr M J Frosts paper

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A note on Duboisia myoporoides RBr from the Acacia Plateau, near Killarney, Queensland

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A note on Dyars law

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A note on Earths rotation angular velocity in the general-relativity framework

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A note on East Mediterranean species of the genus Haemaphysalis

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A note on Ectocarpus fasciculatus Harvey

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A note on Eimeria braziliensis Torres and Ramos 1939 and its relationship to Eimeria bohmi Supper 1952

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A note on Elaphoglossum crinitum

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A note on Embelia ridleyi King and Gamble

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A note on Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in a rabbit

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A note on Epilachna ocellata Redt , with descriptions of three species hitherto confused with it

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A note on Eriogonum

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A note on Eublemma versicolora Wlk, a webber on the inflorescence of Mangifera indica in Madras State

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A note on Eucalyptus john-stoni, Maiden

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A note on Euphorbia longistyla Boiss

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A note on Eupiectes axillaris

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A note on Eurytoma calycis Bugbee occurring in shoots of jack pine

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A note on Euscorpius carpathicus from the Crimea

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A note on Evermannella atrata atlantica Parr, the genus Coccorella Roule, and the classification of the Iniomi

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A note on F1 hybrids between Oryza punctata and its related species

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A note on Ferula foetida

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A note on Fishers theory of the origin of dominance and on a correlation between dominance and linkage

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A note on Fomitopsis cytisina

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A note on Foraminiferan Sieve-Plates

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A note on Friends method for the estimation of chlorides

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A note on G G 525 A promising green-gram culture

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A note on Ganis models on phage attachment to bacteria

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A note on Gebel Baberi iron ore deposit, western Darfur, Sudan

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A note on Genista lobelli sensu Willkomm in the Iberian Peninsula

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A note on Ghost Moths family Hepialidae Abantiades hvalinatus

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A note on Glandulina spinata Cushman; a rare foraminiferal species from inner shelf sediments of Bay of Bengal, off Karikkattukuppam, near Chennai, southeast coast of India

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A note on Gobiidae of the Zool Mus of Leningrad Univ

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A note on Gobio kessleri Dybowski, 1862 and Gobio albipinnatus Lukasch, 1933 from the river Becva

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A note on Gossypium incanum

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A note on Greater Rann of Kachchh, Kachchh District, Gujarat with special reference to Flamingo City

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A note on Gypsina pilaris

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A note on Gyrohypnus angustatus Stephens and scoticus Joy , with a record of the latter from Kingussie, Easterness

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A note on H C Das Guptas collection from the Nummulitic limestone of Cherrapunji, Khasi hills, Assam

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A note on Halogeton

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A note on Haslund Skov and its transition from scrub to forest

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A note on Haworths Lepidoptera Britannica etc , 1803-1828

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A note on Hemyda aurata RD , a parasite of Podisus maculiventris

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A note on Hertigia hertigi Fairchild and description of the female

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A note on Hesperia alveus race warrenensis, Verity

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A note on Hieracium

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A note on Hipposideros cy-clops Temminck and its synonym Hipposideros langi Allen

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A note on Hoplitis producta in Wisconsin

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A note on Hoploscaphites pungens

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A note on Hylaeus Fabricius in trap-nests in Wisconsin

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A note on Hylaeus kriechbaumeri Forst

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A note on IMPES and some IMPES-based simulation models

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A note on Iais singaporensis Menzies and Barnard

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A note on Indian water-mites

Narasimhan,T.N., 2008:
A note on Indias water budget and evapotranspiration

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A note on Ischaemum robustum Hook f

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A note on J Krejovas paper Monilinia fructigena

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A note on Jacob Hubners Erste Zutrage zur Sammlung exotischer Schmetterlinge of 1808

Hemming, Francis, 1935:
A note on Jacob Hubners Verzeichniss der fertigen Blatter und Werke of 12th March, 1814, with a facsimile

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A note on Japanese Zosteropidae, with descriptions of new subspecies

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A note on Jasminum diversifolium var glabricymosum

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A note on Javanese monkeys

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A note on Jenkins Improved method for tetrachoric r

Obeid, H.M., 1964:
A note on Johne s disease among cattle in the Sudan

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A note on Kjeldahl distillation in a closed still

Turk, Frank, A., 1951:
A note on Klinckowstroemiella prima

Powell, E.O., 1964:
A Note On Koch And Schaechter's Hypothesis About Growth And Fission Of Bacteria

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A note on Kohlsia graphis erana from Costa Rica

Dyson, F.J., 1943:
A note on Kurtosis

Terrier, Ch, 1953:
A note on L macrosporum

Spencer, G.J., 1942:
A note on Laelius sp, a parasite of the carpet beetle Anthrenus scrophulariae L

Beard, R.L., 1942:
A note on Lagochirus araneiformis L

Hutt, F.B., 1929:
A note on Lamberts mosaic in the fowl

Rashevsky, N., 1950:
A note on Landahls theory of psychophysical discrimination

Rau, Phil, 1944:
A note on Lecontella cancellata Lee in cells of the mud-daubing wasp

Macmillan, M.B., 1957:
A note on Leshan and Worthington's Personality as a factor in the pathogenesis of cancer

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A note on Leucocytozoon disease in ducks

Creech, John, L., 1952:
A note on Ligustrum ibolium

Voss, Gilbert, L., 1965:
A note on Loligo corollifora Tilesius, 1829, a long forgotten squid from eastern seas

Deresiewicz, H., 1962:
A note on Love waves in a homogeneous crust overlying an inhomogeneous substratum

Kirshner, J.; Rich, T.C.G., 1993:
A note on Luzula section Luzula in Ireland with special reference to Luzula pallidula Kirschner

Wu, L.Y.; Kingscote, A.A., 1953:
A note on Lymnea stagnalis as a snail host for Fascioloides magna

Klinger, B.I.; Prokasy, W.F., 1962:
A note on MAS score and the ready signal in classical eyelid conditioning

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A note on MESA and spectral analysis of the hundred-year geomagnetic data at Zo-se

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A note on Mansonia breeding in Oregon log ponds

Hungerford, H.B., 1939:
A note on Mantispidae

D'ancona, Umberto, 1939:
A note on Mediterranean ichthyology III Pteridium atrum and P armatum Doderlein

Allen, A.A., 1996:
A note on Medon dilutus in Britain

Medler, J.T., 1958:
A note on Megachile inermis Prov in trap-nests in Wisconsin

Medler, J.T., 1965:
A note on Megachile mendica Cresson in trap- nests in Wisconsin

Davis, Angela, 1956 :
A note on Melita hergensis Reid

Prashad, B., 1939:
A note on Meroe chilkaensis Preston and Meroe satparaensis Preston from the Chilka Lake, India

Honess, R.F., 1962:
A note on Meso-cestoides lineatus from dogs in Colorado

Crofton, H.Draper, 1940:
A note on Microcotyle fusiformis Goto, a fish trematode new to Britain

Verdcourt, B., 1993:
A note on Microneta nicholsonii Pickard-Cambridge

Masuda Koichiro, 1957:
A note on Miyagipecten matsumoriensis Masuda

Doran, D.J.; Read, C.P., 1951:
A note on Moniliformis in Southern California rodents

Hood, J.Douglas; Jacot Guillarmod, 1959:
A note on Monilothrips kempi Moulton

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A note on Monognathus

Perkins, R.C.L., 1928:
A note on Mr Wards observations on Anthidium manicatum, L

Beck, A.C., 1965:
A note on Mt Erebus, Ross island, Antarctica

Pradhan, V.G., 1953 :
A note on Mycobacterium carotinogen

Bose, M., 1941:
A note on Myllocerus laetivirens Marshall

Sinclair, James, 1967:
A note on Myriophyllum

Turner, J.R.; Hawkeswood, T.J., 1995:
A note on Nascio vetusta from Australia

O.Brien, S.J., 2002:
A note on Neoproterozoic gold, early Paleozoic copper and basement-cover relationships on the margins of the Holyrood Horst, southeastern Newfoundland

D.Leon, Donald, 1965:
A note on Neoseiulus Hughes 1948 and new synonymy

Halloran, Arthur, F., 1944:
A note on Neotoma and Sylvilagus in New Mexico

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A note on Nephrolepis cordifolia cv Duffii

Dyer, R.A., 1940:
A note on Nerine filifolia Baker

Todd, E.L., 1964:
A note on Nerthra praecipua Todd

Mohammad Ali, S., 1961:
A note on Nipaecoccus vastator

Barcilon Victor, 1987:
A note on Noncohesive critical Coulomb wedges; an exact solution

Taylor, J.S., 1962:
A note on Nothylaeus heraldicus the membrane bee

Behnke, Robert, J., 1959:
A note on Oncorhynchus formosanum and O masou

Kiesling, Roberto, 1998:
A note on Opuntia anacantha Speg for the flora of Paraguay and Argentina

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A note on Orthopelma luteolator Grav and 0 brevicornis Morl

Parthasarathy, N., 1931:
A note on Oryza sativa var Prain

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A note on Otiorhyncus uncinatus Germar in Co Tipperary

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A note on P floridensis

Rao, C.Gundu, 1970:
A note on Paleobathymetry of the reef carbonates at the base of Trichinopoly upper Cretaceous, s India

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A note on Paleozoic radiolarian chert pebbles found in the Wealden series of Dorset Studies of pebbles from the lower Cretaceous rocks

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A note on Parholaspidae Krantz, 1960 with supplementary data for Gamasholaspis browningi from India

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A note on Patinopecten yamasakii ninohensis Masuda

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A note on Pearls coefficient for the increase of bacteria in a culture medium

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A note on Pecten Fortipecten, subg nov takahashii Yokoyama and its bearing on the Neogene deposits of Japan

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A note on Peltigera scabrosa Th Fries in Colorado

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A note on Pericrocotus peregrinus

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A note on Permian crassatellid pelecypods

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A note on Peronea shepherdana Steph

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A note on Petrobius mode-stus Bagnall

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A note on Pettancylus australicus

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A note on Phalanger atrimaculatus Tate

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A note on Phalangom-yia Dyar and Knab

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A note on Pheidole rhea Wheeler

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A note on Pheretima sieboldi, Horst

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A note on Philip Millers binomials

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A note on Phlebotomus vexator, Coquillet

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A note on Phlyctidium

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A note on Photinia and Pourthiaea of Taiwan

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A note on Phyllanthus engleri, Pax Mufweba-Bachazi a northern Rhodesian suicide plant

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A note on Phytophthora plamivora infected flower cushions on cacao at La Lola, Costa Rica

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A note on Pinckneya pubens

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A note on Pipli palynoassemblage from Dhrangadhra Formation, Surendranagar District, Gujarat, India

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A Note On Plantago Major Seeds: A Substitute For Ispaghula

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A note on Pleistocene deposits near lake Manyara, Tanganyika

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A note on Plumatella and Ancylus in a mountain lochan

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A note on Poa labradorica

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A note on Porrocaecum depressum

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A note on Porteus Maze and Wechsler-Bellevue scores as related to antisocial behavior

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A note on Prof E Loewensteins blood cultures of tubercle bacilli

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A note on Promicroceras

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A note on Prosopis kriechbaumeri Fdrst

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A note on Protoblechnum wongii Halle

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A note on Pseudomonas stutzeri

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A note on Pseudopuzosia sp from Saerdal

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A note on Pseudoscaphirhynchus kaufmanni

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A note on Psiloboletinus

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A note on Ptinus sexpuncta-tus Panz

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A note on Puck and Steffen's equations for the life cycle analysis of mammalian cells

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A note on Pyrgus communis and Pyrgus albescens

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A note on Rana crassa Jerdon, with extension of its range

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A note on Raphionacme pur-purea

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A note on Rapoports approximate formula for the input-output curve in the case of bilateral pre-inhibition

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A note on Rauwolfia serpentina

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A note on Rayleigh wave velocity in saturated soils with compressible constituents

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A note on Rayleigh-wave velocities as a function of the material parameters

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A note on Recent and Pleistocene altitudinal zonation in southern Africa

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A note on Reeves method for estimating heritability with assortive mating

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A note on Resania elongata Beu and Zenatia cretacea Woods

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A note on Retzius Limonia pentaphylla

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A note on Rhynchonella sulcata from the Lower Cretaceous of Great Britain

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A note on Riccia rhenana Lorbeer

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A note on Rickettsia lectularia Arkwright, Atkin and Bacot, 1921

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A note on Rosa rugosa in Norway

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A note on Roselle a useful economic plant

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A note on Ross Ontogenies of three Garden City trilobites

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A note on Rugopharynx australis

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A note on Rygchium leucomelas in trap-nests in Wisconsin

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A note on Ryssota oweniana Pfeiffer

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A note on Salmacia frontosa variety atra

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A Note on Salmonella abortus-equi Infection in Man

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A note on Sarracenia

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A note on Searchomyces coprophiloides Mehsolsa Mehrolsa

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A note on Seioptera importans

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A note on Septobasidium pseudopedicellatum

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A note on Sheldons method for estimating dysplasia

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A note on Shutes technique of enumerating sporozoites in an emulsion of salivary glands

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A note on Sigapatella terraenovae Peile A new Montfortula

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A note on Sigara griffini

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A note on Simulium bancrofti Taylor, with the description of a new species of Simulium

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A note on Sirobasidium

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A note on Soheria meteorite

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A note on Speisers genus Centrioncus and a revised definition of Diopsidae

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A note on Sphaerocoma

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A note on Sporonema pulvinatum Shear

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A note on Stanhopea anfracta Rolfe

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A note on Stemonitis fusca Roth

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A note on Stenaleyrodes vinsoni Takahashi

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A note on Stichococcus bacillaris Naeg and some species of Chlorella as marine algae

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A note on Stipa tenacissima grown in Buenos Aires

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A note on Stiptophyllum erubescens

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A note on Strombus coronatus Defrance, 1827 and Strombus coronatus Roding, 1798 Mollusca Gastropoda

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A note on Taxus pollen in the Hoxnian Interglacial

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A note on Telmatogeton Schin

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A note on Tenodera sinensis Sauss

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A note on Tertiary alligators

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A note on Tertiary microflora from Andaman Islands, India

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A note on The petrological environment of magnesium ilmenites by J F Lovering and J R Widdowson

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A note on Theragra finmarchica Koefoed

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A note on Thilakothrips babuli Ramakrishna

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A note on Thorndikes preference blank for psychologists

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A note on Thryptomene Endl

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A note on Timulla eriphyla Mickel, a parasite on Tachysphex blatticidus, from Trinidad

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A note on Tournaisian strata in Northern Ireland

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A note on Toxoplasma canis infection in a spaniel

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A note on Toxotherlum from Natrona County, Wyoming

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A note on Trochalopteron touchena Mathews

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A note on Trollius

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A note on Trypanosoma microti

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A note on U-Pb dating of Middle Jurassic plutonic suites; Cumshewa Head Pluton, southeastern Moresby Island, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

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A note on United States Microbembex

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A note on Urginea pygmaea Duthie

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A note on Utricularia australis RBr Lentibulariaceae, in South India

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A note on Vanda Helen Adams and Renanthera monachica

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A note on Vibrio fetus infection of cattle in Queensland

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A note on Vinzents Texanische Pflanzen, 1847

Carroll Dorothy, 1949:
A note on Western Australian diatomaceous earths

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A note on Wiesnerina

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A note on William Blake and John Hunter

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A note on X-ray clay mineralogy of Early Cretaceous sequences, Krishna-Godavari Basin, Andhra Pradesh

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A note on Xenocichla xavieri Oustalet

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A note on Xenopeltis unicolor Reinwardt 1827 Serpentes

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A note on Zygnema indica Misra var damodari Kachroo

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A note on a Carassius auratus in Czechoslovakian Silesia

Hatai Kotora, M., 1939:
A note on a Cenozoic Brachiopoda, Coptothyris grayi Davidson

Laberge, W.E., 1953:
A note on a Phorid parasite of Pheidole dentata Mayr

Maharaj Ravidya, 1996:
A note on a Quaternary palaeo-channel found at the Berrydale Quarry, near Discovery Bay, Parish of St Ann, Jamaica

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A note on a bitter principle from the seeds of Swietenia mahogani

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A note on a case of complete absence of the left lobe of the liver in man

Messing, A.; Ashley Montagu, M.F., 1932:
A note on a case of true congenital solitary kidney with double postrenal inferior vena cava

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A note on a chara new to the Philippine Islands

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A note on a collection of Platypalpus from Durmitor National Park with the description of a new species

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A note on a comparative immunocytochemical study on the presence of cam hrth ii and lom akh i like molecules in the central nervous system of three stick insects species carausius morosus sipyloidea sipylus and extatosoma tiaratum

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A note on a comparison between the carcass composition of open-and woolly-faced Romney ewes

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A note on a computerized system for pattern recognition designed for gas chromatograms

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A note on a copper tolerant Penicillium II Its cellulolytic activity and effect on copper-proofed hessian

Piergentili, D.; Garcia, R.C.A., 1961:
A note on a cultivated Portulacaceae

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A note on a curious aberration of Euxoa segetis, Schiff , and on the so-called ab subgothica of Euxoa tritici, L

Manton, I., 1961:
A note on a cytogenetic relationship between Adiantum confine Fee from Africa and Adiantum rhizophorum Sw from Mauritius

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A note on a dicotyledonous fossil wood from Ulladulla, New South Wales

Perron, J.P.; Lafrance, J., 1952:
A note on a dipterous predator of the onion maggot, Hylemya antiqua

Singh, K.K., 1955:
A note on a dolerite dyke recently found at Ambikapur, Surguja, MP

Garcia Lopez, R.; Ybalmea, R., 1995:
A note on a dry milk replacer formulated with cassava and cabbage

Menon, K.R., 1963:
A note on a fast moving protein fraction in the serum of frog

Mildenhall, D.C., 1968:
A note on a fossil fruit found near Lyell

Saleeb Roufaiel, G.S.; Fasfous, B.R.B., 1970:
A note on a gold-bearing quartz-wolframite vein at Atud, Eastern Desert

Farner, Donald, S., 1946:
A note on a gravid trombiculid mite

Kilpady Sr.ipadrao; Adyalkar, P.G., 1954:
A note on a green calcite from the Deccan traps

Afzal, Mohammad, 1933:
A note on a growth abnormality of Punjab-American cottons

Sen, Abhiswar, 1963:
A note on a heavily capsulated alkaliphil bacillus from soil

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A note on a late-Weichselian Splachnum capsule from Scotland

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A note on a leaf-curl disease of the papaya

Ward, H.K., 1928:
A Note On A Light-Activated Hemolysin Produced By B. Influenzae

Harrington, Robert, 1946:
A note on a lingua-velar relationship

Takhteev, V.V., 1993:
A note on a lost species of the Baikal gammarids

HouXueLiang; LuJing, 2008:
A note on a mangrove Acanthus xiamenensis

Menon, P.K.R.; Sankaranarayanan, M.P., 1953:
A note on a method for the estimation of exchangeable bases in black soils containing free calcium carbonate and soluble salts including gypsum

Davies, H.G.; Wilkins, M.F.H., 1950:
A note on a method for the rapid focusing of ultraviolet refracting microscopes on living material

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A note on a method of taking whitefly counts on tobacco

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A note on a mineralogical analysis of the sediments associated with the Plata River and Patos Lagoon outflows

Muller, P.; Galil, B., 1998:
A note on a miocene matutine crab from Hungary

Vig, B.K., 1962:
A note on a mixoploid plant obtained from colchicine -treated guar

Julka, J.M.; Paliwal, R., 1989:
A note on a monstrous earthworm

Kamath, H.Sunanda, 1953:
A note on a multicarpellary apocarpous pistil in Cassia reningera Wall

Morozov, A.I., 1938:
A note on a new Kamchatka rock

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A note on a new antibiotic

Balazs, T.; Hatch, A.M., 1961:
A note on a new diluent for electronic counting of rat leukocytes

Rubtzov, N.I., 1938:
A note on a new form of poplar from Zailiiskii Ala-tau

Anantanarayanan, K.P., 1954:
A note on a new jassid pest on sugarcane from the Madras State

Mason, T.G.; Phillis, E., 1937:
A note on a new method of control for insect pests of the cotton plant

Cohen, Milton, B., 1939:
A note on a new method of preserving pollen and dust extracts

Solomon, S.Gladstone, 1933:
A note on a new species of Breinlia , from a tree kangaroo

Simha, Shyam Sunder, 1962:
A note on a new trematode subfamily Singhiatreminae

Woodland Bertram, G., 1964:
A note on a new type of conical structure in shale

Spennemann, Dirk, H.R., 1998:
A note on a nineteenth century sighting of a species of ground-dwelling bird on Bokak, a northern Atool of the Marshall Islands

Knorring Oleg von; Dearnley, R., 1960:
A note on a nordmarkite and an associated rare-earth mineral from the Ben Loyal syenite complex, Sutherlandshire

Coutinho, J. 0., 1941:
A note on a parasitic flagel- late of the Anopheline sub-genus Nyssorhynchus, Herpetomonas pessoai n sp

Diakonoff, A., 1955:
A note on a peculiar abdominal organ in certain Tortricidae

Amstutz, G.Christian, 1956:
A note on a peculiar association of copper with fossil plants in central Peru

Endicott, L.J.; Maunsell, G., 1973:
A note on a plasticity solution to the stability of slopes in inhomogeneous clays

Rashevsky, N., 1958:
A note on a possible mathematical approach to the theory of individual freedom

Buckley, E.P.; Widding, G.C., 1957:
A note on a punched-card method for the solution of the chi-square contingency table

Sporne, K.R., 1948:
A note on a rapid clearing technique of wide application

Gilman, Malcolm Brookfield, 1927:
A note on a rare congenital pelvic kidney

Ashley-Montagu, M.F., 1930:
A Note on a Rare Type of Pterion in the Gorilla

Sparks Neil, R., 1942:
A note on a rationalized velocity depth equation

Michener, C.D., 1953:
A note on a saturniid moth from Argentina

Cox, W.A.; Lunts, L.H., 1967:
A note on a series of decamethylenebis[(4-substituted amino)quinaldinium] salts with potent antibacterial properties

Dunham, N.W.; Miya, T.S., 1957:
A note on a simple apparatus for detecting neurological deficit in rats and mice

Theimer, E.E.; Arnow, P., 1955:
A note on a simple assay method for certain mercurial diuretics

Stock, Aaron, 1939:
A note on a simple method for the clarification of meat infusion

Ribeiro, S., 1927:
A note on a simulid larva found associated with a May-fly nymph

Cook, E.S.; Kreke, C.W., 1938:
A note on a solid from yeast which affects cellular metabolism

Morton, C.V., 1954:
A note on a species of Cyathea

Thompson, C.R., 1933:
A note on a strawberry disease resembling the American crinkle

Michener, C.D., 1953:
A note on a subgeneric name in the Saturniidae

Hussain, S.S.; Kumar, A., 1989:
A note on a technique for prolonged caudal epidural anesthesia in buffaloes

Brown, Judson Seise, 1939:
A note on a temporal gradient of reinforcement

Boehning, Dankmar, 1994:
A note on a test for poisson overdispersion

Cosgrove, C.B., 1929:
A note on a trephined Indian skull from Georgia

Sahni, C.L., 1942:
A note on a tuberculin survey in Sialkot Town

Luig, N.H.; Baker, E.P., 1956:
A note on a uredospore colour mutant in barley leaf rust, Puccinia bordei Otth

Curry, A.S., 1955:
A note on a urinary metabolite of Phenobarbitone

Rashevsky, N., 1963:
A Note On A Variational Problem In Biology And Sociology

Bean, W.J.; Brooks, F.T., 1932:
A note on a white form of Pyronema confluens

Clinton, P.K.S., 1957:
A note on a wilt of groundnuts due to Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc, in Tanganyika

Rattan, R.S., 1967:
A note on ab-normal zygospores in Spirogyra rivularis Rabenhorst

Scott, H.M., 1940:
A note on abnormal shape of egg

Kapadia, G.A., 1940:
A note on abnormalities in certain plants

Wierenga, P.K.; Konings, A.W.T., 1989:
A note on absence of a relationship between intracellular calcium and heat induced cell killing

Rosen, Robert, 1962:
A note on abstract relational biologies

Smithers, C.N.; Peters, J.V., 1990:
A note on abundance of hasora khoda haslia swinhoe lepidoptera hesperiidae in sydney new south wales australia

K0lmer, J0hn A.; Richter, C.E., 1934:
A note on acetone insoluble lipoids in relation to antigen for the Wassermann reaction

Maiti, S.K.; Mogha, I.V.; Singh, G.R., 1989:
A note on acid base and blood gas alterations in trigonal colonic and trigonal proctal diversion in goat

Sturman, M., 1935:
A note on acquired immunity to Theileria annulata

Singh,G.; Rathod,T.R.; Baloch,S.R.; Purohit,C.S., 2008:
A note on addition to the flora of Banswara district in Rajasthan

Ahuja, M.L.; Agarwal, S.C., 1955:
A note on adenoma of the breast undergoing carcinomatous change

Borenstein, M.; Pollack, S.; Kane, J.M.; Woerner, M.; Lieberman, J., 1992:
A note on adjusting observed incidence in prospective studies to account for systematic attrition

Hewitt, D.; Hillman, R.W., 1962:
A note on adult stature in relation to rate of maturation

Bratsenyuk, G.N., 1965:
A note on age determination of sturgeons

Jauhari, O.S.; Nigam, V.N., 1959:
A note on air-layering in Morus alba

Nieuwegiessen,P.G.vande; Schrama,J.W.; Verreth,J.A.J., 2008:
A note on alarm cues in juvenile African catfish, Clarias gariepinus Burchell indications for opposing behavioural strategies

Gay Peter, 1956:
A note on albite twinning in plagioclase felspars

Chiquoine, A.D.; Rothenberg, E.J., 1957:
A note on alkaline phosphatase activity of germ cells in Amblystoma and chick embryos

Leeper, G.W., 1957:
A note on alleged cooler summers

Leeper, G.W., 1953:
A note on alleged runs of dry and wet years

Guedj, M.; Nuel, G.; Prum, B., 2008:
A note on allelic tests in case-control association studies

Pawde, A.M.; Marudwar, S.S., 1993:
A note on alteration in serum total protein contents in experimental faecal peritonitis of calves

Graham, J.M.; Wilson, R.B.J.; Robinson, B.F., 1989:
A note on altered calcium atpase activity in platelet membranes in essential hypertension

Greenwald, Isidor, 1929:
A note on ammonium creatinine picrate and its possible use in the preparation of creatinine

Eades, R.A., 1993:
A note on an Irish Wasp

Paliwal, R.L.; Koul, A.K., 1959:
A note on an abnormal inflorescence of Zea mays

Poddubnyi, A.G., 1966:
A note on an adaptive response of a roach population to a change in environmental conditions

Abraham, John, K., 1960:
A note on an alternative method of computing Tukeys statistic for the Latin square model

Delstae, D.; Jagt, J.W.M., 1996:
A note on an early Jurassic ophiuroid from Rachecourt

Jhingran, A.G., 1953 :
A note on an earthquake in the Andaman islands 26th June 1941

O'neil, J.B., 1939:
A note on an easy check on means adjusted by partial regressions

Basta, E.Z., 1970:
A note on an ilmenite occurrence in Wadi El Miyah, Eastern Desert

Schaefer, W.C.; Wilham, C.A.; Jones, R.W.; Dimler, R.J.; Senti, F.R., 1960:
A note on an improved denaturation test for gluten based on solubility in acetic acid

Haynes, F., 1926:
A note on an improved method of preparation of Weigerts elastin stain

Niilo, L.; Dorward, W.J.; Avery, R.J., 1967:
A note on an investigation of mortality in feedlot cattle

Ayyar, V.Krishnamurti, 1932:
A note on an outbreak of leptospiral jaundice among the Madras hounds

Morehouse, N.F.; Becker, E.R., 1936:
A note on an undetermined parasite of the albino rat

Mackie, F.P.; Gore, S.N., 1928:
A note on an unrecognized bacillus isolated from sprue cases

Brierley, W.G., 1942:
A note on an unusual case of cold injury to the Haralson apple

Jones, J.J.; Laity, J.L., 1965:
A Note On An Unusual Effect Of Gallamine And Tubocurarine

Waterhouse, W.L., 1953:
A note on an unusual spore form in Puccinia malvacearum Bert

Auffenberg, Walter, 1958:
A note on an unusually complete specimen of Dasypus bellus from Florida

Ramsdell, Susan Griffith, 1927:
A note on anaphylactic behavior in the Paramoecium

Tank, P.H.; Parsania, R.R., 1992:
A note on angiographic study of induced small intestinal obstruction in buffalo calves

Larsson, Knut, 1957:
A note on animals sexual activity in groups

Juminer, B., 1959:
A note on anophelism in Tunisia

Sudhan, N.A.; Makhdsomi, D.M.; Azmi, S., 1994:
A note on antepartum cervico-vaginal prolapse in cows

Coley Smith, J.R., 1962:
A note on antheridia of Pseudoperonospora humuli Wilson

Grubb, R., 1955:
A note on anti-Leb and reagents predominantly reacting with group O cells

Jaiswal, N.; Singh, V.P., 1991:
A note on antibiotic susceptibility of clostridium perfringens type b

Banerjee, K., 1965:
A note on antibodies to chikungunya virus in human sera collected in Madras state in 1956

Sahasrabudhe, M.R.; Bhatia, D.S., 1953:
A note on antioxidant properties of spices

Balits'kyi, K.P.; Hurevich, M., 1959:
A note on antitumor vaccination

Stubbs, L.L.; Mclean, D.L., 1958:
A note on aphid transmission of a feathery mottle virus of sweetpotato

Randhawa, M.S., 1937:
A note on aplanospores in a species of Oedogonium

Dormer, R.L.; Brown, G.R., 1989:
A note on approaches to investigating the role of intracellular calcium in the regulation of pancreatic enzyme secretion

Pathak, B.D., 1960:
A note on artesian water in the kachhars of Yamuna river, Etawah District, Uttar Pradesh

Smeyers, Franz, 1949:
A note on artificial afforestation in Ituri

Raeside, J.D., 1968:
A note on artificial fulgurites from a soil in south-east Otago

Nair, N.R.; Guru, V.K.; Tiwari, S.K.; Nair, S., 1989:
A note on artificial induction of lactation in a sterile cow

Gibbons, N.E.; Moore, R.L., 1946:
A note on artificially infected fowl as carriers of Salmonella

Zavala Gonzalez, A.; Urban Ramirez, J.; Esquivel Macias, C., 1994:
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