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Chapter 29,769

A reconsideration of the Cylindricus group of the genus Anoplius Dufour

Evans, H.E.

Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 97(4): 757-766


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-8797
Accession: 029768408

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Three names are removed from the synonymy of Anoplius (Pompilinus) cylindricus (Cresson). These are Arachnophila brevihirta Banks, Pompilinus subtruncatus Dreisbach, and P. truncatus Dreisbach. Pompilinus hispidus Dreisbach is regarded as a synonym of P. subtruncatus Dreisbach, while P. clavipes Dreisbach continues to be considered a synonym of A. (P.) cylindricus (Cresson). Anoplius (Pompilinus) cylindricus is restricted to the southwestern United States and is clearly distinct from other members of this complex. The remaining three species are closely related and show some evidence of intergradation; two of them, A. (P.) subtruncatus and A. (P.) truncatus, occupy more limited ranges within that of the transcontinentally distributed species A. (P.) brevihirta. Some of the variation in A. (P.) brevihirta is analyzed. This species is restricted to broad areas of open sand, and populations in different sandy areas have in some cases diverged slightly in structure and color. there are also broadly geographic trends in structure and color.

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