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A study of the chemical composition and antigenic properties of a polysaccharide fraction of three hour cultures of Staphylococcus aureus

Fellowes, 0. N.; Routh, J.I.

Jour Lab And Clin Med 29(10): 1054-1061


Accession: 029803143

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A polysaccharide containing some N, obtained from pathogenic strains of staphy-lococci by use of formamide as an extractive, is antigenic and reacts in flocculation tests with its own antiserum, and with antisera against whole organisms. The polysaccharide yields a pentose on hydrolysis, whose osazone crystals have not been identified. The culture medium in which these strains of pathogenic staphylococci were grown contained enough polysaccharide to give a flocculation test with the antisera produced with the pure polysaccharide. There were no demonstrable differences between the 2 strains of staphylococci used.

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