A review of the Mexican tiger beetles of the genus Cicindela

Cazier, M.A.

Bulletin American Mus National Hist 103(3): 227-310


Accession: 029774467

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The Cicindela fauna of Mexico consists of 78 spp., 45 of which are monotypic and 33 polytypic the latter group comprising some 65 subspp., thus making a total of 110 populations to be considered. A list is given in which they are grouped under the headings of Nearctic spp., Neotropical or Tropical spp., spp. with extensive distrs. in both Nearctic and Neotropical regions, and spp. with uncertain regional relationships. 33 spp. are endemic to Mexico. A key is given, with a systematic list giving synonymy, notes, and distr. data, with keys to subspp., and including descrs. of C. sinaloae ssp. schrammeli, C.bradti, C. rockefelleri, C. macrocnema ssp. kino. and C. sperata ssp. vauriei. Many distr. maps are included, and photographs of characteristic habitats, as well as drawings of the spp.